OLTL Transcript Thursday 12/27/01



One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 12/27/01

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy 

>> Previously on "one life to live" --

Nora: I love you, Sam. Did I say that out loud?

Al's voice: "Jen, no one ever has to know we made love. Cristian especially never has to know."

Jen: I've just got to take this pregnancy test and find out.

Alex: You!

Max: You.

Asa: You!

Bo: Or you!

Gabrielle: You!


Gabrielle: Asa, you're alive?

Asa: Last time I checked.

Gabrielle: Asa, I don't understand any of this.

Alex: Oh, this isn't Asa. This is Capt. Jeb Stuart.

Max: Well, what's that make you, Major Pain?

Alex: I know it's hard to believe, but this is Capt. Jeb Stuart.

Max: Really?

Alex: Mm-hmm.

Max: He bears an uncanny resemblance to Asa Buchanan.

Hank: Yeah. And his butler bears an uncanny resemblance to Nigel.

Nigel: So Iíve been told on several occasions.

Alex: Well, a woman ought to know her own husband's name.

Gabrielle: What?

Alex: Yes, it's true. You are looking at the new Mrs. Capt. Jeb Stuart. Let's go, honey.

Bo: Alex?

Alex: Yes? Is there something I can do for you?

Bo: Yeah. Shut up. You mind telling me just what the hell's going on here?


Troy's voice: Nora, it's Troy. I just wanted you to know that Iím closer than ever to giving you that gift I promised -- Lindsayís head on a silver platter. Happy New Year.


Matthew: I didn't fall off my new bike even once!

Sam: He's a regular Lance Armstrong.

Nora: I want you to go in the kitchen, Sweetie, ok? And change and take off all your stuff and hang it up, all right?

Matthew: Do I have to?

Nora: Do you want hot cocoa?

Matthew: Oh, boy!

Nora: Oh, boy! Go. Can I interest you in some hot cocoa, just like your mother used to boil?

Sam: I think there's something we should talk about first. You know, about what happened last night.


Shawna: Yeah, Cris, your pal Al over here is a big writer all of a sudden. Romances, mysteries. Maybe a little bit of both, huh, Al?

Cristian: Shawna, come on. Come on, why don't you just drop this cute stuff and tell me what you're getting at, huh?

Mollie: Yeah, let's see what we're getting at.

Al: What I was writing is my own business.

Shawna: Well, I don't know. I mean, don't you think it's Cristianís business, too? I mean, you are writing an e-mail to his girlfriend, right?

Al: So what? Jen and I are friends.

Shawna: Oh, come on. Now, don't sell yourself short, you and Jen are a lot more than friends.


Lindsay: Jen, are you pregnant?

Jen: I don't know. I don't know. I'm just late.

Lindsay: Well, how late? Days?

Jen: Some.

Lindsay: A week? Oh, I knew it. I knew that Cristian was going to hurt you. I knew it.

Jen: This isn't Cristianís fault.

Lindsay: Well, he obviously took advantage of you.

Jen: No, he didnít.

Lindsay: You're defending him even now?

Jen: Can't we just please leave Cristian out of this?

Lindsay: Leave Cristian out of it? How? I mean, if it's not Cristianís baby, then -- oh, my God. It's Al's, isn't it?


Bo: We thought you were dead.

Asa: That's why nobody wrote?

Max: You son of a --

Hank: Whoa.

Asa: Whoa-ho, you got a problem, Max?

Max: Yeah, I got a problem with you faking your own murder and then trying to set me and Gabrielle up for the fall.

Gabrielle: And you -- you were in on it from the beginning, weren't you, you $2 tramp?

Alex: I don't do anything for $2, honey. And, no, I just happened to find him down here.

Hank: I see -- so you just happened to run into your late ex-husband down here in the Caribbean?

Alex: Yes. Well, more specifically, no. I told you that I was going to solve this murder and I did. I used my -- I don't mean to brag -- my incredible investigative skills, and I tracked him down here, and then I left you a lovely trail to follow.

Bo: Do you have any proof of that?

Alex: I thought your being down here meant that my plan worked perfectly.

Hank: You know, Alex, I would rethink that story under oath. Perjury will only make it worse.

