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One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 2/7/02

By Amanda
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>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Max: Vega broke my son's body. I'm not about to let you break his heart.

Natalie: How do you get over the end of your life? How are we going to get over these feelings?

Bo: You let everyone that loves you believe that you were dead.

Antonio: You're moving in with R.J.?

Keri: He's my father.

Troy: All right. Let the fun begin.


[Phone rings]

Nora: Hello?

Troy: Hi, Nora, it's me.

Nora: Troy, I thought we already said our goodbyes at the cemetery.

Troy: When we kissed -- I know.

Nora: If you've decided not to leave town and to stay here, I just want you to know that that's never going to happen again.

Troy: Look, Nora, that's not why I called. I just wanted to hear your voice one more time before --

Nora: Before you marry Lindsay?

Troy: No. Before it's all over. And once it is all over, Nora, you're finally going to have what you want, what you deserve -- justice.

Nora: I got to go. Hi.

Sam: Hi. Ready for the fireworks?

Nora: Oh, for Asa to get his comeuppance? Oh, I'm more than ready.

Sam: Yeah, 15 counts of felony fraud should be some challenge for his attorney.

[Nora laughs]


Renee: Oh, why, hello there, Sweetheart. Two favorite ace lawyers. So, do you think Asas going to go to jail?

Asa: Don't bet the ranch on it, Renee. There's one thing I've always relied on -- the wonderful way the courts in this country work.

Nora: Hello, Asa. Nigel.

Nigel: Madam.

Ben: You know, you seem awful confident that you're going to beat these charges, Asa.

Asa: You just watch me, Ben.


Gabrielle: Max? Max, I have a right to know this.

Max: What do you want to know now?

Gabrielle: You're really something. Where is Al? I left a message at the carriage house. Nobody answered. Where is he?

Max: I dropped him at Serenity Springs for a therapy session.

Gabrielle: Oh. Well, thanks for telling me. You left him there by himself?

Max: Oh, believe me, he's not by himself.


Al: What was that for?

Jen: You wanted proof. I'm here with you because I want to be here with you.

Al: Jen, are you sure that my father didn't say something to you?

Jen: What is this? You want more proof?

Al: Well, it wouldn't hurt.

Man: Al -- hi.

Man: Al -- hi. Paul Winslow. I'll be getting you started on your therapy today.

Al: Good to meet you, Paul. This is Jen.

Jen: Hi. I'm here to help out.

Paul: Then Ill help you help him. How's that?

Jen: Sounds good.

Paul: All right, Al.

Al: All right.

Paul: First, we warm up.

Al: Ok. So, what do we do in here?

Paul: All right. Get in the middle. Now what I want you to do -- get in. I want you to lift your arms up --

Al: Ok.

Paul: As far as you can.

Al: Ok.

Paul: Slowly.

Al: Slowly? Ok.

Paul: Way up. That's it. All right. Now down. Slow.


Antonio: You can never find something when you need it. Come on, Pete, get a move on. We need to go check out those campus robberies.

Pete: Ok. Check that out first.


Lindsay: What a day. What a day. I don't know whether to laugh or scream.

Troy: Lindsay, what are you doing here? I thought I was picking you up at the gallery.

Lindsay: I got this in my mail. And don't think I don't know who sent it.


Natalie: We can't do this, Cris.

Cristian: No, you're right. You're right. We shouldn't be doing this.

Natalie: What -- whoa. What were we thinking?

Cristian: Simple. It wouldn't have worked.

Natalie: Then why were we doing it?

Cristian: I don't know. To forget?

Natalie: To forget. Doesn't really work, though, do it?

Cristian: No. No, it doesn't.

Natalie: Yeah -- I'm -- I'm sorry, I -- I kind have started this whole thing.

Cristian: No, no, no, no, you didn't. I was there, too. I mean -- I don't know, Natalie. It's just that ever since I lost Jen, I can hardly think straight.

Natalie: I know the feeling. I better go.

Cristian: Right. Look, I'm sorry about --

Natalie: No. Yeah. Me, too. Um -- take care.

Cristian: Yeah. You got everything?

Natalie: Yeah. See you.

Jessica: You've got to be kidding.


Al: Jen? Everything ok?

