OLTL Transcript Thursday11/15/01



One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 11/15/01

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy 

>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Jessica: I have the love of good people -- something you and Natalie will never know.

Peg: Consider yourself a part of Beaucoup de Beaute.

Jen: Who was that guy?

Gabrielle: Have you discovered any evidence that says there was foul play?

Bo: I have now.

Todd: Go away and take the kid with you.

Blair: The baby was yours, Todd. You were his father.


David: Did I or did I not order room service an hour and a half ago? That's what you said the last time I called. Grilled abalone with black truffle sauce, and I want it now. They call this a five-star hotel. Oh, why do I sell myself so short when money doesn't go anywhere these days? $200,000 -- poof.

[Knock on door]

David: It's about time. Hope you're not expecting my standard 3% gratuity.


Peg: Oh, you're early.

Jen: I know. I guess I'm a little antsy.

Peg: Not to worry. Josef is running late. Here's the wardrobe. Put on the first outfit.

Jen: How do I know which one that is?

Peg: They're numbered, dear.

Jen: Oh.

Peg: In the dressing room.

Cristian: Morning.

Peg: Ok, Mark. You passed the first test -- you showed up.

Cristian: Said I would.

Peg: The model is a total novice and pretty nervous.

Cristian: Ok.

Peg: Not ok. Josef is a genius for talking to them and getting them to relax. Why don't you go in there, chat her up a bit before he gets here, huh?


Max: There you are.

Gabrielle: Ah!

Max: Hey, would you please get ahold of yourself? You dump Asa's ashes on the floor, there'll be hell to pay.

Gabrielle: I need a drink.

Max: At this hour?

Gabrielle: I don't care what hour it is.

Max: Look, I know that Bo's little visit yesterday upset you.

Gabrielle: All that talk about Asa wanting to be buried.

Max: Exactly. Are you sure it was the right thing to cremate him?

Gabrielle: You know why I did it.

Max: Autopsy showed that Asa died of a heart attack.

Gabrielle: Huh. Thank God, yes.

Max: So, why the rush to cremate?

Gabrielle: Don't you know?

Maid: Madam?

Gabrielle: Yes?

Maid: There's an officer here to see you.

Officer: Mrs. Buchanan, you're coming with me.

[Glass breaks]


Viki: Well, of course I understand. Sure. Ok. Yeah, I'll talk to you soon. Bye-bye. Whoa. Clint and the others had to land in Dublin because there's a storm over the Atlantic and they won't fly.

Jessica: So they're not going to make Grandpa's funeral?

Viki: No. They said they'd have a private ceremony there.

Jessica: That's awful.

Bo: Well, look at it this way, Jess. Services on two separate continents, so Pa would have like that.

[Viki chuckles]

Jessica: Yeah, I guess you're right.

Ben: Hey, Bo, can I talk to you for a minute?

Bo: Yeah, sure.


Jessica: To be honest with you, I don't how I'd face Dad anyway. You know, I'm not his "little girl" anymore.

Viki: Jessica, you are his little girl. You will always, always be his little girl.

Jessica: Well, yeah, except that I'm somebody elseís.

Viki: Not to me and not to your father.

Jessica: Mom, after the funeral, Iím going to find out who my real parents are.

Viki: No, Jessica. Don't do that.


Ben: You know, right before all this happened, I got a glimpse of the man Asa was -- and the father, too.

Bo: How so?

Ben: I went to him for help with Allison Perkins.

Bo: You did? I didn't think you'd follow up on that.

Ben: Yeah, well -- he was convinced that she was still dangerous, and he told me I shouldn't trust her for a minute. And he was right on.


Natalie: This bites.

Allison: Have some guava nectar. You'll feel better.

Natalie: Everyone hates me. My entire family hates me.

Allison: They'll get over it.

Natalie: The one person who really cared -- now he hates me, too. You have got to help me.


Blair: You sleep, my beautiful girl. You sleep. And you have the sweetest, sweetest of dreams, ok?

Starr's voice: One, two, three. Mommy, daddy, and me. Two, three, four. Baby makes one more.

Blair's voice: But, Starr, there is no baby.


Toddís voice: Thanks to you. That baby was my kid! It was my kid, and you let it die without telling me! I'm taking Starr!

Blair's voice: No!

Todd's voice: You took away the baby. Starr comes with me.

Blair's voice: No!

Starr's voice: No, Daddy, no, no!

Starr: Mommy! Mommy!

Blair: Sweetie?

Starr: Mommy!

