OLTL Transcript Friday 4/19/02



One Life to Live Transcript Friday 4/19/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Alex: As soon as I sign these divorce papers, I will be free.

Todd: If two kids from the same family both have aplastic anemia, then the same donor could be used to make them better, right?

Ben: Nora loves you, Sam.

Sam: Just not as much as I loved her and definitely not enough to keep her away from troy MacIver.

Natalie: I've seen him. I've seen Al walk.


[Phone rings]

Gabrielle: Al, Al, is this you?

Todd: No, it's me. It's Todd, your boss. You remember me.

Gabrielle: How could I forget?

Todd: So, are you at hospital?

Gabrielle: Yes, I am.

Todd: Good.

Gabrielle: All right, you still haven't told me why I'm here. Look, I've got a son who needs me very badly.

Todd: I don't care about your son. I care about my son.

Gabrielle: I know.

Todd: Good. So you're going to do what I tell you to do?

Gabrielle: Depends on what it is.

Todd: Keep Blair away from Jack.

Gabrielle: What? Why?

Todd: Hey, you know, I'm going to tell you, but only because I don't want you to say anything stupid to Blair.

Gabrielle: We wouldn't want that, would we?

Todd: Jack has aplastic anemia.

Gabrielle: Oh, Todd, I'm sorry. Is it serious?

Todd: Yeah, it's serious. He's going to be fine. It's -- it's just that Blair can't find out.

Gabrielle: Why?

Todd: Because if Blair finds out that Jack has the same disease that Starr had, she might put two and two together and figure out that Jack is, you know, her real kid.

Gabrielle: But how could Blair not know that her son is sick?

Todd: Well, she knows.

Gabrielle: Oh, she knows?

Todd: She just doesn't know what he's sick with. She's not going to find out.

Gabrielle: You can't keep this from her.

Todd: Can't I? I think I am.

Gabrielle: No, Todd. You couldn't be more wrong. Jack is Blairís son, and she has a right to know. I'm going to make sure she does.


Troy: Well, what's yours say?

Nora: Hmm, it says "Beware of doctors wearing no shirt."

Troy: Oh --

Matthew: Mommy! Dr. Troy!

Troy: Hey, Buddy.

Nora: Hey! Matthew, Sweetheart, how'd you get here?


Cristian: So, here we are.

Jen: Yeah. Here we are. I'm just going to go wash my face.

Cristian: Whoa, whoa. Just wait a minute.

Jen: Come on, Cristian. I can't even imagine what I look like right now.

Cristian: You look beautiful. I just want to see you for a minute, ok?

Jen: Even in this dress?

Cristian: Especially in that dress.

Jen: But, Cristian --

Cristian: Look, Jen, I don't care that you almost married Al. I only care that you didnít. I only care that you're here where you belong -- with me.


Natalie: How did you get in here?

Al: The front door was open.

Natalie: Well, I've got to be somewhere, so excuse --

Al: Oh, no, no, no, no. You're not going anywhere -- not till you tell me why you stabbed me in the back.


Todd: You can't do that. You can't tell Blair anything.

Gabrielle: Oh, can't I?

Todd: No, you -- because then you'll lose your job. See, if Blair finds out that Jack's our kid, then you got nothing left to blackmail me with.

Gabrielle: So what? I have more than proven my worth as your style editor. You're not going to fire me now.

Todd: I wouldn't?

Gabrielle: Well, who cares anyway? This job's not that important.

Todd: No, but it's the only thing you've got. That's what you say, anyway. "Ah, the love of my life doesn't speak to me, and I've got no money, and blah, blah, blah, blah." Let's face it -- Jack's little secret is the only thing between you and a bread line. Ok, now I want to hear the sound of you agreeing with me.

Gabrielle: All right, then.

Todd: Good. So go find Blair and --

Gabrielle: And what?

Todd: And I don't know. Keep her away from Jack.

Gabrielle: For how long?

Todd: Till I get back.

Gabrielle: Todd, she's not going to even spend 10 minutes with me. She hates me.

Todd: Well, that's a big problem, but it's yours.

[Todd hangs up]

Todd: Is there some peanuts?

Nigel: There's no need to shout.

Todd: What took you so long? You know what it's like -- you're sitting on a plane. You just sit and you sit and you sit.

Nigel: Yes, so I'm told.

