OLTL Transcript Wednesday 10/31/01



One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 10/31/01

By Suzanne 
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Troy: If this drug works, it'll work dramatically.

Jen: Cristian lied to me. He told me that he never loved me, ok? Are you happy with that?

Starr: Mommy is really having Daddy's baby, only Daddy thinks that it's Max's!

Gabrielle: What are we going to do?

Max: We're going to stop him before he stops me.


Blair: I just can't wait to see our little girl. Oh, seems like forever.

Todd: Blair, wait.

Blair: What is it?

Todd: Well, you know, since we couldn't get ahold of Starr down there in Mexico, I need to know what you're going to say to her, how you're going to handle telling her about what happened down there.

Blair: Oh, Todd, I --

Todd: Well, she's going to ask, you know.

Blair: Well, you know what? Maybe she won't. Maybe she'll just be so happy that -- that we're together that -- you know, maybe we'll just tell her sometime -- break it to her later.

Todd: Blair, for months she was, like, "baby this," "baby that." I mean it's not like she's not going to notice that we're here without a baby.

Blair: Please, can we not do it now, Todd? I'm just so glad to be home with you and for us to be a real family.

Todd: Great.

Blair: Ok?


[Doorbell rings]

Jen: Cristian?

Jen: "Something beautiful to bring back the light in your eyes. Here's a clue -- soon, everyone will know how incredible you are. Your friend, Al."


Sam: It's amazing -- he looks just like you when you're sleeping.

Nora: I sleep with my mouth open?

Sam: Never.

Nora: Oh.

Sam: However, like our son, an earthquake wouldn't wake you up.

Nora: He feels safe, even here.

Sam: Maybe we'll all feel safe again someday.

Nurse: Excuse me.

Nora: What are you doing?

Nurse: Removing your son's I.V.

Nora: I can see that, but why?

Nurse: Well, his treatment's done. He's received a full dose.

Sam: But why are you doing it? Where is Dr. MacIver?

Nurse: I have a few more patients to see, and then I'll send him right down.

Nora: No, I'm going to go get Dr. MacIver right now.

Sam: Nora --

Nora: No, I'm not waiting one more minute to find out if Matthew's ok.

Sam: Good. Hurry. I'll stay with Matthew till you get back.

Nora: Please, God, let these drugs have worked.


Troy: Did you run the liver function test? Electrolytes?


Lindsay: Everybody loves you, and they're going to love you even more when you come back from the dead. And where will that leave me?

Nora: Colin! Colin!

Colin: Lindsay, no!

Lindsay: Nora!


Troy: Thank you.

Lindsay: Don't look at me like that. It was Colin. He was afraid he was going to lose her, so he -- he injected her with the drugs that erased her memory.

Troy: Why don't I believe you, Lindsay?

Lindsay: Well, what do I know about drugs? I'm afraid of needles, too.

Troy: More afraid of needles than you are of Nora?

Lindsay: Also, I hated Colin, so why would I have helped him?

Troy: Well, maybe you weren't helping Colin. Maybe you were just helping yourself.

Lindsay: You know, it doesn't really matter to me what you believe, but for the record, I didn't have anything to do with any of it.

Troy: Good. So then you won't mind if I check into it.

Lindsay: And what does that mean?

Troy: Well, it means I can just ask Nora.

Nora: Ask me what?


Gabrielle: Oh, Asa? Asa, Asa, wake up. Asa? He doesn't have a pulse. And he's not breathing.

Max: Are you sure?

Gabrielle: Yes, I'm sure. I don't hear anything. I don't feel anything. He's -- I think he's dead. What are we going to do?

Max: Count to 10. He can't hold his breath much longer.

Gabrielle: Max, would you do something? C.P.R. or something, or call an ambulance.

Max: Oh, let them save somebody worth saving.

Gabrielle: Oh, what is the matter with you? I'll call 911.

Max: You're not calling anyone.

Gabrielle: What?

Max: Let him lie there. Let the old reprobate rot.


Blair: Oh, it is so good -- oh -- to see you, Sweetie. I missed you so much.