Alex: "Under oath"? As in trial? I didn't do anything.

Hank: That's right, Alex, you didn't, but you should have. You found Asa alive and you didn't report it. That makes you an accessory after the fact, even though you had nothing to do with the original crime.

Asa: Crime? Since when is going on a little vacation a crime?

Justice: Excuse me. Could we move this discussion someplace else? I have another wedding.

Hank: Excuse me.

[Janitor sings, "Here comes the bride"]

Hank: Does this resort make it a habit of harboring fugitives?

Justice: Certainly not. I had no idea they were fugitives.

Hank: I'll take your word for it if you leave now and take the floor show with you, would you, please?

Justice: Certainly, sir. This way. Come on now. There you go.

Hank: All right, Asa let me get this straight. You claim that you just happened to be down here on a vacation?

Asa: Well, even I need a little rest now and then, Hank.

Max: Oh, yeah. I bet you just wore yourself out framing me for your murder.

Asa: Don't kid yourself, Max. You're not that important to me.

Max: Oh, give it up, Asa. Pills, the poison, the new will, the videotape of Gabrielle and me -- you set it all up. You set up all the evidence and the motive. But you know what? That evidence is not going to put me in jail for murder. It's going to put you in jail for fraud.

Asa: Who the hell is talking here, son?

Max: And that was your motive, wasn't it? I pass myself off as your son, and you can't live with that because I fooled you. And even worse, you loved me like the son I pretended to be.

Asa: Here you're starting to believe your own scam, Holden.

Max: You should have hung on to me, Asa.

Asa: Oh, yeah -- with both my hands around your damn neck.

Max: I'm the best son you ever had.

Bo: You brought out the worst in him, Max. You call that being a good son?

Max: I was. I was, I was. And then -- then he decides to go pull off the nuttiest plan of his entire life. How far were you going to take this, huh? How far?

Asa: Till the two of you hanged. And I'd have died for real if I knew I could take both of you with me.


Al: Cris, man, don't listen to her, ok? You know she gets off on messing with people's heads.

Shawna: Hey, Iím just the messenger here. You're the one with the message. Wait, now, how does it go? Something like, "Jen, I can't get past what happened between you and me --"

Al: Why don't you just shut up, ok?

Shawna: "What happened between you and me." Now, what could you mean by that?

Cristian: Shawna, now, look -- I don't know why you're trying to make trouble for me and Al, but you're wasting your time. I already know what went down between him and Jen.

Shawna: You know everything?

Cristian: Yes, everything. Now, look, Jen and Al are friends. Now, if you don't believe that a guy and a girl can be friends, then maybe that's something that you need to deal with.

Shawna: I just hope that Al meant what he wrote Jen about leaving town -- for your sake. Come on, Mollie. Let's go.

[Al sighs]

Al: I'm sorry, man. You know, she is -- she had no right, you know?

Cristian: No, you're right. Right, she didnít. Look, man, Iíve had a few talks with Jen, and she's been 100% open about New York.

Al: Come again?

Cristian: Well, she told me that she kissed you; she pretended to be with you. That is what happened, isn't it?

Al: Yeah, yeah, right. Yeah, I am -- I'm really glad we don't have a problem.

Cristian: I didn't say that, Al. Is what Shawna said true, that you're leaving town?

Al: Why?

Cristian: Well, because if you're in such a hurry to get out of town, then maybe we do have a problem. Maybe there is something more than what happened in New York.


Jen: What happened between me and Al -- it just happened. I didn't plan it or anything like that. It was just once, one time.

Lindsay: Well, that's all it takes is one time.

Jen: I cannot be pregnant!

Lindsay: Have you ever been late before?

Jen: No, but, I mean, there has to be some other reason. There just -- there has to be.

Lindsay: Like what?

Jen: I don't know -- stress?

Lindsay: Oh, honey, if that's all it was, I would be late every month of my life. I can see that you're stressed now, though, so let me get you a glass of water -- ok? -- And we'll talk about this calmly.

Jen: I can't hold anything down. I'm -- Iím sick to my stomach. Mom, Iím so scared.

