OLTL Transcript Tuesday 3/19/02



One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 3/19/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

Todd: Whatever deal you got going on with Sam, it's over. You got that, Blair? No deal with Sam! No nothing with Sam!

Blair: Hey, hey, hey, I don't have a deal with Sam! He's my lawyer, Todd! Look, he's just trying to make it legal.

Todd: I can't believe that you went to an officer of the court and told him that you were doing something illegal.

Blair: Look, Sam is trying to make Jack's adoption legal.

Todd: What's he going to do, click his heels three times, say, "There's no place like home"?

Blair: What is wrong with you? We finally have a perfect family, and if we don't make Jack's adoption legal, then our family could be destroyed, Todd.

Todd: No, what is wrong with you, Blair? If we do try and make Jack's adoption legal, then our family will definitely be destroyed.


Al: Hey. It's going to be ok, Jen. Whatever it is, you have the official Al Holden guarantee.

Jen: Thank you, but I just really don't think that you can guarantee it this time.

Al: Oh. Would you feel better if you talked about it?

Jen: Every time I have a crisis, I run to you.

Al: I want you to. I want to be the type of person you can count on always. It's everything that I want in the world. And after everything you've done for me, I mean, the least that I could do is listen to your troubles -- if you want to talk about them.

Jen: I don't really think I can yet. But there is something that you could do.

Al: Name it.

Jen: Hold me.


Keri: Oh!

Cristian: Sorry.

Keri: Hey. Is it Jen and Al?

Cristian: How can I let her go?


Antonio: Mami? Mami?

Carlotta: Hi. I was in the back locking up. Oh, you're alone.

Antonio: Yeah, it's just you and me. We're going to talk about what you did to Keri, por favor.


Viki: Hi.

Ben: Well, hello. How's the world's sexiest media mogul?

Viki: Oh, I don't know. How many do you know?

Ben: Just one. Just you. My first and last.

Viki: Thank you.

Ben: So, did you get my message?

Viki: No.

Ben: I left you a voice mail at "The Banner."

Viki: Oh. You know what? I never made it to "The Banner."

Ben: Oh. Well, when you listen to it, don't put it on speakerphone, all right, because it's kind of private, kind of romantic, and what I suggest I'm not even sure it's physically possible.

[Viki laughs]

Viki: Well, I'll tell you what -- I'll have the building emptied before I listen to it.

Ben: Yeah, good idea. So, what'd you end up doing?

Viki: Not a lot. I got a phone call when I was halfway to "The Banner" that the -- ahem -- the issue about the evening edition had been resolved, so I just, you know, did some errands.

Ben: Oh. You got any packages in the car?

Viki: No.

Ben: Well, good. Well, I'm glad you're home. Everybody else is out, which means we have the place to ourselves -- which means we have the place to ourselves.

Niki: Errands? Come on, that's bull. Why don't you just tell him the truth, huh?


Troy: Hey, Sam. I just came by to see Starr. I wanted to thank her for telling you where I was. She's a pretty amazing little girl. I also wanted to thank you again, Sam. You saved my life. Thank you.


Blair: Ok, t is. How will making Jack's adoption legal destroy our family, Todd?

Todd: Well, anytime you walk into a courtroom, you don't know what your life is going to be like when you walk out.

Blair: So this is basically just your paranoia about the law?

Todd: And lawyers.

Blair: Sam wants to help, and he thinks that he can --

Todd: We don't need Sam's help.

Blair: Yes, we do, and we should jump at this opportunity. Sam thinks if we dig up some evidence on the mother's background --

Todd: I told your mother that you were dead, but I'm bringing you back to your mother alive, and that's got to count for something. Blair's going to be happy, she is, and we'll finally -- we're finally going to be fine.

Blair: Hey. Are you even listening to me?

Todd: No. If Sam checks into Nellieís background, he's going to find out everything!

Blair: What "everything"? Ok, Todd, what else could Sam find out?


