OLTL Transcript Wednesday 4/17/02



One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 4/17/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Dr. Shiller: The tests confirm my diagnosis. Your son has aplastic anemia.

Blair: Just tell me what's going on with Jack first.

Viki: If I were any kind of a decent mother, I couldn't possibly hate Natalie the way I do.

Cristian: Tell everybody the truth.

Al: I don't know what you're talking about.

Cristian: I'm talking about the fact that you can walk!


Al: Jen --

Jen: Oh, my God. It's true. You can.

Al: Yeah. I can walk.


Jackie: There she is. Hey, are you sure you're not Alex Olanov? Because if you are not, you must have a twin sister that was the mayor of Llanview.

Alex: [Foreign accent] Llan-who? I'm sorry; I don't know what you're talking about. I don't know any Alex Olanov.

Man: Alex Olanov Stuart? I have those papers you wanted delivered here.

Alex: [Normal voice] Great. Thank you. Here's your tip -- discretion. Look it up.

Jackie: I knew it. Come on, Iíd never forget a pretty face.

Alex: All right, fine. Yes, Iím Alex Olanov. Happy now? But listen, you can't tell anybody that you saw me. Not anybody. Nobody can know where I am.


Todd: Where's Alex?

Nigel: Who?

Todd: Oh, come on, Nigel.

Nigel: Sir, why -- why would the whereabouts of that banshee interest you?

Todd: I have my reasons.


Blair: Dr. Shiller, can this wait until my husband gets back? He just went to the house to pick up some of Jack's toys that you requested for the allergy test. I mean, this is what it's about, right, allergies? Dr. Shiller? You're not telling me everything, are you?

Dr. Shiller: Mrs. Manning --

Blair: You know, you just said that it was about time that I knew everything that was going on with my son. Now, what is it that you're keeping from me? I want to know what it is now.


Ben: Not in a hurry to go in, huh? It's ok. I mean, considering what you overheard, it's understandable.

Natalie: Oh, you mean overhearing that my mother hates me? Why would that bother me?

Ben: Natalie --

Natalie: No, it's ok. I'm fine, really. It's not like it's the worst day of my life ever and that maybe, just maybe I wanted to talk to my mother about it -- not like she'd care, given that she can't stand me.

Ben: Hey, that's not true.

Natalie: Yes, it is. You know it, and I know it. She doesn't love me. She's just been pretending to this whole time.


Niki: All right, Niki, here's the deal -- you are going to have yourself a lot of fun, but first, we got to dump Benji and we got to do it fast. For that, we're going to need a little help. And it's got to be the right kind of help and the right kind of person or this ain't going to work at all.


Jen: You can walk?

Gabrielle: It's a miracle! Oh, Al, this is why we've been praying for so long!

Al: Mom, just stop. It's not a miracle, ok? You know it's not a miracle. I -- Iíve been able to walk for a while now.

Gabrielle: No, you havenít. You would have told us. You would have said something to someone.

Jen: Shut up. Shut up! I want you to leave. Get out. Just get out! Get out!

Max: Son --

Al: Just -- go, please.

Max: Ok.

Sam: Jen.

Jen: Dad, please, I know what Iím doing.

Sam: Ok. I love you, darling.

Cristian: Come on, Jen; let's get out of here.

Jen: No. I want to talk to Al. Alone.


Niki: "L.T. Stevens." All right, let's see what you got to say for yourself. Blah, blah -- "years of experience. Not afraid to play dirty. Discreet." Ok, that sounds pretty good. See if there's a picture. Yikes! You ain't kidding about the years of experience. I don't think so, honey.


Ben: Viki doesn't hate you, Natalie.

Natalie: Right.

Ben: Your mother does not hate you.

Natalie: Ok, so are you saying that I heard wrong?

Ben: What Iím saying is what you heard, you heard out of context.

Natalie: Then maybe you could explain it to me in context, please.

Ben: She's worried.

Natalie: About what?

Ben: About not being a good mother to you.

