OLTL Transcript Friday 1/18/02



One Life to Live Transcript Friday 1/18/02

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Jessica: Even if I did have feelings for you, I couldn't do that to Natalie.

Kelly: She is some woman from Mexico. She tells me she has something to tell Blair.

Jen: I'm not pregnant. So Iíve got to go and I've got to tell Al.

Gabrielle: Oh, don't you dare do that.

Cristian: I'm sorry, man.

Al: Don't be too sorry. At least, not yet.


Gabrielle: Oh, no. You're not going back in my son's room.

Jen: Ms. Medina, Al still thinks Iím pregnant.

Gabrielle: I know exactly what Al thinks.

Jen: Well, I can't let him go along thinking Iím still pregnant, living a lie. None of this would've happened if I hadn't lied in the first place.

Gabrielle: Did you hear Dr. Wolek? He says Al's recovery is his spirits up.

Jen: I know, but --

Gabrielle: I overheard your conversation with Al. He refers to this baby as a miracle, a reason to live.

Jen: There is no baby.

Gabrielle: Ms. Rappaport, if you tell my son the truth, you will kill him. Is that what you want to do?


Al: We got something we need to settle -- about Jen.

Cristian: Maybe we should wait till you get better, huh?

Al: No. Now.

Cristian: Al, I don't think this is such a good idea, man.

Al: Before I fell, I told you that I was going to do whatever Jen wanted to do about the baby.

Cristian: Al, that's not important right now.

Al: No, it is important, now more than ever.

Cristian: Ok. Ok, but just try to relax, huh?

Al: Listen, I'm getting out of here in a couple of days. And I am still going to be a father to that baby.

Cristian: No, you're not.


Seth: I guess I got my answer. You still care.

Natalie: Hey, don't stop on my account. You know, if it works, go with it. It's always been my motto.


Todd: Where is she?

Kelly: I don't know. I go to get her a glass of water, I come back, she's not here.

Todd: Paloma?

Kelly: What in the world is the matter with you, Todd?

Todd: Paloma Sanchez!

Kelly: Stop yelling. You're acting ridiculous.

Todd: I asked you to get her to stay here! How hard is that?

Kelly: I said stop yelling.

Todd: No, but you just let her walk right out the door. How dumb are you?

Kelly: Hey! Listen up! I opened the door, in walks a woman who barely speaks a word of English, except for "Blair" in every other sentence, and I have no idea what she's going on and on about. But you know what? She said one word that I understood completely -- "el diablo."

Todd: That's two words.

Kelly: "El diablo" means "the devil."

Todd: Yeah, no, no. I know what it means.

Kelly: Uh-huh. That means you. You went to Mexico with Blair. This woman is from Mexico. And she's referring to you as the devil. What's going on?

Todd: You know, I don't have time for this. If that Paloma woman comes back here, you keep her here if you have to tie her down!

Kelly: Ok, that's fine. I'm going to call Blair and just ask her what's going on.

Todd: No. Whoa, whoa, no. It's -- no, Blair -- Blair can't know about Paloma.


Blair: Paloma? I -- I never thought --

Paloma: Senora, por favor, I come in?

Blair: Yeah, sure. Please, come in. I -- I -- I don't understand. Por que -- why are you here? What do you want?


Jen: Of course I don't want Al to die. How could you even think that?

Gabrielle: Then don't tell him the truth about the baby.

Jen: But I can't keep lying to him.

Gabrielle: Dr. Wolek says that Al is showing signs of improvement, but that's all he says they are.

Jen: Well, I've talked to Al, and he seems to be getting stronger. He's talking very clearly.

Gabrielle: And when did you get your medical degree? Hmm?

Jen: I'm sorry. I'm just saying that I think that he's getting better.

Gabrielle: Do you realize the doctors don't know the extent of the damage yet? Do you know they have no idea what sort of treatment he's going to need? He's been heavily medicated.

Jen: I still don't think that Al would want me to lie to him.

Gabrielle: Well, this isn't about what you want, dear. Or what Al wants. This is what he needs. And what he needs right now is emotional support. What he needs is to fight for his survival. What he needs is the idea of this baby.

Jen: But if I don't tell him now, then when I do tell him, it's going to be so much worse. He's going to hate me.

Gabrielle: Well, would you rather he loves you and dies?

Jen: No!

Gabrielle: Well, then help to save him. He won't hate you. He won't, for doing something for him. Look, I'm just -- I'm asking you not to tell him the truth about the baby just for a little bit longer.


