OLTL Transcript Tuesday 4/2/02



One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 4/2/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Al: If she finds out I can walk, the wedding's off.

Cristian: You can't just make me stop loving you just like that.

Niki: So Ben and the shrink think that Viki hates her kid.

Keri: No one is going to take this seriously.

Shawna: Don't be too sure.

Judge: I want the Mannings placed under in-home observation.

Al: Jen? Hey, listen, I know that you have a lot going on with your mom and her sentencing and all and I know you said that you wanted to get married right away, but I don't care when we get married. I'm just happy to get to spend some time with you like this.

Jen: Cristian?


Antonio: Can I get the next round?

Cristian: Sure. It's yours. Hey, what's going on, man?

Antonio: What?

Cristian: Hey, hey, hey, hold on. What's wrong?

Antonio: This.


Mollie: I can't believe it made the front page.

Shawna: Oh, yeah. But it's too bad it's not as big as Jenís mom going to the slammer.

Mollie: Come on, this is great.

Shawna: Yeah, you're right. And they did come up with the perfect headline -- "Tťacher's Pet."


Keri: "Professor boffs buff boy"? "A Llanview University coed claims sexy sociology Professor Keri Reynolds hopped into the sack with studly student Antonio Vega, then pulled strings to win him the prestigious Mackenzie award."

Woman: I hope the gentleman in your life appreciates you in these things. Miss?


Niki: "She was a scatterbrain." Oh, man, I cannot believe this. I am so bored; Iím actually reading a book. This ain't exactly what I had in mind. It sure as hell ain't the life Niki came out for.

Ben: Viki?

Niki: [As Viki] Uh -- yes. In here, darling.

Ben: Hey. Where did you go this morning?

Niki: Go?

Ben: When I woke up, you weren't there.

Niki: Oh. I woke up very early.

Ben: And you went to bed after I did.

Niki: I know, I seem to be so restless these days.

Ben: Did you come to bed at all?


Blair: Ok, Starr, you do remember everything that we went over?

Starr: Yes, mom. No talking about cabs, fun houses, or spiders.

Blair: Mm-hmm. And?

Starr: And don't let Spike out of his cage.

Blair: Yes.

Starr: I know, Mom. Don't worry, ok? I think the lady will think that we're a perfect family.

Blair: Perfect.

Starr: And look. Look, I put Ichabod's head back on.

Blair: Now, she's perfect. Why don't you go up in your room and play with her, ok?

Starr: Yeah, but it won't be as much fun.

Blair: I know, but thank you.

Todd: Ok, don't be nervous. Don't -- oh -- don't be nervous. It's all going to be fine. It's going to be fine. No reason to be nervous.

[Phone rings]

Todd: What?

Blair: Oh -- why aren't you here yet? The social worker should be here any minute.

Todd: Oh, I know, but Frau clink's not here yet.

Blair: Well, where is she?

Todd: I don't know. She said something about her having to go visit a sick uncle.

Blair: Well, how long is that going to take, Todd?

Todd: I don't know. How long does it take to go to Germany?

Blair: What?

Todd: Ok, I'm going to come home now and Iím going to bring Jack there.

Blair: No. No.

Todd: I'll just stick him upstairs, that's all.

Blair: No, you can't do that, Todd! What if he cries? It's too much of a risk. If they think that we've adopted a baby illegally, they could take Starr and Jack away from us.

Todd: That's just not going to happen, Blair.

Blair: Maybe it could, Todd. Now, you find somebody there to watch him.

Todd: Right. How am I going to find somebody around here to watch --

Gabrielle: Todd, I need to talk to you about something.


Jen: Good morning.

Al: Good morning. How did you sleep?

Jen: Great. I had this amazing dream.

Al: Really? What did you dream about?

Jen: I can't remember. I never remember my dreams.

Al: Listen, Jen, I know that you have a lot going on, you know, with your mom and her sentencing and all.

Jen: Oh, I almost forgot that was even today.

Al: Yeah, and remember last night you said that you wanted to get married as quickly as possible? Well, I -- I can't wait. I want to get married as soon as we can. I want to be able to tell people you're my wife.

Jen: I want to get married soon, too.

Al: Really?

Jen: Yeah. I want to tell everyone, too.

Al: You know, my mom is going to help us out with the arrangements.

Jen: Well, that's good because my mom sure canít.