Natalie: She's a great mother. She's given me all these wonderful gifts. She's listened to all my problems. She even forgave me for that fight that I had with Jess. She's a better mother to me than Roxy ever was.

Ben: Maybe she needs to hear this from you.

Natalie: Yeah, or maybe Vikiís just a better liar than Roxy.

Ben: Hey, she's not a liar and you know that. Well, she just feels like she failed you all those years ago when you needed her most, and she's afraid that she's never going to be able to make this up to you. That's why she's putting all this pressure on herself to make this work.

Natalie: So she has to force herself to like me?

Ben: No, no, listen to me. You just misunderstood what she said.

Natalie: I didn't misunderstand what she said. She hates me. She meant every word of it and, I mean, you know, maybe she's right. Maybe I'm unlovable. And if my own mother can't love me, then Iím just -- Iím just glad I didn't tell her about --

Ben: About what?

Natalie: Jessica and Seth are back together. Did you know that? They're not going to break up, you know, and Seth and I, we're never getting back together. It's over. I just have to accept it. I mean, I do. I do accept it. I just have to learn to live with it.


Seth: You ok?

Jessica: I -- I thought that I knew Al. I mean, the Al that I know would never do something like this -- not on purpose, I mean, don't you think?

Seth: I don't know. You know him better than I do.

Jessica: I don't know. I don't know whether I should be happy because he's walking again or if I should be angry because he's been lying to everybody this whole time. I -- God, imagine if Iím this confused, what Jenís going through.


Jen: I need to do this.

Cristian: Look, Jen, I don't know if I like the idea of you being alone with him, but if it's what you want.

Jen: Thank you.

Cristian: I'll be outside.

Al: Jen, I -- you have to believe me. I didn't -- I didn't want it to come out this way.

Jen: No, you didn't want it to come out at all. Isn't that why you didn't tell me?

Al: I was going to. I mean, I planned -- look, I planned on telling you.

Jen: When?

Al: Soon.

Jen: When? After we were married? All those times that you told me you'd be able to walk again if -- if I were by your side --

Al: I know.

Jen: I believed you.

Al: Look, I believed, too. Look -- look, I believed I can walk, see?

Jen: That's why you were asking me all those questions, isn't it -- about if I would ever leave you? And I told you that one time that -- how I felt about marriage. I told you I could never leave my husband. And you knew exactly what you had to do, didn't you?

Al: No, Jen, you're wrong.

Jen: No, I'm not. Tell me that you weren't going to go to Switzerland and find some miracle cure there.

Al: It wasn't like that, Jen.

Jen: Then tell me what it was like, Al. Tell me how you could keep this from your parents or from me?

Al: I didn't have a choice, ok? I loved you! I -- I still love you.


Sam: You knew about this, didn't you -- that Al could walk?

Max: Sam --

Sam: That's why you stood up to object. You knew Al was lying to Jen about his paralysis and so did you.

Gabrielle: What does it matter who knew and when? The important part is that my son can walk, Sam.

Sam: Yeah, and what about my daughter? She was ripped apart by what your son did.

Gabrielle: You won't forget how this all began.

Sam: You're going to start pointing fingers?

Gabrielle: Oh, my son loves your daughter. Lord knows why because she's obviously been stringing him along from the very beginning.

Sam: Oh, excuse me, she was tricked into this marriage by the lies that your son told and not just to Jen but to everyone. The only bright spot in this whole mess is that the truth came out before she threw her life away on him.

Max: Watch it, Rappaport. You're not exactly the standard bearer of honest relationships, are you?

Sam: I've had enough of this. I'm going to get my son and I'm going to get out of here. My daughter needs me. You know, Jen would've stood by Al because that's the kind of person she is, and I am damn proud of her. Can you say the same thing about your son?

Gabrielle: Max, I have to say that I knew about Al and I also know that you knew, as well.

Max: Yeah, I kind of figured. When I stood up to object, you knew what I was going to say, didn't you?

