OLTL Transcript Wednesday 3/13/02



One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 3/13/02

By Suzanne

Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Troyís voice: You were the one that gave Nora the drug that wiped out her memory.

Lindsay's voice: Yes.

Starr: There was this man chained up to this big wheel, and they won't let him down. Mommy, you have to save him.

Blair: What?

Sam: Why are you chained up?

Troy: Lindsay. Lindsay.

Jen: I'm not marrying Al.

Cristian: Oh, yeah? Then what's going on between the two of you?


Nora: Oh, no, you donít. You're not getting away with this. You are not getting away with this.

Lindsay: Oh, ow! Get your hands off me!

Nora: Game over, Lindsay. You lose.

Nora: Yes, I need Comm. Buchanan, please.


Carlotta: Hello, Bo.

Bo: Hi.

Carlotta: You're in luck. Today's your favorite paella special.

Bo: Ah, paella. But you know what? I was thinking of something light. It's too late for lunch, too early for dinner. Paella --

Carlotta: I understand. Think about it. I'll be back in a minute.

Bo: Ok, thanks.

Gabrielle: Hello, Bo. What a pleasant surprise.

Bo: Well, pleasant -- I think that remains to be seen. As far as being a surprise, I don't think so.

Gabrielle: Oh, I don't think I understand.

Bo: Come on, Gabrielle. You've been following me. I'd like to know why.


Carlotta: Que pasa?

Cristian: Nothing. Nothing's wrong.

Carlotta: I'm your mother, and I think I know when something's bothering you. And I have a pretty good idea of what it is. Jen Rappaport?


Al: I mean, Shawna and Mollie, that whole crew -- they live for gossip, right? That's why they started the story about us getting married in the first place.

Jen: Yeah, I know.

Al: I would love to see the look on their face if they found out their little story was true.

Jen: Shawna would freak.

Al: Totally.

Jen: But it's not true.

Al: Well, of course not.

Jen: We're not getting married.

Al: Well, no. Yeah -- no, we're not, but -- Jen, when you said that you were in this with me for the long haul, what exactly did you mean by that?


[Doorbell rings]

Viki: Hmm. Ok, I'll get it.

Ben: And I'll get rid of them.

Viki: Oh, please.

Todd: Since when did you lock the door?

Viki: Hello. Hello. Hey, Jack. What's wrong?

Blair: Viki, we don't have anyplace else to turn. Obviously my mother is of no help, and we can't find Dorian anywhere.

Viki: What's the matter?

Blair: We just got back from taking Jack to the hospital.

Ben: What happened to him?

Todd: Nothing.

Blair: Thank God.

Todd: Because the poisonous spider that was in his crib didn't bite him.

Viki: The poisonous spider?

Ben: How did a poison spider get in his crib?

Blair: Starr put it there.

Viki: What?

Blair: That's why Iím here. I mean, Starr was so excited about having a baby brother.

Todd: Tell me about it. She wouldn't shut up about wanting to have a baby brother.

Blair: But now the reality is a whole different story. I mean, I've read the books. I mean, I was prepared for some sibling rivalry. But, I mean, all the lies and now this. I mean, Starr is completely out of control.

Viki: I would have thought she'd learned her lesson after that fake kidnapping business.

Blair: Well, obviously, she hasn't. In fact, the lies have gotten worse. She told us that she didn't mean for the spider to be in Jack's crib.

Ben: Well, where did she get the spider in the first place, Todd?

Blair: Oh -- she told us that she went to the fun house, she found a man there, and that there was a spider there that had bitten him.

Ben: A hairy man looking in the window?

Blair: No, Ben, this time there's a man strapped to a wheel.

Todd: Yeah. Oh, they say an overactive imagination is a sign of intelligence.

Blair: I just don't know what we're going to do. We caught her red-handed right at Jack's crib, and she still insisted that she was not lying.

Ben: Well, is there any possibility that she was telling the truth?

