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One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 2/5/02

By Amanda
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>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Cristian: Al really believes that the only way he's going to walk again is if you're by his side.

Troy: I owe it to my brother to prove that he wasn't the one that injected you with that drug.

Allison: You're supposed to tell her about your disease.

Roy: What about it? 

Allison: Itís genetic.

Todd: What makes you think that Blairís not going to forgive me this time?

Gabrielle: For pretending that her child is dead? Fat chance.


 [Phone rings]

Lindsay: Troy?

Troy: Hey. How's my beautiful bride-to-be? You busy packing for Paris?

Lindsay: I'm packed.

Troy: Packed already?

Lindsay: Yep. Couldn't sleep last night. I'm so excited. I haven't been this excited since my fiestas. I can't wait to marry you.

Troy: Me, too. But the good news is we don't have to wait much longer. I just got a few more things to do, and then I'll swing by and pick you up.

Lindsay: It's everything I can do not to go down and wait on the curb for you and watch -- watch for you to come around the corner. I love you so much.

Troy: Well, that's good because I love you, too. Bye. Iíll see you soon.

Troy: All right. Let the fun begin.


[Doorbell rings]

Roxy: Take a hike.  Would you take care of that, baby. Hey, I meant go to the door.

Man: I ain't the damn butler, Roxy.


Roxy: Oh, man. Ok. Oh, it's you.

Allison: What are you doing?

Roxy: We're having a little party.

Allison: Well, forget the party, Roxy. Get dressed, make yourself half-human. You've got to get to work.

Roxy: What work?

Allison: "What work?" "What work?"

Roxy: Ow! That hurt!

Allison: Hello? Anybody home? Today's the day we kick our plan into high gear.


[Knock on door]

Jessica: Hi.

Max: Hi.

Al: Hey, Jess. You know my chauffeur.

Jessica: Hello. Come on in.

Al: Home, Jeeves.

Max: Oh, very good, sir. Wow. What happened here?

Jessica: Oh. Don't ask.

Max: Ok.

Jessica: Long story.

Al: Well, I won't be taking the stairs anyway, so --

Jessica: All right. Well, I've got your room all set up on the first floor. It's right next to the kitchen.

Al: All right. See, Dad?

Max: Hmm.

Al: You're the one who's staying at The Palace, but Iím the one who's going to be living like a king.

Max: Yeah. Listen, I have a nurse's aide coming by to look in on him every day.

Jessica: Ok.

Al: That sounds about right. I mean, what king doesn't have his entourage, right?

Max: You sure you don't want to stay at The Palace, your highness?

Al: Yeah, yeah. Definitely sure.

Max: Yeah. I guess you don't want me around, anyway, huh, because you're going to be seeing so much of Jen.


Lindsay: You sure?

Jen: I'm just not used to sleeping by myself.

Lindsay: Oh. It won't always be this way, sweetie. And as hard as it is, I know that breaking up with Cristian was the right thing for you to do. And you know what else? I'm very proud of you for standing by Al.

Jen: I owe him. I'm the one that let that stupid drugstore pregnancy test ruin everybody's life. I'm going to go get dressed.

[Knock on door]

Cristian: Good morning.

Lindsay: Jen's not here.

Cristian: I'm not looking for Jen.

Lindsay: Then why are you here?

Cristian: To see you.


Starr: Mom, look.

Blair: That's great, Sweetie. Now, this is what I was thinking for Jack's christening. What do you think?

Viki: I think it's absolutely beautiful.

Blair: Yeah.

Viki: Oh it makes me think of Jessicaís christening. Oh, God, Clint was so moved.

Blair: Oh, really? Is that picture of Jessica? Oh my, look at how beautiful!

Viki: No. No, it's not. It's actually Natalie just before she was kidnapped.

Blair: I swear, I can't believe how that horrible Perkins woman could try to play God with your child. I swear, if somebody did that to me, I would've hunt them down, make them beg for their lives, and then I'd kill them.


Todd: Let's get this straight. People buy my newspaper because they want trash. Scandals. People's dirty little secrets. I weathered all night.

Gabrielle: Were you?

Todd: Yes. With Blair.

Gabrielle: Really? Well, that's tremendous. I can -- I can tell her everything that I heard. I think it went something like this -- the baby that she thinks you adopted is actually the real baby that you've been telling her is dead. That can't possibly be true. Is that true?

