OLTL Transcript Wednesday 12/5/01



One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 12/5/01

By Suzanne 

>> previously on "one life to live" --

todd: Remember i said I had a surprise for you? It's here!

Starr: We're leaving daddy, and I didn't even get to see his surprise.

Asa's voice: I'm giving you the key to solving my mder.

Alex: St. Blaze's awaits us, my dear.

Keith: I'm watching jen, and you're going to be here in five minutes.

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blaicome on, starr. We've got to get going.

Guard: I'll have to see your boarding pass.

Blair: I want you to get on the airplane. Come on, run, starr.

Todd: Blair --

blair: Come on, starr. You've got to go. Run!

Guard: Buddy, this flight landed two hours ago.

Second guard: What are you trying to pull?

Todd: I'm not trying to pull anything. It's just that that's my -- well, my ex-wife, and that's my kid, so i've got to get on that plane.

Man: Lady, do you know this man?

Blair: I have never seen him before in my life.

Woman: Such an extraordinary view, don't you agree?

Alex: Oh, yes.

Woman: As you can see, you have all the comforts of home here. We have some fruits and some --

alex: Why is this door locked? I was supposed to have both suites.

Woman: Madam, this is our busiest season. I'm afraid the adjoining suite was already occupied.

Alex: Oh -- well, this sad, final journey will have to take place in a smaller space then we planned, that's all. I can life with that. Oh, double-check downstairs, and make sure that all my charges are billed to the account of the late asa buchanan, his estate, ok? They have the account numbers and everything down there.

Woman: So sad mr. Buchanan will never return here.

Alex: He's back. I made sure of it.

Asa: Honey, you, uh -- you are one fine little filly, and I have some business that i have to take care of. Later maybe, huh?

Woman: My sweet, sweet honey man, i can't let myself leave. Not until I know that we can make some more -- sugar.

Asa: Well, you see, that's why the good lord made afternoons. See, we're going to meet at the conch bar, happy hour. Do you remember?

Woman: I'll be there -- waiting.

Asa: Pretty soon, bo, you're going to have all you need to nail these two hyenas.

Max: What's that he's reading?

Gabrielle: I don't know.

Max: Hmm.

Bo: Would you two mind waiting in my office? I'll be with you in just a second.

Max: Sure.

Officer: Sir?

Bo: I want you to take this key down to the train station, find the locker that it fits, ok? If you don't find it there, that doesn't work, go to the bus station. And I want you to bring whatever's in that locker to me as soon as possible.

Officer: You got it, commissioner.

Bo: Thank you.

Hank: What's up?

Bo: I think that pa may be reaching out from the grave to help me solve his murder.

Antonio: Where's cris? Where'd he go?

Seth: I thought he was in the back.

Jessica: He went to go turn up the heat.

Antonio: Cris!

Jessica: He has been gone kind of long.

Seth: I thought he was talking with --

antonio: He was supposed to wait till i got back. When did he leave?

Jessica: Right after you left. He said that he went to turn up the heat.

Seth: Did he go down the fire escape?

Antonio: You bet he did, because he knew I'd stop him if i saw him.

Jessica: Why? Where did he go?

Antonio: Where he shouldn't have -- to find jen.

Announcer: The role of al buchanan will now be played by nathaniel marston.

Al: Cr only going to tell you this once -- get out of here, all right? I mean it. Stop bothering jen, ok? She doesn't want you around, and she definitely does not need you here screwing things up. This is a very big day for her.

Cristian: Keep out of this, al.

Al: Haven't you done enough? And why do you keep popping back into her life when she doesn't want anything to do with you? Not thing one.

Cristian: I don't have time for this, man.

Al: What is it?

Cristian: Where's jen?

Je why? Why does he always do this to me? I'm not going to crack. I don't care about cristian. I don't care about him at all.

Blair: Do whatever you want with that man. I don't know him from adam. Come on, starr, let's go.

Todd: Whoa.

Blair: Starr?

Todd: Whoa, whoa, blair, hold on a second. Get these guys to search me. I don't have anything on me -- no court orders, no custody papers, nothing. I'm not even trying to take starr away from you this time.