Lindsay: Oh, honey, I know. I know, I know, I know. I know what you're going through. I do. Don't forget -- don't forget I was pregnant with Will before your father married me, and -- oh, and I was scared, too. Oh. Don't you worry, ok? We're going to get through this. I'm here. I'm here, and we're going to get through this together, ok? Oh.


Asa: You really think that you weren't going to pay for what you did to me, Holden? Pretending to be my son, taking my money, living under my roof, stealing my wife?

Max: You're lucky I slept with her, Asa. Gave you motive to pin on me for your murder. Well, now you got me wondering about those little tantrums you threw. Were you trying to push Gabrielle to me?

Asa: You don't know the half of it, Holden.

Gabrielle: Max, don't. He's not worth it.

Asa: And what the hell are you worth, you backstabbing viper?

Alex: That's telling her. We'll have the last laugh on our honeymoon, honey.

Gabrielle: Honeymoon? Asa Buchananís obviously not dead. He's still married to me.

Alex: But I didn't marry Asa Buchanan. I married Capt. Jeb Stuart.

Gabrielle: No, you didn't.

Alex: Yes, he had his name legally changed this morning.

Nigel: Actually, madam, the paperwork was diverted, shall we say. The man you're being so familiar with is in fact Asa Buchanan.

Alex: You mean our marriage is --

Asa: Null and void, sweetheart.

Alex: I don't understand.

Bo: Well, I don't understand much about this case myself, but I will. Nigel, would you take Alex back to her hotel room?

Alex: You're going to have to explain this to me, Nigel.

Hank: Nigel?

Nigel: Yes, Mr. Gannon?

Hank: Don't disappear. You've been loyal to Asa for a long, long time. I've got a few questions about how far that loyalty went.

Nigel: Yes, sir. There are worse qualities than loyalty. Isn't anyone at least glad that Mr. Buchanan is alive?

Gabrielle: You're just letting Alex go?

Asa: Sure, he is. She's nothing but a money-sucking harpy. That's not a crime. If it was, she'd have a lot of company behind bars.

Max: Gabrielle doesn't need to take this from you anymore, and I don't have to, either. Hank, this is Asa Buchanan.

Hank: So Iíve noticed.

Max: And so, obviously, there's been no murder.

Hank: Obviously, Max.

Max: So we are guilty of nothing and free to go.

Hank: Till the next time.

Max: What next time?

Hank: Oh, I don't know yet, but I'm sure there will be one.

Max: Come on. Oh, Bo, I agree with Gabrielle. Alex was in on this.

Asa: Alex wasn't, but Gabrielle sure as hell was.


Sam: Just to remind you, you -- last night you said that you loved me.

Nora: Well, if I remember correctly, the sentiment was very affectionately returned.

Sam: Still, we haven't had much of a chance to talk since.

Nora: Well, we do now, so -- what do you want to know?

Sam: For starters, I was wondering if you still felt the same way.

Nora: Oh, you mean, like, have I had any second thoughts?

Sam: Something like that.

Nora: Oh -- no, not a one.

Sam: You mean --

Nora: I love you. Yesterday, today, and as far in the future as my heart can see.

Sam: That's good. That's a good thing.

Nora: Yeah, that's -- that's a good thing. Having you in my life makes me feel complete.

Sam: And the return of your memory was a gift for both of us.

Nora: Well, actually I don't think it had much to do with that, no. Well, I mean, yes, I did get some nice memories back from before and feelings and stuff, but actually the Sam that I love is the one that I got to know all over again. Thank you for being patient and for being understanding while I went through my little self-discovery. You know, what woman wouldn't love a man like that? So -- I love you, Sam.

Sam: And I never stopped.

Nora: Oh. Ok. So --

Nora: Where do we go from here?


Troy: Now, that's a French perfume, right? Not just some domestic brand. Because believe me, the lady in question is definitely going to know the difference. It is? Good. Do me a favor -- also include a note. Have it say, "Wear this the next time I see you. Very soon, I hope." Got it? Great. Thank you.

Lindsay: Oh, Troy, that perfume -- I love it.

Troy: Oh, it's hypnotic. No, you know what? I take it back. It's not the perfume. It's you.