Todd: But you people have been handing in your feeble attempts of straight-up journalism. Give me dirt! Give me scandal! Give me -- what? What do you want?

Man: I got a lead on some weird woman who got caught shoplifting last night. She took a dress right off the mannequin.

Todd: You don't say? Shoplifting. Oh, well, I smell Pulitzer. What are you going to follow it up with? Jaywalking stories? Give me a great, big, juicy scandal!

Gabrielle: Perhaps I can help. I uncovered a great, big, juicy scandal on the docks last night. And let me tell you, folks, it doesn't come any bigger or any juicier.


Blair: Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Hey -- hey, Starr. That is really not a very nice way to play with Jack.

Starr: What -- he's not saying anything about it.

Viki: Starr, why don't you go find Lois. Sheís in the kitchen and she's baking up a fresh batch of cinnamon rolls. In fact, I think I can smell them from here.

Starr: That means that they're burnt.

Blair: Starr Manning -- there you go, baby.

Starr: Right.

Blair: I am so sorry, Viki.

Viki: Oh, come on, Iíve seen worse than that.

Blair: Yeah, so have I from Starr ever since Jack came into the house. I just -- I don't know how to reassure her that I love her every bit as much as I did before.

Viki: By loving her every bit as much as you did before.

Blair: Oh, I do. You know, I guess because I've been thinking about you lately, I've been also thinking about Starr when she was a baby and when she was taken away from me.

Viki: Yeah, by Todd.

Blair: But Todd -- that was a different Todd. You know, he would never, ever do anything like that again. I mean, not now. I mean, he's so full of love for this baby and for Starr and for me. Last night we had the best time just talking and laughing like -- like a real couple.

Viki: Well, you are a real couple. It's all Iíve ever wanted. For both of you.

Blair: Oh, thank you. It was kind of a letdown this morning when I watched him walk out the door to work. I just, you know, wish there was a way to spend more time together. Now, that's -- would you mind watching this sweet baby and Starr for a minute this morning? Just for a little while?

Viki: Are you serious? I get to spend the morning with my nice nephew? Give me the baby!

Blair: Ok.

Viki: Come here to me.

Blair: There you go.

Viki: Come see your Auntie Viki. Oh, thank you. This is going to be such a treat. Where are you off to, huh?

Blair: Well, sometimes when you want your prayers answered, I think it's best that you answer them yourself.


Todd: What are you doing here?

Gabrielle: Reporting for my new job, Sir.

Todd: What new job?

Gabrielle: Reporting. Hello, everyone.

Todd: No. No, I only hire people with qualifications. I'm peculiar that way.

Gabrielle: Oh, but you already hired me, Sir. Yes, Iím your new style editor, don't you remember? These are my qualifications. I picked it out myself. Do you like it? I call it "The Career Wear Comeback." F.Y.I., I charged it to "The Sun."

Todd: Sounds like you're more qualified for the crime beat.

Woman: Mr. Manning, you said I was in line for the style page.

Todd: Right, I did. Gabrielle, I didn't hire you to do anything.

Gabrielle: Oh. But after our little chat last night, I assumed I had the job.

Todd: Well, why don't you assume that I'm going to call security now and tell them to get you out of my building, and then you'd be right.

Gabrielle: No. No. You see, I am sure that you think I am the perfect person for this job, especially after last night. Do you remember that scoop that I uncovered about the baby that came back from the dead?

Todd: What? What are you looking at? Go on, get out of here. Get lost, you can go look for work at "The Banner"! Go on, get --

Gabrielle: My, my, my. You are ever so good at intimidation.

Todd: I'm not giving you a job.

Gabrielle: You're not? Oh, I see, then it's all right if Blair finds out that the baby you've adopted is actually the real baby that she gave birth to in Mexico?

Todd: It's not going to happen.

Gabrielle: Oh, no, of course it's not going to happen if you hire me, but otherwise, how do you think Blairís going to feel when she realizes that the baby you told her was dead is very much alive?

Todd: How do you think you're going to feel when you hit the pavement from 20 floors up?

Gabrielle: To quote you -- "That isn't going to happen."

Todd: Really? We're alone here.

Gabrielle: No, we're not, actually. I brought my bodyguard.

Todd: Really? Where?

Gabrielle: Right here.


Man: Sorry to keep you waiting, young fellow.

Troy: Oh, no, no, no. Not at all. It just gave me a little more time to admire the place.

