OLTL Transcript Monday 12/24/01



One Life to Live Transcript Monday 12/24/01

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Jessica: All those trust funds that they set up for me are now Natalieís.

Natalie: You're not getting anything. You're not getting a dime.

Lindsay: You didn't tell Cristian that you slept with Al?

Todd: I'll figure out a way to change Blairís mind. Nobody's going to break up this family.

Renee: He's a loan shark, a thief, he's an extortionist, he's --

Keri: He's my father.


Cristian: You know, you were right, Jen. Al's not such a bad guy once you get to know him.

[Jen sighs]

Jen: I'm 10 days late. How can I be late? I'm never late.

Jen: Ok. Beginning of November. "Went to the quarry. Al was there."

Cristian: Hey. Something wrong?

Jen: No. I just need to run to the drugstore for a minute.

Cristian: Ok. Well, what do you need?

Jen: Something for a headache.

Cristian: Well, I think I got some aspirin in the medicine cabinet.

Jen: No, that's ok. I need a special kind. I'll be right back.

Cristian: Ok.

Antonio: Hey!

Carlotta: Hey! Merry Christmas!

Antonio: Felicidades.

Jen: Merry Christmas.

Cristian: Hey, Mom.

Carlotta: Merry Christmas, Sweetheart. Oh.


Renee: Every Christmas Iíd give Asa a whole raft of fancy gifts and then one totally silly one.

Viki: Well, I would bet you that's the one he liked the best.

Renee: How could you not love a pair of oversized P.J.s with yellow ducks on them? Or a windup chicken singing, "Home on the Range"?

Viki: Did you take pictures?

Renee: Only mental ones. It was worth anything to get a laugh out of him.

Ben: Well, he was one of a kind, that's for sure.

Renee: That's for sure. It's my first Christmas without him, without knowing that he's somewhere in the world.

Ben: Well, we're glad you're with us, Mom.

Renee: Thanks. There's no place that I'd rather be right now than here.

Viki: I have to tell you I still cannot get over the fact that you're my mother-in-law.

Renee: You treat my son right, I won't give you any trouble.

Viki: Ok. That's a deal.

[Phone rings]

Viki: Excuse me. Hello.

Roxy: You the maid?

Viki: Why are you calling here?

Roxy: Oh, don't tell me, it's Miss Snooty-patootie.

Viki: What do you want, Roxanne?

Roxy: What do I want? I just want what's coming to me, honey.

Viki: Well, I think you've got that already.

Roxy: Listen, you, put my daughter on the phone.

Viki: Which one?

Roxy: Whichever one's got more money.

Viki: Don't you ever, ever call this house again.

Roxy: Hey, buy yourself some manners, you rude --

[Knock on door]

Roxy: Ah, Greevy, get lost! I told you I didn't win the lottery yet.


Roxy: Greevy! Greevy? Oh.

Allison: Hey, Roxy. Remember me?


Ben: Who was that?

Viki: That was that awful woman Roxanne Balsom, and she's drunk.

Renee: Oh, Darling.

Ben: What did she want?

Viki: She wanted to speak to her daughter -- the one with the most money. Oh, Jessie, oh. I'm so sorry, darling.

Ben: Jess, that woman is not worth getting worked up over.

Jessica: That woman is my mother. And all she cares about is if I can give her any money.

Viki: Well, that's her tragic loss, isn't it?

Jessica: Yeah, yeah, it is because I don't have any.

Viki: That's not what I meant, Darling.

Jessica: No, I know, I know, Mom. You know, she should be calling Natalie, not me. Natalie's the rich kid now, huh?

Ben: A lot of good that does her.

Jessica: Yeah, well, it's what she wanted. Hey, you know what? I hope it makes her happy.


Starr: Who the heck are you?

[Natalie sighs]

Starr: Ooh, you are in trouble!

Natalie: Shut up, will you?

Blair: Don't talk to my daughter like that. You owe her an apology.

Natalie: I don't owe her squat. She's a brat.

Starr: She's the one that was stealing off the tree!

Natalie: And a liar, too.

Blair: Ok, you know what? That's enough. I don't know who you are, but just tell us where the family is and we'll leave you alone.

Natalie: I don't know where the "family" is. Ask a servant.

Blair: Oh, you know what? We'll do that. Come on, Starr -- Starr?

Starr: Mommy, why don't we just go home? I hate it here.

Blair: Look, don't you want to give Aunt Viki your present?

