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One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 1/15/02

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>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Jen: Cristian, no!

Allison: Hi, Jessica. I have a surprise for you.

R.J.: I am Keriís father.

Todd: Just get rid of that thing.

Troy: "Patients have experienced an increased ability to contact the truth." To us.


Troy: Tell me, was it Colin who gave Nora that memory-erasing drug, or was it you?

Nora: I will never let you forget what you did to me.

Lindsay: Well, I'll take that chance.

Colin: No, Lindsay, no!

Lindsay: Oh, Troy. I did a bad, bad thing.


Larry: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa -- where do you two think you're going?

Cristian: We're looking for Al.

Larry: The paramedics just brought him in.

Jen: We know. We were right behind them.

Cristian: Yeah. Where did they put him?

Larry: They wheeled him into a cubicle, and this is as close as you're going to get. I'm sorry. He's being prepped for emergency surgery, so all you could do in there is get in the way.

Cristian: How -- how badly hurt is he?

Larry: I don't know. That's what I'm going to find out.

Jen: If he's really hurt, this is all our fault.

Max: What's all your fault? What happened to my son?


Chad: Hey, Officer Vega. How about a cold one?

Antonio: I'm on duty. How about some information?

Chad: If I got it, you got it.

Antonio: I want to talk to my brother. Where is he?

Chad: Uh -- no idea. He's not working tonight. But if you want, I can leave him --

Antonio: Forget it.

Bo: Antonio. What brings you by?

Antonio: I was -- I was wondering the same thing about you.

Bo: I just wanted to talk to Max.

Antonio: Oh, this have something to do with Asa and Gabrielle?

Bo: Hmm. Well, it just might. But I figured since R.J. doesn't own this joint anymore, then -- oh, God. What's R.J. done now?

Antonio: It's not what he's done. It's who he is.


Keri: R.J., I have to know this. Is what Antonio said true? Are you responsible for sending that guy after Cristian?

R.J.: Yes.


Jessica: Stay -- stay away from me, Allison.

Allison: Or you'll what?

Jessica: My mother and Ben are coming down here any second.

Allison: Ooh, I am so scared.

Jessica: Well, you should be.

Allison: I'm sorry, Ms. Balsom, but it's just the two of us now.


Blair: Look at this. You should feel his little grip. He is so strong with his little fingers around my hand.

Todd: Yeah, I can see that.

Blair: Oh, it's so precious. You are just --

[Phone rings]

Blair: Such a good boy.

Todd: What?

Miguel: It's me, Miguel.

Blair: And you're so strong.

Todd: Just hold on one -- one second, all right?

Blair: Yeah. Yeah, you are. Yes. Starr, you want to come over here and look at your little brother here? Want to look at jack?

Starr: Been there, done that.

Blair: Starr. Now, babies aren't like toys. You don't just get tired of them and stop playing with them. This is your little brother. He's going to be with us for a long, long time.

Starr: Maybe, maybe not.

Todd: Why are you calling me? That problem we talked about has been taken care of it, hasn't it?

Miguel: Uh -- look, I'm very sorry. There was a mix-up in Mexico. Paloma Sanchez is no longer in custody.

Todd: Then where the hell is she?


Flight attendant: Ladies and gentlemen, at this time we ask you to take your seats. We are about to land at Llanview International.


Todd: All right, you listen to me. You find that miserable excuse of a so-called midwife, and you make sure that she doesn't come here. I will not have her taking away everything that I have.


Jessica: We don't have anything to talk about, Allison.

Allison: Nice try, kiddo, but you and me got lots to talk about.

Jessica: Such as?

Allison: Such as you and Viki turning Natalie against me, cutting me out of the big Buchanan bucks.

Jessica: I had nothing to do with Natalieís decision.

Allison: Oh, no?

Jessica: No. But, frankly, I think it was a good one. I think it's actually the smartest thing she's ever done. So excuse me.

Allison: Hey, we're not through.

Jessica: What? Get off of me!

Roxy: Hey!

Jessica: Who do you think you are?

Roxy: Hey, hey, hey, hey! You take your grubby, psycho hands off of my daughter.


Keri: Ok. Ok, just to clarify what you mean when you say yes --

R.J.: Man, my daughter really is a college professor.

Keri: You hired the man who tried to kill Cristian Vega?

R.J.: Yes, I did.

Keri: I see. I see. Well, I guess that means we have nothing more to say to each other.

R.J.: Keri, please, just wait. Let -- let me explain. A lifetime apart has got to give me one explanation. Then, if you don't like what I say, you can keep walking.

