OLTL Transcript Monday 12/3/01


One Life to Live Transcript Monday 12/3/01

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Sam: Troy is a nonissue between Nora and me.


Nora: You have given me back the best memories I've ever had in my life.


Jessica: If anybody knows where Cristian is it'll be Jen.


Cristian: Why don't we just give this guy what he wants?

Antonio: He wants you, Cris.


Bo: He was poisoned, and you are my number one suspect.


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Cristian: Hey, what's up, man? Something wrong? Is it Jen?

Antonio: As far as I know, she's fine.

Cristian: As far as you know?

Antonio: Assuming she went back to Llanview, she's under round-the-clock surveillance.

Cristian: She did go back. She told me.

Antonio: Then relax.

Cristian: I would relax if you were back in Llanview watching her yourself.

Antonio: I can't be in two places at one time.

Cristian: So why don't you just go home?

Antonio: Because we're going to take Schaeffer down, and we're going to take him down tonight.


Seth: Excuse me.

Peg: May I help you?

Seth: Yes. I'm looking for Jen Rappaport.

Peg: This is a modeling agency, not a dating service.

Seth: Oh, I'm sorry, but this is --

Peg: Let me guess -- a matter of life and death? So handsome and so unoriginal.

Seth: Look, is she here or not?

Peg: No. Now scat.

Seth: Could you please give this to Jen when you see her? It's very important.

Peg: It always is.

Peg: "Jen, I need to find Cris. Call me at" blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. "Seth." I am too old for this.

Jen: Hey.

Peg: Oh, I didn't know you were back. Some guy was just here looking for you.

Jen: Oh, it must be Al.


Nora: Keri? Keri, it's me.

Nora: It's just me.

[Phone rings]

Nora: Hello?

Troy: Nora? Hey, it's Troy.

Nora: I just left you. Is something wrong?

Troy: No, no, no, not at all. I just wanted to make sure you got home all right. With everything you went through --

Nora: I'm fine. I just pointed myself to the couch. Is there something else?

Troy: No, just that I think you should try the treatment a second time, especially since you were so close to remembering exactly what Lindsay did to you, Nora.

Nora: You know, Troy, it used to be my life's work trying to nail Lindsay.

Troy: So, then, don't quit, Nora. You almost got the brass ring.

Nora: No, I did get the brass ring, Troy. I did. I remembered so many wonderful things. I have an amazing life. I have incredible people that I love and who love me back.

Troy: You know, you're always going to wonder exactly what Lindsay did to you.

Nora: Of course, I will, probably, yes, but, you know, hating Lindsay now is only going to rob me of the present -- after she's already taken my past? No, I will not have that.

Troy: But if you remember, then maybe Lindsay will get the jail time that she deserves.

Nora: Oh, Troy, she's already gotten what she deserves. She's lost everybody that she cares about. She hates more than anything being alone. I think she'd probably prefer jail time.

Troy: I don't know if I'd be so forgiving if it was me.

Nora: I'm not. I'm just letting it go.

Troy: Ok. You're the boss, but Iím keeping the drug just in case.

Nora: Don't, not on my account. I -- I -- I want to look forward to my future now. I have -- I want to look forward to the future that I have now with Sam and Matthew. You made that possible for me. And for that, I will always be grateful, Troy. Thank you.

Troy: You're welcome, Nora. You sleep well. You earned it.

Sam: Hey, hey! Matthew, look who's home.

Matthew: Mommy, is it time to go to Jeffreyís?

Sam: You didn't forget about his overnight, did you?

Nora: I remember. I remembered.

Matthew: So can we go now?

Nora: What, you just got home, and already you're trying to, like, ditch me tonight? What's this?

Matthew: It's only one night. Tell her, Daddy.

Sam: It's only one niight; we'll survive somehow.

Nora: I've survived worse. Ok. Go get your sleeping bag. Careful on the stairs.

Sam: Is everything ok?

Nora: Yeah. Why wouldn't it be?

Sam: Well, I thought you said you were going shopping with Keri, but she didn't know anything about that.


