OLTL Transcript Thursday 12/20/01



One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 12/20/01

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy 

>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Keri: I don't think that we can go from strangers to father and daughter overnight.

Jen: I need you to promise me that you won't tell Cristian that I slept with Al.

Troy: You told him you wouldn't pursue this thing with Lindsay and you haven't. I am the one that's going after her.

Todd: Hey, wait, no, stop! Take your hands off our baby.


Todd: Step away from the baby. Look, I'm not kidding. Put the kid down now!

Cassie: Shh, shh, shh.

Blair: Todd, please, just let Cassie take the baby.

Todd: You put down our baby.

Blair: It's not our baby. Our baby is dead; Todd, and this baby can't replace it.

Cassie: It's ok, it's ok.


[Knock on door]

Troy: Lindsay. Hey.

Lindsay: I thought we were going to be meeting about a fundraiser.

Troy: Oh, yeah. Oh, wow, I must have dozed off. Come on in. I'm going to grab a shirt.

Lindsay: Oh, don't rush on my account.

Troy: Thank you for coming by. It's -- it's never easy being alone in the holidays.

Lindsay: Yeah, I know, believe me. I'd be in the same boat you are if I hadn't reconciled with my daughter.

Troy: Well, I'm just glad you were able to meet tonight.


Lindsay: Uh -- what's Cristian doing up there?

Troy: Oh, I think he's moving his girlfriend in.

Lindsay: What? Jen is moving in with Cristian already?

Troy: Yeah, I guess so.

Lindsay: Over my dead body.


Cristian: So what's all this stuff?

Jen: My yearbooks from boarding school.

Cristian: And these?

Jen: Those are my diaries.

Cristian: All of them?

Jen: I've been keeping them ever since I learned how to write.

Cristian: Wow, 1998. January 1998, June 1998, 1998, 1992, 1991, 2001. I guess this is the most current. Maybe I should read what I missed in New York, huh?

Jen: No, donít.


Hank: Well, now. Are you the last child here today? You've been a very patient young man, so why don't you sit right here on Santaís lap and tell me what you want for Christmas.

Matthew: You're not Santa Claus. You're Mr. Gannon.

Hank: Well, now, that's true, young man, but let's keep that between you and me. What do you say?

Matthew: Ok.

Hank: Great. So, now, what do you want me to tell Santa to bring you for Christmas?

Matthew: A bicycle.

Hank: A bicycle?

Sam: With training wheels.

Matthew: Yeah.

Hank: With training wheels. Have you been a good boy?

Matthew: Most of the time.

Hank: Well, now, that's a very honest answer. I'll tell you what -- if you continue being a good boy, Iíll make sure Santa brings you a bicycle.

Matthew: A red one.

Hank: A red one it is, with training wheels. Ho-ho-ho! Here, why don't you just step down. I have a present for you just for coming to visit Santaís helper. There you are.

Matthew: Thanks, Mr. Gannon. I mean, Santa.

Hank: Right. Merry Christmas. Ho-ho-ho.

R.J.: You know, nobody's buying this Santa Claus routine because Santa would never poison a girl's love for her father!


Nora: Oh, this is beautiful. Did you do this all by yourself?

Keri: Antonio helped.

Nora: Oh. Well, I guess things are going well, then.

Keri: Yes.

Nora: Good. So then I guess it's not your love life that's got you down. Maybe -- what could it be? Gee, I don't know, the search for your father?

Keri: The search is over, Nora. I found him -- R.J. Gannon. You don't seem surprised.

Nora: Hank and I talked, honey. Hey, he was only trying to honor your mother's wishes. I mean, I think every child has a right to know her father and I'm glad he told you.

Keri: Hank didn't tell me. It was R.J.

Nora: R.J.?

Keri: Yeah. Dear old dad.

Nora: How do you feel about it, about having found him?


Cassie: Todd, what Blair is doing is for the best.

Starr: No, it's not. Mommy, please, don't let Cassie take the baby away!

Blair: Listen, Starr --

Cassie: Starr, sweetheart, why don't you go upstairs to your room?

Starr: I don't want to.

Cassie: You know, this is something your mommy and daddy have to work out.