Blair: What is it? It's ok. It's all right, honey. What is it?

Starr: Daddy's mad. He's mad that you lied, and he's going to ruin everything!

Blair: Shh. Shh.


Todd: Where is he?

David: Who?

Todd: Who -- that's very funny. He in here?

David: Whoa, whoa, whoa. You don't go into my hotel room and just start opening doors.

Todd: Where's the baby?


Bo: Yeah, at times Asa could be a shrewd judge of character.

Ben: Well, he nailed Allison Perkins, that's for sure.

Bo: Hmm. And you asked him for help. He must've enjoyed that.

Ben: Well, I was worried about Viki. We both were.

Bo: Yeah, well, he's always cared a lot about Viki.

Ben: That says a lot about the man. Look, I hope your last memories of Asa were good ones.

Bo: You know, it was strange. It was almost like he knew that we would never speak again.

Ben: Yeah, that's amazing. Those words take on a whole load of significance.

Bo: Yeah, I suppose.

Ben: What, do you think it was something more?

Bo: No, no. Ahem. I don't think there's any way he could have known, so -- look, I got to go. I told Andrew I'd come down to St. James early.

Ben: Ok. I'll see you there.

Bo: Yeah.


Jessica: I have to find out who my biological parents are.

Roxy: I was never cut out to be a mother.

Viki: Why would you say that?

Roxy: I can't stand children. I never could. So that kid of mine -- she's a lot better off without me and I am a whole hell of a lot better off without her.

Viki: You know what? I think maybe we'll just talk about this later, ok? Another time. Because right now you need to be with the people who love you, and that's us, your family. And we need you, all right?

Jessica: Right. I'm sorry. Of course. I'm going to finish getting ready.

Viki: Ok. She wants to find her biological parents.

Ben: Oh, boy.

Viki: We cannot let her meet that woman. It would destroy her.

Ben: Well, I don't think it would. The reason Jessica is such a wonderful young woman is because of the way she was raised by you and Clint. I mean, you gave her 20 years of love and care. She's not going to change overnight because she finds out that her biological mother is some horrible woman.

Viki: Are you sure?

Ben: Yes, I am. Has Natalie changed at all since she's met you?

Viki: No. But I keep hoping.

Ben: Yeah, well -- I'm not going to hold my breath.


Allison: Oh, come on. It can't be that bad, Natalie.

Natalie: You should have been there. I get up. Everybody's walking around in their designer funeral outfits, and they just look straight through me, like I don't even exist.

Seth: Do you know what you want?

Allison: Mmm. Get the chef to make you something really expensive, like quail eggs with caviar or something. You'll feel better.

Natalie: You know what I like. I'll just have that.

Seth: Natalie, you've changed so much, who knows what you want now.

Natalie: Fine. I'll just have coffee.

Allison: What'd I miss?

Natalie: Seth doesn't think Iím being very nice, so he doesn't want to have anything to do with the big, bad Natalie anymore.

Allison: Who needs him? You're an heiress now.

Natalie: It's just one more thing that Jessica will take from me that belongs to me.

Allison: Seth? Forget about him. He's a loser.

Natalie: No, he's not. I can't forget about him, and I will not let Jessica have him.

Allison: Ok. Then we'll just have to make sure that you get him and Jessica doesnít.


Keith: Yeah, mm-hmm. Anyone ever tell you you're worthless? No, no, I don't want to hear how many clubs you checked out last night. I want to find Vega. You understand that? And when you do find him, I got a little surprise for our man Cristian Vega.


Cristian: You want me to talk to the model?

Peg: Just try to chat her up a bit so we can get started the minute Josef gets here.

[Phone rings]

Peg: Beaucoup de Beaute.

Cristian: All right, all right. I'll give it a shot.

Peg: Da, da, da -- hold it. Thanks. Some lights just got back from the repair shop. They're in the freight elevator. Can you pick them up? You seem a little more suited for lifting things than I am. I'll talk to the model. Find everything?

Jen: I hope not. This is pretty revealing.

Peg: It's resort wear, dear. Trust me, with your body, you've got nothing to worry about. Besides, you'll be wearing a coverup for the first setup. It's in the garment bag.

Jen: That's a relief.

Peg: Now makeup. I see a pale eye and a marvelous mouth. Not that you'll need much. You're what I call a "natural beauty."

Jen: That's what Cristian used to say.

Peg: Cristian?

Jen: No one. Just someone I knew. Someone I'll probably never see again.

Peg: She's getting made up.

Cristian: Did you get her to calm down?