Todd: Starting to feel rather peckish.

Nigel: Oh, indeed? "Peckish"?

Todd: What?

Nigel: Mr. Manning, you still haven't told me why it was necessary for me to accompany you to Santo Domingo.

Todd: See, I could swear that you were the one that told me that Alex was there.

Nigel: Yes, but you could easily have made this trip by yourself.

Todd: Yeah, but, you see, if Alex isn't there, I'm going to kill you, and I don't want to have to wait to do that. See, I need to find Alex. I need that lunatic to save my kid.


Alex: You're open. Thank heavens.

Ticket agent: Yes, ma'am. May I help you?

Alex: Yes, I need a ticket on the first flight out of here.


Roxy: What are you talking about? I didn't run you and Seth off the road.

Seth: We know the truth. There's no point in lying.

Roxy: I'm not lying, Seth!

Jessica: You ran us into a ravine. We could have died.

Roxy: What? That's awful.

Jessica: Yeah, it is, and you did it.

Roxy: No, baby, no.

Jessica: Do you know what it's like to find out that your own mother tries to kill you?

Roxy: No, but I didn't do anything. I swear to you, I didn't. I mean, I'll swear on a stack of Bibles.

Jessica: Oh, well, that'll make me believe you.

Roxy: All right, listen, I know I'm not a model citizen or anything like that, but I'll swear on something that's important to you or something like, you know, a carton of cigarettes or a case of beer or a box of chocolates.

Jessica: Roxanne, stop it.

Roxy: I'm telling you that I didn't do anything. You've got to believe me. And I didn't try to run you and Seth off the road.

Antonio: Well, if you didn't, then how come we found this at the bottom of the ravine?


Todd: Oh, no, no, no. Not so close. That makes me nervous.

Nigel: Sir?

Todd: I've seen those pictures, you know.

Nigel: Ahem. Yes, well. Anyway, I have a question.

Todd: No, you can't go home.

Nigel: That wasn't the question.

Todd: Oh, well, then, I'd go with the blue one. It brings out your eyes.

Nigel: You said something earlier about needing Madam Alexís bone marrow.

Todd: Yeah, if I have to, I'll suck it out of her with my teeth.

Nigel: And what a lovely thought that is.

Todd: You said you had a question.

Nigel: Yes. Didn't I read in the paper a few years ago that Ms. Starr needed a bone marrow transplant, and Madam Alex turned out to be the match?

Todd: Yeah, what about it?

Nigel: Well, I heard from my friend Hedy, Master Jack's nanny --

Todd: So what? All you servants in Llanview, you hang out in some kind of a secret club?

Nigel: That's supposed to be a joke, isn't it? How droll. Anyway, she said Master Jack is adopted.

Todd: Yeah.

Nigel: So it just seems a little bit odd to me --

Todd: Hey, you know what seems odd to me? These photographs. And if you don't want to see them on the front page of "The Sun," I would stop asking so many questions.

Nigel: Yes, sir.

Todd: You know what? Better -- even more than that, I think you should just shut up for the rest of the flight. How about that? Yeah, see? That's good. I just need Gabrielle to hold up her end.


Gabrielle: Keep Blair away from her sick son. Sure, Todd. That's easy. She has a right to know that he's sick. I'm a mother. I -- I can't be responsible for holding a mother away from her child. Excuse me. I'm sorry.

Nurse: Oh, yes.

Gabrielle: Maybe you could help me. I'm looking for a lady by the name of Blair Manning.

Nurse: Who?

Gabrielle: Blair -- oh, never mind, I see her. Thank you. Thank you very much. Blair?

Blair: Oh, please.

Gabrielle: Blair -- listen, I just heard about Jack, and I'm so, so sorry. Are you ok?


Sam: Come on, Matthew. Why don't we go to Pizza Barn after all, huh?

Matthew: But we had pizza last night. I want to stay here and eat Chinese with Mommy and Dr. Troy.

Sam: Well, ok, but not tonight because tonight is Daddy-Matthew night, ok?

Matthew: I want to stay here.

Nora: You know what, Sweetie? Dr. Troy and I are -- we're, like, done here, so why don't you and Daddy have dinner, and then tomorrow night, you and I will have Chinese. How about that?

Matthew: You promise?

Nora: I promise.

Matthew: Can Daddy come, too?

