OLTL Transcript Monday 2/18/02



One Life to Live Transcript Monday 2/18/02

By Suzanne
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>> Previously on "One Life to Live " --

R.J.: I want Det. Vega to receive some specific information.

Antonio: I love you and I don't want anyone to come between us again.

Al: I can feel that. Ok, Al, what are you waiting for?

Lindsay: Colin didn't give Nora that drug that erased her memory. I did.


Troy: So you were the one that was responsible for the kidnapping.

Lindsay: Yes. And I let Colin take the blame for it.

Troy: And you were the one that injected Nora with the drug that wiped out her memories.

Lindsay: Yes. And I let Colin take the blame for that, too.

Troy: Thank you for telling me all that, Lindsay.

Lindsay: Do you have enough details now that -- that you can -- you can convince Colin to change his mind? Troy? Troy? What are you thinking?

Troy: I'm thinking gotcha.

Lindsay: What do you mean?

Troy: Do you have any idea how long I have waited for you to tell me the truth?

Lindsay: I know -- I know I should -- I should have followed my heart. I -- I should have trusted my heart. I -- I wasted so much time.

Troy: Yes, Lindsay, you did.

Lindsay: At least if we die, we'll die together and I will have died an honest woman because that secret has caused me nothing but pain and misery.

Troy: Not half as much pain and misery as it's caused Nora.


Cristian: Jen?


Antonio: Whatever your tip is, Skeet, you've got lousy timing.

Skeet: Hey, I know how much you want to nail R.J. Gannon and this is it.

Antonio: All right. Shoot.

Skeet: I heard he's scheduled to pick up a package today, and it's scheduled to hit the streets tonight.

Antonio: Where was the drop-off?

Skeet: You're not going to believe it.


Bo: What -- Gabrielle?

Gabrielle: I believe you take your whiskey neat, don't you?

Bo: Yeah. Thanks. What's all this?

Gabrielle: Oh, I thought I'd prepare a late-night snack for my roommate.

Bo: Oh, you prepared all this?

Gabrielle: Well, I -- I ordered it.

Bo: From The Palace?

Gabrielle: Yeah, and it's definitely yummier than anything these fumbly hands could ever do, I promise you that much.

Bo: Oh, don't sell yourself short.

Gabrielle: No. No, I'm not, Iím not. I'll have you know that it was I who placed them on the plate. Julia Child says that presentation is everything.

Bo: Mm-hmm. Are you sure this isn't a bribe? Are you trying to get me to stop asking you about why you took that job with Todd Manning?

Gabrielle: Absolutely not. It's a bribe to convince you that I could never possibly have murdered Asa.


Nora: Well, what is it? "Matthew, May 11 to September." That's all the time I was gone. That's -- that's the time I was kidnapped.

Sam: Exactly. I -- I shot a video of Matthew every single day so you wouldn't miss anything, even when everyone was trying to convince me you were dead.

Nora: God, you really never did give up hope, did you?

Sam: No. No, what I did was I -- I gathered all the tapes together and I took them down to a video shop to get them edited together, but they -- they lost them.

Nora: Then what's this?

Sam: That is a year's worth of legal threats.

Nora: Oh. They found them?

Sam: Yes. Yes. Every single one of them.

Nora: You're giving me new memories.


Lindsay: I know I caused Nora a lot of pain by taking away her memory.

Troy: Do you know that?

Lindsay: Yes. But that doesn't matter now. The only thing that matters is that we're together and that somehow we're going to get out of this. We -- we might get out of this.

Troy: One of us will, anyway.

Lindsay: No. No, we are both going to get out of this. You don't understand. I love you. I would not leave you here. I -- I wish that you could put your arms around me. I need to feel your arms around me -- now.

Troy: Actually, I can.

Lindsay: Where -- where did you get that key?

Troy: We're not going to die, Lindsay.

Lindsay: We're not?

Troy: No. But you are going to be punished.


Jen: What are you doing here?

Cristian: I followed you from the quarry.

Jen: Why?

Cristian: I can't let you go, Jen. I love you.

Jen: Cristian, please don't do this.

Cristian: Look, I don't know how or I don't know when, but we will get back together.

