OLTL Transcript Monday 3/4/02



One Life to Live Transcript Monday 3/4/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Rae: We had a bit of a breakthrough.

Jessica: I booked us a hotel room.

Seth: You did?

Natalie: I keep my mouth shut about the fact that you can walk, you help break up Seth and Jessica.

Nora: Troy doesn't love Lindsay. He never did.

Troy: If you save me, you're going to be a hero.


Blair: I'm so glad you are safe, Sweetie.

Starr: Mom, you're squishing me.

Blair: We were just worried so sick. You could have been hurt, honey.

Starr: Mom, Iím fine, but I found a man --

Todd: We called the cops. You know that, Starr? Not that they would've believed a word we said after your fake kidnapping story. Now, where the hell were you?

Starr: I told you -- at this really spooky place. And there was this man chained up to this big wheel, and they won't let him down. Mom, we have to save him.

Blair: What Ė


Troy: You can do it, kid. Come on. Just call the police and get me out of here before Lindsay comes back.


Jen: Mom's not in Paris and she's definitely not married.

Sam: What?

Cristian: Either she's back or she never left to begin with.

Sam: Hold on, you two. What do you know about this?

Cristian: Well, I heard some noises coming from Troy's loft. And when I went to check it out, there was Lindsay tossing the place.

Sam: Where was Troy?

Cristian: I don't know, but she said she was looking for his passport. I tell you what -- it must've been hidden pretty well because she tore that place apart.

Jen: So we went to Troyís office to look for him and we found Mom there sneaking out of the door, wearing dark sunglasses.

Sam: And still no sign of Troy?

Jen: I haven't seen him since he left for the airport.

Cristian: If they ever did.

Jen: She's lying about something. She's really scaring me.

Sam: Well, if Lindsayís not in Paris and Troy is nowhere to be found, something definitely went wrong.

Jen: Something she doesn't want us to know about.


Nora: Lindsay. Where's Troy? And what are you doing in my house?


Renee: Hi.

Waiter: Ms. Divine? A gentleman left this for you.

[Renee laughs]

Renee: That was no gentleman. That is a two-bit lying cheat who was willing to make me think and the rest of his family believe that he was dead. He broke my heart. He wants to buy it back.

Waiter: Uh --

Renee: No, no arguments, C.W. No.

C.W.: Ms. Divine --

Renee: Send that to Asa Buchanan and tell him I'm notÖ

Ben: Ahem. Happy anniversary.


Jessica: Here I am, reporting for duty.

Seth: What are you so happy about?

Jessica: Not -- well, yeah, I am happy. I love working here. What can I do? Clean glasses, wash dishes, what? More ice?

Seth: You could cut up some limes if you're in the mood.

Jessica: Sounds good. What's this?

Seth: What's wrong?

Jessica: Seth -- Seth, you can't keep buying me gifts!

Seth: What, you don't like presents?

Jessica: No, I didn't say that. I like presents, but -- no! You're spending too much money on them.

Seth: Hey, you're the one paying for the hotel in Philly, right?

Jessica: Yeah. That doesn't mean that you have to get me something else.

Seth: Are you going to open it?

Jessica: Come on. First the necklace and then the concert tickets and now this. It's too much, Seth.

Seth: Just open it.

Jessica: Uh! "I.O.U. The kiss of a lifetime."


Natalie: Those two look awfully cozy for two people who just broke up.

Al: Back off, Natalie. I know what you're trying to do.

Natalie: Just making an observation.

Al: I can handle Cristian. You just see that our little secret doesn't get out.

Natalie: ďLittle"? Al, you can walk. I think this is pretty gigantic.

Al: So what?

Natalie: So we know that that's the only reason Jen is with you instead of Cristian. You going to tell me Iím wrong?

Al: Jen came to me when Cristian dumped her, ok?

Natalie: Yeah, and then she went running right back to Cristian the second she had a chance and didn't think twice.

Al: Yeah, well, things have changed, Natalie, or is that a concept you can't grasp?

Natalie: If you believed that, then you wouldn't have agreed to my deal.

Al: Deal? I call it blackmail.

Natalie: It's a 50/50 exchange. You use your friendship with Jessica to break up Seth and Jessica. I let you keep Jen.

Al: What if I can't turn Jessica against Seth? Surprise -- she does have a mind of her own and she seems to like the guy.

Natalie: That's your problem. But if you need some help, I can give you a few suggestions.

Al: Yeah? I'll bet you can. I have plenty.

