OLTL Transcript Friday 2/22/02



One Life to Live Transcript Friday 2/22/02

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Keri: Antonio Vega, I am in love with you, too.

Natalie: If you can walk, you don't need any more help. If you don't need help, you don't need Jen, and the second she figures that out, she's running back to Cristian.

Lindsay: I would appreciate it if you didn't tell her that you saw me here.

Troy: As long as everything stays nice and quiet, you keep your venom to yourself.


Troy: Just relax. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate the company, but just keep on moving. Come on. Keep going. I'm going to keep everything nice and calm and quiet until you leave. Keep going. Don't stop there.

Lindsay: Where's the dam?

Troy: Oh, oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Do you have any idea what you just did?


Viki: Carlotta, you're reading the personals.

Carlotta: Oh, I --

Viki: Hey, you don't have to explain that to me. A lot of my relationship with Ben was carried on in the personals. Best thing that ever happened to me.

Carlotta: Viki, I -- I’m doing this for Antonio, not for me.

Viki: You're kidding. You're playing matchmaker?

Carlotta: Well, somebody has to. Antonio hasn't dated anyone since he broke up with Keri Reynolds.

Viki: Keri Reynolds? Is that the same Keri Reynolds who's a professor at the University?

Carlotta: Mm-hmm. And she's R.J. Gannon's daughter.

Viki: No.

Carlotta: Yes. I mean, can you imagine -- one of my boys mixed up with R.J.'s child?

Viki: Oh, that must be hard for you.

Carlotta: Yeah, but thank god, Antonio came to his senses and he saw that this woman was wrong for him and they broke up.


[Music plays]

Antonio: Hi.

Keri: Hi. Um --

Antonio: What?

Keri: You going to let me in?

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, I just -- I wanted to look at you a little longer.

Keri: How much longer?

Antonio: Oh, I don't know -- 50, 60 years or so.

Keri: Whoa. What's gotten into you? Ah, I should've guessed.

Antonio: Tu no eres solamente parte de mi vida. Tu eres parte de mi alma.

Keri: What does that mean?

Antonio: This.


Jen: What, did something happen with Natalie?

Al: Who said anything about Natalie?

Jen: Nothing. It's just when I left you with her, you were fine, and then I come back and you're like this.

Al: Look, it's just really frustrating to be stuck in this stupid wheelchair waiting for stupid elevators that --

Jen: I don't really think it's about that. You've been freaking out about Cristian ever since we left. What, did Natalie say something to him? What?


Natalie: Look, I don't know where to begin.

Cristian: Then don't.

Natalie: Huh?

Cristian: I'm not having a very good day, Natalie. First, it was seeing Jen with Al at Jessica’s party, and then I come here and I run -- I'm just not in a very good mood.

Natalie: Yeah, well, that's probably about to change as soon as I tell you what's going on.


Troy: This will be over soon, Nora. I promise you. But I won't see you again until it is.


Nora: Troy? Oh.

Ben: Hi, Nora.

Nora: Hi.

Ben: How are you?

Nora: I'm sorry. I thought you -- I thought you were --

Ben: Yeah, I heard. You thought I was Troy.

Nora: Yeah.

Ben: No, he -- he's still somewhere in France with my ex-sister-in-law -- unless, of course, you have some reason to believe he's back.

Nora: No no, -- I mean, I -- I ought I heard something in here and so I came in thinking it was, you know, but it wasn't, so I -- I was actually hoping that someone had heard something about where he was, either here or the clinic or someplace.

Ben: Yeah, well, no one has and it's really important that I speak to him.

Nora: Oh.

Ben: But luckily, I may have a clue to where they are.


Troy: Oh. Oh.

Lindsay: Are you afraid of that spider?

Troy: Not just any spider, Lindsay. That was a poisonous spider.

Lindsay: You just got bitten by a poisonous spider?

Troy: Yes!

Lindsay: How do you feel?

Troy: How do I feel, Lindsay? It hurts! But you don't have to worry about that because it'll all be over soon. Its venom is lethal.

Lindsay: No. No.

Troy: Oh, God. You finally did it, Lindsay. You finally did it. Now you can add murder to your list of crimes. How do you feel?


Natalie: Look, I just came back from the carriage house. I was alone with Al --

Cristian: I didn't know

Cristian: I'm not very good with riddles, Natalie. What do you know?

