OLTL Transcript Tuesday 4/16/02



One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 4/16/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "One Live to Live" --

Nora: I do have feelings for you, and they're stronger than I'm willing to admit.

Guard: Welcome to Statesville, your new home for the next 28 years.

Dr. Shiller: The tests confirmed my diagnosis. Your son has aplastic anemia.

Man: Are you ready to enter into this marriage with Al holden?

Natalie: I've seen him. I've seen Al walk.


Blair: Larry.

Larry: Oh, hi, Blair.

Blair: How's my son? What's wrong with him?


Alex's voice: Oh, I was just one of many generous souls who wanted to donate my stem cells to Starr, but I was the only one whose wish was fulfilled. How can I ever thank you for allowing me to save your child's life?

Dr. Shiller: Mr. Manning? If you'd like to go see Jack --

Todd: Whoa, whoa, hold on. If two kids from the same family both have aplastic anemia, then the same donor could be used to make them better, right?

Dr. Shiller: I would think so, but, Mr. Manning, I told you --

Todd: Yeah, no, no. You know what? I'll go see Jack in a second. Oh, Alex Olanov, where the hell are you?


Alex: I'll have a cosmopolitan -- a stiff one.

Man: Hey, don't I know you from someplace?

Alex: People still use that line?

Man: No, no, I know you.

Alex: No, no, you donít.

Man: Yeah, I do. You're from Llanview, Pennsylvania.

Alex: I never heard of it.

Man: Yeah, you're -- what's your name? Alice? Alexi? No, no -- Alex Olanov.

Alex: I don't know what you're talking about.


Blair: Hey, Todd, what's going on?

Todd: Nothing, nothing. I can't talk now. Really, I've got to go.

Blair: No, Todd, please, just tell me what's going on with Jack first.


Nora: Hi, Sam, it's me. I was -- I know you're at Jenís wedding. I was just calling to wish her and you every happiness and to let you know I was thinking about you. Ok, bye. Oh, why did you just do that? That was so stupid. He doesn't want to hear about your good wishes. Why can't you take messages back?

[Doorbell rings]

[Knock on door]

Nora: Hi, Troy.

Troy: Hey. I had a little break between patients, so I figured I'd stop by, see how you were doing.

Nora: I'm -- I'm fine.

Troy: Good. So then maybe you'd like to have dinner with me tonight.

Nora: Thank you. I -- I just don't think that would be a good idea.

Troy: Ok. Why not?

Nora: I just don't.

Troy: Look, Nora, Lindsayís the one that's in prison. So why are you the one punishing yourself?


Tillie: Hey, Goldilocks, guess what we got.

Lindsay: I don't really care.

Tillie: Oh, I think you will. What do you think, Shirley?

Shirley: I think she'll be very interested, seeing as how it's about her kid.

Tillie: Oh, yeah, yeah. "Jen Rappaport to wed Al holden today."

Lindsay: Let me see --

Tillie: Hey! Not so fast, Goldilocks. This is no lending library. You want to read my paper, you got to give me something. It's going to cost you.

Lindsay: I don't have any money. They took it when they processed me. You know that.

Tillie: In here, we don't deal with dollars. I figure this article is worth two packs of cigarettes.

Lindsay: I don't smoke.

Tillie: Oh, too bad. Cigarettes are the basic currency of the land.

Lindsay: Ok, look, just let me read it. I'll get you the cigarettes, I promise. Let me just read about my little girl's wedding.

Tillie: What do you think, Shirley, hmm?

Shirley: It is her little girl's wedding day.

Tillie: Oh, yeah, you're right. It's not like we don't know where she lives.

Lindsay: Thank you. I know we got off to a bad start, but --

Tillie: Sucker. Hey

Lindsay: Ow!

Tillie: You don't know what bad is, but you .. You hear me? You will! Come on, Shirley.

[Women laugh]

Lindsay: 28 years. 28 years. But at least Jen will be happy. Jen will be happy.


Man: Jen, do you take Al to be your wedded husband, to live together in holy matrimony, to love, honor, and cherish him in joy and sorrow, in sickness and in health, and to be to him in all things a good and faithful wife?