Jen: Yeah, I just found this watch that somebody dropped. I just need to go to give it to them.

Al: Oh, all right.

Jen: Oh, hey. I found this watch. It belongs to a guy named Cristian Vega. He's a member.

Man: Yeah, I see. Cris obviously has himself a girlfriend.


Gabrielle: Jen Rappaport. You left him alone with Jen -- she's the reason that he's not walking!

Max: What is wrong with you, ok? Jen is all Al wants. For once in your life, can you think about him instead of yourself? Can you do that?

Gabrielle: I am thinking about Al. That's why I got a job so that I could help pay for all of his medical bills.

Max: You got a -- who would hire you?


Bailiff: Court's about to convene.

Asa: Don't ever have any kids, Nigel.

Nigel: I hadn't planned on it, sir.

Asa: I told you to relax.

Nigel: Yes, sir.

Asa: I've got this one covered.

Nigel: Yes, sir.

Bailiff: All rise. Superior Court of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is now in session; Honorable Judge Barbara Fitzwater presiding.

Judge: Be seated.

Bailiff: The Commonwealth versus Asa Buchanan.

Judge: Ok, let us get started. I have a very full day.

Hank: Your Honor, Henry Gannon for the Commonwealth.

Judge: Oh, it's good to see you, Mr.. Gannon. And where are your lawyers, Mr.. Buchanan?

Asa: Uh -- I'm afraid, your Honor, I may have a little problem. I don't know. It looks like my lawyer's a no-show.

Nigel: Because you paid him to disappear.

Asa: I -- i guess we're going to have to reschedule. Maybe in a couple of months. Or if this coming summer works for you.

Judge: No, we're disposing of this case today.

Asa: I don't have a lawyer, Your Honor, and a man's entitled to proper representation.

Judge: The court will appoint one.

Asa: What?

Judge: Ms. Buchanan, please step forward.

Nora: Oh, Your Honor, if it please the court --

Judge: It pleases the court if you will step forward and defend this man.


Lindsay: Nora sent me this. I know she did. I'm telling you that she's lost it.

Troy: Ok, look, Lindsay, just -- just calm down.

Lindsay: How am I supposed to calm down when I got a syringe in the mail? How am I supposed to calm down?

Troy: I know, I know. I can't believe that that's how they sent that to you. I'm just glad that you weren't hurt.

Lindsay: Troy, this was supposed to be the happiest day of my life.

Troy: And it will be.

Lindsay: No, it won't because she can't stand to see me happy and she's going to do everything she can to ruin it.

Troy: Ok, look, let's just -- let's just calm down. Let's take a step back here. Now, what makes you think that it was Nora?

Lindsay: Who else would it be? There's no one else running around insisting that I wiped her memory out with some drug.

Troy: Yeah, but you didn't, did you?

Lindsay: No. But she thinks I did, and she's like a dog with a bone. She's sending me syringes and these phone calls at the gallery.

Troy: Wait, wait, wait, and wait. You said the phone calls came from a man.

Lindsay: Well, they did, you know, but she could have put somebody up to it. Maybe -- maybe she got Sam to do it.

Troy: Sam -- Lindsay, come on. Now, you're letting your imagination run a little wild with you here.

Lindsay: My imagination? Is this imaginary? Are the phone calls imagined? You got them, too.

Troy: I know I did, Lindsay, but -- but this -- this -- this doesn't sound like Noras style.

Lindsay: Well, whose style would it be, then? Who? Who would go out of their way to torture us over and over


Rae: Nice photograph. Hmm.

Keri: Hi.

Rae: Look at what we have here, Honey -- Mackenzie Award winner and faculty advisor. Well, well, well, that's pretty dull, don't you think? I mean, just names. No essence of what the real relationship is about --

Keri: Don't go there, Rae.

Rae: No hint of the passion that lies beneath --

Keri: Don't start, Rae. I'm serious.

Rae: Uh-huh. Yeah.

Keri: Antonio and I --

Rae: Right?

Keri: It's just not going to work.

Rae: Uh-huh. Hold that thought, all right? Ok, why not? Why isn't it going to work?

Keri: Because -- because -- because R.J.'s my father.

Rae: Uh-huh.

Keri: And since that's not going to change anytime soon, I just have to let it go.

Rae: Uh-huh.