Al: I am going to be the father of this baby whether you and Jen get back together or not.

Cristian: Come on, man. Let's not do this now, ok?

Al: No, I mean it. Cristian, I am going to be the kind of father that I always wished I had, even if I'm not with Jen. I'm never going to turn my back on my kid and I will never let another man give my child what he should be getting from me. You understand me?

Cristian: Yeah. Yeah, I hear you.

Al: I got plans for this kid. And I know Jen. She's going to want me to be a part of this baby's life whether you like it or not. Why are you looking at me like that?

Cristian: It's nothing. It's just that -- Jen didn't tell you --

Al: Tell me what? What happened? No. No, don't tell me. Don't tell me there's no baby.


Todd: Paloma Sanchez is a nut job. I don't want her upsetting Blair again.

Kelly: Oh, again?

Todd: Yeah, she's this wannabe witch doctor that was supposed to deliver the baby down in Mexico.

Kelly: Uh-huh. A midwife?

Todd: Yeah. Only when push -- well, I guess when shove comes to push, she's a no-show. And Blairís there by herself because she's off, you know, celebrating some saint's cinco de whatever, chugging burritos and cervezas.

Kelly: All right, then that makes sense.

Todd: What makes sense?

Kelly: Why she was going on and on about the baby.

Todd: Why? What did she say about the baby?

Kelly: I don't know. I studied French, not Spanish. All I got was "Senora Blair" and "el bebe." And whatever that means, it was muy importante. And she definitely wants to speak to Blair.

Todd: Yeah, because she wants to say, "Oh, so sorry, senorita, that I lost your baby. Please don't talk to no lawyers because then they'll revoke my witch doctoring license, and my 500 cousins will run me out of town on the back of a burro."

Kelly: All right. She definitely seemed guilty about something.

Todd: Yeah, because she is. And what she wants from us is forgiveness. But I'm going to find her somehow first and make sure that she doesn't bother Blair. You stay put.

Kelly: Hold it. There's more to this.

Todd: Really? Like what?

Kelly: Like the diablo part. Why did Paloma call you the devil? What exactly happened down in Mexico?


Blair: Paloma, I know that you called here and I know that you came all the way here, so what's going on?

Paloma: Senora, tengo que decirle todo lo que sucedio.

Blair: Ok, wait, wait, wait -- stop right there, ok? I don't understand -- comprende espanol?

Paloma: Si, si. Yo se. I say in ingles. Senora, the bebe, nacio?

Blair: No, you know what? I can't talk to you about that. I canít.

Paloma: No, Senora --

Blair: No, no, no. Look, I canít. I just can't. That's what Todd told me -- that this would happen. That's why he didn't want me to talk to you on the phone.

Paloma: He -- he stop the phone.

Blair: Yes. Todd hung up on you on the telephone because he thought it would -- it would dredge up a lot of horrible feelings --

Paloma: No, Senora --

Blair: For me --

Paloma: Pero no es --

Blair: See, I still see you, Paloma. I still see you at the hacienda, walking through the door and telling me that my baby died. I still feel the pain ripping through my heart. And as hard as Iím trying to accept that I know that it was probably God's will, that Iím really trying to get on with my life and --

Paloma: No, Senora, no la voluntad del dios, pero la voluntad de un hombre, Senor Manning.

Blair: Yes, Todd. Todd was there. Todd was with me the whole time. He helped me get through this awful time.

Paloma: No, Senora, you no entiende.

Blair: No. It's too soon for me to talk about. Paloma, it hurts me. It hurts me too much.

Paloma: Senora, you listen now.

Blair: No, Paloma, look -- I know that you probably came all this way to tell me that you're sorry about what happened, but it -- look, Paloma, it's not your fault, ok? There's nothing for you to be sorry about. The baby was -- was too small. He was just too little. And you know what? I don't mean to be rude to you, but I'm going to have to ask you to leave, ok? Paloma? I'm sorry. Adios, ok?

[Door closes]

Paloma: Senora, I no go. Tu sabe todo la verdad. You must know truth!


Jessica: Natalie -- what you saw, I'm sorry about that.

Natalie: You're sorry? For who? Me? Whoa! Think again. I'm the one who's sorry for you.

Jessica: Why?

Natalie: Come on, jess. Seth is the original "Kss the girls and make them cry" guy. You know, he loves grabbing a girl and then dumping her. You know, I bet he's even told you that he really has feelings for you, too.

Jessica: He does, Natalie.

