OLTL Transcript Friday 2/8/02



One Life to Live Transcript Friday 2/8/02

By Amanda
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>> Previously on -"One Life to Live" --

Lindsay: Nora sent me this. Iím telling you that she's lost it.

Jen: I found this watch.  Belongs to a guy named Cristian Vega.

Antonio: You're moving in with R.J.?

Keri: He 's my father.

Viki:  And Iím glad that Todd got rid of Gabrielle.

Gabrielle: Hire me now. Or shall I tell Blair everything I know?


Nora:   Maybe I should just make this whole thing stop.

Lindsay: Or maybe I should.

Lindsay: Maybe I should stop you from trying to ruin the one chance that I finally have to be happy.

Nora: Lindsay, what are you doing?


Gabrielle: Gabrielle Medina.

Todd: Yeah, it's me. Listen up -- there's something you need to know about today. No matter what --

Gabrielle: Oh, Todd, Iím so glad to hear your voice.  Listen, I don't think you'll be able to shrug this off. I got tremendous details at Asaís trial.

Todd: What are you talking about?

Gabrielle: Tails, darling -- the lifeblood of fashion and style. You'll have it all for the late edition, ok? If you could he seen what Renee was wearing you would have such a giggle.

Todd: Ok, shut your yap and listen for a second. Iím not going to be at the paper until later because I got a big meeting, but no matter what happens, you don't go anywhere near the Manning building toddy. You got that?

Gabrielle: Mm-hmm. Now why is that?

Todd: Because I haven't really had a chance to tell Blair about the job you might have.

Gabrielle: You better tell her, Todd.

Todd: Yeah, well, I was thinking about that, but --

Gabrielle: Otherwise, I will tell her that that baby she just adopted is the boy that she gave birth to in Mexico, the one you gave away, the one you told her was dead.


Man: So you are going to be working here again?

Blair: Yes, and it feels so good to be back.

Man: I jug t wish Mr. Manning had said something. I --

Blair: Well, we haven't had a chance to work things out, but it's obvious that he knew that I was coming. He freed up this wonderful office, didn't he?

Man: No. Actually, he didnít.

Blair: Well, then who's supposed to be in this office?

Gabrielle: I am.


Joe: Yeah, have your watch here somewhere.

Cristian: Oh, coal. Thanks, man. I can't believe I left without it.

Joe: Well, youíre not the first and you're not the last, my man. People leave the weirdest things here.  One guy left an oil painting.

Jen: Al?


Sam: I asked you a question.

Troy: What are you doing here?

Sam: What's with the handcuffs?

Troy: Who the hell do you think you are? Last I checked, this was myloft. You know what -- I don't even have time for youíd Iím late.

Sam: Late for what?  I thought you were marrying Lindsay today.

Troy: I am.

Sam: So what's with the handcuffs?

Troy: They're for Lindsay.


Nora: What's in the syringe Lindsay?

Lindsay: You know what's in the syringe, Nora. You sent it to me.

Nora: What?

Lindsay: Phone calls weren't enough for you, were they? Well, Iím telling you, it stops right now.

Nora: What does?

Lindsay: Whatever you think Iíve done to you. It's done. It's over. Colin's dead.  You killed him, remember?

Nora: Ok, put the needle down.

Lindsay: You may not get your memories back, but Iím going to tell you something right now Ė I am going to be happy.

Nora: Well, Iím glad you're going to be happy. Just put the needle down.

Lindsay: And you re not going to get in my way! I mean it; Iím going to do whatever it takes --

Nora: Get that away from me.

Nora: My God.


Antonio: I didn't plan that.

Keri: I know.

Antonio: Iíve missed you so much, Keri. `

Keri: Iíve missed you, too.

Antonio: So how's the wrist?

Keri: Oh, it's going to be fineís I just banged it. It's nothing.

Antonio: How are you?

Keri: Iím better now.

Antonio: There's got to be a way, Keri. I want us to be together.

Keri: So did. But, I mean, how are w going to do this? Isn't R.J. always going to be in between us?

Antonio: No, he doesn't have to be. I mean, could we somewhere else to talk, someplace a little more private?

