OLTL Transcript Wednesday 11/14/01



One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 11/14/01

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy 

>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Troy: You could get back most, if not all, of your memory.

Nora: I can't do it.

Gabrielle: The autopsy report showed no foul play.

Max: I guess that's it then.

Cristian: "Photographer's assistant," modeling agency.

Jen: Here goes nothing.

Todd: It's true, isn't it? That is my baby.


Todd: Do you know anything about anything? What -- what you made me do -- my baby? I don't believe this!

Blair: Todd, I'm so sorry. I know that I hurt you and I know that I drove you crazy by --

Todd: You don't know anything.

Blair: By making you think that max was the father, but I swear to you I was so afraid that you were going to take the baby away from me like you took Starr away from me!

Todd: This is not happening.

Blair: And I was so afraid that you were going to hurt me, that's -- that's why I lied, Todd.

Todd: Baby's -- Blair, you said the only thing that came between you and me is this baby. I think -- I thought the baby was Maxís. And it's born and I -- I --

Blair: What? What are you saying, Todd?


[Doorbell rings]


Woman: Hello.

Jen: Hi.

Woman: And you are?

Jen: Oh, Jennifer Rappaport.

Woman: Who? Oh, the one who won that contest in Pennsylvania?

Jen: Llanview University.

Woman: Uh-huh. Margaret Barlow. Call me Peg.

[Phone rings]

Peg: Hang on. Beaucoup de beaute. Well, yes, we're looking for a photographer's assistant. And your name is?

Cristian: Uh, Mark.

Peg: Ok, that's a start. Mark what?

Cristian: Lindsay. Mark Lindsay.

Peg: Lindsay. Let's see, where's that blasted pen? Must be somewhere here.


Maitre d': Good evening, Mr. Rappaport.

Sam: Hi, Gerald.

Gerald: Table for three, as I recall.

Sam: Yes, Nora Buchanan and I are having dinner with Dr. MacIver. Listen, when the dinner's over and the good doctor's gone, send over your best bottle of champagne, and then tell the waiters to leave Ms. Buchanan and I alone. Ok?

Gerald: Absolutely.

Sam: Thanks.

Gerald: We'll make sure everything goes perfectly.

Sam: Good. It's going be a night to be remembered.

Lindsay: Sam? I need to talk to you. I want to make sure you don't make another terrible mistake.


Nora: Hello. You're right on time.

Troy: Wow. Don't you look beautiful.

Nora: Well, now, see, that's a way a man should always great a woman.

Troy: Only if he means it.

Nora: Oh, well, I clean up pretty good. You're not looking so bad yourself, Doc. Come on in.

Troy: Thank you.

Nora: Sam called and he's just going go straight and meet us right at the palace, so Iím just going to grab my things, then we can go.

Troy: Sounds good. Hey, I brought you a copy of the research article I mentioned on the phone. You remember how I told you the odds of you regaining your memory were only about one in three?

Nora: Or worse.

Troy: Yeah, well, according to the latest studies, they've increased to more than 50%.

Nora: Really?

Troy: Really. You may want to reconsider. Think about it.

Nora: I know this is going to be hard for you to understand, troy, but I have everything that I could possibly want right now. My son is healthy, thanks to you, and Sam and I are working towards building a life together, and that's enough.

Troy: Nora, what about Lindsay did to you?

Nora: I'm -- Iím just going to stop worrying about Lindsay, stop regretting Lindsay, stop hating Lindsay. I really, really want to move on and build this future, ok? And speaking moving on, we need to go on because we have a whole lot of thanking you for. Come on.


Max: Whoo! Ah! Oh! Ow.

Gabrielle: Max, what is that?

Max: Asa.

Gabrielle: Uh-huh.

Max: You had him created, huh?

Gabrielle: Yes, I did. I thought it was best for both of us.

Max: Well, cremation is certainly a good way to limit evidence that the cops might want to dig up.

Gabrielle: Yes, it is.

