OLTL Transcript Wednesday 4/10/02



One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 4/10/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Cristian: I'm going to help you find Seth and Jess, I promise.

Jessica: I can't think of anyone I'd rather be with.

Shawna: I know why I want to see her fired, but why would you want to mess up her career?

Lindsay: You're thinking that you don't love Al as much as you love Cristian.

Gabrielle: You are her future.

Al: Not if she finds out I can walk before the wedding.


Antonio: Honey, everything is going to be all right.

Keri: No, it isn't, Antonio. You don't understand. Even if I'm cleared of these charges, there will always be someone out there who's going to wonder. And when I'm up for tenure, let's just say that's not going to improve my chances.

Antonio: Yeah? Well, then we're just going to have to win big-time. We're going to have to prove to everyone in this hearing what a liar Shawna is.

Keri: Either that or I'm out of a job.


R.J.: Shawna.

Shawna: Something I can do for you?

R.J.: Yes. Call it off.

Shawna: Excuse me?

R.J.: Withdraw the charges against Prof. Reynolds.

Shawna: No way.

R.J.: What?

Shawna: Look, I stuck my neck out too far. I'm the one who's in trouble if I don't see this through.

R.J.: Well, then, I'll tell everyone that you're lying.

Shawna: And I'll tell everyone who put me up to it. Now, how do you think your daughter's going to feel about Daddy when the word gets back to her?


Natalie: We have been looking all night and we haven't found anything!

Cristian: Well, maybe they're not here.

Natalie: We saw those skid marks. They were right over the edge.

Cristian: You know, maybe those skid marks were not new, Natalie. Maybe they weren't theirs.

Natalie: I don't get it. Oh, wait. Uh.

Cristian: What is it?

Natalie: Wait. Oh, no. It's Seth’s.


Seth: Hey, beautiful, how do you feel?

Jessica: It's amazing how something so awful can turn out to be wonderful. I mean, I couldn't have planned it better.

Seth: Even with your twisted ankle, your banged head, and my totaled car?

Jessica: Ok, well, I would have changed a couple things, but not the good parts -- like you holding me, us making me love, waking up next to you.

Seth: You know what my favorite part was? Finding out that we can make our own happiness.

Jessica: I know, it's true. Wherever we are, whatever we have -- I mean, or whatever we don't have.

Seth: We love each other. That's all we need.


Renee: Thank you so much. Great! Hi. The floral arrangements go in the dining room. Thanks. Gabrielle, do you think that you could go into the living room and see how things are going there?

Gabrielle: Yes, Sergeant.

Renee: Thank you.

Asa: You know what all this fuss reminds me of?

Renee: Our last wedding?

Asa: No. The invasion of Normandy.

Renee: Bingo. You have just got yourself drafted.

Asa: What the hell is this?

Renee: Take those to the front lines, Private Buchanan.

Asa: "Private"?

Renee: You heard me. Get on the double, Mister. You've been drafted on the door.

Bo: Good morning, Pa.

Asa: Hey, Bo, come on in. Good to see you. You're a little early. The reception is two hours from now. But it'll give us a chance to talk a little bit.

Bo: Yeah, well, that's why I stopped by early. I had a question for you.

Asa: Well, if I can answer it, I'll do it.

Bo: It's about the wedding. Are there any two people in the world that you hate more than Max and Gabrielle?

Asa: Nobody that's living.

Bo: Then why are you doing this big favor for them, having Al's wedding here? You're up to something.

Asa: What?

Bo: Nah, come on, I think you know what I mean. I just wondered if you've planned one of your dirty tricks that you want to pull on them during the ceremony. Well?


Cristian: You're so beautiful. I can't wait to see you walk down the aisle in that dress -- to me.

Al: I know what you're thinking about. Or should I say who?


Quinn: Well, this is where you're going to be working. Tillie right here is in charge. Whatever she says do, you do. And if you don't like it, you can leave -- in 28 years. All right, ladies, listen up. We got fresh meat.