Al: Yeah. So, we're going to do this, huh? We're really going to get married.


Cristian: Did you do this?

Shawna: Oh, I think your brother and Prof. Reynolds are the ones who did it.

Cristian: They didn't do anything wrong, and you know it.

Shawna: Well, of course you wouldn't think they did anything wrong. As soon as they start seeing each other, Reynolds started giving you Aís.

Cristian: What?

Antonio: Let it go.

Cristian: No, man.

Antonio: No, listen, it's not worth it. Keri's got it under control.

Shawna: You know, who does Cristian think he is?


Antonio: Look, I don't like what she's doing to Keri, either, but Keriís innocent and that's all that -- you're not even listening, are you?

Cristian: Sorry, man, it's just that --

Antonio: You're thinking about Jen?

Cristian: Yeah. I saw her with Al last night.

Antonio: It must have been hard.

Cristian: Hard? She's getting married, Antonio.

Antonio: Definitely?

Cristian: Unless Al could just get up and walk, yeah, definitely.


Mollie: What?

Shawna: I know exactly what Iím going to do to Cristian, and you're going to help me.


Antonio: I guess you don't want to hear that things will get better, right?

Cristian: No, I donít.

Antonio: Good, because they won't. Not until it's really over.

Cristian: Great. So what do I do in the meantime?

Antonio: Well, there's not a lot you can do. Just got to hit the bag, lift weights, do whatever, try not to think about it. All right? Look, I'm going to go get something to drink. Can I get you something?

Cristian: No. No, thanks.

Antonio: All right.

Shawna: You're kidding.

Mollie: No, Stephanie told me. You know how she has that aerobics class right before breakfast? Well, when she got here, she saw Al working with his physical therapist.

Shawna: Yeah, but that doesn't mean anything.

Mollie: No, but she saw him.

Shawna: She saw Al walking?

Mollie: Yeah.

Mollie: Yeah, he's, like, totally better.


Todd: Never mind. I figured the whole thing out.

Blair: What?

Todd: I'll be home in a minute.

Gabrielle: Todd, I need to discuss this layout.

Todd: Boy, do I have an assignment for you.

Gabrielle: What? Covering the fall line?

Todd: Yeah, kind of. Look, all you got to do is watch Jack for the next couple of hours.

Gabrielle: What?

Todd: Everything you need is in my desk.

Gabrielle: I'm your style editor, not a babysitter! Get somebody else!

Todd: I don't have time.

Gabrielle: What you mean, you don't have time? What's going on?

Todd: Look, could you just watch him just for a couple hours?

Gabrielle: This has something to do with his so-called adoption, doesn't it?

Todd: No.

Gabrielle: Yes, it does. You might as well tell me. I know all your secrets already.

Todd: It's not a secret, it -- and it's not -- ok, it's not about Jack, it's about Starr.

Gabrielle: Starr?

Todd: Yeah. You know that story I put in "The Sun" about her taking cabs by herself late at night and how she's got this little thing for poisonous spiders? Yeah, well, a social worker read it, and now the social worker's trying to take Starr away from me.

Gabrielle: Oh.

Todd: She's not going to get away with it, but she could figure out about Jack.

Gabrielle: Yes, and then she'd want to know where he came from and telling her the stork brought him just wouldn't be sufficient.

Todd: Right, and if the social worker figures things out about me, then, you know --

Gabrielle: Then Blair will find out what you did.

Todd: Right, and then Blair will take Starr and Jack away from me, and I can't lose them. I -- well, I can't lose Blair. I should tell her the whole thing, right?

Gabrielle: Oh, you think?

Todd: I think she'd understand. Don't you think? I mean, if I explained it to her real slowly, she would, wouldn't she?

Gabrielle: She might. I mean, you said the baby was the one thing that you felt was between you and Blair. I do understand at.

Todd: You do, right?

Gabrielle: Yes, Iíve told lots of lies to get what I want. Blair has, too. She told you that that baby was Maxís baby to begin with, didn't she?

Todd: Right. So you think I should tell Blair the truth, right? I mean, she won't really mind if I tell her that, you know, I lied about the baby being dead? Hello? Are you there?

Gabrielle: I -- I don't know.

Todd: You don't know? You just said that she'd understand.

Gabrielle: I know that. I know. I was just thinking about how I would feel if somebody told me that my baby was dead.