Man: Yeah? Good. I was surprised to get your call. I've been trying to sell this place for years, never got any takers. I figured you want to tear it down and put up some condos or something.

Troy: No, no, not at all. Actually, I think -- I think this place is going to be perfect for a private event that Iím planning. So Iím assuming my offer's acceptable.

Man: Awful lot of money for a party. Yeah, it's acceptable. Mighty acceptable. Come on, Iíll give you the tour.

Troy: Wow. Great. Now, you mentioned something about a secret passage.

Man: Yeah, it's right over here.

Troy: Oh. This is very nice. So where's it end up at?

Man: Well, the main room. Otherwise, to get there, you have to go all the way down that long, winding hallway. This shortcut was put in by the Great Fanzine himself for his disappearing act. Surprised the ladies, I'll tell you.

Troy: Is that right?

Man: Here. I'll show you.

Troy: Oh.

Man: You got your laughing clown.

Todd: Right.

Man: Your shaking stairway. Well, what do you think?

Troy: What do I think? I think it's perfect. I think it's absolutely perfect.


Lindsay: I hope you're not expecting me to put in a good word for you.

Cristian: I need you to give this to Jen.

Lindsay: If you have any regard for my daughter, you'll leave her alone.

Cristian: It's a couple things that she left at the loft. This way she won't have to come back for them. I figured she was staying at her dad's house, so I brought them here. It's better if we don't run into each other.

Lindsay: Well, I wish you had been this considerate when she first came to town because Jen might still be happy, and Al would definitely be walking. In fact, I think we'd all be a little better off.

Cristian: Well, Jen's free of me now. And I'm sure you're really happy about that.

Lindsay: Yes, I am.

Cristian: You really hate my guts, don't you?

Lindsay: No, I don't, Cristian. In fact, I wish you all the best in your life -- just not with my daughter.

Cristian: Jen is the best, Mrs. Rappaport.

Lindsay: Look, I didn't have anybody to give me the guidance when I was foolish enough to fall in love with Sam and Bo, but she does. She has me, and I love her enough to make the decisions for her that she can't make for herself.

Cristian: Like Al.

Lindsay: It's none of your business now, Cristian. Stay away from my daughter.


Roxy: Oh, nice threads.

Allison: Well, they did the trick. I snuck into an Atlantic City Hospital this morning and doctored up some medical records. Congratulations, Roxy, you are a very sick woman. Memorize your symptoms.

Roxy: Oh, man, my head feels as big as the roulette wheel at Diamond Don's.

Allison: I'll get you some ice. Get to it.

Roxy: Oh, I'm serious, Allison. I feel like I'm going to be sick.

Allison: Good, because you are sick, Mother Balsom, and today is the day we break the news to your poor little Jessica.


Al: Yeah. Jen's going to be with me through all of this, every step of the way.

Jessica: And Cris is ok with this?

Al: Cristian and Jen broke up.

Jessica: What?

Al: Yeah, Jen broke up with him.

Jessica: Oh. She -- she doesn't love him anymore?

Al: I don't know, it was her decision. I mean, I didn't ask for it, but I'm not going to say no, either.

Jessica: Oh. Listen, if you need anything from the kitchen or from upstairs, wherever, just -- just let me know.

Al: Oh, great. You know, everything -- everything looks great so far. Thanks.

Jessica: Good.

[Phone rings]

Jessica: I'll get it. I'll get it. Hello?

Roxy: Hey, Jessie. It's Roxanne, your mom.

Jessica: Hi, Roxanne. How are you doing?

Roxy: Hey, honey, are you busy?

Jessica: A little. Why?

 Roxy: I do not want to bother you, but I really need Ė

[Roxy coughs]

Roxy: I really need to see you today.

Jessica: What?

Roxy: Yeah. I mean, I know it's a lot of trouble, but it's -- I really have something very important to tell you.

Jessica: Ok. Ok. That's fine. I'll be there as soon as I can.

Roxy: Ok, honey.

[Roxy coughs]

Roxy: I'll see you soon. Yes!

Max: Something wrong?

Jessica: Um, I'm not quite sure. That was --

Al: Yeah. I heard.

Jessica: Yeah. So, like I said, if you need anything, just call me, ok?

Al: Yeah, you know what? I don't think I will, but thanks, anyway.

Jessica: Ok.

Max: Yeah, Jess, thanks. Thanks for everything.

Jessica: No problem. Sorry that I have to jet, but -- all right, see you.