Jessica: Hello.

Cristian: Hey.

Jessica: I wanted to drop off your Comp Lit -- oh.

Natalie: "Oh" to you, too. I guess it's better than you accusing me of doing other things.

Jessica: Haven't we gone through this already?

Natalie: Hmm, yeah. I'm sure you thought we did.

Jessica: All right, look. Natalie, Al is my friend. I told him what I saw -- you and Cristian together.

Natalie: Uh-huh. Well, do you want to know what I saw?

Jessica: Not especially. Have your notes. Have a good day. I'll come back later.

Cristian: What was that all about?

Natalie: Just forget about that, Cris. Listen to me -- Al has been playing you. He's been playing everyone, but not anymore.


Jen: Did Natalie say something to Cris?

Al: I told you -- I just have to take care of things before they get out of hand.

Seth: Hey, guys, the freight elevator is done, so you guys can go ahead and go wait by it if you want to.

Al: Yeah, thanks. We will, ok?


Jessica: Hey.

Seth: Hey.

Jessica: We still on?

Seth: I tried to call you.

Jessica: You're still working.

Seth: My replacement called in sick, so I have to cover the night shift.

[Jessica sighs]

Jessica: So no movie?

Seth: No, I'm sorry. I guess I screwed up our plans.

Jessica: Only if you let it. You can work, but I'm still going on a date.


Nora: That's going to tell you where they are?

Ben: Well, that and this note that was with it. It's from Lindsay to Troy. I guess he was in such a rush, he forgot to bring it.

Nora: Terrible handwriting. "My darling, I hear Paris can be chilly this time of year, so here's something to keep you warm as we walk down the Champs Elysees. But you won't need it in the hotel even if the heat goes off because I’ll keep you warm there. All my love, your wife-to-be, Lindsay." That's very sweet.

Ben: Yes, it is, but not very informative.

Nora: Hmm.

Ben: I was hoping it would say what hotel they were staying at. I think I mentioned that I’m working with one of Troy’s patients at the clinic. But the problem is we do not have the complete records on this patient.

Nora: So -- so that's why you're here?

Ben: Yeah.

Nora: Oh. Got it.

Ben: How about you?

Nora: How about me what?

Ben: Well, why are you at the hospital? Is everything ok?

Nora: Oh, yeah. Oh, absolutely, everything's fine. No, not to worry. I -- I actually -- I needed a copy of Matthew’s medical reports for an after-school activity that he's planning on joining and they require it and -- I mean, I don't know why they need it for rhythm band. You never know, you know -- sticks and -- I don't know.

Ben: You know, you could have had those records faxed to you.

Nora: Yeah. Yeah, I could have, couldn't I have? Huh. Didn't think about that. Ok, the truth is I came here because I was hoping that someone knew where Troy was.

Ben: Why?

Nora: I'm worried.


Troy: Are you happy now, Lindsay?

Lindsay: How is it my fault that you got bit by a poisonous spider?

Troy: How is it your fault? You're the one that chained me to this wheel, Lindsay!

Lindsay: Well, maybe you're making a bigger deal out of it than it needs to be. I mean, how hurt could you be by a little bite like that?

Troy: Oh, Lindsay. I know this type of spider. Its venom is deadly poisonous.

Lindsay: What has to be done?

Troy: Lindsay, please, you've got to get me to the hospital. You got to get me to the hospital immediately. If we can get there before the fever starts, I may have a chance. Please, Lindsay.

Lindsay: My car's outside.

Troy: Thank you.

Lindsay: I can get you there.

Troy: Oh.

Lindsay: I can get you there.

Troy: What? What?

Lindsay: I almost fell for that.

Troy: What?

Lindsay: That was a good trick.

Troy: No, no! It's not a trick.

Lindsay: Very, very, very good trick.

Troy: Lindsay, you saw the spider. Look at this blood. Look at this blood! Does that look fake to you?

Lindsay: Well, that -- that spider was real. And that bite might be painful, but it was not deadly.

Troy: Oh.

Lindsay: No, you just saw an opportunity to scare me into releasing you.

Troy: Lindsay -- if I don't get to the hospital right away, I will die. And you know what else?

Lindsay: What?

Troy: I'll be taking you with me. Oh, God.