Blair: Oh, come on, Ben. A man chained to a giant wheel?


Troy: Sam, wake up! God, Sam. Sam, wake up!


Nora: Well, if Comm. Buchanan's not there, can I speak to -- no, no, no, please don't put me on hold.

Lindsay: Give me that.

Nora: You're breaking my --

Lindsay: See you, Nora.

Nora: You're not going anywhere with that tape. Give it to me.

Lindsay: Over my dead body.

Nora: That'll work. No, no, no!

Lindsay: Well, you know, you're right. Game over. Only you lost.


Gabrielle: Following you? Don't be absurd. Did you get a haircut? Looks nice.

Bo: Thanks. I got them all cut. Sat pretty close to the barber this time, too. Let's back up here. Are you asking me to believe that it was just a coincidence that you happened to be parked in the police department parking lot?

Gabrielle: Well, a lot of people park there, Bo.

Bo: Yeah, but you started your car right after I started mine.

Gabrielle: Oh? Well, I think I might bet five bucks that three other people started their car the same time you started yours.

Bo: Well, you were two car lengths behind me the whole way over here. They weren't.

Gabrielle: I was starving. There's only one direct route from the station to the diner.

Bo: Come on, listen. An 8-year-old kid -- a junior g-man detective kid -- could figure out you were following me. What's going on?

Gabrielle: All right. I went to see you at the police station. And as I drove into the parking lot, you were coming out of the building and going to your car.

Bo: What'd you want?

Gabrielle: Friend.

Bo: Ah -- that's not quite exactly how I would describe our relationship.

Gabrielle: No, course not. Just roommates, no friends.

Bo: Temporary roommates, yeah.

Gabrielle: Yeah. Well, you see, we've been having dinner together most evenings, and I was enjoying them -- well, the chats that we had. I don't have a lot of friends. Actually, I don't have any friends, but those dinners and those conversations made it seem like I did. With my job making me work late at night and your job keeping you late at night, I guess I just missed them. Just a little. Not much. But -- so I went to find you at the police station because I thought maybe, if you had some time, we could have a cup of coffee or late lunch. And when I noticed that you were coming this direction, I thought, "Well, the diner's not a bad place to go." What's so funny?

Bo: I -- all right, you know, I enjoy eating dinner with someone, too, so would you care to join me?

Gabrielle: I'd be delighted. I just have to wash up.


Cristian: Mama, I don't want to talk about Jen, ok?

Carlotta: Fine. Then Iíll all the talking.

Cristian: Look, I'm serious.

Carlotta: You know, I don't know what I did wrong raising you and your brother.

Cristian: I'm really not in the mood for this.

Carlotta: Antonio is dating probably the worst woman on the planet for him and you're moping around alone when you should be with the love of your life.

Cristian: It's not that simple, ok?

Carlotta: Si, lo es.

Cristian: No, it's not. There are things you don't understand.

Carlotta: I'm sure. There always are. But the part that I do understand is I've seen Jen around town and she's just as miserable as you are. You both look so happy when you're together.

Cristian: Yeah, well, we're not together anymore, ok? It's over. We broke up. Jen is with Al Holden now, ok?

Carlotta: You know, I remember when you would walk through the fire for the woman you love. And I remember when Antonio -- look, Cristian. It's not as if Jen and Al are married. If you love this woman, let her know it. Fight for her.

Cristian: It's not that easy, Mami.

Carlotta: Why, because he's in a wheelchair?

Bo: Hey, Cristian. Haven't seen you in a while. How you doing?

Carlotta: Just like his brother -- completamente loco.

Bo: Did I interrupt something?

Cristian: No. No, it's ok.

Bo: Why is your mom upset with Antonio? I couldn't be happier. One of my top cops right now.

Cristian: Oh, yeah, yeah. We're -- we're all really proud of him.

Bo: I understand you're going back to school?

Cristian: Yeah.