[Prisoners react]

Quinn: Prisoner number f40628319, A.K.A. Lindsay "la-di-da" Rappaport.

Prisoner: Whoo! Yeah!

Second prisoner: Yeah!

Quinn: She used to be a big star in all the papers. Now she's just one of us.

Prisoner: Mm-hmm.

Quinn: You make her feel real welcome.

Tillie: Oh, we will.

Prisoner: Oh, yeah!

Quinn: Welcome to the rest of your life, honey.

Tillie: Ah. Well.

Prisoner: Whoo! Come back here, girl!


Natalie: Seth? Seth, can you hear me? Oh, God. I know that was Seth’s car, and it went right over the ravine. He's dead! She's dead!

Cristian: Come on, Natalie, we don't know that. All we have is the license plate right now.

Natalie: Yeah, ripped right off the bolts!

Cristian: Don't -- don't start freaking out on me, ok? All we know is that they might be somewhere nearby, and that's a good thing. We'll find them, all right?

Natalie: Or die trying. This could be really bad. I mean, if they're alive, they -- they may need more help than they can get from us.

Cristian: Hey, you know what? I'm thinking the same thing. I'm going to go haul myself back to the car, get my cell phone, and I'm going to call the police, ok?

Natalie: Ok, I'm going to keep looking for the car.

Cristian: All right, just don't go too far.

Natalie: Ok.


Jessica: It's funny, isn't it? It's like time stopped and we're in our own little world.

Seth: Well, don't get too attached. If your ankle's better, I'd like for us to try and get out of here today.

Jessica: How? I mean, how are we going to get up to the road if the ravine's still too washed out to climb up it?

Seth: Right. Well, I was thinking about that. I was thinking we could follow the channel the rainwater took, follow it up to flatter ground, and then, you know, walk our way up to the road.

Jessica: I just -- I don't know about my ankle. I don't know if it's ready yet.

Seth: Well, nothing says we have to get out of here too soon.


Asa: I just don't get you, Bo. I do something wrong, you're not happy. I do something right, you're not happy.

Bo: No, if you're doing right, there's nobody in this world happier than me.

Asa: Really? Well, look around here, everywhere, right there going by you. Are they complaining? But I try to do something nice for someone and you give me the damn third degree.

Bo: Well, Pa, come on, now. Considering your history, I feel like I have to.

Asa: I, Asa Buchanan, do solemnly swear that I will not give Gabrielle and Max Holden, the two polecats, what they got coming. Not today, anyway. You happy, Charlie?

Nigel: Mr. Buchanan, the carpenter wants to know where you wish to install the ramp for young Mr. Holden.

Asa: Excuse me. Follow me.

Gabrielle: Yes, I overheard your conversation with Asa. Actually, I couldn't help but overhear it.

Bo: Yeah, it's Pa's idea of whispering.

Gabrielle: I'd like to say thank you for your concern for me.

Bo: No, I just, you know, didn't want anything to ruin this for Al, that's all.

Gabrielle: Bo?

Bo: Hmm?

Gabrielle: Yeah, I happened to notice on the guest list that you are unaccompanied.

Bo: Yes, I am.

Gabrielle: Well, if that's the case -- I mean -- well, if it wouldn't be too much of an imposition, perhaps --

Bo: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Are you asking me to escort you to the wedding?

Gabrielle: Well -- yes.

Bo: Hmm. Well, it depends.

Gabrielle: On what?

Bo: On your motive. I remember that night at the opening of club Capricorn. You know, it makes me wonder -- do you want me to escort you as a friend or are you just trying to make Max jealous?

Max: Sorry. Am I interrupting something?


Al: You were thinking about your mom, right, wishing she could be here today?

Jen: Yeah. I mean, I haven't really had a chance to think about much else with the wedding and everything, but, yeah, I was. I was thinking about my mom, too.