Nora: Well, we can talk about that tomorrow.

Matthew: But Daddy's sleeping over, right?

Sam: Not tonight, Matthew.

Matthew: Why not?

Sam: Come on, kiddo. Come on, it's time to go. Let's go.

Matthew: Is Dr. Troy sleeping over instead?


Todd: Nigel? Nigel, I'm talking to you.

Nigel: You told me to shut up, sir. I'm shutting.

Todd: Well, unshut for like a second because I got to ask you something.

Nigel: I'm not talking about those pictures.

Todd: I don't have any questions about those pictures -- but, well, actually, I do have one question.

Nigel: Sir?

Todd: Never mind. Hey, do you think that if you did something bad that you get punished for it?

Nigel: Are you referring to prison, sir?

Todd: No, no -- much worse than prison.

Nigel: I'm not sure I understand.

Todd: Well, if you do something bad, and it ticks someone off, do you think that then something bad happens to you?

Nigel: By someone, are you referring to God, divine retribution, that sort of thing?

Todd: Ok. I mean, what, do you believe in that kind of stuff?

Nigel: I don't know. I've never really seen an example of it.

Todd: Well, let's just say I did something bad.

Nigel: What did you do? Oh, that's not important, sir. Do continue.

Todd: Well, let's just say I did something bad. Do you think, then, that someone -- I don't know, God, whoever -- gets ticked off and that's why he's making my kid sick?


Natalie: I didn't stab you in the back.

Al: Oh, I'm sorry. You didn't tell Cristian that I could walk.

Natalie: Yes, I did.

Al: But you didn't stab me in the back? Oh, yeah, that's right. Of course.

Natalie: Al, I wasn't trying to hurt you, ok?

Al: Well, then who the hell were you trying to hurt?

Natalie: No one!

Al: Well, guess what, Natalie -- you hurt me.

Natalie: Well, I'm sorry.

Al: You know what happened after you did your little favor for me?

Natalie: Al --

Al: Cristian came storming into my wedding and told Jen everything!

Natalie: I know, I know, ok? I'm sorry!

Al: You're what? You're sorry? You just ruined my life and all you can say is you're sorry? Oh! How could you do this to me, Natalie?

Natalie: It -- it wasn't about you!

Al: Who the hell was it about, then?

Natalie: It was about Cristian and Jen and what I hated I was doing to them and to Seth and Jessica.

Al: You hated what you hated doing? Am I going crazy here? I think I am because if I remember correctly, this whole thing was your idea!

Natalie: I know.

Al: So what was the problem?

Natalie: It was wrong, ok? I know that now, and you know it, too.

Al: Yeah, I know, but that's still no reason to sell me down the river.

Natalie: You wanted to tell Jen the truth yourself.

Al: Yeah, yeah, I did, except somebody told me that I would lose her. Who was that now?

Natalie: Al --

Al: Oh, yeah, it was you! Don't look so sad, though, Natalie. Because guess what -- you were right.


Jen: This was on the back of the door. I guess I left it when I moved out before.

Cristian: Yeah. Yeah, I know. I saw it every day, every time I went into the shower.

Jen: You didn't take it down?

Cristian: Well, I was going to. I meant to send it to you, but I never did.

Jen: Now you don't have to.

Cristian: Well, maybe that's why I didn't. I couldn't stop hoping you'd come back. And now -- you're here.

Jen: Yeah, I am.

Cristian: You know, if someone said this a week ago, I would have never believed it.

Jen: It's pretty amazing.

Cristian: I can't believe Al did that. I can't believe he lied like that.

Jen: I know, but, I mean, I lied, too.

Cristian: To who? To Al? Jen, you thought you were doing the right thing.

Jen: I know. I mean, I guess so. It's just -- it started because I lied to myself.

Cristian: Well, what do you mean?

Jen: I thought I could fall in love with him. I tried really hard to love him. I thought I could.

Cristian: But you couldn't.

Jen: No. Not like I love you. Al knew it. I mean, he could tell. That's why he lied to me about being able to walk again, so I'd stay with him.

Cristian: Well, he was really hung up on you, Jen. Well, I can't say I blame him.

Jen: None of this would have happened if I would have told the truth.

Cristian: Jen, this wasn't your fault.

Jen: Maybe not, but I wish I had told him. I wish I had told him that the only man I've ever loved and will ever love is you.