Starr: I'm part of this family, too!

Blair: Yes, yes, sweetheart. You are, but right now I want you to do what Cassie told you to do and that's go up to your room, ok? Can you do that?

Starr: Do I have to?

Blair: Thank you. Thank you.

Cassie: Todd --

Todd: Put down the baby.

Cassie: Todd, you have planned --

Todd: Put the baby down.

Cassie: A beautiful wedding. You showed everyone how much you love her.

Todd: What does that have to do with you not putting the baby down?

Cassie: Because if you really loved her, you'd see what having this baby here is doing to her.

Blair: She -- she's right. It hurts too much, Todd.

Todd: Oh, but it's ok to hurt the baby?

Cassie: Shh, shh, shh.

Blair: No, I'm not trying to hurt the baby. I'm not going to put the baby out on the streets. But until Social Services can find this baby a home, why can't Cassie just take him?

Todd: What, you really think that's a good idea? Think about it. After everything that this baby has been through, you think it's a good idea to let the baby go live with some chick that just escaped from a loony bin?

Blair: Cassie did not escape from a loony bin, Todd, and I'm sorry, Cassie.

Cassie: It's fine. Todd, for your information, I was released from the psychiatric hospital quite a while ago with a clean bill of health.

Todd: I'm not reassured.

Cassie: Well, I'm a lot saner than you are.

Todd: Really? Anyone who would marry Kevin Buchanan really is a few dimpled chads short of a presidential election.

Cassie: All righty, I'll be sure to warn Kelly.

Todd: You know, the last time Kevin had a girlfriend, didn't you hold her hostage --

Blair: Ok, Todd, Todd, Todd, please, please, just stop. Stop, both of you.

Cassie: You know, Blair, Iím sorry, I would really love to stay and help, but Iím not going to stand here and take this.

Todd: Whoa, whoa, where you going with that kid?

Cassie: I am going upstairs to put this baby in his crib and then I am leaving, alone. This is your mess.

Blair: Every time I hear that baby cry, Todd, I'm reminded of the baby that we lost.

Todd: But this kid will help you get over that.

Blair: No, it won't. Please. Cassie will be a good foster mother. Just let her take him. Please, just let him go.


Lindsay: How could Jen do this without telling me?

Troy: Whoa, whoa, wait a minute, where you going?

Lindsay: I'm going upstairs. I'm going to go talk to her.

Troy: Now?

Lindsay: Now! Yes, now! I -- I mean, I can't think. I can't think about anything. I can't think about the fundraiser if I donít.

Troy: Wow, you -- you must really not like this guy.

Lindsay: No, I don't, and I'm not going to let him hurt her again.

Troy: Well, now, you know, maybe Jen sees something in him that you don't.

Lindsay: Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Dangerous boys can be very seductive. Believe me, I had my day when I was attracted to nothing but bad boys, but that is not the life that Jen is going to have. No, not when there's a nice boy like Al Buchanan who is absolutely head-over-heels for her, and that's who she should be with and Iím here to make sure that that happens.

Troy: Ok, ok, ok. But you don't have to do that right now, do you? Come on. Stay here with me.


Cristian: Jen, I was only kidding. Come on, I would never read your diaries.

Jen: It's just they're really, really private. You're the only person who even knows I keep them.

Cristian: Ok, well, your secret's safe with although I got to admit, I'm a little curious about what would be in the books that would make you so nervous.

Jen: I was in bad shape when we broke up. I wouldn't want you to read what I wrote in them back then.

Cristian: I'm sorry I did that to you, had to put you through all that stuff. You know, I'm really lucky you forgave me.

Jen: No, I'm the lucky one. You did it to protect me. I am so glad we're moving in together.

Cristian: And I should go get the rest of your stuff, huh?


Lindsay: Hi.

Jen: Mom.

Lindsay: I just heard the news that you're moving in with Cristian.

Jen: And I'm sure you're furious, but this is what I want.

Lindsay: I told you that I am not going to do anything to ruin your happiness and I meant it. I mean, you are happy, right?

Jen: Yeah, I am.

Lindsay: Good. Then so am I.

Jen: Having Cristian back is the best Christmas present ever.