Troy: Ok, Lindsay. Nora says no. So now it's up to you.

Lindsay: Hello.

Troy: You look nice.

Lindsay: So do you.

Troy: Thank you.

Lindsay: Come on in. I'll get my purse.

Troy: Actually, no rush. I was thinking we might even have a glass of wine first.

Lindsay: Well, I'll get a couple of glasses, then.

Troy: Perfect. You know, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to meet with me tonight. I wouldn't be able to do this fundraiser without you.

Lindsay: Troy, is Colinís money gone already?

Troy: Well, I've got to tell you, Lindsay, it's -- starting a free clinic and keeping it running from day to day can get pretty expensive.

Lindsay: Well, say what you will about me, but I am always available to raise money for a good cause.

Troy: Good. Because what I have in mind is a little unorthodox.


Gabrielle: So Iím your number one suspect, huh? I thought Asa died of a heart attack, Bo.

Bo: No, I'm afraid not. He was murdered. Poisoned, to be exact.

Gabrielle: Poisoned? I thought those tests were negative.

Bo: Yeah, they were, but then we found out that the killer used a masking agent.

Gabrielle: A what?

Bo: A masking agent -- a substance which rendered the poison undetectable if you didn't know what you were looking for, and I didn't,Not at first.

Gabrielle: Not at first. But what changed?

Bo: I found this up at Pa's lodge.

Gabrielle: Bo, I've never seen that bottle in my life before.

Bo: Really? You know what? This just looks like all the others to me.

Gabrielle: Well, maybe it does to you, but I was very careful with Asaís medication. I've never seen that particular bottle before.

Bo: Do you know what? I've got a real good reason not to believe that. Now, come on, Gabrielle, why don't you make it easy on yourself?

Gabrielle: Bo, I honestly don't know what you mean.

Bo: You killed my father, didn't you?


Cristian: So you're saying you finally got a lead on this guy?

Antonio: One of the undercover guys just called.

Cristian: And?

Antonio: And he got ahold of Schaefferís last known address.

Cristian: So why didn't you say something before, man?

Antonio: You've been jumping down my throat ever since I came in.

Cristian: All right, well, come on; let's nail this guy.

Antonio: No way.

Cristian: What do you mean?

Antonio: You're not going anywhere.

Cristian: Antonio --

Antonio: Save it, Cris. You're staying here. I'm going to handle this alone.

Cristian: The hell you are.


Jen: Hey.

Keith: Not to sound clichťd or anything, but don't I know you from somewhere?

Jen: Llanview. The school? You had that cute little kitten, and I helped you find the dorm.

Keith: Yeah, and I trashed your cell phone, right?

Jen: No, it's ok. What are you doing in New York?

Keith: Dropping off my headshot. I may be flattering myself, but I'm trying to get some catalog work.

Jen: I could see you doing that. I don't really know much about it, though.

Keith: Well, maybe you do. I mean, are you modeling now?

Jen: Well, I don't want to jinx it, but I won a contest, so Iím trying it for a while.

Keith: That is great. Congratulations. Well, it's a really small world, isn't it?

Jen: Peg said that a guy was looking for me earlier. Was that you?

Keith: Well, I just got here. Plus, how would I know you were here?

Jen: Oh, duh.

Keith: Yeah. Maybe it was your boyfriend.

Jen: Oh, I don't have a -- you're probably right. I don't know why he just didn't call.

Keith: Well, maybe my magnetic field screwed up your cell phone again or something.

Jen: Yeah, that must be it.

Keith: So, you're meeting your boyfriend here?

Jen: No, he's actually going to hook up with me later. I got to go back inside because I have a shoot tomorrow, Prospero Park. Pretty psyched.

Keith: Oh, Prospero. I hear that place is pretty chichi.

Jen: Yeah, I guess so. Good luck.


Lindsay: So, what is this unorthodox evening that you have planned?

Troy: Well, I was thinking about an exhibit with an artist named Ramali.

Lindsay: The Nigerian photographer? He's a genius.

Troy: You know?

Lindsay: Yes.

