OLTL Transcript Wednesday 11/28/01


One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 11/28/01

By Suzanne 

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>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Troy: You have a chance to reclaim your life here. I mean all of it, without the gaps.


Keri: You are my uncle and Hank Gannon is my father.


Jessica: He must have come to when we were calling the police. That means he's going to go after Cristian.


Antonio: This guy's not going to give up.

Cristian: And I wouldn't be able to live if Jen got hurt because of me.


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[Knock on door]

Cristian: Jen. What are you doing here?

Jen: I followed you. I know why you're here, and I know all about the hit man who's after you.

Cristian: How did you find out?

Jen: And I also know why you said you never loved me.

Cristian: Jen, I only said that to protect you.

Jen: Say it.

Cristian: I love you. I love you so much.

Jen: I love you, too.

[Knock on door]

Antonio: Open up. It's me.

Cristian: Hey.

Antonio: Hey.

Cristian: So what you got?

Antonio: Nothing. Those leads were a dead end.

Cristian: What about your contacts?

Antonio: Take a look at the city map. See these tags?

Cristian: Yeah.

Antonio: Places where someone matching Schaeffer's description was spotted in the last 24 hours alone.

Cristian: Yeah, but he couldn't have been in all these places at the same time, Antonio.

Antonio: Exactly. See the problem?

Cristian: Well, at least Jen's back in Llanview where she's safe.

Antonio: I was thinking we should maybe move on to Plan B.

Cristian: How am I supposed to do this, man?

Antonio: Do what?

Cristian: This, this -- living without Jen.

Antonio: Till we catch this guy, you don't have much of a choice.

Cristian: What happens when I do have a choice?

Antonio: Well, then you come clean to Jen and you tell her why you did all this.

Cristian: What if it's too late? What if she's moved on?


Al: You know, I'm really glad you changed your mind about staying in New York.

Jen: Me, too. I'm glad you're here. You have good taste in restaurants.

Al: Well, that's the only reason you're hanging out with me?

Jen: Exactly. I'm kidding.

Al: I know. So do you want to talk about what happened before?

Jen: You mean with Cristian? No. I don't want to talk about it. I don't even want to think about it.

Al: You sure?

Jen: I can't even say his name.

Al: Fine with me. You hungry?

Jen: I am starving. You know, modeling is hard work.

Al: Well, I hope you're kidding.

Waiter: Do you know what you'd like, Miss?

Jen: Yes. I'd like --

Al: Jen?


Officer: Ok, so you said this guy was after your friend, this Cristian?

Seth: Yeah.

Officer: Cristian have a last name?

Seth: Yeah, sure.

Jessica: We don't know it, though.

Officer: Uh-huh. But you think this mugger was after him?

Jessica: Well, yeah. We saw the two of them have this confrontation outside a bar. It looked pretty serious, so --

Officer: Look, maybe you should come downtown to the station house, look through some mug shots, see if you recognize anybody.

Jessica: Oh, yeah, yeah. Ok, that sounds great. We'll do that.

Officer: Ok.

Jessica: What?

Seth: Why did you lie to that guy? He could have helped us.

Jessica: Because we don't really know what's going on here.

Seth: Well, a psycho is after Cris.

Jessica: Yeah, and I'm sure Cristian knows that. If he wanted the cops to be involved, they would be.

Seth: He threatened you.

Jessica: Well, I'm fine.

Seth: You know what? If I would have been a few seconds later, who knows what the guy would have done to you?

Jessica: What do you care what happens to me?

Seth: What do I care?

Jessica: Yeah. Seriously. Where was all this concern when you and Natalie were ruining my life?

Seth: Look, that was a big mistake, and Iím sorry. But we have to go to the police.

Jessica: What? Excuse -- what? "We"? There is no "we." We aren't together, Seth. What are you doing here, anyway? Did you follow me?


Keri: Hello?

Sam: Nora?

Keri: Oh, hey. She left a note.

Sam: What's it say?

Keri: Matthew's with Marianne, Nora had an appointment, she'll be back later.

Sam: Well, that's funny. Why did she say she was going out with you today?

Keri: I'm sure it was just a mixup. I'll check the machine. Maybe she left a message.