Starr: I missed you, too, Mommy. I'm sorry I was mad before. I'm over it.

Blair: Well, we're together now, and that's -- that's all that matters.

Starr: Hi, Daddy. Welcome home!

Todd: Hey. Wait till you see what I got you.

Starr: Wait till you see what I got you.

Blair: Wow. Where did all these presents come from?

Starr: I charged them. Daddy got me my very own platinum card.

Todd: She was stealing them. I saved her from a life of crime.

Starr: Do you like the poster I made?

Blair: Wow. It's -- it's really wonderful, Starr. Let me ask you something. How did you know that your daddy and I were coming home together, huh?

Starr: Easy. When Daddy didn't know where you were, he was really scared. Weren't you, Daddy?

Todd: Oh -- oh, maybe a little.

Starr: You were. And then when he found out Mommy was in Mexico, you couldn't wait to go there to take her home.

Blair: Let me tell you something about your daddy, Starr. He saved the day.

Todd: Oh.

Starr: I always knew you guys loved each other. The voodoo lady was right.

Todd: Well, it was a good guess. The odds were 50/50 anyway.

Starr: Whatever. Here -- this is for the baby. Go on, open it.

Starr: It's to hang over his crib so he won't be lonely in the middle of the night. Hey -- where is the baby, anyway?


Jen: Al, I'm sorry. It's just --

Al: I -- I feel like a bum. I bought you those flowers to cheer you up, and all I've done is upset you.

Jen: They reminded me of Cristian.

Al: Idiot.

Jen: No. You're not. You're sweet. Everything reminds me of Cristian.

Al: I thought you felt better after we talked at the quarry.

Jen: Well, this is better. You should have seen me earlier.

Al: Want me to take those back?

Jen: I love them.

Al: Could have fooled me.

Jen: I just can't get over Cristian really being gone. And then I heard the doorbell and I saw these flowers --

Al: And you automatically thought it was Cristian.

Jen: Am I crazy?

Al: I've never been in love before, Jen. I wouldn't know what it's like.

Jen: It's horrible.

Al: You know, you might be mad at me for saying this. I mean, you got mad at me when I didn't tell you about the web site.

Jen: What?

Al: Maybe you should believe what Cristian says, even if it hurts.

Jen: But he didn't mean it.

Al: You don't know that. And even if he didn't, you're still hurting like this. What makes you think he deserves to be your boyfriend?

Jen: You're right. I am mad at you.

Al: So, I'll deal. It's better than you beating yourself up over some jerk. You're way too good for him, Jen.


Gabrielle: He has obviously had a massive coronary. We can't just stand here. We need to help or do something.

Max: He's faking it. Come on, it's all part of his plan to get back at me.

Gabrielle: I don't think so. I really don't.

Max: He's play-acting. All right, cut! Print! All right, Asa, come on. Time to get your Academy Award. Come on. Move.

Gabrielle: Don't do that. You'll hurt him!

Max: Only if he's alive. Come on, Asa, give it up. I know all about your plan to frame me for killing you, and it's not going to work. Come on, get up.

Gabrielle: I told you he has a different plan. It had nothing to do with dying.

Max: You're right. You know if he's ticklish? Cootchie-cootchie-coo-coo! That's pretty good. Doesn't even flinch.

Gabrielle: Stop it.

Max: I'm very impressed here.

Gabrielle: Listen, I heard him on the telephone. He had a new plan. This is not play-acting. He called it plan B. It had nothing to do with dying -- false or real. He was out to get you.

Max: So this --

Gabrielle: He's turning blue. I don't think this is fake.

[Max sighs]

Max: Oh, my.


Al: I don't get it. The guy had the best girl in the world, and he cheated on her -- more than once if what he said was true.

Jen: If.

Al: Jen, he totally used you. I would hope if a girl used me you wouldn't let me go back to her.

Jen: Well, Cristian and I weren't just dating. We were really solid.

Al: Guess not.

Jen: You sound like my mom.

Al: That's a low blow.

Jen: Well, it's true.

Al: Maybe so, but I'd rather not see you suffer over a guy who's not worth it.