Troy: Great. Yeah, I actually met him in Kenya. I'm a huge fan of his. It's amazing the way his photographs capture suffering and turn it into something beautiful, which is why I think he'd be perfect for our fundraiser. I mean, who better to represent the underprivileged clientele of the nonprofit free clinic, right?

Lindsay: Troy, we could get amazing publicity out of this. We'd have money pouring in from coast to coast. This is perfect.

Troy: The idea? Or the wine?

Lindsay: Both.

Lindsay: I can't wait.

Troy: Good, I'm glad. You know, I wasn't sure because the first time I mentioned the fundraiser, you seemed a little upset.

Lindsay: You were talking about Sam and Nora. How do you think I was supposed to feel?

Troy: Lindsay, can I ask you a question? Are you still hung up on Sam?

Lindsay: Are you still hung up on Nora?


Sam: You know, I could have sworn that you said that you and Keri were going out for an afternoon of therapeutic shopping.

Nora: I did. I mean, I did say that. But before -- I mean, I -- that was before I asked her, and she had something come up, yeah.

Sam: Hmm.

Nora: Work, you know.

Sam: Yeah, I do know, and I apologize.

Nora: What are you sorry about?

Sam: Well, you know, I figured something like that had happened to you, but I -- I -- I still worry about you, even though I know you're safe.

Nora: Thank you for worrying about me.

Sam: You mean crowding you.

Nora: You're not crowding me. Next time my plans change, I promise I'll give you a heads-up.

Matthew: I'm ready.

Sam: Well, don't let me stop you, kiddo! Oh! My goodness.

Marianne: I'll drop him off. It's on my way.

Nora: Oh, thank you, Marianne, thank you. Hey, come here. Give your mom a smooch before you go wreak havoc in another household. Oh, gosh. Oh.

Matthew: Be good, Mommy.

Nora: I will. I promise. Don't forget your sleeping bag.

Matthew: Bye.

Nora: Bye.

Sam: Bye.

Marianne: Bye.

Nora: Thank you, Marianne. Bye. Bye, Sweetie.

Nora: So, why were you looking for me?

Sam: Hmm?

Nora: Hmm?

Sam: Oh -- yeah, that's right. I got you something.

Nora: You did?

Sam: Yeah.

Nora: Get me a present?

Sam: Huh?

Nora: That you have?

Sam: You are so bad. You are worse than Matthew.

Nora: So where do you think he got it from?

Sam: You can have -- come here and sit down and wait and wait --

Nora: Oh, and wait?

Sam: While I establish the proper mood. No! No! No. By the way, where is your roommate?

Nora: She's at work.

Sam: At work?

Nora: She won't be home for hours.

Sam: Oh, that's perfect. That is perfect.

Nora: What did I do to deserve this royal treatment?

Sam: You did nothing. You don't have to do anything. All you ever have to do is be exactly who you are.

Nora: What did you do?

Sam: I got you a present.

Nora: Why?

Sam: To mark our decision to move ahead with our lives, to let go of the past.

Nora: Great.

Sam: No more Lindsays, no more Colins, no more Troys, no more anger, no more revenge, no more illness. Just you and me. It's our time now. We can let all of that, everything negative, put it behind us.

Nora: Sam --

Sam: Hmm?

Nora: I canít. I can't accept this.

Sam: What? Why not?

Nora: Because I've been lying to you.


Gabrielle: Bo, you can't keep barging in here and accusing me of murdering my husband.

Bo: Did you?

Gabrielle: No, I didn't. If you're so hell-bent on accusing someone, why don't you accuse Alex? She broke in here with some ridiculous story about working with you. She stole Asaís ashes. So if you want to accuse someone, why don't you accuse her? Go after her scent. It's all over the place.

Bo: You know, I know what Alex is capable of. Murdering Pa -- that doesn't quite fit that category.

Gabrielle: Well, then, she's got you completely bamboozled.

Bo: I didn't come here to talk about Alex. I want to know why you murdered Asa Buchanan.