Blair: Oh,yeah? Where you hiding your lawyer?

Todd: No. No lawyer.

Blair: Oh, yeah? Well, he's got to be somewhere, todd. Where is he?

Todd: Look, can I please talk to her for a second?

Guard: No.

Todd: Blair, look, i know that i've screwed this whole thing up, and I know that I've made some mistakes.

Blair: Oh, so, this is where you apologize and take down my defenses, right? Well, you can forget it. Come on, starr.

Todd: The biggest miste that i made was letting go of you.



Max: You do want me, you don'

ned: I am not losing you.

Take your hands could I tempt you to take a peek at my products? If you can't aff

todd: Blair, don't walk away from me, huh? I don't want

blair: You're good, todd. You are so good when you turn it on like that. I really, really should be impressed. You know what? You've used up all your chances.

Todd: I'm begging you, blair. Look, I'm on my hands and knees --

guard: Hey.

Second guard: Easy, fella.

Todd: Look, I'm on my hands and my knees, and I'm begging you. Please. Look -- you got to believe me.

Blair: Believe you? Believe you?

Hank: And you think the key fits some locker in the train station.

Bo: Or the bus station.

Hank: Asa never misses a trick. He suspects someone's about to murder him, and he lays a trap to catch the killer.

Bo: Looks like it.

Hank: What are you planning to do with those two?

Bo: I know what I'd like to do to them.

Hank: Well, bo, this doesn't give you enough evidence.

Bo: Yeah, not yet.

Hank: But you think that you'll have it when the officer gets back here.

Bo: Yep. I'll bet you that pa is going to build me air-tight case.

Gabrielle: Max, you're pacing again. They can see straight in here. It makes you look awfully nervous.

Max: I don't like small spaces, ok?

Gabrielle: Oh, then, you'll never make it in prison, will you?

Max: Who says i'm going to prison?

Gabrielle: No one. No one. I'm sorry. It's just on my mind.

Max: Well, get it off your mind.

Gabrielle: I'm sorry. I said i'm sorry.

Max: Ok. I never should have dared bo to arrest us.

Gabrielle: Did you notice that was asa's handwriting on the front of that envelope that bo was reading? I wonder what accusations he's left behind.

Max: I don't know. This is getting way too strange. First, he sends bo off to the lodge where he finds the poison, and now a letter from asa shows up? What is going on here?

Asa: Now, that's what i call first-class service. I thank you.

Man: Thank you, sir.

Asa: May you enjoy your time in prison, losers. To you both. My compliments.

Asa: I'm ridin' old paint leadin' old dan gone to montan for the -- hmm -- throw the hoolihan they feed in the coulee water in the draw tails are all matted their backs are all raw ride around, little doggies ride around them slow the fiery and the snuffy are rarin' to go

alex: That cigar -- that's asa. It's asa's cigar. That's asa.

Blair: Nothing is ever going to make me trust you again.

Todd: Blair, come on.

Blair: You know, when i hear the words "trust me," alarms go off in my head. You know why? Because that's when I know you're about to take my life and tear it into shreds.

Todd: No, I'm not going to do that.

Blair: Oh, you're telling me this time is going to be different?

Todd: Yeah.

Blair: Todd, this time, you have even more reason to hurt me because i didn't tell you about the baby.

Todd: Oh, no, no, that's ok because --

blair: Come on, starr, let's go.

Todd: Wait, no --

blair: We've got to catch the plane. We're going to miss it.

Starr: No! I want to be a family again. Why won't you talk to daddy?

Todd: There you go. Listen to the kid. Come on, blair. Just give me a chance. If you don't like what i have to say, you can still get on the airplane, but just -- please. Give me a chance.

Guard: Lady, he's wearing us out.

Second guard: Yeah, talk to him, please.

Gabrielle: Max, would you please sit down?

Max: Look, I'm trying to figure it out. It works better when i'm moving.

Gabrielle: There's nothing to figure out. Somebody murdered asa, and they're trying to make us take the rap.

Max: Who?

Gabrielle: Well, I don't know. He had any number of enemies, didn't he?