Jen: I hope so. It's what I want more than anything in the whole world. But it's not going to happen anytime soon. As long as Al can't walk, I have to be with him.


Antonio: The stuff's at Capricorn?

Skeet: Like I said, man, word is it came in today.

Antonio: Are you sure?

Skeet: Well, I haven't seen it if that's what you're asking, but I heard it's in a wooden crate.

Antonio: Thanks for the tip, Skeet. I'll remember it.

Skeet: Well, if you don't, I'll remind you next time I get busted for a parole violation.


Rae: Now is the time. Go on, Hank.

Hank: I don't know. It's --

Rae: All right. What do you think the worst thing that could happen would be? What, that she would say no to you?

Hank: That's what I'm afraid of.

Rae: Hank Gannon, afraid? I don't think so. Maybe you're the one who needs a little professional help.

Hank: That's even scarier, Rae.

Rae: Come on. Go on, you're wasting time. Go.

Hank: Ok, ok.

Rae: Ok. Good luck.

Hank: Thanks. Here goes everything.

Rae: Ok.

Hank: Ahem. Uh -- excuse me, may I cut in?

R.J.: Well -- well, that's up to the lady.

Keri: Sure.

R.J.: Excuse me.

Hank: Thanks.

Keri: Thank you for asking me.

Hank: Yeah, well, that was the easier question.

Keri: What's the harder question?

Hank: Can you forgive me, for not telling you R.J. is your father?


R.J.: Well, come on, Vega. Show your true colors. Make the biggest mistake of your life.


Nora: Oh, look at him.

[Sam laughs]

Nora: Look at him.

Sam: Yeah.

Nora: Where'd you get that hat?

Sam: Yeah. I found it in one of the bottom drawers.

Nora: Hmm. Perfect.

Sam: You know, I think it was one of yours.

Nora: Oh. Oh, look at him. Ok -- what's he looking at?

Sam: Oh, there was a huge -- there was a -- a military helicopter flew by just then.

Nora: Look at him. Oh, he drops balls for --

Sam: I know. He loved it. He loved it.

Nora: Oh, he's pointing at it.

Sam: And he's loved helicopters ever since.

Nora: Look at --

[Nora gasps]

Nora: The sprinkler.

Sam: Yeah.

[Sam and Nora laugh]

Sam: He's going to get a little surprise here.

Nora: Is he?

Sam: Yeah, yeah.

Nora: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no! Here it comes!

[Sam and Nora laugh]

Nora: Oh.

Sam: You got to learn sometime.

Nora: Uh-oh, uh-oh. Oh. Thank you, Sam.

Sam: Would you like to watch it again?

Nora: Yes.

Sam: Ok.

Nora: And again.

Sam: Ok.

Nora: And again and again.

Sam: Ok.

[Doorbell rings]

Nora: Oh, who is that?

Sam: Oh, my gosh.

Nora: You go get it. I'll rewind.

Sam: All right. Hold on.

Nora: All right.

Sam: I got it.

Nora: I won't start the second showing without you.

Sam: Ok.

Nora: Get rid of him.

Sam: All right. Ben.

Ben: Sammy.

Sam: What's up?

Ben: Do you have any idea where Troy MacIver is?


Lindsay: No one is going to get punished if we can get out of here before Colin gets back.

Troy: There is no Colin. Colin's been dead for almost a year, Lindsay.

Lindsay: No, he's here. You know that. He just stopped me from -- he just stopped me from opening the trap door.

Troy: That was me.

Lindsay: No, you -- you were here. You were cuffed to the wheel.

Troy: Was I?

Lindsay: Well, what's going on?

Troy: I was Colin, Lindsay. I've been pretending to be Colin this whole time.

Lindsay: No. That's not possible. You called me -- you called me. I was talking to you on the phone when Colin came to the gallery! He showed me a tape. And you were on the tape and you were here.

Troy: Was he wearing this?

Lindsay: You called me. You called -- called my name from in here when I was just -- I had just left Colin at the entrance!

Troy's voice: Lindsay? Help me, Lindsay!

Troy: Modern technology.

Lindsay: There is no way -- there is no way you got back and forth without me seeing you.