Keri: Which I am doing, by the way.

Rae: Right.

Keri: I mean, it's not that big a deal.

Rae: No. Uh-uh.

Keri: I have my work. I have my students.

Rae: Yes, absolutely.

Keri: Stop agreeing with me, Rae. I'm not lying to myself here.

Rae: Keri, there is a huge difference between talking yourself into something and lying. Did you happen to notice the Valentine Day posters? Sounds like fun, doesn't it? I mean, I even remember the 1970S. I was just a mere child, of course.

Keri: Me, too.

Rae: You?

Keri: That was when I was born.

Rae: Oh, I hate you. I could've gone my whole life without hearing that.

Keri: Hey!

Rae: What?

Keri: Hey!

Rae: Keri? Oh, my God.

Man: Here, let me help you.

Keri: This guy's a thief!

Man: What's going on?

Rae: Keri? My God. Are you all right?

Keri: I'm fine.

Rae: Are you sure?

Keri: Yeah.

Man: Come on! Stop moving, or I'm going to break your arm.

Second man: Get the hell off me.

Man: Hey, somebody call the cops! Dial 911!

Antonio: That won't be necessary. What's going on?

Man: This guy tried to steal somebody's wallet.

Antonio: And you stopped him?

Man: No. Prof. Reynolds tackled him.


Jessica: What -- what is wrong with you?

Natalie: Hello, so-called sister. Try not to judge too harshly, ok?

Jessica: And you -- I was actually feeling guilty about being with Seth because I was afraid of what it might do to you.

Natalie: You, guilty? Ok.

Jessica: How could you be with someone like Natalie?

Natalie: Nothing happened.

Cristian: Jessica, look -- chill out, ok? It's not what it looks like.

Jessica: I'll tell you what it looks like. It looks like you're hurting because Jen's gone so you let this witch move right in on you.

Natalie: Does it ever bother you that you're wrong? I mean -- oh -- you just talk louder. See you, Cris. And watch out. Don't turn your back. She's a hair-puller.

[Door slams shut]

Jessica: I thought you were my friend.

Cristian: Jessica, I am your friend.

Jessica: Then don't lie to me. How could you do something like that with Natalie?

Cristian: Jess, I just lost Jen.

Jessica: You've lost more than Jen, Cristian. You've lost your mind.


Nora: Your honor, I -- I --

Judge: I see where you drew up the defendant's will.

Nora: Oh, yes, but drawing up a will for a client is one thing. It -- it will be a cold day in hell before I defend Asa Buchanan for what he did.

Judge: A great many attorneys have compared being in my courtroom to hell. It's February. Consider it a cold day in hell and consider yourself the defense attorney of record.

Nora: Your honor --

Judge: Unless you want to be held in contempt. Ms. Buchanan, Asa Buchanan is accused of lying -- accused of lying to the people he loved. Think of the people he's accused of hurting. They want to see this trial proceed, and so does the court. So, please, take your place beside the defendant.

Sam: You don't have to do this. You can fight it.

Nora: Yeah, sure, and lose? Are you kidding? Especially since I know that Asa rigged this so his lawyer wouldn't show.

Sam: You don't want to see him get away with it.

Asa: Nora -- don't you dare screw this up.

Judge: Mr. Gannon, are you ready to proceed?

Hank: Yes, Your Honor. Your Honor, if it pleases the court, this case against Asa Buchanan is quite simple. He decided that he wanted --

Nora: Your Honor, excuse me. I'm sorry.

Asa: Give it to her.

Judge: Ms. Buchanan.

Nora: Your Honor, my client wishes to change his plea.

Judge: Change his plea?

Nora: Yes, he wishes to change his plea to guilty.

[Gallery murmurs]


Lindsay: Tell me you didn't mean that.

Troy: Mean what?

Lindsay: What you just said.

Troy: That it doesn't sound like Noras style?

Lindsay: No, no -- I know that's what you said, but -- I mean what you meant, what you were implying. You don't think that this could be Colin? He's -- he's dead.

Troy: You're right, you're right. Of course he is. He -- of course he is. Although it does sound more like his style.

Lindsay: It's not possible.

Troy: No. No, you know what? You're absolutely right. It's -- of course you are. You're absolutely right.