Cristian: Oh, come on, Natalie. What do you mean Al's been playing me?

Natalie: Oh, God. Everyone's supposed to feel so sorry for Al just because he can't walk.

Cristian: Are you for real? Of course everyone's supposed to feel sorry for him -- me, especially.

Natalie: Yeah, probably because he's been guilt-tripping you ever since-

Cristian: No, no, I'm not guilt-tripped, ok? I'm guilty. I put him that wheelchair.

Natalie: I know that's what you may think, but, listen --

Cristian: Don't say it, ok, because I've heard it a million times. "Oh, Cristian, it was an accident. You didn't want it to happen." But you know what the fact is? It did happen, and it happened because of me.

Natalie: Will you just shut up and listen to me? I can put you and Jen back together. That's what you want, right?

Cristian: Well, not till Al gets his legs back.

Natalie: Listen to me! That's what I'm trying to tell you. Al, he can --

[Pounding on door]

Al: Cristian, open the door! Open up!

[Natalie sighs]

Natalie: No, wait! Wait.

Cristian: What for? Look, you have something to say about Al, then let him hear it, too.


Cristian: Man! To think that I wanted to come here for a little peace and quiet.

Natalie: So, what brings you by, Al? Is there something you want to tell everyone?


Rae: Well, thank you for worrying about me, Hank, but I can handle Asa. In fact, I have a session with him later this afternoon and I believe I'm going to get through to him.

Hank: Yeah, well, take a number. You're not the first to hope that.

Rae: Oh.

Hank: Asa, he's a tough old bird.

Rae: I'm tougher. Hey, Viki!

Viki: Hello.

Rae: Hi.

Viki: I have a terrible cold. Go away.

Rae: Ok. Well, feel better.

Viki: Thank you.

Carlotta: Now, if Keri was Hank's daughter instead of R.J. Gannon's, that would make a lot of difference.

Viki: Hmm.

Rae: Did you hear that?

Hank: Yes, I did. And I think Keri would have a different opinion.

Rae: Oh, so she hasn't forgiven you about keeping a secret about R.J. being her father?

Hank: No, no, but she is less angry about it.

Rae: You know what, Hank? I think anger is an overrated emotion.

Hank: Well, it's still too early to call us friends. Let's see -- she still sees me as -- what's the word she used? A player.

Rae: A player?

Hank: Yeah, Hank Gannon, a player. Imagine that, huh?

Rae: No, I can’t.

Hank: It's not because of R.J., though. She knows about my relationship with Carlotta.

Rae: Oh, you -- you and Carlotta had a --

Hank: Yes, yes, but it was a long time ago.

Rae: Was it serious?

Hank: Yeah, very.

Rae: Really?

Hank: Yes.

Rae: Oh, my God.


Viki: Thank you for the refill.

Carlotta: Oh, you're welcome.

Viki: Carlotta, look, I can understand why you don't want R.J. anywhere near your family, but don't you think this is going just a little bit too far, trying to find the perfect woman for antonio?

Carlotta: Well, I don't know about "perfect," but I would be happy with a nice girl who could cook.

Viki: Yeah, you're dreaming. It has to be Antonio’s decision.

Carlotta: Well, I wish he would make a decision, Viki. I just know that he's so upset about this breakup with Keri that he's just not in any position to look for anybody for himself right now. And I just want to remind him that she's not the only woman in the world.

Viki: Ok, do you remember when you and I chased Jessica and Cristian all the way to Maryland?

Carlotta: Oh, too well.

Viki: Yes. We did it for the right reason -- because it was the right thing to do for our children.

Carlotta: Mm-hmm.

Viki: Well, it turned out they knew exactly what the right thing was for themselves without our interference.

Carlotta: Who's interfering? Antonio and Keri are already broken up. And really, there's not a chance that he's going to go back and date R.J. Gannon's daughter again.

Viki: Oh. So this is what?

Carlotta: Just some suggestions. Now, look, I know that Antonio would have to be the one to make the first move. But, you know, maybe I’ll just give him a call and point out a few possibilities.


[Phone rings]

Antonio’s voice: We're not here right now, so please leave your name, number, and a brief message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. No estoy de momento. Por favor deje un mensaje. Gracias.

[Answering machine beeps]

[Dial tone]

[Machine shuts off]

Antonio: Well, um -- ahem. At least it wasn't the station. They always leave a message -- you know, usually "Get your butt down here."