Max: What the hell you doing? How dare you accuse Gabrielle of killing Asa. Asa died of natural causes. His heart was a time bomb.

Bo: Something sure was.

Gabrielle: Max, Bo apparently has found poison in Asaís system.

Max: Hmm. I thought the blood tests came back negative.

Gabrielle: Well, apparently he took some other tests.

Max: How? On the ashes?

Bo: Somebody went to a lot of trouble to cover their tracks. First they used a masking agent to cover the poison and then they had the body cremated.

Gabrielle: I told you your father didn't want to be buried.

Bo: Yeah, I know you told me all about his change of heart, you know? No pun intended.

Max: Look, I'm sorry if Asa was poisoned -- if he really was -- but it doesn't mean Gabrielle did it.

Bo: Maybe she didn't, Max. Maybe you did.


Peg: So did you catch up with your friend?

Jen: No, but I ran into this other guy from back home. I've only met him once, but he kind of creeps me out a little bit.

Peg: Ah.

Jen: I told him I had a boyfriend.

Peg: What, you have a boyfriend? Now, I told you --

Jen: No, not a real boyfriend. I told you he creeps me out, so I told him I have a boyfriend.

Peg: Oh. Well, of course, yes. When it comes to creeps and weirdos, the phantom boyfriends are a girl's first line of defense. We can't be too careful.


Keith: Oh, Prince Charming is bound to show up for your big debut, Jen. I know I wouldn't miss it for the world. Vega, you're going to pay for what you did to me, pal.


Cristian: I'll go with you, Antonio. This is personal. This guy ruined my life.

Antonio: Yeah, and now he wants to end it.

Cristian: And vice versa.

Antonio: That's why you're staying put.

Cristian: Would you stay put if you were me? I had to break up with the woman I love because of this creep, and she doesn't even know that. Do you have any idea how much I hurt Jen?

Antonio: Yes! But you're not going to do her any good if you're dead. This is police business.

Cristian: You walk out that door and Iím right behind you, man. You can't keep me here.

Antonio: I'll handcuff you to something if I have to.

Cristian: Keith has been trying to kill Jen to get to me. If anything happens to her, it's my fault. Mine.

Antonio: Nothing's going to happen to her. She's not even in New York anymore.

Cristian: Yeah, but you said yourself she might have gone back.

Antonio: Cris, she's safe.

Cristian: Not until we nail this guy.

Antonio: Mami's going to kill me if anything happens to you.

Cristian: Nothing is going to happen to me. I'm going with you. I got to see this done, Antonio. I owe it to Jen. After everything that I did to her? I owe her at least this much.

Antonio: I must be crazy. All right, let's do it.


Max: Oh, oh, you're accusing me now?

Bo: Did you kill Asa, Max?

Max: You're just making random accusations, hoping you can scare somebody into a confession.

Bo: You seem nervous for an innocent man.

Gabrielle: Well, he loved Asa very much. How do you expect him to react?

Max: If he was really poisoned.

Bo: Well, you're welcome to take a look at the medical report as soon as I get it.

Max: Oh, you better believe I will. So will my lawyer.

Bo: I don't have a problem with that.

Max: In the meantime, I really resent your baseless accusations.

Bo: I don't really think they're baseless. You remember the night that Pa died? Officer Vega caught you in the master bedroom, standing right there beside Asaís bedstand.

Max: Which I explained.

Bo: You didn't know about that, did you, Gabrielle? Max didn't even want to leave. But when he did, Antonio found Pa's medicine in that nightstand.

Max: As I explained to Officer Vega, I was looking for Asaís address book. People needed to be notified.

Bo: Are you sure? Are you sure you weren't looking for certain capsules?

Max: Oh, I'm sure. But what if I was? We wanted to know if Asa had been taking his heart medication.

Gabrielle: Yeah, we were all very concerned about that. Even you were concerned, Bo.

Bo: Yeah, as it turned out, we didn't have to be concerned at all, did we? Because Pa was taking his pills like clockwork. Unfortunately, though, they were laced with poison.

Max: Not by us.

Gabrielle: We didn't kill him.

