OLTL Transcript Monday 4/8/02



One Life to Live Transcript Monday 4/8/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Allison: There's the car. Oh, my God, they're never going to walk away from that.

Seth: I'm sorry, but I got to get you out of here.

Gabrielle: Who else knows you can walk? Is it this Natalie person?

Blair: Sam is going to keep us from losing our children.

Todd: How are you going to make all of this go away?

Viki: You have zero maternal instincts.

Niki: So what? I'll fake them!


Jen: What do you mean? What could Natalie do or say that would ruin our wedding?

Gabrielle: Oh --

Al: Jen --

Gabrielle: Well, you know that Natalie girl. She could ruin anything. I mean, remember the time that she told Al that you weren't pregnant when all of us were trying to keep it as a secret so that he could stay strong? And then there was that time when -- at Asaís memorial. She waltzed in in a red dress. I mean, she completely ruined a very, very important event.

Jen: Yeah, I know that Natalie has the talent of doing and saying the wrong things at the wrong times, but how could she possibly ruin our wedding? Is there anything she could do that would mess that up? Is there?


Natalie: Lois, it's Natalie. Yeah, has Jess come home? Well, has she called? What about Seth? Have you heard -- ok, thanks.

Cristian: So, what, nothing?

Natalie: No. Dang, what are -- where could they be? I don't even have a clue where to search.

Cristian: Yeah, it is a little weird, Jessica disappearing. And Seth wouldn't miss work, not after Max just hired him back.

Natalie: I don't even think that he got my message about work. Something bad has happened to them.

Cristian: Wait a minute, Natalie. Aren't you forgetting something?

Natalie: What?

Cristian: They're an item. If they want to go somewhere and be alone --

Natalie: No. No, no, no, they're not. That's not what's happening.

Cristian: What's going on, Natalie? Are you afraid that something's happened to Seth or that he's off with Jessica?


Jessica: What if no one comes to look for us until it's too late, Seth?

Seth: Look, once the ground dries out by morning, I'll be able to climb up the side of the washout and get to the road, guaranteed. I mean, I've already piled up a bunch of branches out there.

Jessica: Are you ok? You're trying not to show it, but I see you grabbing your side. What's wrong?

Seth: It's no big deal, ok?

Jessica: Wonder how cold it's going to get tonight.

Seth: I'll be right back. I'm going to go get some --

Jessica: No, no, please! Don't go. Please, just stay here.


Bo: Yeah, come in.

Allison: You wanted to see me? Oh, is this about my stolen car? I just called it in a little while ago. I'm impressed.

Bo: What are you up to, Ms. Perkins?

Allison: "Up to"?

Bo: You've caused a lot of problems for my family. So before this whole thing goes south, I'd like to know exactly what this stolen car business is really all about.

Allison: What it's about is a crime called car theft, and maybe if you could try doing your job and catch the thief? Or -- or would that be too much trouble to bring her to justice?

Bo: So a woman stole your car?

Allison: I didn't say that. It -- it could be. I mean, why be sexist about it?

[Phone rings]

Allison: Excuse me. I have to take this.


Roxy: Hi, it's me. I got a little problem.

Allison: What are you calling me for? You're supposed to be on your way to Las Vegas.

Roxy: Yeah, I know, but your steering is getting worse.

Allison: So, it's loose. Deal with it.

Roxy: Loose? It's so wobbly; I can't stay in the lane. Did you have an accident that screwed up the front end?

Allison: You're not stopping me! I'm stopping you!

Jessica: Seth!

Seth: Hold on!

Jessica: Oh, my God!

[Tires screech]

Allison: No, I didn't have an accident. Just -- just do what I told you and keep driving.

Roxy: I can't do it. It's too dangerous. You know what? I think I'm going to turn around. I'm going to bring the car back to you.


Niki: [As Viki] you heard me. We are not taking your children.

Blair: What?

Niki: [As Viki] Well, it's just not going to happen.

Ben: What are you talking about?

Blair: Wait a minute, Sam. What's going on here? I thought you had everything arranged here.

Sam: I naturally assumed that Ben and Viki would --

Todd: You've been making a lot of assumptions lately, Sam -- all of them wrong.