Gabrielle: Yeah. Believe me, I wanted to object, as well.

Max: Why didn't you?

Gabrielle: I kept Al's secret because he begged me to.

Max: Oh, yeah, I fell for the old "if you loved me" routine, too.

Gabrielle: Yeah. I suppose if we'd spoken up a bit earlier, we could have saved this whole fiasco.

Max: Oh, maybe.

Gabrielle: Yeah, what's one supposed to do? You try to protect your child from harm and all it does is backfire.


Todd: Why I'm looking for Alex is really none of your business.

Nigel: Heaven knows, it couldn't possibly be for anything good. Otherwise, you wouldn't need her.

Todd: Where is she?

Nigel: Sir, I know listening to people, never mind taking their advice, is not one of your finer social skills, but, please, that woman is poison for Mr. Buchanan and trouble for everyone else. You're much better off without her.

Todd's voice: Did you guys scare up a blood donor for my little girl?

Alex: How can I ever thank you for allowing me to save your child's life?

Todd: I'll tell you what -- you tell me where Alex is and then I won't hurt you.

Nigel: I'm afraid I can't tell you.

Todd: Oh, come on. Asa would never lose track of an ex-wife.

Nigel: Alex? Oh, my, she's a slippery one. And while we were tied up in court --

Todd: For, like, an hour.

Nigel: The trail simply went cold.

Todd: You're lying.

Nigel: I beg your pardon?

Todd: I can make you tell me.

Nigel: Even if I did know where she is, I wouldn't say. Some of us have integrity, loyalty, honor.

Todd: Good for you. I don't have any of those things, but I do have these. Ooh.

Todd: That one's my favorite.


Dr. Shiller: I must admit, I'm quite relieved.

Blair: What, about Jack?

Dr. Shiller: About you. I know a little something about your mental history.

Blair: Oh?

Dr. Shiller: And I'm relieved to see that you're a competent, rational woman.

Blair: Huh. Yes, I am, and I don't understand what it has to do with my son's health. Now, you said he was getting better.

Dr. Shiller: He is, very much so. His fever's down and he's in very stable condition.

Blair: So he's going to be all right, then, huh? Dr. Shiller, he's going to be all right, isn't he?

[Pager beeps]

Dr. Shiller: Excuse me. Oh, I have to take that. If you'll wait here, I'll explain everything to you when I get back.

Blair: Ok.

Dr. Shiller: I'll answer all your questions. I promise.

Blair: All right. He's got to be all right. He's got to be all right. He's -- this is Jack's file.


Nigel: I don't understand.

Todd: Well, those are photos of you, you naughty little scone.

Nigel: Where? When? How?

Todd: Well, the "where" is the reputable Cherryvale Inn. The "when," I know to be sometime last week. As for the "how," I really have no idea, but I am very impressed.

Nigel: Yes, duly noted. So you're blackmailing me now?

Todd: Well, that's up to you. You see, I say that these are prime material for the front page of "The Sun." Now you tell me. What do you say?

Nigel: Alex is in Santa Domingo.


Jackie: I figure there's only one reason why a pretty lady like yourself comes down to these parts.

Alex: What's that?

Jackie: You're on the run from your warden. Trying to get a divorce without a say so, am I right?

Alex: How did you know?

Jackie: I've been down here a while. Last I remember, you were married to -- to Asa Buchanan.

Alex: Twice. He was the love of my life once upon a time.

Jackie: And is that who you're trying to give the slip to?

Alex: No, I would never divorce Asa. Not without going to court first. It is Asaís fault that Iím in this unholy mess. We were supposed to get married again.

Jackie: Yeah. Third time's the charm, they say.

Alex: He was masquerading as this wealthy sea captain by the name of Jeb Stuart, which is a very important detail because he had faked his death.

Jackie: I heard about that.

Alex: Mm-hmm. And I found him down here in St. Blaze's. Well, he was alive and well. We were reunited. It was like fate. And we had to get married again.