Al: Well, listen, I hired a really great photographer, and, you know, what we can do is we can have him take a bunch of pictures and we'll make an album, like a really nice one, you know, and we'll do collages and stuff and we'll show it to her and it'll be -- it'll be almost like she was there.

Jen: Thank you.

Al: It's just a sample of the things I'm going to do for you once we're married. Whatever you want, you get.

Jen: Well, I hope that I can do the same for you.

Al: Jen, you already did, the day that you said that you would marry me. No matter what happens, that's all I'll ever want.

Jen: I love you,

[Car horn]

Al: Oh, that's -- that's my car. I'm going to go change over at Asa’s, so I guess this is where we split up until the wedding. Well, the next time I see you you're going to be walking down the aisle in that dress to me. I can't wait.

Jen: Yeah, I can't wait, either.


R.J.: No, don't threaten me, Shawna. I'll give you more to worry about than Mommy and Daddy cutting off your allowance.

Carlotta: R.J.? What are you doing?

Asa: Nothing.

Shawna: Yeah, just a friendly little threat.

[R.J. Chuckles]

Hank: R.J.?

R.J.: See, now, one person's threat is another person's piece of friendly advice.

Hank: R.J.?

Shawna: Look, it's no big deal. I think it's kind of sweet, sticking up for your daughter like that. But I'm still going in there to tell the truth about her.

Hank: You back off now.

R.J.: Hey, I think you're the one doing the crowding, brother. I'm just here to try to give my daughter some support against ridiculous charges.

Hank: Then don't give her something else to worry about, like her father going to jail for coercion. I mean it, R.J. Don't think I don’t.


Antonio: I see you're wearing the milagro. It's going to work, you'll see.

Keri: I hope so. I'll need all the miracles I can get today.

Antonio: No, Keri. You don't need a miracle. All you need is justice.

Keri: Under the circumstances, that may be the biggest miracle of all.

Man: Prof. Reynolds.

Keri: Good morning, Dean Baker.

Rae: I'm sorry. The hearing is closed except for the parties involved.

Carlotta: But how are we going to know it's being conducted fairly?

Rae: I know everyone on that panel. You have my word, they will be impartial. I will make sure that we look at every piece of evidence carefully before anybody reaches any conclusions, all right?

Carlotta: Ok.

Dean Baker: Prof. Cummings?

Rae: Yes.

Dean Baker: We're ready to start.

Rae: Thank you. Ok. Hey. Professor. Hello.


Seth: What's that?

Jessica: The gift you gave me. I'm going to keep it. I want to remember this forever.

Seth: You know, it won't last forever.

Jessica: Yes, it will because I'll press it between pages in a book. That way I'll always remember.

Seth: I love you so much, Jess. I never knew I could feel this way.

Natalie: Seth?

Seth: I thought I was in love before, but I wasn't, not even close, because now with you, I know the real thing.

Jessica: I feel the same way.

Seth: And that's why I had to find a way to make you believe in me and trust me again.

Jessica: I do, Seth. I trust you completely. I could have never made love to you if I didn't.


Prisoner: Ooh.

Tillie: Well, well, well.

[Tillie chuckles]

Tillie: Give me your mitts. Ooh, soft and dainty, ain't they? Not a day's work on them. They won't stay that way for long. They'll be red and raw. You can count on it. And just so's you feel welcome in your new little job, you get to do the dirty infirmary sheets. They’re over there in that hamper.

[Prisoners laugh]

Tillie: Get going. Hey! I said get crackin' or I'll crack you!

Lindsay: I'm sorry, it's -- it's just that this is very difficult for me.

[Prisoners jeer]

Tillie: Well, it ain't easy street for any of us, either, Sweetheart.

Lindsay: My daughter is getting married today.

[Prisoners react]

Tillie: Oh, her daughter's getting married today. Aw, that's too bad. Mommy won't be there.


Sam: Hey, Sweetheart.

Jen: Hey. Is this important? I'm kind of busy.

Sam: Well, I just wanted to see my beautiful daughter on her wedding day.