Max: What's going on over here? You two have been whispering for the past half-hour. And from what I hear about you, that could be bad for my son's health.

Natalie: Well, I've heard a few choice things about you, too, Mr. Holden.

Al: We're just talking, Dad.

Natalie: Bonding. Your son and I have mutual interests.


Jen: And when I told mom that I was going to call you, she begged me not to. And then she broke down and said that marrying Troy was a huge mistake.

Sam: She said she was crazy about him. Something definitely must have gone wrong. What is it, Jen?

Jen: She thinks that he's cheating on her.

Sam: With whom?

Jen: I couldn't get it out of her. She acted like she didn't know.

Sam: Which means she wouldn't tell.

Jen: Maybe. But I was thinking since you and Nora know him, you might have an idea. Do you?


Lindsay: What am I doing here?

Lindsay: Nora is the last person I want to hear that tape, and her house is the last place I would have thought of looking.

Troy: No, it's not there, Lindsay.

Lindsay: Oh, yes.

Troy: It's not.

Lindsay: It is. It's there, and I'm going to find it, and I'm going to destroy it.

Lindsay: You know exactly why Iím here.

Nora: It's late. I'm in no mood for riddles. I'm waiting for an explanation. I trust you have one.

Lindsay: I am also waiting for an explanation, Nora. Why'd you do it? Are you really willing to go that low?

Nora: Ok, I'm calling the police.

Lindsay: You go right ahead. Why don't you call Sam while you're at it? I'd like everyone to know what it is you're capable of.

Nora: And what exactly is that?

Lindsay: You almost did it to me this time, you know? You nearly destroyed me.

Nora: What are you talking about?

Lindsay: Stop it, Nora. Stop lying. You did it. You did all of it -- you and Troy.


Todd: So, Starr, this man on the wheel -- he didn't happen to have long, shaggy hair and be carrying a big stick, did he?

Starr: Very funny. Of course not, Dad.

Blair: Sweetheart, nothing bad will happen to you if you just tell us the truth.

Starr: Listen, that guy was an imaginary guy, but the guy on the wheel is real!

Todd: So where'd you find this wheel guy, Starr?

Starr: You see, the man -- I asked the man to take me to reptile roundup.

Todd: Which man? The wheel man?

Starr: The cab driver.

Blair: Cab driver?

Starr: But then he got lost and instead he dropped me off at this empty park. And there was this building that said "Funhouse."

Blair: Oh, my God. You could've been killed, Starr Manning.

Todd: I'm telling you -- electronic bracelet.

Starr: This is serious, you guys. So I went in, and there was this trick mirror, and it made me look all tall and wavy.

Blair: You mean like "Alice in Wonderland," Sweetie?

Starr: This is real.

Todd: Ok, fine. You're looking at the mirror. It's making you look all tall and wavy.

Starr: And then I noticed that it had this door.

Todd: Oh, like all good trick mirrors do.

Starr: So I went through the mirror, and that's when I saw the man.

Todd: The wheel man.

Starr: He's tied up to a wheel. And he got bit by this black widow, and if we don't help him, sooner or later he's going to die.

Blair: Ok, Todd, you know we really got to do something here.

Starr: Call the cops, Mom.

Todd: Ok, Starr. How did the guy get on the big wheel?

Starr: A really evil person put him up there.

Blair: Oh, like, the wheel guy -- I bet he probably called a cab because he was running away from home and he didn't want anybody to know where he was going. Is that what you want to have happen to you, Sweetie? Is that it?

Starr: Fine. Don't believe me. I'll call the cops myself. I don't need you.

Blair: Whó


Jessica: Well, I'm ready to collect.

Seth: In front of all these people?

Jessica: Wow.

Seth: We can build on that tomorrow.

Jessica: I cannot wait to spend the whole night with you.


Natalie: It'll work, Al. Just do it.

Al: Oh, you're a real charmer, Natalie.

Natalie: Jessica is at the Break Bar, so I suggest you go down there. And by the time you're done, Seth and Jessica better be history.

Al: Seth works there. What, do you want me to do it right in front of him?

Natalie: You just do your part and leave Seth to me.

Al: It's never going to work.

Natalie: Play the sympathy card, Al. Jessica's going to believe anything you say as long as you're in that chair.

Al: I don't tell her who to date. I never have. That's not our friendship.

Natalie: It is now. So don't hold back because failure's not an option.

Al: Oh, really?

Natalie: If Jessica doesn't buy this, then Jen's going to have to find out that you've been running laps around the carriage house.