Niki's voice: I didn't work my buns off to get free just so I could wind up babysitting a bunch of snot-nosed kids.

Todd: What the hell do you think you're doing?


Al: Look, here's the deal. My mom and I were having an argument. She doesn't want me to invite Natalie, and I think that she should be invited.

Jen: Oh. Why didn't you just say that?

Al: Well, I guess we should have.

Gabrielle: That's right. Although I do get the feeling, Jen, that Natalieís not your favorite person.

Jen: Not exactly, no. But if Al wants to invite her, that's cool. Whatever you want is fine with me.

Al: Well, that settles it. But, you know; if we are going to have this wedding, we'd better get to it.

Gabrielle: That's true.

Jen: Well, I have the dress.

Gabrielle: And it's a gorgeous one, as you saw.

Al: Fantastic. But what about all the other -- I mean, flowers and -- and -- and booking at the palace.

Gabrielle: That's right. And we also have to remember that we're going to have the reception there.

Al: And the photographers.

Gabrielle: Oh, yeah. And the caterers.

Jen: I'd forgotten how much there was to do. We'd better get started.

Al: Yeah.

Gabrielle: Let's go.

Al: We'd better get rolling.

Gabrielle: Yeah.


Allison: Don't you dare come back here.

Roxy: Your car is getting so weird, Allison.

Allison: The minute Seth and Jessica get back, they're going to nail us to the wall.

Roxy: Yeah, I know, but I can't drive that wreck. I mean, that jalopy is never going to make it all the way to Las Vegas.

Allison: All right, all right. Stay there. I'll call triple A.

Roxy: No, no, you don't have to call. Really, I am as sober as a church mouse.

Allison: Not A.A., You idiot.  A.A.A. Stay there, and I'll -- I'll call a repair truck. Where are you?

Roxy: I'm at the phone booth -- my cell is dead -- on Route 80.

Allison: Where on Route 80?

Roxy: I'm at the big plaza, exit 15.

Allison: Stay put. Help is on its way.

Allison: Commissioner, excuse me, but I just got a lead on my stolen vehicle.

Bo: No kidding? . See, I have a lot of friends on the internet, and when I realized my car was stolen, I called everybody, and I e-mailed. And one of them just called me and said that she had seen it at the plaza on Route 80 at exit 15.

Bo: Really?


Todd: What is this, some kind of a game?

Niki: [As Viki] Will you leave me alone?

Todd: Not till you answer me. What's going on here?

Ben: Just take it easy, Todd.

Todd: Normally you can't wait to butt into my life and run it. Now -- now I'm --

Blair: Todd, just stop!

Todd: Asking you to butt in and run my life, and you say no?

Blair: Just -- just stop. Viki, I think what's happening here is we're all just a little confused, so --

Ben: Why can't we take the children?

Janet: If the Davidsons aren't taking custody, the judge will need to have them assigned --

Sam: Listen -- why don't we let the family handle this?

Janet: No. This is my case, and it's going to be settled now.

Ben: Hey, what's going on?

Niki: [As Viki] Well -- for heaven's sakes. It's not that I don't want to take the children.

Todd: Could have fooled me.

Niki: [As Viki] I just think what the state is doing is positively criminal! Ms. Majors -- Major -- there are no two more loving people -- parents -- in this whole world than -- than Todd and Blair.

Todd: You can forget trying to convince her of anything. She wouldn't know the truth if it punched her in the head.

Blair: Todd, Todd --

Niki: [As Viki] There is no such thing as a perfect family. Parents quarrel, make mistakes. So do children. But I can assure you; this is a really loving family.

Janet: I appreciate your concern, Mrs. Davidson, and you should say all that to the judge. But right now I have no choice but to remove these children. So the only remaining question is, who's going to care for them?

Niki: [As Viki] Well, of course, we -- we would love to have them. Of course we would.

Blair: Thank God.

Sam: There we go.

Ben: Hey -- it's all settled, then.

Todd: What're you doing? You scared me. I'll be over to get the kids as soon as I get rid of Suzy social worker over there.

Janet: Excuse me. If you're planning any unsupervised visits, I'd strongly advise against it. The court has very strict rules about that, Mr. Manning.

Todd: Gee, wonder who enforces those rules.