Carlotta: Fine. You talk about Keri, because I have nothing to say.

Antonio: Oh, I think you do, starting with "I'm sorry."

Carlotta: Am I supposed to apologize? Antonio, did you hear the way that woman talked to me?

Antonio: Yes, I did, and believe me, it was a lot nicer than what I would have said considering that stunt you pulled.

Carlotta: She said she likes her food spicy. I made it spicy.

Antonio: Mami, you made it glow in the dark.

Carlotta: Maybe she's not used to spicy food.

Antonio: Mami, what you did was wrong and it was useless. Keri and I are in love, and you're just going to have to accept that.

Carlotta: No. I wonít.

Antonio: So that's your decision?

Carlotta: Si.

Antonio: You're not going to change your mind?

Carlotta: No.

Antonio: Then here's my decision -- I won't be coming here for meals anymore.

Carlotta: Tonio --

Antonio: In fact, I won't be coming here at all.

Carlotta: But you can't mean that, Tonio.

Antonio: Yes, Mami, I can. I'm going to take my business to another diner that respects its customers, and I'm going to try and remember when I had a mother who respected her son.

Carlotta: Tonio, esperate.

Antonio: Yes.

Carlotta: I -- por favor, I don't want you to go, not like this.

Antonio: Then you're going to lay off Keri?

R.J.: I'd like to hear the answer to that question myself.


Cristian: Look; I don't know if I should be talking to my professor about stuff like this.

Keri: Fair enough. Now you're talking to a friend, a friend who knows what you're going through. You want to move on the way Jen has.

Cristian: Well, she hasn't moved on. That's why this is so hard for both of us. I mean, yeah, she's living with Al, but I know her heart's still with me.


Jen: My mom's been arrested.

Al: Again? Man, these cops really got it out for her. I mean, you'd think after the bogus arrest of killing Colin they'd leave the poor woman alone.

Jen: Yeah, but this time it's different -- my mom is really guilty.

Al: Oh. Well, what's she guilty of?

Jen: She did something really horrible to Nora. She injected her with a drug that erased her memory and she nearly destroyed her life.

Al: Whoa. I -- I had heard the rumors and stuff, but -- man, that's pretty heavy. But your dad's going to be defending her, right, so she probably won't get that much time.

Jen: Well, actually, she probably will. She'll probably go to prison, and the fact that she deserves it, I don't know if that makes me feel better or worse.

Al: Listen, I know how you feel. When my mom was going to prison, I was terrified for her. But she got through it, and your mom will, too, and so will you, Jen, because I am going to be right here, right by your side the entire time. I love you, Jen.

Jen: Why? I'm just as bad as she is. I did something just as horrible and I hurt a bunch of people.

Al: Are you still blaming yourself for this? Because if anybody put me in this chair, it was me, ok? Trust me.

Jen: No, that's not true, but actually, there's something else that I'm talking about.

Al: Ok. Then what?

Jen: I knew what my mom did. I've known ever since pretty much the day I came to Llanview. You're the only person I've told that to. My mom begged me not to tell anybody.

Al: So, what were you supposed to do, Jen? Give yourself a break. And we're talking about your mother here.

Jen: I didn't know what to do, you know? I mean, telling wasn't going to make it go away.

Al: Exactly, and you didn't want to hurt your mother, right?

Jen: Right.

Al: Jen, listen to me. You can't blame yourself for wanting to protect your own mother.

Jen: What's wrong is that a bunch of other people got hurt instead.

Al: So it was going to come out bad for somebody. You had to make a choice between two lousy choices, so you chose.

Jen: Yeah, but I picked the wrong one, you know? If you know the truth about something that's so big that it's going to affect so many people, you tell the truth, don't you?


Troy: I'm not proud of what I did to Lindsay. I'm not. But I don't apologize for it, either.

Sam: I didn't think you would.

Troy: Why should I? Justice needed to be done. Colin's name needed to be cleared.

