OLTL Transcript Tuesday 11/27/01

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 11/27/01

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Troy: So you'll have the treatment?

Nora: To find out once and for all what Lindsay did to me at Colinís house.

Rae: He is Keriís real father.

R.J.: Who do you remind me of?

Keith: You're going to tell me where I can find Cristian Vega.

Buck: Put my son back in the crib, or I'm calling the police.

Blair: We are leaving, Starr.


Todd: He's not your son. He's my son.

Buck: Put the baby down, or Iíll kill you with my bare hands.


Keith: Well, I tried to be nice, but that's over. You're going to tell me where Vega is now.

Jessica: I don't know where he is!

Keith: Don't give me that! You know where he is, and I'm going to make you tell me.


Hank: Yeah, hi. I'm looking for Professor Keri Reynolds on an important matter. Is she in her classroom now? Yeah, sure, I'll hold. Yeah, thanks.

Rae: Hey.

Hank: Hey.

Rae: Hi.

Hank: Hi.

Rae: So, does that mean you're going to tell her the truth?

Hank: Once I see her face to face, yeah.

Rae: So, then, you spoke with her mother?

Hank: I still haven't been able to reach Elizabeth. But there's no excuse to keep avoiding telling her the truth.

Rae: I'm glad for you. I really am.

Hank: Yeah, well, Keri might wish she'd never asked for the truth when she finds out that R.J. Is her real father.

Rae: I don't know, Hank. I still think it's better.

Hank: Yeah. Hold on.

Keri: Professor Reynolds.

Hank: Hi, Keri. This is Hank. I need to see you.

Keri: Well, I don't need to see you.

Hank: Listen, just stay where you are, ok? I'm on my way.


R.J.: Whoa! Well, looks like you're in a hurry.

Keri: Actually, yes, I am.

R.J.: Well, I was hoping that you could spare just a moment of your time.

Keri: I'm sorry. Some other time, ok?

R.J.: Has my brother already warned you about me?

Keri: What makes you say that?

R.J.: Well, I don't know why, but he warned me rather emphatically that I should come nowhere near you.

Keri: That just figures.

R.J.: Well, then, you know something that I don't.

Keri: Obviously he doesn't want you to know that you're my uncle.

R.J.: What did you say?

Keri: You heard me right. You are my uncle, and Hank Gannon is my father.


Nora: So, what's next, candlelight and soft music?

Troy: Just try and relax, ok?

Nora: Oh, I am relaxed. Why, do you think I look uptight or something?

Troy: You mean just because your shoulders are up around your ears like that? No.

Nora: Oh, good point. Sorry.

Troy: Look, Nora, why don't you have a seat, take a deep breath, and just let yourself unwind, ok?

Nora: Yeah.

[Nora exhales]

Nora: I really appreciate you letting me do this treatment here in your house, Troy. I really do.

Troy: Wherever you're comfortable.

Nora: I just -- I really don't want anyone to know about this. But I guess I've said that a couple of times already, haven't I?

Troy: Yeah, you may have mentioned it once or twice.

Nora: Sorry. Just --

[Phone rings]

Nora: Oh, shoot! I forgot to turn it off. Oh, gosh. Hello?

Sam: Hi. Where are you?

Nora: Sam?

Sam: I called your office, and they said your case was postponed for the day.

Nora: Yeah, and I was all set to be brilliant in court.

Sam: You should've come and found me.

Nora: I thought you were busy, and then -- Keri and I thought that we would -- we'd go shopping.

Sam: Oh, shopping? Oh, ok. Well, have fun and Iíll see you later. And I might have a little surprise for you.

Nora: I might just have one for you, too.

Troy: You ok? Where you going?

Nora: I can't do this. I'm sorry, Troy. I can't take this memory recovery treatment. Not if it means I'm having to lie.


Sam: Oh, it's lovely, but it's not exactly what I had in mind for this particular lady. It's more the shape. I'll know it when I see it.

Man: Well, we do have a wide selection of engagement rings.

Sam: Uh-huh.

Man: If you find a shape you like, we can have it made up into a necklace.