R.J.: Keri. Keri, are you all right? Iím at the solicitation trying to fill out some forms to get my nightclub opened, and I hear something about you being mugged?

Keri: No, it was Rae Cummings, actually, who had her wallet temporarily stolen.  I just got involved in making sure he guy didn't get away.

Antonio: Keri, Iím going to need you come outside to the car so wec an have that talk, and I want to have that wrist looked at.


Blair: Gabrielle, this isn't your office, and it never will be, because you donít work here at "The Sun" and you never will.

Gabrielle: If I were you, Iíd talk to Todd about that, Blair. After all, you are just the wife. He makes all the meaningful decisions around here.

Blair: You've lost everything, including your mind. My husband would never, ever8hire you.

Gabrielle: But he has.

Blair: No, he personally told me that hiring you would be a very, very bad idea and he took care of it.

Gabrielle: Yes, he did take care of it. Could you take these minuscule monstrosities out of here?

Blair: Hey, hey, hey, those are mine! Those are mine!

Gabrielle: And I all need an assistant -- male subordinate, I prefer. Handsome, well built, not over 30 -- actually, not over 25.

Blair: Put those down, please, thank you.

Gabrielle: And his first assignment will be to fix this lighting in here. I need something far more flattering.

Man: Well, I can go and I -- Iíll go somewhere else.

Blair: Hello, security? This is your new style editor --

Blair: This is Mrs.. Manning and I have an over-the-hill delusional bimbo in my office --

Gabrielle: Who is a fashion disaster --

Blair and Gabrielle: I would like her removed now.


Jen: Al, what's wrong? Are you ok?

Al: I -- my hand slipped. I just -- you know, I fell. You know me -- anything for attention.

Jen: Whereís your therapist?

Al: He went to make a phone call. He said that he'd be right back. Could you go get him of me, please?

Cristian: Here, Al, let me help you.

Al: No, no, donít.

Cristian: No, really, man, it's ok.

Al: Please,

Cristian: It's the least I can do.

Al: Don't though me! Don't you get it? Don't touch me. Don't ever touch me.


Sam: So what's Lindsay want with handcuffs?

Troy: I am not going to discuss what Lindsay and I do in the bedroom, ok?

Sam: No, no, it's not ok. I was married to Lindsay, remember? I know about her bedroom games.

Troy: With your marriage failing maybe now you know why.

Sam: Bull. Those cuffs are real. They're not some sex toys. Try something else, Troy.

Troy: Sam, you can believe whatever you want to believe. I don't really care. - Iíve got a plane to catch.

Sam: You know, and thatís another thing, you know, all this flying around, this elopement. That's not Lindsayís style, either.

Troy: You really don't know your ex-wife, do you?

Sam: You got some other plan.

Troy: Look, as Iím not trying to be mean here, ok -- Iím really not -- but your marriage to Lindsay fell apart a long time ago. Now, Iím sure that you have your reasons. Iím sure you do. But Lindsay has her reasons, too, and one of Lindsayís reasons is the fact that you felt you always knew what she liked and didn't like.

Sam: And I still do. And I know you're not in love with her.

Troy: What?

Sam: You still want Nora.

Troy: You're not making any sense today, Sam, but I am going  to chalk that up to an ex-husband's regrets.  I love Lindsay. Now, if you don't mind, thereís the door.

Sam: Why?

Troy: Why what?

Sam: Why do you love Lindsay?


Nora: What was in the syringe, Lindsay?

Lindsay: Ow.

Nora: What was in the syringe?

Lindsay: Nothing.

Nora: Nothing? It's empty? Oh, thank God.

Lindsay: You know perfectly well it was empty!

Nora: And how am I supposed to know that?

Lindsay: Don't play stupid with me. And if you do, don't expect me to buy it.

Nora: You've got to tell me what this is all about. Now.

Lindsay: Ever since you found out that Troy cares for me, you've been doing everything you can to sabotage it.

Nora: Oh, Lindsay, no, I havenít.

Lindsay: Beginning with the late-night phone calls, now  that heavy breathing you added. That was a nice touch.

Nora: I haven't made any phone calls.