[Answering machine beeps]

Hankís voice: Keri, it's me, Hank. Please give me a call as soon as you get this.

[Answering machine beeps]

Keri: You've got to be kidding me. I wouldn't wait by the phone, pal.

Sam: I'm sorry, was that Hank Gannon?

Keri: Yes, it was, and please, please don't tell me what a great guy you think he is. I don't think I could take it. Why can't anyone see what that man is really like?


R.J.: Congratulations, Henry. I mean, who would have thought that Llanview's renowned district attorney was also a player?

Hank: You don't know what you're talking about.

R.J.: Hmm. So what was it? Are you ashamed of your careless ways?

Hank: I have nothing to be ashamed of, not when it comes to Keri.

R.J.: Then why don't you just tell that girl the truth?

Hank: I did tell her the truth, R.J. I am not her father.

R.J.: Then who is?


Troy: What are you remembering, Nora?

Lindsay: I can't wait to get you out of my life!

Nora: What makes you think Iím going to be out of your life?

Lindsay: Oh, it's just a certain feeling that Iíve got.

Nora: It's Lindsay. It's still Lindsay at Colinís. She's fighting with me.

[Knock on door]

Troy: Ok, ok, look, whoever it is, Iím going to get rid of them. I want you to have a seat on the couch, ok? You just let the memories come.


Nora: What did you do to me, Lindsay? What did you do?

Troy: Lindsay.

Lindsay: Oh. Well, at least this time you remembered to put a shirt on.

Troy: Uh --

Lindsay: You going to let me in?


Cristian: I can't move on, man. I love her.

Antonio: And I'm not saying you don't, ok, but if Jenís moved on then, Cris, you don't have much of a choice. You think you're the only guy that's ever had his heart broken? You're not.

Cristian: I know.

Antonio: Look, Cris, don't forget, I know what it's like. You wake up in the morning, you roll over, you realize she's not there. You go through your day, and every little thing reminds you of her, and you think that feeling's never going to go away.

Cristian: Exactly.

Antonio: Well, guess what. Someday somebody will come into your life and shake you out of it. They just -- they take over that empty space inside you.


Sam: I didn't even know you knew Hank Gannon.

Keri: I don't, not really, but what I do know doesn't impress me.

Sam: Oh.

Keri: You're, what, probably his best friend?

Sam: Best friends? No, no, no. Defense attorneys and D.A.s don't often see eye to eye, perhaps you've heard. But he's honest and he's fair and he's always willing to admit when he's wrong.

Keri: Which must be never, right?

Sam: And according to Nora, he's a very good father.

Keri: I find that very hard to believe.

Sam: Keri, you know, Hank and I may not always agree on everything, but I can assure you that his love for Rachel is quite genuine.

Keri: Rachel, right.

Sam: Yeah, that's right, you know her.

Keri: From Chicago, when we were kids.

Sam: Well, Hank loves her very much. And I know that feeling. With a daughter, you want to protect her from everyone and everything. It's -- I mean, she'll always be his little girl. It's hell on the daughter.

Keri: I wouldn't know.

Sam: Keri, are you ok?

Keri: I'm fine.

Sam: Because you seem --

Keri: It's just -- I was just thinking that I never had that type of relationship with my own father.

Sam: I'm sorry. Well, that's very much his loss.


R.J.: Well, come on! Speak up! Can't hear you over all the denial. Who is the girl's father?

Hank: Elizabeth -- Keriís mother -- wanted to keep this private. I think you need to respect that.

R.J.: Hmm, well, see, I'd love to, except "that" is now a young woman who hates me because of my association with you, and you keep trying to scare me away from her, which makes you look guilty. Well, fine. Fine. Maybe I'll just tell Keri what little I do know. Maybe it'll help her find her find her real father.

Hank: No!

R.J.: You're awful protective of a woman who is not your daughter.

Hank: Keri doesn't need to be involved with somebody like you.

R.J.: So, what, what, now I'm like her father?

Hank: He's not a father. He doesn't know how to be one. He doesn't want to be one. And family doesn't matter to him. To him, family's just an inconvenience, just something to make fun of.