Sam: Hmm.

Man: Are any of these close to what you want to give the lady?

Sam: Well, diamond engagement ring is -- it's a whole lot closer to what i'd like to give her.

Man: Oh. Why don't you, then?

Lindsay: Oh, no. You aren't buying Nora another engagement ring, are you?


Blair: We need to leave now, Starr.

Starr: Why?

Blair: Why? Why? You know why, Starr. You're as worried as I am that Daddy's going to come back and take you away.

Starr: Did he say he'd do that, Mommy?

Blair: No, he -- he just sounded really strange on the phone. And I'll tell you what -- he is still very angry at me for not telling him about the baby, honey.

Starr: I told you not to tell him!

Blair: I know that you did. I know that you did, and it's a little late now, so Iíll tell you what -- I'm really afraid that he's going to come back soon. So we got to go someplace where he can't find us --

Starr: No, mom! I'm not going anywhere without daddy!


Todd: Don't -- don't make this any harder than it needs to be, Buck.

Buck: Put the baby --

Todd: Just let me quietly leave with my son and I won't tell the police about you buying him.

Buck: You are living in a fantasy world, son. Now, put the baby down.

Todd: Right. You say that you love -- Jeter. And if you do really love him, then you're going to want him to be with his parents, right? His real parents. Well, that would be me and the woman that actually gave birth to him.

Buck: I said put him down.


Sam: You know, what Iím buying and who Iím buying it for are none of your business.

Lindsay: No, of course not. I'm just your ex-wife -- and the mother of two of your children.

Sam: Yes, Lindsay, you still are all those things, but you're kind of wearing that down to the nub.

Lindsay: So I guess you're not interested in hearing about my visit with Jen in New York City.

Sam: Ok. What were you doing there? And please don't tell me that she invited you.

Lindsay: No, she didn't, but it is a good thing I went because that girl Shawna showed up and tried to steal Jen's modeling job. In fact, she nearly ruined the shoot.

Sam: But you saved the day?

Lindsay: Yeah, I did.

[Sam chuckles]

Sam: I can't wait to hear the real story from Jen.

Lindsay: So, Sam, are you buying Nora an engagement ring?

Sam: Well, I'd say after what you did to her at The Palace, she deserves a special treat.

Lindsay: What have I done to her that she hasn't done to me?

Sam: Well, let's see. You cornered her in the bathroom and began spewing all this trash about how she'll never regain any of the memories of all the important moments of her life.

Lindsay: Oh, that. Well, she has been torturing me, you know, with accusations that I injected her with some drug that damaged her brain.

Sam: Hmm.

Lindsay: I am just sick of these crazy accusations.

Sam: Call me crazy -- I share the same suspicions.

Lindsay: Oh, I know you do, Sam, but you have absolutely no proof.

Sam: But that would only be a matter of time. But you lucked out, Lindsay, because Nora and I have decided to let it go.

Lindsay: Let what go, your vendetta against me? That's very big of you.

Sam: We just decided to not waste any more time making sure you get what you deserve.

Lindsay: Am I supposed to be grateful for that?

Sam: You ought to be grateful that Noraís a bigger person than you could ever hope to be.


Troy: Nora, do you remember your run-in with Lindsay at the palace?

Nora: Yes, of course I do.

Troy: What she did to you was cruel.

Nora: Well, actually, it was pretty mild for Lindsay.

Troy: Even throwing it in your face about not remembering your own son's birth?

Nora: Well, it's true, I donít.

Troy: And if Lindsayís responsible for that, don't you want her to pay for that?

Nora: No, I donít. I -- I decided I wanted to let it go.

Troy: Well, so, then, I don't understand. Why did you agree to this treatment?

Nora: I don't know. I guess I wasn't -- I just wasn't thinking clearly, you know? And then when Sam called all of a sudden, I thought -- I heard myself lying to him and --

Troy: Look, Nora, the bottom line is that you're doing this for the both of you.

Nora: No. The bottom line is Iím doing this behind his back.