Keri: Ok.

R.J.: Look -- Antonio and his boss, Bo Buchanan, busted me a few months back.

Keri: For what?

R.J.: I was trying to help a friend, but they call it racketeering and related charges.

Keri: Were you guilty?

R.J.: Pretty much.

Keri: Well, racketeering is a pretty serious charge. How come you're walking around free?

R.J.: I knew some information that they needed, so --

Keri: So you plea-bargained.

R.J.: Yes. Cost me nearly everything I had, but it -- it turned out to be a blessing. I got to try something Iíve only done twice in my life -- I went legit.

Keri: How legit?

R.J.: 100%. But that wasn't good enough for Antonio or his brother. They decided to hound my every move and find some excuse to send me back to prison. See, Cristian had stolen a car and wrecked and, along with it, his painting career. And somehow they all blamed me. So my brand-new, loyal employee starts a fake I.D. scheme out of Break Bar. He rats it out, turns me in for racketeering. It wasn't because he wanted justice. It wasn't because he was trying to destroy my business. He wants to destroy me.

Keri: Cristian Vega?

R.J.: Believe it or not.

Keri: So you hire someone to kill him?

R.J.: No. Absolutely not. I hired Keith Schaeffer to convince Cristian to leave town.

Keri: To "convince" him how?

R.J.: That depended on how hard Cristian's head was.


Jen: Mr. Holden, you got the message I left?

Max: Yeah, yeah, that's why Iím here. Where is he?

Jen: He's in the E.R., being prepped for surgery.

Max: Surgery? What happened?

Cristian: He -- he fell.

Max: Fell? How?

Jen: There's this quarry --

Max: Yeah, I saw him there. What was he doing there? And why is it all your fault?

Cristian: Well, Al and I had a -- we had a little argument and, well, things got out of hand.

Max: He's on the table in the E.R. -- Yeah, you bet it got out of hand. You two are going to tell me what happened right from the beginning. Either that or Iíll have you explaining it to the L.P.D.

Jen: Please, Mr. Holden. Blame me for everything -- the fight, everything --

Max: They fought over you? Oh, you must be mighty proud of yourself.

Cristian: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. Hold on a second. This is my fault, ok? Nobody elseís. And Jen is in no condition right now to be yelled at.

Max: What condition? She's out here in one piece. Matter of fact, so are you, Cristian, while my son could be in there fighting for his life for all I know. I'm going to find out how Al is doing. You two don't go anywhere because I'm not even close to being finished with you. Nurse?

Cristian: You ok?

Jen: Yeah, I'll be fine.

Cristian: I'm sorry you had to go through that.

Jen: No, it's ok.

Cristian: No, no, it's not ok. I mean, I get that he's angry about Al, but he shouldn't have taken it out on you.

Jen: Well, he's scared. I don't blame him. I'm scared, too.

Cristian: Well, try not to be too upset, huh? That can't be good for you or the baby.

Jen: Cris, there is no baby.

Cristian: What do you mean?

Jen: I'm not pregnant. I never was. That's why I went to the quarry -- to tell you that. This was all a mistake. This whole night has just been a huge mistake.


Nurse: Dr. Wolek is still in with your son.

Max: How bad is it?

Nurse: I think you should wait to talk to the doctor about his condition.

Gabrielle: Excuse me, excuse me. I just got a message about my son. Max, Max -- oh -- no, not again.

Max: Look, he's a tough kid. He'll get through this.

Gabrielle: Get through what? What's happened to my child?


Troy: What bad thing did you do, Lindsay? Tell me.

Lindsay: Excuse me.

Troy: Excuse you?

Troy: What's the matter? You feeling all right?

Lindsay: I feel really weird.

Troy: Maybe you'll feel better after you tell me whatever it is that you wanted to tell me.

Lindsay: I don't want to tell you. But I feel like I have to. It's like I'm out of my body and something's forcing me to do it.

Troy: Lindsay, the more you resist it, the worse you're going to feel. Don't -- don't fight it.

Lindsay: I don't think I can.

Troy: So, then, tell me whatever it is that's bothering you. Maybe this bad thing that you did -- maybe it's not so bad after all.

Lindsay: No one can forgive me for what I did. I can't even forgive myself.

Troy: Hey, hey, hey, listen to me, ok? Whatever it is that you did, I can forgive you.

Lindsay: No, you won't because everybody else in this town expects this kind of thing from me, but you are my friend and you will be so disappointed.