Lindsay: Hey, being in love at Christmastime, what could be better than that? And who knows, maybe Iíll have that again one of these decades.

Jen: Of course you will, Mom.

Lindsay: Well, I thought I had it a couple of times -- first with Clint, then with Bo. Then all my little lies seemed to catch up with me and ruined all that. Honey, what's the matter?

Jen: What if that happens to me?

Lindsay: What are you talking about?

Jen: I didn't tell Cristian about --

Lindsay: You didn't tell Cristian that you slept with Al?


R.J.: Take every opportunity to meddle in my life!

Sam: Hey, this isn't the time or the place.

Matthew: Daddy --

Sam: It's ok, Matthew. Nobody's getting hurt here.

R.J.: Well, that's wonderful, wonderful. Everything always works out for you, Henry. You know, I bet you were there, Johnny-on-the-spot, to make sure you consoled Liz, right?

Hank: I am not going to dignify that with an answer.

R.J.: Oh, no? Well, I think I have a right to know.

Hank: R.J., you gave up your rights when you got yourself thrown into prison after you got Elizabeth pregnant.

R.J.: No, you can spin it any way you want. Keri is still my daughter!

Sam: What?

R.J.: Just stay out of this, Rappaport!

Sam: No problem, Scrooge.

R.J.: And because of you, all she knows about me are a few mistakes that I made years ago.

Hank: Well, that's an understatement. : Well, then you'll be very happy to know that, apparently, that's all she wants to know about me.

Hank: And beating up on Santaís helper, that's going to change things, huh? It's going to show her the good R.J.?

R.J: Look, she will never see anything good in me. You -- you made sure of that.

Hank: No, R.J, you made sure of it.

Woman: Oh. We didn't miss Santa, did we?

Boy: There's no one here but this guy.

Second boy: Are you Santaís helper? Can we tell you what we want for Christmas?


Keri: You know, when I thought that Hank was my father and he denied it, I realized I set myself up for a fall. But I just didn't realize how big a fall until I found out the truth.

Nora: So I guess that means people have filled you in on R.J.'s reputation?

Keri: Yeah, and I did a little research on my own.

Nora: Have you talked to R.J.?

Keri: I don't want to talk to him. You know, I don't want him reaching out to me. I don't want to get to know him.

[Keri sighs]

Nora: You know, Keri, there is another side to R.J. Maybe a side you don't know anything about.

Keri: You're saying I'm wrong about him, that maybe I should give him another chance?



Troy: Hey.

Cristian: Hey.

Troy: You -- you almost finished moving your girlfriend in?

Cristian: Yeah, sorry about all the noise, huh?

Troy: No, no, no, don't worry about it. I'll live with it.

Cristian: Yeah, this is the last of Jen's stuff for tonight, I promise.

Troy: That's ok. So you're dating Lindsay Rappaport's daughter, huh?

Cristian: Well, yeah. What of it?

Troy: No, I just -- just wondered if she was as interesting as her mother.

Cristian: Jen has nothing to do with her mother.

Troy: Why not?

Cristian: Don't ask.

Troy: Well, I just did.

Cristian: Lindsay is a wreck.

Troy: Well, that's strange because I find Lindsay rather charming.

Cristian: Well, be careful or, trust me, you'll be sorry.

Troy: No, Lindsayís the one that's going to be sorry.


Jen: I didn't purposely lie to Cristian.

Lindsay: You just didn't tell him about Al.

Jen: Not yet.

Lindsay: Are you planning to?

Jen: I don't know. The whole time we were broken up, Cristian was totally loyal to me. He didn't even think about being with anybody else.

Lindsay: Jen, what is it that you want?

Jen: I want to live happily ever after with Cristian and I don't want to fight with you about it anymore.

Lindsay: I don't want to fight with you anymore, either. I mean, I think we've done enough of that. I just -- I -- I want you to be happy.

Jen: But how can I be, because I have to tell Cristian about Al and, if I do, I'll lose him.

Lindsay: Well, unfortunately, at this point I think that's probably true.

Jen: Mom!

Lindsay: Well, maybe if you had told him before you moved in, but now it's too late. It's just gone too far.