Max: I just came over for some papers. I don't think it's a good idea that we should be seen together. I'll go.

Gabrielle: Max, could you stay just long enough for us to talk about this?

[Doorbell rings]

Max: Wait, wait, whoa, wait, wait.

Gabrielle: Bo. Good evening.

Bo: Good evening.

Gabrielle: Won't you come in?

Bo: Thank you.

Gabrielle: Thank you.

Gabrielle: Oh, Bo. I'm so glad you're here. I was just thinking about Asa and how much I miss him. My wonderful, beautiful husband's gone forever.

Bo: Is that Pa in there? Is there any particular reason why you had him cremated?


Blair: Why are you looking at me like that, Todd?

Todd: Get rid of it.

Paloma: Senor!

Todd: You keep it away from me. I don't want it anywhere near me -- not now, not ever.

Blair: What is it?

Todd: Blair, uh --

Blair: What?

Todd: See, I thought that the baby was Maxís, so I kind of -- I kind of let it go.


Lindsay: You need to make time for this.

Sam: No, I donít. I'm having dinner with Nora and Troy and that's all that Iím doing.

Lindsay: The three of you?

Sam: That's right. See you.

Lindsay: Our daughter's in trouble, Sam.

Sam: No, she's not. She's in New York getting ready for a modeling assignment, and I hope she's having a great time.

Lindsay: You knew that she was going to New York?

Sam: You tried to run her life, Lindsay. You drove her away and now she's gone. Live with it.

Lindsay: Don't dismiss me like that. I'm her mother. Why can't you respect that? Or do you only have respect for your new child's mother?

Sam: Oh. Oh, that's what this is about. It's not about Jen. It's about Nora.

Lindsay: Don't you remember how much she hurt you?

Sam: Read my lips -- I don't care about anything that you have to say. Now take a hike.

Lindsay: Don't you remember before the train wreck?

Sam: Oh, please.

Lindsay: It was New Yearís Eve and we saw Nora and Bo dancing together.

Sam: Lindsay --

Lindsay: It was the night you were supposed to be married, Sam.

Sam: Go away.

Lindsay: And that's where we were -- in the warehouse, watching Nora dance with Bo.

Sam: That's ancient history and far less momentous than you're trying to make it.

Lindsay: She broke your heart.

Sam: Hardly.

Lindsay: You want to put yourself in that position and let that happen again?


Peg: All right, Mr. Lindsay, how about you get yourself down here for an interview.

Cristian: Sure. When?

Peg: Yesterday would be good. We really do need someone. Now, I gave you our address?

Cristian: Yeah. Yeah, I'm not too far. I'll be there in no time.

Peg: See you soon, then.

Jen: It's perfect.

Cristian: It'll bring you good luck. You know, some stones do that for you.

Jen: I hate you. Take this piece of junk, ok? Just go to New York, never come back for all I care.

Cristian: I did it for you, Jen. I had to make you think I didn't love you to keep you safe, keep you alive.


Keith: Don't tell me to be patient. I paid good money to find out where Vegaís holed up. You guaranteed you could deliver. Now you tell me what happened. The guy didn't suddenly become invisible, right? Ok, all right, another thing that might be useful, the guy likes blond chicks. He left this blond named Jen behind in PA. Let me tell you something, I never would've walked out on this girl. Yeah, he's a real player. I want him found. And then Iíll do the rest.


Blair: Todd. Todd, please don't blame yourself for what happened to the baby. The baby came -- he came too early. It was too far away from a hospital, and that was my fault. Please. Please, just don't blame yourself.

Todd: You don't understand.

Blair: Oh, yes, I do, Todd. Todd, you were my rock when the baby died. You know, I probably wouldn't have gotten through any of it if it weren't for you and everything that you did for me.

Todd: Everything that I did for you?

Blair: Yes. And it meant -- it meant so much to me. And then I saw how much -- I know how much you would've been hurt if I had told you that it was your baby. And I saw how much you cared.

Todd: So you kept your mouth shut.