Starr: Yeah, but maybe she can come over to our house. This way, maybe Cassie will bring our baby.

Blair: It's not our baby. Ok? He's never going to be.


Cassie: I'm right, aren't I, Todd? He really is your son, isn't he?

Todd: I don't know what you're babbling about.

Cassie: This is your son, your biological son.

Todd: Ok, you are nuts. You know that? And I don't mean like -- like almonds and pecans. I mean like disturbingly unbalanced.

Cassie: I've really hit a nerve, haven't I?

Todd: Yeah, you hit the nerve that starts to ache every time I got to talk to one of you lunatic Cramers!

Cassie: Oh, you're not going to shut me up by attacking me.

Todd: You need to go back to Vienna or wherever it is that loony bin is that you ran away from.

Cassie: This child is yours, isn't he?

Todd: How could that baby possibly be my biological son?

Cassie: You tell me.

Todd: I already have Ė heís not.

Cassie: Ok, fine! Then Iím going to tell you because I've got it all figured out.

RJ.: We, it's not The Palace or Break Bar, but we can have lots of coffee while we're talking.

R.J.: Keri? Now, where did you go?

Keri: I was just remembering something.  Iím sorry.

R.J.: Well, don't be. You looked like it was something good.

Keri: It was, very good.

R.J.: Hmm. Well, I have a very good memory of you now. I will never forget that you stood up for me back there with Renee.

Keri: Well, I had to. She insulted my father.

R.J.: You know, it's still funny hearing you call me your father.

Keri: Funny?

R.J.: Well, funny -- funny good. I like it a lot. You know, I realize that we hardly know each other, but I have very high hopes that that will change. We might even be close someday.

Keri: I hope so, too.

R.J.: Look, you know those things that Renee was saying about me --

Keri: I --

[Phone rings]

Keri: Excuse me. Hello.

Antonio: Feliz navidad.

Keri: Feliz navidad to you.

Antonio: So are you still coming over for the holiday festivities?

Keri: Of course, but maybe in a little while. I'm with my father right now.

Antonio: Oh -- that's -- that's terrific, Keri. How did that come along?

Keri: It's a long story. I'll tell you about it later.

Antonio: Sure. But I don't want you to come in and face my family alone, so Iím coming to pick you up. Where are you?

Keri: I'm at the coffee shop, the place where we saw each other for the first time.

Antonio: Oh, my favorite place. I'll be there. Hey, why don't you invite your dad to come along?

Keri: Sure -- maybe. That's very sweet of you.

Antonio: Well, it's easy to be sweet to you. I'll see you soon.


Cristian: So tell me, what made you invite Seth?

Antonio: Oh, that wasn't my idea. That was -- that was Mami's. She felt -- she felt sorry for him.

Cristian: Great. Well, I'll try not to slug him. So tell me, what happened in New York?

Antonio: They're holding Schaeffer on an assault charge. That's all we've got on him.

Cristian: Well, wait a minute. Don't tell me this guy could get off with a slap on the wrist, Antonio.

Antonio: Unless we could get R.J. to roll over on him.

Cristian: But I thought he was wanted in six different states for serious crimes, including murder.

Antonio: Yeah, wanted for questioning -- look, and that's not saying that they could get any of the charges to stick even if they get him. His lawyer's fighting extradition.

Cristian: Well, I guess we'll just have to find a way to get R.J. to roll, huh?

Antonio: Yeah. Look, why don't we talk about this later? I'm on my way to meet Keri and her dad.

Cristian: Her dad? Hey, sounds pretty serious, huh?

Antonio: Yeah, well --

Cristian: Well, good for you, man.

Antonio: Thanks.

Cristian: See you later.

Antonio: All right. See you soon. Te veo ahorita, ok?

Carlotta: Ok, ahorita. I made all my mother's favorite recipes from when I was a girl. I hope you like it.

Jen: I'm sure I will.

Carlotta: I also made some traditional things, too, just in case. Don't you feel well?

Jen: It's just a little warm in here, isn't it?

Carlotta: Jen?

Cristian: Jen, what's wrong? Are you ok?


Blair: Ok. Have I made myself clear?

Starr: No.

Blair: Excuse me?

Starr: Yes.

Blair: What's the one subject that we are not going to talk about again?

Starr: The one with the diapers.

Blair: Ok. You know, you've been hanging around your daddy a little bit too long. I think we need to find Aunt Viki and give her her present, ok?

Starr: What about my apology from her?

Natalie: Don't hold your breath.