Cristian: No! Jen, don't. You can't marry him.

Al: Get the hell out of here.

Cristian: I'm not going anywhere, man. Not until I tell everyone in here how you've been lying to them, starting with Jen.

Al: Shut up!

Jen: What are you doing?

Cristian: This whole thing is a big lie, Jen.


Todd: Well, of course there's nothing wrong with Jack. If there was something wrong with Jack, I would tell you, wouldn't I?

Blair: You tell me, Todd.

Todd: Of course I would because we're married.

Blair: Exactly.

Larry: I'll take a look at Jack if you'd like.

Todd: No, nobody needs your help.

Blair: Todd!

Todd: He's not a pediatrician.

Larry: I'm a doctor.

Todd: Dr. Shiller's on the case. Get your own patients. We don't need any double billing.

Larry: If you need my help, please call.

Blair: Thank you, Larry. What is going on, and why were you so --

Todd: You know what? I'm going to go get Dr. Shiller, and he's going to explain everything to you.

Blair: No, I'm going to go with you.

Todd: No, you don't need to do that.

Blair: Yes, I do. Our son is sick. I want to know what's wrong.

Todd: You see -- you see, that's why you can't come because you're all upset, and kids -- they pick up on that kind of energy.

Blair: I'll tell you what I'm picking up on. I'm picking on the Todd Manning runaround right now that I'm getting.

Starr: There you are. I've been looking all over for you. Why is everyone here?

Blair: What are you doing here, huh? Your daddy and I have had many conversations with you about taking a taxi alone.

Starr: Relax. Suzanne brought me here.

Blair: Well, where is she?

Starr: She's downstairs. The security guards had to check her handbag.

Todd: You know what? You go find Suzanne and take Starr home. I'm going to go find Dr. Shiller.

Blair: Just wait a minute. Wait.

Starr: I don't want to go home.

Blair: Suzanne had no right to bring you here, young lady. Now, where is she?

Starr: Is something wrong with Jack?

Blair: No. No, we -- you know, we just brought him here -- we brought him here for a checkup, that's all.

Starr: All of a sudden? With no appointment? I don't think so.

Blair: Yeah, I mean, that's how it is with babies.

Starr: Who's the liar now?

Blair: All right, you know what? That's enough. You're going home. Now, where is Suzanne?

Starr: You do love Jack more than me.

Blair: No. Starr, no, I don't. Sweetheart, we're family. Look, it's just that --

Starr: It's just what?

Blair: All right, you know, fine. Fine. You can stay here at the hospital with me, but you can't stay up here in the emergency room area, ok? Now, we're going to go find Suzanne, and you can have some ice cream down in the cafeteria, ok?

Starr: I don't like their ice cream.

Blair: Ok, how about chocolate pudding or a soda or whatever you want? Let's just go find her. Come on, let's go.


Todd: See, the thing that you don't know about Blair -- see, my wife's a little, you know -- she's been in and out of St. Ann's so much that they keep a bed reserved there for her permanently.

Dr. Shiller: But she's the child's mother.

Todd: Exactly. You see, you know, Starr, our other kid, when she got aplastic anemia, Blair went totally bananas. I mean, she had a nervous breakdown.

Dr. Shiller: I'm very sorry, but even so --

Todd: If you tell her -- look, even on a good day, she's a little nuts. If you tell her that Jack has aplastic anemia, too, she's going to go right over the edge, and this time, she may never recover. Now, I don't think that you want that on your conscience, do you?

Dr. Shiller: I understand your fears, Mr. Manning, but perhaps they're causing you to exaggerate a bit? People are often capable of coping with much more than we think.

Blair: I want to know what's wrong with Jack, and I want somebody to tell me right now.


Nora: My not having dinner with you is me punishing myself? My, my, my, we do have quite an ego, don't we, Dr. MacIver?

Troy: All right, that's not how I meant it. Look, Nora, I just -- I just want you to have dinner with me, that's all.

Nora: Yes, so you said. I do get a say in this, don't I?

Troy: Absolutely. But you've already told me you have feelings for me.

Nora: Yes, but I also said that it wasn't that simple.