Blair: Yes. And then when we got home, I know I should've just told you right away, and certainly before the ceremony, Todd, but I just thought that, you know, it would be easier if --

Todd: He was my son.

Blair: Yes, he was. And I'm so sorry because it's my fault, Todd. And I know that you probably will never be able to forgive me. Todd, I swear, that's -- that's why I wanted to tell you, because I don't -- I don't want you to feel that you're responsible. Just please tell me that you know that you didn't do anything wrong with the baby. Please.

Todd: I can't say that.

Blair: Why not?

Blair: Todd --

Todd: No, I just need to stop, stop thinking. I'll stop thinking about this -- this baby.

Blair: I know. He was so tiny. I'll bet he was sweet. You got to hold him. He was perfect, wasn't he?

Todd: It's a boy.

Todd: I didn't do right by this kid.

Blair: Yes. Oh, yes, you did, Todd. Yes, you did. I saw you. I watched you. I saw you holding him. You did everything you could for as long as you could.


Peg: Nice photos. Look up and smile. Thought so. These don't come close to doing you justice.

Jen: Really?

Peg: No need to worry. Josef will take care of you.

Jen: He's the photographer?

Peg: Best in the business. He'll catch those eyes in the right light and, bam, before long, hearts will be aching all across America. Now, I need you to fill out these release forms.

Jen: Ok.

Peg: You might want to look them over carefully. They're kind of complicated and boring. Did I mention dull?

Jen: My dad's an attorney, so Iíll look them over very carefully.

Peg: Hmm, good for you. One more thing. Off the record -- are you involved with anyone right now?

[Doorbell rings]


Sam: Hi.

Lindsay: Troy, you didn't tell me that you would be here tonight, let alone with Sam and Nora.

Troy: You didn't ask. Why, does it make a difference?

Lindsay: Absolutely.

Troy: I thought you were entertaining a client.

Lindsay: She's late.

Troy: You seem upset, Lindsay. I'm assuming it has nothing to do with your late client.

Lindsay: Well, to tell you the truth, the last thing I needed tonight was to see Sam and Nora together.

Troy: Ah. Well, maybe you should go then.

Lindsay: Why?

Troy: Well, because the three of us are here to celebrate Matthewís recovery. If you stick around, you're just going to have to watch us have a good time all night long. Excuse me.


Sam: Oh, my God, you are so beautiful.

Nora: Thank you. So are you. So -- so how was your day? I mean, how was the wedding?

Sam: Oh, don't ask. Let me just say that after a day with Blair and Todd, you're exactly what the doctor ordered.

Nora: Oh, no pun intended, of course.

Sam: Oh, every pun intended.

Nora: Well, what happened at the wedding?

Sam: Oh, well, it didn't happen. It --

Nora: What?

Sam: No, it didn't happen. You know what, Iíll tell you about that later. Right now I would just like to wallow in the presence of your beauty.

Nora: Oh, this is the good part. Keep going.

Sam: Well, you're not only gorgeous --

Nora: Yeah?

Sam: You're lovely.

Nora: Yeah?

Sam: And you're kind.

Nora: Uh-huh?

Sam: You're sane. You're trustworthy.

Nora: Imagine that.

Sam: And I love that about you.

Nora: I'm glad.

Sam: I love you.

Troy: Hey there. Hope Iím not interrupting.

Sam: Oh, no, not at all.

Nora: No, we were just talking about being happy. And you're a big reason we are.

Sam: Absolutely.

Troy: Well, thank you very much. That's very nice to hear.

Nora: You know, I haven't seen Renee since we got here. If you two will excuse me, I want to go look for her. I know she's taking Asa's death pretty hard.

Sam: Of course.

Troy: Sure, go ahead.

Nora: I'll be back.

Troy: Ok.

Sam: Oh. Don't worry about Lindsay. She's already tried to cause trouble once tonight. I doubt she has the guts to try it again.

Nora: Hey. Gerald, have you seen Ms. Divine? I checked the kitchen. She wasn't there.