Troy: Yes, but as a gift -- as a gift to Sam and as a gift to Matthew -- the gift of remembering your history with the both of them. How can that be a bad thing?

Nora: You should've been a salesman because you're very good at this.

Troy: Nora, you have a chance to reclaim your life here.

Nora: No, I have reclaimed my life.

Troy: No. No, I mean all of it, without the gaps.

Nora: There's a 50% chance that this isn't going to work.

Troy: You're absolutely right, and there's a 50% chance that it will work. Nora, think of how it's going to feel to remember Matthewís first words, his first steps, how it felt to hold him in your arms for the first time.

Nora: I do think about that. I think about those things a lot.

Troy: And what about Sam? Don't you think that remembering the moments that the two of you first fell in love is only going to make your life with him now that much more complete?

Nora: I don't know. Maybe. Hmm.

Troy: Is it -- is it the treatment, Nora? Because, Nora, if it's the treatment, look, I have the research right here for you.

Nora: No. Troy, I trust you completely.

Troy: Good. So then I'm asking you to trust me one more time. What have you got to lose?


R.J.: So you're Henry Gannonís daughter?

Keri: Do I have to prove this to you, too?

R.J.: Well, now, relax. It's just that it's a surprise, that's all.

Keri: Right, because your brother is a saint.

R.J.: No, no, he's not. He's just a man who thinks he's a saint.

Keri: And you're here to defend him.

R.J.: You never heard me say that.

Keri: Well, everyone else I run into talks about how terrific he is, what an upstanding individual. What kind of upstanding individual walks out on his responsibilities?

R.J.: You're supposed to be my niece?

Keri: You don't believe me? Look at this.

R.J.: I didn't say that I didn't believe -- I didn't say I didn't believe you, ok?

Keri: Canceled checks, Mr. Gannon. Checks that your brother sent to my mother every month like clockwork. Of course, I wasn't supposed to know about it, though.

R.J.: Well, this -- this is Henryís writing. Secret child support payments. Sure doesn't look good.

Keri: I'd call it a payoff myself.

R.J.: But how could he have done this and not said something to me?

Keri: Don't feel bad. He still hasn't owned up to me.

R.J.: Henry.

[R.J. Chuckles]

R.J.: The self-righteous pillar turns out to have feet of clay.


[Baby cries]

Todd: Wait, wait, wait. So you're -- shh. Hold on a second. You're saying that you would try and hurt me while I got this baby in my arms?

Buck: If I have to.

Todd: Arenít you afraid that you would hurt it?

Buck: All I know is some whacked-out dude's trying to kidnap my boy.

Todd: Ok, he's not your boy! You know that! Shh.

Buck: I don't know anything of the kind. Now, listen, I don't know what happened to your son. I'm sorry, it's a darn shame, but it's not my problem.

Todd: Yes, it is your problem.

Buck: No, it's not my problem. That is my boy. My boy. My wife gave birth to him.

Todd: How do you know? You weren't there, remember?

Buck: Was your daddy there when you come howling and puking into the world?

Todd: Probably not.

Buck: Then maybe you're not his son.

Todd: Oh, from your lips to God -- what -- ok, don't -- don't -- stop changing the subject.

Buck: You are one serious nut case --

Todd: Ok --

Buck: You know that?

Todd: Answer this -- when, exactly, did you see this baby for the first time?

Buck: I'm not answering any more questions. Now, you put that baby back in the crib, or I am going to get physical.


[Jessica screams]

Keith: You son of a --

Jessica: I'm going to keep screaming until you let go of me!

Keith: Is that right? You know what? I don't think you're going to. Now, where's Cristian?


Lindsay: Nora's just better at snookering people than I am. Especially men.

Sam: You'd like to believe that.

Lindsay: Come on, Sam, she's got you wrapped around her little finger. I mean, you're mooning over engagement rings for her.

Sam: "Mooning"? Not my style.

Lindsay: I'll tell you, it amazes me how she gets away with it over and over.

Sam: Gets away with what? Inspiring love in a man?

Lindsay: That would be plural -- men. In case you haven't noticed, she always seems to keep at least two around.