Lindsay: Well, you see, then? It's Nora. It's got to be Nora. I mean, she hates me. She hates me. She wants to destroy me.

Troy: Ok. Ok, ok, so maybe it is Nora.

Lindsay: Do you believe me?

Troy: Do I believe you? Of course I believe you. If you believe it, then I believe it. Look, Lindsay, she's not going to follow us to Paris, ok, because she doesn't know where we're going. I mean, you didn't tell anybody our itinerary, did you?

Lindsay: I don't even know what it is.

Troy: Good. Ok, so she can't follow us because no one knows where we're going to be. So what we need to do right now is focus on the wonderful time that you and I are going to have in Paris. You hear me?

Troy: Is that better? Hmm? Ok. Now, listen. We better get a move on, or we are going to miss our plane. So why don't you head back to your gallery, get your things together, and I'm going to swing by in a little bit and pick you up, ok?

Lindsay: Ok.

Troy: All right. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey -- what do you say?

Lindsay: I love you.

Troy: I love you, too, ok? All right. Oh, and, Lindsay, you know what? Don't -- don't even worry about Nora, ok? We will deal with her when we get back.

Lindsay: Ok.

Lindsay: Oh, Troy, I'm sorry. But I don't think I can wait that long.


Rae: Antonio, how did you get here so fast?

Antonio: We were already on campus.

Rae: Oh.

Antonio: Did I hear right? Prof. Reynolds took down our perp with a flying tackle?

Rae: Yes, yes, she's actually thinking about trying out for the Eagles next season, assuming that she's not drafted by the Rams or -- I don't know -- maybe it's -- maybe it's the Dolphins? Is that a football team? Oh, well. Well, it's just my little attempt at humor here. I'm really a lot funnier, you know, when my heart isn't beating quite so hard.

Antonio: I'm sorry. I didn't even ask, are you all right?

Rae: No, no, no, no. Oh, I'm fine, really. Keri was the one who had all the risk.

Keri: I'm fine.

Antonio: Good.

Rae: So, I'm sure the two of you want to talk about this, so why don't I just go, all right?

Antonio: Uh -- no.

Rae: No?

Antonio: Pete -- take a statement from the two ladies. I'll run this guy downtown.

Pete: Antonio, you mind if we do it the other way around? My wife was meeting us at the station with stuff I need. Let's go.

Antonio: So, Rae, Im going to take a statement from you first --

Rae: Oh --

Antonio: And then, if I need anything else, I --

Rae: Well, I have a problem, you see. I'm late for a class. So why don't I just come to the station in a few hours. I'll give you my statement then. In the meantime, you know, take this opportunity to get whatever you need from Keri. Good? Good. Ok. Honey, thank you again. I appreciate it. Yeah.

Antonio: Yeah. Bye, Rae. You sure you're ok?

Keri: I'm fine.

Antonio: I'd hate to think of something happening to you.


Jessica: This is unbelievable. I mean, Jen just --

Cristian: Cut me some slack here.

Jessica: Jen just moved out a week ago, Cristian. You don't just go jumping into bed with the next person who comes to visit you.

Cristian: I didn't go jumping into bed with anybody.

Jessica: And especially Natalie. I mean, she's just got off a really bad thing with Seth. The last thing she needs to be doing --

Cristian: Will you just listen to me for a minute? Ok? Nothing happened.

Jessica: I don't believe you.

Cristian: Believe what you want. You know, I don't know where you get off giving me a lecture, what after -- what about after what you and Will did?

Jessica: Oh. That -- that was good. Really, that's the last thing I need right now. How old was I, Cristian? How long ago was that? I don't need this. I'm --

Cristian: I'm sorry, ok? I'm sorry. Don't -- don't listen to me. I don't know, Jess. My life's a mess right now, ok, so -- why'd you come here? What do you want? Do you need anything?

Jessica: No, I don't need anything. I just found out about you and Jen through Al, so I wanted to make sure, you know, everything was ok. But obviously you're over it very --

Cristian: I'd hardly say everything was ok.

Jessica: You know what? It's all right. It's not my business. I'm sorry. Because, you know, everybody deals with their own problems differently, you know, so --

Cristian: What's going on? Jess, come on. What's going on? Tell me.

Jessica: My mom -- Roxanne --

Cristian: You mean your biological mom?