Keri: Your message sounds so sexy.

Antonio: Oh. All I said was, "Please leave a message."

Keri: Yeah, right.

Antonio: Hmm.

Keri: You speak Spanish like you dance -- smooth and fiery. You have to teach me that sometime.

Antonio: Oh, really? Well, why not now?

Keri: Right now?

Antonio: Mm-hmm. La mano.

Keri: La mano.

Antonio: Pelo.

Keri: Pelo.

Antonio: Los ojos.

Keri: Los ojos.

Antonio: Los labios.

Keri: Los labios.

Antonio: Kiss me.


Troy: If I don't get to that hospital, Lindsay, I am going to die. And they're going to find that tape of your confession eventually, Lindsay, and they're going to throw you in jail for a long time -- until you die. Do you understand me?

Lindsay: Troy, nobody has more incentive to find that tape than I do, and I haven't found it.

Troy: Oh.

Lindsay: So what makes you think they will? Nobody else even knows that it exists.

Troy: That's true. But it's still out there. Someone's going to find that tape. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next week. Maybe next year. And every time you hear a knock on that door, Lindsay, your heart is going to stop. Who's it going to be this time, Lindsay? Delivery man? The paper boy? Or is it the police?

Lindsay: Damn you! I have to find that tape!

Troy: Then take me to the hospital and I'll -- I'll tell you where it is, Lindsay! Oh, please, Lindsay, please. Please.

Lindsay: Would you really do that?

Troy: Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Oh, God.

Lindsay: What am I thinking?

Troy: Oh.

Lindsay: You're in chains. You are not exactly in the best bargaining position.

Troy: Oh.

Lindsay: But I have an idea. Do you want to hear it?

Troy: Oh, please, just make it quick.

Lindsay: You say you're dying, right?

Troy: Yes.

Lindsay: And the only way you're going to live is if I get you to the hospital?

Troy: Yes!

Lindsay: Then give me that tape and I will take you there.

Troy: So you can destroy it.

Lindsay: Yes. Better than dying, isn't it? I know my confession is important to you. But is it worth your life?

Lindsay: If you give me the tape, I'll take you to the doctor.

Troy: No. How do I know you won't just destroy the tape and never come back, huh? That way you get rid of the evidence and the witness.

Lindsay: That's the chance you take.

Troy: I'd rather take my chances with the spider.

Lindsay: That spider bite was not deadly, because if your life really was in danger, you would be begging me.

Troy: I have other priorities, Lindsay.

Lindsay: I'll bet you do. I tore that loft apart looking for that tape and I couldn't find it anywhere.

Troy: You're never going to find that tape on your own, Lindsay. Never.

Lindsay: Oh, wait a minute. Oh, wait, wait, wait. You -- all this talk about you needing to get to the hospital -- that's why you made up this thing about the spider being poisonous, isn't it? Yes. You put the tape in the hospital, in your office. That's where it is, isn't it?


Ben: So you're worried about Troy? Yeah, I noticed how you and Sam reacted when I stopped by the other night and asked if you heard from him. At first I thought I was interrupting something personal.

Nora: Well, you did. You did. You should see what Sam gave me. It was -- it was really beautiful. He gave me my missing months -- you know, when I was being held captive by Colin, and he put it in the form of a videotape.

Ben: Yeah. I have to admit, I know about the video with Sam and Matthew in it.

Nora: Was that yours?

Ben: Well, the out-of-framed, out-of-focus stuff was, yeah.

[Nora laughs]

Nora: Well, it was wonderful. It was really beautiful, and I thank you. I'm so -- so happy to see them and have them and -- thank you.

Ben: Sam was happy to give them to you and he was wishing he could have given you more.

Nora: Like what?

Ben: Like justice for what happened to you, but I guess no one can give you that.

Troy: I want to give your life back to you, Nora. I have to make up for what Colin and Lindsay did to you.

Nora: No, you don't!

Ben: But I -- I am sorry that I ruined the moment for you and Sam by mentioning Troy.

Nora: Oh, please. It was fine, really. Really.

Ben: Nora?

Nora: Yes?

Ben: I know about Troy and you and Sam. And I know why you're worried.


Seth: You're going on a date? With who?

Jessica: Who do you think?