Jen: A couple days ago, everything was perfect. Thought I could never be that happy. And now I --

Al: Things are going to get better, Jen.

Jen: I mean, look at me. My little brother's in the hospital. He could be dying. I'm just thinking about myself.

Al: Matthew knows you love him.

Jen: How? I'm not there for him. I'm just sitting around, whining like a selfish little brat. That's probably why Cristian left me -- he found out who I really am and he couldn't wait to get away from me.


Nora: What is it that you wanted to ask me?

Lindsay: I wanted to ask you if there was something that I could do for you -- maybe stop by the house, pick up a change of clothes or your mail, something.

Nora: Why would you be asking troy? Sam and I have been in Matthew's room all night.

Lindsay: I knew if I made the offer you would refuse it on principle.

Nora: So you asked troy to ask me if you could go to my house to get me a change of clothes?

Lindsay: You know what, Nora? I made the offer.

Nora: Thank you, Lindsay, for your kind concern. If you really want to help out, maybe you could offer to be a candy striper at the hospital. That is, if the spirit moves you.

Troy: Nora, did you need me for something? Is Matthew awake?

Nora: The nurse came in and removed his I.V. She said the treatment was done. I just wanted to know how long it would be before we know if it worked.

Troy: Let's go find out right now. Let's go.

Lindsay: Well, well, well. Like brother, like brother.


Sam: Hey, tiger.

Matthew: Hey, daddy. Is it morning?

Sam: It sure is. You had a nice long sleep. You didn't wake up once all night.

Matthew: Where's that thing that was poking my arm?

Sam: Oh, the nurse came and took it out because you're all done.

Matthew: Yay!

Sam: Yeah.

Matthew: Where's Mommy?

Sam: She's --

Nora: Mommy is right here. Hi, Sweetie. Did you have sweet dreams?

Matthew: I don't remember. Can we go home and play now?

Nora: Well, that's actually up to Dr. Troy to decide. He's going to examine you and make sure the medicine worked, ok?

Troy: Is that ok, Buddy? You are absolutely the bravest patient I have. You know that? Now, first, I'm going to have to check your eyes, ok, so I'm going to shine a bright light. Now, it might be a little bright. I want you to look at me.


Paramedic: Time of death, 11:31 A.M. We've done all we can here.

Max: He's dead?

Gabrielle: Oh, Asa.

Paramedic: Did you say your husband never mentioned a D.N.R.?

Gabrielle: We never talked about dying. We were only married for six months.

Max: He's had a bad heart for quite a while.

Gabrielle: Yes, he's had quite a few very serious heart attacks.

Paramedic: Well, take a few minutes, but please don't touch anything. The medical examiner is on the way.

Max: Where are you going?

Gabrielle: I -- I have to find Asa's prescription bottle.


Blair: Come here, Sweetie. Let me just hold you. You're the best. The best welcome home ever.

Starr: Stop squeezing me. I can't breathe. Mommy, why are you crying? Daddy, why is Mommy crying?

Blair: It's nothing, ok?

Starr: Then why'd you squeeze me like a python when I asked you where the baby was? Where is he, Mommy? I want to see him.

Todd: Um -- Starr, your -- your baby brother's not here.

Starr: I knew it was a boy. Where is he?

Todd: Uh -- well, the baby didn't come home with us.

Starr: Did he stay in Mexico?

Todd: Yeah, sort of.

Starr: Was it because I said I hated him? I didn't mean it! I was mad!

Blair: No, Sweetie. No, it's -- it wasn't your fault. You see, your little brother, he was born in a little village that was very far away from hospitals and doctors. And he came a little early, and he was just -- he was so tiny.

Starr: Mommy, you're scaring me.

Todd: Starr, the baby died. He was born, and he lived for -- well, he lived for a little while, and then he died.

Starr: The baby died?

Todd: That's right.

Blair: I'm so sorry. And I know that you loved that little baby. And I know that if we could have -- if we could have brought him home, then everything just would have been perfect.

Starr: How could you do that? How could you let him die?

