OLTL Transcript Tuesday 12/4/01



One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 12/4/01

By Suzanne

>> previously on "one life to live" --

jessica: He must have come to when we were calling the police. That means he's going to go after cristian.

Keith: I'll be seeing you. You can count on it.

Bo: If you leave town, you will regret it.

Todd: I went and got you, and now I'm bringing you back to your mother.

Max: If you say you didn't kill him and i know I didn't kill him --

gabrielle: Then who did?

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[baby cries]

todd: All right. Shut up already. You're such a baby.

Hush, little baby stop crying daddy's going to

[baby cries]

todd: Take you to your mother and she can tell me what the hell's the matter with all right, i'm not singing anymore, really. I promise you that. That's enough of that.

Blair: Excuse us. Can you wait right there? Hello. I'd like two tickets to switzerland please --

starr: I'm not going on that dumb airplane, and i'm not going on any plane, and you can't make me.

Blair: You are going to love switzerland.

Starr: No, I'm not. Their cheese smells funny, and they don't have any beaches, and I don't want to leave daddy.

[Baby cries]

blair: Shh. Do you hear that?

Starr: What?

Blair: I hear a baby crying. It sounds like my baby.

Antonio: You hear anything?

Cristian: Yeah, did you hear anything from the cops that are watching keith shaeffer's place?

Officer: No, but we have it surrounded.

Cristian: What if I go back there, man, sneak in, wait for the guy?

Antonio: Try it and i'll have you locked up for obstructing an investigation.

[Knock on door]

officer: You expecting anyone?

Cristian: No. No, no, nobody.

Antonio: Cris --

jessica: Ooh! No!

Officer: Don't move.

Jessica: No, I -- i'm just -- I'm -- i'm looking for a guy named cristian vega.

>> The role of al buchanan will now be played by nathaniel marston.

Peg: Jen, darling, you must stop being so tense.

Jen: I'm not tense.

Peg: Take it frne who knows only too well. When you look tense, you look awful. So try, dear, to relax -- or you'll ruin the shoot!

Jen: I am relaxed!

Peg: Good heavens. Don't bite poor peg's head off. She's only trying to help you.

Al: Well, then, why don't you leave her alone?

Peg: Excuse me?

Jen: Al?

Al: Stop talking to her like that. You're not helping.

Peg: I beg your pardon? Who is a veteran in this business? Not you, i assure you.

Al: Well, unless you want to be a retired veteran --

peg: I don't work for you, young man.

Al: Well, that could change if i called up the people that you do work for and offered them twice what this agency's worth. Well, then, you're out of a job, aren't you?

Peg: Well, I'm going to be out of a job anyway if she steps in front of the camera in this condition.

Al: Guys -- could you give us a minute?

Woman: No problem.

Man: Sure.

Al: Thanks. You look great.

Jen: I look how i feel -- awful.

Al: Well, don't worry about it. Everything's going to be ok. You'll see.

Jen: Yeah. Maybe now that you're here.

Keith: Can you tell me where the extras go?

Peg: If you're one of them, you're late. You call yourself a professional?

Keith: Well, I haven't had too many complaints about the work.

Peg: Well, we'll see. Follow me, dear.

Max: He has gone too far.

Gabrielle: Yes, i quite agree. This is too far even for todd.

Max: Todd? I meant bo. "A source in the l.P.D. Told 'the sun' today --" bo's the only one that could've leaked this information.

Gabrielle: Well, why would he do that?

Max: To keep the pressure on us till we do something that incriminates us.

Gabrielle: Yes, but we now know that neither one of us murdered asa. We know that now, don't we?

Max: It doesn't matter. He wants us to be the murderers of his father. The only thing that would get us off right now would be if the real killer confesses, signs it in blood on national tv.

Gabrielle: Mm-hmm. Max, do you have any idea who could have murdered asa?