Peg: I hope. Now let's put those muscles to work. See these rocks over here? They need to be moved over there.

Cristian: What, you're serious?

Peg: Relax. They're made of fiberglass. Now, this big one over there, that needs to be moved right over there -- over there.

Cristian: Here?

Peg: Yes, you've got it.

Cristian: All right.

Peg: Perfect. Now take the big one, put it center. Yeah, center. Lovely grouping. Mm-hmm. Divine. Now, one more. Sweetie, put it right over there. But angle it nicely, yes. Uh-huh.

Cristian: Like this?

Peg: Hmm, just angle it. There you go. Perfection.

Cristian: Wow.

Peg: Magic time, huh? It's supposed to be a quarry, but it's a hell of a lot cheaper than the real thing. Know what I mean?

Cristian: Yeah.

Peg: Mark. Mark? Stay with me here, ok?

Cristian: I know a place like this. I mean, a real place.

Peg: And from the look on your face, a girl that goes with it.

Cristian: It was a special place -- for a while there, anyway. Look, I'm going to go finish bringing the other stuff.

Peg: Now, Jen, if you're going to be a model, you're going to have to learn to change clothes a lot quicker. What's the matter?

Jen: That looks a lot like a place that I know -- this quarry.

Peg: Hmm. It's deja vu all over again.

Jen: It was a really special place -- for a while, anyway.

Peg: That's exactly what Mark said. You two don't know each other, do you?


Max: Excuse me. If you don't mind -- what exactly is going on?

Officer: It's a courtesy to the commissioner. We want to escort his father's widow to the church.

Max: Oh.

Gabrielle: Oh! Courtesy. Oh! Oh, how lovely. Well, courtesy me away. I'm not quite ready just at the moment. I'll be out in a minute, ok? Ok.

Max: Would you let the maid pick that up?

Gabrielle: Ah!

Max: Oh, what'd you do?

Gabrielle: Ah. Oh -- I cut myself. Ah. Ooh, it's ok. It's not bad. No, it's not serious.

Max: You just -- you got to pull yourself together. You are a nervous wreck.

Al: Feeling guilty, mom?

Gabrielle: No, I am not feeling guilty.

Max: You're not helping, al.

Al: This play in class called "Macbeth." Either one of you hear of it?

Max: Yeah, of course.

Al: Yeah, it's about these two power-hungry schemers.

Max: Al -- Al, look --

Al: Just got to the part where Lady Macbeth is haunted by what she's done. Her hands are covered in blood. She thinks she'll never get them clean again.


[Organ plays]

Renee: There he is -- bigger than life.

Andrew: Yes, he was. He's going to be missed.

Renee: I saw somebody bringing flowers in the back door.

Andrew: Uh -- the current Mrs. Buchanan said she was going to help with the placement.

Renee: Really? I suppose that means it's up to me.

Bo: I'd appreciate that, Renee.

Renee: Hell, I'll be surprised if Gabrielle even shows up. Shall we, Andrew?

Andrew: Yeah. We'll open the church in a moment, Bo.

Bo: Ok. Thanks.

Renee: See you in a minute.

Bo: All right.

Bo: Nigel.

Nigel: Commissioner, I'm so sorry. I want you to know I alerted everyone I was able to reach -- the people that Mr. Buchanan would have wanted here.

Bo: Yeah. Well, thank you, Nigel. Listen, I'd like for you to sit up front with the family.

Nigel: Oh, sir, Iím afraid I won't be staying.

Bo: Is there a problem?

Nigel: I'm afraid I couldn't hold my tongue if I had to watch Ms. Gabrielle shedding her crocodile tears.

Bo: So you don't think she's really grieving for Pa?

Nigel: After what Iíve heard and witnessed, hardly, sir.

Bo: What exactly have you seen and heard, Nigel?


Blair: Things aren't going to be ruined, Sweetheart.

Starr: Daddy will take me away again. I'll get ripped apart!

Blair: No, no, no. No one is going to take me away from you ever again, ok?

Starr: You promise?

Blair: Oh, I promise, cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle right in my eye. I'll tell you what -- if you don't believe me, I will lay right there and watch you sleep. How's that?

Starr: What about Daddy?

Blair: Oh, Starr. Your daddy -- he loves you so much. And he is not going to take you away from me or me away from you ever, ok?

Starr: But what about Daddy? Where is he?

Blair: I don't know. I don't know. But I wish I did.


David: "Where's the baby"? That's a pretty interesting question, Todd.

