OLTL Transcript Friday 3/8/02



One Life to Live Transcript Friday 3/8/02

By Suzanne

Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Natalie: Aren't you going to tell me how brilliant I am?

Al: Getting Seth sent to jail?

Jessica: I care about you.

Roxy: Well, you keep telling yourself that.

Troy: You can't keep her.

Starr: Why not?

Troy: She's poisonous.

Sam: This is an illegal adoption, isn't it?

Blair: Yes.

Lindsay: Troy found out what I did to Nora. He taped my confession.


Lindsay: Well, I'm glad you've finally decided to do what's best for everyone.

Troy: That's right, Lindsay. I'm finally going to tell you where I hid your confession tape.

Lindsay: I knew you'd come to your senses sooner or later. After all, a man in your position doesn't have much to bargain with.

Troy: I don't care what you do to me, Lindsay. But now you're threatening Nora, and that changes everything.

Lindsay: I don't care about your reasons. Just give me the tape.

Troy: No. First I need to know that Noraís going to be ok.

Lindsay: Well, that's up to you, isn't it?

Troy: Not necessarily, Lindsay. You see, Nora is a very determined woman. I'm sure by now she's wondering what happened to me. She's going to come looking for me.

Lindsay: That would be too bad for her.

Troy: Well, that's exactly my point. So before I tell you where that tape is, I need to make sure that Nora is off your trail. That way I know you won't hurt her.

Lindsay: You really believe I would hurt her, don't you?

Troy: Lindsay, that's all you've been telling me for the last few days. Besides, I know what you're capable of when you feel threatened. Just look what you did to me.

Lindsay: Well, yes, it would be best for all parties involved if Nora would mind her own business. It would also be a historical event. So how do you plan on making that happen?


Nora: Thank you so much for coming. Come on in.

Hank: Well, the way you sounded on the phone, I thought I'd better get over here right away.

Nora: Yes.

Hank: What's going on?

Nora: I need to find Bo.

Hank: Yeah, well, I got that part. I asked around, and he's off on a case.

Nora: Oh, no.

Hank: All right, tell me what's wrong. Maybe I can help.

Nora: It's Lindsay. She's not acting normal. I think she's really gone off the deep end.

Hank: Well, Nora, with Lindsay, that is normal.

Nora: I'm serious, Hank. Among her other diverse activities, I think she's responsible for Troy's disappearance.


Jessica: Did you hear what I said? I said I need your help.

Natalie: Yeah. Yeah, I heard you. I just can't believe it.

Jessica: Well, believe it.

Natalie: So the catch is what?

Jessica: No catch.

Natalie: Well, if this is about Seth, then you can forget it. I'm not going to give you tips on how to hold on to my boyfriend.

Jessica: This has nothing to do with Seth. It's about Roxanne.

Natalie: What's she done now?

Jessica: She's drinking, she's smoking, she's eating all the wrong things.

Natalie: What else is new?

Jessica: What's new is that she's making a dangerous medical condition even worse.

Natalie: So she really is sick?

Jessica: Ben ran the tests himself.

Natalie: Man. Just when she should be lying, she's telling the truth. So, what's the problem?

Jessica: Hypoglycemia. A really bad case.

Natalie: I -- I don't even know what that is. It sounds really bad.

Jessica: It is. That's why I need you.

Natalie: Wow. I just can't get over what Iím hearing from you. You need me. Hmm.


Todd: I asked you a question, Sam.

Sam: I heard you, Todd.

Todd: So answer me. What are you doing here?

Blair: You know, Sam is probably your only friend, Todd.

Todd: Sam's not a friend of mine. I'll ask you one more time. What are you doing here?

Sam: It's ok, Blair. Now, Todd, I don't usually respond to that kind of tone, but for your wife's sake -- a couple of weeks ago, Blair asked me for some suggestions regarding setting up some trusts for the kids, and I just thought Iíd stop by to apologize for not getting to it sooner.

Todd: It's not something else?

Sam: Something else?

Blair: Yeah. Like what?

Todd: Don't know. Never mind.

Blair: Did you happen to see Starr when you were upstairs?