Max: Not a clue. And bo's not going to break a sweat looking for him, not when he has us right in the line of fire.

Bo: They're here?

Officer: The stakeout team called it in a few minutes ago. Holden and medina were followed from the mansion. They're outside, waiting to see you. But I think you'll want to look at this first. It arrived by messenger early this morning.

Bo: It's my father's handwriting. Thanks.

[Phone rings]

bo: Buchanan.

Alex: Hello, bo. It's alex.

Bo: I'm busy, alex.

Alex: Oh, this won't take long. I just wanted you to know that your father is with me.

Asa: Well, let's see. "Asa buchanan, texas oil baron, dies." Let's see what they had to say. Hmm. "Talented entrepreneur" -- hmm. They got that right. "Generous philanthropist." Right again. "Notorious philanderer." Philanderer. That manning. Talk about calling the kettle black. "Married 11 times." "Frequent overnight guest of the llanview police commissioner, his own son --" bastard. "Finally met his match in newspaper publisher todd manning." Publisher? Fool can't even read. What bull. "Manning got the better of the buchanan patriarch in 1998 by detaining him --" detain -- hell. Damn psycho kidnapped me. Get me todd manning. I mean pronto.

Todd: What is the matter with you, huh? You hungry? That's got to be it. I'm going to go get that damn bottle.

[Baby cries]

todd: Yeah, that's right. You heard me right.

[Baby cries]

blair: Wait -- there it is again. Do you hear it?

Starr: No, mommy, it is not my baby brother.

[Baby crying]

starr: You and daddy both said that he's up in heaven with all the other angel babies.

Blair: I know it, starr. It doesn't make sense, but --

[baby cries]

blair: I got to find that baby. Come on. Come on. Let's go find him.

Antonio: It's ok. They're friends.

Jessica: Antonio, hello. My -- cristian.

Cristian: Hey, jess.

Jessica: Hey, am I glad to see you. We've been looking for you all night.

Seth: Yeah, and we'd still be looking if the cops hadn't finally told us where your brother was.

Jessica: I've been so worried about you.

Cristian: Why? Why? What's the problem?

Jessica: Cristian, there's -- there's this guy that's after you.

Cristian: What do you mean?

Jessica: This guy came into the coffee shop after you left, and he was -- he was claiming that he knew you from art school.

Seth: Yeah, and when jess wouldn't tell him anything, he jumped her.

Jessica: What is going on?

Seth: Wait -- you already know about this, don't you?

Cristian: Yes, i know about this. What do you think the cops are doing here? But you know what bugs me, man? Where do you fit in?

Seth: What do you mean? Cris, I don't have anything to do with this.

Cristian: Am i supposed to trust anything you say after what you did to jessica?

Seth: I don't know.

Jessica: No. Seth is telling the truth. He actually saved my life.

Cristian: All right, jess, come on. Tell me exactly what happened.

Jessica: This guy came into the coffee shop after you left, and he was asking me all these questions about -- about you.

Cristian: Like what?

Jessica: Like if I knew where you were. And I told him i didn't, but he didn't believe me. And I left to go see my dad at his hotel, and the guy jumped me and told me if I didn't tell him where you were that he was going to --

cristian: Jess, did he hurt you?

Jessica: No, no. Luckily seth came and knocked him off before he could do anything.

Cristian: It's shaeffer.

Antonio: Sounds like it.

Jessica: What, you know this guy?

Cristian: Yeah, yeah, I know this guy.

Seth: Who is he?

Cristian: He's trouble. Big trouble. And if he found jessica, he can find jen, antonio.

Antonio: You only saw jen at the -- in new york that one time at the agency, ok? Now she's back in llanview.

Cristian: What?

Seth: Well, are you sure that jen's back home?

Cristian: Yeah, I'm sure. She lost the gig. Why?

Seth: Because I went to the modeling agency to find her so we could find you. And I'm not positive, but I got the idea that she's still in town.