Natalie: Sure. Just like he had feelings for you the first time, when he was using you to help me.

Seth: Is everything ok here?

Jessica: Everything is fine.

Seth: Can I talk to you alone?


Jen: I do care about Al. I do, but I can't lie to him again.

Gabrielle: "Again"? What do you mean?

Jen: When I thought I was pregnant, I hid it from Al. I lied to him.

Gabrielle: Oh, I see.

Jen: If I had been honest, we wouldn't be in this mess. Cristian and I wouldn't have fought. None of this would've happened.

Gabrielle: Mm-hmm. Yes, I agree. But you know what? It's all water under the bridge now.

Jen: If it's wrong to lie then, why is it right to lie now? What if it backfires somehow?

Gabrielle: Jen, I absolutely agree with you. You were very wrong to lie and then use one young man against the other. And now --

Jen: No, I didn't do that!

Gabrielle: My son is lying in that bed fighting for his life because of the decisions that you have made.

Jen: I didn't mean --

Gabrielle: And if I could stop you from going back in that room ever again and possibly hurting, even killing, my son, believe me, God, I would do it! But Al wants to see you. You make him happy when you're in there, even though you are responsible for him lying there in such danger. You, no one else but you.

Jen: I'm sorry.

Gabrielle: Yes, Iím sure that you are sorry. But it doesn't do any of us any bloody good, does it? Least of all Al, if he dies.

Jen: Please, quit saying that.

Gabrielle: You have the power to help him. If you choose not to do it, if you choose to take his hope away, then he may not be in any of our lives. Would you please think about that, young lady? Would you think about what you're about to do before you stand on your soapbox with your so-called morals because Al might live. But you know what? He might die!


Al: I want to know the truth, Cristian.

Cristian: Look, Al, I'm going have to call a doctor.

Al: Did -- ah!

Cristian: Hey, hey.

Al: Did Jen decide to get an abortion or not?

Cristian: Abortion?

Al: Yes or no, Cristian?

Cristian: No! No. Come on, she would never do that.

Al: Oh, good. Oh, everything's going to be ok, then.

Cristian: She's not -- look, Al, I'm sorry that Jen didn't tell you -- I'm just sorry that she didn't tell you how bad I feel about what happened.

Al: Come on, man. It wasn't all your fault. You know, we were fighting. I got in some good shots, too.

Cristian: Yeah, you did.

[Al sighs]

Cristian: But I'd give anything if things hadn't gone this way, man.

Al: There's no going back.

Cristian: You're right. Listen, I'll let you get some rest, huh?

Al: Hey, Cristian, wait. There's one more thing.

Cristian: What's that?

Al: You were pretty fired up at the quarry about what went down with me and Jen and about the baby.

Cristian: Yeah?

Al: So what about now? Are you guys back together? Have you forgiven her? Can you?

Gabrielle: How is my handsome son doing? Everyone's taking up so much of your time. Can't even a doting mother have a minute or two?

Cristian: Yeah, I'm out. Take care, Al.

Gabrielle: You know, my sweetheart, you do feel a bit warm. I certainly hope Cristian didn't say anything to upset you.

Al: No. We -- we had a couple of things we needed to sort out.

Gabrielle: Uh-huh. Like what?

Al: First of all, I'm going to be a full-time father of my baby whether he likes it or not.

Gabrielle: That's a wonderful thing. You know, the responsibility of a child is -- it's tremendously good.

Al: Yeah. I think so, too. You know, when the baby is born --

Gabrielle: Yes?

Al: Look, you and me, Dad, we've had some pretty rough times, the three of us. A lot of things have been said. And I want you to know that when the baby's born, I'm not going to keep him from you. Not if you want to be involved.

Gabrielle: Thank you.

Al: You and Dad.

Gabrielle: Max would be very pleased to hear that.


Jen: Cristian? How's Al?

Cristian: Ok, I guess. He still thinks you're pregnant.

Jen: You didn't tell him?

Cristian: Well, no, I didn't think I should. It's not my place, Jen.

Jen: No. Thank you. Thank you. I want to be the one. Every time I try to tell him, something gets in the way.

Cristian: The same thing happened to us, huh?

Jen: Yeah. I told you that I still love you.

Cristian: And then I told you that I loved you, and we got interrupted.

Jen: So, what happens now?


Todd: You know what happened down in Mexico because Blair told you. She went down to some godforsaken town to have the baby, but the baby died. End of story.

Kelly: No, it would be the beginning, especially since you left out the el diablo part.