Al: Well, what about Seth, huh? Am I supposed to force him to be in love with you? Earth to Natalie -- the guy's not interested.

Natalie: You don't know anything about him.

Al: I see the way he looks at Jessica. That's all I have to know. He's not going to fall into your lap just because, you know, they had one little issue.

Natalie: Seth and I -- we were together long before Jessica showed up. We -- we belong together.

Al: Yeah, according to you.

Natalie: Love just doesn't disappear, Al, not that you'd know anything about it.

Al: Hey, I love Jen, ok?

Natalie: Then you'd better help me.

Al: You know, if you had never tried to ruin Jessicaís life, she and Seth never would've met and you could have lived happily ever after.

Natalie: Yeah, with nothing in some rat hole while Jessica lived my life. Uh-uh. I don't think so.

Al: You're not very smart, Natalie, if you think you can just waltz into Llanview here and take whatever you want without giving something up.

Natalie: Don't you have somewhere you need to go?

Al: Did you ever think that maybe the only reason you're so obsessed with getting Seth back is that he's Jessicaís and you just want everything she has?

Natalie: No. Jessica sucked Seth in with her little victim act. But when we were poor -- when we were poor together -- I never complained. And I found a way out, and he loved me for that. And he still loves me. So just do what I tell you. You'll see.

Al: One more question.

Natalie: What?

Al: How do I get to Break Bar without Jen?

Natalie: Why don't you walk?

Al: Hey, Dad -- would you mind giving me a ride over to the Break Bar?

Max: What about Jen?

Al: Oh, I don't want her to know where I am. I'm planning a surprise.

Max: You're leaving her here with Cristian. Are you sure that's a good idea?

Al: I'm not worried. Just tell her I'll be ok and that Iíll see her when I get home.

Max: If you say so. Be right back.


Cristian: I've seen Jenís mom act crazy before, but this time was really off the charts.

Max: Uh -- Jen, excuse me. Al and I are going to have a little father-son time, if you don't mind.

Jen: Ok.

Max: I'll get him home.

Jen: Have fun.


Renee: Ben -- darling, this is -- this is very beautiful.

Ben: First anniversary is pearl, isn't it?

Renee: You are my pearl.

Ben: I just wanted to mark the occasion with something special. I just want you to know how lucky I am to have you in my life, Mom.

Renee: Ditto, Son. Are you really sure about this? I mean, it's exquisite but must've cost a king's ransom.

Ben: Mom, I want you to have it. It's been a year since you found out that I was your son.

Renee: Oh, you think I forgot our anniversary? Got you, didn't I? Oh, that wonderful day and that wonderful news.

Ben: Sorry I didn't tell you sooner. I was just so worried about how life would be and never realized it was going to be such a cakewalk. I mean, I am just such a lucky man. I've had two amazing women to call Mom.

Renee: Do you know how many years I spent wondering what it would be like if I found my son, Asaís son? What he would be like. I never would've imagined that he would be such a good man. I'm so proud of you, Ben.


Todd: Nobody's going to call the cops, Starr.

Blair: There's some real people who could be in trouble somewhere.

Starr: He is in trouble. He could die.

Blair: You know, when I was a little girl, I had an imaginary friend, and we used to have these really wonderful tea parties, Starr.

Starr: That's dumb.

Todd: Ok, Starr, what's your buddy's name?

Starr: He's not my buddy. He's a man tied to a wheel like this.

Todd: Ok, this is starting to creep me out.

Blair: Uh-huh.

Starr: He's already sweaty from the spider poison. And if we don't help him soon, then -- he's going to not be able to breathe and he's going to get cramps.

Blair: Did you get all this, like, from the nature channel?

Starr: Does it matter? It's true.

Blair: Starr, did I ever tell you about the story about a little boy who used to cry wolf all the time? Do you remember that story?

Starr: I'm not a baby.

Todd: Ok, Starr, if you're going to make up a new lie, you could at least make up a better lie.

Starr: If it was a lie.

Todd: Ok, I'll bite. Fine. Where was this place?

Starr: It was at 4-5-3, or was it 3-2-1 or -- ocean something or bay -- oh, great. Now you made me forget.

Blair: Ok, you know what, sweetheart? We know that you've been lying because you feel like you're being ignored, but your daddy and I love you just as much as we have ever, ever loved you. And Jack -- he's just a little, bitty boy. He can't take care of himself.

Starr: Jack again!

Blair: Ok, you know what? You have our full attention right now.

Todd: What she's trying to say, Starr, is that your plan worked.