Jen: Well, maybe if there's the right way to say it or the right time.

Lindsay: Do you think that Al will tell him?

Jen: No. No, never.

Lindsay: Ok. Then I think you should learn from my mistakes and I think we should just -- we should just keep this our little secret.

Cristian: And what secret is that, Mrs. Rappaport?


Todd: Ok, fine, I'll do what I can about the kid, but it's probably going to take a few days, maybe till -- I don't know -- New Year's.

Blair: That's more than a few days, Todd.

Todd: Yeah, well, you know, they said that they didn't have anybody good. That's what they said at Social Services. Now, you want the baby to go to somebody good, right?

Blair: Well, yeah.

Todd: Somebody that'll treat the kid like it was their own, somebody that'll make sure nothing bad happens to the kid.

Blair: Of course I do, yes.

Todd: Somebody that'll hold the kid and say all the good, nice, parent kind of things.

Blair: And you know what -- that's Cassie.

Todd: No, it's not.

Blair: Yes, it is. I would trust her with my own baby. Come on, she and Andrew were approved as foster parents and that's when they -- that's when they adopted River.

Todd: Yeah, well, that's because she lost her kid, so she needed a new kid, just like you now. Now what you need is a new kid.

Blair: No, I donít.

Todd: Yes, you do.

Blair: Come on, Todd, why do you keep going back to that?

Todd: Well, why can't you just love this kid like he was your own?

Blair: Because he's not! Because I canít. This -- this isn't about me. This -- it's about you. You're the one that needs the baby. You're the one that wants so much to make this baby your own.


Jen: Mom, maybe you should go home now so I can talk to Cristian alone.

Cristian: No, no, first I want to know what this big secret is.

Jen: Cristian, donít.

Cristian: I'm not going to let your mom hold something over you again, ok? Remember what happened after Colinís murder?

Jen: This isn't the same thing.

Lindsay: No, it's not. I think, though, if he wants to know what the secret is, well, then he has a right to know.

Jen: Mother.

Lindsay: I will tell you what the secret is if you want to know. But if you ask me for my advice, I would tell you that you should pretty much leave it alone.

Cristian: Forget about it?

Lindsay: It's up to you.

Jen: Mother, please don't do this.

Lindsay: Jen wanted to buy you a very expensive piece of art in my gallery for Christmas. I told her I thought it was way too expensive, but she insists because she says the piece reminds her of you.

Cristian: That's the secret?

Lindsay: That's the secret. Now if you will excuse me, I have to go because Troy is waiting.

Jen: Troy?

Lindsay: Yeah.

Jen: Troy MacIver?

Lindsay: Yes, we've been spending a lot of time together lately.

Jen: After what happened between you and Colin, now you're dating his twin? Well, I don't like it when you criticize the things that I do, so Iím not going to do it to you.

Lindsay: Well, there you go. Look at that -- we're both maturing.

Jen: Maybe.

Lindsay: Ok, guys, I got to go. Congratulations to both of you.

Jen: Thanks.

Cristian: So what's going on? Did you make up with your mom?

Jen: Yeah. More or less.

Cristian: So what changed your mind about her?


Nora: Sweetie, I can't tell you what to do.

Keri: What would you do?

Nora: Oh. You know, R.J. had it pretty rough growing up in his brother's shadow. I mean, Hank was perfect. He was a 4.0, he was a varsity football player, he never did anything wrong.

Keri: Well, I guess that's a pretty tough act to follow.

Nora: Well, and his parents never let him forget it. I mean, it wasn't intentional, it's just that's the way it was. Every picture you'd see of Hank and R.J. together, there was Hank in his football jersey with the number one on it and then there was R.J. who looked a little lost and resentful.

Keri: Yeah, but that was his choice to make.

Nora: Still, there was a lot to overcome. You know, maybe too much. But for whatever R.J. is or has been, he was always wonderful with Rachel. He was always there when she needed him, and I will never forget that.

Keri: So you're saying that maybe he isn't the monster that everyone makes him out to be?

Nora: Look, he never knew he had a child of his own. Maybe if he'd known that there was a beautiful daughter out there somewhere who needed him, he might have made some different choices.

Keri: So you do think I should give him another chance?