Todd: Tell me there's, like, a really boring answer like, "Yes, gee, golly, the baby's right next door."

David: You wanted the baby dumped.

Todd: Well, now I want the baby back.

David: You pawned that baby off on a couple of nuns.

Todd: Listen to me, Vickers. I'm not playing games here.

David: If I remember, you asked me to find him a good home.

Todd: You damn well better have.

David: What's with all this sudden concern? What happened?

Todd: You don't get to ask the questions here! I'm asking the questions! I'm only asking you one question, and you better answer it quickly or I'm going to dismantle you bone by bone. Now, where is the baby?

David: Oh. I think I get it.

Todd: It's time for you to give me an answer, Vickers.

David: Blair found out that baby didn't die, didn't she? You don't bring that baby back, she's going to claw your eyes out.

Todd: Answer me.

David: Well, am I right?

Todd: Answer my question.

David: You answer mine.

Todd: You lowlife, bottom-feeding bloodsucker! You tell me -- where's that baby?

David: You care that much?

Todd: I'm going to reach down your throat and I'm going to grab your appendix and I'm going to turn you inside out.

David: Well, now --

Todd: That's how much I care.

David: I want you to hold on a second because if I remember, back at that old aeropuerto, you couldn't even look that baby in the face.  Now, he's the Holy Grail. Did somebody put out a big reward for that baby? Whose baby is he, besides Blairís?

Todd: Never mind about that. Just hand it over.

David: It's yours. That baby is yours.

Todd: Shut up!

David: Oh, my lords and ladies. Todd manning gave away his own baby. The homemakers are very busy.


Allison: Don't worry about Seth, Natalie.

Natalie: I won't let her have him. Never.

Allison: That impostor won't have a thing that belongs to you.

Natalie: I'm the real Buchanan.

Allison: Yes, you are. And don't let them push you around. Think of where you were when I came and found you.

Natalie: Hmm. You think that dump was bad, you should see Roxy's place. It's a pigsty. I hope she wallows in her own slop.

Allison: That's right -- you give as good as you get! That's what I've heard. And you've got to give it to those rich people in exactly the same way.

Natalie: It's not so easy.

Allison: Hey, I know. It's a lot of hot air, ok? But you're going to get your inheritance, and I'm going to get my share, and then you're going to have everything you need.

Seth: You'll be missing a few other things, Natalie.

Allison: Nothing important, that's for sure.

Seth: Don't you want the love and respect of your family? Do you think you're going to get that? Because I certainly donít.

Allison: Listen, you --

Natalie: Donít. Don't. Ok?

Seth: Cream and sugar's on the table. Help yourself.

Allison: You should have let me level him. That would have been fun.

Natalie: I don't want to make things even worse. I want him back.

Allison: And you'll get him back, trust me. Just go home and become a part of your family.

Natalie: Yeah, that's right. I belong there just as much as they do. They owe me.

Allison: You show them what you're made of, girl!

Natalie: Yeah, I will.

Allison: Oh -- not so fast, Mr. tall, dark, and self-righteous. I've got cash here, and I'm going to pay, and right now. And have I got a tip for you, choirboy.


Nigel: As Mr. Buchanan's trusted employee, I would never betray the confidences of him or of any of his ever-so-numerous wives.

Bo: Well, I know that you've always been loyal to him, Nigel.

Nigel: And he's been most generous to me, too, sir.

Bo: But he's gone now. It's important that we know exactly how he died. So, have you seen anything suspicious recently?

Renee: Tell him, Nigel. We'll be taking people in the church in a minute.

Bo: All right. Nigel?

Nigel: I suppose I may as well. I'm no longer working there, after all.

Renee: She fired you?

Nigel: I quit.

Renee: Good for you, Nigel.

Nigel: I saw the mistress and Mr. Holden together many times.

Bo: Together how?

Nigel: One night in his bedchamber at the very least. I also saw Ms. Gabrielle with Mr. Buchanan's heart medication.

Bo: What was she doing?

Nigel: Putting pills into the vial. She didn't know I was observing her. I thought it rather odd.

Bo: Yeah. I do, too. Thanks, Nigel.

Nigel: Well, then this is good-bye.

Bo: Nigel, I wish you were sticking around Llanview.

Nigel: I think not. Too many memories.

Renee: Nigel, I can't bear that you're going to leave us. Oh.

Nigel: You were the one, true Mrs. Buchanan.

Renee: Thank you, Nigel.

Bo: I'm going to stay in touch with you.

Nigel: Yes, sir.

