OLTL Transcript Wednesday 4/3/02



One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 4/3/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Niki: Wouldn't they die if they knew the real secret.

Allison: Oh, my God, they're never going to walk away from that.

Seth: I'm sorry, but I got to get you out of here.

Lindsay: You are the one who gave me the drug. You don't think I'd go to the police with that?

Al: If she finds out I can walk, I'll lose her, mom. I'll lose her forever.


Niki: You can go a little shorter, toots. My legs can take it.

Bo: Viki?

Niki: Damn it.

[As Viki] Oh, Bo. Well, my goodness, what a surprise.

Bo: Yeah, I was about to say the same thing.

Niki: Why? This is a perfectly lovely shop.

Bo: Well, yeah, yeah, it's a -- what's with that getup?


Hank: Well, good morning, Lindsay. Did you sleep well?

Lindsay: Is it time?

Hank: No, the dockets are backed up pretty much. Your sentencing hearing won't be for at least another half an hour.

Lindsay: You couldn't send someone else to tell me that?

Hank: Not when there's something I need to talk to you about.

Lindsay: Don't tell me -- the Governor's decided to grant me a pardon.

Hank: You keep that sense of humor, Lindsay. You're going to need it where you're going.

Lindsay: Leave me alone.

Hank: Lindsay, I need some information.

Lindsay: I already gave you my confession. What more do you want?

Hank: I want to know, where did you get that drug that wiped out Noraís memory? I want to know who sold it to you?

R.J.'s voice: I'm not the one who confessed on tape.

Lindsay: No, but you are the one who gave me the drug.

R.J.: Is that on tape?

Lindsay: What, you don't think I'd go to the police with that?


Keri: R.J. What are you doing here?

R.J.: I just came down to give Nora some support.

Keri: Oh. Oh, Nora.

Nora: Hi, honey.

Keri: How are you holding up?

Nora: Well, I'll just be glad when this is over soon.

Keri: Yeah, I figured this would be a tough day for you. That's why we are here for you.

Nora: Thank you.

Antonio: Yeah, even -- even R.J. came.

R.J.: Well, smile. You've got your memory back, Lindsayís going to jail. You finally get everything you want.

Nora: Not everything. I'm going to go in and take a seat. Excuse me.

Keri: See you inside.


Nora: Sam?

Sam: Nora.

Nora: I didn't know you'd be here.

Sam: I had to be.

Nora: Thank you.

Sam: To give you these.


Jen: Al?

Al: Jen?

Jen: Oh, my God! Al!


Seth's voice: I'm out or Iím busy. You know what to do.

Natalie: Seth, it's me, Natalie, again. Where are you? Ok -- look, have you been out all night? Why aren't you answering your messages? Look, I'm getting really worried. Just call me, ok?

Seth: Jess. Jess, wake up. We fell asleep. Come on, wake up.

Jessica: Where are we?

Seth: You don't remember? I brought you into the cave last night after the accident.

Jessica: Oh, my gosh, the accident.

[Jessica sighs]

Jessica: A car ran us off the road. We crashed.

Seth: Yeah. How you feeling?

Jessica: Oh, my head kills.

Seth: Do you think you can stand up?

Jessica: Oh -- oh, no.

Seth: No?

Jessica: I'm too dizzy.

Seth: Ok, don't worry. Don't worry. We'll get out of this, ok? I promise.


Niki: [As Viki] This getup is actually very expensive. Isn't it?

Woman: Yes, it is.

[Phone rings]

Woman: Ah -- would you excuse me for just a moment?

Niki: Yeah, sure. Ben's going to love it.

Bo: Well, I've never seen you wear anything like that before.

Niki: It'll turn a few heads at the Country Club, right?

Bo: You can count on that.

Niki: What's the matter? Don't you like it?

Bo: No, it's not that I don't like it -- exactly. It's -- it's just that it's -- it's not -- it's not really you.

Niki: You mean, it's not something that that pillar of society, the publisher, Victoria Davidson, would wear, right?

Bo: Not to my knowledge.

Niki: Oh, Bo. I never could fool you, could I?