Max: Oh, enemies, competitors, sure. But did they want him dead?

Gabrielle: Well, of course they did.

Max: Enough to murder him?

Gabrielle: Why not?

Max: Everybody has enemies. I do, you do, but we're still walking around.

Gabrielle: Well, perhaps we have the same enemy.

Todd's voice: It sounds to me like you're trying to weasel out of our deal. Let me tell you something -- if you betray me, I will destroy you.

Gabrielle: Todd.

Max: What?

Gabrielle: Todd did this.

Max: What would make you think that?

Gabrielle: Because todd is -- um, todd -- here's your coffee -- look, todd hated asa something terrible, and I happen to know that he was trying to set up blair for some horrible crime.

Max: Really?

Gabrielle: Yes, yes. And, max, let's not forget how much he hates you.

Max: Yeah.

Gabrielle: And then there's these articles that he's having printed in "the sun."

Max: Gabrielle, it's a tabloid. My guess is bo is behind those headlines.

Gabrielle: Todd owns "the sun." He did this.

Max: But you said he set up blair, not us.

Gabrielle: Well, you know he works in very devious and mysterious ways. It wouldn't surprise me if the police find blair's fingerprints on whatever poison was used on asa.

Max: On the bottle?

Gabrielle: Either that or a paper trail proving that she bought the stuff. Max, don't you see? If todd did do this, then not only did asa not stand a chance, but neither do we.

Alex: Oh, asa, my very special, special cowboy. You have always known how to surprise me, and now you've done it again. Having your spirit make this special visitation to me is such an honor. I smell your cigar smoke. I heard your voice. Your presence is so strong, just like you. Snookums, it's almost like having you with me here. I think I'd better spruce myself up a little bit in your honor, don't you think?

Alex: Hi, this is miss olanov in suite 2. Yes, i'd like to book some special services. Just the basics, really -- manicure, pedicure, body wrap, salt scrub, facial. Oh, but first, could you -- could you send me your strongest and most handsomest masseur?

[Asa sniffs]

asa: What in the sam hill -- oh, yes, yes, this is capt. Jeb stuart in suite 1. The woman next door is pouring perfume all over. Of course I know what it is. As a matter of fact, it's the same kind that was used by my least favorite ex-wife. Well, I can tell you what you can do. You can, like, get her the hell out of the room. Oh, really? I've got a thousand bucks that says that you can. No? Fine. Well. I'll just take care of that myself.

[Knock on door]

antonio: Look, shaeffer could make his move any minute. Fine. Have him get back to me. I don't know why jen didn't go back to llanview.

Jessica: I don't understand something. Didn't jen and cristian break up?

Antonio: Yeah.

Jessica: Then why is cristian going to see her, and why was he acting so weird about what might happen to her?

Seth: Is this shaeffer guy mixed up with jen somehow?

Antonio: Look, it's a long story. Some other time, ok?

Jessica: Is shaeffer after jen, and cristian feels responsible or something?

Antonio: I can't wait. Jess, do me a favor -- just wait around for cris' calls, please. Give me det. Malloy. Tell him it's ofc. Vega.

Jessica: What? This is so weird.

Seth: Yeah, I mean, the guy tried to kill you, and now he's after jen?

Jessica: No, the guy was after me because he wanted to know where cristian was. What does finding jen have anything to do with finding cristian?

Seth: I don't have a clue, but it looks like we're going to be stuck here for a while.

Jessica: Oh, yeah. It does.

Seth: Yeah, and I bet you'd rather be with anyone alone here but me.

Cristian: Jen! Jen!

Al: You are out of her life, cris. Give it a rest.

Cristian: Jen!

Cristian: Jen.

Al: Hey!

Cristian: Get your hands off me. What's the matter with you, man? That guy is trying to kill jen!

[Doorknob rattles]

jen: Peg? Is that you?

Keith: No, it's keith.

Jen: Who?

Keith: The kitten guy.

Jen: Oh, right.

Keith: Listen, peg has some wardrobe stuff here she wants me to have you try on. Can you open the door?

Jen: Ok.

Jen: I thought you said you had wardrobe.

Keith: I lied.

Blair: I can'T.