Bo: That's good. Good, yeah. Maybe when you graduate, you'd want to consider a career in law enforcement. Hey, I still owe you for working undercover for me like you did.

Cristian: Yeah, well, that undercover work I did ruined everything.

Bo: It put the kibosh on R.J.'s criminal activities. We put a hit man behind bars.

Cristian: And cost me Jen. I'm never going to get over it, Bo.

Gabrielle: Well, then, I suggest you work a little harder at it.


Al: Jen, what I meant was -- you don't have to answer that. I mean, how could you? It's really not a fair question.

Jen: But it's an honest question.

Al: Yeah. You know what? I should be enjoying you. Right here, right now. You know, people are always worried about the future. They miss out on the present.

Jen: Yeah, I guess so.

Al: And who am I to be asking anybody to marry me? I mean, I couldn't even dance my first dance -- let alone stand at the altar.

Jen: There are more important things than that.

Al: Like finding somebody who cares about you.

Jen: I care about you. You are such a great guy. I mean, you've got so much to offer. I mean, you're funny. You're cute.

Al: I'm really talented and I have a great personality?

Jen: I'm serious, really. I mean, and plus you're a survivor. You've made it through all that stuff with your mom and all this stuff and -- a lot better than some people would.

Al: Oh, yeah, but that's because of you.

Jen: That's not true.

Al: Yes, Jen, it is. Why are you doing all this for me?

Jen: Because I love you.


Troy: Sam! Sam, wake up! Sam, wake up! Oh -- oh, God.

Sam: What happened?

Troy: The beam -- it fell and hit you. Come on, Sam, you got to get up. You got to get out of here while you can.

Sam: I can't move. I'm pinned down.

Troy: Can't get these off. Sam, the crowbar -- can you reach it? Push it towards me. Sam -- further.

Sam: I can't -- ah!

Troy: Further -- come on. Oh, God, I hope this works.


Nora: What did you do? What did you --

Lindsay: No evidence, no crime. I learned something being married to a lawyer.

Nora: Oh, God, I waited too long to see you pay for what you did.

Lindsay: I told you to stop living in the past and get on with your life, but you wouldn't listen.

Nora: You kidnapped me and you drugged me.

Lindsay: Now with that tape gone I can finally rest easy because it's over, Nora. It's the end.

Nora: No, it's not.

Lindsay: Oh, excuse me, but where do you think you're going? There's still the matter of breaking and entering and trespassing and all the merchandise that you broke.


Ben: A man chained to a giant wheel -- I mean, that does sound kind of outrageous.

Viki: It's a little too outrageous. If she were going to make up a story, she'd make up something a little bit more believable, don't you think?

Todd: You don't know Starr very well, do you? You should spend some more time with her.

Viki: Oh, I'd be happy if you would allow me.

Todd: The bigger the lie, the better. That's what Starr has to say.

Blair: Starr just wants attention.

Viki: The same way she did with the hairy man at the window, right?

Todd: Yeah, well, it seems to be working. Look, we're standing around here talking about her.

Blair: Yeah, but this is more than just lies, Todd.

Ben: A poisonous spider is not anything to laugh at.

Blair: Jack could have been bitten by that spider.

Viki: That's a very scary thought.

Blair: Oh, yeah.

Todd: She said it was an accident -- she was trying to get it back into the container she brought it in and I walked in on her.

Blair: Todd, how did it get there in the first place?

Todd: You know Starr. She likes creepy things.

Blair: I just don't know anything about this sibling rivalry stuff.

Viki: I tell you what. Let's go in the library and have a little chat, shall we?

Todd: That's a good idea. I could use a drink.

Viki: Not you, Todd. Just us, ok?

Blair: Actually --

Ben: Hey, allow me.

Blair: Go to your Goddaddy.

Ben: I know Lois would love to see him, too.

Viki: Ok

Blair: Viki, I don't know what Iím going to do. Obviously, Todd is not as worried about it as I am. I mean, am I crazy to be this concerned?

Viki: No, not at all.