R.J.: You know, that sounds familiar. Why does that sound so familiar? I know. It's exactly what you always say about me.


Troy: Am I going to let you in? I'm not even sure why you're here.

Lindsay: We had a meeting? About a fundraiser?

Troy: Oh! Yeah -- for the clinic.

Lindsay: The clinic, your clinic.

Troy: Yeah. Lindsay, I appreciate your excitement and your enthusiasm, but our meeting wasn't until tomorrow.

Lindsay: No, that -- it's -- oh, my gosh, you're right. I'm so sorry.

Troy: No, look, hey, I'm sorry you had to come by here for nothing, all right?

Lindsay: Well, as long as Iím here, why don't we just have it now?

Troy: No, no, not now.

Lindsay: Well, why not? It's not going to take very long. You've got nothing to lose.

Nora: "Nothing to lose." It's over, Lindsay. People know I'm here. Will knows Iím here. The police know I'm here.

Lindsay: Then I guess I don't have much to lose, do I?

Nora: What did you mean, Lindsay? What did you do to me?

Lindsay: What was that?

Troy: I didn't hear anything.

Lindsay: I did.

Troy: I don't know. I'm sure it's nothing.

Lindsay: That was a woman's voice. Oh, you've got somebody in there, haven't you?


Seth: Yes, I was following you.

Jessica: Huh! An honest answer, for once in your life. Thank you.

Seth: Thank you. Why?

Seth: I saw the note you wrote viki that said you were coming to New York, and I was worried about you.

Jessica: Well, don't be, ok? I came here to see my father.

Seth: Well, couldn't he come to Llanview?

Jessica: Yeah. Yeah, my father could come to Llanview, sure. But you see, he's very protective over his family, especially his daughter, and you of all people really wouldn't want him coming to Llanview.

Seth: Look, Jessica, I don't want to --

Jessica: I came here to get some space. I came here to clear my head. In case you haven't noticed, my life's been a little crazy lately.

Seth: Because of me.

Jessica: You? I don't know. You said it was because of Natalie that you did these things, so what do I know? Look, by the way, if you -- if you run into her, when you report back to her, can you tell her that --

Seth: I'm not doing this for Natalie. She doesn't even know I'm here.

Jessica: I don't care, ok? Really, I don't care.

Seth: You want to know why I'm here? Because when I read the note --

Jessica: What? When you read the note, what? You might as well say what you were going to say.

Seth: When I read the note, I was afraid you wouldn't come back and I couldn't stand the thought of never seeing you again.


Troy: Ok, look --

Lindsay: You sly dog!

Troy: Excuse me?

Lindsay: I never knew you had it in you!

Troy: I had what in me?

Lindsay: Colin's outrageous libido. You bad, bad boy. Then I guess I don't have much to lose, do I?

Nora: What's that supposed to mean? What are you talking about?

Lindsay: This.

Nora: Oh, dear God, no.

Troy: Uh -- look, Lindsay, it's not what you think.

Lindsay: Really?

Troy: Really. Actually, it's just the tv.

Lindsay: Uh-huh.

Troy: Sorry to disappoint you, but Iím not the lady's man that Colin was.

Lindsay: Have you looked in a mirror lately? Because you're every bit as handsome as Colin ever was.

Troy: Thank you. But we're identical twins, so I guess it kind of goes with the territory. But I had no idea that you thought Colin was handsome.

Lindsay: Just an observation.

Troy: Interesting. Well, look, listen, why don't you let me finish up here and I'll meet you later at your gallery?

Lindsay: Ok. You know, let me just see if I can rearrange a couple of appointments to make that work.

Troy: Sure.

Lindsay: My battery's dead. Can I come in and use your phone?

Troy: How can I say no to you?


R.J.: Well, ok, Henry, ok. What is it about this mystery man, huh? Why not let him pay for his own love child?

Hank: He doesn't know.

R.J.: He doesn't know. He doesn't know? What, was this just some little fling with her mother?

Hank: No.

R.J.: No. It wasn't a little fling.

Hank: No.

R.J.: Ah. So you never had anything to do with her, right, not even once?

Hank: No, R.J.