Lindsay: Hmm. No, you're hypnotic and irresistible. I'm afraid Iím completely under your spell.

Troy: I really do like bad girls, you know.

Lindsay: Well, that's good. Because they don't come any badder than me.

Troy: Oh. That's good. So tell me, bad girl, what's the baddest thing you've ever done?

Lindsay: I gave Nora the drug that destroyed her memory.


Lindsay: Does Cristian know?

Jen: No. Of course not. If I really am pregnant with Al's baby, it's going to be like Jessica and Will all over again. He's never going to be able to get over it.

Lindsay: You're right, you're right. You know, we're going to deal with that problem when we come to it. What about Al? Does he know?

Jen: No. Nobody knows but you. I didn't even want you to know about it until I took the test. I mean, what's the point of saying anything to anybody unless I -- I really do know Iím pregnant?

Lindsay: You're right. You did the right thing because this is your business. This is no one else's business. But I don't think you should be alone right now. I don't. So Iím going to stay with you. I'm going to stay here with you while you check things out, ok?

Jen: Ok. Thank you.

Lindsay: Oh, honey, no matter what those test results are, I am with you. I am with you every step of the way. You know that, right?

Lindsay: Oh. Al Buchanan. Al Buchanan is a nice boy. He's decent. He's a decent boy with morals and -- he'll do the right thing. Honey? Honey, I don't think you should say anything to your father just yet. You know how he is about his little girl. Oh.

Lindsay: Jen?  What did it say? Are you pregnant or aren't you?


Sam: "Where do we go from here?"

Nora: Well, that would be the question.

Sam: I don't think we have to go anywhere. I -- I think we're there.

Nora: Me, too.

Sam: This is where I've wanted to be for so long.

Nora: Me, too. We do -- we do need to talk about practicalities, though. I mean -- I don't want Matthew confused. You know, he needs to know that there's a commitment there that -- you know, something he can count on. You.

Sam: Is it Matthew who needs this? Or you?

Nora: Oh. Both. It'd be nice to have a little stability in my life, too.

Sam: Then you've got it. Consider it a gift, my gift to you. And I hope you love it half as much as the gift you've given me.

Nora: Oh, did you like it? Did it fit?

Sam: No, I'm talking about what you gave me last night --

Nora: Oh.

Sam: And again just now when you told me that you loved me. It was the perfect gift for a man who has everything except the one thing that really matters. And if it takes us a while to put all the pieces together, I can live with that. I mean, we did a pretty good job on Matthewís bike, didn't we?

Nora: "We"?

Sam: Well --

Nora: You.

[Sam laughs]

Nora: Yes.

Matthew: Is the cocoa ready?

Nora: Oh, Sweetheart, I'm sorry. I got totally distracted. It's going to be a few more minutes.

Matthew: That's ok. Daddy, want to see what I made with the new building set I got?

Sam: Well, I sure do.

Nora: All right.

Sam: Come on, tiger. Let's go! Whoa!

Nora: I'll go make the cocoa.

Sam: Well, you know what? I think that Santa left you a little something in your stocking. You haven't looked in there yet, have you?

Nora: I'll look after I make the cocoa.

Sam: Suit yourself.

Nora: Right.


Jen: It takes a couple of minutes for the test results.

[Knock on door]

Lindsay: Oh. I'll get rid of whoever that is.

Jen: Ok.

Carlotta: Oh. Hello.

Lindsay: Hi. Your son's not here.

Carlotta: Hello, Jen.

Lindsay: I was just having a private conversation with Jen.

Jen: Hi, Mrs. Vega. Is there a message I could give to Cristian?

Carlotta: No. I just wanted to drop this off. So many customers give me these. I just thought you'd like to have another one for the apartment.

Jen: Oh, thank you. Sorry you missed Cristian.

Carlotta: Oh, that's all right. I could wait, if you like.

Jen: It's probably going to be a while.

Carlotta: I don't mind. Ooh, this poinsettia needs some water. I'll get some.


Cristian: So are you leaving town because of Jen? Because I know she'd want you to stay.

Al: I'll write.

Cristian: Al, you are cool with me and Jen getting back together, right?

Al: If she's happy, I'm happy.