Troy: No, no, no, no, no -- that's right. I am your friend, ok? So whatever it is that you did, you can tell me.

Lindsay: I -- I can't help it. I'm going to tell you, Troy. I'm going to tell you everything.


Bo: Thanks.

Antonio: So Iíve got R.J. pinned up against the wall, and all of a sudden Keri comes out screaming, "What are you doing to my father?"

Bo: Whoa.

Antonio: Yeah. I mean, he is everything she isnít. I mean, he -- she studies crime. He lives it.

Bo: Ahem. Why didn't she tell you about all this before?

Antonio: Because she didn't know. Her mother never told her.

Bo: Smart mother.

Antonio: Even when she found out the truth about him, she doesn't know what kind of man he really is. I mean, she didn't know a thing about him hiring a hit man to take out my brother until tonight.

Bo: So where -- now where do things stand with you and Keri? Because word is that you were getting pretty serious about her.

Antonio: Well, she -- she asked me for some time with R.J.


Blair: You -- you want the baby back, don't you?

Nellie: Huh?

Blair: Well, why else would you be here? Why else would Todd be offering you money? Well, you can't have our baby. He's our baby now. He's not just some yo-yo that you pull back and forth.

Todd: Blair, hold on --

Blair: No, I don't know what your legal situation is --

Todd: Blair, she doesn't want the baby back.

Blair: We will fight --

Todd: Blair -- she doesn't want the baby back.

Blair: No?

Nellie: Uh-uh.

Todd: No, she just got a crank call saying that we wanted to give the baby back, and so she thought she'd check it out, that's all. That right, Nellie?

Nellie: Oh, yeah. But I can see you're all one, big, happy family, so I'll just leave town now.

Blair: Wait, wait. You're going away?

Todd: Yeah. And as for the money, you know, I was just going to give her a little something just to tide her over till she got back on her feet.

Nellie: That's right.

Blair: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. It's just that we -- we've bonded with the baby --

Nellie: Oh, I'm glad -- glad to hear it. But now that you mention it, I wouldn't mind a few bucks.

Blair: Nellie, would you like to see the baby one more time?

Todd: You know what? That would probably be way too painful for her.

Nellie: Thanks.

Blair: Oh, ok -- well --

[Baby cries]

Blair: The baby -- good luck with everything, Nellie. Thanks.

Todd: What's this cockamamie story about you getting a phone call?

Nellie: I don't know. I thought it was your secretary or something. I'm sure Iíd recognize the voice, though. It was young-sounding and a little scary.

Todd: You don't say?

Starr: Maybe baby Jack ought to get used to being without us.

Nellie: Wait, that's her -- the girl who told me to come and get the baby.


Allison: Go away, Roxy. I got no quarrel with you.

Roxy: Well, I got plenty of bones I got to pick with you. Years ago you came to me and you told me you had had a kid, and I took you in, and now I find out that I'm the one who was taken in and you switched my baby with Viki's. And you kept me from knowing my own daughter.

Allison: Trust me, you were better off.

Roxy: Listen, you get out of here, you twisted candy striper. And if I ever see your face again, I swear Iím going to be in it!

Allison: This isn't over.

Roxy: You ok, baby?

Jessica: What are you doing here?

Roxy: I tracked you down, lamb chop.

Jessica: What? Tracked me down? What do you mean?


Jen: It's so strange. This morning, all I wanted was to not be pregnant with Al's baby. Now I got my wish and worse happened. Cris, what if he doesn't -- what if he doesn't make it?

Cristian: No. No, don't even say that. He's going to be fine. He's got to be.

Jen: None of this would have happened if I'd have just told you the truth about me and Al. But I was afraid because I love you and I was afraid that I would ruin everything. You're going to need a lawyer.

Cristian: No, no, forget about it. I'll just plead guilty and face up to it.

Jen: No, we've made a lot of mistakes. We can't make any more. I've been trying to get in touch with my dad. I'm going to go try again, ok?

Cristian: Oh, God, please let Al be ok. Give him a break, please, please, please. Ms. Buchanan --

Gabrielle: Ms. Medina to you now.

Cristian: Ms. Medina, I'm really sorry.

Gabrielle: You're sorry? Not nearly as sorry as I am that I may be looking into the eyes of the man who may have killed my son.


Lindsay: Troy, I -- I --

Troy: You -- you what?

Lindsay: Had an affair with Colin.

Troy: I know that, Lindsay. That was a long time ago.