Troy: Of course not, which is why I haven't pushed things. I wanted to give you your time to sort things out.

Nora: Well, I think I just -- I need a little more time, that's all.

Troy: Ok. You know, Nora, I am not going to hang in this limbo forever, not when I know that you and I can have something great. We both know that's not the kind of guy I am. I go after what I want, and I do what it takes to get it.

Nora: Oh, yes, you made that abundantly clear in your pursuit of Lindsay.

Troy: I did what had to be done, and I would do it all over again if it came down to that.

Nora: I hurt a wonderful person letting you do what had to be done.

Troy: Yeah, Sam.

Nora: That's right, Sam. I hurt him more than I thought it was possible to hurt anybody. And I can't just blithely ignore that fact because you think I should.

Troy: Nora, I'm not asking you to deny your feelings for Sam.

Troy: You know what? I didn't want to be the one to tell you this, but if you and Sam were so committed to each other, there's nothing that I or Lindsay or anyone else could do to tear the two of you apart, and that's the truth.


Sam: What's this all about, Cristian?

Cristian: It's about what Al's been doing to Jen, to me, and to everyone in this place!

Matthew: Why are you yelling? Daddy, why is Cristian yelling?

Sam: He's not, honey. He's -- Renee -- Renee, would you take --

Renee: Yeah, hey, I've got some great cookies in the kitchen.

Matthew: I don't want any cookies.

Renee: Well, how about some good hot chocolate?

Asa: Well, it finally happened. Cristian Vega has gone loco.

Cristian: The only one who's gone loco here is Al for thinking he could get away with this.

Gabrielle: This is a private wedding, and you certainly are not invited. Why don't you turn around and leave.

Cristian: Al, come on, why don't you just tell Jen the truth, huh? Tell everybody the truth.

Al: I don't know what you're talking about.

Cristian: I'm talking about the fact that you can walk!


Tillie: Guess what, girls. Turns out that Goldilocks isn't just the mother of the bride, she's a celebrity in her own right.

Shirley: Well, what do you mean, Tillie?

Tillie: Oh, she's that nut case who chained that doctor to a wheel in that abandoned fun house. Isn't that right, Goldilocks?

Lindsay: Leave me alone. My name is not Goldilocks. It's Lindsay.

Tillie: Oh, is that what the doctor called you?

[Women laugh]

Lindsay: Shut up.

Tillie: Oh, yeah, Goldilocks here -- oh, I'm sorry, Lindsay -- thought the guy was in love with her, thought he was planning to marry her, but all the time, he was just setting her up. I read all about it in "The Sun."

Lindsay: I said, shut up.

Tillie: "Oh, I love you, Lindsay. I'm going to take you to Paris, Lindsay. I want to marry you, Lindsay. Stupid Lindsay. Stupid, stupid --"

[Women cheer]


Nora: Hi. Hey, congratulations. I heard the university dropped the charges against you. You must be so relieved.

Keri: Oh, you can't imagine how good it feels.

Nora: I'm sorry I wasn't there.

Keri: No, no, it was a closed proceeding, anyway. So what about you? Are you ok?

Nora: Yeah, fine.

Keri: I'm sorry about Sam.

Nora: Me, too. I guess you probably figured out that Troy was the other man that I was telling you about.

Keri: The man you had feelings for.

Nora: Yes, lucky me.

Keri: Well, it sounds to me like he's got some pretty strong feelings for you, too.

Nora: Yes, and he doesn't seem to want to take no for an answer.

Keri: It's hard to hear no when you want to hear yes. So, have your feelings changed for him?

Nora: No. But that doesn't matter. I can't act on them, you know. And he doesn't want to understand that or doesn't seem to understand that. I hurt Sam terribly, and I can't go on hurting Sam, you know? And he doesn't understand that, either. What? What's wrong?

Keri: It's none of my business.

Nora: Oh. I'm asking.

Keri: Nora, it's your life. What I think does not matter.

Nora: You don't agree with me, do you?

Keri: No, I donít.

Nora: How can you not agree? The man lives in a fantasy life. He's not looking at things clearly.

Keri: Him or you?

Nora: What?

Keri: From what I heard, the one who seems to be seeing things clearly is Troy.