Bo: You two are involved in this right up to your chins. You had means, you had motive, you had opportunity. This is textbook.

Gabrielle: All right, then, which one of us is under arrest?


Lindsay: Ok, I'm going to let you go first.

Troy: Huh. Ok. Yes, I admit it. I had a cursory interest in Nora.

Lindsay: What is that?

Troy: "Cursory"? Just means that I had a glancing interest.

Lindsay: Troy, I know what "cursory" is. Don't give me the spin. Give me the truth.

Troy: Ok. Truth is, Nora intrigued me.

Lindsay: Why?

Troy: I don't know. Maybe it was because there was something about her that made my brother give up everything. Or maybe it was just the way she smiles. Who knows? But either way I am over it.

Lindsay: Really?

Troy: That's right, I'm over it.

Lindsay: I'm liking you more by the minute.

Troy: Besides, Nora is with Sam now and they seem pretty solid. Truth is, it's probably for the best. Don't you think?

Lindsay: My truth is that Sam married me on the rebound from Nora and I didn't know it. Ok, maybe I knew it a little bit, but I loved him so much I didn't think it would matter because I just thought that my love was going to fix all that. But it didnít. Because Sam was still in love with her.

Troy: I'm sorry.

Lindsay: You know, being compared to Samís lingering fantasy of Nora was pretty hard to live with sometimes and still is.

Troy: Still bothers you, huh?

Lindsay: Yeah, Nora destroyed my family. And then she destroyed the family that I was going to have with Bo.

Troy: Really?

Lindsay: That's why we're enemies. I mean, this doesn't have anything to do with me wanting Sam back because I don't.

Troy: You just don't want Nora to have him.

Lindsay: Yeah, something like that.

Troy: I can understand that. Must get pretty lonely with everything you've been through.

Lindsay: Sometimes.

Troy: I know the feeling.


Sam: What do you mean, you've been lying to me? Lying to me about what?

Nora: I -- I -- I wasn't ever planning to go shopping with Keri.

Sam: Well, then why did you tell me you were? Is it Matthew? Did -- I mean --

Nora: No.

Sam: You seemed fine. Did I miss something?

Nora: No, no -- God, I would never keep anything from you that had anything to do with our son. I -- I -- should never keep anything from you at all.

Sam: I hope you never feel like you needed to. I thought we were certainly at the point where we never had to hide anything from --

Nora: I don't ever want to hide anything from --

Sam: Wait, is this about MacIver? Is this about -- what the hell has he done this time?


[Music plays]

Antonio: Don't be a cowboy. You stay back and you stay down.

Cristian: Ok, ok. Let's do it.

Antonio: I'll handle this. If he knows we're following him, he'll come out firing.

Cristian: All right.


Bo: You know, I may just arrest both of you.

Max: Hmm. What are you waiting for?

Gabrielle: Stop playing games. This isn't amusing.

Bo: Do you see me laughing? I hope you both have excellent attorneys. And cancel your travel plans.

[Phone rings]

Max: I'll get it.

Bo: I gave you a chance to come clean to me about everything you know. You're not going to get many more.

Gabrielle: Bo, I don't know anything.

Bo: You're loyal to Max. I understand that. But if he did kill Asa, why should you take the fall for him?

Max: No comment! Reporters. Is there anything else?

Bo: No, I guess there isnít. If there is, though, I know where to find you.

Max: Well, then I guess we're done, aren't we?

Bo: Yeah, I guess we are.

Max: Huh?

Bo: You know, Max, if Gabrielle killed Asa, there's no reason for you to take the fall for her.

Max: Oh, good.

Gabrielle: Ok. We got to get a lawyer and not one of Asaís.

Max: Why?

Gabrielle: Why? Didn't you hear Bo? He is going to arrest us both for murder.

Max: If he were going to do that, we'd be in the back of a squad car right now.

Gabrielle: You can see that he's having fun with this. He's just taking his time. It's a matter of time and then Iím going to be back in prison and I'm not going back to prison! I'm not going back to prison.

Max: All we have to do is stick with our story, all right? We didn't do anything. Can you say that for me, please?