Troy: Recognize this? Isn't this the crowbar that Colin took away from you?

Lindsay: What about Colinís phone calls?

Troy: I made them.

Lindsay: Why?

Troy: To convince you that Colin was still alive.

Lindsay: Why would you do that?

Troy: To get you to confess.

Lindsay: But I -- I love you.

Troy: Oh, please.

Lindsay: And you -- you love me.

Troy: No, Lindsay. Love you? Love you? After everything that you've done? No, Lindsay, I don't love you! I can't stand you!


Cristian: No matter what happens, Jen, whether Al walks again or not, I will never stop loving you. I canít. I tried.

Jen: Cristian.

Gabrielle: Bo, you've been tremendously nice to me. I decided that you deserve nothing but total honesty.

Bo: And caviar.

Gabrielle: Yeah. Why not? Look, yes, I seriously contemplated murdering Asa -- seriously contemplated it, and especially after all the horrible things that he did to me, but I couldn't do it. No matter what, I couldn't do it. And then when I thought that he really was dead, my sorrow, Bo, it was completely genuine.

Bo: Well, if I didn't believe that, you wouldn't be living here.

Gabrielle: You knew?

Bo: Well, see, I couldn't do what I do if I wasn't a pretty good judge of character.

Gabrielle: And I've certainly had some rather questionable things happen to me in my past that Iím not proud of, but I could never physically hurt another person.

Bo: Gabrielle, I think you better quit while you're ahead.

Gabrielle: Especially not a helpless curmudgeon like Asa.

[Knock on door]

Bo: Well, now, who in the -- hold on.

Asa: Bo, about this community service bull -- what in the hell is she still doing here? The door's wide open, lady. Why don't you use it?

Bo: Look, Asa --

Gabrielle: Bo doesn't want me to leave because he doesn't want me to try and live on the streets. He is a generous and kind man, unlike his father.

Asa: Hmm. You actually believe that Bo is letting you live here out of the goodness of his heart?

Gabrielle: Goodness of heart is something you would know absolutely nothing about.

Asa: He's just trying to get back at me.

Gabrielle: Oh, really? Does the entire world revolve around you these days?

Bo: Ok, whoa, whoa, whoa -- that's enough.

Asa: It's about time you shut her up.

Bo: I'm talking to you.


Keri: Well, I am in such a good mood tonight that I am even willing to give you a second chance.

Hank: Well, that's a beginning. Are things ok between you and Antonio?

Keri: They couldn't be better.

Hank: I'm glad to hear that.

[Keri giggles]

Antonio: You two dance real well together.

Hank: Hey, well, it's in the genes. But my guess is she'd rather be dancing with you.

Keri: Is anything wrong, Antonio?

Antonio: No. Why?

Keri: I saw you on the phone before. Something went down. Is it work? Do you have to go?

Antonio: No, I'm not going anywhere. But I do have to borrow the D.A. for a minute.

Keri: Ok, one minute. I'm timing you.

Hank: What's up?

Antonio: I got a tip R.J. received a delivery here today.

Hank: Are we talking --

Antonio: Exactly, and it's moving out tonight.

Hank: Hmm. Where'd you get your information?

Antonio: From one of my regulars. His info always checks out.

Hank: Oh, little brother, little brother. You know, it's just like him. I mean, that is his M.O. -- to invite me and Bo here and try to pull this off right under our noses.

Antonio: Well, I don't want to make a scene here, not tonight, not with Keri here. It would kill her.

Hank: Yeah. Tell you what -- Iíll make a few calls and see if it checks out.

Antonio: And if it does?

Hank: Then you know what you have to do.


Ben: Sorry to come by so late. I'm looking for Troy. Iíve got to talk to him about one of our clinic patients.

Nora: Hey, Iím glad to know you're back doing what it is that you were supposed to be doing.

Ben: Well, that's kind of you to say, but Iím only helping out for now. By the way, thanks for helping me get my license reinstated --

Sam: No, don't mention it.

Ben: Without a hassle.

Sam: My pleasure.

Ben: Anyway, I got to find Troy, and he's not answering his cell phone or his pager and he's not at home.