Jen: Oh, Daddy.

Sam: Hey. Hey, are you all right?

Jen: Yeah. I'm -- I'm fine. I'm -- I'm fine. I'm just a little pressured.

Sam: Oh.

Jen: And --

Sam: And what?

Jen: I just wish Mom were here.

Sam: Well, honey, what your mother would want more than anything else is for this to be a very happy day for you. She wouldn't want you thinking any sad thoughts. Well, hey. Hey, hey, hey. Listen. Listen, I came over here with all kinds of last-minute advice for the rest of your life.

Jen: Well, I'll listen to anything you tell me.

Sam: Ok, great. But, first, I have to have you a question, and I want you to be very honest with me. I don't want you telling me what you think I want to hear.

Jen: What is it?

Sam: Are you sure marrying Al is the right thing to do?


Rae: All right. This hearing has been called to investigate a complaint of a romantic relationship between a Llanview university professor and one of her students, a relationship that allegedly resulted in favoritism in grading.

Dean Baker: Thank you, Dr. Cummings. I don't think it's necessary for me to tell those in this room that this sort of teacher-student relationship, even without the favoritism charge, is a serious matter. The very underpinnings of our institution are threatened by such behavior. Now, then, Prof. Reynolds, how do you respond to the complaint?

Keri: It never happened, Dean Baker.

Rae: So, the charges leveled by this student are false?

Keri: Absolutely.

Rae: Prof. Reynolds, did you ever see Antonio Vega outside of this -- of this university when he was your student?

Keri: I did go to his apartment one time, but that was only just talk to him about his paper, nothing else.

Rae: Fine. I see nothing wrong with in that. I don’t.

Dean Baker: You never saw Mr. Vega socially while he was still your student?

Keri: I did one time, and it was an accident. A mutual friend of ours set us up on a blind date, and she did not know that Antonio was my student.

Dean Baker: But when you realized Mr. Vega was your date, did you break it off immediately?

Keri: No, because I didn't see any harm in having something to eat with him.

Dean Baker: So all you did together was have dinner?

Keri: We did dance.

Dean Baker: Dance? I see. Have you anything else to say on your behalf, Prof. Reynolds?

Keri: Yes, I do. Only that everything I've told you is the whole truth. I take the rules of this university very seriously. And Antonio Vega and I never had a personal relationship until he finished his studies, until he was no longer my student.

Antonio: So far, so good. So now all we have to do is wait for Shawna to step into the ring to deliver the knockout blow.

Keri: Mine or hers?


Jen: Yes. Marrying Al is the right thing to do.

Sam: Even though you love somebody else?

Jen: Dad, please --

Sam: No, honey, I have to ask. Now, this is a huge step. Not taking it now could be painful, but undoing it later could be the worst experience of your entire life, and Al's. And think of Cristian.

Jen: I do, I do all the time, and -- this is for him, too.

Sam: For Cristian?

Jen: Yeah, because he hopes that we're going to get back together again. It tortures him. And if I marry Al, then he'll have to forget about me.

Sam: Ok. Ok, you're doing this for Al and you're doing this for Cristian. But what about you, Sweetheart? What about your future? And above all, what about your happiness?


Bo: No, well, Max, you just interrupted a private conversation, but other than that --

Max: Oh. Well, in that case --

Gabrielle: No.

Bo: What? No. No, what?

Gabrielle: No, I'm not asking you to escort me today to make Max jealous. And why exactly do you think that?

Bo: Because of that night at the opening of R.J.'s club.

Gabrielle: Oh, no. Oh, that was simple. That was me showing him that I was over him and I was moving on with my life.

Bo: Sounds to me like a distinction without a difference.

Gabrielle: Oh, no. Uh-uh. There's a huge difference.

Bo: If you say so.

Gabrielle: I do.

Bo: So if I escort you to this wedding, it has nothing to do with Max?

Gabrielle: If I were still interested in him, then I could see that perhaps it would, but I'm not, so it doesn't.