Blair: Yes, so there's no reason to lie. You can forget about the man on the wheel, ok?

Starr: But --

Todd: No buts. Your mother's right.

Starr: No, she's not.

Todd: Usually she's not right, but now she is. You're a terrible liar, Starr. You need to cut it out.

Starr: Well, fine. If you won't the call the police -- I don't care. I'll stand here and I'll kick and I'll scream and I'll hold my breath till I turn blue and die, and it'll be all your fault!

[Starr screams]

Blair: Ok, you know what? This is not going to work this time.

Todd: Starr, Iím calling Rae Cummings.

[Screaming stops]


Nora: There is no Troy and me. There never was.

Lindsay: And you have the nerve to stand in a courtroom and call me a pathological liar.

Nora: If the shoe fits.

Lindsay: You never stopped hating me.

Nora: You never gave me reason to.

Lindsay: Everybody thinks you are a saint. "Nora, the truth-teller." But you don't fool me for a minute. I know who you really are.

Nora: What happened with Troy?

Lindsay: Troy was mine. And then you had to take him just like you had to have Bo and Sam and everything else I always wanted.

Nora: Oh, my God, you have completely snapped.

Lindsay: Your little plan almost worked. You know, when Troy told me the truth, at first I -- I didn't believe it.

Nora: What truth?

Lindsay: Stop acting like you don't know what I'm talking about! When Troy told me, I think I actually -- I think I did go a little bit crazy, but Iím over it. You will not win, Nora. You will not destroy me because I will fight you to the finish.

Nora: What is it that you're accusing me of?

Lindsay: Troy told me everything, Nora.

Nora: What are you talking about?

Lindsay: He told me that he never really loved me; he said he was never going to marry me, and he told me that you knew about it the whole time. You made a fool out of me. You set me up to trick me into confessing to something that I didn't do. And now you and Troy are both going to have to pay.

Nora: My God. What did you do to Troy?


Troy: You were responsible for Noraís kidnapping, too.

Lindsay: Yes, and I let Colin take the blame for it.

Troy: And you were the one that gave Nora the drug that wiped out her memory.

Lindsay: Yes. And I let Colin take the blame for that, too. Well, I can't very well let you walk out of here, can I, now that you know what Iíve done to Nora.

Lindsay: Look, I don't want to keep you chained up in here! I don't! I'm not that kind of girl. But I will. Until you tell me where that tape is.

[Truck horn beeps]

Troy: Help -- help! Help me! Help me! I'm in here! Help! Help.


Al: Well, thanks for the ride, Dad. You don't need to stay.

Max: I told Jen Iíd get you home.

Al: Yeah, but I need to talk to Jess -- you know, she can give me a ride when she goes home.

Max: Is there something going on here I don't know about?

Al: I'm planning a surprise for Jen. Jess is helping out. It's on a need-to-know sort of basis.

Max: Deep cover. I see.

Al: Yeah -- 007. So -- I'll see you.

Max: Yeah. I just want you to know that Iím really glad things are working out with you and Jen. And I also want to say that I'm really awed by the way you are dealing with all this. It -- I don't think I could do it. I'm really proud of you, Son.

Al: Thanks, Dad.


Al: Hey.

Jessica: Hey.

Al: What are you doing here?

Jessica: I'm giving Seth a hand.

Al: He's making you work for him?

Jessica: No.

No. He had work and I wanted to be with him, so Iím helping out. It's fun.

Al: Yeah, I guess.

Jessica: You know what's even better? I'm going to that concert tomorrow --

Al: Really?

Jessica: In Philly with Seth. We're going to actually stay overnight.

Al: Oh, I didn't know that -- I didn't know you guys were that serious. I mean --

Jessica: Oh, no. I know what you mean. No, we're not. But --

Al: But what, Jess?


Cristian: Listen, I got to go make a phone call, so I'll be back just in case you need anything else.

Sam: Thanks, Cristian.

Cristian: Yeah. Ok.

Cristian: Hey, Antonio, this is me, Cristian. I'm at Capricorn, but no sign of RJ. I hope he's not dogging you and Keri again. I'll keep an eye out.

Sam: I'll handle this now, Jen. I don't want you worrying.

Jen: How can I stop? I've never seen mom act this off before. Troy must have really hurt her, and you know how she gets.

Sam: Yes, I know how she gets. But I think I know someone who can help.

Jen: I'm just glad that you know now.

Sam: All right, listen. You know that I don't want anything bad to happen to your mom. You know that, right? Ok. Now, try not to worry. I'll see you soon.

Jen: Ok.