Janet: So just forget about it. And I don't have a lot of time. Please, go get your children now and say good-bye.


Max: If they can move the super bowl back a week, they can move back this - no, no, I'm afraid I need to know immediately. If you could just -- I'll be happy to wait. Ok, thanks, thanks. It's going to be a couple of minutes.

Max: This means a lot, Renee.

Renee: Of course it does.

Max: I know I've worn out my welcome as far as you're concerned, but this is for Al. This is going to be his day.

Renee: Max, if Al wants to have a wedding here, I'm going to do everything I can to make it happy. I've always loved that kid.

Max: I just -- I just want his wedding to be so special.

Renee: And Jen Rappaport will make a beautiful bride.

Asa: What are you saying? Al's getting married?

Renee: Yes -- Asa, what happened to your hand?

Asa: Oh, I was riding Counterfeit. He bucked me off.

Renee: I told you to stay off of that horse. Yes, Al is planning to hopefully have a wedding here.

Asa: To a Rappaport? What the hell's the boy thinking?

Max: Asa, just butt out, ok? Al's not your son.

Asa: At least I care more about him than his real parents. He's a fine boy.

Renee: And Jen is a fine girl.

Asa: I was just saying --

Max: I don't care what you think. No one does. We don't care what you think about Al or anybody else, all right?

Renee: Excuse me. I'll be right back.

Max: And for your information, you're not invited to the wedding. So just go irritate someone else.

Asa: I'd like to irritate you to an early grave.

Gabrielle: Asa, Max, perhaps the two of you can joust another time.

Asa: Oh.

Max: Hey, there.

Al: Hi, Dad. Hello, Mr. Buchanan.

Asa: Hey, Al. How you doing? I keep waiting for you to get up and kick that chair out of this damn county.

Max: Oh, for crying out loud.

Al: Yeah, me, too. But I'm pretty happy today, you know? Getting married.

Asa: I heard. You're going to make this boy very happy?

Jen: I'm going to do my best.

Al: She already does make me happy. Incredibly happy.

Max: We still have a lot of stuff we need to take care of before we can pull off this wedding.

Gabrielle: Yes, we certainly do. We've got to get the photographer, the flowers, and the reception. Where --

Max: That's no problem. Renee's on top of everything.

Gabrielle: Good.

[Renee sighs]

Max: What'd they say?

Renee: No luck whatsoever.

Max: What?

Renee: I was talking to my lawyer, and there was a convention planned here. He tried to get me out of it. They said they'd sue if every room wasn't available. I'm sorry.

Gabrielle: Oh.

Asa: Why don't you let me talk to them?

Renee: No, just hush up, ok?

Jen: So we can't have the wedding here?

Renee: I'm afraid not. And unfortunately I have nothing free until June.

Gabrielle: Oh, this is -- this is quite terrible.

Al: Well, Renee, there's got to be someplace else you can suggest.

Renee: Sweetheart, I'm sorry. Every hotel in town is full.

Max: I called R.J. this morning. Capricorn's booked. So's the Country Club.

Al: Oh, man.

Jen: Sounds like there's only one thing to do.

Al: What's that?

Jen: Postpone the wedding.


Natalie: I am not afraid of seeing Jessica and Seth together, Cris.

Cristian: Then why did you get so upset --

Natalie: Because I am afraid of Allison. She is out there somewhere coming up with all kinds of damage.

Cristian: Why?

Natalie: Because Seth caught Allison trying to bilk money out of Jessica.

Cristian: What? Why would Jessica even talk to that woman?

Natalie: Because Allison got stupid Roxy involved. Of course, Roxy goes along with it, making believe that she's at death's door.

Cristian: Oh, and only money would make her well.

Natalie: You got it.

Cristian: Oh, yeah, Jessica would probably fall for something like that.

Natalie: And now Seth has ruined their scam. If I know Allison, she's out to get blood.

Cristian: And how do you know all this?

Natalie: Because I caught Allison hiding over at Roxy's.

Cristian: What?

Natalie: Yeah, they tried this whole song and dance that they didn't know each other, but then later Roxy spilled.

Cristian: So Seth wrecks things and now Allisonís out to get even.

Natalie: And if anything happens to Seth, I don't know how I could ever forgive myself.