Bo: Fool? Fool me about what?

Niki: Of course it's not very Viki because Viki is the very last person I want to look like.

Bo: Why wouldn't you want to look like yourself, though? You look great.

Niki: [As Viki] Actually, I think I've been looking very frumpy recently.

Bo: You what? You're one of the best-dressed women in Llanview.

Niki: And you don't think that this outfit would make the best-dressed list?

Bo: It's different.

Niki: Relax, Bo. It's for a costume party that Ben and I are going to.

Bo: Ah.

Niki: That's why I don't want to look like Viki.

Bo: So you're going as a hooker?

Niki: Now, what brings you to a dress shop, huh? Does my favorite ex-brother-in-law have a secret life?

Bo: Yeah, J. Edgar Buchanan? No. You know what? Last time I checked, Iím still your brother-in-law -- unless you and Ben got a divorce.

Niki: Oh, my goodness, isn't that silly of me? Of course we didn't, no. I still find it so hard to believe that you and Clint and Ben are all brothers.

Bo: I know. I'm still getting used to it myself.

Niki: So what brings you here?

Bo: Well, I've got some business with the owner -- ah, she's off the phone. Could you excuse me just one second?

Niki: Yes. Yes, of course.

Bo: Hey, have fun at that party, huh?

Niki: Thanks.

[As herself] Can't even buy an outfit without running into one of her stupid relatives. I do not look like a hooker. I look like a showgirl. Oh, great. Another one. I don't know what the point is in being out if I have to pretend to be Viki all the time.

[As Viki] Natalie. Oh, my goodness. What a surprise.

Natalie: I saw your car parked outside.

Niki: Oh.

Natalie: Are you actually going to wear that?

Niki: It's for a costume party.

Natalie: Oh. Look, have you seen Seth and Jessica? I can't find them anywhere.


Jessica: Why are you being so good to me?

Seth: Do you really have to ask me?

Jessica: Yeah, because I don't deserve it. I was awful to you.

Seth: No, you werenít.

Jessica: Yes, I was. I didn't believe you, Seth. I didn't trust you.

Seth: Yeah, but with all the weird stuff going on, I was starting to not believe myself.

Jessica: I accused you of stealing -- and hitting on Chadís sister, I mean --

Seth: Because the evidence backed it up.

Jessica: It wasn't you. It was -- Roxanne. I just didn't want to see it.

Seth: Because she's your mother.

Jessica: Stop!

Seth: Stop what?

Jessica: Stop being so understanding. I was wrong. I accused you of stealing. I didn't believe you. That's exactly what I did to will, and Iím doing it all over again. I don't --

Seth: You know what? Just calm down, ok? I don't think you should be getting so excited.

Jessica: No, but it's the truth. I mean, you did everything you could to prove to me that you've changed. You did everything you could to prove to me that I could trust you, and I -- I let you down.

Seth: Why are you being so hard on yourself?

Jessica: Because I deserve it. If I were you, I wouldn't forgive me.


Roxy: Hey, Alli, I don't get it.

Allison: You don't get a lot of things.

Roxy: Why'd we go on this long drive only to come right back here?

Allison: I like fresh air.

Roxy: Well, there's some really great fresh air right outside of this door.

Allison: I think better in a moving vehicle.

Roxy: Yeah? Well what were you thinking about?

Allison: About what we do now.

Roxy: What do you mean? You convinced Seth and Jessica not to go to the cops, right?

Allison: Definitely. But there's still more to be done.

Roxy: Honey, you know, man, I wish I was more like you -- thinking, thinking, thinking all the time. Me? I panic and I go brain dead when things go wrong.

Allison: So I noticed.

Roxy: Yeah. So how'd you do it? How'd you stop them?

Allison: I got plans. Big plans. And you're not stopping me! I'm stopping you!

Jessica: Seth!

Seth: Hold on! Hold on!

Jessica: Seth!

Seth: Hold on!

[Tires screech]

Allison: I just explained how pointless it would be to turn us in. I mean, after all, we didn't actually take the money, and we didn't lie about your hypoglycemia.

Roxy: Yeah, and I got this lousy disease, too.