Todd: There is no el -- Paloma is -- oh, pardon moi, Paloma el a mal a la tete.

Kelly: Ok. You know what? Why don't you explain to me the part about when you delivered the baby, even though you knew it was Maxís? And then when the baby died, you stood by Blair. You guys bonded again. You bonded so much, you got married again even though she told you the baby was yours and she had been lying to you all along.

Todd: What's your point?

Kelly: My point is what is this standing-by-your-woman thing even though she had been lying to you and forgiving her? She'd been lying to you all along. That is not like Todd.

Todd: Sorry to disappoint you, Kelly.

Kelly: In fact, it's very un-Toddlike.

Todd: Oh, you know, I can't even tell you how little your opinion means to me. But I am really glad that you finally got it all out in the open. But I really -- are you done? Because I need to go find Paloma.

Kelly: Ok. Where?

Todd: I don't know. I don't know what to do. I mean, I guess I'll just -- I guess I'll just drive around town and pretend that I'm some Mexican freak show who's in Llanview for the first time. I mean, where would I go?

Kelly: Maybe she would go to where Blair lives?

Todd: No, she wouldn't go to the house. Starr took care of that. But I do need to figure out where she's going before her and Blair just trip over each other.


Paloma: Senora, es muy importante.

Blair: Ok. You know what? Now you're starting to scare me. You -- you said something about, I should know the truth. What are --

Paloma: Is, is. The baby, it was --

Starr: Oh, it's you again? I thought I told you that we don't want whatever you're selling.

Blair: Starr, stop. This is a friend of mine from Mexico.

Paloma: La muchacha, she close door at me.

Blair: What? My daughter closed the door on you?

Paloma: Si, dos veces.

Blair: Starr, is that true? Did you close the door on my friend, Paloma, two times?

Starr: Yeah.

Blair: Mm-hmm. Why?

Starr: Because I don't like her, and Daddy doesn't, either.

Blair: Starr? You mean that Daddy knows that Palmaís here?

Starr: You know what? I am really sorry. I'm -- I understand that I was really, really rude. And you know what? I'm just going to punish myself and go up to my room. Ok? Bye.

Blair: Oh. Paloma, I don't know what's going on here, but please, tell me what you -- what you need to tell me.

Paloma: Senora, is about how baby go from you.


Cristian: I don't blame you for what went down with -- with Al.

Jen: You don't?

Cristian: No. How could I? I did everything but spit in your face to drive you away. I left. As far as you knew, you'd never see me again, and that was definitely a possibility. But --

Jen: "But," what?

Cristian: Look, Jen, I know that you're not going to have a baby with Al. I know that. But you could've been.

Jen: So, you don't blame me, right? But -- but you're freaked out about Al and me.

Cristian: It's not easy, Jen.

Jen: So, do you think that you're ever going to get past what Al and I did?


Blair: Paloma, I don't really understand. Is -- is there something new that you know about how the baby died? Something that you should tell me? We don't know much -- just that he was too little. But he had a big cry, didn't he? I remember that. I mean, he had a big, healthy cry.

Paloma: Si. Si. He was -- esta sano -- healthy.

Blair: So you know something? I mean, do you know something new about the baby? Any --

Paloma: Senora, I know everything.

[Phone rings]

Blair: Excuse me.

Blair: Hello?

Todd: Yeah. Look, I'm not going to -- not going to be there for a while. Something came up.

Blair: Todd, something strange has --

Paloma: No, no, no Senor Todd. El no puede saber que estoy aqui. No tell him.

Todd: What -- what's going on there?

Blair: Yeah. No, don't -- no, everything's ok. It's just -- it's Starr. She's acting kind of weird, that's all. Yeah, well, you just come home as soon as you can, all right? Ok, Paloma, why did I just lie to my husband just now?

Paloma: Por que Senor Todd -- he lied to you.


Todd: What?

Kelly: It's just a little over the top with this whole protecting Blair thing.

Todd: Why? We are married now, remember?

Kelly: No. I think it's more than that. Come on, Todd. Seriously, why don't you want Paloma to see her? And by the way, who is this Jack?

Todd: What, Cassie didn't tell you?

Kelly: No.

Todd: Why didn't Cassie tell you?

Kelly: Well, I've been in Europe. I just got back. Who is this guy?

Todd: Jack is the reason that I don't want Paloma anywhere near Blair. Jack is our son.

Kelly: What?

Todd: Yeah. Ahem. He's -- I mean, he's adopted.