Todd: Yeah, I did. Let me tell you something, Starr's acting weirder than usual.

Starr: What was the name that the man on the wheel gave me? Was it Dora? Ora? Flora? Cora? Nora? Nora! Nora -- that's it. Nora Buchanan, like Asa.

Starr: Hi, Mr. Computer. I need Nora Buchanan's phone number.


Lindsay: Well, if you think you have some way of getting Nora off my back, now would be a good time to share it with me.

Troy: All we have to do is convince her that you had nothing to do with her kidnapping.

Lindsay: I've been telling her that for months.

Troy: That's right, you have. But I havenít.

Lindsay: What are you proposing?

Troy: Simple, Lindsay. A phone call. I'll tell her that I was wrong about you, that I finally got you to open up to me, and as it turns out, you've been telling the truth all along. Lindsay Rappaport had nothing to do with her kidnapping. It was Colin after all.

Lindsay: And you think she'll believe that?

Troy: Well, I can be very convincing when I want to be.

Lindsay: Yes, I know you can. There's just one problem with that idea.

Troy: What's that?

Lindsay: I don't trust you anymore, Troy. How do I know if I get you on that phone that you're not going to give her some kind of clue as to where you are?

Troy: So what are you saying, Lindsay? Huh? Would you rather we not contact her at all?

Lindsay: No, it's not that. It's just I think I have a better idea.


Seth: Can I get you something?

Al: Yeah, can I get a can of soda?

Seth: Yeah.

Al: So, what you doing?

Seth: I'm counting up last night's take. We do it every morning and take it to the bank.

Al: Oh. Why don't you do it the night before?

Seth: Are you kidding? After an evening in this place, we're lucky to have enough brain power to fall into bed.

Al: Complicated, huh?

Seth: Not especially.

Al: Well, you've counted that money, like, five or six times.

Seth: It's the first time your dad has trusted me with it, and I don't want to screw it up.

Al: Oh. Yeah. Yeah, I see. Thanks for the soda.


Jessica: Is it really that strange that Iíve come to you with this?

Natalie: Yeah. It's pretty strange.

Jessica: Natalie, I know we're not exactly getting along. But we are sisters and we both have ties to Roxanne.

Natalie: Not something I'd really brag about.

Jessica: No, but it is something we have in common.

Natalie: Ok, is this the part where we're supposed to start bonding? Because, you know, you can probably forget about that.

Jessica: You know, there was a time when I thought we were friends.

Natalie: And I was conning you.

Jessica: Ok, well, you know what? Maybe we could try that again, but this time for real.

Natalie: We'll see. Tell me about Roxy.


Roxy: No need to get nasty with me. I'm on your side, remember?

Allison: Good. Then we should get along fine. You see, if people treat me the way I deserve to be treated, I can be pleasant, sociable, even fun.

Roxy: Oh, yeah, fun. Right.

Allison: It's just when people try to double-cross me that I can give goose bumps to the devil.

Roxy: You know, I believe it, I believe it. So much that I think I have to have a couple of belts of champagne.

Allison: No.

Roxy: No? What do you mean, "no"?

Allison: I mean no.

Roxy: Are you going to be a missionary and try to save me?

Allison: Not in the least. Once our project is completed, you can drink yourself into another life for all I care. But for right now, no.

Roxy: Yeah, well Jessie told me not to drink. That really worked out really well.

Allison: Well, I'm not Jessica. I don't ask. I order, and you obey.

Roxy: All right, ok. You know, what's the point of having money if I can't have a little fun?

Allison: The point is that if we play our cards right, Roxanne, we can end up getting much more money out of Jessica than a pathetic 1,000 bucks.

Roxy: How much more?

Allison: Multiply by 50, 100, at least.

Roxy: All right, 50 times 1,000. I like it.


Blair: You know, I think that Starr is really acting strange. She came running in here, grabbed the phone, said she was going to call a friend, but I think she's lying, Todd.

Todd: I don't know if she's lying, but what was really weird was she walked into Jack's room --

Blair: Yeah?

Todd: She was all sweet and cheerful.

Blair: Oh, no. Something's probably wrong.