Sam: Oh, please. Troy, I know you were after Nora from the start. You pretended to be in love with Lindsay. You twisted and manipulated everyone and everything to get what you wanted.

Troy: I got Lindsay to confess to what she did to Nora. If you have a problem with that --

Sam: What you did was vicious and deceitful. But being deceitful and devious comes easily to you, doesn't it, Troy?

Troy: I'm sorry I don't share your same soft spot for Lindsay.

Sam: Oh, I was thinking about the games you've been playing with Nora. You know, before I found you at the fun house, she told me everything.

Troy: Did she?

Sam: Yeah, that's right, Troy, she did. She told me about New Yearís Eve.

Troy: New Yearís Eve. I'm assuming you're referring to an innocent, spontaneous kiss.

Sam: There isn't a single thing that's innocent about you, MacIver. And as for being spontaneous, the only reason you got anywhere near Nora that night was because I received a bogus phone call, supposedly from a client. But when I got down to the police station, that client was nonexistent. You set that up so you'd be alone with Nora.

Troy: Well, now, if I did, then that would mean I manipulated you, not Nora.

Sam: Spare me. You've been manipulating Nora most of all, and the only reason you got away with it was because she knew exactly what you were doing -- using her, confusing her, making her miserable for months -- and that makes you 10 times worse than Colin.

Troy: Are you through?

Sam: No, I'm just getting started.

Troy: Yeah, well, good for you, because now it's my turn.


Todd: You already know everything, but if Sam starts digging around Nellieís background, then everybody else will know everything, too. And if we just keep our mouths shut and wait it out, then Jack's adoption will eventually be legal.

Blair: Since when?

Todd: Well, Nellie can't make a claim on the baby forever. There's like a -- a statute of the limitations.

Blair: But that's if the adoption were legal in the first place and it's not!

Todd: Who's filling your head with all this? Is it Sam talking?

Blair: Oh, stop! No, don't blame Sam. This is me, all right? I've been worried ever since I found out that this -- this whole adoption thing wasn't on the up-and-up, Todd. And you know what the worst part is? That you've gone and given Nellie all this money and she can take us to court.

Todd: She's not going to do that.

Blair: She's just going to get a lawyer -- she is going to sue us for custody of Jack.

Todd: It's just not going to happen.

Blair: Todd, just saying so isn't going to make it happen, either, and I'm scared, all right? Sam said that the courts are prejudiced usually in favor of the biological parents --

Todd: Forget Nellie! She's not even the baby's mother!


Niki: Ain't this cozy? All alone, just the three of us. Are you sure you don't have something you want to tell big, handsome Ben?

Ben: You hear something?

Viki: No. Did you?

Ben: No. Not a thing. No shouts, no screams, no tears, no doors slamming.

Viki: Oh, you mean Jessica and Natalie. It hasn't been that bad, has it?

Ben: Well, no, but I could get used to this.

Viki: Donít. I expect there will be another explosion sooner or later.

Ben: Yep, which means we should enjoy this while we have it. I mean, for a while there, it seemed like we had a new crisis every day of the year. And finally, finally, the outside world is leaving us alone. It feels good. Come to think of it, you feel good, too.

[Doorbell rings]

Viki: Oh. I'll go. I'll get it.

Rae: Hey. Hi.

Viki: Rae. Come in. Come in.

Rae: I was wondering if this would -- hi, Ben.

Ben: Hi.

Rae: I was wondering if this would be a good time to talk about that fundraiser that we talked about earlier.

Viki: Yes. Do you mind? It'll only take a minute. We just have to wrap up a few things.

Ben: No problem.

Rae: Great. Thanks, Ben.

Viki: Thank you.

Rae: For what?

Viki: Well, keeping this between us.

Rae: Hey, you know, doctor/patient confidentiality and all that stuff, thank you. I have to ask you something, though. Why are you not -- why aren't you telling Ben? I mean, he knows everything about Niki Smith, doesn't he?