Sam: You jealous?

Lindsay: No, but maybe you should be. Because the last time you and Nora almost got married, she had to explore her leftover feelings for Bo.

Sam: She was very upfront about that.

Lindsay: Oh, come on. We caught them dancing cheek to cheek together in that warehouse. I'm telling you the woman is incapable of being faithful.

Sam: You don't know what you're talking about, Lindsay.

Lindsay: Well, you can deny it till the cows come home, but that is how she operates. She has one man for show --

Sam: Hmm.

Lindsay: That would be you -- and then the other one for behind the scenes.

Sam: Do you know I don't have to listen to this?

Lindsay: This time it's Troy.

Sam: Troy saved our son's life. We are both grateful. Don't try to make something sleazy out of that. It won't fly.

Lindsay: It already has wings. Just watch them together.

Sam: Troy is a nonissue between Nora and me.

Lindsay: Bo was a nonissue for you, but he quickly became one, remember? Of course, Nora -- Nora conveniently forgot that. But you, Sam? You haven't, have you?


Nora: Well, you're right about one thing -- making Lindsay pay doesn't mean nearly as much to me as remembering Matthewís birth and my time with Sam.

Troy: So then don't walk out on this chance.

Nora: You're not responsible for what Colin did to me.

Troy: I know that. But it's in my power to undo it.

Nora: But it's like you're trying to make up to me for it, you know? You've already done so much for me.

Troy: Nora, let me ask you a question. How are you going to feel when you leave here with all your memories of every moment you've ever spent with Sam and Matthew completely intact?

Nora: It would be wonderful. They would -- I'd love it. I mean, I'd be able to turn to Sam and tell him I remember everything -- I remember him carrying me through the snow when I was in early labor with Matthew. I'd --

Troy: You have a right to your own experiences, Nora.

Nora: I feel like I'd be letting you down if I didn't do it.

Troy: No, please, please. Look, I am just a means to an end here, ok? This is about you. Give me your hand.

Troy: It's up to you, Nora.


R.J.: So my -- my brother is still trying to deny you, even in the face of all these checks he's written?

Keri: He's denied it right to my face.

R.J.: Well -- well, there's no hypocrite like a devoted, lying hypocrite.

Keri: Your brother is a skunk in sheep's clothing.

R.J.: You know, I'm going to -- I'm going to have to sit down for this.

Keri: Be my guest, but I got to get out of here.

R.J.: So -- so Henry is supposed to be some kind of absentee dad who's hiding from the truth?

Keri: Except suddenly he keeps wanting to see me.

R.J.: Well, sounds like you got him scared.

Keri: Yeah, he doesn't want me to blow his little secret.

R.J.: Oh, well, now, you just did that.

Keri: Why should I cover for this man?

R.J.: Oh. We don't want to save the D.A. any public embarrassment?

Keri: He doesn't deserve it.

R.J.: Henry. I thought I knew him inside and out. Then I thought I knew all the woman that he'd been with.

Keri: Looks like one slipped your notice -- my mother.

R.J.: Yeah. Looks like. Oh, boy. This is wild.

Keri: You know, you're enjoying this a lot more that I am.

R.J.: I'm sorry. I really am. But you've got to understand. This man has been on my case my entire life. He's always been the good one, he's always been right, and I'm -- well, I'm supposed to be a lost cause.

Keri: Well, he's got some game going, doesn't he? I just -- I just wish that --

R.J.: You know, I'm really sorry. I'm --

[R.J. sighs]

R.J.: Look, I know that this has got to hurt.

Keri: It's not your fault.

R.J.: Yes, but just -- since I saw you, there's been something in my head. There was something so familiar about you. But, of course, I mean, I never -- I never would've guessed this.

Keri: Now you know.

R.J.: Yeah. Yeah. I'm your uncle.


Blair: Ok, Starr. You know what your daddy might do.

Starr: Take me away so I can never see you again.

Blair: And we don't want that, now, do we?

Starr: Well, I don't want you taking me away from Daddy, either.