Blair: Oh, you sure are a piece of work.

Natalie: Shove it.

Blair: Who are you? And why are you in Llanfair?

Natalie: This is my home, and I live here.

Blair: Oh, I know who you are. You're Natalie, the one who claims to be Vikiís daughter.

Natalie: I am Vikiís daughter -- her only daughter.

Blair: Oh, ok. Well, we just see if Viki and Jessica agree with that.

Natalie: It's their problem if they don't because Iím the real Buchanan -- not Jessica, me.

Jessica: Oh, great. Looks like everyone met.

Starr: Too bad for us.

Viki: Hey. I'm very happy to see both of you.

Blair: Merry Christmas.

Viki: Merry Christmas. Hi.

Starr: Hi. Merry Christmas.

Jessica: What's that?

Viki: What is it? What, honey?

Jessica: My Christmas ornament from my first Christmas when I was a baby. How did this break?

Starr: Don't look at me. She did it.

Natalie: I was only looking at it. It's an accident.

Jessica: Don't lie. I know you did this on purpose. I can't --

Natalie: Is that what you think, too?


Todd: Ok, that's enough out of you. I've heard enough of your crackpot Cramer theories.

Cassie: It took me a while, but then it -- it all started to fall into place.

Todd: Yeah, too bad I couldn't say the same of you.

Cassie: Like your total obsession with some stranger's baby, the way you're trying to force him on Blair when she's not emotionally ready for him.

Todd: You don't know what you're talking about.

Cassie: Oh, you know, I should have figured out from the moment I saw you paying off that poor unwed mother.

Todd: That wasn't a payoff. It was an act of charity. I was covering her expenses.

Cassie: Oh, save it, Todd! I know what your real relationship is with her. She's a pretty good actress; I'll give her that.

Todd: How -- how did you figure --

Cassie: I told you Iím not stupid.

Todd: Ok, whatever it is that you think you know, Cassie, you should forget it.

Cassie: Oh. Is that a threat? Because if it is, I'm not afraid.

Todd: You ought to be.

Cassie: What you're doing is disgusting. You got that girl Nellie pregnant, and now you're trying to trick Blair into taking this baby on that you made with her.

Todd: That -- that's what you think? Oh! Oh, wait! Wait! You think me -- me and Nellie?

Cassie: Don't deny it.

Todd: Oh!

Cassie: You think that Blair went off and conceived a baby with somebody else, so you decided to do the same thing back to her.

Todd: Yeah.


Cristian: Jen, are you ok?

Jen: Yeah, yeah, I am fine. It's just -- it's really warm in here, like I was saying to your mom.

Carlotta: Maybe you're coming down with something.

Cristian: Yeah. You had that headache. Whoa, wait a minute. You never got your headache medicine, did you? I can go right now.

Jen: No. I'll go myself. I really need the fresh air.

Cristian: No, no, I'll go with you.

Jen: Cris, I'm really embarrassed about making all this fuss. Really, you just stay with your mom and just set things up and I'll be back in two minutes, ok?

Cristian: Ok. Two minutes. Then Iíll come looking for you.

Jen: Ok, make it three in case there's a line.

Jen: It just can't be. It just can't be. I've just got to take this pregnancy test and find out.

Al: Jen. What'd you just say?


Carlotta: You know, if she hasn't eaten all day, of course she's feeling weak. Don't worry, mijo. We'll fatten her up at dinner.

Seth: Look, I didn't want to say anything when Jen was here, but I hope it's ok that Iím here.

Carlotta: Por todo bien.

Cristian: Anyone my mom invites is ok with me.

Carlotta: This is a season of goodwill. And if you boys will excuse me, I have things in the oven.

Seth: You know, your mom's always been up for forgiveness and second chances.

Cristian: Seems to me like you're on your third or fourth, Seth.

Seth: Look, I can understand how you feel about what I did to Jessica.

Cristian: Seth, I've known you since we were kids, but I don't have a clue who you are.

Seth: You know, sometimes I don't, either. My only excuse is really bad judgment.

Cristian: Well, besides what you did to Jessica and her family, you scammed all your friends.

Seth: I know. And I hate what I did. But it happened because Natalie and I got involved and got manipulated by this whacked-out mental patient.


Roxy: Allison Perkins as I live and breathe -- of course I remember you.

Allison: Good.

Roxy: Hmm. Ever since you called here the other night, I was wondering when you were going to show up.

Allison: Well, wonder no more.