Claire: Dr. MacIver. Troy.

Troy: Claire, how you doing?

Claire: I just wanted to tell you how thrilled the hospital is to have you back.

Troy: Oh, well, it's good to be back.

Claire: Just think, we have our own real-life hero on staff. You've given Llanview hospital some priceless P.R.

Troy: You know what? That's great, but, look, I got a lot of work to catch up on, so if you don't mind, I --

Claire: I knew you could never really have been interested in that Lindsay Rappaport. You're much too classy for a woman like that.

Troy: Thank you for your vote of confidence.

Claire: I read everything about what happened -- the lengths you went to to clear your brother's name of the worst charges against him and the way you trapped that horrible woman into confessing.

Troy: Yeah, look, Claire, I really got to catch up on this work.

Claire: Of course. It's what we pay you for, isn't it?

Troy: Yeah.

Claire: Perhaps we could continue our conversation over drinks. Say 7:00 at my place?

Starr: Hey, weird redheaded lady, leave my Dr. Troy alone.


Jen: Cristian, this is my wedding day.

Cristian: Even if he can walk?

Jen: We already talked about this. That was just some stupid rumor --

Cristian: No, Jen, this time is no rumor. This time is the truth.

Jessica: Cristian, why don't we talk about this outside?

Cristian: I'm not going anywhere, not without Jen.

Seth: Come on, man. Come on -- you don't want to do this, ok?

Cristian: What? You think I've lost it, don't you? You think I'm making this up? Well, you know what? I'm not. None of it. This guy's nothing but a manipulative liar.

Seth: Cris, come on. This isn't the time or the place.

Cristian: It's my only time! Look, Jen, all this time, we've been feeling sorry for him, giving up everything we had for him, and you know what? He's been playing us!

Sam: And you know this because?

Cristian: Because Natalie told me. She said he's been able to walk for months.

Gabrielle: Because Natalie told you? You've come in here and disrupted this wedding because of a lie that Natalie told you?

Cristian: Yes, that's right.

Gabrielle: Oh, well, excuse me, but I think everyone knows what a little troublemaker she is. Everyone knows how she treated poor Jessica at Asaís memorial. Everyone knows how cruel she was to Al when he was lying near to death in the I.C.U. from a fall at the quarry, a fall that was caused by you

Jessica: Al forgave Cristian for that.

Gabrielle: Well, I didn't forgive him. And I don't forgive you for this, either. I will never forgive you for coming in here and disrupting Al and Jenís wedding because of something that little monster told you. Anyone in their right mind would never believe that little monster.

Jen: Gabrielle, stop it!

Gabrielle: Anyone, of course, except you!

Jen: I said stop it! Al, is it true? Can you walk?


Dr. Shiller: Jack was running a high fever, but we have it under control now.

Blair: Well, do you know what caused it? I mean, what's wrong with him?

Todd: Nothing, nothing. Look, Dr. Shiller's waiting for some tests to come back, but, really, he thinks it's just one of those fevers that, you know, kids get.

Blair: Is that true?

Dr. Shiller: As I said, his fever's down and he's resting comfortably. And if you'll excuse me, I think I better check on him.

Blair: Well, I'll go with you, doctor.

Dr. Shiller: No, it would be best if I looked in on him first.

Blair: He's hiding something, Todd. I know it. I have a really, really bad feeling about this.

Todd: See? This is why I don't tell you things. Look, you're all worried. The doctor just told you that Jack's going to be fine. He's a doctor. He can't lie about these things. They take oaths.

Blair: Maybe you're right.

Todd: Well, of course, I'm right.

Blair: You know, it's just -- it's the high fever thing, you know? It got me thinking that, you know, Starr was about this age when we found out that she had aplastic anemia.

Todd: Look, Jack's not Starr.

Blair: No, he's not, and he was adopted, thank God. If Jack were really starís biological brother, I'd be worried out of my mind that the same thing was happening all over again.

Todd: Right. But it's like you said, Jack is adopted, so, I mean, really, what are the chances of us adopting a kid that has aplastic anemia also? I mean, it's like a billion to one, right?

Blair: Yeah. Just what is causing the fever, Todd?