Todd: I know. I'll go check it out.

Blair: Thank you for not saying anything.

Sam: Hey, it's no big favor. But if this birth mother keeps making those threats, you and Todd are going to have to take my advice.

Blair: Oh, it's not me that you have to talk into. It's Todd. He's the one that doesn't want to go to court.

Sam: Well, I know all about Todd. But the courts could be your only recourse. I know Todd would probably prefer a more hands-on approach.

Blair: Yeah, hands around Nellieís neck.

Sam: But you've got to talk him out of that. I mean it, Blair. The courts are notorious for siding with the biological parents, and you give them any reason at all and the results could be disastrous.

Blair: Ok. Thank you. Thank you for helping, even though Toddís being nasty to you for some reason.

Sam: No big deal.

Blair: You know, before Jack's christening, Todd and I agreed that you were going to be Jack's Godfather. So when he said Benís name, I was so shocked.

Sam: It's ok. Ben will make a really good Godfather. I'll be happy just making sure you get to keep your baby.

Blair: Thank you.


Starr: Get back in the bottle! Get back in the bottle!


Max: Ok.

Seth: Everything added up?

Max: Yep. 3,030 right on the button. You can take off long enough this morning to run it over to the bank. Lunch crowd shouldn't start rolling in until about 11:00 anyway.

Seth: Where you going?

Max: Run some errands. I'll be back.

Seth: Max, could I ask you something?

Max: Yeah, sure. What is it?

Seth: I'm a little tapped out making the credit card companies happy.

Max: Uh-huh.

Seth: I was wondering if maybe I could get paid today.

Max: Well -- paying you biweekly, right? Yeah, I'm sure we can work something out. Just remind me when I come back, ok?

Seth: Ok, thanks.

Max: Keep up the good work, Einstein.

Al: All right.

Natalie's voice: So if you love Jen just as much as you claim you do, you're going to have to do exactly, exactly what I want you to do.


Jessica: Somehow I have to get Roxanne to lay off the alcohol, stop eating the sweets, and stop gambling her money away. She needs the money for medicine.

Natalie: Right. And are you going to bring peace to the world while you're at it?

Jessica: You think this is funny?

Natalie: No but I used to tell myself the same joke. When I was a kid, I went to school without lunch money half the time because Roxy was blowing it on the lotto. People like that -- they don't change.

Jessica: Yeah, but, I mean, if someone helps her, then --

Natalie: How? By emptying out the bottles and cleaning up her house? She'll have it looking like a bottling plant in no time. And what do want to do, keep up with her bills and keep some extra cash around for emergencies?

Jessica: Is that what you did?

Natalie: For too long. And Roxy, she'll find it and she'll blow it. She'll blow it on the ponies and on the slots, and if it's not gambling and booze, it's cigarettes and makeup and junk food. Roxy's not the brightest bulb, but when it comes to burning up money and digging her own grave, she's a genius.

Jessica: She's sick, ok, and she's had an awful life. I mean, come on. I don't blame her for trying to run away from it. I would do the same thing.

Natalie: No, you wouldn't. Not like her, anyway. I mean, yeah, I felt sorry for her, and I feel awful that I couldn't make her happy. But I couldn't. No one can.

Jessica: No. No, you're wrong. I can help her. I will.


Roxy: Oh, yeah, $50,000.

Allison: Minimum. That is if you don't stop chasing Jessica away by living la vida loca. You're not going to get another nickel.

Roxy: Hey, what do you want me to do, start living like a nun?

Allison: Hey, Iíd accept something remotely human. You have a medical condition and Jessica knows about it. For this to work out, you have to show at least a teensy bit of concern and act a little less greedy.

Roxy: You know, I'm not really big on this impulse control thing.

Allison: So Iíve noticed.

Roxy: But I'm going to do it. I'm going to do it because it's really important. I mean, I'm going to at least try to do it.

Allison: Perhaps it might help if you think that you might simply drop dead.

Roxy: Could that happen?

Allison: It's not impossible. I'm going down to Break Bar to use one of their computers to research your condition.

Roxy: Why?