Nora: Lindsay and Troy eloped.

Ben: What?

Nora: To Paris.

Ben: That doesn't make any sense.

Sam: Yeah, well, tell me about it, but apparently, they're going to be gone for a few weeks.

Ben: No, no way. He wouldn't leave without getting someone to cover for him at the clinic.

Sam: Well, are you sure he didn't?

Ben: Well, I'm positive. No, no, no. If Troy went to Paris, Iím sure he would have arranged to get the first plane back again.


Lindsay: You loved me. I know you did. I felt it!

Troy: No, Lindsay. It was an act. It was all an act to get you to tell me what you did to Nora.

Lindsay: But what about the -- the fundraiser for your clinic and Ramali Inn?

Troy: Ramali -- right. The great African photographer. I never even heard of Ramali until I saw one of his pictures in one of your catalogues.

Lindsay: I don't believe it.

Troy: Believe it. And you know what else I did? I kissed you and I made love to you, all to get you to trust me, to confide in me, and none of it worked.

Lindsay: I still don't believe it.

Troy: Instead of -- instead of telling me what you did with Nora, you told me about every other evil thing that you were up to. When you told me that you were trying to break up Jen and Cristian by convincing Jen that she was pregnant with Al's baby, it made me sick. I -- I wanted to call it quits -- just call it quits and give it up. But I couldn't because I had already invested too much time. So that's when I decided to give you the truth serum.

Lindsay: What truth serum?

Troy: Oh, come on, Lindsay -- the wine that went to your head? But even that wouldn't work on you. So that's when I decided to become Colin.

Lindsay: It was you.

Troy: That's right.

Lindsay: Why?

Troy: So that everyone will know the truth about what you did! Guess what -- now they will.

Troy's voice: And you were the one that injected Nora with the drug that wiped out her memories.

Lindsay's voice: Yes. And I let Colin take the blame for that, too.

Lindsay: Oh, my Ė


Bo: What do you want, Asa?

Asa: Still can't call me "Pa," huh?

Bo: What do you want?

Asa: I'm trying to schedule my damn life.

Bo: Well, what's that got to do with me?

Asa: It seems that I owe a bunch of hours for community service to the police department -- unless you've forgotten what that wacko judge did to me.

Bo: No, no, no, no. I haven't forgotten.

Asa: So, when do you want me down there? I figured maybe I can help you with some cases, something, and get a chance to look at you at work, up close.

Bo: I don't think so. No, I want you to call the personnel coordinator down there at the department. She will tell you when and where to report. And it won't be to me.

Asa: Why don't you give your old man a break and tell that personnel director that I put the hours in with you privately, and no one will be the wiser?

Bo: You were sentenced to community service. And as far as I'm concerned, you're pretty damn lucky to get off that easily. And you are going to serve every single second of it. Now, if there's nothing else, we were about to enjoy a nice little meal here before you interrupted.

Asa: Tell me, did she say she made those things?

Bo: That is not of your concern.

Asa: Hmm. Because she didn't. Every last one of them I made with these little hands, doing full community service at The Palace hotel this afternoon.

Bo: Well, they look delicious, Asa. Thank you very much.

Asa: Choke on them.

Bo: "Choke." Can you believe this guy? I mean, barges in here and tries to weasel out of his community service?

Gabrielle: That's not why he was here, Bo.


Rae: To you and your cheshire grin. Looks as though you have a secret.

Keri: Oh, it's no secret, Rae. Antonio is crazy about me, I'm crazy about him, and this has been the most wonderful night of my life.

Rae: You know what? Congratulations.

Keri: Thank you.

Rae: Mmm. Now, if you can reconcile Antonio and your father, I think maybe we should send you to the Middle East.

Keri: Well, it's not my doing. It's Antonio. He is being so incredibly fair to R.J. about all this. I mean, he's really willing to put the past behind him and see that R.J.'s become a new man.

Hank: Well, there's been some rumblings about a shipment arriving this weekend. Your informant's not the only one talking about it, but he is the first to know where it is.

Antonio: He could be wrong, hank.

Hank: No, no. He's been reliable so far.

Antonio: Well, so far, but there's always a first time.