Lindsay: Who did you get to do that for you, hmm, Sam?

Nora: I haven't made any phone calls, and Sam --

Lindsay: When you didn't think that that scared me enough, you sent me this in the mail. You are just trying to drive me over the edge so Iíll confess to giving you that drug.  Well, I didn't, Nora! I didn't do it! So stop this or Iím going to call the police!

Nora: Listen to me -- I didn't make any phone calls and, as far as I know, Sam didn't make any phone calls. He certainly would never do anything to scare you. You know that.

Lindsay: Sam would do anything you ask him to!

Nora: I didnít mail you that syringe!

Lindsay: You liar!

Nora: You listen to me -- if I had mailed you that syringe, then why was I so shocked when you walked in the door with it and came at me? Why would I have fought you if I knew that it was empty?

Lindsay: Well, if you didn't send it to me, who did?


Cristian: Hey, Al, I didn't mean to --

Al: Look, just don't, ok? Don't.

Jen: Al, what can we do?

Al: Could you go and get Paul for me, please? You could do that.

Paul: Al, what happened? Tell me you tried to get up on the bars yourself.

Al: I fell, ok? I just fell. No big deal.

Paul: Can you give Al and me a minute, please?

Cristian: Sure.

Jen: Are you sure you're ok? Just tell me anything, Iíll do it.

Al: I just -- I just need a little space, ok? No big deal.


Paul: What happened, Al?

Al: I just wanted to show her -- Nothing. Nothing happened. I just fell, oh look, Iíve fallen and I can't get up.

Paul: At least you can laugh, huh?

Al: Yeah, ha-ha.

Paul: Come on, it happens. Come on; let's get you back up in this chair.


Jen: I should have been there for him.

Cristian: Look, Jen, I didn't know you were here. If I did, I wouldn't have showed up. The attendant called me about my watch.  I left it here.

Jen: Yeah.

Cristian: The one you gave me.

Jen: I found it and I gave him your name. I didn't think you would come by so quickly.

Cristian: Well, that watch means a lot to me.

Jen: Yeah, I should have known that you might.  I should have protected Al.

Cristian: I made it worse by trying to help him. So whyíd he fall?

Jen: I think he saw me looking at you.


Gabrielle: Would you please throw her out?

Guard: And you are?

Gabrielle: Iím our new Style Editor, but you may call me Ms. Medina. Oh, could you please give a note to all the other security guards that this woman is banned from the building?

Guard: Well, excuse me, that is Mrs.. Manning, and this is Mr. Manning's building.

Blair: Mm-hmm.

Guard: She called to have you removed, so you'll have to come with me.

Gabrielle: I most certainly don't have to go with you, and if you don't do as I ask, you will be fired. Do you understand that?

Blair: Oh, whoa, whoa, wait minute, Ralph, you won't be fired. If you will get her out of this office right now, Iíve got some cash for you and Iíll make sure you get a bonus.

Gabrielle: Don't touch me

Ralph: Lady Ė

Blair: Here, Iíll take her arm on this side and you grab her on that side.

Gabrielle: Iím going to conduct business. This is my office. And Todd hired me, so I have a right to be here. I am working here, so --

Blair: Here, grab her arm Ralph, grab her.

Gabrielle: You --

Blair: Ralph, here's your cash.

Gabrielle: Todd!

Ralph: Thank you, ma'am, I appreciate it.

Gabrielle: Todd! You'd better tell this bloody lummox to put me down, or am I going to have to tell Blair the truth? Let go!


Keri: Antonio, my wrist is going to be fine. I would be embarrassed if you took me to the doctor.

Antonio: You sure?

Keri: Absolutely. But I would like us to have that talk.

R.J.: Keri, have you forgotten?

Keri: Forgotten what?

R.J.: Today was the day that we were going to move you into my apartment.

Keri: Oh. Right.

R.J.: Well, you don't have to worry. Iíll do all the heavy lifting. I mean, if you've got a sore wrist, we don't want you carrying things around

Antonio: You're still moving in with R.J?

Keri: Yes, remember, I told you Sam and Nora need to have some --

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, you told me.