Blair: That Starr could have killed her little brother with that spider.

Viki: Yes, she could have. But thank God he's all right.

Blair: This time.

Viki: Let me ask you something. Is it possible she was telling the truth about it being an accident? I mean, maybe she really was just -- you know how she is -- trying to show the spider to Jack and it got loose?

Blair: Even so, I mean, I was scared for Starr. I mean, that spider could have bitten her.

Vi: Yeah, she does have fascinations with the oddest things.

Blair: Just tell me that your kids kind of did that stuff growing up, will you, please?

Viki: Well, no, no poisonous spiders, no. Although Kevin once dug a big hole in the snow and put Joey in it and left him there.

Blair: How did you find him?

Viki: Kevin came in, calm as anything, and took his boots off. I said, "Where's your brother?" He said, "Oh, mom, we found a snow cave. Joey wants to live there forever."

Blair: Oh, no.

Viki: I took him outside with no boots and made him show me where he'd left Joey. And you know, Blair, when a child has been the only one for a certain length of time, it's very hard for them to suddenly realize they have to share their time with mother and father.

Blair: Well, do they ever grow out of it, Viki?

Viki: Yeah, and sometimes they just find more acceptable ways of dealing with it. I mean, to this day, Kevin and Joey play a really mean one-on-one basketball game.

Blair: Starr -- she wanted this little baby brother so much.

Viki: Be careful what you wish for.

Blair: And she's so smart. You know, you'd think that she would figure out that this is backfiring on her and that we're just getting angry at her.

Viki: Well, yeah, but that's negative attention, and sometimes that's just as good or, you know, better than positive attention because somehow they feel that you care.

Blair: Oh, we do. Oh, my gosh, we love her so much.

Viki: Yeah, I know that. I think maybe she needs to be reminded. All it might need is a big dose of very positive attention to get her to be feeling a little more -- I don't know -- secure.

Blair: You think so?

Viki: I sure hope so because it's what Iím banking on with Natalie and Jessica. I keep reminding Jessie that she's loved. I keep trying to give Natalie some kind of security that she obviously never got from Roxanne.

Blair: Oh, Viki, I swear, I -- I still can't believe that that happened.

Viki: You mean Natalie and Jessica?

Blair: Yeah, that -- how did those babies get switched like that? I mean, for the life of me, I don't understand how -- how could a mother not know her own baby?


Todd: That's a terrible idea. There's no way Iím sending Starr to a shrink.

Ben: Well, therapy could help her adjust to this.

To: I know all about therapy. I went to therapy for an hour.

Ben: Yeah. And as I recall, you said that you got better. Look at you, man. I'm kind of impressed. I mean, you're a family man, a happily married man.

Todd: Well, things are fine. I don't need anybody interfering. Not a shrink, you know, and not your no-good used-to-be-brother, either.

Ben: What's Sam got to do with this?

Todd: Sam's been poking his nose in my business -- mine and Blairís. He needs to find himself a hobby -- some other way to spend his time.


Troy: One more good hit.

Sam: You ok? You better go for help.

Troy: No, Sam, there's no time.

Sam: No, it's too heavy. Go on!

Troy: Yeah, right, and let Nora think you died -- leaving you here --

Sam: There's nothing you can do!

Troy: Can you move your leg?

[Sam groans]

Troy: You all right? Can you walk?

Sam: I think so.

Troy: Put your arm around me. I got you, I got you.

Sam: Ok.

Troy: All right.

Sam: Who's got who?

Troy: We've got each other. Let's go.

Sam: No, no, no, there's a wall of fire behind those. Got to go the way I came in! Come on! There's no time!


Nora: Oh, you have got to be kidding me. Here goes nothing.

Nora: Oh. Ok. Fallen right about here. Well, here goes nothing.

Lindsay: You're never going to find it.

Nora: Yes, I will. If I have to stay here all night, Iíll find it.

Lindsay: Not if I find it first.