Roxy: Wait a minute. Where did you get that?

Antonio: I told you. Seth found it at the bottom of the ravine, right where Jessica and him crashed.

Roxy: He couldn't have.

Seth: I did.

Roxy: I was nowhere near that ravine.

Antonio: Really?

Roxy: Really.

Antonio: Well, that's funny, because we were able to trace skid marks at the top of the hill to the tires of two different cars. One was Sethís.

Roxy: Well, maybe he did it.

Antonio: His was the one that crashed.

Roxy: Yeah, right. Well, what about the other car?

Antonio: Yeah, yeah, it was the one that you were driving when you were arrested. The one you stole.

Roxy: How many times do I have to tell you I did not steal that car? Allison told me that I could borrow it.

Antonio: Allison says different, which was right around the same time that Seth and Jessica threatened to report your scam, right around the same time that Seth and Jessica crashed. So maybe you want to change your story.

Roxy: So where we headed?

Allison: I want you to drive out of town west and keep driving till you reach Vegas.

Roxy: Ooh! All right, Vegas. Oh, my beater is never going to make it there.

Allison: You're right. Take mine.

Roxy: Allison is setting me up.


Troy: No, Matthew, no. I -- I'm not sleeping over. Actually, I got to get going right now.

Matthew: No, don't go.

Troy: I'm sorry, Buddy, but I have to.

Matthew: But I don't want you to go.

Troy: I know. I don't want to go, either, but I have to go home. I got to get to bed early because I got a lot of sick patients to take care of tomorrow at the hospital.

Matthew: You do?

Troy: I do. But guess what -- now you can have dinner with Mommy and Daddy, ok?

Nora: I'm sorry.

Troy: No, no, no, no, please. It's not a problem. We'll do it another time. I'll see you, Buddy, ok?

Matthew: Can I get an egg roll?

Nora: Hey, yes, you can have my egg roll right here. Come on, sit down. Here you go. I'm really sorry.

Sam: No, you don't have to be.

Nora: No, I am.

Sam: No.

Nora: I am. That's -- well, gee, that's a lot of apologies in under a minute. That must be a world record. It's not -- it wasn't a big thing. It just was dinner and that's all.

Sam: No, please, it's fine, it's fine. But it's obvious that we have to have a talk with Matthew. I mean, he needs to know where we all stand.

Nora: Yeah, I know. I've thought about that. I just didn't know where to begin. And what do we say?

Sam: Well, we have no choice. We have to tell him the truth.

Nora: Hey, Matthew, Sweetie? We got to talk about something, ok?


Gabrielle: It's going to be ok.

Blair: What -- what the hell is wrong with you, Gabrielle?

Gabrielle: I am just here to comfort you.

Blair: Comfort me?

Gabrielle: Yes, as one mother to another.

Blair: You're not even a mother. You're a mutant.

Gabrielle: Now, now, now. We have had our differences in the past, but I do empathize with everything that you're going through.

Blair: I don't care, ok?

Gabrielle: Well, you must be very upset about your son being so sick.

Blair: He isn't sick.

Gabrielle: Blair, that's good. That's good. You must keep a positive outlook because you shouldn't worry until you get the diagnosis. You're right.

Blair: He has an iron deficiency and that's all.

Gabrielle: Oh, of course he has an iron deficiency.

Blair: Yeah, yes.

Gabrielle: But I -- you know, I know how worrying and terrifying it is to have our child have any kind of illness. I remember when Al was a little baby, you know? He had an ear infection. It wasn't serious, I know, but I was worried sick. I didn't leave him for a second. I mean, not for a second.

Blair: That is just --

Gabrielle: I didn't even go to bed that night or the next --

Blair: A real touching story.

Gabrielle: And I watched him breathe, you know?

Blair: No, that's not just a touching story -- it's annoying, just like everything about you.

Gabrielle: Really?

Blair: Yeah. I don't have time for the day in the life of Gabrielle Medina. I got to go.

Gabrielle: Oh, no, no, no.

Blair: I've got to go see my son, Gabrielle.

Gabrielle: No, no, see, that -- no, you can't do that.

Blair: Really? And why not?

Gabrielle: Because -- because --

Blair: Yeah?

Gabrielle: When we're under a lot of stress and we're very worried, we need to keep up our strength.