Gabrielle: I think we should just run.

Max: Say it. Say it! Say it.

Gabrielle: We didn't do anything.

Max: Good. Remember that.

Gabrielle: It's too late for that! We can't do this anymore. We can't keep pretending that one of us isn't a murderer!

Max: You're right. One of us did kill Asa and it's about time we got it out in the open.

Gabrielle: Ok.

Max: Ok.

Gabrielle: Ok. I'm ready.

Max: Ready for what?

Gabrielle: Ready to hear you say it.

Max: Say what?

Gabrielle: Max, this isn't funny. Just say it and get it over with.

Max: Ok, uh -- all right, we'll have it your way. I know. I know you killed Asa.

Gabrielle: What? What did you just say?

Max: That's right. I know you killed Asa and I understand why.

Gabrielle: What -- what "why"?

Max: No, it's -- look, I understand the reasoning. Asa was going to send me to Statesville for the rest of my life, so you had to kill him. You did it for me, you did it for Al, you gave me my son back. Look, it was completely selfless reasons why you did it and that's why Iíve kept my mouth shut and I will continue to do so. I will keep you safe. I will protect you no matter what Bo says, no matter he does. I'm with you on this, ok?

Gabrielle: I didn't kill him.

Max: Of course you did.

Gabrielle: No --

Max: But I'll keep it a secret.

Gabrielle: No, I didn't kill him! And you know I didn't do it! You know because you did it!


Al: Hey. I couldn't wait any longer. I was getting funny looks.

Jen: I'm ready. I just need to grab some stuff for the shoot tomorrow.

Al: All right.

Peg: She shows up looking tired tomorrow, it's going to be your head or something. You hear me?

Al: Aye-aye. I will not fraternize with the models.

Peg: Hmm. Oh, and you -- call time is not negotiable. Rule number one -- be on time.

Jen: I'll be early, I promise. Hey, did you come up and look for me earlier?

Al: No.

Jen: That's weird. The guy who was looking for me -- what was his name?

Peg: Rule number two -- get an answering machine because, honey, I ain't it.

Jen: Sorry.

Peg: Oh, he left a note, though.

Jen: Why didn't you tell me?

Peg: Rule number two.

Jen: Can I have my note? It's empty.

Peg: Huh. Sue Anne actually emptied it. There's always a first time. Good luck trying to find it now.

Jen: Well, can you remember what the guy looked like or anything?

Peg: Let's see -- tall, dark hair, and a kind of a --

Jen: Was it Cristian?


[Music plays]

Antonio: Looks like he went out the fire escape.

Cristian: The radio's on. Do you think he heard us?

Antonio: It's possible. Or he had someone watching his back.

Cristian: Well, he'll be back eventually. And when he does, I'll be here waiting for him.

Antonio: Schaefferís on the run. Look, if he knows we're following him, there is no way he's going to come back here.

Cristian: So what now? We finally find this guy, we find this place, and we give up and start over?

[Phone rings]

Cristian: Hello?

Keith: Hello, Vega. You mind turning down my radio?


Troy: Well, looks like that's my cue to go home.

Lindsay: Oh, wait a minute. I believe there was the promise of a dinner made here.

Troy: Uh, yeah. Uh --

Lindsay: You are going to welsh on your promise, aren't you?

Troy: You're right. I -- you're right. I did promise you dinner and I will take you to dinner, just not tonight.

Lindsay: Wait a minute.

Troy: I'm sorry, but it's your own fault. I mean, you're way too charming. I completely lost track of time.

Lindsay: You think I'm charming?

Troy: Of course. I think you're charming and I think you're smart, funny, not to mention beautiful. You know, you can stop me at anytime.

Lindsay: No. Please.

Troy: Ok. I think you're thoughtful and I think you're caring.

Lindsay: Ok. You just crossed the line of disbelief.

Troy: Really?

Lindsay: Yeah.

Troy: It's true, though, isn't it?

Lindsay: Hmm, not if you listen to most people in this town.