Allison: And then I reminded Jessica that she couldn't rat me out without turning you in, too.

Roxy: Yeah, that was a good one -- you played the mom card. Very good.

Allison: And I asked her if she really wanted to send you to prison, where you might die.

Roxy: Ooh, you're hauling out the big guns. So, what'd she say?

Allison: What do you think she said? She agreed to let us go free, didn't she?

Roxy: She hates me, though, doesn't she?

Allison: What do you care what that kid feels about you? All that matters is that they don't turn us in to the cops.

Roxy: Well, when you were driving around, you figured out what we're going to do next?

Allison: As a matter of fact, I did.

Roxy: Good. So?

Allison: Now it's time for you to disappear.


Jen: Are you ok?

Al: Yeah, yeah -- I'm -- I'm ok. I just -- I fell, you know? What are you doing home so soon?

Jen: I forgot my wallet. But, Al -- Al, you were standing!

Al: No, no, no, no, I wasn't standing, exactly. I -- I was -- I had myself propped up on the -- on the couch here, and as soon as I let go, whoop, right to the floor like a sack of potatoes.

Jen: What were you doing out of your chair in the first place?

Al: I was -- I was trying to walk.

Jen: But you don't have any feelings in your legs, do you?

Al: Sometimes I imagine that I do. But no -- no, I donít.

Jen: Well, then why would you do that?

Al: Well, after Cristian came over here -- you know, when he believed that story that Shawna told -- that I could walk, you know, I saw how you -- well, I just -- I wanted it to be true, you know? And I thought that if I practiced long and hard enough, that -- that Iíd be able to walk, or at least stand at the altar.

Jen: That's so sweet.

Al: But -- I -- I can't walk, you know? It doesn't look like it's going to happen.

Jen: No, don't say that. Remember what the doctor said? Remember what the physical therapist said? They said a positive outlook is the most important thing to recovery.

Al: Look -- I'm being positive. I definitely am. I mean, I got you by my side, right? How could I see the future as anything but bright?

Jen: When I came in and I saw you standing, I was just so happy for you.

Gabrielle: You told her.

Jen: He told me what?

Gabrielle: He told you that he -- that -- oh.

Al: That -- that -- that I had this crazy plan, you know, that I was going to try and walk or -- or at least stand before the wedding.

Gabrielle: Oh, yes. Yes, and I called earlier to see if it was all right to stop by, and that's when he told me about this crazy plan of his. And I was so concerned that he was going to get hurt doing it.

Jen: But he did fall.

Gabrielle: You see? I told you that would happen. He -- I wanted him to tell you about this crazy plan, but he wanted to keep it a surprise for you. Now, did you get hurt?

Al: No. But it's totally clear to me that Iím not going to be able to walk by the wedding -- or even stand, for that matter. I may not, ever.

Gabrielle: Are you sure?

Al: Positive. It was -- it was just a stupid fantasy. Listen, I know how much you want me to be able to walk.

Jen: And you will.

Al: And I saw how excited you were when you thought I could stand.

Jen: Of course. I mean, I know how badly you want this.

Al: I also saw the disappointment on your face when you realized the truth.

Gabrielle: Well, Al, it's just a minor setback, Wweetheart.

Al: We don't know that, Mom, remember? It could be forever.

Jen: You will succeed. I know it.

Al: Ok, but I don't want you to marry me because you think that I might walk someday, because I may not.


Hank: Lindsay, I want to know who sold you that drug that erased Noraís memory.

Lindsay: It doesn't matter.

Hank: It does matter, Lindsay. I don't want some dealer out there selling dangerous drugs to the highest bidder.

Lindsay: What makes you think that I got if from a dealer? How do you know Colin didn't give it to me?

Hank: Well, now, that doesn't make any sense. You already confessed that you didn't get it from him.

Lindsay: Did I?

Hank: Look, don't play games with me. Just tell me where you got it.

Lindsay: If I do, what's in it for me?

Hank: Well, Judge Fitzwater, she always appreciates cooperation.

Lindsay: Well, that's being a little vague, isn't it?