R.J.: And you still sent money to support her child?

Hank: Yes, I did.

R.J.: Ah! Come on! That's bull!

Hank: That was the right thing to do, R.J.

R.J.: The right thing to do, sure, sure -- if she was family, which you keep swearing she's not. What? What's the look? Why are you looking at -- Keri is family? Well, then, if she's not your child, Henry -- no. Uh-uh, no. Then tell me -- what's Keriís mother's name?

Hank: Elizabeth.

R.J.: Elizabeth. Elizabeth Reynolds. I don't know an Elizabeth Reynolds.

Hank: That was her husband's name.

R.J.: Her -- then what was her name then?

Hank: Coleman.

R.J.: Coleman. Elizabeth Coleman -- I didn't know an Elizabeth -- I knew a -- Liz Coleman, but -- so, Keri is family, but she's not your child. She's my daughter?


Keri: You made it.

Antonio: I said I would, didn't I?

Keri: I'm glad. Is your brother ok?

Antonio: He will be. You are so beautiful.

Keri: Well, I'm glad you think so.

Antonio: I'm so lucky you walked into my life.

Keri: I think you walked into mine -- the corridor outside my office.

Antonio: Don't ever disappear on me. Promise me you won't ever do that.

Keri: Not a chance.

Cristian: Hey! Hello!

Antonio: What?

Cristian: I said that maybe that's the way it is for you, you know, finding someone else, moving on?

Antonio: Uh-huh.

Cristian: But not for me.

Antonio: Well, that's the way it is with everybody, Cris.

Cristian: Hmm. So who is she?

Antonio: Who's who?

Cristian: Oh, come on, man. The way you just looked -- you weren't here, that's for sure. What, you in love again?

Antonio: No.

Cristian: No?

Antonio: No. I'm not in love. But there is someone who's pretty special to me.

Cristian: Yeah, yeah. That's what I thought. Well, good luck.

Antonio: What's that supposed to mean?

Cristian: Well, didn't you think before that you had met someone special?

Antonio: Are we talking about Roseanne now?

Cristian: Yeah.

Antonio: Yeah, well, Roseanne and I were together for all the wrong reasons. I was trying to get over Andy. She was trying to get over you.

Cristian: All right. And this is different?

Antonio: Yeah. It is. For one thing, this woman's got her life together. She's -- she's beautiful, she's smart, classy, not to mention that she's not confused about what she wants in life.

Cristian: And what she wants in life is you.

Antonio: Hey, I can still take you down, funny guy.

Cristian: All right. So, what's her name?

Antonio: Actually, you know her. Keri Reynolds.

Cristian: Professor Reynolds?

Antonio: Well, I don't call her that, not anymore, anyway.


Al: Thanks.

Man: And a chicken caesar salad for your girlfriend. Anything else?

Al: No. No, thanks. Appreciate it. Hey, are you ok?

Jen: What? Yeah. I was just thinking of something. You know, forget it.

Al: Did he make you feel uncomfortable when he said you were my girlfriend?

Jen: No, it's ok. As long as we know where we stand.

Al: Yeah, we're friends.

Jen: Right. Friends. You know, we never did talk about what happened that night.

Al: Jen, look, what happened with us happened. I mean, we were both really vulnerable. Asa had just passed. You and Cristian broke up. I guess we kind of helped each other -- I don't know -- I guess we kind of helped each other feel better.

Jen: And you're ok with that?

Al: Yeah, I am.

Jen: I don't want you to think I used you or something.

Al: You didn't use me, Jen. It was my choice.

Jen: Because I don't want to lose you as a friend.

Al: You're not going to. Look, I was your friend when you were going out with Cristian, and I was your friend when you broke up with him. And I'm your friend now while you're getting over him. So maybe when you're over him --

Jen: And what if I don't get over him?

Al: What do you mean?

Jen: What if I never get over him? Do you still want to be my friend?


Keri: Apparently, I have a different take on Hank than everyone else.

Sam: You said you knew Rachel growing up. Did you know Hank, too?

Keri: Only what I'd heard. He and Nora had been divorced by that point.

Sam: So this animosity is based on what?