Blair: Well, I don't want to do that, Sweetheart, but you know what? I really don't have a choice, all right?

Starr: Think of something else!

Blair: Oh, Starr, I don't have time for this right now. Now, we need to get going before it's too late.

Starr: I'm not going anywhere!

[Blair groans]

Blair: Ok. Don't you do this to me, Starr. Don't do this.

Starr: Daddy made me go away without you. Now you're sounding exactly like him!

Blair: Well, I -- I don't want to do that. Sweetie, I don't want to risk losing you, either. I love you so, so much.

Starr: I missed you, Mommy.

Blair: I missed you, too. It was the worst time in my entire life.

Starr: And I'm going to miss Daddy, too.

Blair: Well, ok. Here's the deal. I'm going to promise you, cross my heart, that I won't act like your daddy. I won't keep you away from him because I know. I know how unhappy it would make you.

Starr: How can I be with him if Iím far away? We can't even tell him where we are.

Blair: Well, I know. You know what we'll do? When we get to where we're going, we'll call our lawyer.

Starr: We have a lawyer?

Blair: We have a lawyer. We have Sam.

Starr: Yeah, I -- I remember now. I have everything.

Blair: Oh, yes. Yes, you do. You have everything. So, miss everything, what we're going to do -- we'll call Sam and he'll arrange it so you can meet with your daddy in a safe place, ok? Ok? Here. So, we have a deal? Can we go now? Come on? Yeah?


Todd: So are you saying that you would risk hurting this kid in order to keep this kid?

Buck: I am saying that I want to protect my boy from a kidnapper who might hurt him worse.

Todd: Oh. I wouldn't hurt Goober.

Buck: I don't know that.

Woman: I called the cops. They're on the way. Now, suppose you tell me what's going on here with my little Jeter?

Todd: Ok, that -- that's not -- that's my son. You know that.

Woman: Is that so?

Todd: Yeah! I'm glad you're here. Tell him! That's it, game's over! Tell him! Tell him that you didn't give birth to that kid!

Woman: You got that right. I sure as heck didn't give birth to this darling little boy.  

Todd: Ha-ha! I knew it! I knew it. I knew you didn't give birth to that kid.

Woman: I certainly did not give birth to my brother Buck's son.

Todd: You're the sister? Ew.

Woman: His gold digging slut of a wife swears she was in labor 36 hours with him.

Buck: Shut your mouth, Missy.

Missy: I will not. I knew she was up to something.

Buck: You don't know anything, so you just stay out of this.

Todd: Ok, your brother here has a little case of the denials.

Buck: You, you just button it up. You don't have the baby to protect you now!

Missy: And where's the little wifey now? Out shopping again?

Buck: Yeah, so, what's that got to do with Jeter being our son?

Missy: It's got everything to do with it.

Buck: If I were you, I'd -- Iíd get out of here before the cops --

Todd: Oh, no, no, no, not yet. This oddly dressed woman has something to say. I'm interested in hearing it.

Buck: Well, she's not going to say anything, not as long as you're here!

Missy: I don't care who's here, Buck. I'm sick of watching that train wreck you call a marriage. My brother's a fool for good-looking young women. Fool enough to keep marrying them.

Buck: You got a big mouth, Missy.

Missy: Yeah. Isnít it great? He wised up long enough to run this last one off, but then she showed up six months later sporting this sweet little baby, claiming that she already had a bun in the oven when she left.

Todd: Right, but that was just a story, right?

Missy: More like a fairy tale.

Buck: What are you saying about my son?

Todd: She's saying that the missis -- and not missy here, by the way -- but the missis was using this kid as a ticket back on your gravy train.

Buck: That's a load of bull!

Todd: No, it's not. This is my son. He's not yours. He's mine. And I've got the D.N.A. to prove it.


Hank: We don't have enough for an indictment, so just keep digging. I'll be there soon. All right, great. Thanks. Bye.

Rae: Well, listen, good luck with Keri.

Hank: If she'll even see me.

Rae: Oh, you need to take heart. She needs the truth, Hank. And she'll realize that when she hears it.