Todd: But --

Gabrielle: If the man that I thought that I loved told me that it had died --

Todd: You'd get over it, right? I mean, you would forgive him?

Gabrielle: Todd, I'm genuinely very sorry because I know this is not what you want to hear, but I honestly don't believe I could. In fact, I know I couldn't.

Todd: Couldn't what?

Gabrielle: I'd never want to see him again, and I would make absolutely certain that he never saw my child, either.

Todd: You're right. Blair can never find out.

Gabrielle: Todd, I'm sorry.

Todd: Oh, I got to go! Here. Just watch Jack a couple hours, that's all.

Gabrielle: But when do I bring him back? What do I do with him?

Todd: I'll call you.

Gabrielle: Call me? Oh. My, you are a handsome little fellow, aren't you? Do you know that my Al was once the size that you are, a tiny little thing? Can you believe it? Want to know another secret? That's the last time anyone ever truly loved me.


Shawna: Buff boy is over there.

Keri: Hey.

Antonio: Hey.

Keri: What's wrong?

Antonio: Look, I should tell you, there's something in "The Sun."

Keri: I saw it.

Antonio: I wish you didn't have to read that.

Keri: It's ok.

Antonio: No, no, it's not ok, it's a lie. Now, we should sue Manning for libel.

Keri: It isn't libel. The allegation may not be true, but the fact that Shawna said it is. You should know that, Mr. "I went to law school."

Antonio: Yeah, I -- I do know that. It's just that I hate that this is happening to you.

Keri: Yeah, well, it's only the beginning.

Antonio: It's going to get worse?

Keri: Let's just say you'll consider "buff boy" a compliment.

Antonio: I don't really care about that. I just want to make sure that Iím not making things worse for you.

Keri: You wonít.

Antonio: Look, maybe we should -- we should go somewhere that Shawna isnít.

Keri: You know what? She already saw us together. Might as well give her something to talk about.


Todd: Blair!

Todd: Hey, there you are.

Blair: So, where's Jack?

Todd: Oh. Jack's at -- Jack's at work.

Blair: Ok, who's watching him?

Todd: Gabrielle.

Blair: What? That witch?

Todd: I didn't have a choice.

Blair: Yes, you had a choice. You could have actually let Sam help adopt Jack legally.

Todd: No. No way.

Blair: Oh, no. So now we have to hide our son.

Todd: No, it's just for one day, Blair. All we got to do is hide Jack for one day.

Blair: One day. One day. Then what about tomorrow? We have to wake up and worry that somebody's going to find the truth out about Jack.

Todd: Nobody's going to find the truth out about anything.

Blair: Oh, really? And how you going to stop that? Are you just going to pay everybody off in Llanview?

[Doorbell rings]

Todd: I don't know. You think that will work? All we got to do is convince the social worker that we're good parents. I mean, really, how hard can that be?

Blair: Unless she could find out the truth.

Todd: How?

Blair: I don't know, but she could find out, Todd!

Todd: Not if you keep your big mouth shut.

Blair: I just can't do this anymore!

Todd: Can't keep your big mouth shut?

Blair: No, I can't deal with all the lies! I just can't do it! It makes -- it's driving me crazy --

Starr: Mom? Dad?


Niki: [As Viki] You're right. I -- I didn't come to bed.

Ben: What's wrong?

Niki: Oh, nothing's wrong, except that apparently I hate my own child. I'm sorry, Iím sorry, I wonít. I just -- I fell asleep on the sofa, that's all.

Ben: You did?

Niki: I did. When I woke up, it was already morning and I didn't want to bother you.

Ben: Bother me? Do you think Iíd mind being woken up by my beautiful blonde?

Niki: I'll have to remember that.

Ben: So, how you feeling this morning?

Niki: Fine. I slept very well on the sofa.

Ben: No, no, I'm talking about Natalie. I mean --

Niki: Oh, oh.

Ben: Have you considered taking her with you to see Rae? Maybe do a joint therapy session?

Niki: Yes, I have because I think it's a really, really good idea, if I find that Iím not able to manage the situation myself. But I believe that I can.

Ben: Yeah, but before -- I thought you said you were so afraid that you wouldn't be able to accept Natalie.

Niki: I still am.

Ben: Yeah, that's what I thought.

Niki: But you were right.

Ben: About what?

Niki: Well, you said I wouldn't feel this way forever.