David: I promise I'll find him a good home.

Todd: I don't care. Good home, bad home, band of gypsies -- just get it out of here.

Blair: Starr, I -- I should have never left Llanview. I should have stayed here. I should have stayed here close to you and close to Dr. Conklin and Dr. Larry just in case I needed help.

Starr: Yeah, you should have.

Blair: And the baby -- I just thought I was going to have a little bit more time, Starr, but, you know, your little brother, he just had a mind of his own.

Starr: You didn't even give him a name?

Todd: Hey, hey, that's enough.

Blair: I'm so --

Todd: Starr, come here.

Blair: I'm so sorry, Starr.

Todd: It's not your fault, Blair.

Blair: I'm sorry.

Todd: Listen, I took you away from your mother. Do you remember? That's why she ran away. That's why she left to go down to Mexico. See, she was scared that I was going to take this other baby away from her the way I took you away from her. You want to be mad at somebody, Starr, you be mad at me.

Starr: Maybe it's my fault. I told Mommy she wasn't my mommy anymore.

Todd: Yeah, well, I think your mother knows that you didn't mean that.

Starr: But maybe the baby didn't want to live with me so much that he died.

Todd: No, I think that the baby wanted to come here and get bossed around by you, huh? And I'm sure that wherever he is, he's looking down now and is really, really glad that you got a big ugly black spider for him.

Starr: How do you know?

Todd: Because I know.

Starr: Then if the baby's in heaven, he knows that we all loved him and he's not mad.

Blair: I think you're right. I think you're right.

Starr: So, are you really and truly back together?

Todd: Uh-huh.

Blair: We really and truly are, Sweetheart. We really, truly are.

Starr: Are we all going to live together like a family?

Todd: Well, that's the plan, yeah.

Starr: And I don't ever have to go back to that stupid boarding school.

Blair: Well, I'm never, ever, ever, ever going to let you out of my sight.

Starr: I'm not letting you --

Todd: A little extreme, don't you think?

Starr: I'm not letting you two of out my sight, either. Somebody has to keep an eye on you.

Todd: That's a good point.

Starr: So, when are we having another baby?

Blair: Starr, that's a little too early to talk about that.

Todd: Ok, you know what? That's really -- that's enough of the 20 questions for now, ok?

Starr: Why can't we have another baby?

Blair: You know what? I'm just really, really happy to be home. I'm going to -- I'm going to go get another tissue, ok?

Starr: Why was Mommy crying again? Was it because I wanted another baby?

Todd: Well, yeah. You know, Starr, having a kid -- it's a big deal, you know? She just had one, and now -- look, she's going to be all right, but it's going to take a little while.

Starr: But when Susie's dog Petey died, her parents went out and got her a new pet the very next day.

Todd: Well, this is a little different.

Starr: That's what Susie said, too. But she was too busy taking care of the new puppy to miss the old one that died. So, why don't we have another baby?

Todd: Starr, I think that babies are a little more complicated than puppies.

Starr: Are we going to have a funeral?

Todd: Well, we kind of did, Starr, down in Mexico.

Starr: Did you bury him all alone down there?

Todd: No. He was cremated.

Starr: That must have been sad.

Todd: So -- hey, would you -- how'd you -- why'd you make this "Welcome Home" sign anyway? You didn't know that your mother and I were coming back here together, well, but then you made this sign, so how'd you know?

Starr: Well, I tried calling you on your cell phone, and this weird lady answered. She didn't even speak English. So I figured you found Mommy and that you would bring her home.

Todd: You're a smart kid, Starr.

Starr: Oh, yeah, Daddy, got to get an upgrade on that piece of junk -- you know, my cell phone? Sometimes it doesn't even ring through.

Todd: Yeah. I had trouble getting ahold of you, too.

Todd: You know, there is one good thing that comes out of all this, Starr.

Starr: What?

Todd: Well, we don't need to worry about Max barging in any time he wants to visit his baby.

Starr: You mean Mommy hasn't told you?

Todd: Told me what?


Troy: Thanks for running those tests so quickly.

Nora: Should we go to your office to talk?