Max: Bye.

Max: Ok, what's wrong?

Al: Nothing.

Max: Hmm.

Al: What are you talking about?

Max: You thought that was going to be Jen on the phone, didn't you? And now you're afraid she's not going to come.


Lindsay: Cristian was just leaving.

Cristian: I'm sorry. I -- I didn't know you were here.

Lindsay: He brought you some things in this box.

Jen: Thanks. I know I left some stuff at the loft, but I was afraid that I would --

Cristian: Yeah. Yeah, I know.

Lindsay: Listen, Jen, my flight leaves in a few hours, and I could really use some help.

Jen: In a second. I think I need to talk to Cris alone.

Lindsay: Ok.

Cristian: She going somewhere?

Jen: She's eloping with Dr. MacIver. Can you believe it?

Cristian: No kidding. Wow. Poor Dr. MacIver.

Jen: Sorry you had to bring this stuff over. I -- I meant to take everything.

Cristian: You know it still doesn't feel right, Jen. You not being there at the loft.

Jen: I know what you mean. I feel the same way.

Cristian: Then come back.


Gabrielle: Go ahead, open it.

Gabriele: As you will see, I wrote down in detail everything I overheard on the docks last night between you and David Vickers.

Gabrielle: And if for any reason I don't make a certain phone call every seven days because, let's say, I took the fast way down 20 stories, there are many letters of which will be delivered to Blair and Bo Buchanan.

Todd: What makes you think anybody's going to believe anything you have to say?

Gabrielle: Well, because if you'd read a little bit longer, you would've seen where I suggested that a blood test be taken so that we would discover that little Jack is the biological child of Blairís.

Todd: Why are you doing this to me?

Gabrielle: Because of my child.

Todd: Yeah, but why not just ask for a whole suitcase of money like any halfway normal extortionist?

Gabrielle: Well, how would I explain the windfall all of a sudden, hmm? Besides, I want something much more than money. I want a career, and I want my life back.

Todd: Oh, no. Anything else?

Gabrielle: As a matter of fact, yes. And I want an office with a window, I want an expense account, and I'd like a driver -- that would be nice -- and six weeks vacation, and, oh, yes, a six-figure salary --

Blair: Hey, good-looking, I -- what the hell is she doing here?

Gabrielle: Do you want to tell her, or should I?

Todd: Blair, I thought you were taking Starr and Jack over to visit with Viki.

Blair: I did. Vikiís watching them. But I wanted to talk to you about something -- alone. Ok, Todd, get her out of here. Now. What's she doing here, anyway?

Gabrielle: Your husband and I are having a business discussion.

Blair: Oh, really? Your business or his business? Oh, it couldn't be yours because you still have your clothes on.

Gabrielle: You know, is that any way to talk to your husband's new --

Todd: Hold on. Blair, why don't you run along now and go back to pick up the kids at Vikiís, and then whatever it is that you want to talk about, you can cue back and we'll talk about it then.

Blair: Todd, I want to talk to you about it now. And I really do think you're going to like it.

Gabrielle: Don't nod me.

Blair: Oh, I won't because I can't wait to be here when security comes to kick you out. Anyway, I had this great idea when I was over at Vikiís. What do you think about me coming here to work with you again, hmm?

Gabrielle: Well, I think that's a jolly good idea. We can all work here together.

Blair: Who the hell do you think you are?

Gabrielle: I'm your husband's new style editor.


Al: Yeah, all right. So I thought it was Jen on the phone. Big deal.

Max: Yeah, I thought so.

Al: I'm just eager to talk to her, ok? But I can wait till she shows up, no problem.

Max: Mm-hmm.

Al: Dad, relax. She's going to show up. She promised me.

Max: Look, Al, you can't --

Al: Dad, I have faith in her and in me. She's going to show up, and I'm going to walk again. You wait and see. This time next year, Jen and I -- we're going to be taking a ski trip someplace.

Max: Hmm. Yeah, sure, you will.

Al: You don't think it's going to happen?

Max: I'm counting on it. You kidding? You know, with me and your mom helping --

Al: And Jen -- her, most of all. I know she can get me back on my feet. And when I am back on my feet --

Max: Whoa, hey, whoa, just slow down. Just one plan at a time, ok?

Al: No, Sad, ok, it's the same plan. You should know, when I take my first step, it's going to be towards her.

Max: Look, Al, I like Jen, I do. But don't you think this is someting you should be in for yourself?