Keri: He was someone I was supposed to connect with when I got to town, that's all.

Sam: Oh. And what happened?

Keri: Let's just say I didn't get the reception I was expecting.

Sam: Well, that's surprising because Hank is -- doesn't normally let people down. That's more his brother's style.

Keri: R.J.

Sam: You've met him?

Keri: Just briefly.

Sam: Well, he's the one you should really watch out for.

Keri: Is he really that bad?

Sam: Let's just say he's not what Iíd call a nice guy.

Keri: He's not?

Sam: Do the nice guys you know spend time at Joliet?

Keri: He was in prison?

Sam: And do the nice guys you know set fire to their own nightclubs? Nice guys like R.J. -- They like to finger innocent people for murder, like he did to my own son will. And nice guys like R.J. -- They have dead bodies pop up in their warehouses. Are you beginning to see the bigger picture here?

Keri: Wow. Yeah.

Sam: So if you made a mistake about R.J., maybe --

Keri: No, no, no. I think I've got this right about Hank.

Sam: Well, I should be going. Would you do me a favor? When Nora gets back, would you have her call me, please?

Keri: Absolutely.

Sam: Ok, and about R.J. -- He really is someone you should avoid.

Keri: Don't worry. We obviously don't travel in the same circles.

Sam: Keep it that way. Good-bye.

Keri: Bye. Don't worry. I don't see the need to ever cross paths with either Gannon brother ever again.


R.J.: Come on, Henry! First, your story is that there is no story. Now it's that Iím Keriís father? Come on! Just for once, tell me the truth!

Hank: Do the math, R.J. And while you're at it, get out of my face.

R.J.: Do the math? Based on what, huh? I'm telling you, it's impossible, but Iím supposed to believe --

Hank: Why else would I take care of Keri all the years?

R.J.: I don't know!

Hank: Because Elizabeth didn't want you to know, so she turned to me.

R.J.: You? Why you, if I'm supposed to be the girl's father?

Hank: No, R.J. You got her pregnant! That does not make you a father!

R.J.: Oh, oh! And when were you father of the year, huh? Or didn't your daughter kill her roommate?

Hank: Do you remember what you were involved with back then? What kind of father do you think you would have been to Keri?

R.J.: Well, we will never know because you and your superego decided to keep her away from me.

Hank: I kept her away from you? Can't you even figure out what you were doing then? When your daughter was born, you were doing time. You were locked down at Joliet.

R.J.: And so what? That gives you the right to -- to -- to play God with my life and with her life?

Hank: I respected Elizabethís wishes, and I did right by Keri, and you know I did. Where do you think you're going?

R.J.: Do you really think Iím going take your word for this?

Hank: Do you think that I would lie to you about something --

R.J.: Henry today is not the day for you to finish that sentence. You have lied to me every time you spoke to me! For years you just kept me in the dark because you decided that you were better than me. And now I'm just supposed to trust you.

Hank: It was not my call to make.

R.J.: "It was not my call to make"? Henry, you are a disappointment, and you make me sick.


[Pager beeps]

Troy: Uh -- uh, it's the hospital. It's an emergency. I'm on call. I'm sorry, I have to go.

Lindsay: Ok, what do you want to do about this meeting?

Troy: Well, I'll give you a call later.

Lindsay: Ok.

Nora: No, Lindsay, no.

Troy: It's ok, it's ok.

Nora: I don't know what you want, no matter how happy you are. If you go back with Bo, I'll be right by your side, always reminding you of what you did to me. I will never let you forget what you did to me.

Lindsay: Well, I'll take that chance because you won't remember. You won't remember anything after I give you this shot.

Nora: Oh, God, I love you. I do. I love you.

Hello. There's a big yawn. You're the best. You're the most beautiful, wonderful thing in the world. Guess what your daddy did. He made you the most fabulous home. He did it as a surprise, as a present for you and for me.

Nora: Sam.

Troy: It's ok. You're ok.

Nora: Troy, it's over. It's finally over. I remember.

Troy: You remembered?

Nora: Lindsay was at Colinís, and I confronted her. I accused her of kidnapping me, and she had the drug with her. I remember seeing the needle in her hand.