Sam: Ok.

Man: Hey, baby. Had my eye on you all night. You want to give me a dance?

Jen: I don't think so. Thanks.

Man: You mean thanks but no thanks?

Jen: I'm with someone, ok?

Man: Well, I don't -- I don't take no for an answer, Babe.

Jen: Hey.


Starr: So, you want me to go to Dr. Rae and come back with my head all shrunken?

Todd: Dr. Rae is a shrink, but a shrunken head is something else entirely.

Starr: I have one, remember?

Blair: Starr, a little therapy might not hurt, Honey.

Starr: I'm not crazy. You are.

Blair: Hey! We're still the parents and you're still the kid!

Todd: I told you you couldn't go to reptile roundup. Do you remember that?

Starr: Because of Jack.

Todd: Yeah, but you tried to go anyway. You came up with this whole phony phone call from your teacher. And when that didn't work, you just ran away.

Blair: Yeah, and we're letting you get away with murder.

Starr: That's what this is going to be -- murder.

Blair: Oh, Starr, this is the biggest whopper you have ever told. First a man at a Funhouse with a spider bite.

Starr: It's true!

Todd: Ok, Starr, you want to make a deal? Let's make a deal, ok? You admit that you're lying right now and then there won't be a punishment.

Starr: If I say that I'm lying, then I'll be lying.

Blair: Ok. That's it. Hand it over -- the cell phone.

Starr: But --

Blair: No "but." Hand it over right now. Give it to me! Now. Ok? And you're coming with me. Hedy! Hedy, I need you to sleep in Starr's room tonight because she is in for a major time-out.

Starr: I don't want her in my room! Her stomach makes noises!

Todd: Hey, you do the crime, you got to do the time.

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Starr: You guys lie all the time. It's not fair.

Todd: Since when have we pretended to be fair?

Starr: Just to let you know, I'm not lying. The guy asked me to save his life. And if he dies, it's going to be all my fault. And you don't even care.


Troy: Help -- help me! Help! Whoever's there, help!

[Truck pulls off]

Troy: I've been kidnapped. I'm being held prisoner. Please, help! Help me. Can anybody hear me? I'm in here. Help! Oh, no, no, no. Help me.


Nora: Where is Troy? What have you done to him?

Lindsay: All I did was love him. What about what u both did to me? What about that?

Nora: Where is he? I want to talk to him.

Lindsay: Why? So you can laugh at how desperate I am? So he can tell you how every time he made love to me he was really thinking about you the whole time?

Nora: That's not true.

Lindsay: It is true. He told me that he loves you. I told everyone I was getting married. I believed I was getting married. I thought I was finally going to be happy. But I guess love is blind -- and deaf and dumb, too.

Nora: You were in Troyís office when I was speaking to Claire?

Lindsay: Maybe I was and maybe I wasn't.

Nora: Why did you come here? What are you looking for, Lindsay?

Lindsay: Well, I'll tell you exactly why I'm here. And then Iím going to call Sam and everyone else and tell them what you did to me. Oh, I've been waiting a long time, Nora, to tell the world what a selfish, vindictive bitch you really are.


Natalie: So, you guys going to that concert here on campus? I hear the band's really cool.

Seth: No, actually, we're going to be out of town.

Natalie: Out of town? Where?

Seth: You're not going to like it, Natalie.

Natalie: Give me a break.

Seth: All right. I guess it better that I tell you than to have somebody else let you know.

Natalie: So?

Seth: We're going to a concert in Philly, and we're spending the night.


Jessica: Look, I know it's a big step. But, I mean, Seth and I, we've been dating for a while, and he's a good guy.

Al: Yeah, I'm not such an easy sell.

Jessica: Al, I know what I'm doing, ok?

Al: Was it your idea?

Jessica: Yeah. Yeah, actually, it was. What? If you think he's pressuring me, you're wrong, ok?

Al: Jess, what are you doing?

Jessica: Don't worry about me. I'll see you later.


Al: We got a problem.

Natalie: No, Al. You've got a problem.


Asa: I can come back another time.

Renee: Asa, wait. Are you all right?

Asa: Yep. No -- no complaints.

Renee: Oh, well, no snide remarks about us being sentimental fools or something?

Asa: No. I guess it's a good thing.

Ben: Since when?

Asa: A man can change, can't he?

Renee: You change?

Ben: Yeah, what did Rae do, brainwash you?

Asa: No, she shrunk me. And damn it if I don't feel smaller.

Renee: Will wonders never cease? When's your next appointment?