Hank: I could ask for leniency.

Lindsay: You could? Or would?

Hank: Well, Lindsay, that depends on you.

Lindsay: I'll think about it.


Keri: So it looks like Noraís finally going to get her day in court.

Antonio: You will, too.

Keri: Yeah, but will mine have as happy an ending?

Antonio: Yes. Those charges Shawna Quinlan filed are totally bogus.

Keri: Yeah, I know that, but --

Antonio: Honey, you will be exonerated, which is why Iím glad you decided to stay here and fight it instead of taking that job in California.

R.J.: A professorship at Stanford is not a job.

Antonio: You can't run from a fight, all right? Keri's reputation is at stake.

R.J.: Exactly. I stand behind her 100%. Look, when I suggested that she take the job at Stanford, I was just thinking about what was best for my daughter.

Antonio: Right.


Nora: "Binding visitation schedule"? Do we really need this?

Sam: Well, now that we're no longer a couple, I want an official schedule of when I get to have Matthew at my house.

Nora: Was there something wrong with the schedule we had when we were an official couple?

Sam: No, no. I just think it's important now that we have it in writing, just in case.

Nora: Just in case what?

Sam: Oh, just in case you decide to leave Llanview one day or just in case we're not so friendly. Just in case Matthew has a stepfather.


Officer: Gannon?

Hank: Excuse me. Yeah?


Al: You need to know that this -- this right here -- this may be who I am for the rest of my life. And -- and that has to be ok.

Jen: It is.

Al: Ok.

Jen: I love you whether you can walk or not.

Al: Ok, but -- but if you're not 100% sure, it's ok to say so.

Jen: I -- I am. Of course I was disappointed when you fell, but not for me, for you. I know how hard you're trying, and I don't want you to miss out on stuff.

Al: Hey, as long as I have you by my side, I'm not missing out on anything.

Jen: I'm not going anywhere.

Al: Good. Ok. So you want to get going to the courthouse?

Jen: Yeah. Let me just grab my wallet.

Al: Ok.

Gabrielle: Ok. That was good. Are you sure you'd be prepared to let her go?

Al: Oh, Mom, I had to give her a choice. And you didn't see her face when she walked in here and she saw me standing.

Gabrielle: Yes, Iím sure that was quite a shock.

Al: Shock? Yeah. But she was so happy. I mean, really happy. So happy that I almost told her the truth. But at the last minute, I -- Mom, I love her so much.

Gabrielle: I know. I know you do. And I know how hard it is to keep secrets from people that we love.

Al: Yeah, but soon -- you know, after we're married, after she -- after she loves me the same way that I love her.

Gabrielle: And she will. She will, soon, I'm sure. And then you won't have to lie to Jen anymore.

Al: Oh.


Roxy: Hey, Alli girl, you know, you're scaring me, you know, telling me that it's time for me to disappear.

Allison: All I mean is that you need to leave town.

Roxy: Well, you did convince Jessica and Seth not to go to the cops, right?

Allison: For now, but that doesn't mean they won't change their mind.

Roxy: Yeah, but like you said, we didn't do nothing. You know, we didn't take any money from them. So, you know, nothing's going to happen, right?

Allison: Wrong. We conspired to commit fraud, Roxy. That's a felony.

Roxy: Hey, I don't want to die in prison.

Allison: Then pack.

Roxy: And where am I going to go?

Allison: First things first.

Roxy: Why aren't you coming with me? You're just as guilty as I am.

Allison: Somebody's got to stick around and run interference in case the police get involved. And, like you said, you panic when things go wrong.

Roxy: I don't want to go to jail.

Allison: Then stop wasting time and get packed!

Roxy: Ok. I don't know what I would do without you.

Allison: Hmm.

Roxy: Ok.

Allison: You're not going to go to jail for fraud, Roxy. You're going to go to jail for running Seth and Jessica over a cliff in a fit of road rage.


Seth: You believe me now. It's all that matters.

Jessica: Thank you.

Seth: That and getting out of here so we can make sure Allison and Roxanne get exactly what they deserve.

Jessica: Hmm. Too bad I'm too dizzy to stand up.