Troy: You saw her with the needle? Are you sure?

Nora: Oh, yes. Absolutely. I was terrified because I knew what she was capable of. I was so scared. But then the fear turned to anger, and I -- I was -- I have just never felt like that before.

Troy: It's ok; it's ok because now Lindsayís going to pay for what she did.

Nora: No.

Troy: No?

Nora: No, no, she's not.

Troy: What do you mean, no?

Nora: No, because I didn't see her, I don't remember her giving me the drug.

Troy: What?

Nora: No, I -- I remember seeing her with the needle, but I don't remember her actually giving me the drug. I don't know whether she gave it to me or Colin did.

Troy: Ok, ok. Ok, so then we're going to try again and we'll keep trying until you do remember. The treatment worked once, Nora. It'll work again. I am going to give you everything you want.


Al: You know, I really am cool with the way things are between us.

Jen: For how long?

Al: Well, I made it through dinner, didn't I?

Jen: Al.

Al: Jen. Come on, Iím totally fine with us being friends.

Jen: What if you weren't?

Al: I would tell you. I wouldn't lie. You know that.

Jen: It's just the way I feel right now. I don't want to be more than friends with anybody. I mean, after what happened --

Al: Don't say it. Please don't say it.

Jen: Don't say what?

Al: His name. You promised me you wouldn't say his name.

Jen: What am I supposed to call him, then?

Al: I have a long list of what I could call him, but I'm not. This is a respectable restaurant. But it's nice to see you smile again.

Jen: It's easy around you.

Al: Yeah, I know.

Jen: Hey, don't push it.

Al: You know, it's funny because when I see that smile of yours on "vogue" magazine, I wonder if you're going to forget about the little people.

Jen: You mean you?

Al: Maybe.

Jen: How could I forget about my best friend in the whole world?

Al: Oh.

Jen: Come here.


Antonio: All right. Somebody who could have been our boy Schaeffer was spotted here, which was close to that -- that cafe.

Cristian: This -- this is ridiculous, Antonio. We're wasting our time in this. Why don't we just give this guy what he wants?

Antonio: He wants you, Cris.

Cristian: Ok, so then why don't we tell him where I am and wait till he comes after us?

Antonio: Use you as bait? You can forget about it.

Cristian: So what are we doing here, man? We don't even know if he followed me to New York.

Antonio: All right, you want me to use a decoy? I will. But he's going to be a trained officer. He's going to be experienced, he's going to know what to do, and he's going to have to be able to pass for you.

Cristian: You mean you?

Antonio: Yes.

Cristian: Now, look, you don't want to put me out there and I don't want you taking a bullet that is meant for me.

I'm the one that R.J.'s after. I'm the one he's got this Keith Schaeffer guy looking for, not you, so I'm doing --

Antonio: I said no.

Cristian: Look, Antonio, I know you're trying to help me here.

Antonio: Look, you're my kid brother, ok? Someone threatens you, they threaten me. It's family! You got that?

Cristian: Yeah.

Antonio: Good. Now let's forget all this hero stuff and figure out a way to find this Schaeffer guy before he finds us.


Seth: I can live with the fact that you hate me. I deserve that. But when I thought that I would never see you again --

Jessica: Will you please stop? This is really not helping the situation at all.

Seth: Look, you may not be glad that I'm here, but I am because if that guy would have hurt you --

Jessica: The guy wasn't after me. He was after Cristian, ok? Thank you for coming when you did.

Seth: You're welcome.

Jessica: The guy just wanted to know where Cristian was, and when I told him I didn't know, he didn't believe me.

Seth: And you still don't know where Cris is, right?

Jessica: No, not anymore, but I'm telling you, if Cristian doesn't know about this guy, I don't -- I've got to find Cristian right away.

Seth: Ok. So where do we start?

Jessica: What?

Seth: Yeah, if you're going after Cris, you're not going to go alone.

Jessica: Fine. Fine. Do -- do whatever you want. Jen -- Iíve got to find Jen because if anybody knows where Cristian is, it'll be her.

Seth: Are you sure? I mean, they broke up. Why would Cris tell her where he is?