Nora: Well --

[Doorbell rings]

Nora: I think somebody should. Excuse me. Hello. Oh, hi, Hank. What is it? Oh, no, what happened?

Hank: R.J. is what happened. Keri, you were right to close the door on R.J.


Todd: What Iím saying is that we both need this kid.

Blair: What we need is to grieve, Todd, together -- you, me, and Starr. Not try to replace the baby.

Todd: That's not what Iím trying to do.

Blair: You know what -- I'm sorry, but I didn't consider how hard this must be for you. I'm really sorry.

Todd: Don't be.

Blair: And I know why you brought the baby, I understand that, and he's -- he's sweet and he's beautiful. But he's never going to be our baby.

Todd: You're sure?

Blair: Yeah. We need to do this, Todd. We need to move on as a family, and --

[Baby cries]

Cassie: He's having no part of going to sleep. I think that he's hungry. Is there formula?

Todd: Yeah. Blair will take care of it.

Blair: Well -- Todd, I canít.

Cassie: So what do you want me to do?

Blair: I want you to take the baby and I want you -- you to take him home and be good to him.

Todd: You can't even say good-bye to him?

Cassie: I'll be in touch.

Cassie: Yes, Sweetheart. You know that? Oh, yes, you are. Yes, you are. So sweet.

[Cassie clicks tongue]

Cassie: Yeah. So sweet. Shh, shh, shh.

Todd: No, you listen to me, Ms. Social Service lady, it doesn't matter who I am. The point is that somebody's going to call you. Her name is Cassie Carpenter and she's going to tell you that she's got this baby, right, for you to take over, but there is no baby, right? That's her M.O. She's done this before. She's certifiable. She just got out of the cuckoo clock factory in Switzerland. It's a mental institution. Look, her name is Cassie Carpenter. You got it? It's spelled "car-pen-ter." I got to go. What?

Starr: Mommy told me Cassie took the baby.

Todd: Well, that's because she did.

Starr: How could you let that happen?

Todd: It's all going to be all right, Starr.

Starr: Do you have a plan?

Blair: Well, look what I have here -- three piping hot chocolates, chocolate cookies, and "A Christmas Carol." Mm-hmm.

Todd: You know, I got a better idea. Why don't I go down to the video store and see if I can't rent "Evil Dead 17."

Blair: Todd, wait a minute. Thank you. Thank you so much for not making me feel bad.

Todd: No problem. I really should go, you know, in case someone else gets it.

Blair: Well. You want to watch "A Christmas Carol," hmm?

Starr: No.

Blair: Wow. I kind of thought you liked Scrooge.

Starr: I do. But I miss the baby. I want to go to Cassie's, please?


Keri: What's going on?

Hank: I was at the community center playing Santa Claus for the kids. R.J. burst in and tried to rip my head off for not telling him about you.

Nora: In front of the kids?

Hank: Yeah.

Nora: Oh --

Hank: But don't worry, the kids are fine. I was worried about you getting to know R.J., and I was right. You be careful because he can only bring you trouble.

Keri: You were worried about me?

Hank: Of course.

Keri: You were worried about me after running away from me when I thought you were my father, after refusing to tell me who my real father was?

Hank: Well, considering who your father is, it was for your own good.

Keri: Who are you to decide that for me?

Hank: I didn't decide it. Your mother did.

Keri: You don't even know me. And that's all R.J. wants is to get to know me, to let everybody know who his daughter is.

Hank: Somebody want to tell me what's going on here?

Keri: The minute that R.J. found out about me, he had the decency to reach out to me in an honest way. But you -- all you've ever done is -- is just try to keep me away from my father because you don't approve of him!

Hank: It's got nothing to do with approval. I know the man.

Keri: I was wrong. It is not so bad thinking that R.J.'s my father. Compared to this? I think I was wrong about R.J. altogether. Thank you.

[Door opens and closes]

Hank: Ooh, man. I feel like I just ran into a buzz saw.

Nora: Looks that way.

Hank: I guess I made just about every mistake I could, huh?

Nora: Are you looking for an argument?

Hank: Oh, thanks for the support.

Matthew: Mommy, mommy!