Ben: Well. That's good to hear.

Niki: It's the truth.

Ben: You know, I missed you this morning, waking up next to you, listening to you talk in your sleep.

Niki: I talk in my sleep?

Ben: Just kidding. Morning.

Ben: What's this?


Al: What do you think -- the Country Club or The Palace?

Jen: I don't know. What do you want?

Al: I want to elope.

Jen: Your mom would kill me.

Al: Yeah, she would, definitely. Besides, I want this to be really special for you. You know, you only get married once, right?

[Doorbell rings]

Jen: I'll get it.

Cristian: Is it true?

Jen: Is what true? Cristian, what are you doing here?

Cristian: I -- I heard you were better.

Al: Hey, Cris, how you doing?

Jen: "Better"? What do you mean, "better"?

Cristian: Well, someone said they saw you. You can walk now, can't you?


Gabrielle: Bo, I didn't know you were standing there.

Bo: No, no, no, no. I just -- I just walked up just this very second. I need your signature.

Gabrielle: For what?

Bo: Oh, just some leftover paperwork from that time that you stole the dress.

Gabrielle: I prefer to think of that as borrowing

Bo: Yeah, I bet you would.

Gabrielle: Where, right here?

Bo: You can call it whatever you want -- yeah -- but just sign.

Gabrielle: Well, I'm awfully pleased that you were the one who brought it over here.

Bo: Yeah, well, I just didn't want to waste any more of the department's time. Thanks. What's with the baby?

Gabrielle: Oh. Todd decided that my job duties now include babysitting his son.

Bo: Yeah, that great job that Manning just gave you.

Gabrielle: I don't know how many times I have to tell you this, Bo, there's nothing sinister about this job of mine. Todd decided he needed a new style editor, and he knew that I was the best person for the job.

Bo: Makes perfect sense.

Gabrielle: And today he needed a babysitter, so, believe it or not, I was the best person for that job, as well.

Bo: I'll bet.

Gabrielle: I have had some practice -- Al when he was a baby. It's the best thing I ever did, actually.

Bo: Yeah. I wish I had been around when Drew was that age.

Gabrielle: Oh, Bo, I'm -- Iím very sorry. I --

Bo: Oh, no. I'm sure his mother did a lot better job than I could, so --

Gabrielle: Well, hey, you can help out -- dare I say it -- with my grandkids.

Bo: Your what?

Gabrielle: It's a frightening concept, isn't it? But, you know, Al's going to marry Jen, so it could happen.

Bo: Yeah, I -- well, I knew they were engaged, but --

Gabrielle: But what?

Bo: Well, Al's paralyzed, and I -- I thought that it might just be hard for him to have kids.

Gabrielle: Oh.

Bo: Unless something's changed?

Al: Mom, if you really love me the way you say you do, you won't say anything about this. You won't tell anybody that I can walk.

Bo: Is Al getting better?


Al: Wait -- wait a second. Somebody said that -- that I could walk?

Jen: Cristian, if Al could walk, he wouldn't be using the wheelchair.

Cristian: I just need to know. Is it true?

Al: No, wait. Who -- who did you hear this from?

Cristian: I heard some girls talking at the gym.

Al: Some girls?

Cristian: Well, yeah. They said they saw you working out with your physical therapist in the morning and that you were walking.

Jen: Wait a minute. Shawna and Mollie, right?

Cristian: Yeah.

Jen: Come on, Cristian. I can't believe that you would listen to them.

Al: Yeah.

Jen: Al wasn't even at the gym this morning. We stayed in bed late.

Cristian: Look, I just came by to congratulate you. I'm sorry it's not true.

Al: Yeah. So am I. Thanks for stopping by, man. Really.

Cristian: See you.

[Door opens and closes]

Jen: Can you believe Mollie and Shawna?

Al: Well, it's like you said, you know, those girls will lie about anything.

Jen: But, I mean, telling people you can walk?

Al: Let's hope that they're right someday.

Jen: I do. I got to go. I got to get to the courthouse early.

Al: Ok. Well, I'll -- I'll meet you there later?

Jen: Ok.

Al: Ok.

Jen: Thanks.


Jen: What are you still doing here?

Cristian: Look, I need to talk to you.

Jen: You shouldn't have come in the first place. You should have known Mollie and Shawna were lying. Come on.

Cristian: Look, what if someday Al walks? What happens then?