Viki: Yeah. He doesn't know that I've been dreaming about her and that I've been seeing her and thinking about her. He's been so happy recently. I don't want to worry him.

Rae: Does he have some reason to worry?

Viki: I don't know. I don't know. I don't get this. I went through all that therapy, I'm completely integrated. I'm supposed to know everything all my alters know, I'm supposed to see everything that they see. So, why can't I know what Niki knows?

Rae: Maybe you don't want to know.


Al: Jen, I know why you did what you did, keeping what you knew a secret.

Jen: Because I was a coward.

Al: Come on. You did the best you could at the time. You had no way of knowing that Troy was going to get hurt. So you had to ask yourself, what's worse, Nora not knowing everything that happened to her or sending your own mother to prison?

Jen: You make it sound really logical, but at the time, I was just panicked.

Al: You kept a secret, a big one, to protect somebody that you love. I get that.

Jen: You're just trying to make me feel better, and I appreciate that. But if you were in the same situation, I bet you would have made a different decision.

Al: As a matter of fact, I would have made the exact same decision. Love comes first, Jen, before anything else.

Jen: Yeah, and I love my mom. I didn't want to see her go to jail.

Al: Right.

Jen: And I didn't want to see my dad get hurt.

Al: Which makes a hell of a lot of sense.

Jen: Thank you for understanding.

Al: I do, Jen, more than you'll ever know.

Jen: But look what happened. Everything fell apart for my mom anyway. I mean, I should have known that the truth would come out. It always does.


Todd: Nellie isn't Jack's mother. I mean, not anymore.

Blair: I know that, Todd, and that's the problem.

Todd: You're kidding, right? I mean, Nellie doesn't want to be saddled with a baby. That's why she made this whole deal with us to begin with.

Blair: What if she changes her mind and then we get in some legal problems, huh?

Todd: There's no problem! Look, Blair, all Nellie wants is more money! I mean, there's no way she's going to drag us into court for a custody battle over Jack!

Blair: Oh, come on, she's an unstable, immature girl who's a drug addict, Todd! I mean, who knows what she wants? She doesn't even know what she wants! I just -- I wish we were just rid of her, that's all.

Todd: Hmm.

Blair: What?

Todd: Nothing. You want me to take of Nellie, then I will. You forget about her. And while you're at it, you forget about Sam, ok? You don't call Sam; you don't go to Sam's office. You see Sam walking down the street, you cross to the other side.

Blair: Sam is our friend.

Todd: Not anymore.

Blair: But if we need him, he would help us.

Todd: We don't need him. Sam should spend more time worrying about his own problems.


Troy: You saying that I manipulated Nora is not only ridiculous, it's insulting.

Sam: I'm sorry you're insulted by the facts.

Troy: No, I'm not talking about me, Sam. You insulted Nora. Nobody can manipulate a woman as strong and intelligent as she is. And if you don't know that by now, well, then, you don't know her at all.

Sam: I know the hell she's been through this past year, and so do you, well enough to use it against her.

Troy: I never did anything against Nora.

Sam: She's strong, Troy, yes, but she was kidnapped and she was drugged to make her forget the kidnapping. And the effects of all that are still with her.

Troy: Yeah, that's because the guilty party was still walking around out there free.

Sam: I'm not talking about Lindsay. It's because you wouldn't let her forget. You made sure of that, giving her one piece of her past at a time, bit by bit.

Troy: Which she was grateful for.

Sam: Holding out the promise of justice for Lindsay.

Troy: A promise that I made good on. Now, you can say what you want, Sam, but I only wanted the best for Nora.

Sam: Then how come she's ended up the worst? Just when she got her world back, you turned it upside down again. You never cared about the parts of her life that had nothing to do with you or the things she would lose if you got what you wanted.

Troy: What did she lose, Sam? Hmm? Why don't you tell me what Nora lost? Because, you see, the way I see it, the only reason you're so angry is because of what you lost. You lost her. It's over between you and Nora.