Al: Why? I mean, what difference does it make why I get up and walk? Oh, I get it. You think that as soon as I can walk, Jen is going to run right back to Cristian, right? That's what you think?

Max: I think that's the last thing you should be worrying about right now. Look, I'm going to go get the rest of your stuff.

Al: Yeah, well, listen, Dad, Iím not worried about it at all, ok? I mean -- ok, maybe Jenís still hung up on Cristian right now. But by the time I can walk again, she'll love me, the same as I love her.


Jen: Come home with you? You don't know how bad I want to do that, but every time I come across the phone, I want to pick it up and I want to tell you that Iím on my way, but I canít. You know I can't.

Cristian: I know, I know. I'm sorry. It just came out. Even as I was saying it, I wanted to take it back, but I couldn't. Sorry.

Jen: I just wish everything was different. That I hadn't made it to you in time. That al hadn't been in the quarry. That --

Cristian: That I had kept my cool. But that's not how it happened.

Jen: No, it's not.


Lindsay: Oh, honey, it'll be ok soon.

Jen: I've got to go. Al's waiting for me.

Lindsay: Well, then, I guess this is going to be goodbye for a while because I'm off to Paris and the altar, and this time it's for the last time.

Jen: Are you sure this is what you want?

Lindsay: Yes, Iím sure. Troy loves me, Jen.

Jen: But it happened so fast.

Lindsay: Ok. Tell me the truth. What is it that's bothering you? That I fell in love so fast or who I fell in love with?

Jen: Ok, as long as you're happy, it's none of my business.

Lindsay: No, he's going to be your stepfather. Does it bother you that he looks like your Uncle Colin? Because I know much he hurt you.

Jen: I'm trying to be fair to Troy because he is a different person, right?

Lindsay: Oh, he's a different person. I mean, he may be Colinís identical twin, but he is so different. He's romantic and he's kind and he's caring and he's loving. And you should hear about all the plans he made, you know, for us when we're in Paris. And he's got all kinds of surprises. And knowing Troy, of course, I'm sure he has surprises that I don't even know about.


Man: You are now the owner of one authentic fun house. Good luck on your private event.

Troy: Thank you. Luck's got nothing to do with it. I got this thing planned out to the last detail. Let's see what we got.


Allison: Roxy, get off your butt and get it together before your daughter gets here.

Roxy: Well, you want to tone it down to under a million decibels? I've got a splitting headache.

Allison: Oh no, you do not!

Roxy: Yes, I do!

Allison: No! Lose it fast before the company comes because a splitting headache is not one of your symptoms!

Roxy: Ok, ok! Jeez!

Allison: Listen to me, Roxy. You get this right and you'll be set for life. You mess this up for me, and I swear you're a dead woman!

Roxy: Ooh, you look like you mean it.

[Doorbell rings]

Jessica: Roxanne? Are you there?


Viki: Who's the big Jackie? What'd you say? You sounded -- you said "oinks"? No, you didn't say "oinks." You're my little Jackie wacky. Yes, you are.

Starr: "Jackie wacky"?

Viki: Starr. Didn't see you there.

Stir: Yeah, I got that. Where's my mom?

Viki: Your mom had to go out and do a few things. She'll be back soon.

Starr: Oh, great!  Now what am I supposed to do!

Viki: Well, for starters, maybe you could start by asking me in a nice way.

Starr: Aunt Viki, would you mind telling me what I'm going to do now?

Viki: Starr, it didnít hurt that much, you know.

Starr: I guess not.

Viki: Well, you know what? We could play a game.

Starr: Just you and me?

Viki: And Jack.

Starr: He's just a baby. What kind of games can he play?

Viki: Use your imagination, Starr. I'm quite sure you can come up with something

["Monday night football" theme plays]

Vikiís voice: Go ahead, Starr! Give him a really good kick!

[Whistle blows]

Starr: Ugh!

[Music stops]


Blair: Style editor? Todd wouldn't hire you as an assistant janitor to clean his toilet.

Gabrielle: Well, I think that's Toddís call, don't you?

Blair: Why are you begging my husband for a job, anyway, huh?

Gabrielle: You have a son, don't you? Jack, I believe his name is?

Blair: Yes.

Gabrielle: And you understand that a mother will do anything for her child, anything at all.

Blair: Ok, you know what? You get some points for that one, but the bottom line is, we don't like you. So you don't have a job here. So you can go, Gabrielle.