Cristian: All right. I'm with you. So, what do you want to do?

Natalie: Look for them, I guess.

Cristian: Ok. I know exactly where we can start.

Natalie: Ok.

Cristian: Come on, let's go.

Natalie: Ok.


Jessica: I don't know why I'm so worried about you leaving me or how cold it's going to get, but --

Seth: You're a little spooked from the accident. Ok? It's going to be fine. Now, how often do you clean out your purse?

Jessica: My purse?

Seth: Yeah.

Jessica: Is this a personality quiz?

Seth: No. No, it's not. Just answer.

Jessica: Not very often. Why?

Seth: Ok, good. Then mind if I --

Jessica: Oh. Well, if you find anything embarrassing, don't --

Seth: Not -- not embarrassing. Not embarrassing. Useful.

Seth: Fire.

Jessica: Oh, my -- I forgot that I took that from Roxanne. That's when I was so determined to help her. I believed everything she said -- that she wanted to change.

Seth: Hey, you wanted to help. There's nothing wrong with that. And because you did, this baby's going to keep us from being cold tonight. Now all we need is firewood.

Jessica: Which means you have to go outside.

Seth: I won't be long.

Jessica: Well, maybe -- my ankle's feeling a little better. I'll just go with you.

Seth: No, no. I have -- I have something else for you to do.

Jessica: What?

Seth: Sing.

Jessica: Sing?

Seth: Yeah. So when I go out there, I'll know where you are, no matter -- no matter where I am, and I'll know that you're ok. Can you do that?

Jessica: Sing?

Seth: Yeah. I'll do some hunting and gathering, and I'll be right back.

Jessica: I know what it's like to love you like I do my heart hasn't forgot only I wish it would it feels like yesterday when I felt so safe in your arms


Blair: Will you hold Jack for a minute? I want to talk to Starr, ok? Here you go, buddy. Hey -- come here. Well, it's not going to take long, ok? You'll be back with mommy and daddy before you know it. And you like Aunt Viki's big, old house, don't you?

Starr: Yeah, the attic's ok. You know, I hid there once.

Blair: Yeah, I remember.

Starr: And this isn't -- this isn't -- Mom, I don't want to go.

Blair: I know, Sweetie. I know.

Starr: The lady's so mean. Why won't she let me just stay with you?

Blair: Shh.

Starr: I love you.

Blair: I love you, too, honey. I love you, too.

Todd: Hey. Take Jack, will you?

Blair: Come here, big boy. Come here. Yeah, Jack. Come here. Yeah. Come on.

Todd: Hey -- you need to pull it together right now, ok? Don't forget who you are. You're the great one, remember? You single-handedly saved that guy from the wheel.

Starr: His name's Dr. Troy.

Todd: Yeah, and you got all those old poisonous spiders, remember? Look, I -- I need for you to look after Jack when you're at Viki's, ok?

Starr: Look after Jack?

Todd: Look at him. He's helpless. He's -- he's -- ah --

Starr: Right.

Todd: All right? I'll look after Blair, and you look after Jack. So I need to know now that we've got some kind of a deal, ok?

Starr: Ok.

Todd: Ok.

Todd: Hey, Blair.

Blair: Come on. There you go.

Niki: [As Viki] Oh.

Blair: His little jacket needs to be put on. Bathroom specialist, give me the dirt!

Blair: Hey, Starr, it won't take long --

Starr: Bye, Mom!

Blair: Bye, Sweetie.

Blair: Viki, please take care of my babies. And, Starr, don't you worry. Everything's going to be all right. Everything's going to be all right.

Blair: I can't believe that this is happening.

Sam: Blair, listen to me. I'll make sure that everything comes out ok.

Blair: It's not going to come out ok, Sam.

Sam: No, listen to me. Listen to me. Yes, it will. All that social worker knows is that you lied about having a second child. She knows nothing about Jack's adoption being illegal, and I'm going to make sure she doesn't. I'm going to get your kids back for you, Blair.

Todd: Oh, no, you're not, Sam. But I will.


Jessica: You're amazing.

Seth: Why, because -- because I found a blanket?

Jessica: No, because you made me sing. You knew it would take my mind off of being worried, and you were right. It worked.

Seth: It worked for me, too. But it's kind of weird, though.