Troy: Ah, you see? Now, there's your first mistake. You can't listen to those people. Besides, you're helping me out with the fundraiser, so that should help your image in this town.

Lindsay: Speaking of the fundraiser, do you realize we haven't really talked about that?

Troy: Sure, we did. We agreed that you and I are going to work together and that you like my idea of Ramali.

Lindsay: No, I -- I loved that idea. Maybe next time we get together you can tell me more about him.

Troy: Who knows? Maybe you'll meet him yourself soon enough.

Lindsay: Thanks for the wine.

Troy: You're welcome. So Iíll call you tomorrow.

Lindsay: Ok.

Troy: Ok.


Nora: Troy hasn't done anything wrong, Sam.

Sam: Oh, so -- so whatever you lied to me about has nothing to do with Troy?

Nora: I -- oh, God, Sam. I really need you to listen to me, ok? Please.

Sam: That's it. That's it, isn't it? You told me you were going shopping with Keri when you were actually with Troy?

Nora: I wasn't with Troy, ok? I mean, I -- oh -- I was -- I was with him, but it's -- oh, you're making it sound like there was --

Sam: What? What am I making it sound like? You lie to me about what you're doing so you can -- so you can be with Troy? What am I making it sound like?

Nora: Ok. I'm not having an affair with Troy MacIver.

Sam: I never said you were having an affair with Troy MacIver. But whatever's going on between the two of you, you felt the need to lie to me about it. And that sort of -- sort of -- kind of makes me wonder where I stand, where we stand, Nora.

Nora: Ok. The reason why I lied --

Sam: Yeah --

Nora: About being with Troy MacIver was because --

Sam: Oh, you know what? I just -- I can't -- I can't --

Nora: Sam --

Sam: I can't do this. I just -- I can't do this right now. I came over here feeling s-- so good about the two of us. Thinking that we were -- I don't know where we're at right now.


Peg: This guy wasn't Cristian. He was looking for Cristian, though.

Jen: He said that?

Peg: I read the note. Sue me.

Jen: It must be Antonio. Who else would be looking for Cristian?

Al: Jen, I thought we weren't going to mention the ďCĒ word.

Peg: Amen.

Jen: I guess you're right. If Cristian doesn't care about me, why should I care about him? Bye, Peg.


Cristian: Why don't you come back up here and face me like a man, you bastard?

Keith: Why, so your big brother can arrest me? No, you must think Iím an amateur.

Cristian: Let's end this, Schaeffer. You got to be as sick of this as I am.

Keith: You know what? Actually, I'm enjoying myself. But don't worry, Vega. I'll be seeing you. You can count on it.

Cristian: Damn!

Keith: I'll be seeing you sooner than you think.


Max: What on earth are you talking about? I didn't kill Asa.

Gabrielle: Well, I almost believe you. But you don't have to convince me because I know you did it and I know why and I understand.

Max: What?

Gabrielle: Well, Asa was abusive to me and he wanted to turn Al against me. He gave him that horrible motorcycle that nearly killed him. I didn't actually think you'd go through with it, but now that you have, it's all right.

Max: I didn't go through with anything! I didn't do it. I didn't poison Asa.

Gabrielle: What -- what have you been lying to Bo for and telling us to keep up this story together?

Max: For you! I thought you'd killed him. I was covering for you.

Gabrielle: For me?

Max: Yes.

Gabrielle: Well -- no, no, no. All this time I've been covering for you. Are you sure you didn't do it?

Max: Yeah. Look, I swear to you, I did not kill Asa.

Gabrielle: Well, I didn't do it, either! I swear!

Max: Ok. All right. If you say you didn't kill him --

Gabrielle: I didn't!

Max: And I know I didn't kill him --

Gabrielle: Well, then who did? Who killed Asa?


>> Stay tuned for scenes from the next "one life to live."

>> On the next "one life to live" --

Seth: I'm not positive, but I got the idea that she's still in town.

Keith: Ready for your big day?

Blair: I hear a baby crying. It sounds like my baby.

Max: Either call off the cops, call off the press, or put us under arrest.

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