Gerald: Last time I saw her, she was very upset.

Nora: I know. It's Asa Buchananís death.

Gerald: She may be in there.

Nora: Oh, thank you.

Nora: Renee? Renee, honey, it's Nora. Renee? Are you in here?

Lindsay: No, but I am. Well, Nora. It's just you and me in the ladies' room again. Seem familiar to you?

Nora: No.

Lindsay: Club Indigo? I saved your life. We were in the ladies' room, there was a fire. Oh, you don't remember. Well, that's ok, Iíll tell you about it. You owe me your life. You're in debt to me. You owe me, and tonight I'm going to collect.


Peg: Can you hang on for just a sec?

Cristian: Sure.

Peg: There's something Iíve got to handle first.

Cristian: Ok.

Peg: Thanks.

Peg: Jen, I really do need an answer. Are you involved with anyone right now?

Jen: No, not anymore. I was, but it didn't work out.

Peg: Definitely over?

Jen: Definitely.

Peg: Excellent. We don't like our models distracted by boyfriends. This work requires enormous concentration and discipline.

Jen: I'll do my best.

Peg: We want 100% -- no more, no less -- and that means no boyfriends.

Jen: Well, there's nobody in my life now.

Peg: Good. I'll be in the other room. You fill these out and Iíll be back in a few minutes.

Jen: Ok.

Peg: Ah. Mr. Lindsay, I presume.

Cristian: You can call me Mark, if you'd like.

Peg: Ok, Mark. Thanks for waiting. Do you have a resume?

Cristian: Yes, I do.

Peg: Hmm. Handsome, prompt, and prepared. I like that.

Cristian: I aim to please.

Peg: Now, Iíll check this over and you fill this out.

Cristian: Ok.

Peg: If you get the job, the model for your assignment's in the other room. Let me show you her photos. She's absolutely stunning.

Woman: You would not believe what Teri did to my nails.

Second woman: Oh, don't listen to her, Peg; she's on a sugar high. She's been -- oh. Are you the new assistant for Josef?

Cristian: I'm not sure yet.

Woman: Hire him for my shoot, will you?

Second woman: Yeah, mine, too.

Peg: Now go get dressed, girls.

Woman: Hmm.

Peg: One of the perks of the job or one of the drawbacks, depending on your P.O.V. They're going to be quite jealous when they get a look at our new model.


Gabrielle: Bo, the reason I had Asa cremated was because it was his wish.

Bo: His wish? Really?

Gabrielle: Oh, Bo, I'm sorry. I realize you would've felt much more comfortable saying your good-byes to Asaís body, but you have to remember this was his wish. And his soul is all that matters now.

Bo: Well, I guess that's true now, because his soul is all that's left.

Gabrielle: Besides, I have to admit that viewing a dead body is so macabre, even repulsive.

Bo: It's repulsive, really? Gabrielle, I mean, we're talking about my father right now. Did you find him repulsive?

Gabrielle: Bo, no, no, no, that's not what I meant. It's just that after death -- well, even the bible tells us, "dust to dust, ashes to ashes."

Bo: Oh, so you want me to believe that you were following the Holy Scriptures, is that it?

Gabrielle: Don't you want to remember your father as he was? As a man who was strong and had goodwill? As a handsome cowpoke sitting tall in the saddle?

Bo: Ah, yeah. So you were thinking of me?

Gabrielle: I was thinking of all of us. All of us, every one of us who loved Asa. We should remember him the way that he was. Not some cold, chemically preserved body in some casket. He wouldn't have wanted it that way. He wouldn't have wanted people leaning over with pity on him. He would've been -- he wanted to be remembered for his strength and his incredible sense of humor. Don't you agree?

Bo: No. Ahem. No.

Gabrielle: You don't? Right. Well, of course, you're entitled to your own opinion, like anyone is.

Bo: Yeah, and you know what, I think Pa was entitled to his opinion, too.