Blair: What?

Gabrielle: So why don't you let me buy you a cup of tea, please, and something to eat with it?

Blair: Since when did you get money? Oh, yeah, I know how you got money. You blackmailed my husband into a job. That's how you got the money.

Gabrielle: And I'm very appreciative of that job, and I'd like to show you how appreciative I am by helping you at a time that you're in need.

Blair: You are acting so weird. Even for you.

Gabrielle: Well, can't you just accept my generosity in the spirit in which I'm giving it?

Blair: No, I canít. And stop touching me, all right? How did you find out about my son?

Gabrielle: Well, from Todd.

Blair: Todd? Why would he tell you about Jack?

Gabrielle: Oh -- well, no, no, he didn't tell me. I just happened to be in the office when he was making his flight arrangements.

Blair: What flight arrangements?

Gabrielle: Well, for his trip.

Blair: Gabrielle, he went to Philadelphia. It's 20 minutes from Llanview by car.


Nigel: I don't think it works that way, sir.

Todd: Why not?

Nigel: Well, everyone does something wrong at some point, but their children don't get sick.

Todd: Well, what if you did a lot of really bad things.

Nigel: Still --

Todd: You know, and then a lot of bad things happen to you, right? You know what? I got married -- right? -- And knew it was, I think, the first time in my life that I was happy, and next thing I know, I'm stuck in Ireland getting shot. And then my kid shows up, and she's -- she's the best thing in the whole world, and -- and she gets sick. That's got to be some kind of punishment, right?

Nigel: But then how do you explain the good things that happen? That your child does recover or that you do?

Todd: See, I think maybe those things are just freebies, right? They're just, you know, like a warning or some kind of -- to teach you a lesson, only you don't learn the lesson, right? So you do something bad all over again, something you really wish that you could take back, and now something really, really bad is happening to me again.

Nigel: It's not your fault that Master Jack is sick.

Todd: Well, then, whose fault is it? It's got to be someone's fault. It has to be.

Nigel: Oh, Mr. Manning, I think these things just happen sometimes.

Todd: Why?

Nigel: Because that's life.

Todd: That's it? It's life? And Jack's going to die and there's nothing I can do about it?

Nigel: No. You know, life may just happen, but what you do about it does not. And you're doing something about it right now, just like you were in Ireland, just like you were when your daughter was sick. You're on this plane now trying to find Madam Alex so she can make your son well. I believe we're going to find her. I believe your son's going to be just fine.


Alex: The flight to Buenos Aires is full? It can't be.

Ticket agent: Sorry.

Alex: Well, then just put me on the next one.

Ticket agent: All right.

[Alex sighs]

Ticket agent: That'll be tomorrow at --

Alex: Tomorrow?

Ticket agent: I'm afraid there aren't that many scheduled flights this time of year. Most people don't want to leave Santo Domingo.

Alex: Look; I have to be in Brazil before my alcoholic, obsessive, janitor ex-husband shows up.

Ticket agent: I'm sorry. There's only one flight today and that's all booked.

Alex: Then overbook it. Just get me a ticket.

Ticket agent: Ma'am, that's not possible.

Alex: Sure, it is. You just type my little name in and give me a ticket.

Ticket agent: Ma'am, I can't.

Alex: Why not?

Ticket agent: Because there's a certain number of seats on each flight. Each seat corresponds to a ticket. Once all the tickets are sold, that means there are no more seats, hence --

Alex: Oh, don't "hence" me.

Ticket agent: I'm sorry. There's nothing I can do.

Alex: Well, Jeb hasn't shown up yet. Maybe he won't. Maybe he'll give up. Right. Give up on the best thing that ever happened in his life. Fat chance. He's going to remember those divorce papers and he's going to be right after me. But someone with my extensive federal experience should be able to get out of this situation.

Alex: Excuse me, Miss.

Allison: Yes? What is it?

Alex: I have a proposition for you.

Alex: So you see, all the flights are full.

Allison: Well, they don't have many flights. I guess not a lot of people want to leave Santo Domingo.

Alex: That's what the ticket agent said, but, see, I have to. I have to get on a plane so I can escape my obsessive, alcoholic, janitor ex-husband.

Allison: Sounds like a real prize.

Alex: Yes, exactly. Oh, this is wonderful. We're seeing eye to eye already.