Asa: Renee, one session was plenty.

Ben: I don't think that's the way it works, Asa.

Asa: That's the way I say it works, Ben.

Renee: Ha -- ha, ha. Ha. That's the Asa Buchanan I know. Mm-hmm.

Asa: A year ago, you found out that Ben was our son, right?

Renee: You remembered?

Asa: You know how I feel about family.

Ben: That's the first time you ever referred to me as family.

Asa: You're not going to yell at me, are you?

Ben: No, no, no.

Renee: Asa, I -- I know how you love family. That's what makes it so sad. You ran away, you pretended to be dead, and you threw away everything -- not just the people you love. The possibilities, the future -- everything that means something to you. And I wish it could be different.

Asa: I was wrong. Enjoy your celebration.


Jen: Hey --

Cristian: What, you have a hearing problem? The lady said no.

Man: Ok, Superhero, let me go and we'll take it outside, huh?

Cristian: Why don't I just take you outside, huh?

Cristian: You ok?

Jen: I'm fine. But I wouldn't have been if you hadn't been here. Thanks.

[Music plays]

Jen: This is the song that we danced to at the quarry back when --

Cristian: Yeah, I remember.

Jen: I'll never forget that night. I'll never forget anything about you.


Lindsay: I came here to have it out with you once and for all.

Nora: Really? I caught you sneaking out of my house.

Lindsay: As I stand here looking at you, I realize something. You are pathetic.

Nora: And you're dangerously insane.

Lindsay: You think you're better than me.

Nora: You broke into my house.

Lindsay: All those years of hating you -- you're not worth it. You get other people like Troy to do your dirty work. You used him to get to me! You'd have broken his heart just to see me punished!

Nora: He left you, didn't he? If he left you, Lindsay, I truly am sorry.

Lindsay: Left me?


[Music plays]

Jen: Good-bye, Cristian.


Al: Your plan's never going to work, Natalie. Those two are way further along than we thought they were.

Natalie: It's not too late, Al. Not yet.

Al: You haven't heard?

Natalie: What, the little lovefest in Philly? Yeah.

Al: Yeah.

Natalie: Seth told me all about it. But you're going to stop it, and you're going to stop it now.


Renee: Asa? Wait. Why don't you stay for a drink. To family.

Asa: Are you sure you want a lying, old polecat like me to stay here?

Ben: Sure, why not? I mean, I'm half polecat.

Asa: You are nothing like me, Ben.

Renee: Stay, Asa, for a drink with our family?

Asa: I don't have a present or anything.

Renee: Oh. Now look what our -- our son gave me. It's beautiful, huh?

Asa: Yep. Just like you, Renee.

Ben: Come on, Asa. Join us.

Asa: I don't want to intrude. I'll take a rain check.


Blair: Hedy is going to sleep up in Starrís room tonight.

Todd: You know, Starrís right. Weird noises do come from that woman's stomach.

Blair: Todd, our little girl is sick. I think we should call Rae.

Todd: No, come on. She's going to forget all about the wheel guy by tomorrow.

Blair: What if she doesn't?

Todd: She just wanted to go to reptile roundup. She wouldn't take no for an answer.

Blair: Something just doesn't feel right, Todd.

Todd: Blair, she's your daughter, ok? So she's stubborn and willful and a little sneaky --

Blair: And sick.

Todd: Intense.

Blair: It's in all the Cramers. I mean, she's half Cramer, and she's got a little Viki in her, too. I mean, I'm just really -- I'm worried. I'm scared for my little girl.

Starr: You believe about the wheel man, don't you? You know that I'd never lie to you. He's really, really real. And I got to get out of here if Iím going to save him.


[Evil laughter]

Troy: Come on, munchkin. Where are you, little girl? She's not coming, Troy. Nobody's coming. Nobody's -- nobody's coming.


Lindsay: Troy didn't leave me. I left him. I figured out your plan. You seduced him and then you convinced him that I was behind everything Colin did to you. You had him wrapped around your little finger, didn't you?

Nora: What did you do, Lindsay?

Lindsay: I straightened him out. And now that he knows you used him, he never wants to see you again, Nora.

Nora: Where is he, Lindsay?

Lindsay: He's gone. And believe me, he is never coming back.

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Viki: I wanted to talk to you about your condition. May I come in?

Max: I know what you two have been doing. It's going to stop now.

Seth: What's up with you and Al?

Jessica: Seth has changed.

Al: Has he?

Sam: Lindsay, what happened between you and Troy?

Lindsay: Nora happened.

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