Jackie: Why is that?

Alex: So that I could help him keep his secret.

Jackie: Ah, yeah. Gotcha.

Alex: Anyway, he substituted a janitor whose name really was Jeb Stuart, and that's who I ended up marrying instead of my beloved Asa Buchanan.

Jackie: Yeah, and janitors aren't really well known for their pay scale, are they?

Alex: Not only does he not have any money, but he doesn't have a life. He is this dirty little thing who follows me around everywhere. He's completely devoted to me, not that I can blame him, but I just feel so trapped. As soon as I sign these divorce papers, I will be free.

Jackie: Well, here. Here. Let me give you your break-out-of-jail-free card.

Alex: This is solid gold.

Jackie: Oh, yeah.

Alex: You know, perhaps after the ink is dry on these papers, we could celebrate my freedom.

Jackie: Nice --

Jeb: Snookums -- I found you.

Alex: Jeb. Oh, no.


Al: Jen, everything I did, I did because I love you.

Jen: No, you lied to me. That is not love.

Al: Look, the whole reason that I had my accident in the first place is because I wanted to care for you. I wanted to care for you and our baby.

Jen: That fight with Cristian, your fall -- I mean, were you ever really paralyzed?

Al: What? Yes, I -- wow. Is that what you think about me? Is that what you think? You think that I would -- yes, Jen, I was paralyzed and I was stuck in that stupid chair! And you were so great to me. You were so loving and so gentle, and I really started to believe that you meant it.

Jen: I did.

Al: When you said to me that you would stay me, when you told me that you would be anything I needed you to be, I started to believe that if you loved me, I'd be ok, Iíd get better. And look, it happened.

Jen: Why didn't you tell me? Why wouldn't you tell me that you could walk?

Al: Because I knew that if you knew that I could walk, you'd leave me because you'd think that I didn't need you, but, Jen, I do need you, and I think that despite everything that's happened, I -- I really believe that Iím the person who can make you happy.

Jen: Make me happy? How? By telling me more lies?

Al: Oh, wait a second. I'm not the only one who lied here. I mean, what about you? What about your lies?


Jessica: Natalie's the one that told you about Al being able to walk?

Cristian: Yeah, yeah, and I couldn't let them get married, you know, knowing he was lying to her.

Jessica: Of course not, but why didn't she tell anyone before now?

Natalie: I made a deal with Al.

Cristian: What kind of deal?

Natalie: I told Al -- I told Al that I wouldn't tell anyone he could walk if he helped break up Seth and Jessica.

Jessica: Cristian, do you know why Natalie would keep this secret?


Natalie: Look, you know, you don't have to feel sorry for me about that. I don't even know why I brought up that stuff about Seth and Jessica. I mean, who cares? I donít.

Ben: You know, maybe you shouldn't be talking to me. Maybe what you need is a mother's perspective.

Natalie: Hmm. That's a good one, Ben.

Ben: Viki wants to be a good mother to you. You've just got to give her a chance. Do you think you can do that?


Niki: Yeah, hi. Is this -- "Jordan Whitney"? Oh, good, good. My name is -- Mrs. Davidson, and I would very much like to meet with you. No, not my house. You nuts? I mean, my house is really not very convenient, so -- oh, yeah, that would be good. Sure, I'll see you there in about an hour. Ok, bye.

Ben: Hi.

Niki: [As Viki] Hi.

Ben: What are you working on?

Niki: Oh, just something for "The Banner."

Ben: Natalie and I were just discussing what she overheard earlier -- about your feelings towards her?

Niki: Oh. Oh, right. Right. Natalie, honey, really -- you know, you misunderstood what I said. I don't hate you. You're my daughter.

Natalie: That's what Ben said.

Niki: Oh, good. Well, I'm so glad that's settled. I feel so much better.

Ben: Natalie is also a little upset because Jessica and Seth are back together.