Gabrielle: All right, so you want to tell me what this is about you still loving Jen, hmm?

Cristian: I got to get back to campus.

Gabrielle: No, no, you put my son in a wheelchair, whether he blames you for it or not.

Bo: That's enough, Gabrielle.

Gabrielle: And I want to tell you something. Jen is with Al right now, and it's one of the reasons that he's getting through this very difficult time, and I don't want you going in there and interfering and messing any of it up.

Bo: I said that's enough.

Cristian: You know what? I already got this lecture from your ex-husband. I am not interfering with Jen and Al. I'm minding my own business. I think you should do the same.

Gabrielle: Al is my business.

Bo: Well, we weren't talking about Al. See, we were talking about Cristian's future, so that means that maybe you were the one that interrupted this.

Gabrielle: You were?

Bo: Mm-hmm.

Gabrielle: Well, then, I apologize. And I also appreciate that you're not going to interfere with Al and Jen.

Cristian: You're welcome.

Bo: Why don't we sit down and order?


Carlotta: Cristian, de donde va?

Cristian: I got to go to campus, Ma.

Carlotta: Now?

Cristian: Yeah. Yeah, I left books --

Carlotta: Can't it wait till tomorrow?

Cristian: No. No, it can't. Mom, I just want to be alone, ok?


Bo: You don't know when to quit, do you?

Gabrielle: He put my son in a wheelchair.

Bo: Al said it was an accident.

Gabrielle: Caused by him.

Bo: You know, if I were you, I would concentrate on my own life right now, and then maybe you might make smarter decisions.

Gabrielle: My son's been going through rather a difficult time lately, and he doesn't need to have his heart broken on top of everything else.

Bo: He's a big guy. I mean, you can't protect him from everything.

Gabrielle: Well, I could try.

Bo: Well, I did try -- with Drew. I couldn't protect him from what was destined to happen. You see -- what will be will be, Gabrielle.

Gabrielle: That's what I'm afraid of.


Al: You love me? Do you know how long Iíve waited to hear those words? I love you, too. I love you, Jen.

Jen: Well, of course I love you. You're my best friend.

Al: Oh, but I -- I mean that I -- I love you -- not as a friend. I mean, like, I love you.

Jen: I know.

Al: You know, Jen, if I thought that you loved me the same way that I love you, you know, I could walk. I'm sure I could.

Jen: Al, please.

Al: I could, ok? I could walk, I could dance, and I could ski -- all the things that would make you happy.

Jen: I don't want you to do those things for me.

Al: But I want to. I want to do them for you. I want to do be able to do everything you want me to do. I want to give you everything you want.

Jen: But I want you to do those things for yourself.

Al: There's no reason to without you.

Jen: But I'm here. I'm here. That's -- that's what I'm trying to tell you. That's what I meant by the long haul. I'm not going to leave you.

Al: You promise?

Jen: I promise.

Al: Then why don't we make the rumor true?

Jen: What?

Al: Marry me.


Sam: This whole place is coming down. Weíve got to hurry.

Troy: You don't hear me arguing.

Sam: I think it's this way.

Troy: What? No, no, no, no, no! That way's a dead end.

Sam: Are you sure?

Troy: Yeah, Sam, listen, you got to trust me.

Sam: All right. Ok.

Troy: We're almost out.

Sam: Somebody up there must like us.

Troy: Yeah. Maybe it's Colin, huh?

Sam: Come on, Iím getting you to a hospital.

Troy: No. No, Sam, weíve got to get to Lindsayís gallery.

Sam: You're in no condition --

Troy: No. Listen to me -- Noraís in trouble.

Sam: Come on, let's go!


Lindsay: I got it!

Nora: Give me that tape. Give it to me.

Lindsay: It's mine. Mine. Mine, mine -- Chumbawamba? What the hell is that? You know what? Give it up, Nora. You aren't going to find it. And even if you do, it's not going to be playable.

Nora: Then why don't you give it up?