Roxy: Hmm. You said we needed to talk?

Allison: We do, believe me.

Roxy: Oh, believe you? Honey, I don't think so.

Allison: You know, it's kind of cold out. May I come in?

Roxy: You know, except for that ridiculous hat on your head, I don't think you've changed one little bit.

Allison: I'll take that as a compliment.

Roxy: Yeah, you take I whatever way you like.

Allison: Look, I got you a present. Don't you want to know what's inside?

Roxy: Not if I have to put up with you.

Allison: It may be alcoholic.

Roxy: I don't think I've ever seen a bottle of booze in a shape of a box like that.

Allison: Well, it might be a carton of cigarettes or maybe that perfume you used to wear all the time. What was it called?

Roxy: You bought me Down and Dirty?

Allison: Open it and find out.

Roxy: This better be good.


Natalie: You don't believe me, do you? You think I broke that thing on purpose.

Viki: "That thing" happens to be a very, very special remembrance of our first Christmas with Jessica.

Natalie: Well, that should have been your first Christmas with me

Viki: And is that why you broke it?

Natalie: I knew that's what you thought.

Viki: Why don't you stop telling me what I think? Just tell me what happened.

Natalie: Ok. I was looking at the Christmas tree and looking at all the fancy ornaments when that little brat here came up and startled me.

Starr: Oh, did not!

Natalie: Yes, you did. Anyway, she came up and startled me, and that's when I broke it, and that's the truth -- I swear.

Viki: Then I believe you.

Natalie: You do?

Jessica: You do?

Viki: Yes. I do. I just hope I don't regret it. And by the way, this is not a little brat. This is my niece and your first cousin -- Starr Manning.

Natalie: Hi, Starr.

Starr: Whatever.

Viki: Starr.

Starr: Hi.

Viki: Thank you.

Blair: Well, we can't stay. We just came over to -- well, Starr wanted to bring you her little gift to you.

Viki: This is so lovely! Thank you, Sweetheart. I'm going to put it under the tree and open it tomorrow morning, ok?

Starr: Should I look under the tree for my little gift?

Blair: Starr Manning!

Viki: No, no, it's ok, it's ok.

Blair: That's not polite!

Viki: No, no. Your little gift -- your gift -- is with a whole bunch of others that I was going to bring over later on this afternoon, but they're in the solarium.

Blair: Ooh.

Starr: I don't know what that is or where it is, but Iíll find it.

Viki: You will.

Blair: She'll find it? Oh.

Viki: Hey, where's Todd?

Blair: I don't know -- home, I guess.

Viki: Oh, no. You have problems already? You just got married.

Blair: Yeah -- and you are not going to believe what he gave me as a wedding gift.


Todd: What on earth would make you think that I would have a baby with that pathetic girl? I mean, besides the fact that you're completely bonkers.

Cassie: By the way that you look at him, the way that you talk to him. I know that he's yours

[Todd sighs]

Cassie: What I don't understand is why anyone in the world would want to sleep with you, but --

Todd: You need to watch your mouth.

Cassie: Oh, then admit it!

Todd: I've never had a baby with anyone but Blair. I swear on Starrís life.

Cassie: Then what's going on? What is your attachment to this baby?

Todd: That's really none of your business.

Cassie: Oh. What are you doing?

Todd: What does it look like Iím doing?

Cassie: Wait -- wait a minute! Todd! What -- where are you going?


Keri: So I was thinking of going to law school, but then I discovered how much I really loved teaching.

R.J.: I bet you're terrific in the classroom.

Keri: Well, one or two students might not agree with you, but, you know, all in all, I do pretty well. I work really, really hard at my job.

R.J.: All work and no play?

Keri: A lot of work and some play.

R.J.: Someone special? I'm sorry, that's really none of my business.

Keri: That's ok. Actually, there is someone I just started seeing.

R.J.: Is that who called before?

Keri: I met him at the university. He's on the police force. Maybe you know him.

R.J.: Well, if he's with the L.P.D., I'm sure I do. I'm sure he knows me and I'm sure he does not hold me in the highest esteem.

Keri: You don't know that to be a fact. His name is --

R.J.: No! I really -- I don't need to know, and you probably shouldn't tell him who I am just yet. I mean, it might ruin the holiday for everyone.

Keri: Well, he invited you to Christmas dinner.

R.J.: Christmas dinner. That might be a really bad idea. I mean, Keri, you just met this person, right? And I don't want to be the thing that messes it up for you.