Starr: Oh, for pete's sake, will you stop acting like children? First you get mad at her. Then you get mad at him. Isn't this ridiculous?

Guard: I'm staying out of this.

Starr: Mommy didn't tell you about the baby because i told her not to.

Blair: Well, that isn't completely true.

Starr: Listen, I'm giving you 15 minutes to work this out. And if you don't, I know how to make your lives miserable, and I will. Look at me! I'm a troubled kid, wandering alone in an airport. Take me to your office and give me a big lollipop now!

Todd: Blair --

blair: Just don't even start, todd.

Todd: All I was going to say was --

blair: I don't want to hear any of your lies about what i did and how it didn't matter, because I was there. I saw you. I saw you when i told you about the baby, how upset you were. You couldn't even talk.

Todd: It was big news.

Blair: I've seen you react to bad news before.

Todd: No, I didn't say it was bad news. I said it was big news.

Blair: You couldn't forgive me, todd. I begged you, and then you just walked out. You couldn't forgive me then, and you won't forgive me now, so why don't you just admit it, huh?

Todd: I admit that i needed to forgive somebody, but it wasn't you.

Max: Don't you think you just might be losing your perspective?

Gabrielle: No.

Max: Then what makes you think that todd wanted to murder asa then set us up?

Gabrielle: Well, you know todd. I mean, he's quite capable of doing something like that.

Max: Hmm, well.

Gabrielle: He's capable of doing anything.

Max: I didn't realize you knew him so well.

Gabrielle: I don'T. I don'T. Asa did. He came by the house several times.

Max: Hmm.

Gabrielle: He's a horrible man.

Max: Then how did you find out he wanted to set up blair for a crime? Did he tell you?

Todd: I'll give you back your tape. And you can do with it whatever you want. You can use it to destroy max any way you choose, but -- if max goes down, he doesn't go down alone.

Gabrielle: Meaning what?

Todd: Meaning blair goes down with him.

[Max whistles]

max: Gabrielle.

Gabrielle: I'm sorry. No. The answer to your question is no, no, I never talked to todd about his diabolical plan.

Max: Then how did you know there was a plan?

Gabrielle: Asa. Asa did talk to me about this.

Max: And this led you to believe that he wanted to kill asa and set us up?

Gabrielle: Max, look, call it what you like -- female intuition, i don't care. I just know that todd manning was behind this whole thing.

Asa: Anybody home in there? Just listen to me. I've got a proposition for you. Money talks, neighbor walks. How's that sound? I know you can hear me. I can still smell your stinking perfume. And it is making me sick.

Asa: Open the damn door and face me. I got a ton of money. It's going to make your day. Guaranteed.

Alex: I am having such a spiritual experience. I swear I can hear the voice of a man who was very close to me. He just passed away. This is amazing.

Jessica: You're wrong. I can think of plenty of people i'd rather not be stuck with.

Seth: Really?

Jessica: Yeah, yeah, jack the ripper. Freddy krueger. The boston strangler.

Seth: [As dracula] count dracula?

Jessica: You really put yourself out there for me -- and cristian, too. You know, as far as I'm concerned, you saved my life.

Seth: [Normal voice] I'm sure plenty of people would have done the same thing.

Jessica: I don't know about that. Anybody else might have given up on me by now. But you didn't, you know? You were around when i really needed you. You tracked me down. You didn't give up. Thank you.

Jen: What do you want? What are you doing here?

Keith: You're going someplace with me, jen.

Jen: No, I'm not, i'm not going --

keith: Shut up, jen! There's an exit at the end of the hallway. If you don't want to get hurt, you won't try to struggle or scream. We're just going to take a nice easy walk outside, you understand?

Jen: I'm not going anywhere with you.

Keith: Now, the talking is over, jen.

Jen: Let go of me!

Jen: Cristian!

Jen: Stop it! Stop it!

Blair: Ok, todd, what do you mean? Who couldn't you forgive? I was the one who kept the secret about the baby from you.

Paloma: Papi te ama, ¿si?

Tu papi te --

todd: Get rid of it. You know, starr is right. We have -- we've both managed to keep secrets from each other. That doesn't really matter now.