Hank: Well, there you go. Look, the warrant is being prepared. A couple of cops on their way down now.

Antonio: I need to get Keri out of here.

Hank: Antonio, she's going to see the truth about R.J. sooner or later.

Antonio: Maybe. But I don't want to be the one to show it to her.


Jen: I can't do this.

Cristian: I know.

Jen: I mean it.

Cristian: Yeah, I know.


Jen: Was that Al? Is he home?

Al: Guys. What's going on? I didn't know I left the door open. Come in. Cris, how you doing? Come on in. You guys must be so cold. Jen, the most amazing thing happened to me tonight. Come on, come inside.


Troy: It's over. It's finally over.

Lindsay: You told me that you loved me. And you slept with me just to get me to confess?

Troy: Colin was my brother, Lindsay. He was my twin brother! Now, I know he wasn't the greatest guy in the world, but he wasn't a kidnapper. He would have never have held an injured woman prisoner. And he sure would have never injected her with a drug to wipe out her memory. That was all you, Lindsay.

Lindsay: You convinced me that we had something special.

Troy: We had nothing.

Lindsay: You're lying.

Troy: Whatever we had, Lindsay -- whatever we had was based on lies. On your lies. Every time I had to kiss you, every time I had to make love to you, it made me physically sick! But I kept doing it. I kept going so that I could finally clear my brother's name. Now that I got you on tape, maybe now Colin can finally rest in peace.

Lindsay: What have I done?

Troy: I got a better question for you, Lindsay. What am I going to do with that tape?


Jen: So, what's the surprise?

[Al sighs]

Al: It's about --

Jen: What is it?

Cristian: Yeah, what did you want to tell us?

Al: People went crazy for my deejaying tonight. You know, they just went nuts. I thought I was pretty good, you know, but by the time I left, three people had offered me jobs, you know, and everybody was asking for my number.

Jen: That's great.

Cristian: Congratulations. Look, I'm going to -- I'm going to get going.

Al: Sure. Cris, man -- thanks. Thanks a lot for getting Jen home safe.

Cristian: Yeah.

Jen: That's great -- about the jobs.

Al: Not as great as you deciding to move in here with me.

Jen: That's really great that you're finding ways to adapt--

Al: Adapt? To this?

Jen: Yes.

Al: Well, it's all thanks to you, Jen.

Jen: Hardly.

Al: No, it's true. That's why Iíd like to give you this. It's from Argentina. My grandmother gave it to me.

Jen: Wow, it's beautiful, but I can't accept that.

Al: Well, you have to. You see, when my grandmother gave it to me, she told me that when I met a woman who meant everything to me, that I was supposed to give it to her. And that's you. So -- please.

Jen: Thank you.

Al: You know, it's -- it's supposed to have magic powers. I don't know. It doesn't seem to be doing much for my legs.


Keri: You ready to dance? What's the matter?

Antonio: I love you.

Keri: But?

Antonio: We're going to have to take a rain check on the dance.

Keri: Why?

Antonio: We're going to have to get out of here. I'll explain it to you later.

Keri: What -- what are you talking about? What's going on?

Antonio: It's R.J.

Officer: Officer Vega?

Keri: Well, what about R.J.?

Officer: We have a warrant.

Keri: What warrant?

Officer: Where's Gannon?

Antonio: I'm sorry.

R.J.: Hey. Hey -- what the hello you think you're doing?

Antonio: We've got a warrant.

R.J.: Oh, what, served by the off-duty date? Come on.

Antonio: I got information that you received an illegal shipment here.

R.J.: Of what? Beer nuts? Are you out of your mind? Fine. Fine! Go ahead, search.

Antonio: Let's go. Keep opening them.

R.J.: Ladies and gentlemen, ladies -- ladies and gentlemen, please -- forgive me for this interruption. And as soon as the local Gestapo are finished with their search, there'll be a round of drinks on the house. So please, just bear with us. I'm very sorry you have to be here to see this.

Keri: Are they going to find anything?

R.J.: No, Keri, no. Capricorn is strictly legit and so am I.

Officer: This one still has the shipping tags. It was delivered today.

Antonio: Open it.