Jessica: She's -- she's sick.

Cristian: With what? Is there anything I can do?

Jessica: No. Yeah. You can stop hanging out with Natalie.

Cristian: Jess, come on, you got the wrong impression. That's --

Jessica: Uh -- I don't feel like talking about it, ok?

Cristian: To-do es goal. To-do es girl.

[Phone rings]

Cristian: Hello?

Man: Is this Cristian Vega?

Cristian: Yeah, this is he.

Man: It's Joe down at Serenity Springs gym. You missing your watch by any chance?

Cristian: Yeah, I am. I must've dropped it out of my bag.

Joe: Says it's from Jen on the back?

Cristian: Yeah, that's it. I'll come down and get it.

Joe: Too bad you've already got a girlfriend. If you hurry, you could take a look at the one who turned it in. Talk about a babe.


Asa: What in the Sam Hill is the matter with you? Why the hell would I want to plead guilty?

Nora: Because you are.

Asa: So what?

Nora: Asa, it's important that you stand up and acknowledge that fact.

Asa: Important to who, the judge?

Nora: Asa, believe it or not, but this isn't about you anymore or what you want to have happen. There are people in this courtroom that you have hurt -- Renee, Bo -- and they need to see you stand up and admit what you did was wrong.

Asa: Maybe that's what they teach you in Sunday school, honey --

Nora: Ok, there's another reason. If you go to trial, you don't stand a snowball's chance.

Nigel: That's what I've been trying to --

Asa: You shut up, shut up.

Nora: If you stand up and admit that you're guilty, you got a chance at a decent sentence and you get to keep your dignity.

Nigel: Do choose dignity, sir.

Nora: Yes or no, Asa?

Asa: Your honor --

Judge: Thank you.

Asa: My lawyer was right. I change my plea -- to guilty.

[Gallery murmurs]

Judge: You are doing this of your own free will, aware of the risks involved?

Asa: Yes, Your Honor. Guilty as charged.

Judge: Then I see no reason why we do not proceed to the sentencing phase.

Nora: What?

Asa: What?

Nora: Now?

Judge: Why not now? Are you prepared to receive the sentencing of this court?

Hank: Your Honor, before sentencing Mr.. Buchanan, the prosecution would like to give the victims of his crimes an opportunity to speak directly to the court --

Nora: Your Honor, I object. That's prejudicial --

Judge: Thank you, Mr. Gannon.

Nora: It is not --

Judge: As I overrule Ms. Buchanan -- I think impact statements of the victims of crimes are always important.

Hank: Thank you, Your Honor.

Judge: So, who would like to go first?

Max: I would.

Asa: Whoa! Wait a minute. No. Just hold it, Your Honor --

Judge: Very well. You may.

Asa: No, hold it! Max Holden is no damn victim!

Max: I was a son to you. I cared for you.

Asa: That's bull! You and that skinny Argentine plotted to kill me.

Gabrielle: Your Honor, if you please. Plotting to murder someone and actually following through with it are completely different things, aren't they?

Max: You know, Asa, framing someone to get them put away in prison just for talking about maybe killing you -- I mean, you can't do that. Otherwise, you might as well lock up all of Llanview.

Asa: You got exactly what you deserve, Holden. I only wish it had been forever.

Gabrielle: Oh, Asa, you're disgusting.

Max: Al -- what about Al? Al -- what about -- does he deserve this?

Asa: Leave Al alone. He's a damn good kid.

Judge: Silence! Everybody sit down -- now. Ah. I think allowing impact statements were not one of my better decisions. Mr. Buchanan, I am striking Mr. Holden and Ms. Medina from the victims list. Mr. Buchanan. Mr. Bartholomew-Smythe.

Nora: Stand up.

Judge: Mr. Buchanan, I hereby sentence you to 150 hours of community service.

Asa: Community service? That's it?

Judge: The remaining people on this victims list will be your supervisors during those hours. And you will serve under Renee Divine for 50 hours, you will serve under Ben Davidson for 50 hours, and you will serve under Commissioner Bo Buchanan for 50 hours.

Asa: Your honor, I cannot serve under these people.

Nora: Oh, Asa, for --

Asa: All I have to do

Nora: Be quiet.