Renee: Exactly which pills was she putting in the vial?

Bo: I don't know. Maybe they were the ones that Pa refused to take.

Renee: Ha.

Bo: I agree. Could you excuse me? I got to make a call. Yeah, Doc, it's Bo Buchanan. I just wanted to check and see how my father's autopsy review is going. Ah. Yeah, listen, there's something else that I want you to check for -- a masking element. Just any chemical that can be used to cover the presence of another chemical in my father's bloodstream. A chemical that either combined or by itself could act as a poison.


Todd: You don't know what you're talking about.

David: He's not denying it, folks. He's not denying it.

Todd: Just tell me where the baby is.

David: Was Blair scamming you, Todd? Was the master scammer being scammed himself?

Todd: I thought you were the master scammer.

David: I believe that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me, Todd.

Todd: What is that?

David: What?

Todd: Well, that -- your tongue -- it's kind of grayish. Are you sick or something?

David: My tongue is not grayish.

Todd: It's not something I can catch, is it?

David: I'm not sick.

Todd: Ok. If you say so.

David: It's been pretty drafty in here and Iíve complained about that, but -- no, look at that. My tongue is not gray. Ow! Ow!

Todd: Ok. Say something pithy now, David.

David: [Muffled] pithy -- let go of my tongue!

Todd: You sound so funny. It's hard to understand you.

David: All right --

Todd: This is going to be how you sound from now on after I rip off your lovely, little, pink tongue. Now, where's the baby?

David: I can't say anything --

Todd: Let's just say, hypothetically speaking, that I am the father of this kid. Do you understand? Uh-huh. If I were you, I would tell me exactly the location of this baby right now. Where's the baby?

David: [Normal voice] You thought Blair had someone else's kid, didn't you?

Todd: Ok, the next time I get my hands on your tongue, I'm really -- I'm going to rip it off.

David: Blair lied to you, didn't she? She told you she had someone else's kid.

Todd: This is your tongue we're talking about here, Vickers!

David: And you found out.

[Knock on door]

Waiter: Room service.

David: My dinner.

Todd: This is all I need.

David: Hey, what are you --

Todd: I'm going to count to three, and then Iím going to cut your tongue off.

David: Whoa, wait. You cut my tongue off, I can't tell you where the baby is.

Todd: You're right. But you could draw it in the sand with a stick. One --

David: Why do you want the baby back, anyway? Then you're going to have to tell Blair that you lied.

Todd: Two --

David: And once she finds out, she will dump you so hard, you'll bounce.

Todd: Three.

David: Ok, I'll tell you.

Todd: Good. That's great.

David: Look, I can't, all right? Because the truth is I don't know where the baby is. Look at that!


Blair: Excuse us.

Andrew: Blair, if you're here about Todd and your wedding --

Blair: No, I'm not.

Andrew: We're about to begin Asaís funeral.

Starr: Asa died? Did somebody kill him?

Andrew: Oh, no. No, honey, nobody killed Asa. I'm so sorry, Blair. I assumed.

Blair: We're here to light a candle for Starrís little brother.

Andrew: Of course. Please, use one of the side chapels.

Blair: Thank you, Andrew. We'll do that.

Starr: Mommy, can we stay for the funeral?

Blair: Well, Starr, I really don't think that's such a good idea, ok?

Starr: But, mommy, I liked Asa and I've never been to a funeral before. Do you get to see the body? Please?

Blair: All right. All right. You know what? But first let's go light a candle for your little brother, ok?

Starr: Ok.

Blair: Ok.


Bo: Viki.

Viki: Bo. How are you doing?

Bo: Well, you know, I'm hanging in.

Viki: Is Andrew going to deliver the eulogy?

Bo: Yeah. Yeah, he is, and, you know, I thought maybe I'd say a few words.

Viki: Good. I'm glad.

Bo: Hopefully the words that I say -- they -- they might even have an effect on some of the people that I think might be here today.


Gabrielle: I cut my hand on the glass, that's all.

Al: Yeah, I see. I see. Glad you explained it.

Max: Al, back off. We're all a little tense right now. Let's just try to keep things calm.

Al: You want to be calm?

Max: Asa meant a lot to each of us.

Al: He meant money to you and a way of getting back at you for her.

Gabrielle: That is not true.

Max: I'm going to chalk this up to you being very upset right now, but we'll talk about this after the service.

Al: About what, the future? How we're all going to live under this house like one big, happy family?

Gabrielle: Stop it! Stop it, please. I'm going to be late to the service, and I've got to get there.