Seth: What, you're going to work with me?

Jessica: Well, yeah, if that's the only way I can be with you.

Seth: Well, it's not much of a date.

Jessica: Actually, it's the best one yet. It's my way of saying thank you.

Seth: Thank you? For what?

Jessica: For what? For the Valentine’s Day gift, the concert tickets. Come on. What have I given back to you?

Seth: I got to see you happy. That's the best gift I could receive.

Jessica: Ok. Ok, I'll buy that. No more million-dollar gifts, though, ok? I just want to be with you.

Seth: I know. But I want you to have what you deserve -- the whole world. And I'm going to give it to you, no matter what I have to do to get it.


Al: Natalie, can I talk to you outside for a minute? Alone? We have some things to work out, that's all.

Natalie: Ok, but it's not going to change anything.

Jen: I'm just going to wait downstairs.

Cristian: Jen, wait. There's some stuff I need to talk to you about, too.

Jen: Wow, I haven't been here since I took my things out.

Cristian: I found your -- your coffee mug. You know, the one with your name on it. It's in the kitchen if you want to take it.

Jen: Ok. So is that it?

Cristian: No. No, there's more. A lot more.


Natalie: Just think. Two of them in together, all alone, behind closed doors. Get used to it because they're going to be doing a lot of that after I tell them that you can walk.

Al: So you haven't told them?

Natalie: No, but I will.

Al: Oh, don't, please.

Natalie: You can't stop me.

Al: No. But you can stop yourself.

Natalie: And why should I?

Al: Because I love Jen.

Natalie: And so does he.

Al: Does he? He's hurt her. And he went running to you awful fast.

Natalie: Oh, excuse me. No, he didn’t. And I already told you, that was -- that wasn't anything.

Al: Nothing means anything to Cristian -- not Jen, Jessica, you, Mollie, Roseanne -- whoever. Nothing matters to him. But it matters to me. It's the only thing that does. I love Jen -- only Jen -- and I always will. Natalie, if you have ever loved somebody -- really loved them -- you'll give me a chance. That's all I’m asking for is a chance. It's in your hands.

Antonio: Te amo.

Keri: Te amo, too.

Antonio: Tambien.

Keri: Tambien. Oh, I can't imagine being happier than I am right now.

Antonio: Ok, remember what I said when you first came in -- tu no eres solamente parte de mi vida, pero eres parte de mi alma?

Keri: My Spanish isn't that good yet.

Antonio: It means you're not just a part of my life, you're a part of my soul. You see, the way I feel about you, love is just the beginning.

Keri: I feel the same way. Yeah. I have for quite a while now. And when I first did, I was -- I was terrified.

Antonio: Really?

Keri: Yes. This is -- it's like being swept away in a flash flood.

Antonio: Oh. Oh, I see. So you're saying I’m a walking disaster.

Keri: Yes. You are a catastrophe. Hurricane Antonio. You -- you completely blew away my old life. And all that was left standing was my heart. When we were apart, that was really, really bad for me. And I never want to feel that way again.

Antonio: Then let's make a promise, you and me, that we'll never let anyone come between us again.


Viki: I understand the temptation to be a back-seat driver in your child's life. I've done it myself, ok? In fact, right now, Jessie is seeing somebody that would not really be my first -- actually, you know him. It's Seth Anderson.

Carlotta: Oh, yeah, Seth.

Viki: Mm-hmm.

Carlotta: He's a nice young man.

Viki: Mm-hmm, very nice young man. He pretended to like Jessica so that he and Natalie could take money from my family.

Carlotta: Mm-hmm. I know about that.

Viki: Mm-hmm.

Carlotta: And I gave him a piece of my mind about it. But now, Natalie’s a member of your family, and Cristian really thinks that he really feels sorry about what he did.

Viki: Well, it's easy to say that, isn't it? Although, ok, his feelings for Jessie do seem genuine now. But still, if it were up to me -- which it isn't -- it has to be up to Jessie. It's Jessie’s choice.

Carlotta: And maybe one of these women will be exactly Antonio’s choice. You know, and maybe I'll just drop this off on the way home.

Viki: He's not home.

Carlotta: Well, I have the keys. And I -- I wanted to drop off some food to fill his refrigerator. I don't think that he's eating right. Not that I want to interfere.

Viki: No.