Gabrielle: Yes, of course he was, Bo.

Bo: Yes, well, the problem here is that he made it clear how he felt about being cremated. I mean, he made it crystal clear. He made that point on several different occasions and he got pretty worked about it. He wanted to be buried, all right, pure and simple. He did not want to be reduced to a pile of little ashes and then stuck in a jar. So maybe you can tell me, how did you get him to change his mind?


Sam: I doubt either one of us imagined we'd be having dinner.

Troy: I sure wouldn't have put money on it.

Sam: As far as I'm concerned, this is just a down payment on how much I owe you.

Troy: Oh, please.

Sam: No, not just for Matthew. I have acted like a jerk to you more than once.

Troy: Don't you worry about it. I'm not the kind of guy who keeps score. Besides, all you did was knock me unconscious, break into my apartment, and toss me out a window, right?

Sam: But who's counting, right?

Troy: Listen; as long as you can get past the fact of thinking that I am like Colin, I consider it a victory for everyone. Time to move on.

Sam: Thank you. As a matter of fact, Nora and I came to the same conclusion just recently -- to not let the past run our lives.

Troy: Yeah, I know.

Sam: You do? Did she say something to you?


Nora: As far as I remember, you've never helped me, Lindsay. As far as I'm concerned, you've done nothing but hurt me.

Lindsay: Well, then you need to get some perspective because I'm the one who's been hurt and who's still being hurt.

Nora: Really? By me?

Lindsay: Yeah. Don't you pretend like you don't know what you're doing.

Nora: I don't have a clue.

Lindsay: You are trying to make sure Samís old family drifts away so that you and your son can move in and have Sam all to yourself.

Nora: I'm doing that?

Lindsay: What do you think Samís inattention did to will? It made him leave town.

Nora: Oh --

Lindsay: And now my daughter's gone. So both my children are out there in the world without their father because of your selfishness.

Nora: Will and Jen are grown people! Maybe you've smothered them so much. Maybe that's what's happened. Because you smothered them so much with your motherly love or whatever you want to call it, they've run screaming out of the -- no. No, I'm not going to do this. I'm having a nice dinner tonight with Sam and Troy and the evening is going to be wonderful, and Iím not going to spoil it by talking to you.

Lindsay: What about you and Sam?

Nora: That is none of your business. But since you've asked, we're getting closer. Maybe you'll even be there to catch the bouquet. I'll let you know. Good night.

Lindsay: You go ahead, Nora. You run off to your dinner and you let Sam and Troy tell you how wonderful you are. That's right, you can run. You can run away from me, but you cannot run away from what I did to you.


Blair: You must hate me so much.

Todd: Blair, listen --

Blair: Look, I -- I should've told you. But, Todd, I was so afraid. You know, after you took Starr away -- you're going to take her away again, aren't you?

Todd: Can't even think. I got all this noise in my head.

Blair: Todd? If you -- if you find it in your heart to forgive me, I swear to you I will try to find a way to make it up to you, please.

Todd: This is not happening.

Blair: I swear to you, I will spend the rest of my life proving to you how much I love you. Don't you know all I ever wanted -- all I've ever wanted was to have a family? You, Starr, me, and the new baby. Do you -- you think we could, you know, still have that, a family, just the three of us now? Hmm?

Todd: Might be too late.


Gabrielle: Bo, when was the last time you had this discussion with Asa?

Bo: About how Pa wanted to be buried? It was the last time his heart acted up.

Gabrielle: Oh, I see. Quite some time ago, then, long before he and I were married.

Bo: It was in February, Gabrielle. I wouldn't say that was long before you were married. I'd say that was about three months before you were married.

Gabrielle: Yes. Asa had a heart attack in February?

Bo: I guess Pa didn't tell you about that.

Gabrielle: No, he didn't tell me. I would've remembered.

Bo: Well, of course you would've remembered and I'm sure that you talked about all of this. You've talked about it since then, you know, this idea of being cremated.

Gabrielle: Yes, Bo, many times.