Todd: Blair, what are you doing?

Blair: Calling security.


[Knock on door]

Allison: Terrific.

Jessica: Roxanne?

Roxy: What are we supposed to do?

Allison: Well, she can't find me here. Now, thanks to you, I can't leave. So Iíve got to hide. Now, remember you're her mom. Act like it.

Roxy: How?

Allison: Oh, God. You can't think about anything but her. Ok? You got that? Now, your own life doesn't matter. All you care about is that your daughter is happy and healthy.

Roxy: "Motherhood" -- just another word for nothing left to lose.

Roxy: Hi.

Jessica: Hi.

Roxy: Hi. Oh, don't you look lovely? Come on in, honey.

Jessica: What's going on? Why did you call me?

Roxy: Well, I shouldn't have called.

Jessica: Why do you say that?

Roxy: I just want you to be happy. I just want --

Jessica: What? What's going on?

Roxy: I just want to take you for some ice cream. I think that's the least that I could do.

Jessica: Roxanne, please.

Roxy: Look, I called you in a moment of weakness. I get scared sometimes.

Jessica: About what?

Roxy: About the future sometimes.

Jessica: Why? Tell me, what's going on?

Roxy: Well, there's something Iíve got to show you, and it's all in there.

Jessica: Atlantic City Hospital? This is a medical report. Why -- why do you have this?

Roxy: I'm sick, baby. Very, very sick.


Max: Well, here it is. That's --

[Max sighs]

Max: Al, we're on the same side, remember? Look, I want you to have everything you want, including Jen.

Al: Well, good. Then you won't be disappointed.

Max: That's great. I know Jess said she set up your room, but Iím just going to go check and make sure everything's ok.

Al: Oh, come on!

Jen: Al? Let me help you. Let me help you.

Al: You -- you're here.

Jen: Of course I'm here. Everything's going to be ok now. I'm hear to stay.


[Phone rings]

Lindsay: Lindsay Rappaport Fine Arts.

Troy: Hey, Lindsay Rappaport Fine Arts. I was just wondering if you were free for the next 50 years.

Lindsay: Hi, Sweetheart. Are you ready?

Troy: No. Actually, I'm running a little bit behind. That's why I called. I've still got to swing by the cleaners. But don't you worry. We'll get to the airport on time.

Lindsay: Oh, Paris is going to be such a thrill.

Troy: Well, yeah, it's just going to be a thrill to, you know, get away from things.

Lindsay: What things?

Troy: Uh -- you know what? Nothing that's going to matter once we're an ocean away, right?

Lindsay: What things, honey? I mean, if there's something wrong, you should tell me.

Troy: Look, Lindsay, I didn't want to worry you, but I got another one of those crank phone calls just now.

Lindsay: Yeah, me, too.

Troy: You did? When?

Lindsay: Last night.

Troy: Now you're getting crank phone calls? This is weird. Lindsay, you should've told me about this.

Lindsay: I know I should've told you, but I -- Iím so excited about this trip and I -- you know, I didn't want one prank phone call to take the joy out of it for me, so I just pushed it out of my mind.

Troy: Do you have any idea who was on the other end?

Lindsay: No, I donít. I mean, at first, you know, I thought it was Nora, but I think it's a man.

Troy: A man? That's it. You know what? As soon as we get back, we're going to get some new numbers. Speaking of getting back, I better get back to my errands or we're never going to get there.

Lindsay: Ok. I'll see you later, Honey.

Troy: I'll see you soon, ok?


Troy: I'm going to say Lindsay should be getting my gift right about now. And after that, there will be no turning back.


Todd: Ok, you see, the thing is that -- that "The Sun" right now -- well, the paper is -- well, its a little understaffed right now.

Blair: You can't stand her.

Todd: Yeah, well, I can't stand any of my employees. She'll fit right in.

Blair: She's not even qualified, Todd.

Gabrielle: Todd, I have some terrific story ideas I can't wait to talk to you about. Could you ask Blair to leave?

Todd: No. Get out.

Gabrielle: I beg your pardon?

Todd: No, Blairís right. You're not qualified. Go away.

Gabrielle: Well, if you're not convinced, then perhaps Blair should look at my resume. It's quite an eye opener.


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Niki: You don't love Natalie. You love Jessica.

Roxy: Baby, you might be sick, too.

Gabrielle: Why don't you read it? It'll clear everything up.

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