Allison: I suppose.

Alex: I knew there was a reason I wanted to talk to you.

Allison: There was?

Alex: Oh, yes, I could sense that you would be just perfect. You see, I have an excellent judge of character.

Allison: Except for marrying the obsessive, alcoholic janitor.

Alex: Well, that was -- I was tricked into that and that's an, oh, not very important story, but what is very important is that I could tell right away that you were a rational, compassionate woman, and as one rational, compassionate woman to another, I would very much like to offer you $200 for your airplane ticket.

Allison: You've got to be kidding.

Alex: Ok, $300.

Allison: No.

Alex: How much?

Allison: Nothing. It's not for sale.

Alex: But I need it.

Allison: Too bad.

Alex: This is an emergency.

Allison: What do you think this is?

Alex: Well, do you have any idea who you're talking to?

Allison: No.

Alex: I used to be a federal agent.

Allison: And I used to be a kidnapper and a baby-switcher, so you better get lost before I run you off the road!


Roxy: How could I be so dumb? Allison is framing me for running you off the road.

Jessica: What?

Roxy: And the only reason she would do that is if she was actually the one to do it. She said that she took after you after you were going to go to the cops and tell them about the Green Hill thing and she said that she stopped you, she talked to you, and she convinced you not to.

Jessica: Hmm, no. Allison never talked to us.

Roxy: Ok, well, then that proves it, then.

Antonio: You got any more proof?

Roxy: Well, you know, she gave me the car to use and then she said that I stole it.

Seth: Well, what about your scarf?

Roxy: Ok, well, she took that also and she planted it somewhere to make me look guilty. All right, so you got your psycho driver. Jessica, please, you got to believe me.

Jessica: Why should I, Roxanne?

Roxy: Because -- look, honey, I know that I'm not any saint, and I know I was a lousy mother to Natalie and I'm probably a worse mother to you, but, honey, you got to believe me, I'm no killer. So please just tell me -- tell me that you believe me, ok?


Nora: Sweetheart, it's going to be ok. It really is. I mean, just because Daddy's not staying over anymore doesn't mean you're not going to see him. You'll see him a lot.

Sam: That's right, Sport. You'll see me all the time -- at my house.

Nora: And you love going to Daddy's house. You know, you got a room there and you got all your toys there.

Matthew: Can I go ask for a fortune cookie?

Nora: You sure can.

Sam: Go ahead, sport.

[Nora sighs]

Nora: Thank you, Sweetheart. Thank you.

Matthew: I'll see you tomorrow. This is Daddy-Matthew night.

Nora: You betcha. Ok.

[Sam sighs]

Nora: Well, I guess that went ok -- as ok as it's supposed to go, I guess.

Sam: Yeah.

Nora: At least there are no slamming doors. When Hank and I sat Rachel down to tell her that we were getting divorced, she ran into her room, slammed the door, and didn't come out all weekend. I had to bribe her out with a chili cheese dog, but even then, her heart wasn't in it.

Sam: Yeah, you know, when I -- when we told will and Jen, they -- they ran away. They rode the L train for three hours, but they couldn't think of anywhere to go, so they came home.

Nora: Oh.

Sam: I don't think I've ever felt worse in my life than that night.

Nora: Oh, I know. Felt like the worst mother in the world. And of course, Rachel learned how to use that to her advantage.

Sam: Yeah, so did will and Jen. I suppose Matthew will, too.

Nora: I hadn't thought about that. But they get over it, don't they?

Sam: Yeah. They do.

Nora: I guess I should go.

Sam: Nora --

Nora: No, it's ok. Matthew-Daddy night.

Matthew: Here, Daddy, I got one for you, too.

Sam: Oh. Thanks, kiddo. Thanks a lot.


Natalie: You cannot blame all of this on me.

Al: Oh, well, then who should I blame, Natalie?

Natalie: Oh, who do you think? You could have told Jen yourself, but you didn't, did you?

Al: Are you insane? I tried to tell her, but you talked me out of it.

Natalie: I know.

Al: So, what, did you just wake up this morning and decide, "I know what'd be fun. Let's ruin Al's wedding!"

Natalie: It wasn't like that. I told you before that I felt bad about what we were doing to Jen and Cristian.

Al: You know, you're not only a despicable person, you're a total hypocrite.