Todd: You know, Dr. Shiller -- he did think that maybe it was an allergy, and he told me to get Jack's favorite toys and bring them in to be tested. I'll be back.

Blair: Well, I'll be here.

Todd: Hey, thanks for keeping my wife, you know, on this side of sane just for a little while.

Dr. Shiller: She's going to have to be told eventually.

Todd: Well, maybe, maybe not. You know, I'm thinking, you know, what if we find a donor, bring the donor in, and do the blood -- bone marrow transplant thing, and then Blair doesn't even have to know about it, right?

Dr. Shiller: I'm glad you're so optimistic about this, Mr. Manning.

Todd: The thing is you can't tell anybody else in this hospital about Jack's diagnosis.

Dr. Shiller: How on earth do you expect me to do that?

Todd: I have no idea really. It's your problem. But you don't want Blair to find out. If somebody accidentally spills the beans, Blair has to wind up going to the looney bin. I mean, look, if Blairís at St. Ann's, I can't look after Jack at the same time.

Dr. Shiller: All right, Mr. Manning, I won't tell anyone -- for the time being.

Todd: See, I thought I could count on you.

Dr. Shiller: But finding a donor may not be as easy as you seem to think. And the fact that he's adopted -- that's another complication. The most likely candidates for a match are blood relatives.

Todd: Not this time.

Dr. Shiller: I mean, your odds of a random match are slim.

Todd: Ok, you know what? Let me worry about everything, ok? I know exactly what to do. When it comes to taking care of my family, I know what to do. I'm going to make sure that my son gets better. Believe me, I know exactly what I'm going to do.


Troy: Starr Manning. What are you doing here, young lady?

Starr: I was in the hood.

Troy: You was in the hood?

Claire: You're the little girl who found Troy on the wheel, aren't you?

Starr: Yes, and I would like to talk to him -- alone. Is that a problem?

Troy: Well, you know, I do owe her my life. I should --

Claire: I understand completely. I'll just leave you here with this enchanting child. Let me know about that drink.

Troy: Oh, wow. Now that's the second time you've saved my life.

Starr: She was so creepy.

Troy: Oh, man, I can pick them, can't I? So, what's going on with you? What are you doing here?

Starr: Well, maybe you could come over to my house sometime. I got a new iguana.

Troy: A new iguana? Are you kidding me? I love iguanas. But I got a feeling there's something else going on here, huh? Huh? Starr? I thought we were friends. Come on. You can talk to me.

Starr: What would you do if someone you loved loved someone else more than they love you?


Nora: Hey, you, whose side are you on?

Keri: It's not about taking sides, Nora. Just hear me out.

Nora: I had to open my mouth and ask.

Keri: Listen, you know that I adore Sam.

Nora: Yes.

Keri: You know that. And I hate the fact that you guys have broken up.

Nora: But you're the one who thinks that Troy is seeing things clearly.

Keri: From everything you've told me, Nora, you and Sam have been trying to get together for years.

Nora: Yes. Probably too many years.

Keri: Yeah, and it never seems to happen. Something seems to get in the way. You and Sam are both really great people.

Nora: I hear a "but."

Keri: But don't you think that if you were really, really meant to be together, you would be by now?

Nora: We were together. It was Sam and Matthew and me. We were together before all this business with Troy started.

Keri: If that were true, then I think Dr. MacIver was right -- nothing could have torn you apart.

Nora: So now what? What? Am I supposed to start dating Dr. MacIver?

Keri: No, I'm not going to even go there. I mean, I don't even know the guy very well. But I'm just saying what I do know is when I was trying to ignore the feelings I had for Antonio, didn't work. And you were the one who helped me see that.

Nora: Oh, great, another piece of advice comes back and bites me in the backside.

Keri: I discovered that if you have something in your heart, you have to find out what it is. You can't run away from it, and you can't feel ashamed of it because it doesn't match what you think you want.

Nora: I love Sam.

Keri: Yeah, and you probably always will, but you're not doing him or yourself or Matthew any favors by pretending you don't have feelings for Troy.

Nora: I don't want to lose Sam, though.