Keri: Well, I'll call him back and cancel.

R.J.: No, no, look, I would rather if you went and had a good time.

Keri: Will you be alone tonight?

R.J.: I am a man of some means. I have options. I will be fine. We can -- we can pick up where we left off some other time.

Keri: Ok, well, if you change your mind --

R.J.: I will be fine.

Keri: I have something for you. It's sort of a Christmas gift. Sorry I didn't have a chance to wrap it, but -- my graduation photo. I always wondered about people who gave other people pictures of themselves as gifts.

R.J.: Well, you can -- you can stop wondering. I love it. And that's the beat where I should give you something terrific, all right, a gift, but I -- I really don't have anything.

Keri: Well, maybe we'll have other chances.

R.J.: I certainly hope so. You have a very Merry Christmas, Ms. Reynolds.

Keri: Merry Christmas to you, Mr. Gannon.

R.J.: Thank you.


Antonio: Hi.

Keri: Hi!

Antonio: Where's your dad?

Keri: You just missed him.

Antonio: Oh, what a shame. I was really looking forward to meeting him.

Keri: Oh, you will someday.


Jen: It's nothing. I was just talking to myself.

Al: Are you ok? You look a little pale.

Jen: I'm fine. I'm absolutely fine. I -- what are you doing back here?

Al: Cristian invited me.

Jen: Oh, right.

Al: I was a little thrown at first, but it's really nice of him, you know. I mean, you're ok with it, right?

Jen: Sure. And thank you so much for not telling Cristian about what happened between the two of us at the quarry.

Al: Oh, I promised you that I wouldn't, and I meant it. And besides, that's in the past. Why can't we just pretend like it never happened? Or -- are you ok with me being here?

Jen: Yeah, it's fine.

Al: Actually, I had another offer from a girl at school.

Jen: Ok, and you'd rather go there?

Al: I think it's a good idea. Tell Cristian that I stopped by just to tell him that something came up.

Jen: Ok.

Al: Ok.

Jen: Merry Christmas.

Al: Yeah. Merry Christmas to you, and I hope that this holiday brings you all the happiness you deserve.

Jen: Thank you.

Al: Bye.

Jen: See ya. And I'd settle for no surprises.


Blair: Oh, he's just the most beautiful little boy, and -- well, he's going to make some lucky family very happy. I just can't stand to be in the same room with him, and I guess that makes me a terrible person.

Viki: Come on, it doesn't make you a terrible person. It makes you a woman who is grieving horribly over a child that she lost.

Blair: Why can't Todd understand that, Viki? Why does he just insist that this baby can replace the one that we lost?

Viki: Because I guess that Todd also has a big hole in his heart, same as you, and in his Todd-like way, he's trying to fill it.

Blair: I just wish that -- I canít.

Viki: I know.

Blair: I'm going to find Starr.

Viki: She's down there.

Blair: Ok.


[Knock on door]

Todd: You have to take this kid.

Viki: Todd? What?

Todd: You got to take this baby. There's this crazy lady -- she's chasing me!

Viki: What are you talking about?

Cassie: You are out of your mind!

Todd: No, you are!

Viki: All right, somebody tell me what's going on!

Todd: Oh, Cassie will explain everything.

Cassie: Todd, you get back here!


Cristian: I'm going to go downstairs and check up on Jen, mom.

Carlotta: Sure.

Cristian: Hey.

Jen: Hey.

Cristian: There you are. I was just getting ready to send out a search party.

Jen: Well, now you don't need to.

Cristian: So how are you feeling?

Jen: Better.

Cristian: Did you get the right medicine you needed?

Jen: Yes. It's right in here. I'm going to go take some.

Cristian: Cool.

Jen: Please be negative. Please be negative. Please, please, please.

Cristian: Are you sure you're ok?


Roxy: Fake money -- that's what you bring me? Funny money? You know, I'm sick of this little joke, so you got to get out here.

Allison: It wasn't a joke. It's a promise of things to come.

Roxy: Oh, yeah, what you going to give me, more funny money?

Allison: This money is symbolic, Roxy.

Roxy: I don't care what country it's from. I want real money!

Allison: That's what Iím talking about -- real money. You and I will be rolling in it if we play our cards right.

Roxy: I listen to a baby snatcher who just got released from the nut hatch.

Allison: Hey, if I hadn't switched those babies, your daughter never would have grown up in a mansion.