R.J.: Look, Vega, I understand you're not thrilled about my daughter living under my roof, but, you know, look at this way -- you know Iíll keep her out of harm's way.

Antonio: Oh, what, now the pickpocket thing is my fault?

Keri: Antonio --

R.J.: I didn't say that.

Antonio: I can't keep my eye on every criminal in town.

R.J.: Well, you always find time to keep tabs on me.

Antonio: Yeah, well, there's a hell of a difference between you and a pickpocket.

Keri: Antonio, R.J., stop it, please!


Troy: Why do I love Lindsay? What do you want me to do, quote a poem?

Sam: Just answer the question.

Troy: Fine. Why do I love Lindsay, A poem by Troy MacIver - I love Lindsay because she's bright, she's talented, she's beautiful, and she's very very sexy. The end.

Sam: You don't love Lindsay at all

Troy: You know it all, don't you, Sam? First you know what Lindsay wants, now you know what I want.

Sam: This is about Nora somehow.

Troy: What? I--

Sam? I think you're lying to everybody!

Troy: I don't really care what you think, Sam. Because, see, I have plans for my future and you're not in them because you do not exist for me.

Sam: Thatís fine by me, but Iím still going to figure out what you're up to.

Troy: Look; I am trying to make Lindsay happy by giving Lindsay what she wants because I know how to do that. You see, I have an imagination, which is what it takes to make love grow. Now, you may not agree with me, & you may not believe me but I am going to remind you one more time -- your marriage to Lindsey failed.

Sam: If a set of handcuffs is your idea of imagination, then, no, Iím afraid I don't have much on that but if what you do with Lindsay winds up affecting Nora, youíre going to have one heavy price to pay.

Troy: It's going to affect Nora, all right. But in the best possible way.


Nora: Lindsay, I promise you, Iím not mailing you things, Iím not making any phone calls.

Lindsay: Why am I wasting time with you? The only person that I want to think about right now is Troy because he cares about me, Nora. - He loves me. And I love him so much. Don't you see? That's why you have to leave me alone.

Nora: I swear, I am not the one that's bothering you.

Lindsay: Iím finally getting my shot at happiness and it's been a long time coming, but it is coming. And it feels so good.  He knows Iím special, Nora.  Do you understand that?

Nora: Yeah. Sure.

Lindsay: He loves me just the way I am. He doesn't want me to be anybody else. He loves me for just who I am ~ and we are going to get married and we are going to be happy. Do you understand that, Nora?

Nora: God, Lindsay.  You're not going to get married.

Lindsay: What??

Nora: Troy -- he's not going to marry you, Lindsay.


Todd: Ralph put her down and, you know what -- you can get out of here.

Gabrielle: Oh, thank you very much. My new outfit is all rumpled.

Blair: Ok, Todd, what's going on here?


Jen: He understands. So are you done for today?

Al: Yeah, yeah, that's what Paul says, but he wants to show me some other equipment that we're going to use next time. I want to convince him to let me go a little longer, though.

Jen: Al, I love the way you're throwing yourself into this, but you don't have to do it all in one day.

Al: Jen, I want to walk so bad.

Jen: And you will. The way you're going at it, you're going to be dancing by spring.

Al: Yeah, but not with you.

Jen: What?

Al: I saw you with Cristian.

Jen: I was just surprised to see him. We're over.

Al: Jen, I think it's time we got real.


[Tape winds]

Troyís voice: Lindsay!

[Tape winds]

Troy: What's the matter, Lindsay? What's the matter, Lindsay? I know what you did to Scarlet!


Nora: Iím sorry, Lindsay. It's just not going to happen.

Lindsay: How dare you.

Nora: He's not going to marry you.

Lindsay: You are so hateful!

Nora: No, no, no, you have to listen to me.

Lindsay: You are the most disgusting human being I have ever met!

Nora: No, please, Lindsay, you have to listen to me now.

Lindsay: Why are you doing this to me?

Nora: Iím not doing this to hurt you! Iím trying to tell --

Lindsay: Yes, you are!

Nora: No, I --

Lindsay: You are because you think I hurt you. You are determined. You're determined to prove that Iím the one that gave you that drug. You would do anything.