Seth: You think you'd be ok by yourself for a little while?

Jessica: Um -- sure. Why?

Seth: Well, I'm going to go climb up -- see if I can climb up the hill, get to the road, flag somebody down.

Jessica: The road is so deserted.

Seth: I know, but I've got to try.

[Seth sighs]

Jessica: Are you sure you're ok?

Seth: Yeah, I'll be fine. Ok?

Jessica: Be careful, Seth.


Niki: [As Viki] Why would I know where Jessica and Seth are?

Natalie: Well, I thought maybe you would have talked to Jessica.

Niki: Why don't you just call them?

Natalie: I did. There wasn't any answer.

Niki: Actually, Jessica called last night and left a message with Ben -- said she wasn't coming home.

Natalie: Well, was she with Seth?

Niki: Probably. They probably spent the night together. Well, I mean, it's not as if it was the first time, you know.

Natalie: Did you remember anything else about the message?

Niki: Nope. You have to ask Ben. He took the message. I'm sorry. I am terribly busy here.

Natalie: Sure. Thanks. I'll see you later.

Niki: [As herself] Thought you'd never leave. Probably have to change back into Vikiís clothes. How boring is that? Too bad. I look hot.


Natalie: Seth, are you there? If you're there, pick up. Come on, Seth. Damn!

Rae: Natalie. Hey, are you all right?

Natalie: Do I look all right?

Rae: Oh, boy.


Bo: Ok, I guess we're all set.

Woman: Thank you again, Commissioner.

Bo: Oh, thank you.

Rae: Bo --

Bo: Hey, Rae.

Rae: What are you doing here?

Bo: I got to run. I'm going to be late for Lindsayís sentencing.

Rae: Oh, oh.

Bo: Bye.

Rae: Well, let's hope the Judge throws the book at her -- for what she did to Nora!


Nora: I'm not getting married.

Sam: I just want everything perfectly clear.

Nora: Yes, you've made it perfectly, painfully clear. So we definitely -- we have to have this in writing?

Sam: What would you advise a client in my position?

Nora: I'd never deny you access to you know that, you know me.

Sam: I thought I did. I also thought we were going to be together for the rest of our lives.

Nora: So did I.

Sam: You did? Well, we were both wrong about that. I don't want to take any chances with Matthew. Sign those and get them back to me.


Hank: Ok, Lindsay, we don't want to keep Judge Fitzwater waiting, do we?

Lindsay: No, we don't.

Hank: Then let's do this.

Lindsay: Nora. I thought you would look happier.

Hank: All right, Lindsay. Have you given any thought to my offer?

Lindsay: I'm still thinking about it.

Hank: Well, don't think too long. Your hearing's going to start soon. Where's your lawyer?

Lindsay: What do you care?

Hank: Have it your way.


R.J.: Lindsay, what the hell is going on here, hmm? What did that look mean in the hallway? And what the hell are you sweet-talking Hank about?

Lindsay: The District Attorney's prepared to ask the judge for leniency if I tell him who supplied me with the drug that I gave to Nora. I've decided to take him up on his offer.

R.J.: Lindsay, you can't do this. I will go to prison.

Lindsay: Welcome to Club Fed.

R.J.: I -- I had no idea that you were going to use that drug on Nora.

Lindsay: It's everyone for themselves now, R.J.

R.J.: Look, Hank is just playing you. I'm sure he can make an offer of leniency to Judge Fitzwater, but he can't guarantee that she's going to take it. And even if she does, how much you think she's going to knock off that 30-year sentence?

Lindsay: Whatever it is, it's worth it.

R.J.: One year? Two, tops, huh? I can be a lot more use to you on the outside.

Lindsay: How?

R.J.: Well, for starters, my connections can make life a lot easier at Statesville.


Sam: Why don't you say hi to your mom? Ok?

Lindsay: Honey, you shouldn't be here, but Iím glad to see you.

Jen: So I guess you're not 7 years old anymore.

Lindsay: I'm sorry, Jen.

Jen: How could you do that to me? I begged you to tell me the truth.