Roxy: Yeah, well, fat lot of good it did me. She's going to be zapped out of the will before it ever does me any good. And now that Natalie is rich, you think she's going to lift a finger for her poor, wonderful woman who raised her?

Allison: Your bad luck is about to end. Stick with me and you'll be richer than you can ever imagine. We both will!

Roxy: Oh, yeah? And what exactly are those plans of yours?

Allison: Oh, they're a doozy. Listen up, Roxy.


Natalie: Look, I'm sorry about the ornament. You still don't believe me, do you?

Jessica: How can you expect me to believe you, Natalie, after everything you and Seth have done to me?

Natalie: I don't know.

Viki: I thought I had better warn you that Todd is running around here like a whirling dervish creating havoc as usual, so be prepared for anything, ok? Personally, I refuse to let him spoil our holiday.

Natalie: I don't want to spoil anyone's holiday, either, so Iím going to make myself scarce. I know you guys have some hot chocolate to drink and carols to sing and stuff.

Viki: Natalie, wait a minute, please. I have something for you.

Natalie: For me?

Viki: Yeah, for you. And for you. Both of you, sit down, please.

Viki: When my mother died -- that was your grandmother, Eugenia -- these were left to Meredith and to me. Meredith was my younger sister. And when  Meredith died, she  and I thought it would be nice for both of you to have them since you are both my daughters.

Viki: Meredith and I treasured them because they had been handed down through the family, and I sincerely hope that you girls will, too.

Natalie: This is so beautiful.

Jessica: Yeah, it is, Mom. It's -- it's beautiful. Thank you.

Natalie: Yeah, thank you.


Starr: Wow! This thing is, like, so neat!

Ben: So now you can look at the stars, Starr. And this book tells you what you're looking at.

Starr: Cool. This is great for spying.

Renee: Who are you going to spy on?

Starr: You never know.

Renee: Oh. Uh-uh.

Ben: I'll tell you what. Why don't we go outside and I'll show you how you're supposed to use this.

Starr: Ok.

Renee: You got to be careful where you point that thing.

Starr: Brr. I'm cold.

Renee: Oh, is it cold out here. Ooh.

Blair: Starr, where are you? Starr? Starr?


Cassie: Give me back the baby, Todd.

Todd: No.

Cassie: You have no right to take him out of my house.

Todd: I put him in your house!

Cassie: You asked me to watch him until Social Services could find him a good home.

Todd: Yeah, well, I changed my mind.

Cassie: Oh, really? Did Blair change her mind about keeping him?

Todd: Thanks for babysitting. You can get lost now.

Cassie: What are you going to do with this baby?

Todd: I'm going to give it to Viki, which is really what I should have thought of doing before.

Cassie: Well, great. I want to talk to her.

Todd: Fine, let's go.

Cassie: No, no, not with you there. I don't trust you.

Todd: You don't -- see, I would diagnose that as paranoia.

Cassie: No, I think you're going to pull a fast one on Blair.

Todd: You don't know what you're talking about.

Cassie: No, Todd, she's my family. I'm not going to let you hurt her.

Todd: You don't need to protect Blair from me.

Cassie: Todd, please, what is your connection to this baby?

Todd: What's my connection to this baby? This whole thing is my fault!

Cassie: What whole thing?

Todd: Look, if I wasn't trying to take Starr away from Blair, then Blair wouldn't have -- she would have told me that the kid was mine and not Maxís and she wouldn't have run off to Mexico and then I wouldn't --

Cassie: You wouldn't have what?

Todd: Oh, then we wouldn't have lost our baby. Look, I'm just trying to make everything right here. Can't you see that? I'm trying to fix things -- for Blair, for Starr, for all of us. We need this baby. I need this baby. Blair damn well needs this baby, and she knows it. She just -- she just -- it's all Iím asking is for her to give him a chance.

[Baby fusses]

Cassie: Shh, shh, shh, shh.


Jen: Yes, Mr. Worrywart, I'm fine. Just take these.

Jen: See? Mission accomplished.

Cristian: It's just that, well, now that I have you back, I don't want anything happening to you.

Jen: Well, I'm fine. Better than fine. We're celebrating our first Christmas together.

Cristian: That's right. And I don't want anything to spoil this -- nothing -- not your headache, nothing.

[Music plays]


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Jen: There's something I have to tell you.

Troy: So tell me, what evil things have you done?

Alex: You can't get away from me, Asa. Don't you know that?

Hank: Either Alex rented both suites or --   Bo: Or she's got an accomplice.

Max: Nigel?