Lindsay: Yeah, but -- when Colin was holding Nora prisoner at his house, I did go there. And she must have heard my voice. No wonder she thinks that I had something to do with all the terrible things Colin did to her.

Troy: That's it? That's all you wanted to tell me?

Lindsay: Feels good to get that off my mind. I am starting to feel like myself again. I -- I am never going to drink wine when I feel out of sorts again.

[Phone rings]

Lindsay: Hello?

Jen: Mom? I'm trying to find Dad. Do you know where he is?

Lindsay: Why, honey?

Jen: Um -- it's nothing.

Lindsay: Look, I know you well enough to know when something's wrong. What's wrong?

Jen: There's been an accident.

Lindsay: An accident? Are you all right?

Jen: It wasn't me, but Dr. Wolek says --

Lindsay: Dr. Wolek? Are you at the hospital?

Jen: I've got to get back to Cristian. I'll call back later. Bye.

Lindsay: Jen? I got to go. There's been an emergency.

Troy: Is she ok? Let me go with you, let me go with you.

Lindsay: No, no --

Troy: You look like you could use my help!

Lindsay: I don't want you to go with me. I've burdened you enough.


Blair: Why do you keep saying the silliest things about your brother not being around, huh?

Todd: Want to hear something really silly?

Blair: What?

Todd: Nellie told me that Starr is the one that called her and told her to come here and pick up the baby.

Blair: Starr, is that true?

Starr: Mm-hmm.

Blair: Sweetie, you're the one that wanted us to have a little baby brother all along.

Starr: I changed my mind. I want a dragon.

Todd: You can't have a dragon.

Blair: What's wrong? Don't you like Jack anymore?

Starr: No, it's just that --

Blair: What?

Starr: You, Daddy, Aunt Viki, Cassie, Kelly -- everything's about the baby. All I hear is baby, baby, baby.

Blair: Oh -- but we still love you. We still love you so much and always will.

Starr: Doesn't feel that way.

Todd: You know what, Starr? This little kid's going to grow up to be your best friend, and then you're going to be glad that I didn't let anybody -- and I mean anybody -- tear this family apart.


Chad: Excuse me? Can I help you?

Paloma: I looking for this. Taxi -- he wait.

Chad: Uh-huh. Right. Anyone want to help me out here? My English is actually worse than hers.

Antonio: Puedo ayudarle?

Paloma: Busco esta dirreccion.

Antonio: "Blair Cramer"?

Paloma: Si. Un taxista me espera afuera, pero el no conoce esta calle.

Antonio: Ah. Mira. Esto es lo que necesita. Se lo muestra Al taxista.

Paloma: Gracias. Mil gracias.

Antonio: Por nada.

Bo: What did she want?

Antonio: Directions for her cab driver. Now, look, Commissioner, thank you for letting me talk your ear off.

Bo: Nah, it's all right. Anytime, Antonio. Look, I want you to remember something, though -- we do not pick our parents. If we did, then I'd have a lot of explaining to do. And from everything that Iíve heard, Keriís really one terrific young lady.

Antonio: The best. And she'll see through R.J. When she does, there's only one thing she can do.


Keri: I -- I don't hate you.

R.J.: But?

Keri: But it's complicated. I mean, it's complicated. Antonio's a cop. You're -- not. I didn't expect you guys to be the best of friends, but I didn't think you'd be bitter enemies, either. I just -- I -- I have a lot to sort out.

R.J.: We all have some sorting to do.

Keri: You don't seem very surprised about Antonio. You didn't know about us, did you?

R.J.: Well --

Keri: How?

R.J.: I was going to tell you all about it, but Officer Vega forced a change in the schedule.

Keri: All right, let's talk. How do you really feel about me seeing Antonio?

R.J.: Really? Well, I'd be happier if you were seeing almost anyone else in the world.

Keri: So, what are you going to do?

R.J.: Nothing. I wasn't around to guide you when you were growing up, and it is a little late to start now.

Keri: It's not your fault.

R.J.: Maybe not. But you have grown into an incredibly independent woman. I have no right to tell you who to be with or how you should feel about them. No one has that right.

Keri: Well, I might ask you anyway now and then. I have to go see how Antonio is taking all this.

R.J.: Sure, sure. Can I see you soon? Ok.


Roxy: It's not like it sounds. I didn't come to Llanview to just hang around and bug you. I came to tell you that I felt bad about the day that we met.

Jessica: Yeah, it was a little rough.