Hank: Most likely I'll have to convince her of the truth. You know, she's really angry with me.

Rae: Of course she is. You can't blame her. She thinks that you won't admit to being her father. But you have to remember one thing -- you are the good guy here.

Hank: If R.J. doesn't break her heart.


R.J.: So you're my niece. And my niece is a professor. A very beautiful professor.

Keri: Ok, now you're embarrassing me.

R.J.: I'm sorry, really. It's just that it's -- do you know Rachel?

Keri: Hank's legitimate daughter with Nora? Yeah, from Chicago, when we were kids. We just didn't know we were half sisters.

R.J.: Oh. Well, I mean, I can see the resemblance now.

Keri: She always thought that her Uncle R.J. hung the moon and the stars.

R.J.: Oh. Well, you know, she's a very smart girl. I feel the same way about her. But does Rachel know --

Keri: Know about me? No. No.

R.J.: Well, on behalf of the Gannon family, if there's anything I can do to make up for my brother's behavior, you just have to ask.

Keri: To make up for a lifetime without a father? I don't think there's anyone in the world that can do that.

R.J.: Well, he's a bigger fool than I knew. Of course, there's no way he can keep me away from you now. Now I know we're kin.

Keri: Yeah.

R.J.: Well, look, I know it's not a happy situation, but I have to admit that I am looking forward to getting to know you.

Keri: That's a lovely thought, R.J., but I don't think so.

R.J.: Oh. So all this chitchat is really moot, hmm? My monstrous reputation has preceded me.

Keri: It's just that I don't think I could spend any time with anyone who reminds me of him.

R.J.: Well, now, you see, that statement only proves how little you know about me.

Keri: I got to get out of here. He's on his way, and I can't be here. I can't stand to deal with that man.

R.J.: Well, maybe you can't, but I can.


Troy: Do me a favor -- just close your eyes.

Nora: Ok.

Troy: Just clear your mind. Let it all go.

Nora: Ok.

Troy: You deserve to have it all back, Nora -- all those incredible memories that Lindsay stole from you.

[Lindsay screams]

Nora: Do you want to fight, Lindsay? Now we got more of a fair fight. Oh, my gosh.


Jessica: Can't get the stupid thing to work.

Seth: Come on. We'll go to the coffee shop and call from there.

Jessica: What do you mean, just leave him here?

Seth: Come on. We have to call for help.


Starr: You've made up your mind, haven't you? I can tell.

Blair: Starr, I really don't want to go, either, but we don't have a choice. Either we go right now --

Starr: And not see daddy ever again.

Blair: Or we stay and you risk never seeing me. So, which do you want? Hmm?

Starr: Ok, mom, Iíll go with you.

Blair: Oh, thank you! Oh, sweet girl, thank you, thank you. Thank you! You will not -- you won't be sorry, Sweetie.


Buck: I don't believe in that D.N.A. mumbo-jumbo.

Todd: Oh, really? You got the theory on whether or not the earth is round or flat?

Missy: He knows it's flat.

Buck: Now, knock it off, both of you! I don't have to prove to anybody that Jeter's my son. I've got a birth certificate for him with my name on it.

Todd: You can forge a birth certificate.

Buck: Yeah, well, you can't forge the resemblance between me and my boy. Just look at him. Look, he's the spitting image of me. Missy, you -- you saw the likeness. You told me, huh?

Missy: I was just being nice. Babies look like Lyndon Johnson.

Todd: Look, this baby -- this is my baby. Belongs to me and this other woman named Blair who looks a little like L.B.J. and there's this other kid that we made, and her name is Starr, and they -- well, they look alike. I mean, they -- they both have ears.

Buck: All right, that's enough. That's it. Visiting hours are over. Get out.

Todd: Come on, listen to her, will you? Your wife was trying to pull one over on you.

Missy: She plays you like a fiddle, Buck.

Todd: Your wife bought this baby from a guy named David Vickers. He's got weird hair, and he bought an off-the-rack dove gray suit, and he's a real sleaze ball. And he took the baby from me and my on-again, off-again, on-again, off-again, off-again wife, Blair. And, look, you have no right to keep him.