Jessica: What is?

Seth: You know, every time I think I know you, you surprise me.

Jessica: Oh, because I'm being such a baby about this?

Seth: No, no. I had no idea you were such a great singer. I was out there, scrounging around. All the time, I could hear an angel singing.

Jessica: Oh, I wouldn't go that far.

Seth: I would. I would. Guess what else I found.

Jessica: What?

Seth: Well, I was moving some logs aside to find some dry wood underneath. Look what I found.

Jessica: Oh! Seth, this is so sweet.

Seth: Yeah. I mean, it's cold and it's muddy and it's almost dark, but I still found it.

Jessica: This is probably a sign of hope.

Seth: Yeah. Well, let's see if I still remember how to start a fire -- make a fire, start a fire.


Al: Hey, Jen, I'd really hate to put off the wedding.

Jen: Well, it's only a couple of months, and, I mean, it was my idea to go through with it right away. If there's no space --

Al: Well, I guess we have to postpone it, then.

Jen: You look so sad.

Al: I just -- I want it to be special for you, you know? Wait. Maybe we could -- no.

Jen: What, what?

Al: Well, I was thinking, you know, if we don't have a lot of guests, maybe we could do it at City Hall? I mean, what do you think about that?

Asa: I'd like to say something -- if Ms. Divine won't hush me. Now, you'd like to get married right away, have a big and fancy wedding. It's simple -- have it at my mansion.


Roxy: Oh, hey, you guys. It's good to see you. You didn't see a tow truck, did you?

Officer: Can I see your driver's license, please?

Roxy: Oh, yeah, yeah. Sure.

Officer: Is that the car you've been driving?

Roxy: Oh, yeah. Look at it. It's really a hunk of junk. You know, I was just waiting for the four Aís or A.A. Or, you know, whatever it is, but, you know, they were taking their sweet time.

Officer: Roxanne Balsom. How old is this picture, ma'am?

Roxy: Oh, it looks different because the light's not here.

Officer: It's the one.

Roxy: The one what?

Officer: Ma'am, you're under arrest. Place your hands behind your back, please.

Roxy: What? What? What? What did I do?

Officer: You're driving a stolen car.

Roxy: That's not stolen. That's my friend's car. No, I'm telling you, that's my friend's car! I didn't steal I this is just wrong!


Bo: Ms. Perkins, I have officers checking the plaza at exit 15, so if we find your car, I'll be in touch.

Allison: Thank you.

Bo: Just leave your number with Ofc. Moran right over there.

Allison: You know, it's so nice to see the police swing into action so quickly.

Bo: Yeah, it kind of restores your faith in justice, doesn't it?

Allison: Hmm. Yes. It certainly does. I have a feeling you'll have your perp in no time.


Natalie: Where are Seth and Jessica?

Allison: I don't need this.

Natalie: I want an answer!

Allison: Then make one up and pretend I said it.

Cristian: Why not just tell us where they are, save yourself a lot of grief, huh?

Allison: Get out of my way.

Natalie: You did something to them.

Allison: Like what, give them the name of a good motel? I don't care two bits about them.

Natalie: Then why were you searching through Sethís apartment this afternoon, huh?

Allison: Wh-- how would you even know something like that?

Natalie: Just admit it and tell me where they are!

Allison: Listen, loud mouth, I'm here today as the victim of a crime, not because I committed one.

Natalie: You're not leaving till I get the truth.

Officer: What's all the yelling about?

Natalie: Excuse me, Sergeant? I'm the commissioner's niece, and I need to file a missing person's report on two people -- Seth Anderson and Jessica Buchanan.

Allison: Her ex-boyfriend and his new squeeze. Get the picture, Officer?

Officer: What?

Natalie: Jessica's also the commissioner's niece.

Allison: And they're missing in a motel somewhere. This one -- if she keeps chasing the poor guy around, he's going to have to get a restraining order.

Natalie: They could be in really big trouble!

Officer: Ok, let's calm down. How long have they been missing?

Cristian: The last time anyone saw them was, well, sometime last night.

Officer: That's not even one day. We can't declare them missing until 48 hours have passed. You're going to have to come back then -- if they're still missing.

Natalie: No. No, you have to do something now.

Allison: You're giving me a headache.