Troy: Look, Sam, just so you know, I never set out to steal Nora from you.

Sam: Like hell.

Troy: I didn't. I care about Nora. Nora was in pain. She needed truth and she needed peace of mind. You didn't answer those needs, Sam. I did.

Sam: You bastard.


Blair: Well, I think we have a real problem on our hands, Todd.

Todd: It's nothing that we can't handle, Blair. But Sam's got to stop sticking his nose in our business.

Starr: Hello.

Blair: What is it, Honey?

Starr: Well, I'm waiting.

Blair: For what?

Starr: Your apology. I already accepted Dad's on the condition of a whole bunch of stuff. Now it's your turn.

Todd: Good luck.

Blair: Ok.

[Noise at door]

Troy: Get off me!

Todd: No, no, no! You kids go have this play date in somebody else's yard. Well, tie me to a wheel and bite me with a spider, it's Colin MacIver.

Troy: Actually, my name's Dr. Troy MacIver. I came by to thank your daughter for saving my life.

Todd: Come on inside. She's posing for the milk carton. No, no, no, no, no. I want to have a word with you.


Keri: So it sounds like you still have hopes for you and Jen.

Cristian: Well, yeah, if a miracle happens.

Keri: You know, I like all of you and I don't want to take sides, but I wish I could help take away your pain.

Cristian: No one can. Goes with the territory.

Keri: No, it goes with having a big heart, which is not such a bad thing, you know.

Cristian: Yeah, I guess.

Keri: No, really. A girl would be lucky to be loved by you, Cristian. You're sweet and you're sensitive and you're caring. Like your brother.

Cristian: So I guess things are good with you guys, huh?

Keri: Yeah. We have a few obstacles, but things are good.


R.J.: Did I hear correctly? Did you try to poison my daughter?

Carlotta: Nobody ever died from hot pepper.

Antonio: What are you doing here, R.J.?

R.J.: Well, you won't believe it, but I came here to try to make peace between our two families.

Carlotta: Que mentira. That's a lie from the pit of hell. You want our kids together as much as I do.

R.J.: Oh, Carlotta, wake up. It doesn't matter what we want. It's all beside the point because my daughter wants to be with your son. I don't like it, but I'll live with it.

[Phone rings]

Antonio: Vega. Excuse me.

Carlotta: I don't know exactly what you're up to, but I know it can mean nothing but problems for my family.

R.J.: If that's what I wanted, I would be on my way to the police right now to file charges against you.

Carlotta: What charges?

R.J.: A caterer tampering with food? That at least has to be harassment, if not assault.

Carlotta: You would press charges against me? The man who almost turned Roseanne into a criminal, who tried to send my first son to jail and then tried to have the other murdered?

R.J.: You know, Carlotta, in spite of your fantasies, I am here because I'm willing to let bygones be bygones.

Carlotta: Well, I'm not, and I will promise you that I will never forgive and forget all the terrible things that you did to my family.

R.J.: You know, your boys are not innocents. And besides, look, if these things keep going the way they are going, you are going to be a part of my family.

Carlotta: Oh, nunca! Never!

Antonio: Mami -- Mami, where are you going?

Carlotta: To put an end to this thing for once and for all.

Antonio: Look, I don't know what you did, but it doesn't matter because I'm going to be with Keri no matter what.

R.J.: Yeah? Oh, no, not after your mommy ruins things between you two. And I won't have to do a thing.


Viki: Of course I want to know what Niki knows.

Rae: Consciously, yes, of course you do. But, Viki, come on. You probably know better than anybody else that the mind can bury things that are just too painful to face.

Viki: You know what? I've been dealing with painful things all my life. And recently, all this business with Allison and Jessica and Natalie -- I've coped with everything very, very well, so why am I seeing Niki? And why not the others? Why don't I see Jean or Tori or Tommy? And what does Niki mean when she says that I don't understand?

Rae: Something inside you does understand. I mean, after all, Niki is a part of you. And for some reason, she's the only one that can access the information.