Kelly: What? Get out!

Todd: No, I'm serious.

Kelly: You found a baby just like that?

Todd: No, no, I had to make a bunch of phone calls. But, look, this is why I don't want that Mexican witch doctor anywhere near Blair. I don't want her reminding Blair of everything that Blair lost.

Kelly: Because of her new baby.

Todd: Yeah, I mean, you should see her, Kelly. It's -- you know, she's almost happy again.

Kelly: I don't believe this.

Todd: Why not?

Kelly: No. It's not you. A little too sensitive, for one thing. You're going to tell me that you feel so bad about Blairís feelings that you race out and adopt a baby? No, I don't think so.

Todd: Is it so hard to believe that even a lowlife like me would want Blair to be happy? You don't really have to answer that. Do me a favor, though, will you? Don't mention to anybody that -- about Paloma. I mean, especially not Blair. In fact, don't even mention to anybody that we're even mentioning --

[Phone rings]

Todd: What?

Starr: Dad, that weird lady is here again.

Todd: What, that Mexican lady?

Starr: Right. And it sounds like she's telling Mommy about something that you did.


Natalie: Do you mind?

Jessica: Go ahead.

Natalie: So let me guess -- you want to apologize for kissing Jessica and tell me that it doesn't mean anything.

Seth: Natalie, Iím sorry Iíve hurt your feelings. I don't want that, ever. But I'm not sorry that I kissed Jessica.

Natalie: Right. I should've seen that one coming.

Seth: Going to have to get used to seeing us together because it's probably going to happen a lot from now on.

Natalie: But she doesn't care about you the way that I do. Don't you know that? I mean, you are the first person who has ever understood me or really cared about me my whole life. My whole life! I love you, Seth! Don't you get that?

Seth: I wish you didn't because I'm in love with Jessica. I love her, Natalie, and I don't know what else to say.

Jessica: What happened? What did you say to her?


Cristian: I wish that I could say how I'm going to feel tomorrow, Jen. Or the next day. But I canít.

Jen: I know.

Cristian: But, you know, I -- I have no right to judge you or feel the way I do -- not after everything that I put you through.

Jen: You were trying to protect me.

Cristian: But you didn't know that. And you were free to see whoever you wanted at any time.

Jen: I wanted you. I always wanted you.

Cristian: Jen, you know what happened wasn't your fault. It was mine. I mean, you know, I could have been upfront to you about everything -- about R.J., about this -- you know what? That's -- that's over now.

Jen: So, what about the future?

Cristian: I don't know.

Jen: You know what? I'm going to go talk to Al. I need to tell him the truth. And after that, will you meet me?

Cristian: Sure.

Jen: Ok.

Cristian: Um -- yeah. I'm going to go home. You want to meet me there? You still have the keys to the apartment, right?

Jen: Yeah.

Cristian: Ok.

Jen: Where's my purse?

Cristian: I don't think I ever saw you with it.

Jen: Oh, I probably left it at the quarry.

Cristian: You want to go look there?

Jen: No, I need to talk to Al. I can't put this off any longer.

Cristian: Right. Ok. I'll tell you what -- I'll go to the quarry, Iíll look for your bag, and meet me there. We'll talk.

Jen: Ok. I'm going to go talk to him, and then Iíll meet you.

Cristian: Ok. See you.


Gabrielle: Ahem -- he is getting some sleep right now. Ok?

Al: Jen? Jen, are you out there? Mom? Let her in. I want to talk to her.

Gabrielle: Don't you dare upset him.


Todd: Starr, listen, I'm on my way, but I need your help with something.

Starr: You need my help?

Todd: Definitely.

Starr: I'm special, aren't I?

Todd: Yeah, ok.

Starr: You know, sometimes I even amaze myself.

Todd: Ok, look, this is what you got to do, all right? You got to find Blair, wherever she is, and if she's talking to Paloma, you got to create some kind of diversionary tactic.

Starr: What's a divergedary?

Todd: That's what you do best. Do me a favor -- make sure nobody talks to anybody. That way nobody can spill the beans to anybody. All right? I'm out of here.


Kelly: Paloma's at the house?

Todd: Yeah. You know, I hate to tell you that I told you so.

Kelly: Why are you freaking out so much? How badly can this woman hurt Blair?

Todd: Oh, you have no idea.

Kelly: You never explained about el diablo!


Blair: Todd lied to me?

Paloma: Si. After baby nacio --

Blair: After the baby was born? After I gave birth?