Bo: Well, you had a thing for him for quite a while.

Gabrielle: Not a thing, Bo. An obsession. And it wasn't a while. It was years, years that I gave myself to that man and he certainly didn't deserve me, but I'm older and wiser and all that sort of rot.

Bo: All right, no, I get it. I get the picture, ok? I'm convinced. You want an escort to the wedding, you got one.

Gabrielle: Hey, thanks.

[Phone rings]

Bo: Sure. Who is -- just one second. Buchanan. All right, yeah. No, just hold on. Excuse me, just -- yeah.


Nigel: Congratulations, sir. I hope that you and the future Mrs. Holden have many happy years together.

Al: Well, that's the plan.

Nigel: If I may say so, Sir, the secret to happiness is --

Asa: Nigel!

Nigel: Never take a job in the service industry. Coming, sir.


Gabrielle: So, my darling, you still have a few hours left. You don't have to keep this a secret about your recovery. You can tell Jen before you get married.

Al: Mom, this is the only way it's going to work out.

Gabrielle: Are you sure?

Renee: Ahem. Gabrielle, I'm sorry to interrupt, but could you perhaps go up and get dressed, and I'll take care of the caterers, and then you can come down and I'll get ready and you can do something?

Gabrielle: Yes, madam.

Renee: Thank you.

Gabrielle: Love you.

Al: Love you.

Renee: Case of the nerves?

Al: A little.

Renee: You're going to be fine.

Al: Thanks.

Renee: See you later.

Asa: Al. This is turning out to be one hell of a wedding. And believe me, I know weddings.

Al: Yeah. It looks too good to be true.

Asa: Nothing's too good for you, Al.

Al: You know, it's funny. I know that the only reason you married my mom is to get back at my dad, but -- well, I got to tell you. I kind of liked being your son.

Asa: Well, I got to tell you, you made a hell of damn Buchanan. You had that Buchanan spunk. The accident knocked you to the floor, and you came back up swinging.

Al: Well, I didn't really have much of a choice.

Asa: I just wish that I could help you walk again. I hope you know that.

Al: I'm going to tell you something, but you got to keep it quiet, ok? I'm starting to get a little feeling back in my legs, just a little.

Asa: You're kidding? Oh, Al, that's the best news I've heard today. Oh, that is, outside your wedding. Nothing's going to stop you now, Boy. I bet you can't wait to tell the bride. Come on, let me show you what the caterers have been doing.

Al: Ok.


Carlotta: So who were all those people that went in with that Shawna?

Hank: Witnesses, otherwise, they wouldn't be allowed in.

Carlotta: But how could there be witnesses to something that never happened?

Hank: Don't do it, R.J.

R.J.: Don't do what?

Hank: What it is you're thinking about doing.

Henry, you couldn't guess in a million years what it is I'm thinking.


Shawna: As a matter of fact, Antonio Vega and Prof. Reynolds were intimate a bunch of times. That I know of.

Dean Baker: While Mr. Vega was still her student?

Shawna: You do the math. Antonio got an A on his paper and then bagged the MacKenzie Award. Well, there's even talk that Prof. Reynolds wrote that paper herself.

Keri: Only by you, Shawna.

Dean Baker: Prof. Reynolds, you had the chance to respond to the charges.

Rae: Shawna, you know, intimate means different things to different people. To some, it's a hug. Others, it's a simple kiss.

Shawna: To me, intimate means Antonio and Prof. Reynolds on her desk half naked, and you can figure out which half.

Keri: That never happened, Dean Baker.

Shawna: I came to see the professor, and the door was open a crack.

Keri: She's lying.

Keri: Dean Baker, this is payback by Shawna because I gave her a failing grade on her term paper.

Shawna: Yeah, while you were giving Antonio’s brother A’s. You know, ask her if she slept with Cristian, too. It wouldn't be the world's biggest surprise.

[Students laugh]

Dean Baker: Order, please.