Viki: Well, could you get it out of me?

Rae: No, but maybe I can get it out of Niki.

Viki: What? What are you saying, that I should let Niki out?

Rae: Viki, all I'm suggesting is that we look inside of you, the part of you that is Niki.

Viki: No. No, no, no.

Rae: Viki --

Viki: No, no. No, the answer is no. And if it means bringing her out, then I'll just live without knowing it.

Rae: But what if you can't?

Viki: Well, I'll have to, because I'll tell you what I cannot do -- I cannot let her out. Not only that, I won't do it. I can't take that risk. I won't!

Ben: Hey. What's going on?


Al: Jen, you can't beat yourself up for trying to protect your own mother. I mean, listen, Troyís ok, right? And now Nora knows everything that happened to her.

Jen: Yeah, and my mom's going to prison.

Al: But not because of you.

Jen: So you still like me?

Al: Do you really have to ask?

Jen: Well, even after I hid the truth and everything?

Al: Sometimes you have to hide the truth. Listen, nothing that you said to me changes the way I feel about you. I still want to marry you.

Jen: What?

Al: Yeah. Only this time, I'm going to ask right.

Jen: Al, it is -- it's beautiful.

Al: It was my grandmother's, and now I'd like it to be yours. Listen, I know that things have been really crazy since you said that you would think about it, but, well, I was hoping that you had and that you'd say yes. You know how I feel. How about you? Will you marry me?


Keri: Love is easy, Cristian. It's the relationships that's hard. But when it's as right as it is with me and Antonio, it's so worth it. So, if it's like that with you and Jen --

Cristian: Yeah, it is.

Keri: Well, then, nothing and no one can come between you.

Cristian: I'm glad I ran into you.

Keri: Good. Well, my door is always open for you, Cristian Vega.

Cristian: Thanks. Oh -- by the way, I'm sorry about the way my mom's been treating you. If she could see you the way Antonio and I see you --

Keri: Well, you can't really expect her to do that. She's your mother. She's going to do what she thinks is best for you, whether you disagree with her or not.

Cristian: And you can forgive her for that?

Keri: I can understand it. I mean, Carlotta hates my father. You know, who can blame her? He hurt her children. And you and Antonio are obviously so dear to her. And Antonio always talks about how hard she worked and how long she fought to keep you in school and to keep Antonio out of the gangs. I only hope that when I'm a mother I have half her strength and half her love.

Antonio: Mami, what do you think you're doing?


Blair: I, Blair Cramer Manning --

Starr: Do solemnly swear --

Blair: Do solemnly swear --

Starr: To always believe my daughter --

Blair: To always believe my beautiful, beautiful daughter that -- well, if it isn't Dr. MacIver.

Starr: You look different than you did on the wheel.

Troy: Well, a little better, I hope.

Blair: I can't believe that you're up and about after everything that you've been through. I figured you'd be in a hospital somewhere.

Troy: Well, yeah, I'm going to get myself checked out later, but, first, I had to come by and thank this little lady. Thank you very much for saving my life. Now, you know this makes us best friends forever now? You ever need anything, you call me, ok?

Starr: I'll get back to you on that.

Troy: I bet you will, Munchkin. Whoa --

Blair: Oh, are you all right?

Troy: Yeah. No, I'm -- I'm fine. Just -- just a little weak.

Blair: Well, Starr told me about the spider bite.

Troy: Yeah. Guess I'm still a little achy from it.

Blair: Maybe you should see a doctor.

Troy: Yeah, I'm going to. I'm going to, but, first, I have to visit another friend.

Starr: There are some really cool spiders in the garden.

Troy: Spiders? Great.

Blair: Uh-oh.

Troy: Ok, well, I'll take a look, but then I got to go.

Blair: All right.

Troy: Excuse me.

Blair: Perfect. Thank you.

Starr: This way.


Todd: You've been putting ideas into Blair's head?

Sam: I'm doing you a favor, Todd. You could lose your son.