Niki: You know what? You're going to get over Seth so fast. You're going to meet somebody else, and it'll be like Seth never, ever existed. Honest. Take it from me. You know, I have an awful lot of things that I have to do. I think we'll talk about this later, ok?

Natalie: You know what? Forget it. Don't even bother. Why don't you go talk to Jessica? You can hear all about it from her. Sorry to bother you.

Ben: Natalie --

Niki: What are you looking at?

Ben: I'm looking at you. I don't know who you are, but you're not Viki.

Niki: [As Viki] I'm not Viki? Who do you think I am?

Ben: What I mean is you're not acting like yourself lately.

Niki: Oh.

Ben: And I miss you.

Niki: Oh.

Ben: And I miss us.

Niki: Oh.

Ben: I mean, you're so preoccupied with these unconscious feelings that you're not allowing yourself to feel anything else.

Niki: Maybe it's better that way.

Ben: "Better"? I understand that you're upset over what happened to Jack.

Niki: My goodness, yes. Jack got ill while I was looking after him. For heaven's sakes, he's in the hospital!

Ben: But no one's blaming you for what happened to him.

Niki: But they should. It's my fault.

Ben: Ok, look, you know, you're really going to have to start forgiving yourself here over what happened to Jack, over what happened to Natalie all those years ago. Hey, Viki, instead of dwelling on the negative, why don't you focus on the positive? Think about how much you love your family and how much they love you. Then you start thinking that way. You'll be back to your old self soon. I promise.

Niki: Oh, Ben. That's exactly what I would like. I would so like to be who I am again, you know? I'm sorry. I really have to go.

Ben: Wait a minute, wait a minute, we're in the middle of something. Where you going?

Niki: Well, I have an appointment and it's very important. I'm sorry. We will talk about this later, I promise.


Asa: Holden, you owe me 10 grand.

Max: Excuse me?

Asa: I paid for a wedding, not a three-ring circus.

Gabrielle: Asa, our son's life has just fallen to pieces. Do you think we honestly care how much it's cost you?

Asa: I'm sure you don't. But you should give your son a hand. He almost pulled it off.

Renee: Oh, you are a piece of work. After -- didn't you learn anything from your recent experience?

Asa: Oh, please. I know this -- that you're not as mad at me as you pretend to be.

Renee: I beg your pardon?

Asa: I saw the way you were looking at me at the ceremony. You still care about me.

Renee: Thank you for telling me. Max, Gabrielle, whatever has happened between us, Iíve always been fond of Al, and I -- regardless of what happened today, Iím just very happy that he's going to be ok.

Max: Thank you, Renee.

Gabrielle: Yes, thank you.

Renee: Ok. Come on, Asa. You can give me a hand.

Asa: With what?

Renee: We can take the leftovers to the homeless shelter.

Asa: I've already done my community service. You want help, call the caterers.

Renee: Fine. You can stay here with Max and Gabrielle.

Asa: Not on your damn life. Huh. Whoo.

Gabrielle: Ok, I'm concerned about Al. He's been with Jen long enough. I'm going to go find out what's going on between them.

Max: Oh, whoa, whoa, hold on. This is something they got to work out for themselves. We can't fix it for them.

Gabrielle: Max, this is our son. What are we supposed to do?

Max: Well, maybe we should try being the parents we should have been all along. I got a very bad feeling he's going to need us.


Al: You told the first lie when you said that you and Cristian were through.

Jen: We were.

Al: Were you really?

Jen: I wanted to help you get better, Al.

Al: I never asked you to leave Cristian. I never asked you to move into the carriage house. I never asked you for anything. The only thing that I ever asked you for was to marry me, and you said yes. I knew that we had this thing this thing that could be something so incredible. Think about everything we shared, Jen -- the good times, the laughs, the late-night conversations. Or were you just pitying me?

Jen: No, of course not. You knew what I felt for Cristian.

Al: I could be a good husband to you. Jen, I could love you in ways that he never could and never will. The fact that I can walk, that doesn't erase how we felt about each other before today, does it?