Keri: Antonio, I sent that as a present for the opening.

Antonio: You don't have to cover for him, Keri.

Keri: I'm not. It's -- no!


Sam: Yeah, well, you know, Ben -- you should know that I'm not the best person to ask about Troy and Lindsay.

Ben: Look, all I know is that Troy would not leave without getting someone to cover for him at the clinic -- not after him and Lindsay put all this work into getting that place funded.

Sam: Yeah, well, of course, not everybody knows Troy all that well.

Ben: You haven't trusted Troy since he came to Llanview.

Sam: You know how I feel about Troy really doesn't matter. Nothing about that man has anything to do with me.

Ben: Ok, but I got to tell you, Iíve been working with him at the free clinic. The guy's the most dedicated doctor Iíve ever met.

Sam: Dr. Jekyll was dedicated also.

Ben: Ok, Sam, I didn't come to argue. I'm just looking for the man. Why don't you guys go back to what you were doing? Thanks.

Ben: Oh, listen -- am I going to see you guys at Jessicaís adoption ceremony tomorrow?

Sam: No, I'll be in court.

Nora: I'll be there.

Ben: Well, hopefully Troy will have surfaced by then. Good night.

Sam: Good night, Ben. You know, tell me I'm not paranoid, but it seems like every time we turn around, Troy and Lindsay are in our face. But I'll tell you what. We're not going to let that ruin tonight because so far, tonight has been perfect.

Nora: Yes, it has.

Sam: Ok. Would you like to watch the video again?

Nora: Not right now.


Lindsay: What are you going to do?

Troy: What am I going to do, Lindsay? I'll tell you what Iím going to do. I'm going to clean myself up, I'm going to change my shirt, and I'm going to take you down to the police station.

Lindsay: You're going to take me to the police station?

Troy: That's right. Now that I finally have the proof I need, I am going to make sure that you go away for a long, long time. And maybe now, Nora can finally get the peace of mind that she deserves.

Lindsay: Nora? What's Nora got to do with this?

Troy: Does that bother you, Lindsay? Does it bother you to hear Noraís name? Well, good. Because Nora is the one who gave me the strength and the courage to put up with you this whole time.


Keri: Why did you do that? I told you it was a gift. Why didn't you believe me?

Antonio: Keri, I --

Officer: There's nothing in the crates up here except for wine and champagne.

Second officer: Should we check out the basement?

Antonio: No. No, don't bother. We've been misinformed.


Bo: Of course that's why he barged in here -- trying to weasel out of his community service. You just heard him. Why else would he just drop by?

Gabrielle: To see his son.

Bo: I'm not his son anymore.

Gabrielle: I know what it feels like to be estranged from a child. It's the worst feeling in the world.

Bo: Well, he brought it on himself.

Gabrielle: You lost Drew. What would you give to see him again, to talk to him, to hug him?

Bo: That is not the same thing, Gabrielle. That's not even close.

Gabrielle: Just imagine how much worse it could feel if your son were alive but barely talked to you ever.

Bo: Look, I'm sorry about you and Al.

Gabrielle: I'm talking about you and Asa.

Bo: What are you saying? That I should just ignore everything that he's done? I can't do that.

Gabrielle: No, what Iím saying is that your father has made a lot of mistakes. But he's still your father, and he's certainly not going to be around forever.

Bo: Could you forgive him?

Gabrielle: He's not my father. Bo, look, Asa came here to reach out to you. I mean, he -- he was asking if he could do his community service at the police department with you because he misses you. Same way I miss Al.


Jen: I love it, even if it doesn't have magic powers.

Al: Well, who knows? Maybe the magic only works on women. Maybe it's casting its spell on you right now.


Nora: I love you, Sam. What?

Sam: Nothing. I love you, too.


Troy: Get up, Lindsay. We're going to the police station.

Lindsay: So you never loved me?

Troy: How many times do I have to tell you?

Lindsay: You're lying.

Troy: You disgust me. In fact, the only way that I could ever even bring myself to touch you was to close my eyes and imagine that you were Nora. She's the one I want, Lindsay. I don't want you. I could never love you. I love Nora! You got that? Nora!


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