Keri: Nora, I'm sorry, but I think from everything you've told me that you already have. He's moved on, and you should, too, for everyone's sake.

Nora: Everyone's sake? It's not fair to Matthew.

Keri: Is it fair to Matthew to have a mother who's denying her feelings? My mother taught me a terrible lesson on how to deal with the pain of a failed relationship, and I think you can give Matthew a much better one.

Nora: You should have been a lawyer. You're very persuasive.

Keri: Nora, you are an incredible person. You deserve to be happy.

Nora: Thank you.

Keri: And that's why I hope that you can do what my mother couldn't. Stop regretting the past. Start looking to the future.


[Women cheer]

[Whistle blows]

Guard: You know better than that.

Tillie: That nut job started it! She can't take the fact that her boyfriend tricked her!

Lindsay: Why don't you just crawl back under your rock and leave me alone!

Guard: It's over.

Second guard: Tillie, take a walk!

Tillie: How long are you in here for, Goldilocks? 28 years? Well, I'm here for life, so you bet we're going to be seeing a whole lot of each other.

Guard: I said, take a walk! Hey!

Tillie: You just got yourself a much bigger problem than being fooled by some stud doctor, girlie girl. You made the wrong enemy inside, and you are going to pay for it big-time!


Al: Jen, I love you, and I would never do anything to hurt you. Never.

Jen: You didn't answer my question. Can you walk?

Al: No, no, of course I can't walk, ok? I haven't been able to walk since the accident. You know that. I would never keep something like that from you -- or anybody that I love, for that matter. Do you think that I would stay in this thing if I didn't have to? I hate this stupid chair, Jen. I wish I never had to see it again.

Jen: You asked me what would happen if you got the use of your legs after the wedding. You asked me that more than once, like you needed some kind of assurance.

Al: Because I have to believe that I'm going to be able to walk sometime soon. It's what gets me out of the bed in the morning. That and you. Would you rather that I didn't have any hope at all?

Jen: Of course not.

Al: I want to walk again, Jen. I want to be able to run and play basketball and dance and a lot of other things. But if that day is going to come someday, it's going to be someday in the future. It's certainly not now. I don't know how I can be any more clear, Jen. I can't walk.

Cristian: Yes, you can! You can walk, damn it, and I'm going to prove it!


Starr: And now they're doing it again -- spending more time with Jack than me. Should my heart be beating this fast?

Troy: I don't know. Let me take a listen. Oh, yeah, I think that's perfectly normal.

Starr: Oh.

Troy: But let me give you a little piece of advice from personal experience, ok? Not liking your own brother can get you into a real mess.

Starr: No, I do like him -- sometimes.

Troy: Well, that's good because I am sure that your parents love you just as much as they love Jack.

Starr: I'm not sure.

Troy: Starr, you are an amazing little girl. Why wouldn't your parents love you?

Starr: I don't know. Maybe Jack did something that made them love him more than me.

Troy: Let me tell you something. Your parents are very lucky to have you as a daughter, and I am sure that they know that. Just like I am very lucky to have you as a friend. You saved my life. Well, twice, counting the creepy redheaded lady, right? You, young lady, are the most incredible little girl that I have ever known, ok?

Starr: You really think so?

Troy: Oh, I really think so. And you know something else? You just be yourself, and if that's not good enough for other people, well, then that's their problem. And it's their loss, not yours.

Starr: You're so smart, Dr. Troy.

Nora: He certainly is.


Guard: You must be a fool, making an enemy with Tillie Braddock.

Second guard: Next time she goes after you, she won't wait for us to be around.

First guard: Well, what can you expect from someone who's a big enough idiot to let that doctor trick her into a confession the way he did.

Second guard: It's pretty funny when you think about it.

First guard: The whole world must be laughing at you.

Guard's voice: The whole world must be laughing at you.


Nora: You're a fool, Lindsay Rappaport.

Troy: An idiot.

Sam: And now you've lost everything.



Al: Let go of me!

Cristian: We both know you know you can walk!

Gabrielle: Get him off of him!

Cristian: No!

Max: You stay away from my son!

Asa: Nigel, go get security.

Nigel: Certainly, Sir.