Nora: No, Lindsay --

Lindsay: Yes, you are, you're obsessed. You're obsessed with making sure I don't have anything good in my life. That's why you turned Bo against me. You made sure that Sam would never look at me ever again! You know what? Iím glad you don't remember anything. You deserve it. And if I had half a chance, Iíd wipe out what's left of your brain. It's over, Nora. I am finally going to get what I deserve.

Nora: Yes, I think you are.

Lindsay: And I hope that you move on so that you can get what you deserve.

Lindsay: Iím sorry that I lost it like that on you. But you have no right to say those things to me. I really do wish you well.

Nora: Bon voyage.


Keri: Can't you guys just lay off each other even for a minute?

R.J.: Iím sorry. Iím sorry. It's just that when I heard you'd been mugged, I -- never mind, ok? Iíll just stand over here while you two sort these things out.

Keri: So, about that talk --

Antonio: Is it still worth trying?

Keri: I don't know, Antonio. I mean, I need you to meet me halfway on this.

Antonio: There is no halfway when it comes to R.J.

Keri: So what are you telling me, that the talk is -- the talk is off?

Antonio: You're moving in with your father. I don't think there is anything else to talk about.

Keri: Iím his daughter, too. That's not going to change.

Antonio: Yeah. I know.


Cristian: So the two of you are still having problems?

Antonio: I would give anything if she wasn't his daughter or if I didn't care who her father was.

Cristian: But you do.

Antonio: I am trying everything -- everything to get over the way I feel about that guy. I want to be with her, Cris -- I do -- but I canít. This whole situation, it's just -- it's just impossible.

Cristian: Oh, yeah. Yeah, I know about impossible situations.


Jen: Al, I know it seems like Cristian came here to see me, but he didnít. It was just a fluke.

Al: I saw the way you were looking at him.

Jen: Ok, there are some old memories and a lot of might-have-beens when I see him, but -- but we're completely over.

Al: Are you really?

Jen: Yes, I told you that. We're going to run into him once in a while, but Iím with you.

Al: Jen, I want to be whole again. I want to be a man with you.

Jen: Al, I don't care if you can't walk right now or not. You are a man to me. And Iím glad that I can be with you.

Gabrielle: Al, sweetheart you look so good. Jennifer. Good to see you. I hope you feel as good as you look.

Al: Iím fine.

Gabrielle: Wonderful. I have the best news.

Al: Really? What's that?

Gabrielle: Well, Iím back on my feet again -- so to speak.

Al: Yeah, that's real nice for you.

Gabrielle: What I mean by that is that Iím back in the game. I have a wonderful new job with great benefits and very flexible hours, so Iíll be able to give you the help you need.

Al: You know what -- Iím doing fine.

Gabrielle: Good. But when I move out of Bo's and into the carriage house, then Iíll be there to help you.

Al: Yeah, I don't know how Mrs. Davidson is going to feel about you moving onto her property.

Gabrielle: Oh, she'll be fine. She's a mother. She understands that I have to be there with you.

Al: Yeah, well, I don't understand. I don't want you there.

Gabrielle: What?

Al: I don't want you living with me. Forget it.


Lindsay: Troy? Are you here?

[Phone rings]

Lindsay: Troy, are you there? If you're there, could you pick up? I thought you'd be here by now, but I just got back. You wouldn't believe where Iíve been. I just had a little run-in with Nora. But anyway, I guess that you're on your way, so --`

Troy: Iím on my way.

Lindsay: Who cares about her problems anyway, right?

Troy: You mean the problem you caused?

Lindsay: I don't want to let her ruin everything for us.

Troy: It's time for you to pay, Lindsay.


Lindsay: I love you. I can't wait to marry you.

[Door closes]

Lindsay: And I know that you love me, too, till the day that I die. `

[Phone rings]

Lindsay: Hello?

Troy's voice: Lindsay!

Lindsay: Troy? What's wrong?


R.J.: I really am sorry that every time we run into Antonio things get heated. I -- next time, I promise, I will find some way to stay cool.

Keri: I appreciate that, R.J., but I don't think there's going to be a next time.