Paloma: Si. After baby nacio, Senor Todd -- he lie to you.

Blair: I know. He didn't tell me that the baby had died. But, Paloma, he was just -- he was just saying that because he was trying to spare my feelings. That's all that's about.

Paloma: No. He no tell you because he no want the baby to know about the --

Blair: What in the world? Starr Manning, get in here! Now! Paloma, I'm sorry. This is -- it's not even real. It's made out of clay. It's a toy. It's -- it's Starr. What in the world do you think you're doing here, huh? What?

Starr: Well, you said it wasn't a toy for a baby, so I figured that it's a toy for an adult, right?

Blair: No, that is not right, and it's certainly not right for you to throw it or try to scare people that are visiting us -- our guests, Starr.

Starr: Why not?

Blair: Because, sweetie, it is rude. I mean, first you slam the door on poor Paloma, and now -- here. Take this up to your room now. Go.

Starr: But I just came from my room!

Blair: Now, Starr. Right now.

Starr: Ok, ok.

[Blair sighs]

Starr: Hurry up, daddy. Those beans that you don't want to be spilled are about to hit the floor.

Blair: Paloma, I don't know what is going on with Starr, but just tell me everything you know about my little baby, the short time he was here on earth.

Paloma: Senora, his life no so short as Blair think.


Seth: I told her I was sorry if seeing us together hurt her feelings.

Jessica: I told her that, too. So, obviously, it does hurt her feelings.

Seth: I know. And I also told her that she should get used to seeing us together because it was probably going to happen a lot from now on -- at least, if I have anything to say about it, assuming you come clean about how you really feel.

Jessica: Seth, I care about you. I do. But the problem is that --

Seth: But nothing. Because the last thing I said to Natalie was that I love you.


Cristian: Great. It's going to be a lot of fun finding this purse.

Al: I am not going to let you turn what happened between me and Jen into some ugly thing. It was something special.

Jen: So, do you think that you're ever going to get past what Al and I did?

Cristian: There it is.

Cristian: Jen?


Jen: So you've had lots of visitors. You must be tired.

Al: Sort of. I nodded off for a little while, but I wanted to see you again. We never really got a chance to talk.

Jen: No.

Al: We have a lot to say, with the baby and all.

Jen: Al, I should've been straight with you from the start.

Al: I know that you didn't want me to know that you were pregnant. It's ok. I understand.

Jen: No, it's just I should've told you everything from the start. I don't want to make the same mistake twice because I know that you'd want the truth no matter what.

Al: Yeah, yeah, sure I do, but it's no reason to beat yourself up.

Jen: If Iíve learned anything from my mom, it's been that lies don't work. The longer you hide a secret, the worse it gets.

[Al groans]

Jen: What, are you ok? Cold?

Al: Yeah, a little. Could you get me that blanket over there?

Jen: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, sure.

Al: Thank you.

Jen: Here you go. Better?

Jen: So, about the baby -- I just really -- I want to say something just right now. I want to get it over with, ok?

Al: Jen --

Jen: What's wrong?

Al: I can't feel my legs.


Blair: What, Paloma? My baby lived longer than I thought? A few more hours more than I thought that he lived?

Paloma: No, Senora. You no understand.

Blair: No, I -- I don't understand. And it's starting to dredge up a lot of feelings for me, you know?

Paloma: El bebe --

Blair: Paloma, I will always have a special place in my heart for the child that I lost, and --

Paloma: No, you no lose --

Blair: I'll carry him with me always, Paloma. But now I have a new little life to take care of. A new, special, special life, and I have to focus on the family I have now, not -- not the child that I lost.

Paloma: You no lose, Senora.

Blair: No, please, come here. Follow me. Since I've been back from Mexico, Paloma, Iíve had a lot of happy, happy things happen to me. I got -- I got married. And Todd and I -- we have a family, a real family now.

Paloma: El diablo, la diablita, el bebe.

Blair: Yes. That's right, my baby. A baby. We lost our newborn in Mexico, but now we have another new baby boy.

Paloma: Pero, Senora, you no understand. Senor Todd -- he took your baby.

Blair: What -- what? What do you mean, Todd took my baby?


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Jessica: You're in love with me? Seth: Yeah.

Roxy: Can't adopt her, Viki. She already has a mother.

Al: I can't feel my legs. I can't move nothing!

Cristian: Do you have any idea how this feels? Natalie: Actually, I do.

Blair: Paloma just said that you took my baby. What does she mean?

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