Jen: I really am glad you came here today.

Al: What else was I going to do?

Jen: Sleep?

Al: Sleep?

Jen: It was dark when i came here. I never expected to see you.

Al: Well, I can't sleep thinking of you. And when i do, i dream of you. So i figured i'd drop in on the real thing.

Jen: That's sweet.

Al: Look, jen, you don't understand. I'm crazy about you. I mean, sleep doesn't matter. Nothing matters as long as i get to be close to you -- as a friend.

Jen: Al --

al: Jen, it's ok. As a friend. Really.

Jen: Ok, thanks. Because I really needed one when you showed up.

Al: Oh, yeah, right. Miss piggy was out for blood.

[Imitates peg] darling, relax! Be like me! Relax! Just let go!

[Normal voice] see? That's how you do it.

Jen: What?

Al: Smile. I was beginning to think you'd forgotten how. Ah, that's two in a row. You watch out. You keep that up, the whole world's going to fall in love with you, jen.

Woman: Jen? You ready to go?

Jen: Yes.

Al: She's all

peg: Now, stay out of everyone's way and wait with the others.

Keith: Right.

Peg: And don't even think of touching the food. That's not for the extras.

Keith: I never eat or drink on a job.

Peg: Very interesting. Excuse me for a moment.

Keith: You ready for your big day?

Starr: Mommy, stop!

Blair: Look, I just want to look at the baby.

Starr: No, mommy, it is not our baby. Our baby is dead. You're acting all spooky, mommy, and weird and crazy. And I don't want to go to switzerland or any other place with you.

Blair: Wait -- wait, starr. Now, wait a minute.

Todd: Yum, yum, yum, yum. Here. This is it, ok? You want it or not?

Woman: May I help you?

Todd: Yeah. I'm going to need, like, four hands of scotch, and I don't know what the hell he wants. I've tried feeding him. I've tried rocking him. I've tried yelling at him.

Woman: If you come with me, there's a lounge with a changing table.

Todd: Really? Just did that.

Woman: Well, maybe you should check him again just in case.

Todd: Oh. You're not kidding. All right. We got to get this over with quick because i got to get him home to meet his mother.

Woman: Oh. You could always phone her and tell her you're en route.

Todd: No. It's going to be a surprise. Oh, my gosh.

Blair: Starr, i know that i'm acting a little crazy.

Starr: "A little"?

Blair: It's just, you know, I miss the baby that i lost. And sometimes when i hear a baby cry, i just want to go to it, you know? That's all.

Starr: I bet you'd feel better if daddy was here.

Blair: Sweetie, come on. We've gone over this.

Starr: I'd feel better, too.

Blair: You know you wouldn't because your daddy's still very angry at me. And you know what he wants to do? He wants to come back here and take you away from me just to punish me.

Starr: And that's bad?

Blair: Well, yeah.

Starr: You're taking me away.

Blair: That's because your daddy's done something else.

Starr: What?

Bo: This your handwriting?

Blair: Well -- it could -- it could be.

Bo: And you've never seen this receipt before?

Blair: Bo, I swear to you, it isn't my -- somebody must've forged it. Come on, it was a big -- somebody made a mistake here! That's it!

Bo: No, there's no mistake, blair. My father is dead, and it looks like foul play.

Blair: Look, what's done is done. But because of what your daddy did, starr, I could go to prison if we stay here. Now, do you want that?

Starr: I want to go home! Daddy can fix everything! He always does! You know it. I just want to go home.

todd: We're home! Hello? Blair, starr, come on down! Remember i said I had a surprise for you? It's here! He's -- hello? Huh. Nobody here. Guess they couldn't wait. Ok. Here's the new plan, ok? What we'll do is we'll turn out the lights and we'll hide. And then as soon as we hear your mother and your sister come in, you jump up and yell, "surprise!" Ok?

[Keys jingle]

todd: Oh -- here comes.