Cristian: So you're not leaving because you can't deal with it or something?

Al: Man, you have no idea what I am dealing with, ok?

Cristian: Ok. Say I donít. So then why don't you tell me?


Asa: When I first thought of setting you up, Max, Gabrielle there was not part of the package.

Max: I know. She overheard what you were planning. She came and she told me everything.

Asa: I'll bet she did. What did Gabrielle tell you -- that I was taping the two of you in action? By my lonesome? Funny, isn't it, that I knew exactly where you'd be and knew exactly when you'd be there?

Gabrielle: Max, please don't listen to this.

Asa: Gabrielle was in it from her pretty little neck all the way down. She smooth-talked you, Max, into going in my lodge and going to the bedroom, and I was there waiting for you. And you were so hot to trot, you didn't catch me knocking over the camera. Made enough noise to wake up the dead. You starting to remember, Max? Are things slowly coming back now?

Max: Why?

Gabrielle: Max --

Asa: Why the hell do you think, Max? All the years she spent in prison? Her son growing up without a father, thanks to you? She hated your damn guts.

Gabrielle: That is not true. That's not true.

Asa: Max, did you ever ask yourself why I ever married her? Everybody said it wasn't a love match. And they were damn right.

Gabrielle: Max? Max. Max?

Asa: Hmm. It was real good to see you, son. Alex told me I had quite a funeral.

Bo: Yeah.

Asa: I hear that -- that you said some pretty nice things about me. Well, why don't you say some to your old man now?


Nigel: I've arranged for a car to take you to the airport.

Alex: It's not fair. I would have made him happier than he was in both of our other marriages.

Nigel: No doubt.

Alex: I could have brought him so much life and so much love into his world.

Nigel: I'm sure you would have tried your best.

Alex: Now I'm just fading off into the sunset with nothing but the clothes on my back again!

Nigel: Oh, not exactly, Madam. Mr. Buchanan did want you to have something special, something you can enjoy for the rest of your days.


Al: I'm dealing with a lot of stuff right now -- personal stuff.

Cristian: And leaving town is the answer to it? I know that Jen will miss you. And, well, I was sort of hoping that we could become friends, man.

Al: We can't. I mean, if I was going to be here, sure. But I won't be.

Cristian: Ok. Well, I hope you change your mind. But if you don't, good luck. No matter what happened with Jen, I think you're a pretty cool guy, man.

Al: Nothing happened with Jen.

Cristian: Ok.

Al: Nothing happened.


Jen: Mrs. Vega, wait. I need to talk to you, alone.

Carlotta: Sure.

Lindsay: You know, you go right ahead. Don't mind me.

Jen: I just want to thank you for everything.

Carlotta: Well, you're welcome, although I don't know for what except for a spare poinsettia.

Jen: A million things. You brought me into your family and you supported me and Cris, even when it wasn't so easy to.

Carlotta: Jen, it was the easiest thing that Iíve ever done because I know how much Cristian loves you and how much you love him.

Jen: I do love Cristian so much, and no matter what happens, I need you to know that.

Carlotta: I knew that the first time that I saw the two of you together. But what do you mean, "No matter what happens"? What could happen?

Lindsay: "Two lines means you are pregnant and one line means that you arenít."


Troy: So tell me, Lindsay, what's the worst thing you've ever done?

[Tape winds and plays]

Troyís voice: So tell me, Lindsay, what's the worst thing you've ever done?

Troy: You can trust me, Lindsay. So tell me.


Sam: You like it? It really works. See?

[Sam blows whistle]

Sam: If you ever need me night or day, all you got to do is just put your lips together and whistle, and Iíll be there.

[Nora blows whistle]

Sam: See? You're less than thrilled.

Nora: No, it's really sweet. It really is. It's -- it's just that I thought that --

Sam: What?

Nora: Nothing. It doesn't matter what I thought. I'll get the cocoa. Ok, yes, all right. You know what? It does matter what I thought. It matters a lot.

Nora: Sam Rappaport, will you marry me?


Alex: I never really wanted to believe that Asa would leave me flat.

Nigel: In your case, Madam, I don't see how he could.

Alex: I just wanted something for all the love Iíve given him in my life.