Natalie: Oh, whoa, and you're some kind of saint?

Al: You know what? Thanks for the heads-up. Really appreciate it.

Natalie: Can you any more self-involved?

Al: "Self" what?

Natalie: Yeah, everything is about you.

Al: Well, you did ruin my wedding.

Natalie: I'm not just talking about today. I was worried about Seth and Jessica, but you couldn't care less.

Al: They weren't gone very long.

Natalie: Well, guess what -- they were run off the road and they could have been dead, but you didn't care, did you? No, because all you care about is yourself!

Al: Wait -- I don't know what you're talking about.

Natalie: Oh, no way. I'm sorry. I'm wrong. You care about Jen, too, a girl who never even loved you in the first place.


Cristian: I'm never letting you go, Jen.

Jen: You canít. I won't let you.

Jen: I love you, Cristian.

Cristian: And I love you.

[Music plays]


Al: Don't you ever say her name again.

Natalie: Who? Jen?

Al: Shut up.

Natalie: I just want to clarify who we're talking about -- Jen, right?

Al: I thought I told you to shut up.

Natalie: Jen, Jen, Jen, Jen --

Al: Shut up!

Natalie: Jen, Jen, Jen, Jen, Jen -- why? Can you not take it? Well, guess what -- she's gone. It's too late. Now get over it!

Al: Shut up! Shut up, all right? Shut up!


Roxy: You believe me, don't you, baby doll?

Jessica: I -- I don't know what to believe.

Seth: Neither do I.

Seth: There's only one way to find out for sure. We have to find Allison Perkins.


Troy: Nora. Hey.

Nora: I came by to say I'm sorry that our dinner got cut short and -- bring you leftovers.

Troy: Thank you. But you don't have to apologize. Your son needed you.

Nora: Yes, he did. He needed me to tell him that even though his mom and dad love him very much, they don't necessarily love each other anymore, so -- it's kind of tough.

Troy: How's he doing?

Nora: Upset and confused, I'm sure, but all in all, ok.

Troy: I'm sorry, Nora.

Nora: Well, it's ok. No, really, he's ok. He's a tough kid.

Troy: Yeah, he sure is. Just like his mother.

Nora: You know, I don't know about that. I felt like I got punched in the gut. But it had to be done, you know? It's time. Got to move on with our lives. I want to thank you.

Troy: You want to thank me? For what?

Nora: For helping me. You made an awkward situation infinitely less awkward. No, really, you were incredibly sensitive by cutting out the way you did.

Troy: Nora, please. It was nothing.

Nora: No, it was very nice. And you're very nice.


Gabrielle: Did I say "flight arrangements"?

Blair: Yeah.

Gabrielle: I must have misheard. I mean, he obviously said "train," and, silly me, I thought he said, "plane."

Blair: Train, plane, train -- why would he take a train, Gabrielle? He has five cars, including a limousine. Huh?

Gabrielle: I don't really know what he said because I really wasn't listening very clearly. And what does it matter, anyway?

Blair: Ok, you're lying.

Gabrielle: What? Why would I --

Blair: You are lying.

Gabrielle: Well --

Blair: Donít know why you would lie, but you're lying, Gabrielle.

Gabrielle: That's ridiculous.

Blair: What do you want?

Gabrielle: I -- I just wanted to comfort you.

Blair: Why are you here and what do you want?

Gabrielle: Nothing, nothing.

Blair: All right, Gabrielle. You either tell me or I'm going to have to choke it out of you, ok? Want to tell me?

Gabrielle: All right, we don't need -- ahem -- to resort to violence, ok? Thank you. You're right. I have been lying to you.


Allison: Maybe you should take your rational, compassionate self and get out of my face!

Alex: Perhaps I underestimated you earlier. I really do only have $300 in cash, but how about these lovely earrings?

P.A. Announcer: Flight 424 to Buenos Aires is now boarding at Gate 17.

Allison: Well, this has been a ton of fun, but that's my flight. Hey -- hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Police? Police? Oh, police!


Todd: Good work, Nigel. That was even easier than I thought it would be.

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Natalie: Let me go.

Al: Shut up.

Jordan: I'm here about the waitress job.

Troy: Nora, don't go.

Gabrielle: It's about the lie that could have tragic consequences.

Todd: Today's your lucky day, Alex. We came here for you.

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