[Baby fusses]

todd: Hey, no, no, no.

[Baby cries]

todd: Not yet. On the count of three, you yell, "surprise!" Ready? One, two --

[baby cries]

asa: Yes. I would like to register a complaint against your two-bit rag. That obituary you ran on asa buchanan is not fit to line a birdcage. What? "Who is this?" Who the hell -- ahem. Ah. Anyway, who do you think it is? One of your damn readers, that's who. Anyway, I said my piece. Oh -- as long as i got you on the phone, how is bo buchanan's investigation going about his father's death? Really? There's going to be an arrest soon? Max holden and gabrielle medina buchanan? Who'd have thought? What a world.

Asa: Now I know i'm going to rest in peace. Hmm.

Alex: Well, it was quite a struggle wrestling asa from gabrielle's clutches, but don't worry. Your father's with me, right where he belongs.

Bo: Yeah, I know. I heard all about that. What the hell do you think you're doing?

Alex: Well, I'm taking care of asa, bo. And I'm trying to make up for all the wrong that hysterical, hypocritical gabrielle did to him.

Bo: What do you plan on doing with his ashes, though? Take them to the ranch.

Alex: Well, I was going to let him become part of the sun, the surf, and the sand on that island that he loved so much. I couldn't take him to that hot, smelly ranch. I mean, it would be like sending the poor man straight to hell.

Bo: Not to him. See, to him, that ranch was heaven.

Alex: Oh. Well -- I guess I -- if you want to dump your father's ashes on that miserable sand trap of his, then i could sadly send him back. But then i might need a little more compensation for all of the time and trouble I've gone to to make sure that he's comfortable.

Bo: You know, alex, when they made you, they didn't just break the mold. They buried it at sea.

Alex: Oh. Thank you, bo.

Bo: That wasn't a compliment. Now, let me get this straight. I'm supposed to pay you for my own father's remains?

Alex: Well, no. It's just that i'm doing this favor for you.

Bo: What favor?

Alex: I rescued asa from gabrielle. You know that he didn't want to spend the rest of eternity as some knickknack on her mantel.

Bo: I know that he didn't want me to pay a ransom for his ashes. So, as much as i want him back, no deal.

Alex: Ok. It's your choice. Thanks, again, so much for the loan. Is there a particular number i'm supposed to call just in case i need another one?

Bo: You don't push your luck, alex. Right now you should be arrested for theft and extortion. Lucky for you, i got bigger fish to fry.

Alex: Oh, max and gabrielle.

Bo: Good-bye, alex.

Alex: I guess, then, you're still trying to nail them. I wish you could reconsider my offer. I would really like to help you with this.

Bo: I don't need your help.

Alex: So you've caught them?

Bo: No, but I will.

Bo: "Dear bo. If you're reading this, then i got myself a big problem -- I'm dead. How, i don't know, but i bet i died with my boots on. And five will get you 10 that it wasn't natural causes that did me in."

Max: All right, bo, that's it. This is the end. You either call off the cops, call off the press, or put us under arrest.

Peg: Minions, gather round. I have a new inspiration.

Jen: What are you doing here?

Keith: I got the gig.

Jen: Huh?

Keith: Peg was looking for extras yesterday, remember?

Jen: Oh. Oh, yeah.

Keith: So she hired me on the spot. Well, I can see you're busy, so good luck. I'll be watching you.

Al: Man, i cannot believe all the food they put out. Hey, what's -- what's wrong?

Jen: I'm not sure. There's this guy here, and he keeps coming up to me, and he kind of creeps me out.

Al: What, is he hitting on you?

Jen: No, nothing like that. He never even really said or did anything bad. I just get a really weird feeling about him.

Cristian: This is bad, antonio. This is really bad. I was positive that jen was finished with that modeling agency and on her way back to llanview, but -- I should've made sure, man!