Al: No, I'll get it.

Gabrielle: No.

Al: They're just ashes to you! All they are is ashes!

Gabrielle: Darling, I'm so sorry.

Al: No, you don't love him. Do either one of you have any concept of what love is?

Max: I'm going to head to the service. It wouldn't do for us to be seen arriving together. Not with a police escort.


Keith: Man, either this guy is very good or he's very lucky. Remember, he'll probably be with a gorgeous blonde. I can almost guarantee it. Which is where I wish I was right now. You know, I'm starting to have doubts whether he's even in New York. Oh, no. If he's here, I'll find him. But if I don't right away, I might have to give myself a little consolation prize.


Jen: I don't even know this Mark guy.

Peg: Well, his special place looks a lot like your special place, apparently.

Jen: Well, it's not the same thing. There's only one person who knows how I felt about being there.

Peg: This guy Cristian -- the one who called you a natural beauty. Well, for me it's simply a professional appraisal. But from this guy Cristian -- well, it's either a line or he's got it bad.

Jen: It was nothing more than a line. As fake as these rocks.


Peg: Well, this is late, even for Josef.

Cristian: Is there anything I can do?

Peg: You a top fashion photographer?

Cristian: No. Sorry.

Peg: I have half a mind to call off the shoot and lock up.

Cristian: Do you want me to leave?

Peg: Oh, no. Josef's always late. Great sense of composition and no sense of time. You might as well bring the rest of the equipment inside, hmm?

Cristian: Ok.

Jen: Cris.

Cristian: Jen, what Ė


Seth: Forget the tip. I don't want anything from you.

Allison: Oh, Sethie-boy's got religion, has he? Doesn't need the Buchanan millions, does he? Well, you certainly did when we started out. And you sure made damn sure Natalie got it.

Seth: I'm not proud of that.

Allison: We all have things we're not proud of.

Seth: Sure, Allison. The guilt's written all over your face.

Allison: Listen, kid. You, me, and Natalie are birds of a feather, so don't think you're better than we are. You're going to be flying back to Natalie soon enough.

Seth: I don't think so. She doesn't seem willing to walk away from all this.

Allison: You cross Natalie again, and you'll have to deal with me. And it won't be pretty.


Natalie: Hello? Hello? Is anyone home? Hello?

Natalie: I'm the real Buchanan. I am. Nobody else.

Natalie: Hello? You know what? You guys can't push me around, you hear me? Can't ignore me, either! Hello?


Viki: I'm very, very glad you're going to speak, especially since Clint and the others can't be here.

Bo: You know, I thought that I might have a few insights into Pa's life and his -- his death.

Max: Hello, everyone.

Bo: Max. You know, hopefully some of these insights -- they may even turn out to be worthwhile.

Al: Hey.

Al: Hey. I brought his ashes.

Bo: Would you mind taking them in to the Rev. Carpenter, please?

Al: Yeah, sure.

Bo: Thanks. Hey, Al -- you know, it really made a difference for Pa having you in the house because he really liked you and he really liked having you there.

Al: I liked him, too. A lot.

Bo: Well, I guess he's here now, so we can get started.

Ben: You ok?

Bo: I've had better days, but I'll survive.

Viki: Take care.

Renee: There are four women in veils here.

Bo: Yeah, I know. I saw them come in, but I don't have a clue who they are.

Renee: I have a bad feeling about this.

Andrew: If everyone will have a seat, please. Thank you. Before I begin the service, I know that we're going to hear from Comm. Bo Buchanan, the deceased's son. But is there anyone else who would like to speak? Will we hear from one of the women that Asa was married to?

Women: Yes.


Todd: Ah. Say "ah," David.

David: I don't know where your baby is, Todd. I swear.

Todd: Come on, Vickers, stick out your tongue.

David: If I knew, I would tell you, all right?

Todd: Really, I'm not playing games here.

David: I don't know!

Todd: How much did they pay you? You tell me. What -- what was the price for you giving up your glorious gift of gab?

David: Look, they wanted the whole baby-buying thing to be very hush-hush. I'm sure you can appreciate that, it being illegal and all.

Todd: Uh-huh. Time for you to name names.

David: They call themselves the Smiths, all right?

Todd: I don't believe you.

David: Look, I don't know!

Todd: Fine. Hear no evil, say no --

David: Look, Todd, I don't --

[Baby cries]

Todd: The baby's next door? You're an idiot! Hey, you know -- I wasn't bluffing.

[Baby cries]

[Baby cries]


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