Bo: Uh-huh. I see. Yeah. I'll bet you there's all kinds of things that you must've talked about that I would know absolutely nothing about.

Gabrielle: Oh, yes, we had many deep discussions about exciting subjects.

Bo: Hmm. But it's funny because it seems to me that Pa was just emphatic that he did not want to be cremated.

Gabrielle: But, Bo, in the last few months -- and if I may say so, the two of you were not speaking -- Asa grew to realize that what was important was his immortal soul, not his ephemeral body.

Bo: He did?

Gabrielle: Yes. And since his death has not been ruled suspicious, you didn't need the body anymore, did you?

Bo: No, no, I don't, no.

Gabrielle: Well, then I don't see the problem.

Bo: Oh, no problem.

Gabrielle: Well, good.

Bo: Except, of course, if I wanted them to do more tests on the body. But now I canít.

Gabrielle: Oh. Oh, yes. Oh, dear. Bo, I'm so terribly sorry if I have disturbed the investigation in any way. I shall never forgive myself.

Bo: Oh, don't be too hard on yourself, Gabrielle.

Gabrielle: No. Well, thank you. So I haven't disturbed the investigation?

Bo: Oh, no, no, no, I didn't say that.

Gabrielle: Did you want to do more tests? Bo, have you discovered any evidence that says there was foul play?

Bo: I have now.

Max: Well? What now?

Bo: This is Buchanan. I want you to get ahold of the medical examiner. I want you to make sure that he collected enough samples from my father's body -- and I mean absolutely sure -- because we're going to need them.


Sam: Did Nora tell you something? What did she say?

Troy: About the future?

Sam: Yeah.

Troy: Uh --

Sam: Oh, pardon me.

Renee: Sam.

Sam: How are you?

Renee: Oh, well, you know.

Sam: Yeah?

Renee: The maitre d' just told me that Nora was looking for me?

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Troy: Yeah, she just left to look for you.

Sam: She wanted you know how sorry she was about Asa, and we all want you to know that.

Renee: Thanks. I suppose you really didn't know Asa.

Troy: No, I'd only met him a couple of times, but I heard nothing but good things about him.

Renee: Well, hey, I wouldn't go exactly that far. I think Sam would agree with me. He gave Sam a rough time. But he always respected you.

Sam: Well, Nora was always pointing out his good side and I know that she really liked him.

Renee: Yeah. He was, um --

Sam: Hey, it's ok. Why don't you join us for a drink?

Troy: Yeah, please.

Renee: Thanks. I think I need to get back to work.

Sam: That's strange. Where is Nora?


Troy: Where's Lindsay?

Nora: Go ahead, Lindsay, why don't you tell me. What exactly did you do to me?

Lindsay: I already told you. I saved your life.

Nora: Well, if that's all you've got, then Iím going to say good night again.

Lindsay: I have plenty. I have things that you will never have. I have my memories. I fell in love with Sam and I remember it. I spent years with him and I remember every wonderful minute of it. I remember you hurting him so badly that he could hardly breathe.

Nora: What?

Lindsay: I remember having Samís children -- both of them. Do you remember having Matthew? Actually, how much of Matthewís first year do you remember? You see, I have my memories. That's something that you will never have -- never!

[Knock on door]

Sam: Nora? Nora, are you in here?

Lindsay: You can't come in here. Can't you read the sign?

Sam: What are you doing to her?

Troy: Are you ok?

Sam: What did you do?

Lindsay: I'm not doing anything she doesn't deserve!

Sam: All right, that's it, come on, you're out of here. You're out of here!

Lindsay: Get your hands off me!

Sam: You're out.

Troy: What happened? What'd she say? Nora, is there something you need me to do?

Nora: Yes. Yes, I do.

Troy: Just tell me and I'll do it.


[Phone rings]

Keith: Yeah, what do you got for me? Look, I told you Iím not the patient type. I know it's early. You're telling me nobody saw him at any of those clubs? All right, just look for the guy who knows how to get blonds to crawl all over him, and make it quick. I'm not going to wait all night. You know, if I can't find Vega, maybe I'll just take you, sweetheart.