Renee: Nigel, what's happening?

Nigel: Armageddon.

Renee: Asa, what are you going to do about this?

Asa: What I should have done when Vega crashed the wedding -- throw him the hell out.

Sam: Let's everybody try to calm down.

Max: Get out of here, Vega, now.

Asa: Cristian, get out of my house, or I'll have you arrested for trespassing.

Cristian: Ok, I'm out of here. But I'm leaving with Jen.

Al: Like hell you are.

Cristian: Jen, come with me. Just give me a chance to prove this isn't just out-of-control jealousy.

Al: What else would you call storming in here and ruining my wedding like this, huh?

Cristian: Come with me. Talk to Natalie.

Al: Jen, don't listen to him.

Cristian: Just let her tell you what she told me. That's all I'm asking. Please.


Nora: Guess what. I just ran into Suzanne in the hallway, and she's looking for you.

Starr: Isn't she always.

Troy: You know what? Maybe you'd better go find her, huh?

Starr: I guess. See you soon, Dr. Troy.

Troy: Oh, you betcha. Anytime.

Nora: Looks like you've got yourself quite a pal there.

Troy: Yeah, she's a pretty amazing little girl. Look, Nora, I'm not quite sure why you stopped by, but I've got a ton of work to catch up on, so if you don't mind --

Nora: Yes.

Troy: Ok, yes, what?

Nora: Yes, I would love to have dinner with you. I mean, if the offer is still on the table.

Troy: Oh, I grabbed a burger on the way over here. I'm kidding. I would love to have dinner with you.

Nora: Good.


Troy: Good. Don't forget to write, Loonsay.

[Troy laughs]

Nora: 28 years is an awfully long time, Linsane.

[Nora laughs]

Sam: Maybe Will and Jen will introduce you.

Nora: You're a fool.

Troy: A complete simpleton.

Sam: A total loser.


Lindsay: No!

Lindsay: I can't let this place get to me. I have to survive in here. I have to survive it so I can pay them back for what they did to me, all of them -- Troy, Sam, and Nora.


Dr. Shiller: Dr. Wolek?

Larry: Yes?

Dr. Shiller: Could I have a moment?

Larry: Sure. What is it?

Dr. Shiller: How well do you know Mrs. Manning?

Larry: Blair? Pretty well. Why?

Dr. Shiller: Well, given I'm treating her son, I need to know something about the nature and severity of her mental problems.

Larry: I don't know what you're talking about.

Dr. Shiller: Well, I was told that Blair Manning is suffering from some sort of mental illness, that her grip on sanity is tenuous.

Larry: Blair? Whoever's telling you this is pulling your leg. There's some trace of mental illness in her family, but aside from a couple of incidences a while ago, Blairís fine. She's better than fine. She's perfectly sane. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to run.


Blair: Dr. Shiller, could you tell me anything more about what's going on with my son?

Dr. Shiller: I most certainly can. It's time you knew exactly what was going on.


Todd: Just the man I was looking for.

Nigel: There's a crisis on the inside. The security people aren't answering their phone. I don't have time for any of your bizarre needs today, Mr. Manning.

Todd: I don't have any time for your bizarre hand waving. I need to know one thing, and I need to know it right now. Where the hell is Alex Olanov?


Jen: I do believe you, Al. I know you wouldn't lie to me. And we will continue the wedding -- as soon as I get back.

Al: But wait. Why?

Jen: Because I know Cristian. I know he wouldn't do this just to be vindictive.

Al: Jen, if you really --

Jen: I know he honestly believes what Natalie tells him. That's why I have to go and I have to speak with her and just clear all this up.

Al: It can wait.

Jen: No, it can't. I'm sorry, everybody. I know this is really strange. But -- I'll be back as soon as I can.

Cristian: Thank you.

Jen: Do you know where Natalie is?

Cristian: Yeah.

Al: Jen. Wait.

Jen: What?

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Blair: You're not telling me everything, are you?

Todd: You tell me where Alex is, and then I won't hurt you.

Natalie: She doesn't love me. You know it, and I know it.

Niki: We got to dump Benji, and we got to do it fast.

Jen: Oh, my God. It's true.

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