Officer: I can't do that, ma'am. But since you say one of them was related to the commissioner --

[Phone rings]

Officer: I'll mention it to him when he gets back.

Natalie: That's it?

Officer: Yeah, for now.

[Allison laughs]

Officer: Excuse me. Yeah, Moran.

Allison: Oh, looks like you gave him a headache, too.

Natalie: What a waste. Come on. Let's just go, Cris.

Cristian: Hold on a second. You said you knew Allison was searching Sethís apartment. How did you know that?

Natalie's voice: You have to go to the police, Al. You have to tell them you saw Allison here in Sethís apartment.

Al: I canít.

Natalie: Why not?

Al: The only way I could have got up here was to walk. Jen will find out I can walk.

Cristian: Come on, Natalie. How did you know that Allison was looking through Sethís place?


Al: You'd do that? I mean, you'd let us use the mansion for the wedding?

Max: Whoa, whoa, hold it. Back up here. Just back up.

Gabrielle: There will be a million strings attached to this, Al.

Max: First, he will make it all about him and what he wants, and your wedding will count for nothing.

Gabrielle: That's absolutely true. Please don't even accept this offer.

Asa: Now, you just wait a damn minute. I am trying to do something nice for this boy, and I want a chance to tell him why.

Al: Go ahead, Mr. Buchanan.

Max: Hold it, Al --

Al: Dad -- let the man speak.

Asa: I'm not going to lie to you, Al. My gut goes in a knot every time I see these two. But I think you know that I've always liked you. I hate you in that chair. You have no idea how much. And I've got a hunch you're going to be very, very happy if you're married. And if I can make that wedding work, then I'd like to help you do it, Son.

Al: No strings attached?

Asa: No strings. The house is yours. Order all the food and drinks -- just lay it on and do it right -- on me.

Max: No, look, don't let him fool you, ok? He may promise --

Renee: No, no, wait -- wait just a moment here. I think that Asa has made a very generous offer.

Max: And I, for one, don't believe him for a minute.

Gabrielle: And I also do not agree. I think this is a very, very bad idea.

Asa: They have nothing to say about it. You can speak for yourself, can't you?

Al: Mr. Buchanan, we accept.


Todd: You stay away from me and you stay away from Blair and you stay away from my kids.

Sam: Todd, I can help you. Now, you lied to that social worker.

Todd: You go ahead, you call her a social worker -- not the first word that comes to mind.

Sam: You should never have concealed the fact that you had a second child! Now they're going to be nosing around, checking birth records!

Todd: Get out.

Sam: Todd, you have to make Jack's adoption legal, and I can help! It's just a good thing that I was already on the case.

Todd: I told you to get off the case.

Sam: Yes, and I did exactly what you asked, and look what kind of a mess you've made of this! At least I got some things done before you shut me down --

Todd: You're not going to do squat --

Sam: So I can speed things along!

Todd: From now on!

Blair: Stop it! I just lost my children and I want them back! And it doesn't matter if you get them back, Todd, or if Sam gets them back, just as long as we get them back. Now, don't we all want the same thing?


Niki: God, look at all this stuff. Talk about annoying.

Ben: So, what do you say, Starr? You want to go upstairs and check out some of Jessicaís old toys? We can bring them to the guest room for you.

Starr: Sure.

Ben: Why don't you stay here and get Jack all comfy. Is that ok?

Niki: [As Viki] Yes, that's a good idea.

Ben: Ok.

Niki: You know what, kid? Yeah, just stay there. Take a nap or something. Well, don't you go falling over.

[Jack fusses]

Niki: You do that and you start to scream, they're going to yell at me. Blame me. You know, go, "Oh, Viki, how could you do that?" Just, like, you know, do something -- sleep or something. Man, I need a drink. I got to level with you, kid. Your Aunt Niki ain't happy.

[Jack cries]


Asa: Nigel, we're having a wedding. No, you limey, not mine.

Gabrielle: Oh, that man.

Max: You know, you and I may not get along much, but we agree on one thing -- Asa is the bottom of the barrel.

Gabrielle: You said it. But if this is what Al wants, what do we do?

Max: Bite the bullet and smile.

Gabrielle: Hmm.