Antonio: We're still ok, all right? Even if shaeffer were to find her at the modeling agency, he couldn't make his move unless she was alone. Look, I'm going to talk to the officer. I'm going to make a few phone calls and see what's up.

[Phone rings]

cristian: Hello?

Keith: Hola, amigo. Now, don't say anything to anyone. Not your brother, not the cops. I'm watching your girl right now. So you come here now or I'll watch her die, up close and personal.

Todd: Three --

surpri-- who are you?

Woman: Hedy wormenhoven, from the agency.

Todd: The agency?


Todd: C.I.A. Has a key to my house?

Hedy: Oh, no, mr. Manning, you gave it to me. You interviewed me over the phone. Your lawyer checked my references and handed me this.

Todd: Oh, you're the nanny.

Hedy: Ja.

Ja, ja. And this is the little one i'm to care for?

Todd: Yeah. We were waiting for his mother and his sister to come, but she didn't -- what are you doing?

Hedy: Oh.

Todd: Oh, stop that.

Hedy: There's a note here addressed to "daddy."

Todd: That's me. "Dear daddy, mommy's making --" making? Yeah, "making me go to swissland and be with aunt dorian --" oh, oh, oh -- "and cassie." Ah! "Come and get us, please, daddy, please. Starr."

Oh! Oh! Yikes!

Blair: Hey. It's going to be all right.

Starr: No, it isn't. We're leaving daddy, and I didn't even get to see his surprise.

Blair: Starr, daddy's phone call could have been some kind of trick to get me to stay here. You know daddy and his tricks.

Starr: He wouldn't trick me.

Blair: Well, you know what? Not usually. Look, I'll tell you what. We will come back, all right? And as soon as we get to where we're going, we'll call him. And if everything's ok, then we'll come home.

Starr: Promise?

Blair: Yes. And in the meantime, we are going to have one tremendous vacation in switzerland. All that snow. Hey, you know what we can do? We can go -- whoosh, whoosh! We can do some skiing. Snowmobiling.

Starr: Hey, are they those motorcycles that ride on snow with the skis on the bottom and they make avalanches?

Blair: Yes, they do. They're really loud, and they're really fun. And we will come home, ok? But right now we're going to order two round-trip -- so that means we're going to be coming back -- round-trip tickets. So i need you to help me. Can you do that?

Starr: Ok. I'm only doing this because I love you. And I love daddy, too, and don't you forget it.

Blair: I'll never forget it, sweetheart. And I know that you love your daddy, and I also know that he loves you so much. Ok, you ready to go? You going to help me? All right. Excuse us. Go ahead, starr.

Starr: We would like two round-trip tickets to switzerland for the next flight.

Man: Oh, I'll try my best, but --

blair: What? It -- it's been cancelled? What's the problem?

Man: No, no, no, but that flight's boarding right now, and you still have to go through security, which could take a while.

Starr: Isn't this fabulous.

Blair: Well, hurry up!

Man: All right.

Cristian: Yeah, hold on a second.

Jessica: I'm sorry cris didn't thank you for helping me out. I know he wanted to.

Seth: Yeah. He also wanted to knock me out.

Jessica: No, he did not.

Seth: Yeah, he did, but that's ok. I deserved it. After all, i helped natalie ruin your life. In fact, if I was cris, I'd probably want to knock myself out, too.

Jessica: Well, I know he's gl you're here. Look at him. I can tell he's calming down a little, right?

Seth: I just wish there was more i could do, you know? I've got so much to make up for.

Jessica: Well, saving my life -- that was -- that was a pretty good start.

Seth: I was just at the right place at the right time.

Jessica: Yeah, lucky for me. My dad is very grateful for what you did. I told him. You know, he thinks of me as his little girl. Even though now he knows that i'm not. He knows that natalie is, so --

seth: You're still his daughter, jess, and he's still your father. And he always will be, just like i'll always be your friend. And whatever you need, whatever you --

jessica: Look, you know what? To be honest with you right now, I just want to make sure that jen and cristian get out of here alive.