Peg: Fine, whatever. Invent the wheel. Put a man on the moon. Just don't keep me waiting. Now, where were we?

Cristian: You were going to show me some shots of the model that you're shooting tomorrow morning. Although, to tell you truth, I don't see the point.

Peg: Meaning?

Cristian: Well, if you just go ahead and hire me right now, I could meet her in the morning.

Peg: Well, that's true.

Cristian: So am I hired?

Peg: Ok, consider yourself a part of beaucoup de beaute. Be here tomorrow morning, 10:00 A.M.

Cristian: Hey, thanks a lot.

Peg: Don't let me down.

Cristian: I wonít.

Jen: Who was that guy?

Peg: Mark Lindsay, the one who called. I just hired him to assist Josef on the next shoot -- your shoot.

Jen: Wow, then it's really happening then?

Peg: Of course. You're perfect. You'll meet mark and Josef tomorrow morning, 10:00 A.M., Bright and early.


Gabrielle: What are you so worried about?

Max: Who said Iím worried?

Gabrielle: Oh, I don't know, you're just pacing like a caged animal.

Max: Ok, all right, ok, I'm on edge a little bit, ok? I heard what you and Bo had to say and you did fine.

Gabrielle: Well, thank you. I had to do what I had to do. There's a lot at stake.

Max: Got that right.

Gabrielle: Oh, Asa. I'm so sorry I did this to you. But I couldn't let Bo do any more tests on your body. I just hope you understand I did what I had to do.


Bo: Tomorrow won't be easy, that's for sure. How are you holding up?

Renee: Well, I miss him. And I feel like I failed him.

Bo: No, you didn't.

Renee: Bo, I walked away from him. I let him marry that --

Bo: Yeah, I always have a hard time coming up with the right word to describe Gabrielle. I'm sure pa could've come up with a few choice ones.

Renee: Murderer. You come up with any more leads?

Bo: Gabrielle had Pa cremated.

Renee: No.

Renee: He wouldn't have wanted that.

Bo: I know.

Renee: So why would she? To destroy evidence?

Bo: But she didn't. I kind of figured that she'd try to pull something like this, so I had the lab collect all the samples they could possibly need.

Renee: And you can run more tests?

Bo: They're being run as we speak.

Renee: Good.

Bo: Something is just not right here, Renee, and I'm going to find out what it is.


Sam: You've had it in for Nora since you got here tonight. What did you say to her?

Lindsay: All I did was tell her the truth.

Sam: Yeah, and what truth is that?

Lindsay: Don't you see she's going to do it again?

Sam: What are you talking about?

Lindsay: Think about it. You are going to so wish that I was here to lean on when she breaks your heart all over again.


Nora: I want to take that memory recovery treatment as soon as possible.

Troy: Ok. But I want you to understand, Nora, it's not going to be easy.

Nora: I don't care how hard it is. I want my memories back. I want to remember everything. Beginning with falling in love with Sam, giving birth to Matthew, and ending with what Lindsay did to me.


Blair: Todd, what do you mean that it's too late? Too late for us?

Todd: Yeah. The baby -- everything.

Blair: Well, what are you saying?

Todd: I don't know what Iím saying.

Blair: No, Todd, please. We can start all over. We can get another chance.

Todd: No.

Blair: I mean, I know that we can, Todd, please!

Todd: Everything is not right. There's something I got to do.

Blair: What do you mean, that it's not right with the baby, Todd? What -- please, where are you going to go? Wait, Todd, please! Todd! Todd.


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Officer: Mrs. Buchanan, you're coming with me.

Jessica: Mom, Iím going to find out who my real parents are.

Peg: You're what I call a natural beauty.  Jen: That's what Cristian used to say.   Peg: Cristian?

David: You wanted the baby dumped. Todd: Well, now I want the baby back.