Allison: Because I want to find out how much you can eat, drink, and be merry and without endangering your own life. And then Iím going to come back and tell you how stupid you can be with Jessica. See, stick with me, and you can live long and die happy. Don't, and you'll wish you never were born. Any questions?


Hank: All right, come on, Nora. Sit down, all right? Let's look at this thing calmly. First of all, we don't even know that Troyís disappeared.

Nora: What are you talking about? Troy would never walk out on his patients. He would never abandon the clinic, not after he worked so hard to get it up on its feet. Something's wrong, Hank. I know it.

Hank: Look, you said you were going to talk to Sam about Troy. Did you?

Nora: Yes.

Hank: Did you tell him everything?

Nora: Yes, everything. It was a disaster.

Hank: Oh, come on. I can't believe that. Sam's a pretty reasonable guy.

Nora: He walked out on me, Hank.

Hank: Oh. Well, this is serious. In fact, Iíd say fixing things with Sam is your biggest problem right about now. So why don't you do that and let me worry about Troy?

Nora: I can't stop worrying about Troy if I think something's happened to him, and I feel responsible.

Hank: Look, Nora, if this isn't based on anything more than just a feeling --

Nora: Ok, well, now it is. It's a printout of an e-mail that I just got.

Hank: From Troy? So you heard from him?

Nora: No, just read it.

Hank: "Dear Nora -- I'm writing this to you from De Gaulle Airport in Paris. Lindsay called off the wedding. She realized I was only trying to get her to confess, and what's truly horrible is I was wrong. So were you. It was Colin who injected you with that drug. Lindsay was completely innocent. I am sorry, Nora. I don't see how I can ever face you again, so I'm returning to Africa. Maybe someday I'll find a way to make this up to you. Until then, all my love, Troy." Ok, so there you go. He hasn't disappeared. He's ashamed that he failed you, so he's not coming back.

Nora: There's only one problem, Hank. I called De Gaulle Airport and talked to a friend of mine in French Immigration. Troy MacIver was never in Paris.


Lindsay: Hello, Troy. How are you enjoying France?

Troy: Why are you so happy, Lindsay?

Lindsay: I just sent Nora an e-mail from De Gaulle Airport outside of Paris from you.

Troy: From me? What did I have to say?

Lindsay: You said that you were wrong about Lindsay and so was she, that it was Colin who gave her the drug and Colin who kidnapped her, and that you felt so much shame and embarrassment about failing her and letting her down that you moved back to Africa.

Troy: It's never going to work, Lindsay. She'll never believe it.

Lindsay: She will if she hears it from you.

Troy: Oh, well, that's a great idea. Why don't you take me to her and Iíll tell her?

Lindsay: Yeah, like that's going to happen. We can do it like this.

Troy: What, you're going to record me?

Lindsay: Uh-huh. And then Iím going to play it for Nora over the telephone. See, that way you can't add any extra dialogue.

Troy: Come on, Lindsay, you don't think she's going to notice the conversation's a little one-sided?

Lindsay: Oh, of course she will. Which is why Iíll wait till she's out of the house, and then Iíll leave it on her answering machine.

Troy: You really think this is going to work?

Lindsay: Just lie to her like you lied to me, and she'll believe every word you say. Now, this is what I need you to do, exactly. I need you to be as persuasive as you've ever been in your life. I need Nora to believe that I'm innocent and that you have left town. That is what I have to have her believe. Do you understand?

Troy: Just turn on the recorder. Turn it on. Hey, Nora. By now you've gotten my e-mail, so you know how everything turned out. I know it's hard for you to accept, but for your own peace of mind, you've got to. I was wrong about Lindsay, and you were, too. I should have realized it that night I asked Lindsay to marry me, standing in front of the Ramali in the Gallery, that what I was doing was wrong. You warned me, but I wouldn't listen. I hurt Lindsay, and I hurt you. I hope you can forgive me, and I hope someday that Lindsay can forgive me, too. We've all got to get on with our lives now as best we can. For you and the rest of my friends in Llanview, that means a life without me in it. So I guess this is good-bye, Nora.

Lindsay: That was very good. Just enough information to be believable. I'm surprised that you didn't try to leave her any clues.