Blair: Todd, our baby died because of all of those secrets -- your baby.

Todd: What i'm talking about, blair, here is forgiveness. And we both -- well, i know -- I know what it feels like to really need that from somebody.

Blair: Ok, so you haven't led a perfect life.

Todd: I always thought i had a good reason to do what i did to you.

Blair: Oh, so that made it ok?

Todd: Yeah. But -- I did something that, that -- I couldn't lie to myself about anymore.

Blair: What?

Todd: It doesn't matter what. I couldn't -- I couldn't live with it, you know? It was eating at me, so I had to do something about it to try and fix it, you know?

Blair: So you could be forgiven?

Todd: Blair, what I'm trying to do here is fix us. Stay. Don't leave me. Give me a chance to prove to you how much I love you.

Max: Excuse me, gabrielle, but we are in the middle of a police station. Bo is convinced that we have killed his father, and sending us to statesville is obviously his new mission in life, which means we have got to find a way to prove we are innocent.

Gabrielle: I know.

Max: Yes.

Gabrielle: We are innocent.

Max: Yes, we are. Which means we have to come up with a very viable suspect to replace ourselves with. Now, you have decided that bo will believe that todd killed asa based on your feminine instinct.

Gabrielle: All right, all right, i agree. We have to find something more concrete that will convince him of that.

Max: No kidding.

Gabrielle: But I can do it.

Max: Hmm. How?

Gabrielle: I don't know yet.

Max: Oh.

Gabrielle: I'll find todd, and I'll get the truth out of him one way or the other.

Officer: Commissioner?

Bo: Yeah?

Officer: The key opened the locker in the railroad station. This was all that was inside.

Bo: Would you have them bring in that little tv with the video in it for me?

Officer: Right away.

Bo: Thank you.

Hank: An envelope with a key to help us find another envelope.

Bo: Yeah, but this one's got a videotape and audiotape, too. So we got pictures and sound here. That's not bad.

Hank: I'd rather have a smoking gun.

Bo: Maybe we got one. Max, gabrielle, you're free to go now.

Gabrielle: What, you're not going to arrest us?

Bo: Oh, no, no. I'll pass on that for now.

Max: Your call. Come on.

Bo: And don't think about leaving the jurisdiction.

Max: I guess that means we're still under surveillance.

Seth: So how long you staying in new york?

Jessica: I talked to my dad last night, got a few things straight. You know, he said now's not the time for me to be pulling away from people, especially my mom. She needs me. So, yeah, I'm going back.

Seth: How'd your dad take the news?

Jessica: The fact that I'm no longer his daughter? He said that he's never felt closer to me in his life. That i'm his little girl, and I always will be.

Seth: Does that surprise you?

Jessica: You know, my problems are nothing compared to what cristian is going through right now. I really hope antonio's able to track him down.

Seth: Do you still wish you were with cris sometimes?

Jessica: I -- I care about cristian -- a lot. But, you know, some things just aren't meant to be.

Seth: Yeah. Like natalie and i.

Jessica: I don't know about you two. I mean, you obviously loved her, right? You did anything she wanted, so --

seth: Yeah. Look, jessica, i really didn't realize how things were going to turn out. I really didn'T. I had no idea that allison would take over natalie's life and turn it into something so twisted.

Jessica: Allison is a very sick, sick person. I can't believe that she was released from st. Ann'S.

Seth: I can't believe that the two of them get their kicks out of hurting you and your mother.

Seth: If i could go back and start over, I would give anything to do that. Can I ask you a question?

Jessica: Sure.

Seth: Will you ever be able to forgive me for what i did to you?

Jen: No! Stop it!

Cristian: Jen, get out of here! Get out!

Jen: No.

Jen: No!

Blair: I have never heard you talk like this.

Todd: Well, then, take a chance. Stay.

Blair: Oh, todd manning, I have given you so many chances.

Todd: Like i said. I mean, come on, we're in for a penny, in for a nickel.

Blair: Whatever. Oh, come on, todd, it's not just you. Well, it's mostly you. It's the stuff with asa, too.

Todd: What stuff with asa?