Cristian: Really?

Keith: That's good, cristian. Talk just like we're old buddies. So here's the deal, buddy. I'm watching jen, and you're going to be here in five minutes. You understand?

Cristian: You bet. So, where are you right now?

Keith: At a photo shoot, prospero plaza. Now, don't you keep me waiting.

Keith: Something I can do for you, friend?

Al: Yeah. You can tell me why it is you keep popping up everywhere jen is.

Cristian: Be right back.

Antonio: Where're you going?

antonio: Cat got your tongue? I asked you where you're going.

Cristian: Nowhere. I was just going for a little walk, man. Get some fresh air. This whole thing is driving me crazy. I got to get out.

Antonio: Hmm. Must be if you think this is a good time to be taking a stroll. We've got a lead on jen.

Cristian: Really? Well, that's great, man. Where is she?

Antonio: She's still in new york. At a photo shoot someplace.

Cristian: "Someplace"? That doesn't exactly narrow it down, antonio.

Antonio: No one's answering at the agency, but they'd need a permit to shoot on location, so we're looking into it. Don't worry about it. We'll find her.

Cristian: What if shaeffer's found her already?

Antonio: Then, cops or no cops, I'll do whatever i got to do to get her back, just like you would. I'm going to talk to the officer, see if he's got any information yet. Don't go anywhere.

Cristian: I won'T.

Antonio: You ok?

Cristian: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. Just find her, will you?

Cristian: It's getting a little cold in here, don't you think?

Seth: No, I'm ok.

Cristian: I'm freezing. You mind if I go in there and turn up the heat?

Jessica: Yeah, sure.

Cristian: Thanks.

Keith: So i hang with jen every now and then. Why does that bother you?

Al: Well, hanging's one thing, but hassling is quite another.

Keith: What hassling? I can't be the first guy to notice jen. I mean, once the shoot hits the stands, I'm sure i'm not going to be the last, so you better get used to it, boyfriend.

Al: I'm not her boyfriend, and neither are you.

Keith: I never said i was.

Al: So, jen tells me that she ran into you back in llanview?

Keith: Yeah, that's right.

Al: And now you're here. I'd call that a pretty big coincidence.

Keith: Yeah, I'd call it a happy coincidence. Jen isn't the kind of girl i forget.

Al: But that is exactly what you're going to do.

Keith: Let me hear that from her.

Al: You just did. Listen, guy, you're creeping her out.

Keith: She said that?

Al: Just now.

Keith: Oh. I mean, I do have a little thing for her, but i didn't mean to make her feel funny, really.

Al: So, now you know. What are you going to do about it?

Keith: Well, apologize to her, for one. Where is she?

Al: Never mind where she is. Just stay out of jen's way, and you and me -- we can pretend this never happened, ok?

Keith: Yeah, no problem.

Al: It will be if you keep bothering jen. Remember -- remember what i said.

Keith: Yeah, I'll remember, tough guy. Peg?

Peg: Something wrong?

Keith: No, no. I just realized the model for this shoot, jen rappaport --

peg: Yeah, what about her?

Keith: She is a very close, old friend of my sister'S. She's going to freak when she sees me.

Peg: How wonderful. You've made my day.

Keith: So, where is she?

Peg: She's with wardrobe. She'll be with -- look, I don't want her distracted. You come back when we're done, and then you can go over old times, hmm?

Bo: I wouldn't ask to be arrested if I were you.

Gabrielle: Why not?

Bo: Because I just might oblige you. I've got enough evidence against both of you to get a warrant right now.

Max: Really? Well, come on. What's holding up? Let's go.

Bo: I don't run this department based on the schedules of suspected murderers. But when i'm ready to haul you in, you'll hear from me.

Max: In other words, you don't have squat.

Bo: Whatever you say.

Gabrielle: Come on, bo. Look, max and I have compared notes. We figured out your game.