Lindsay: I was afraid of going to prison. I still am. But I didn't mean to hurt you.

Jen: How many times in my life have I heard you say that to me?

Lindsay: It's the truth.

Jen: And now you're going to hurt me all over again.

Lindsay: What do you mean?

Jen: Al and I are getting married soon. And where will the mother of the bride be? In Statesville?

Lindsay: You're getting married?


Allison: How's the packing going?

Roxy: Wait a minute, you.

Allison: Yeah, sure.

Allison: Ok, come on, pick up.

Roxy: Who are you calling?

Allison: Jessica, but there was no answer.

Roxy: You don't think they're going to ever go to the cops, do you?

Allison: You never know. That's why we have to get you out of here.

Roxy: I'm all packed.

Allison: In those?

Roxy: Excuse me, I misplaced my matching luggage.

[Knock on door]

Roxy: You don't think it's the cops, do you?

Allison: There's only one way to find out. Ask?

Roxy: Who is it? If it's the cops, they have to say they are the cops, right?


Allison: Who knows?

Roxy: What are we going to do?

Allison: You answer it, I'll hide.

Roxy: No, how about you answer it and I hide?

Allison: It's your house.

Roxy: Oh, yeah. Ok.


Allison: Ok, I'm going to the kitchen.

Roxy: Ok. What if it's the cops?

Allison: Just -- distract them.

Roxy: Ok, all right. Yeah. How?

Allison: Just --


Allison: Tell them you're on your way out, or that -- use your hypoglycemia. Faint -- whatever.

Roxy: Ok, ok.

Allison: Hey, hey.

Roxy: What?

Allison: Just don't tell them Iím here.

Roxy: Right. Got it.

Allison: Now get the door.

Roxy: What do you want?

Natalie: Have you seen Jessica?

Roxy: Why didn't you answer when I was asking who it was?

Natalie: Because I was afraid you wouldn't answer it. Now, come on -- have you seen her?

Roxy: Why you asking?

Natalie: You did, didn't you? Was Seth with her?

Roxy: Seth --

Natalie: Answer me, Roxy.

Roxy: I -- uh -- I -- uh --

Natalie: Roxy?


Niki: Bo's got a lot of brass saying I look like a hooker. Yeah. Look at me. I look like somebody's dead grandmother.

Rae: Viki? Viki, what a nice surprise.

Niki: [As Viki] Oh, goodness. Rae!

Rae: Yeah.

Niki: Well, that -- that's a surprise, isn't it?

Rae: Yeah. Would you excuse me for a minute? You know, Natalie didn't tell me you were in here.

Niki: Natalie?

Rae: Yeah, I -- I ran into her when I was coming in.

Niki: Oh! Oh. Yeah, yeah -- we were -- we were shopping.

Rae: Oh. Well, she was a little upset.

Niki: Yeah. Well, they didn't have the outfit that she wanted in her size. I mean, kids.

Rae: Is that it?

Niki: Yes, yeah, but it's not her size.

Rae: Thank God! Oh.

Niki: I don't know. I think this could work on the right person.

Rae: Well, let's hope you can influence Natalie with your own fashion sense. You know, I think it's great that the two of you are out doing things together.

Niki: Yeah, Ben suggested it.

Rae: Good. You know, Viki --

Niki: Hmm?

Rae: I know how hard it is for you to have to confront the possibility that -- well, that you hate your daughter.

Niki: It's very hard.

Rae: I know.

Niki: It's really hard. But you know the story you told me about you coming to terms with Skye?

Rae: Yes.

Niki: That really helped.

Rae: Oh, I'm so glad.

Niki: Yeah, yeah.

Rae: And the other good thing is you don't have to see Niki Smith again.


Lindsay: You're getting married?

Jen: That's right.

Lindsay: Oh, honey. It's beautiful.

Jen: It was his grandmotherís.

Lindsay: When did all this happen?

Jen: About the time you were getting arrested.

Lindsay: I'm so happy for you, Jen.

Jen: Are you?

Lindsay: Yes. I always wanted you two to be together. He's -- he's a wonderful young man. Have you set a date?

Jen: Soon.