Roxy: Hey, well, for me, it was just business as usual. Look, let's face it. I've been a really bad mother to Natalie, and maybe that's why she acts like a nasty, mean little girl. But I just want you to know, even if I had a beautiful girl like you, I still would've screwed things up.

Jessica: Ok, I don't think -- come on. You don't have to be so hard on yourself.

Roxy: Oh, I don't think I'm being hard enough on myself. You know, I know Natalieís angry at me all the time. I just want to make it very clear to you that I didn't come here to stalk you or nothing like that. And, you know, no matter what Natalie says, I -- I just want you to know that I was very happy that you had a good and a decent upbringing. I got to go.

Jessica: Wait a second. Roxanne, listen. You just said what you had to say. Well, I have something that I need to say to you.


Cristian: Ms. Medina, I really am sorry about what happened.

Gabrielle: Save your apologies -- unless you have one that's going to make my son whole again.

Max: Don't waste your breath on him. They just told me Larry will be out soon, so come on.

Gabrielle: If my son dies, I hope you never experience not one single day of peace for the rest of your life.

Jen: This is so unfair. Everyone's piling this on you when it's my fault that this happened.

Cristian: Jen, come on. You can't -- you can't think that --

Lindsay: What's going on?

Cristian: Look, I got to -- I should call my mom. Just -- you tell her.

Lindsay: Tell me what? What happened?

Jen: Al and Cris had a fight.

Lindsay: About what?

Jen: Me. Before I could tell them I wasn't pregnant. Al fell over a cliff.

Lindsay: Oh, no.

Jen: Mom --

Lindsay: No.

Jen: He could die because of me.

Lindsay: No, don't say that.

Jen: None of this would've happened if I had been honest with Cris. If I hadn't been late, we wouldn't even be here. I'll be right back, ok?

Lindsay: Jen --

Lindsay: If I had seen this coming, I never would've --

Cristian: You never would've what?


Antonio: Do me a favor, Chad. If you see Professor Reynolds come in, tell her that I --

Antonio: Oh. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I stomped out like that.

Keri: Maybe it was the best thing you could do. I -- I know you needed to think, and I needed to talk to my father.

Antonio: Let me guess -- he denied everything.

Keri: No, he didnít.

Antonio: Really? No kidding? Well, he must've realized that you couldn't be fooled. Well, at least you know the truth about him now. Look, I know it's going to be hard turning your back on the man you've been searching for your entire life, but I'll be here --

Keri: Wait -- wait a minute. What makes you think Iím not going to see my father again?


Jessica: I just wanted to say thank you for what you said tonight and for helping me with Allison, and I -- I hope you have a good life, too.

Roxy: Thank you, Jessie.

Jessica: Yeah, yeah. Ok. Bye.

Roxy: Good-bye.

Allison: Nice work. Very Meryl Streep.

Roxy: Thank you very much, but I forgot to ask the brat for money.

Allison: Hey, she may be a brat, but she's no fool. You've got to get closer to her step by step.

Roxy: Yeah, but you made me tell her that I wasn't going to be hanging around here, so how am I supposed to get close to her if I'm not supposed to see her?

Allison: Oh, you'll see Jessica again and soon. And Jessica won't even see what's coming.


Troy: What the hell went wrong? Here we go. "Though it is among the more powerful so-called truth serums, the drug can be resisted by extremely strong-willed people -- roughly 2% of the population. And its effects diminish with each additional dose." Are you kidding me? How am I going to get you to confess, Lindsay?

Troy: Of course.


Lindsay: If I had thought for one minute that you were capable of hurting a decent young man like Al, I would have never approved of your relationship with my daughter.

Cristian: When was that?

Lindsay: In one of the weaker moments of my life.


Gabrielle: Larry, how is he?

Jen: Please tell me he's going to be ok.

Max: Well, Larry?


Todd: Why don't we just get out of here, you know? Go see that monster movie.

Blair: Yeah.

Starr: You can't take a baby to a monster movie. It's way too scary.

Todd: So we'll get a sitter.

Starr: Then, afterwards, can we go to Burger City?

Blair: You can do anything that --

[Baby cries]

Blair: What is it? What is it, big guy?

Todd: Maybe he's hungry.

Blair: What is it? I don't know what it is. I'm not sure. Oh, it's ok. It's ok. I know.

[Doorbell rings]

Starr: Better not be about that stupid baby.


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Antonio: You are going to keep seeing him?  Keri: Yes.

Blair: She's probably dreaming up some new scheme to get rid of him.

Starr: What do you want?

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