Jen: What do you mean, "someday"?

Cristian: Well, I mean after you get married.


Antonio: Oh, that's good.

Keri: I am not going to be intimidated by Shawna Quinlan or anyone else.

Antonio: Yeah, yeah. No, I -- I got that.

Keri: Besides, we're Iím not going to start going around like I'm guilty.

Antonio: No, you're right. You know what? We're not guilty, and I'm going to go to talk to everyone I know and they're going to -- I'm going to tell them to tell the Dean that you would never get involved with me while I was still your student.

Keri: Thank you.

Antonio: And then it'll be over. I mean, we'll all know that you're innocent, and the case will be closed.

Keri: Yeah. They will.

Antonio: What's wrong?

Keri: Antonio, it's not like the legal system. It's not innocent until proven guilty.

Antonio: What do you mean? I mean, what else is there?

Keri: It doesn't matter what the truth is. You know, in cases like this, the teacher's reputation is almost always ruined.


Blair: Ms. Major, my husband and I were just --

Todd: Arguing. Over -- over what color tutu to get her for her ballerina classes.

Blair: Yeah.

Todd: Because I'm thinking white and she's sticking with pink.

Blair: Yeah, pink. That's right, Starr, come here. We just want what is best for our beautiful little girl.

Janet: Mr. And Mrs. Manning, I'm simply here to observe Starr in her normal, everyday environment.

Todd: Well, that's what this is. Hey, you know what? Come on in. Sit down on our normal, everyday sofa. And -- and, really, there's nothing not normal about us here.

Blair: That's right.

Janet: You can just go about your daily routine as if Iím not here.

Starr: Uh -- Dad, can I read my dictionary?

Todd: Oh, well, certainly, daughter. Perhaps we should pick up where we left off, with the Gís, I believe.

Starr: Mm-hmm. Yes, they're great.

Janet: Actually, why don't we all just talk for a little bit?

Blair: Ok. What do you want to talk about?

Janet: How about, what do you like to do for fun, Starr? Do you like to watch television?

Starr: Yes, I do.

Janet: And what's your favorite show?

Starr: "Regis & Kelly" and "When Good Pets Go" --

Todd: "Go -- become part of a normal family."

Janet: Pets are a wonderful addition to a home, Starr. I bet you've got some pets, don't you?

Starr: Yes?

Janet: Aren't you sure?

Blair: She is babysitting some pets right now up in her room -- for a friend. A lizard. Two lizards, actually. They're in a cage. They can't get out.

Janet: Starr, don't you ever take them out of their cages?

Blair: No, no, no. Why would she want to do that?

Janet: Are you afraid of --

Todd: No, she's not afraid. She's a perfectly well-adjusted, normal child.

Janet: Starr, could you excuse us a moment? I need to speak to your mom and dad alone.

Starr: Of course. Mommy dearest, Daddy dearest, may I please be excused?

Blair: Yes, you may.

Todd: Sure, you can -- may.

Janet: Mr. And Mrs. Manning, everything Iíve heard here would indicate that you are the perfect family -- too perfect. Now, if you don't start being honest with me right now, I will recommend that Starr be taken away from you.

Janet: I have observed enough families to know when they're putting on a performance.

Blair: Well, Ms. Major, we are not --

Janet: I have your records right here. I know about all your visits to Starrís principal's office. I know about all your custody battles over Starr --

Blair: Wait, wait, wait. Those custody battles were because we love Starr. We both wanted to raise her. We want what is best for her.

Janet: Mrs. Manning, I don't want to argue with you about that.

Blair: I don't even see why this matters anymore because we're married now. We're happy. And we can show Starr that being married is tough, but we can be together and we can be happy.

Janet: I don't deny that.

Todd: Look; I don't see what difference it makes if Starr's favorite TV show is "When Pets Go Bad and Eat People."

Blair: Yeah.

Todd: I mean, it's on television, so it can't be bad for her. I wouldn't let anything bad happen to Starr. She's the best thing that ever happened to me.

Blair: To us.

Starr: Hey, lady! You know what really scares me? Having to go live with someone else other than my mom and dad.

Janet: Starr, Iím --

Starr: And you know what? My parents are the best parents in the whole wide world, and anyone who doesn't think that should go straight to --

Todd and Blair: Starr!

Blair: That is just so sweet, Honey.