Asa: All I have to do is make a phone call. Just one.

Judge: Yes, Mr.. Buchanan. I have three -- count them -- one, two, three letters from Presidents of the United States all attesting to your importance.

Asa: Now, what does that tell you, Your Honor?

Judge: That you are the most influential man I have ever sentenced.

Asa: Then why are you doing this? I cannot work for these people.

Judge: Well, if you would like to have 10 years in Statesville Prison, that can be arranged, because I will do it if you say another word. No? Then you're done.

Asa: This is all your damn fault.

Judge: Mr. Nigel Bartholomew-Smythe -- I think working for Asa Buchanan is enough punishment for one person to endure. Therefore, you are free to go. This court is adjourned.

Nigel: Oh, thank you. Thank you.

Bailiff: All rise.

Bo: See what happens, Pa, when your whole life is based on revenge?

Asa: They all sure as hell deserve it, Bo.


Troy: Hey, Lindsay, it's me, Troy.

[Phone rings]

Troys voice: Hey, Lindsay, it's me, Troy.

Troy: So much for the dress rehearsal. Guess now it's time for the opening night.


Bo: And what have you got now, huh? What have you got? You lost everything you loved and cared about and everyone just because you had to have your sweet revenge.

Asa: They all got what's coming to them.

Bo: I want to tell you something about revenge. It's not going to keep you warm at night. It's not going to hold your hand when you're sick. It's not going to love you while you're here. It's not going to cry for you when you're gone. So what kind of a future is waiting for you?


Sam: Hey --

Nora: What?

Sam: Are you ok?

Nora: What? Yes, fine.

Sam: Are you sure?

Nora: Did Lindsay tell you that she's eloping with Troy, today?

Bo: What? No. No, no, no. What, has she gone completely insane? Is that what's got you upset?

Nora: Well, it's that. It's Asa. It's -- it's -- I -- I've got a headache. I've got to get some aspirin. Excuse me.


Max: Well, I hope you can make a posse cafe, Asa, because that's what Ill be ordering when I come see you at Crossroads.

Gabrielle: Enjoy yourself working for Renee. It's too bad you can't work for me.

Asa: You're just loving it, aren't you, Bo?

Bo: No, not really. I don't know. Maybe a little. But I'll tell you one thing, Pa, that I hated. I hated when I heard that you were dead. And I think that Clint, Cord, Kevin, Joey, and Jessica -- they all hated getting that news, too.

Ben: Well, Asa, just come on by Crossroads because I have floors to be scrubbed, glasses to be cleaned, pesticides to be removed. Those 50 hours will fly.

Asa: But you -- you're going to do right by me, right?

Renee: Well, I don't know, Asa. Maybe you should find yourself an outfit that would go with this.


Keri: So I just looked up, and he was taking her wallet.

Antonio: Did he run immediately or -- or try to lie about it?

Keri: No, he just -- he took off right then and there.

Antonio: And you chased him?

Keri: Well, not far. Just a few feet. I knew if I didn't act he would get away, so I tackled him.

Antonio: Ah. Keri, did you ever stop to think that what you were doing was dangerous?

Keri: No, there really wasn't any time.

Antonio: He could have had a weapon. I mean, if the creep was willing to steal something out of a woman's purse in broad daylight --

Keri: Sometimes you have to take risks, Antonio. Otherwise, you go through your whole life scared.

Antonio: How's your car?

Keri: It's in the shop. It was a clogged fuel line. You were right. Happened again.

Antonio: What's wrong with your wrist?

Keri: Oh. I don't know. I must've banged it when I tackled that guy. It's nothing.

Antonio: Let me see.


Paul: Ok, I've got to make a call, but when I get back, I'm going to get you up on the bars for the next one. Think you're ready for that?

Al: Yeah, definitely.

Paul: I'll be back soon.

Al: All right, man.

Cristian: Hey, what's up, Joe?

Joe: What's going on?

Cristian: Call me about the watch?


Troy: Come on, Troy, focus. You're definitely going to need these.

Sam: What the hell are you up to?


Bo's voice: You've lost everything you ever loved and cared about and everyone all because you had to have your sweet revenge.

Nora: Oh, God, what am I going to do? I should stop this whole thing.

Lindsay: Or maybe I should.


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