Nigel: And Mr. Buchanan has arranged just that.

Janitor: Hi there, sweet cakes.

Alex: Oh, my God.

Nigel: You're still married to Capt. Jeb Stuart.

Alex: No, no, no. Capt. Jeb Stuart doesn't exist.

Nigel: Oh, but he does. No, and here he is.

Janitor: Yep. Had my name legally changed this morning. I do.

Alex: I don't understand.

Nigel: Well, you see, Madam, you did get married today -- to this -- gentleman, yeah.

Alex: You don't mean -- no, you don't mean --

Janitor: Do you like big families?

Alex: Absolutely not. Absolutely not.

Nigel: And --

Alex: This is not happening.

Nigel: Here are the plane tickets --

Alex: No way!

Nigel: For two.

Alex: Thank you so much -- not for two! Don't even come near me! Don't even think about coming near me!

Janitor: Don't worry --

Alex: Don't touch me! Don't even touch me!

Janitor: I'll be gentle.

Alex: Go away!

Nigel: Bon voyage. Have a lovely time.


Gabrielle: Max, please. I can --

Max: You set me up, Gabrielle.

Gabrielle: I can explain all of this.

Max: Can you undo it?

Gabrielle: No, of course I canít.

Max: Then I don't care about your explanation.

Gabrielle: And how I feel about you and how you feel about me -- you don't care about that?

Max: How I feel about you is based on a lie, and how you feel about me -- it was very important to me. That's why Iím getting the hell out of here.

Gabrielle: Max, you're not making any sense right now. Please.

Max: Asa said you hated me. Is that true?

Gabrielle: No. I didn't hate you. I loathed and detested you. All those years in prison, and then in poverty -- I despised you. The only dream I could have at that point was how I was going to bring you down if I ever had the chance. And so when Asa came to me with this offer, I didn't have to think twice.

Max: Is this supposed to be an argument in your favor?

Gabrielle: No. But this one is -- from the moment I saw you standing in front of me, I couldn't do it. And I had to deny my feelings for as long as I could. But Asa saw what was happening to me, and he would not let me out of this agreement. He threatened to take Al and he threatened to bring me down along with you, so I did everything in my powers to save you. Don't you see?

Max: You saved me from something you started. Please forgive me if I don't seem grateful. Of course you had a lot of help from me, though, didn't you? I knew what you were, and I still went down that same old path.

Gabrielle: Because you love me. And because I love you. And it took this horrible, horrible plan of Asaís to make us realize that. But it's true. We do love each other, and we do belong together. And what we have is better than ever.

Max: Good-bye.


Asa: Llanview is no tropical paradise, but I got to admit I kind of miss the crazy little town.

Bo: Well, we all missed you. Your death had broke Reneeís heart. Nora took it pretty hard.

Asa: I always said she was one fine woman.

Bo: But I think that Jessica was hurt the most because the last thing she needed in her life was another tragedy.

Asa: Well, I'll take care of that.

Bo: How?

Asa: In my will, I left her a horse. She can have it now. Thunderbolt wouldn't let anybody else sit on him anyway. How about you, Bo? You miss me? Come on, you must have something to say.

Bo: Oh, I do.

Asa: Oh, good. Say it.

Bo: You have the right to remain silent.


Jen: I just meant that you never know what's going to happen. And whatever does happen, Cristian will always be the only one that I ever love, and it is so important for me that you know that.

Carlotta: I do, Jen. So does everyone who knows you. Except maybe Lindsay.

Jen: She's been so awful to him. Sometimes I think loving me was the worst thing that ever happened to him.

Carlotta: No, Jen. It's the best. Look, whatever your mother tried to do to Cristian, I know that you would never hurt my son. As a matter of fact, you make him very happy.

Carlotta: And now I'll make you very happy by coming back when your mother's not here. Would you just tell Cristian that I stopped by?

Jen: I will.

Carlotta: Ok.

Jen: Bye.

Carlotta: Bye.


Carlotta: Cristian.

Cristian: Mami. What are you doing here?


Jen: Mom? Mom?


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Blair: I want to keep him. I just don't know if I can.

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Jen: Just tell me, what does the test say? Am I pregnant?