Janet: Starr, I really need to speak to your parents alone now -- for real this time.

Starr: Fine.

Janet: I think I've seen enough. I'm ready to make my recommendation. I think Starr should remain with her parents.

Blair: You do?

Janet: Yes, I do.

Blair: Oh, Ms. Major -- oh, thank you! Oh! I'm sorry. Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Janet: I'll file my report when I get back to the office.

Todd: Thank you. Why wait? You know, you could go do that right now. Go right to the office and file away on that whole report thing.

Blair: Oh, I'm just so happy!

Todd: You know what?

Blair: What?

Todd: So am I.


Gabrielle: No. No, Al has not got better.

Bo: Oh.

Gabrielle: I -- of course I know he's paralyzed.  I just don't want to give up hope.

Bo: Well, wanting miracles for our kids -- that's only natural.

Gabrielle: Yes, we want what's best for them, don't we, and we'll do anything to make sure they get it. Don't you agree? I mean, even things we probably shouldn't do -- little things like little white lies and a bit of scheming here and there. Oh, dear, I shouldn't admit that to an officer of the law, I'm sure.

Bo: No, I'm a cop, but I was a father and I did some things I never thought I'd do for my son.

Gabrielle: Yes, but Iím sure you never lied for him.

Bo: Yes, I did.

Gabrielle: So, then that's the right to do.

Bo: No, it was wrong, but I'd do it again if I had the chance. I think it's -- it just comes with being a parent sometimes.

Gabrielle: Yes. I suppose it does.

[Phone rings]

Gabrielle: I -- Iíd better get that. Todd Manning's office.

Todd: Bring Jack to my house right now.

Gabrielle: Looks like my babysitting career is over.

Bo: Yeah, well, I got to go. Lindsay's sentencing is in a couple of hours, so --

Gabrielle: Oh, that's today?

Bo: Yeah. You know what? If you want an exclusive with me, you ought to come by my office afterwards.

Gabrielle: Really?

Bo: If you play by the rules this time.

Gabrielle: I shall, Sir.

Bo: All right, good.

Gabrielle: Bo?

Bo: Yes?

Gabrielle: Listen, thanks for taking care of that dress shop business -- and everything.

Bo: Sure.

Gabrielle: Well, my little handsome man, it's time for you to go home. Come on.


Cristian: Look, Jen, I know you're going to marry Al, and I understand that. But what happens -- what happens if he gets better?

Jen: What do you mean? Like, would I leave him?

Cristian: Jen --

Jen: How could you even ask me that? Anyway, the doctors don't think he's ever going to walk again.

Cristian: I know that, but what if he does? I need to know this because -- because I love you, ok, and if something happens and Al doesn't need you anymore --

Jen: It won't matter because I'll be his wife.

Cristian: I know that.

Jen: We'll have built a life together, and I can't just walk away from something like that.

Cristian: Well, people do get divorced.

Jen: I canít. I could never do that. I could never hurt someone, not like how my parents hurt each other. I could never do that to Al.

Cristian: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I really am. I shouldn't have said that.

Jen: It's ok.

Cristian: And I'm sorry for Al that it isn't true. I'm sorry that he can't walk.

Jen: I know.

Cristian: I guess I'm just sorry for all of us.

Jen: Me, too.

Cristian: Well, at least I still have a little bit of time left.

Jen: What do you mean? For what?

Cristian: Before you get married. I mean, until then, anything can happen.

Jen: Cris, you should know --

Cristian: Know what?

Jen: Al and I are getting married soon.

Cristian: How soon?

Jen: As soon as possible.


Niki: [As Viki] What's what? The book?

Ben: Yeah.

Niki: It's Natalieís.

Ben: Were you reading that?

Niki: Yes. Yes, actually, I was. I was -- and I thought it might help me to understand her a little bit better, you know? It's quite a trifle, really. I don't know what she sees in it.

Ben: I don't know. I mean, that guy on the cover there -- what's his name? Sebastian?

Niki: Yes.

Ben: He doesn't look like a bad guy. What do you think? Maybe I should try that look?

Niki: Oh, don't do that. Ahem. I don't think the people at the clinic would approve.

Ben: Who's talking about the clinic? The clinic. I'm late. Ok, I got to go. Listen, don't you ever do that again.

Niki: What?

Ben: Listen, I got to go. I'll talk to you later, all right?

Niki: Yeah.