Buck: Oh, yeah?

Officer: Everything ok, Buck?

Buck: Yes, it is, boys, now that you're here. I just caught this guy trying to kidnap my new son. I want you to arrest him.


Jessica: Where is he?

Seth: He's gone. He was unconscious.

Jessica: He was right here when we left. He must have come to when were calling the police. That means he's going to go after Cristian.

Seth: Hey, hey, he couldn't have gone far. We'll find Cristian first, and then we'll --

Jessica: Yeah, yeah, yeah, but I don't know where Cristian went.

Seth: We'll figure it out. Do you have any idea where he might have --

Jessica: All I know is that he's staying with his abuelita. That's it.

Seth: His what?

Jessica: It doesn't matter. But when he left me, I know that he didn't go back there.

Seth: Well, then, where?

Jessica: I don't know. I know that Jenís in New York somewhere. Al said she's modeling.

Seth: So, then, maybe we can find Jen, then we'll find Cristian.

Jessica: Yeah, we'll find cries. Maybe it's worth a try. We need to get ahold of a phone book, and we need to look up modeling agencies right away.

Seth: Ok, let's go.

Officer: Whoa, whoa, whoa. What's the hurry?

Seth: We got to find the guy who attacked her.

Officer: Are you the ones that reported the assault?

Seth: Yeah.

Jessica: Yeah, and the guy's going to go after my friend, so we need to go quickly.

Officer: It's all right. The police will handle this.

Jessica: Please.

Seth: Ok, come on.

Officer: Hold on. You're not going anywhere till you file a report.

Seth: Look, we don't have time for that.

Jessica: You don't understand.

Officer: Look, the only way we can help your friend is if you calm down and tell us everything.


Blair: You have made the right decision by going with me. You're not going to be sorry.

Starr: I know.

Blair: That's my girl.

Starr: But there's only one thing -- oh, I think I forgot my rabbit-fur muff. Did you pack it?

Blair: That old ratty thing, Starr? You don't need that.

Starr: Mommy, I love it. And it's all fluffy, just like a little bunny, only dead. And you said that I could keep it forever.

Blair: Ok, ok, ok, ok, go get it, go get it.

Starr: Wait --

Blair: Up in your room. Go, go, go.

Starr: It's in the closet on the top shelf.

Blair: What, this one?

Starr: Yes, that one.

Blair: Ah. On the top shelf?

Starr: Yep, top shelf.

Blair: I don't see it up here.

Starr: It's all the way up there. You got to really get in there.

Blair: All right. I still don't see it, Sweetheart.

Starr: Go, go back.

Blair: You sure you want it?

Starr: It's a lot further than you are, Mom.

Blair: Ok. I don't see it, Starr. Starr! Starr!

Starr: Oh, no, Mom. I think that the door locked on you.

Blair: Starr, open the door right now! Starr!


Todd: This is stupid, Buck. You know Iím going to get out as soon as they do a D.N.A. test.

Buck: They're not going to do any tests on my boy.

Todd: Yeah, well, I'll get a lawyer and make them.

Buck: Oh, really? Do you hear that, boys? The man who just tried to kidnap my son is going to make me put some obscene test on my little boy.

Missy: It's a pretty simple test.

Buck: What are you, a doctor now? You just stay out of this, Missy, if you know what's good for you.

Missy: Trouble is you don't know what's good for you.

Todd: Ok, I wasn't -- oh, boy. I wasn't trying to kidnap anybody. I was just trying to rescue them.

Buck: You're the one who's going to need rescuing, boy. Everybody in this town knows that Jeter's my son.

Todd: Yeah, well, everybody in this town is wrong, then. I'm going to prove it.

Buck: Oh, yeah? You hear that, boys? Everybody in this town is wrong, and this clown's going to prove it.

Todd: Yeah, watch me.

Buck: Take him away. Get him out of here.

Todd: "Take him away"? What are you, Sheriff Cletus?