Jessica: Well, the last time I talked to Cristian about Jen, it was pretty obvious that--

Seth: You think he's still in love with her?

Jessica: Yeah, big time.

Seth: And she's still in love with him?

Jessica: Yes. So if we find Jen, she will lead us to where Cristian is. I'm sure of it.


Antonio: All right, I'm going to go see if there's any more information on Schaeffer. You sit tight. Don't go anywhere.

Cristian: I wonít.

Antonio: I don't want any more surprises like you running into Jen.

Cristian: Hey, hey, that was a one-time thing.

Antonio: Yeah? What about Jessica?

Cristian: Well, she's here to see her dad.

Antonio: You sure?

Cristian: Yeah. Jessica's not looking for me. And even if she was, she wouldn't know how to find me.


Seth: So Jen leads us to Cris. Where do we find Jen?

Jessica: Well, I know she's here because she won some model contest or something, so we have to get a hold of her through them.

Seth: Ok. Do you know the name of the agency?

Jessica: No. Wait. Wait, it's -- it was French. It was French, I know that. It had, like, "beauty" something in it.

Seth: Ok, so we'll find a phone book and then -- and then we'll call around.

Jessica: Ok, but, wait, wait, wait, I got it. I got it. I think it's Beaucoup -- Beaucoup de Beaute. That's it.

Seth: Perfect. So, why don't you go meet up with your dad and I'll call the agency and find out when she's going to be in there?

Jessica: Ok. Yeah, yeah, that sounds good.

Seth: Ok.

Jessica: I'll be in touch, then.

Seth: All right. Be careful.

Jessica: Yeah, you, too.


Keith: Yeah, I need the number and address for a modeling agency -- Beaucoup de Beaute.


Nora: Troy, I -- I don't --

Troy: Nora, I have another pill. We can try this right now.

Nora: No. No.

Troy: No? What do you mean, no? You're so close to remembering everything!

Nora: I have -- I have remembered. I have. I've remembered -- I've remembered the fear and the anger. And in the middle of all that chaos, I remembered Matthew.

Troy: Nora, that's great.

Nora: I remember him being born. I remember the love I felt for him and for Sam, his daddy. I mean, these were memories that I thought were lost to me forever.

Troy: Nora, that's great. But there's more to remember.

Nora: No. No, there -- no, there -- there really isn't, not unless you mean what -- what Lindsay did to me.

Troy: Exactly. You don't want her to get away with this, do you?

Nora: Of course I don't, but --

Troy: Great, so then let's do this again!

Nora: But I don't believe in vengeance. Troy, you -- you have given me back memories, the best memories Iíve ever had in my life. I don't want to remember the worst memories. I want to go home now.

Troy: Ok. Ok.

Nora: I -- I don't know how I --

[Nora sighs]

Nora: Thank you. Thank you.

Troy: You're welcome.

Nora: Good night.

Troy: Good night.


[Phone rings]

Lindsay: Hello?

Troy: Lindsay, hey. It's Troy.

Lindsay: So did you save another life?

Troy: You could say that. Listen, I was thinking we could still meet later, if that's ok with you.

Lindsay: Sure. You want to stop by the gallery?

Troy: You know, no need to make it formal. Why don't we -- why don't we meet over dinner? I can come by and pick you up.

Lindsay: Yeah, sure. That would be ok.

Troy: Great. No reason not to mix a little business with pleasure, right? How about around -- I'll pick you up around 8:00?

Lindsay: Yeah, 8:00 works for me. I'll see you then.

Troy: More than one way to help you remember, Nora.


Hank: Elizabeth, this is Hank. Look, if you're there, please pick up the phone. Look, R.J. knows about Keri. Look, I'm sorry. I know this is not what you wanted, but I wanted you to be prepared. He's looking for you, and he wants confirmation.


Keri: R.J.


>> Stay tuned for scenes from the next "One Life to Live."

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Alex: We don't have any time to waste if we're going to prove that Max and Gabrielle murdered Asa.

Max: What are you so sorry about? What did you do?

Todd: Give me back my kid so I can bring him back home to be with his mother!

R.J.: What if I'm just trying to tell you -- Keri: Trying to tell me what?

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