Blair: Well, the cops found some medicine over at his lodge and said that it had poison in it. Then they said that I bought it. They even had my signature on the receipt.

Blair: But I didn't buy or sign anything for asa buchanan, so i'm being set up.

Todd: Yeah, so somebody's trying to frame you.

Blair: You are, todd! You are! You had me sign that -- those so-called medical reports the same time I bought the poison, and if i go home, I could be arrested. And that's the big surprise that you wanted for me, huh, todd? Wasn't it?

Todd: No, it wasn'T. Look, I'm not going to let anybody frame you for killing asa buchanan or anything else.

Blair: Uh-huh, where have i heard this before?

Todd: No, no, no. This is different. You really shot max in the back, but I know -- well -- I know you didn't kill asa buchanan.

Blair: And how do you know that?

Todd: Because I know that. Blair, i can't promise you that i won't ever let you down, because nobody can make a promise like that.

Blair: Oh, todd --

todd: And I'm not going to promise you that I'll never lie to you, because I'll probably lie to you every chance i get, but right now, I'm telling you the truth.

Blair: What if -- what if i trust you again, todd?

Todd: Just once. I got a lot of stuff that I got to make up for with you, blair. Let me.

Starr: Ok, time's up. Are we a family or not?

Todd: Starr, you're choking me.

Starr: I've been practicing on my stranglehold in gym class.

Todd: Good job. What's the matter with you?

Blair: I'm scared to death.

Todd: Well, we both are.

Blair: Oh, my gosh! We've got to stop the plane! Our luggage is on it!

Starr: Oh, my gosh! Stop!

Todd: Yeah, it's me. Everything set? On our way.

Gabrielle: I think we should leave while we can. Mm-hmm.

Max: Hold it.

Gabrielle: What? Max, what's that look in your eye? Come on, now.

Max: I got this feeling there's something you're not telling me. It's something big.

Bo: We're not going to learn anything watching this.

Hank: No, I think we both know how it's done.

Bo: We already know they had a one-night stand, right?

Hank: Or however many nights.

Bo: Huh. Well, that didn't help us much. Let's see what's on the other one, huh?

Max's voice: Asa should die for what he's done to me. I could have done it right now. I could have strangled the life out of him.

Gabrielle's voice: I cannot deny that I haven't thought about what our lives might be like if asa was suddenly out of the way.

Max's voice: We'd be a family.

Gabrielle's voice: No one would ever suspect that asa's death was anything more than a tragic twist of fate. After all, accidents do happen.

Max's voice: Yes, they do.

Gabrielle's voice: Then, shall we?

Max's voice: Yes, i say we kill asa tonight.

Alex: Oh, god, that was so wonderful. If i need you again, who should i ask for?

Man: People call me fly, ma'am.

Alex: Fly? How original. Shoo, fly.

Fly: Are you sure that there isn't anything i can do for you?

Alex: I really did have a visitation by my late husband, asa buchanan. Let me share that with you. You could help me call forth his spirit. Ok. I'll walk you through this. Ah -- ah --

i am calling forth the spirit of my special cowboy

alex and fly: Asa

alex: Asa

asa: Have you ever heard anything that bad? It sounds like a couple of elephants in heat. I can't take that dame next door for another minute. Now, did you get what I asked for?

Man: Oh, yes, sir.

Asa: Ooh. Hey, don't worry. I'm not going to give you trouble. This never happened.

Man: Yes, sir.

Asa: Now, we gonna see who goes and who damned stays.

Officer: Freeze!

Second officer: Freeze! Hands behind your back!

Al: Jen, did he hurt you?

Jen: I thought he was going to kill me. I didn't know what to do. He went after cris, and I just sprayed him.

Antonio: Cris, you ok?

Cristian: Yeah, yeah.

Jen: Cristian?

Antonio: You ok? Cris!

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jen: What do you mean, he was trying to save me all along?

Nigel: Capt. Stuart, what are you doing?

Max: I'm going to have a little talk with todd. I'm going to get the truth one way or another.

Blair: I'm not ready.

Starr: For what?

Blair: For whatever addy has behind those doors for me.