Buck: Let me tell you something, son. I just about own this town. So even if you do get out of the hoosegow before Jeter graduates from Texas A&M, nobody's going to believe you.

Todd: Wait a minute! There's no way my son is ever going to grow up to be an aggie!

Buck: And he's going to have a heck of a lot more school spirit than that! Get him out of here!

Todd: Hook 'em, horns.

Buck: "Hook 'em, horns"? I'll hook your horns, boy! And they got a heck of a marching band!


Hank: Keri? Where's Keri? And what are you doing here?

R.J.: You know that moral high ground you've been squatting on all these years? Well, it's starting to look a little soggy, brother.

Hank: What are you talking about?

R.J.: What am I talking about? What am I talking about? I'm talking about you. I'm talking about a self-righteous phony that's spineless, too. You know, what you're doing is worse than anything I've ever done.

Hank: What have I done?

R.J.: Well, let's see. You have a daughter, and she's gotten a little too big to hide.

Hank: Keri told you.

R.J.: Yeah, she told me. She told me all about you. You -- what kind of man are you, huh? And what's this about trying to keep me away from Keri?

Hank: For her sake.

R.J.: "For her sake." "For her sake"? No, no, you can't pull that. You can't blame this on her. Look, you got to tell me something! Give me one -- one real reason why you won't admit that you're that girl's father.

Hank: Because I'm not.

R.J.: Look me in the eye and tell that lie again.

Hank: I'm not lying, R.J.

R.J.: Henry, Iíve seen the checks you wrote to support her.

Hank: I'm not lying. I'm not Keriís father.

R.J.: Well, then, if you're not, who is?


Sam: Did you pick out the one you want yet?

Keri: You caught me playing hooky. I needed to get away from school for a while.

Sam: Yeah, I know. Nora told me.

Keri: Nora?

Sam: Yeah, where is she, by the way? This is for her. I don't want her to see it yet.

Keri: I haven't seen her today.

Sam: Oh, so she's off in some other department maxing out her credit cards?

Keri: Um -- I'm confused. I haven't seen Nora yet. I just got here.

Sam: Well, you're going to meet her here?

Keri: Not that I know of. Did she tell you we were supposed to go shopping today?

Sam: Yeah, as a matter of fact, she did. But you don't know anything about that?

Keri: Maybe I forgot or maybe she got it wrong. I'm sure there's a simple explanation.

Sam: Well, I'm sure there is, yeah. I just hope something hasnít happened to her.


Troy: What is it? What did you see?

Nora: I remember Lindsay. She was at Colinís.

Troy: Are you ok?

Nora: They're not good memories.

Troy: I'm sorry.

Nora: Well, they were bound to be painful, weren't they?

Troy: Ok, listen. Here's what we're going to do. I want you to take a deep breath. Good. Good. Now, just relax. Just try and let the memories come without a just try and be an observer if you can.

Nora: You're going to stay here, right?

Troy: All the way, right by your side.

Nora: Ok. Thank you. Thank you.

Lindsay: I can't wait to get you out of my life.

Nora: What makes you think Iím going to be out of your life?

Lindsay: Oh, it's just a certain feeling that Iíve got.

Nora: Oh, my god.

Troy: What? What are you remembering?

Nora: It's working. It's working.

Troy: What is it? What did you remember, Nora?

Nora: It's Lindsay. It's still Lindsay. She's at Colinís. We were -- we were fighting. She was fighting with me.

[Knock on door]

Troy: Ok, ok -- ok, look, I'm going to get rid of whoever it is. I just want you to sit on the couch --

Nora: Ok.

Troy: Relax, and just let the memories come, ok?

Nora: Ok.


Nora: Lindsay, what is it that you did?


>> Stay tuned for scenes from the next "One Life to Live.".

>> On the next "One Life to Live" --

Cristian: What if it's too late? What if she's moved on?

Jen: You know, we never did talk about what happened that night.

Jessica: What are you doing here anyway? Did you follow me?

Hank: Keri doesn't need to be involved with somebody like you.

Nora: Troy, I remember.

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