Jen: Al --

Al: You said in your wedding vows that I'm your best friend. And I know that you're mine, and if we share that, Jen -- if we share that, there's still a chance -- there's still a chance for us.

Jen: A chance for what?

Al: A chance that we could be more than friends.


Dr. Shiller: Mrs. Manning?

Blair: Oh, God. You left this here before.

Dr. Shiller: This is Jack's admitting file. The one you want to read is this one, his medical file.

Blair: Well, what does it say?

Dr. Shiller: Well, as you know, we took a series of tests when he was admitted, and the most important test is his blood count.

Blair: What I really want to know is why does he have to stay here in a hospital if he just has allergies? I mean, when can I take him home? Can I take him home?

Dr. Shiller: The truth is Jack isn't suffering from allergies.


Cristian: Well, I think Natalie felt that it was up to Al, you know, to say something about being able to walk.

Seth: Yeah, she probably thought he'd say something before the wedding.

Jessica: And when he didn't --

Seth: She did.

Cristian: Right, right, something like that.

Jessica: Are you going to be ok, Cris?

Cristian: Yeah, yeah. Why?

Jessica: We just have to get to the police station. We have to make an official statement about Roxanne. I just don't want to leave you. I mean, if you're not going to be ok, then I will --

Cristian: No, no, no, Jess, I'll be fine. You go ahead.

Seth: You sure?

Cristian: Yeah.

Jessica: Ok. Good luck, ok?

Cristian: Thanks. See you, Man.


Jen: You ruined any chance we had at anything. You lied to me. Don't you get that?

Al: What about Cristian? What about the lies that he told? What, that's ok? That's acceptable?

Jen: Well, he lied to protect me. Why did you lie, Al? To protect yourself and that dream that you have of us being this perfect couple.

Al: Hey, we could be.

Jen: No, we can't. You're the one person I trusted to tell me the truth, and what did you do? You told me the biggest lie of them all. You told me that you would never hurt me and you did. You hurt me more than anybody.

Al: Jen -- Jen!


Alex: Jeb, what are you doing here?

Jeb: I followed you, snookums, which wasn't easy. What are you doing here? You're not hoochie-cooing behind my back, are you?

Alex: No, of course not. I just heard the beaches were beautiful down here this time of year.

Jeb: What's this? Divorce papers? But you're the best doggone thing that ever happened to me. I could never let you go.

Alex: You have to, Jeb. I don't love you.

Jackie: All right, come on, pal, let's go. It's over.

Jeb: Just try it, just try it. Put them up. Come on. Come on.


Todd: Hey, Florence Nightingale, how do you get somebody paged in this hospital?


Blair: Dr. Shiller, if my son hasn't had allergies, then what is wrong with him?

Dr. Shiller: Jack has --

Todd: Nothing anybody really needs to worry about.

Blair: Well, how do you know that? How do we know?

Todd: Because I was going to go home and get Jack's toys to have them allergy tested, and then I overheard these two doctors talking. It's really good news, don't you think?

Dr. Shiller: Mrs. Manning, I don't think your husband is being --

P.A. Announcer: Blair Manning, please report to the nurses' station. Blair Manning, please report to the nurses' station.

Blair: What is that about?

Todd: Don't know. Better go check it out, though, huh?

Blair: All right, Iíll be right back. Just --

Dr. Shiller: Your wife is no more mentally ill than either you or I, though I am beginning to have my doubts about you.

Todd: Oh, hey.

Dr. Shiller: I'm telling her about your son's condition when she gets back.

Todd: Ok, hold your stethoscope for a second. Let's just talk about that pediatric research project that you want to start next month.

Dr. Shiller: How do you know --

Todd: I did a little bit of my own research.

Dr. Shiller: What about it?

Todd: I'll fund it, the entire thing.

Dr. Shiller: What are you telling me? You'll bankroll my research project if I keep quiet about your son's aplastic anemia?

Todd: Uh-huh. But think of all the lives you'll save.

Dr. Shiller: Think about your son's life.