Nora: Yes?

Matthew: Santa's helper got attacked!

Nora: What? Santa's helper got attacked?

Matthew: You're here!

Hank: Hey, kid.

Sam: Are you ok?

Hank: Yeah, yes, Iíll live. Hey, thanks for all your help.

Sam: Right.

Hank: I'll see you later, friend.

Nora: I love you.

Hank: Bye, kid. Yeah, you, too.

Nora: Don't ask.

Sam: Hey,Bbuddy, why don't you go upstairs, brush your teeth, and get in your pajammies, huh?

Matthew: Do I have to?

Sam: Well, what happened to the promise you made to Santaís helper about being a good little boy?

Matthew: I'm going, I'm going.

Nora: Ooh!

Sam: That's a good kid.

Nora: I got to remember that one. That was great.

Sam: Yeah.

Nora: No running on the stairs!

Sam: Now, I was looking for you earlier.

Troy: Sam, now's not really a good time.

Sam: Well, then Iíll just say what I have to say right now. You know, I'm grateful for what you did for my son Matthew. You did an excellent job, but that doesn't mean I have to like you.

Troy: I would've never known.

Sam: And it doesn't mean that I have to trust you.

Nora: Why? Where were you looking?

Sam: Here. I thought you'd like to be with us when Matthew saw Santa.

Nora: Ah. Santa Gannon?

Sam: Santa Gannonís helper, yeah. So where were you all day? Oh, you know what? Save that thought.

Nora: Ok.

Sam: Let's trade war stories later. Let's put Matthew to bed first so we can have some quiet time to talk. There's something we need to discuss.


Troy: How'd everything go upstairs?

Lindsay: You don't want to know.

Troy: Of course I want to know. I want to hear everything about your life.

Lindsay: Why?

Troy: Why? Wow, has it been that long since someone cared? Here's to getting to know everything about each other. Wow, you're really upset. Come on, sit down. You're very tense here. Relax. You must really love your daughter, huh?

Lindsay: Yes, I do. Why'd you say that?

Troy: Well, you're willing to risk her being mad at you just to make sure that no one else hurts her.

Lindsay: Finally, someone who understands me. I mean, that's why I do the things I do -- for the good of my kids.

Troy: I think that's very impressive.

Lindsay: I'm just here to make sure that she doesn't get hurt.

Troy: I don't blame you. And I got to tell you, from what Iíve seen of that Cristian kid so far, he seems a little shady to me.

Lindsay: Why, what do you know about him?

Troy: Well, you know, nothing specific, just rumors. But I just ran into him in the hall out there while you were upstairs and he tried badmouthing you to me.

Lindsay: Is that a fact?

Troy: Well, now don't you worry, I set him straight. I took care of him for you.

Lindsay: Boy, that is it. Oh, he's going to get his. I am going to bring him down. I don't know how yet, and it may not happen today and it may not happen tomorrow, but I am going to bring him down. I'm going to take Jen away from him for good. What?

Troy: You are feisty! I love that side of you.


Jen: I guess I just reached out to my mom because of what happened between the two of us, because we got back together and I was so happy that I didn't want to let anything get in the way of that.

Cristian: Are you afraid she's going to try to break us up again?

Jen: No.

Cristian: Because there's no way Iím going to let that happen, Jen -- not after everything we've been through.

Jen: I know that.

Cristian: When Keith Schaeffer was finally arrested, we got a second chance, and Iím never going to let you go. No one, not even your mom, is going to break us up again.

Jen: It's not my mom Iím worried about.

Cristian: Then what is it?

Jen: I'm not worried about my mom, ok? Let's just drop it.

Cristian: No, we can't drop it. Jen, stuff's been going on since we started moving you in here today.

Jen: No, it hasnít.

Cristian: First it was the diaries. And then I find out that you and your mom mysteriously made up after everything that went down between the two of you?

Jen: She's my mother.

Cristian: And when she was in here, she did all the talking, which is never a good thing.

Jen: She likes to be in control.

Cristian: Jen, you got upset just talking about her.

Jen: Because you're making such a big deal out of this.

Cristian: Because she either frightened you or bullied you into not telling me what's really going on.