Lindsay: Soon?

Jen: What, should we wait 30 years so you can be there? I'm sorry, Mom. I don't understand how you could have gotten yourself into this mess.

Lindsay: I wish I knew, Jen.

Mark: Sorry, I got caught up in a last-minute plea bargain.

Lindsay: For me?

Mark: No. You've already plead guilty. We discussed that. This hearing is just a formality.

Bailiff: All rise. Superior Court of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is now in session; the honorable Judge Barbara Fitzwater presiding.

Judge: Be seated. Are all the parties present?

Lindsay: I have to talk to you.

Mark: Not now.

Hank: Henry Gannon for the Commonwealth, Your Honor.

Mark: Mark Glaze for ms. Rappaport.

Judge: Mm-hmm. As you have plead guilty to these charges, all we are to deal with today is the sentencing. Mr. Gannon, please.

Hank: Thank you. Your Honor, the Commonwealth is asking the maximum sentence -- 30 years. The defendant has confessed to kidnapping Nora Buchanan and injecting her with an illegal memory-erasing drug. And furthermore, Your Honor --

Mark: Your Honor, before Mr. Gannon proceeds any further, my client has something she would like to say.


Niki: [As Viki] Yes, you're right. Niki Smith is definitely out of me for good.

Rae: Well, you know, it is going to take a certain amount of adjustment time for you and Natalie. Well, in fact, for the whole family.

Niki: Yes, I know. But we're going to be fine because we're survivors.

Rae: Yes, yes. Yes, of course you are. Look, if you would like to have me help you with some family counseling, I --

Niki: No.

Rae: No, really? Well, it was just an offer.

Niki: Well, I tell you what -- this thing is -- if we go dragging Natalie through therapy sessions, she's probably going to think there's much more of a problem than there really is.

Rae: Yeah, but, Viki, wouldn't it be a good thing to have you in a place, all of you, that's safe so you could really talk about it?

Woman: Dr. Cummings, I think I found the blouse.

Rae: Oh, great, thank you. Well, you know, just an idea in case you change your mind.

Niki: That's so thoughtful. Thank you very, very much. Thank you.

Rae: You're welcome.

Niki: Thanks.

Rae: I'll see you later.

Niki: Ok. Bye.

Rae: Bye.

Niki: [As herself] You ain't never getting me back to St. Ann's, you meddling quack. And while we're at it, you ain't never going to find out my real secret.


Jessica: Please, please, please, Seth, find someone and find help. Get us out of here.

Jessica: Hey. Hey, are you ok? Did you find someone?

Seth: Hey.

Jessica: Did you get up to the road? Is someone coming?

Seth: No. The hill turned into a giant mudslide from the rain last night. I couldn't get ahold of anything.

Jessica: Ok -- um -- ok, you know what? We're lucky. We're lucky to be here, we're lucky to be alive. Right? After that car crash? We're very lucky.

Seth: How's the dizziness?

Jessica: Much, much better, thanks. What's that?

Seth: What's -- oh, just -- something I found outside. It probably doesn't mean anything.

Jessica: No. I think it does. I know whose this is.


Natalie: Get up, Roxy. Come on, get up. I know you're faking. You pulled too many of these stunts when I was growing up. Come on, get up! All right, fine. I'll just go get a glass of water and pour it in your lying face!

Natalie: Allison?


Judge: This is a bit unorthodox, Mr. Glaze.

Hank: Your Honor, the Commonwealth has no objection.

Judge: Ms. Rappaport, please approach the witness stand. Swear her in, Joe.

Bailiff: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth --

Nora: Lindsay Rappaport, what are you trying to pull now?

Bailiff: And nothing but the truth, so help you God?

Lindsay: I swear.

Hank: Ms. Rappaport, there's something you have to say to the court?

Lindsay: Yes. Yes, there is.

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Natalie: You two are up to something together, aren't you?

Jessica: This is Roxanneís scarf. You said you found this on the ground?

Blair: What is going to stop her from taking Jack away?

Todd: We won't be here.

Lindsay: What happened to Nora was terrible, but it wasn't all my fault.

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