[Dean Baker pounds gavel]

Dean Baker: Let's stick to the original allegation, please. Can you prove it?

Shawna: Sure. My friend, John, he was with me. He saw it, too.

Dean Baker: That would be Jonathan Little, class of '04?

Shawna: That's right. And I've also brought some others who also caught Keri and Antonio making out while she was still his professor.

Dean Baker: Marcia Harper, Jake Evans, and Irene Barber.

Keri: I've never seen these students in my entire life. This is all lies.

Shawna: What lies? That you went to Antonio’s apartment? That he came to your house? That the two of you are together now? I mean, come on. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to connect the dots.


Carlotta: Tonio, where are you going?

Antonio: To get something they need in there.

Carlotta: What?

Antonio: Truth. Excuse me.


Al's voice: Natalie, you know damn well I wouldn't risk Seth’s life for me and Jen. And that goes double for Jessica. But I'm not going to run to the cops and ruin things just because you can't accept the truth.

Natalie's voice: What?

Al's voice: That Seth isn't coming back to you.

Allison's voice: They're out there somewhere, doing what comes naturally, and laughing about what a loser you are.

Jessica: Natalie?

Natalie: I can't believe this. We thought you guys were dead.

Seth: And how'd you find us?

Natalie: The hard way. Cristian suggested that we take a look at some country roads, and we just took road after road after road till we saw those skid marks and knew the car fell off.

Jessica: Cristian's here, too?

Natalie: Well, he went for help, but I can't believe you guys are ok. I mean, you really are ok, right?

Seth: Yeah, yeah. I mean, Jess is a little banged up, but we're both in one piece, so --

Jessica: No thanks to Roxy, though.

Natalie: Roxy.

Jessica: Yeah. It wasn't an accident. Seth found out that Roxy and Allison scammed me. And Roxanne ran us off the road.

Natalie: Roxanne?

Jessica: Yeah. We also found this right where the car crashed.

Natalie: This is Roxy's, all right. You know, I had a feeling she and Allison were up to something to try to harm you guys. That's why I got Cristian to help me look for you guys.

Jessica: You -- thank you. Thank you for helping us, Natalie.

Natalie: Don't mention it.

Cristian: Natalie?

Natalie: Cris, we're in here.

Cristian: Oh! You found them!

Jessica: Hey.

Cristian: It's incredible.

Seth: Hey.

Cristian: How are you guys doing?

Seth: I can't believe you're here.

Cristian: I can't believe we found you.

Jessica: Thank you.

Cristian: This is incredible. Are you guys all right?


Jen: My future is with Al.

Sam: Honey, listen to me. Now, I raised you to care about other people's feelings, but not to hide the truth from them or yourself.

Jen: I'm not.

Sam: Just wait -- now, just -- you just listen to me, ok? Now, I know you're doing this for all kinds of admirable reasons. But in a few hours from now, you're going to have to swear before your family, before your friends, and before God that you love Al. And if you can't honestly --

Jen: I can, I can, and I will! Please, can we just stop talking about this?

Sam: Of course we can. I just want what's best for you.

Jen: I know.

Sam: So if this is what you really want to do, I support you 100%. And since your mother can't be here today, I -- I'll be twice the father for you today.


Tillie: Your little girl's getting married, huh?

Lindsay: I just wish I could be there to see it.

Prisoner: Aw!

Tillie: Hear that, girls? We ain't just got a celebrity here. We got ourselves the mother of the bride!

[Prisoners cheer]

[Prisoners hum wedding march]

Tillie: Hey, hey! I know what! Let's make her the bride! Come on! Come on, girls. Get her up there.

[Prisoners hum wedding march]


Al: What's he doing here?

Asa: Well -- that guy is building you a ramp. He works part-time at the university. You know him?

Al: No. No, no. I just -- I thought that I did, but -- you know what? I got to get ready, so I'm going to -- I'm going to go do that, ok? Bye.


Max: Let me help.

Gabrielle: Oh. Oh, that's not necessary. Thanks.