Jen: No, she didn't.

Cristian: Jen, come on, this isn't about some painting. Don't you know by now that you can trust me? I love you. But you got to level with me here. What's going on with you and your mom?


Troy: It's ok.

Lindsay: Ah!

Troy: You're passionate about the people you love. And I think that's very admirable. In fact, I think that's -- that's very attractive and very sexy.

Lindsay: Well, I'm really happy you think so because there's nobody else in this town that would agree with you. I mean, nobody understands me when I set my sights on something.

Troy: I know, it's like they think you're wrong for setting a goal and then for not taking no for an answer.

Lindsay: It's the same thing for you, isn't it?

Troy: It was the exact same thing for me. Lindsay, when I came into this town, all I wanted to do was right my brother's wrongs, but no one wanted me to even stick around Llanview.

Lindsay: Including me. I'm really sorry for the way I treated you. I really am.

Troy: It's ok, it's ok. It's ok. You know, the two of us have a lot in common. We're very much alike, you and I. When we want something or we want someone, we go for it.

Lindsay: Yeah, we do.


Nora: I should've -- I should've told you before.

Sam: You're right, you should've.

Nora: I'm sorry. I really am so sorry.

Sam: You're sorry? So am I.

Nora: How did you find out?

Sam: Well, I took one look in the garage, saw this box, and knew you'd purchased Matthew a bicycle without telling me. I mean, we're just lucky I didn't buy one, too, and that it's the right color.

Nora: What are you talking about? All he's been doing is talking about a red bicycle for two months now.

Sam: Yeah, but if you'd spoken to me first, I would've told you to buy a preassembled one!

Nora: Oh, my gosh, is it hard work?

Sam: "Is it hard work?" "Is it hard work?" Let's just put it this way -- after I attempted to assemble Will's first bike, I found a local handyman and paid him a small fortune to assemble Jen's.

Nora: Oh, I'm sorry. Can I help? I can help.

Sam: Whoa, whoa, whoa, just stay away from the flying parts.

Nora: Ok. That I can do. That would be easy.

Sam: Ok.

Nora: I'll go back here.

Sam: Ok. Here we go. Step number one -- make sure all the parts are here. There's 23 screws, nuts, and bolts. Ok.

[Bell rings]

Sam: Here's one, two, three --

Nora: I love you, Sam.

Sam: What did you say?


Girl: How come you're not wearing your suit, Santa?

R.J.: Oh, well, I'm not Santa. I'm, uh -- Iím his helper. Santa had to leave. But he left plenty of presents for everyone, see? Here is one for a pretty little girl.

Girl: Thank you, Mr. Santa's helper.

R.J.: No, no, thank you, oh, Ms. Little Girl.

Girl: And tell Santa Iím glad you were here.

R.J.: Oh, well, thank you. You have a very Merry Christmas. Bye-bye.

R.J.: Oh, here's one -- for a very lovely little girl.

Keri: Will I do?

R.J.: Well, absolutely.

Keri: Good. And when you're through here, I would really like us to go out and have dinner together.

R.J.: You sure?

Keri: Absolutely. Someplace public, where everyone can see who my father is.


Blair: Hmm. I'm sorry, but you can't see the baby.

Starr: But you never even let me say good-bye to him or give him his presents.

Blair: What presents?

Starr: See? I got him these presents for Christmas. Please, Mom. Just let me say good-bye and give him his presents.

Blair: Starr -- look, no matter what, he can't come back and live with us.

Starr: Ok. But just let me see him one more time that's all Iíll ask for Christmas. Just please, Mom, let me say good-bye. Let me give him his presents.

Blair: Ok. All right, I will take you over to Cassieís, but I am not going to go inside, so don't even ask me.

Starr: Ok. I wonít. I promise.


Todd: Shh, shh, shh. No, no, don't say anything. Shh. No, it's all right. I'll get you out of here, get you home, yeah, where you belong. Because you're my son.


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Cristian: There's something you're not telling me, Jen. Jen: You're right, there is.

Keri: I think it's time I got to know my father.

Starr: You want to see the baby just as much as I do.

Todd: So how long you been standing there? Cassie: Long enough to have heard every word you said.