Troy's voice: The Ramali in the gallery.


Starr: It was an accident! I'm sorry, Iím sorry!

Todd: Shh! Shut up. Be quiet.


Natalie: Jessica, you and I have gotten a lot closer, so would you mind if ask you a personal question?

Jessica: Sure.

Natalie: Are you really this totally clueless?

Jessica: No, but obviously stupid enough to believe that you could actually be nice.

Natalie: I am being nice. In fact, stopping you from trying to fix Roxy is probably the nicest thing anyone could ever do for you. You haven't met anyone like her, have you?

Jessica: No, I havenít. But, I mean, Iíve met people with problems.

Natalie: Not like her. So let me just give you a little crash course. Roxy will tell you a lot of things and she'll make you a lot of promises. But there's really only one sure way to know when she's lying.

Jessica: How?

Natalie: Whenever her lips are moving.

Jessica: Ok, you know what? I think you're being a little tough on her, don't you think?

Natalie: No, I don't think so. Not as hard as she's been on me all of these years. If you try to help Roxy, she's just going to bleed you dry.

Jessica: No, there has to be a way that I can help her.

Natalie: So what are you going to do? Beg and plead for her to change? To kick her habit?

Jessica: No, that wouldn't work. Begging and pleading wouldn't work. You're right.

Natalie: So Iíve gotten through to you?

Jessica: Yes, you have. But I just thought of something that will work. I just thought of something that Roxanne needs.


Hank: So from the sound of that e-mail, Troy doesn't want to be found. So it's no big surprise that the man lied to you about his whereabouts.

Lindsay: It was Lindsay that lied to me about his whereabouts. She wrote the e-mail. Hank, I told Troy not to play this game with Lindsay, that it was going to be dangerous, and everything that's happened since then proves that I was right. Can you just do something? Can't you do something? Anything?

Hank: What do you have in mind?

Nora: I don't know. Start a criminal investigation.

Hank: Nora, think like a lawyer.

Nora: Oh --

Hank: I mean, can I really build a case on a hunch and a questionable e-mail?

[Phone rings]

Nora: No. No, I'm sorry I'm wasting your time.

Hank: Whoa, whoa. You forgot who you're talking to here, huh? Seeing you is never a waste of time.


Noraís voice: Hi. You've reached 555-0136. Please leave your name and number after the beep.

[Answering machine beeps]

Hank: You want me to say anything about all this to Bo?

Nora: No. The last thing I want to do is waste his time with my conspiracy theories. Thank you, though. No.

Hank: You take care, ok?

Nora: Ok. Love you.

Hank: Always.

Troy's voice: Hey, Nora.

Nora: Troy?


Todd: Starr, get out of here.

Starr: No, let me do it! Dad!

Todd: No, I think you have done enough.

Starr: Dad, I don't care. I don't care if she's poisonous. She's my friend.

Todd: Poisonous?

Starr: Dad!

Blair: Hey, what's going on up here?

Starr: Dad!

Blair: We heard some screaming. Did something fall?

Todd: Yeah, my foot fell on a poisonous spider.

Blair: A poisonous -- well, was he anywhere near Jack?

Todd: Only in his crib.

Blair: Oh, no.

Todd: But don't worry. I killed him before he could hurt anybody.

Starr: He's a she.

Todd: Yeah, well, now he's a was.

Sam: Well, thank God Jack is ok.

Blair: How did he get into Jack's crib?

Todd: Oh, that's the best part. Starr put it there.

Blair: Starr!

Starr: It was an accident!

Todd: Oh, really? It just crawled out of that glass jar of its own volition?

Starr: She did. She got out herself. I don't know how she did it.

Blair: Starr, you brought that awful thing into this house.

Starr: It was my proof to show that there was really a fun house.

Todd: Ok, that's enough. I don't want to hear about fun houses or men tied to wheels or girl spiders. Not another word out of you. Do you understand me? Not one more word!

[Jack cries]

Blair: See what you've done? You made Jack cry, Starr. Shh. It's ok, it's ok.