Cristian: You know, you can say it's over all you want, Antonio, but I know there's still plenty going on between the two of you.

Antonio: Yeah, I know. That's why Iím trying to be reasonable about R.J., but -- look, maybe he is trying to change, maybe he is trying to be an honest businessman -- maybe a lot of things.

Cristian: Can't swallow it, huh?

Antonio: Every time I get near the guy, I lose it. He's scum, and Keriís going to pay the price.

Cristian: Do you have the facts to back that up?

Antonio: What, are you a detective now?

Cristian: Iím just saying to, I don't know, give him another go. Give him the benefit of the doubt. And this time try harder.

Antonio: Iíve done everything I can, Cris.

[Pager rings]

Antonio: It's just -- it seems like it's completely out of my control. I got to get back to the station. Look, take it easy, all right?

Cristian: Hold on, hold on a second. You know something, man -- if all that was standing between me and Jen was R.J., Iíd do whatever it takes, man.


Gabrielle: Al, we have to be realistic here. We still haven't found someone to stay with you at night, and that's the most important time because that's when --

Al: Well, it's not going to be you.

Gabrielle: Al, don't be like this. You need help, all right? There's nothing wrong with my being the one. You still need your mom. That's all right.

Jen: Actually, no, he doesn't, Ms. Medina.

Gabrielle: I beg your pardon?

Jen: He doesn't need you to move into the carriage house with him.

Gabrielle: Why not?

Jen: Because he has me. Iím going to be moving in with Al.


Todd: Really, it's no big deal.

Blair: Just answer my question.

Todd: Ok, look, I run a tabloid here. "The Sun" is a tabloid.

Blair: Todd, I know that.

Todd: And it is my job to get people's attention, the more the merrier, and so to do that I appeal to the lowest common denominator. Hell, I got people that read my newspaper, Blair, they don't - even know how to read. I mean, if you think about it, Gabrielleís going to fit right in.

Blair: Yeah, that's what Iím asking you -- when did you think about it?

Todd: Well, the thing is that Gabrielleís thinking is so trashy that she's going to fit right in.

Blair: Just answer my question. Answer me! Why did you hire her? You can't even stand her!

Todd: Well, that's the beauty part.

Blair: And why is she suddenly acting like she's the boss around here? What's going on?

Todd: Nothing.

Blair: Todd, I am your wife. We have a family. We have everything. But not if you lie to me.

Todd: Ok. The truth, Blair, is that I gave Gabrielle a job because she's blackmailing me.


Sam: Hi.

Nora: Hi.

Sam: You ready for round two?

Nora: What?

Sam: The Becker case. Don't you have the Becker case this afternoon?

Nora: Oh, no, it was postponed.

Sam: Oh.

Nora: And you've got -- you have one.

Sam: The Garrett case. I got an acquittal.

Nora: Good. Good for you.

Sam: Are you ok? I mean, you seemed a little upset when you left this afternoon.

Nora: Yes, I was. And, of course, Lindsay just upset me more, so --

Sam: Oh, no, what did she do now?

Nora: Oh, it was just another one of our ladies' room conversations.

Sam: Did it have something to do with Troy?

Nora: Why do you ask that?

Sam: Because I paid him a little visit this afternoon.

Nora: Is he still planning the elopement?

Sam: Well, he says he is, but I don't buy it.

Nora: Why not?

Sam: I don't know, it's just a feeling that Iíve got. And frankly, I don't think the wedding's even going to take place. And you don't think so, either, do you? What's going on, Nora? What do you really know about all this?


Lindsay: Troy? What's going on? Troy?

Troy's voice: Lindsay, he's back.

Lindsay: Who's back? What are you talking about?

Troy's voice: He's back, Lindsay!

Lindsay: What are you saying? Who's back?

Troy's voice: You've got to be careful, Lindsay. Iím telling you, it's true, he's back! I need your help.

Lindsay: Iíll help you.

Troy's voice: Lindsay -- Lindsay, Iím in trouble.

Lindsay: Well, Troy, just tell me where you are and Iíll come -- Iíll come help you. Just tell me where you are! Troy, where are you?

Troy: Right here.

Lindsay: Troy?


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