Bo: Need help?

Gabrielle: Oh, please. I think I do.


Man: I'm finished with the ramp. Will that be it?

Asa: I've got a warped door in the library, Nigel.

Nigel: This way, sir.


Bo: Done.

Gabrielle: Thank you.

Bo: You're welcome. Look, you know what? I've got some bad news.

Gabrielle: Oh?

Bo: I have to go to Los Angeles.

Gabrielle: When?

Bo: Immediately. We've been working with the LAPD on a case, and it just broke there, so --

Gabrielle: So it looks like I don't have an escort, do I?

Bo: Yeah. I'm sorry.

Gabrielle: That's all right. It's nice to know that you would have if you could have.

Bo: Yeah. But give my regrets to Al and Jen, and also give them my best wishes.

Gabrielle: I will. Hey -- have a good trip, Roomie.

Bo: Yeah.

Asa: Not so fast, lady. You and I -- we got something to settle.


Man: You!


Cristian: All right. I'll take you guys home.

Officer: Sorry. We got to take your friends down to the hospital.

Jessica: Excuse me. Where is Roxanne Balsom?

Officer: Ms. Balsom is being held. We can take you back to the road now.

Seth: Oh, that's all right. We've got it taken care of. Thanks.

Jessica: My hero.

Seth: No. Natalie's the real hero. I owe you one.

Natalie: You don't owe me a thing. Just make sure Jess gets to a doctor, ok?

Seth: Well, you heard her. Let's go.

Cristian: So, how does it feel to be a heroine? Aw, come on, Natalie, what's wrong? We found them, ok? It's all over now.

Natalie: Yeah, it's -- it's all over. I've lost Seth forever.


Gabrielle: Let go of me, Asa. I warn you, I've got a manicure that can break through concrete.

Asa: Is that how you got your hooks into my son Bo?

Gabrielle: I don't know what you're talking about.

Asa: If I were dumb enough to believe that, I'd still be cleaning out stables in Texas. What are you up to with Bo?


[Prisoners hum wedding march]

Tillie: Oh, dearly beloved, we are gathered here in the name of everything.


Quinn: Break it up! Break it up!

Tillie: Oh, we were just celebrating. Lindsay's brat's going to be a bride.

Quinn: Really?

Tillie: Mm-hmm.

Quinn: Congratulations.

Lindsay: Thank you.

Quinn: Now get back to work, cows, or all your privileges will be suspended!

Prisoner: Yeah, yeah, whatever.

Tillie: Ahem.

Quinn: So, a troublemaker, huh?

Lindsay: No. I didn't do anything. She was --

Quinn: Listen! Can it! I'm going to keep my eye on you.

Tillie: Lucky for you she cut you off. We don't go for squealers. Now get to work on those sheets!

Lindsay: I'm going to survive this. I'm going to survive this.


Renee: Uh-uh-uh -- no seeing the bridegroom before the ceremony.

Jen: Well, I have a present for Al that I forgot to give him.

Renee: Oh, well, none of those superstitions seem to have affected my marriages, so -- he said he was going to be changing in the library.

Woman: Mr. Buchanan's cook is interfering with the catering staff.

Renee: Uh-oh. Looks like I'm going to have to perform some kind of shuttle diplomacy. See you later.

Jen: I'll check the library. Thanks.

Man: You're the guy getting hitched? What's the wheelchair ramp for? We both know you can walk.


Dean Baker: Prof. Reynolds, you've denied the charges. Can you provide supporting evidence?

Keri: Evidence that I didn't do something? How am I supposed to do that?

Dean Baker: Then if no one has anything to add --

Antonio: I do. Plenty.

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Niki: How come you're still so hot?

Al: He says that he saw me walking, and he did.

Rae: If he has proof, I for one would like to hear it.

Natalie: I pulled every trick in the book.

Cristian: What are you talking about?

Judge: Mr. and Mrs. Manning, are you ready to begin?

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