Natalie: Hey, if we're going to do this, it needs to be done now before he leaves and takes all the money.

Al: Look, I don't know how Iím going to get my hands on it, Natalie.

Natalie: Be creative.

Al: Creative? Seth hasn't taken his eyes off that money for one second. Look, let's just admit this is a really lousy idea.

Natalie: No, it's actually a very great idea. Now, if you'll just do your part and pull it off, everything will be nice.

Al: Can't we do this another time?

Natalie: Ok, look, there may not be another time, ok? Every day that we wait to do this is every day that Jessica and Seth get closer, and that's just another day that Jen might find out that you can walk, and how quick do you think she's going to go running back to Cris?

Al: Only if you say something.

Natalie: Well, what can I say? Jen deserves to know and so does Cris. I mean, he is a good friend, Al.

Al: If he's such a good friend, why don't you just go and tell him already, ok? Go ahead.

Natalie: And blow the chance to peel my sister away from my boyfriend? Yeah, no one's that good of a friend, Al. So if you want to be with Jen, you better pull this off, Al. Now.

Al: Ok. Go over to Seth and get him to keep his eyes on you for a little while, ok? A minute or so.

Natalie: I can do that.

Al: Ok.

Natalie: Hey, Seth.

Seth: Hey. Can I do something for you?

Natalie: No. I just want to thank you for letting us hang out here and not have to buy anything, you know.

Seth: No problem. But I'm going to have to ask you guys to leave now.

Natalie: Oh?

Seth: Yeah. I got to hustle this over to the bank.

[Alarm sounds]


Lindsay: Mission accomplished. By now, Nora is listening to your sad good-byes and your exoneration of me. She's not going to like it, but she'll believe it.

Troy: Which means you're in the clear, Lindsay. Nora will stop looking for me and you can leave her alone now.

Lindsay: Well, there is the small matter of the tape. That was part of the deal.

Troy: Ah, right. The tape. I almost forgot.

Lindsay: Let me remind you, Troy, that if anybody finds that tape before I do, then the phone call that we left for Nora isn't going to help. Now, my patience is waning. Where's the tape?


Troy's voice: I should have realized that night when I asked Lindsay to marry me, standing in front of the Ramali in the gallery, that what I was doing was all wrong. You warned me, but I wouldn't listen. And now look -- I hurt Lindsay and I hurt you. I'm sorry. I hope someday you can forgive me, and I hope someday Lindsay can forgive me, too. We should all get on with our lives now as best as we can. For you and all my friends in Llanview, that means a life without me in it. So I guess this is good-bye.

[Answering machine beeps]


[Alarm sounds]

Natalie: What is that?

Seth: It's the fire alarm. I better go check it out. It's probably nothing. It's happened before. Just a sec.

[Alarm stops]

Seth: There.

Natalie: Where are you going?

Seth: I got to go make sure everything's ok. I'll be right back.

Natalie: Good move. Get over there. You don't have long.

Al: Oh, yeah, well, I got plenty of time. I got plenty of time.

Natalie: Come on, hurry!

Al: I'm hurrying.


Roxy: Oh, come on, baby. Come on. Oh, that wack job Allison was right. I got to prepare for the long haul.

[Knock on door]

Roxy: Hey.. You're early, babe. Oh, hi.

Jessica: Hi. You ok? I was worried about you.

Roxy: Oh, yeah, I'm fine.

Jessica: You don't look fine.

Roxy: Yeah, well, maybe I'm a little down. Come on in. You know, it's this blood sugar thing, and Ben said I was going to be going through these mood swings, but I'm really going through the loop-the-loop.

Jessica: Maybe if you bought your medicine you wouldn't be feeling this way.

Roxy: Ok, look, I know I blew it. But you know, if you want me to change the way you want me to change, I think Iím going to need a little more than medicine. I mean, I got so many problems that I count them to fall asleep at night.

Jessica: Ok, well, why don't you take one problem at a time?

Roxy: Yeah, well, I don't know where to begin.

Jessica: Well, if you talk like that --

[Bottle falls]

Jessica: You're already defeated. I'm sorry.

Roxy: Oh, that's ok, honey. Well, yeah, I'm not surprised, you know?