Todd: Only if you interfere.

Sam: Excuse me?

Todd: You mind your own business.

Sam: Todd, you know, I've had it up to here with dirty secrets today. It has left my life in a shambles. But maybe I can use this new expertise to stop the same thing from happening to Blair. Now, what are you afraid of? What are you afraid I'll find out?


Ben: I could hear you in the hallway. You sounded pretty upset.

Rae: Yeah, she was. You know, she was telling me how the two of you got together the night she sang karaoke, and -- and I, of course, I had to ask her if she'd do I for the fundraiser, and, well, you heard her answer. Yeah. Well, on that note, I'm going to go. If you want to call me about any thoughts you might have on what we talked about --

Viki: I will. Thank you. Thanks.

Rae: Just doing my job, ok?

Viki: Yeah.

Rae: Ben, thank you.

Ben: Rae.

Rae: Ok, see you guys later.

Ben: So, was it really awful singing that night?

Viki: No.  Helped me win the heart of a certain bartender who clearly has a tin ear. It was the most wonderful night of my life.

Ben: Remember, we have a date upstairs.

Viki: I wouldn't dream of standing you up.

Niki: I know something you don't know!


Carlotta: I came here to give Keri a piece of my mind.

Antonio: Mami --

Carlotta: Shh. But I'm glad that I didn't. I heard her say something that -- Tonio, I -- I think I need to ask you to forgive me. When I looked at Keri, all I saw was R.J. I didn't see her. I didn't see the beautiful, caring woman that was right in front of my face.

Keri: Mrs. Vega.

Carlotta: I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I was blind. I'm only glad that Tonio had more vision than I had. Keri, I -- I hope we can start over.

Keri: I don't believe we've met. My name is Keri Reynolds.

Carlotta: Very pleased to meet you, Keri Reynolds.


Al: No answer yet, huh? Well, that's ok. I said that I wanted you to take your time, and I meant it. The ring was just burning a hole in my pocket, but it'll keep. In the meantime, Jen, if you feel bad and you need somebody to run to, I'm here, Jen. You know, if your mom ends up going to trial and you need somebody to sit beside you and hold your hand, you got it. When the whole world feels like it's just gone crazy and everything hurts, I'm here, sunup to sundown and the whole night in between. You want someone to hold your hand? You want someone to laugh with, cry with? You got it.

Jen: Why? What have I ever done to deserve you being so good to me?

Al: You are the one person in the world that I can count on, and you must know by now that you can count on me. I really believe that each one of us is exactly what the other person needs. You have no idea what I'm willing to do for you.

Jen: Yes.

Al: "Yes," what?

Jen: Yes, I'll marry you.


Todd: You know, Sam, my life is fine right now. I'm actually happy, which is what you said you always wanted for me. Isn't that right, Coach?

Sam: Don't give me that "Coach" stuff, Todd. I know exactly what that means to you. Yeah, I'd love for you to be happy, but I'm not going to let you do to Blair what Troy has done to Nora.

Todd: I'm not doing anything to Blair except giving her what she wants.

Sam: Troy couldn't have said that any better. Well, look, Todd, I'm Blairís attorney until she says otherwise. So whatever this little secret is of yours, it's not going to be a secret for long.

Todd: Butt out, Sam, or else.

Sam: Threats won't work with me right now, Todd. After the day I've had and whatever you do to me, I probably wouldn't even notice.


Blair: You know, Starr, your daddy and I probably would have believed you, well, about the man on the wheel if you hadn't lied to us all those other lies. You know the story about the boy who --

Starr: Yeah, yeah, yeah, the boy who cried wolf.

Blair: Hey. Don't lie to us anymore, all right? Let me tell you something. I'm still very, very proud of you. I don't know another little girl in this whole world that is as brave as you are.

Starr: Did you hear what Troy said? He wants to be my friend.

Blair: Yes, that's very nice.

Starr: But I wonder who that other friend is that he went to go see.

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