Lindsay: Because I don't want to give you the satisfaction.

Nora: I know how much it meant to Troy to get that confession. I'm not about to let him down.

Lindsay: Why not? He won't know anyway.

Nora: What have you done to him? Where's Troy?


Lindsay: What was that?

Nora: I don't care what that is Ė


Gabrielle: I am so afraid that my son won't walk again that the last thing I want him to go through is a broken heart on top of it.

Bo: So you think if you worry enough, then he'll get up and walk again?

Gabrielle: It worked when he was an infant.

Bo: Do any of us ever go through this life without having our hearts broken at least one time?

Gabrielle: Oh, I have -- not. But I don't see why he couldn't be an exception to the rule.

Bo: Yeah, of course, because you're his mother, you know? We'll do things for our kids that we would never do in our right minds, you know, under normal circumstances.

Gabrielle: Because they're our children.

Bo: But it doesn't mean that it's what's best, what's right -- not what's best for them or what's best for us.

Gabrielle: Are you turning into a friend?

Bo: Maybe.

Gabrielle: Maybe you're right. You probably are right. I should concentrate more on my life and leave Al's life to Al.

Bo: Oh. See, you start with little steps, like deciding what you want to eat. You know what? Carlotta's -- she's having that paella. She made that. She's famous for it, so --

Gabrielle: Oh, it sounds delicious, but I was thinking of something a little bit lighter.

Bo: Yeah, me, too. How's work?

Gabrielle: Oh, not bad.

Bo: Working for Todd Manning is "not bad"?

Gabrielle: Yeah, I mean, you know, he's all right. He's got a good side. I'm sure Iíll find it one day.

Bo: Like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Gabrielle: Oh, it's not really that bad. Oh, look, this garden salad looks good.

Bo: Yeah. You know, I've read some of your columns, and looks to me like Manning's giving you a free rein. That's not like him.

Gabrielle: Is this what a friendly chat sounds like?

Bo: Oh, I just can't resist the temptation to try to unravel a mystery here.

Gabrielle: Oh, what do you think's in the tuna surprise?


Viki: I don't know, Blair. I don't know. I ask myself that question a thousand times. How did I not know? I don't know.

Blair: Viki, Viki, please, I hope you don't think that I was suggesting that you aren't a good mother because I know that you are. That's why Iím here to ask for advice about Starr.

Viki: Yeah, well, I wouldn't leave her alone with Jack for now, I mean --

Blair: Oh, I wonít. Definitely won't.

Viki: You know, and I guess you have to be discreet about it, and you know, pay attention to her, make her feel special. And if you and Todd promise her something, you know, you kind of have to follow through on it.

Blair: Well, what if she keeps on going on with these wild stories about a man chained on a wheel, and --

Viki: I expect that'll stop.

Blair: And what if it doesn't?

Viki: Um -- I don't know. I guess you're going to need professional help with her.

Blair: Professional help? Starr would never want to go.

Viki: I'm sorry. I feel so strange.

Blair: Are you ok?

Viki: Yeah.

Blair: Let me get you a glass of water. You sure you're all right?

Viki: Yeah.

Blair: I can go get Ben. You need Ben?

Viki: No, no, no. No, donít. Don't get Ben.

Blair: Viki --

Viki: I'm fine. No --

Blair: I've just been going on about my problems. Thank you so much --

Viki: No, that's ok. That's ok. I just need to sit down. I'm all right. Thanks. Keep me posted. Let me know what happens, will you?

Blair: I will, and thank you.

Viki: Sure.

Viki: You are so right. How on earth could I not have known that my baby was switched with another child?


Ben: You know, it's been my experience that if Sam sticks his nose in something, he usually has good reason.

Todd: No, not this time. Blair, go get Jack. Let's get out of here.

Blair: Well -- thank you.


Sam: Nora? Lindsay? What the hell happened here?

Troy: One of them found it.