Bo: No, I've got to meet with the guy right now --

Gabrielle: I want to know one thing, though. I hope that you and I can be civil to each other through this time period because this should be Al's happiest day.

Max: You know what? We actually agree on two things, huh? I think that might be a record.

[Gabrielle laughs]

Gabrielle: Yes, indeed. I suppose it might be.


Bo: What? No. No, when I know something, you'll know something, ok?


Jen: Thank you so much for the house, for everything.

Asa: You're very welcome.

Al: And one more thing -- about what my father said earlier -- you are definitely invited to the wedding.

Asa: I appreciate it, Son, but no strings attached.

Al: Well, we -- we probably better get going, huh?

Jen: Ok. See you soon.

Renee: Ok, see you later.

[Renee sighs]

Asa: What?

Renee: That may be just about the most unselfish thing I've ever seen you do.

Asa: Well, I'll tell you -- sorry to disappoint you, Renee, but I'm going to revert back to my old style and be selfish. How would you like to go to Al's wedding?

Renee: I already am.

Asa: Well, you know what I mean.

Renee: You mean as a date?

Asa: Well -- you know, not exactly.

Renee: Because you don't want to risk my saying no.

Asa: Will you stop sticking it in me and just give me a damn answer?

Renee: Hell, Asa, I'm going to be there. You're going to be there. Why don't we just find out what happens?

Asa: Hmm. I still got it.


Natalie: Look, I'm an old pro when it comes to dealing with Allison.

Cristian: Yeah, but how did you know that Allison was in Sethís apartment today?

Natalie: I didn't. I just threw it out there to see if she would trap herself. And I think she did, don't you?

Cristian: Yeah, yeah, she did seem pretty guilty.

Natalie: She is. Come on, Cris. I know that she did something to Seth. We can't wait around 48 hours for the cops.

Cristian: I was hoping my brother would be here. He would have helped us out. I guess we're going to have to go looking on our own.

Natalie: Ok. First stop, Roxy's. She's not there, but at least we could take a good look around and see if maybe we can find something.

Cristian: Come on. Let's go out the back.


Roxy: Hey, stop it! You better listen to me. I can -- stop that! I can clear this up with one phone call. I am supposed to get a phone call, aren't I?

Officer: Don't worry. You will.

Second officer: Who do you want to call?

Roxy: Want to call Allison Perkins.


Jessica: You bring me a flower and a blanket and you make me a fire, and all my worries disappear.

Seth: All of them?

Jessica: Well, I at least feel like we're going to make it through the night.

Seth: Count on it.

[Jessica sighs]

Jessica: How many times have you saved me in the last 24 hours?

Seth: I'm going to take care of you. You can trust in that.

Jessica: Seth, I trust in you.

Seth: I love you.

Jessica: I love you, too.


Todd: All right. No more fighting.

Sam: Sorry.

Blair: You know, we really should be grateful for everything that Sam has done. He thought of Ben and Viki to watch over Jack and Starr instead of complete strangers, and he's also gotten the ball rolling on Jack's legal adoption from Nellie. Just please let Sam do what he needs to do, Todd.

Sam: I'm going to say good night.

Blair: Thank you.

Sam: Glad to help.

Sam: Yeah, hi. I'd like the number for Nellie Cameron, please.

[Blair cries]

Todd: I'll fix this, ok? I will. I'm going to fix this. No one -- no one is going to take your kids away from you. I swear to you, I will get Jack and Starr back.


Niki: I can't believe it. What's the matter with that broad? She got no cherries.

[Jack cries]

Niki: Oh, will you put a sock in it, for Peteís sake? You know what, kid? I'm just going to ignore you, you little brat. You'll have to give it up.

Viki's voice: You have zero maternal instincts.

Niki's voice: So what? I'll fake them!

Viki's voice: If you had them, you would know that you can't fake them. A child knows whether or not he or she is loved, no matter what you say or do.

Niki: I'll tell you what I can't fake --

[Jack cries]

Niki: I can't stand this noise. Hey, shut up.


Niki: I mean it, kid. Shut up. Oh, I'll make a deal with you -- you shut up, I'll give you a drink.


Niki: Look, I'm sick of it! Shut the hell up!

Starr: Aunt Viki? Why are you being so mean to Jack?

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