Jessica: Roxanne --

Roxy: All right, look, it's really nice for you to be worrying about me, and it's really nice that you gave me that pin money. But you know, the stuff that I really need, you can't buy me, ok?

Jessica: Like what?

Roxy: Yeah, like what? Like a completely new life, or, you know, maybe a little couple of steps into a new one. Or a job, maybe --

Jessica: What kind of a job?

Roxy: Well, you know, nothing fancy, you know? I'm not actually front office material. I could go back to waitressing.

Jessica: You were a waitress?

Roxy: Oh, yeah, around one billion B.C. But I had chops then. "Hey, Joe, a couple of hen fruit, wreck 'em, and burn the British." Not bad, huh? Scrambled eggs and English muffin.

Jessica: Oh.

Roxy: Pretty good, huh?

Jessica: Yeah, that's good, that's good.

Roxy: You know, and along the pike, you know, they're always hiring waitresses.

Jessica: So it sounds like you have a plan.

Roxy: Oh, like I got a plan. No, I got dreams. I got a ton of dreams.

Jessica: Well, if the dreams came true, then --

Roxy: Who's going to hire me? I don't have any decent clothes. I haven't had a good hair day since jimmy carter was president. And even if I had an interview, you know, I'd have to fix the transmission of that old beater that's curbside. You know, it's true what they say -- you have to have money to make money.

Jessica: So if you had the money, you would go after the life you dreamed of?

Roxy: Yeah, and if I were Madonna, I could dance a little.

Jessica: What if I gave you the money?

Roxy: Oh, honey, you've already given me too much.

Jessica: $10,000? How would that do?

Roxy: Yeah, that would be a help.

Jessica: Comes with a price, though.

Roxy: Uh, what?

Jessica: I want you to stop drinking, stop smoking and gambling your life away.

Roxy: For $10,000 and a chance at a whole new life, I could do it.


Troy's voice: I should have realized that night when I asked Lindsay to marry me, standing in front of the Ramali in the gallery, that what I was doing was all --

[Tape rewinds]

Troyís voice: Standing in front of the Ramali in the gallery.

[Answering machine beeps]

Troyís voice: In front of the Ramali in the gallery.

[Tape rewinds]

Troyís voice: Ramali in the gallery.

Nora: Is that a clue? Are you trying to give me a clue? But what is it?


Sam: I'm sure Jack will be all right.

Todd: Yeah, Jack better be all right.

Blair: Well, the pediatrician said that we needed to bring him in just to check him anyway.

Sam: Well, I'll stay with Starr until Hedy gets back.

Blair: Thank you, Sam.

Sam: Sure, no problem. You're welcome.

Blair: Todd, you want to say something?

Todd: Yeah, if she gets hungry, she gets bread and water.

Sam: You want me to lock her up in the pantry, too? Hey. Hey, it's ok. Your parents were just upset that there was a spider in Jack's crib. They still love you.

Starr: I'm not crying about me.

Sam: What are you crying about?

Starr: My spider.

Sam: Oh, well, your dad had to kill the spider because, well, he or she might have hurt Jack.

Starr: She wouldn't hurt them. I wouldn't let her. She was my proof.

Sam: Your proof of what?

Starr: That there is a man on a wheel.


Lindsay: Well, Troy? I'm waiting.

Troy: Fine, Lindsay, I'll tell you. The tape is at the hospital.

Lindsay: No, it's not. I looked in the hospital.

Troy: No, Lindsay, you looked in my office. It's not in my office. It's in the supply closet next to my office.

Lindsay: Do you really expect me to believe you?

Troy: You know what? Believe whatever you want to believe, Lindsay. I told you where it is, but the closet's locked. You're going to need a key to get in.

Lindsay: I'll find a way.

Troy: Oh, I bet you will, Lindsay. I bet you will.

Lindsay: What is this?

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Natalie: Wait. You can't go in there.

Mollie: First you shack up, then you shackle up, get married.

Sam: I need you to tell me everything you know about this man. Can you do that?

Lindsay: Who was here, Troy? And why were you telling them about Ramali?

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