Bo: Well, please, then, explain it to me. I don't want to be the last to know.

Max: First you grill us here in the police station like we're a couple of serial killers. Then you put cops on us night and day, in patrol cars, just so we know they're there. And now -- now you're feeding this stuff to the media?

Bo: Why would I do all that?

Max: Because you don't have any evidence linking us to your father's death. We didn't kill asa, so there isn't any. You figured you'd keep putting the pressure on us till we crack and turn on each other.

Bo: That sounds pretty clever to me.

Gabrielle: I think it sounds rather obvious to me, and it isn't going to work. Bo, when we were reading asa's will, you told me that i shouldn't trust max, but i do.

Max: Just like you told me i shouldn't have faith in gabrielle, but I do.

Bo: Hmm. And they say that there's no honor among thieves.

Gabrielle: Listen, bo. You've got to face facts. A lot of people hated your father.

Bo: Can you give me a ballpark figure?

Max: Your father spent a lifetime clawing his way to the top. He's got more enemies than you could count. Any one of them could've done it.

Bo: You know, I appreciate that tip, and I'm going to follow up on it. Why don't you two wait for me outside, and i'm going to make a list of all the other suspects, and I may want to question you about all of them.

Asa's voice: Someone killed me, bo. Someone I've known for a long time. Someone you know, too. Someone who tried to fool me, cheat me, break me, and finally did it. I'm dead, and they're walking around alive. I figured you might want to do something about that.

Todd: Hey, hey -- did that plane leave for switzerland?

Woman: I have no idea. I suggest you check the departure monitor for that.

Todd: Oh, yeah, right. Like i didn't already think of that!

Blair: Could you hurry up? I can't miss this flight.

Man: I'm working on your tickets as fast as i can.

Blair: Ok. Just a minute.

Man: And here they are. If you don't make it, they're good for the next flight --

blair: Fine -- thank you, thank you, thank you. Come on. Come on. Better get going. Thank you. Excuse us. Here you go. Thank you.

Alex: We're going to be together forever, my darling asa. I'll take a little bit of you with me wherever I go. And then someday, after I've led a long, rich life, i'll leave behind my final instructions. "Surrender my ashes to the trade winds, that I might mingle for eternity with the man i love." And then we'll go to that beautiful place you call paradise, where the trails blaze and the fillies amaze, like you always said. The spa's not too shabby, either. St. Blaze's awaits us, my dear.

Asa: Well, howdy, ma'am. You calamity jane?

Woman: Room service.

Asa: You got my porterhouse, blood rare?

Woman: Blood rare, just like you like it, captain. St. Blaze's island, we always aim to please.

Asa: Now I really feel like i've died and gone to heaven. Ooh.

Asa's voice: I know you want to catch my killer, son. Not just because you're police commissioner, but because you're a buchanan, and nobody puts one over on us and gets away with it. So i'm giving you the key to solving my murder. You know what to do with it.

Jessica: I thought cristian was turning up the heat. What happened to him?

Seth: He must be with antonio. Here.

Jessica: Thank you.

Antonio: Ok, good. All right, we've located jen. Where's cris?

Cristian: Excuse me. Do you know where I can find jen rappaport?

Man: She's in wardrobe.

Cristian: Thanks.

Peg: Jen, aren't you ready yet? Time is money. In this business, lots of money.

Jen: Just a second.

Peg: Now, is the dress too skimpy?

Jen: It's fine.

Peg: Here, why don't you come outside so i can see how it fits.

Keith: Gotcha.

Blair: Thank you. That's it.

Todd: Blair?

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>> On the next "one life to live" --

blair: I have never seen him before in my life.

Gabrielle: I just know that todd manning was behind this whole thing.

Jessica: Where did he go?

Antonio: Where he shouldn't have -- to find jen.

Jen: I thought you said you had wardrobe.

Keith: I lied.