Niki: [Normal voice] Oh, man, Benji, honey, it ain't that I don't want to, because I would love to. You are so hot! Could give old Sebastian a run for his -- you could give anybody a run for their money. I can't risk it because you'd be expecting Viki. And you'd know in a second that Iím not Viki.

Niki: Still, that doesn't mean I can't have a little fun.

[Niki laughs]


Blair: Todd, I don't care how early it is, we are going to open a bottle of champagne to celebrate!

Todd: It's got to be happy hour in some time zone, right?

[Doorbell rings]

Todd: Maybe we can have a drink that's not such a girl drink. Maybe I could even --

Blair: Oh, what?

Gabrielle: Hello. Gabrielle Medina, style editor/nanny at your service.

Blair: There's my boy. You come here to me. Oh, I missed you so much. Nobody's ever going to take you or your big sister away from me ever again.

Todd: You know what? Thank you, you watched Jack. You can go now.

Gabrielle: I fed him and changed him, so he should be all right.

Blair: Ok, you know what? You can go now. We can take care of our own children.

Gabrielle: Oh, yes, I can see that. Good-bye.

Todd: Bye.

Blair: Oh, Todd, it feels so good to be holding him again.

Todd: You know, I missed him, too.

Blair: I hated pretending that he didn't exist, but you're right. If that social worker had found out that we'd been lying --

[Doorbell rings]

Blair: Ooh. If that's Gabrielle --

Todd: I'll just kill her.

Blair: Come here. Come here, you big boy. Yes, Mommy loves you. Mommy loves you. Yes, she does. Smiling at your mommy?

Blair: Yes, you are. You're my boy.

Janet: I forgot some papers.

Todd: Blair, go get the nice lady some papers.

Janet: I have no record of there being another child in your family.

Todd: What child? He's not ours.

Janet: Then why did Mrs. Manning refer to herself as his mommy?

Blair: You're right, Ms. Major. He's our son.

Janet: Then why is there no record of him?

Blair: I don't know. Maybe your records are behind.

Janet: I'm going to have to report this to the agency.

Blair: No, no, no, no! Please, please, Ms. Major --

Janet: And I guarantee you that there will be more questions. And if your answers aren't satisfactory, I guarantee you can lose both your children.


Woman: If you don't mind my saying so, this is a lot shorter than what they're wearing today, and with that neckline so low --

Niki: It's all right, toots. You can go a little shorter. My legs can take it.

Bo: Viki?


Antonio: It doesn't matter what usually happens. Your case is totally different.

Keri: Completely. How could I lose? I've got you now.

Antonio: Now, it has nothing to do with me, it has to do with simple justice.

Keri: Oh, I better get over to the courthouse.

Antonio: Courthouse? Oh. Lindsay's sentencing?

Antonio: Oh, great. I mean, I have to be there, too, so why don't I get dressed and we'll go together.

Keri: Sounds like a plan.

Antonio: Shall we?

Keri: Letís.

Mollie: They look pretty happy.

Shawna: Yeah, well, that'll be over soon.


Cristian: What the hell's wrong with you?

Shawna: What?

Cristian: Why did you say you saw Al walk?

Shawna: I never said Al could walk.

Mollie: We weren't even talking to you.

Cristian: Why don't you stay the hell out of my life, huh? Mine and my brotherís.

Shawna: What do you care if Al can walk or not? You're not with Jen anymore anyway, right? Come on, Mollie.


Al: Mom, it's the greatest thing. She wants to get married right away, as soon as possible.

Gabrielle: Oh, I am quite pleased to hear that. That means you don't have to lie about walking anymore.

Al: Yeah, I can get out of this stupid wheelchair finally.

Gabrielle: Yes, Darling, I don't like to lie to people about this.

Al: I know, Mom, but it's only for a little while longer, you know, just -- Jen and I are getting so close, you know, and -- well, if she finds out now, there won't be a wedding.

Gabrielle: I know. I promised you that I wouldn't tell anyone, and Iím not going to. I know how much it means to you.

Al: Thank you, Mama.

Gabrielle: I love you.

Al: I love you, too. Bye.

Gabrielle: Bye.

Al: I got to get to the courthouse. So what I'm not going to get to have my first dance at my wedding, you know? Pretty soon I'll be able to tell her the truth and she'll be so happy. She'll think it was a miracle.

Jen: Al?

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