Todd: I already have, and I found a donor. What have you done for him lately?

Dr. Shiller: Wait, you found a biological sibling for Jack?

Todd: No, I found a match. That's all you need to know. But the thing is if Blair finds out about Jack, I won't be able to get the donor onboard.

Dr. Shiller: You're really not making this easy for me.

Todd: No, no, I'm making this very easy for you. Come on, think about it. We have a deal?

Blair: Oh, I'm sorry, Todd. The weirdest thing is that they just said that you were looking for me.

Todd: Nice nurses. What do they know?

Blair: I don't know. Well, we are both here now. Please, will you tell us what is wrong with our son?

Dr. Shiller: Jack's tests show --

Blair: What? What do Jack's tests show?

Dr. Shiller: That Jack has an iron deficiency.

Blair: An iron deficiency?

Dr. Shiller: Yes, which is treatable, and so we're keeping him here until we get his levels back up.

Blair: That's it?

Dr. Shiller: Yes.

Blair: Oh, Todd! That's great. Our son's going to be all right. This is --

Todd: Yeah, see? Told you so.

Blair: Well, can we see him?

Dr. Shiller: Certainly, though, I would suggest one at a time.

Blair: Well --

Todd: Well, you're his mother. You go first.

Blair: Oh, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I know where it is. Thanks.


Todd: Yeah, it's me. Listen, I need a ticket to Santa Domingo. No, not this weekend, silly. Right now. Alex Olanov, don't move. I'm coming to get you.


Alex: Jeb? Jeb? Ah! He's out cold.

Jackie: Wasn't even my best shot. Just no body behind it. Hey, don't worry. You don't have to thank me.

Alex: Oh. I don't have time to thank you. I got to go. Oh. Good-bye, Santa Domingo! Snookums is history.


Niki: [As Viki] You Jordan Whitney?

Woman: Yes.

Niki: Good, come on over here.

Jordan: You have a job you want me to do?

Niki: Yes, yes. Now, your credentials seem very, very impressive indeed, but how good of a private detective are you really?

Jordan: Well, I can assure you you have nothing to be worried about.

Niki: Good, good. See, the reason I'm asking -- this is kind of a private matter. It's about my husband.

Jordan: Oh, it usually is. Why don't we start by going over contracts?

Niki: Ok.

Jordan: You'll find they're very standard. And if, you know, this is any help at all, nine out of 10 cases I have are cheating husbands.

Niki: Oh, ok. Well, this one ain't done yet but it will be.


Ben: Ahem. So Iím heading over to Crossroads to interview potential waitresses. Feel like tagging along?

Natalie: Tempting, but no thank you.

Ben: You don't know what you're missing. I ask really personal questions.

Natalie: Thank you for including me, but I think I just want to be alone right now.

Ben: Things are going to work out with Viki and everyone else. I promise.

Natalie: Is there something wrong with me? Is that why no one can love me?

Natalie: What are you guys doing back so soon from the wedding?

Jessica: The wedding didn't happen. Cristian stopped it. He said you were the one that told him about Al being able to walk?

Natalie: Yeah. So?

Jessica: I would love to know how that happened, how you found out.

Natalie: It's really no big deal.

Jessica: All right, you know what? I'm going to go change because we have to head over to the police station, so I'll be back.

Seth: Ok. You know, I'm curious, too.

Natalie: What about?

Seth: About why you didn't tell anybody that Al could walk. Why would you do that to Jen and Cristian?

Natalie: You know what? Forget about what I did to Jen and Cristian, and let's talk about what I did to you and Jessica.


Cristian: I love you so much.

Jen: I love you, too. I never stopped loving you.

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Niki: [As Viki] Do you think you could seduce my husband?

Ben: Nora loves you, Sam.

Sam: Just not as much as I loved her.

Troy: You look beautiful.

Nora: You look very handsome yourself.

Seth: What did you do to Jess and me?

Al: I can't let you leave here with Cristian.  

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