Ben: I know that Troy is a big issue in your life. And I know why.

Nora: Sam told you?

Ben: Well, what's there to tell? I , your son's life is in danger, and I know from my own experience that that ties you to your doctor. Sam also mentioned that Matthew’s grown quite fond of Troy.

Nora: Yes, he certainly has. Actually, Sam has put aside his feelings about Troy for Matthew’s sake, you know?

Ben: Yeah, and this is how MacIver repays that faith? I got to tell you, it's pretty irresponsible for him to go away and not let his patients know where he is in case there's an emergency.

Nora: Well -- maybe he was blinded by love or just couldn't get away -- get away fast enough.

Ben: That's no excuse. The man is a doctor. You know, I don't blame you for worrying about him. I blame him for making you worry. And, you know, if he's so excited about this honeymoon, how can you forget a present from your new bride?

Nora: I don't know.

Ben: Well, at least one mystery is solved.

Nora: You know where he is?

Ben: No, I found a file I was looking for.

Nora: Oh. Good. That's great. Glad one of us isn't leaving here empty-handed.

Ben: Right.

Nora: Or both of us. Yeah, you know, whatever.

Ben: So you coming?

Nora: Yeah, yeah. You know what? Actually, I -- do you think I'd get arrested if I used his phone?

Ben: Just shut the door on your way out. It will lock.

Nora: Thank you.

Ben: Nice seeing you.

Nora: You, too, Ben. Thanks again for the videotape.


Lindsay: I'm right, aren't I? That tape is in the hospital and in your office.

Troy: No, Lindsay, the tape's not there.

Lindsay: Then why are you so nervous? You're starting to sweat.

Troy: It's not nerves, Lindsay. That's the venom starting to take effect.

Lindsay: Sure, it is.

Troy: Lindsay, I’m going to die. Please, just take me to the hospital.

Lindsay: First things first. I have your keys. I am going to your office. I am going to get that tape and I'm going to destroy it. Then I will be happy to come back here and let you go. And if you still think you need to go to the hospital, I'll even pay for your cab.

Troy: You can save the cab, Lindsay. By then I'm going to need a hearse.


Cristian: Well, I needed to see you -- because I -- I ran into your mom at Troy's apartment.

Jen: But she's supposed to be in Paris.

Cristian: I know. I know, but she said she was looking for his passport. But --

Jen: But what?

Cristian: I don't know, Jen. She seemed weird. She didn't want me to tell you this, but I just thought you should know.

Jen: Thank you. I -- I should try to reach her.


Natalie: You're only hurting Jen by -- by not telling her the truth, Al.

Al: I will. I -- I just -- I need a little more time.

Natalie: This isn't right, Al. Come --

Al: Natalie, if I could hold on to her any other way, don't you think that I would? If you love somebody, somebody that you knew was the right person for you, wouldn't you do everything in your power to hold on to them?


[Jen sighs]

Jen: We can't reach her on her cell phone or the gallery.

Cristian: Well --

Jen: I guess I'd better find somebody who can tell me something.

Cristian: Well, maybe we can check out her -- her house.

Jen: No. No, Cris. We can’t. I can handle this by myself.

Natalie: Oh, good. You two are finished. There's something that I need to tell all of you.


Antonio: So how do you like your eggs cooked in the morning?

Keri: Hmm. Like my life right now. Sunny-side up.

Antonio: Hmm. Well, let's see if we can keep it that way.

Keri: Yeah. You know, you're right -- what you said before. We can't let anyone come between us again.


Ben: See anything you like?

Viki: Mm-hmm.

Ben: "Married blonde seeking socy doc for house calls"?

Viki: Sexy.

Ben: Oh, oh. Hmm. Maybe I should stop by and see if she needs a physical.

Viki: Hi.

Ben: Hey.

Viki: You finish all your business at the hospital?

Ben: Yeah. I still think it's strange, though, that Troy took off the way he did.

Viki: Oh, come on. Lindsay's probably got him so rattled. She has that effect on all her men.

Ben: Hmm, as in Sam, as in Bo.

Viki: As in Clint. I can't even imagine what torture she has in store for Troy.

Ben: I'll take some torture.


Troy: Oh, God.

Troy: It's started.


Nora: No appointments scheduled February 22. None the 23rd. None the 24th. Where are you, Troy?

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