Nora: I don't care what that sound is. You're not going to distract me from looking for that tape.

Lindsay: Ok, then, get out of my way. Get out of my way.


Nora: Oh, my God.

Lindsay: Now what?

Nora: Look.

Lindsay: Oh, my God. Oh!


Blair's voice: How could a mother not know her own baby? How could a mother not know her own baby? How could a mother not know her own baby?

[Viki gasps]

Niki: Now, see, that is a very good question, ain't it?


Todd: I want to eat at home.

Blair: Todd, there's no food there.

Todd: I'll order in.

Blair: Look, I'm not ready to go home yet. We have to figure out what we're going to say to Starr.

Todd: Viki told you what to do with Starr. You keep her away from Jack and give her some special time and you follow through on your promises. Now let's go.

Blair: Look, Todd, she put a spider in Jack's crib. Now, we have to deal with that.

Todd: Fine. We'll deal with it in the car.

Blair: What is wrong with you?

Todd: I don't want to be here.

Blair: Why not? She's with Bo?

Todd: Yeah. Now can we go?

Blair: No, no, go find out what they're talking about. Go, go -- find out what they're talking about.

Todd: So I need for you to go down to the mall, get a story together for tomorrow's style section. I want to find out what the kids are wearing these days.

Gabrielle: I'm eating.

Todd: Yeah, well, I'm your boss.

Gabrielle: Mm-hmm. Yeah, well, my contract says I write what I want to write.

Blair: Todd, we're waiting.

Todd: Ok. Rabbit food, huh?

Blair: Don't push her. She might get angry with you and tell Bo that we adopted Jack illegally.

Todd: She's not going to tell Bo anything about Jack. Not so long as Iím her meal ticket.

Blair: Well, I don't like them together.

Todd: Really?

Blair: No.

Todd: I think it's interesting. Very interesting.

Gabrielle: Ahem. So, think the Phillies are going to, you know, have what it takes to make it all the way this year?

Bo: Name one Phillies player. Oh, you're a real baseball fan.

Gabrielle: Is Todd really that much more interesting than I am?

Bo: I guess it's that unsolved mystery thing again, but, you know, what the heck? I got a lot of time to think about unraveling this one. How is your salad?

Gabrielle: Green.


Jen: You want me to marry you?

Al: Yeah.

Jen: Really?

Al: Yeah. I don't have a ring -- I mean, it's kind of spur of the moment, but --

Jen: Yeah, tell me about it.

Al: But I give you my word, Jen, Iíll never hurt you. I love you, Jen, and I always will.

Cristian: I love you more than anyone or anything I've ever loved. Please, marry me.

Jen: I -- I don't really know what to say here.

Al: Say yes.

Jen: I canít. I can't -- not now.

Al: But someday.

Jen: I don't know. I don't know. I don't even really know how I feel about marriage. I mean, my parents weren't exactly poster children for happily ever after.

Al: Well, I understand. I mean, my parents are divorced. But -- but -- that's why Iím determined, ok? When I get married, it's going to be one time and one time only. Especially if it's to you.

Jen: Let me think about it.

Al: Think about what? Think about marriage in general or think about marriage to me?

Jen: To you.

Al: You promise?

Jen: I promise. I will think about marrying you.


Sam: One of them found what?

Troy: Lindsay's confession tape.

Sam: There was a tape?

Troy: There was a tape. Lindsay knew about it. I'm pretty sure Nora did, too.

Sam: Then she finally got the proof?

Troy: Yeah, I think so. But at what cost?

Lindsay: It's compacting the garbage.

Nora: Got to be a switch to turn it off here somewhere. It's on the outside!

Lindsay: There's no steps out of here. There's no way out. Nora, there's no way out.

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Jen: I don't really know how much that you heard --

Cristian: I heard enough.

Seth: What research are you doing? How to spend the money?

Niki: I was invited.

Viki: By whom?

Sam: Which one wound up with the tape?

Nora and Lindsay: Help! Help!

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