Troy: No. I think Matthew deserves to hear the good news, too.

Sam: It's good news?

Troy: It sure is. The numbers are as good as they could possibly be.

Nora: You mean we beat it?

Troy: We beat it.

Nora: We beat it. I was so scared.

Sam: Nora, Nora, you were right. You were so right to risk it!

Nora: Oh, it worked, it worked, it worked.

Matthew: I'm going to be all better!

Sam: Oh, you're going to be as good as new, tiger! No more needles.

Troy: Well, except for his regular checkup, of course.

Matthew: That's a long way off, right?

Nora: It's a long way off, that's right. Regular checkup. Gosh, that sounds so good. Things are going to be regular for a long, long time.

Sam: As regular as they can be with you around.

Nora: Can we go home now?

Sam: Ask the doctor.

Nora: You have gone so out of your way for Matthew. We're so grateful. Thank you.

Troy: You're welcome. He's a pretty special kid. He deserves every chance we can give him.

Sam: I know I didn't make things easy for you, Doctor, but I sincerely appreciate everything you've done for us. Thank you.

Nora: Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Al: Jen, you're not selfish. How many girls would have given Cristian the benefit of the doubt?

Jen: Who knows?

Al: It's Cristian's big problem, not yours.

Jen: It takes two of us. I can't just blame Cris for everything that went wrong.

Al: Yes, you can. Jen, he messed around on you. A good guy would never do that -- not ever.

Jen: Maybe I'm just not enough for him.

Al: Jen, come on. You keep thinking that way, it's going to happen again with the next guy.

Jen: There isn't going to be a next guy.

Al: Yes, there is. Jen, you're an amazing person. You're beautiful. You're sensitive. You're smart. I can't even think of all the words that describe you. When everyone finds out you're single, they're going to be lining up to ask you out, including me. Especially me.

Jen: Ok, I feel better.

Al: Good. You want to go for a ride in my viper?

Jen: No, thanks. I just want to be alone.

Al: Ok. Well, you need a friend, give me a call.


Max: Why? Why do you need Asa's prescription bottle?

Max: Why, Gabrielle?

Gabrielle: It's important that I find it. Can we leave it at that?

Gabrielle: Max? Max, are you in here?

Gabrielle: The pills -- they're not here. Max, they're not here. Max? Max, where have you gone? Max? Oh, hello, officer. Hello. As you can see, we've had a terrible tragedy.

Antonio: I'm Officer Vega. I assume you know the District Attorney, Hank Gannon.

Hank: Sorry about your loss, Mrs. Buchanan.

Gabrielle: Is it conventional for the district attorney to show up at this point?

Hank: Well, I am a friend of the family. I was at that station house when the call came in, so I thought I would come to see if I could help.

Gabrielle: Uh -- well, everything happened so quickly. Everything was fine, and then -- I still can't believe it.

Hank: Did you call Bo?

Gabrielle: Bo? No. Gosh, I didn't even think about that. Yes, of course, I have to call Bo.

Hank: Listen, do you mind if I tell him?

Gabrielle: No, I would be very grateful if you did.

Hank: Great. Thank you. Antonio, keep this off the wire for a while, ok? I don't want him to hear about this over the scanner or from the press.

Antonio: You got it.

Hank: Great.

Man: Antonio?

Antonio: Hello, Doctor. Mrs. Buchanan, this is Dr. Green, the county coroner.

Dr. Green: I'm very sorry for your loss, ma'am. I'll try to intrude as little as possible.

Gabrielle: The coroner? What's going on here?

Dr. Green: If you'll excuse me, I'll get to work.

Gabrielle: But my husband just died. Can't we have any peace?

Antonio: Dr. Green needs to sign the death certificate.

Gabrielle: So sign it! He's dead!

Antonio: Before he can do that, he needs to examine your husband. It's strictly routine.

Gabrielle: My poor husband, to be poked and prodded and dissected right there? I mean, where's his dignity?

Antonio: I understand how you feel, Mrs. Buchanan, but it's procedure. Now, I -- I have some questions I need to ask.

Gabrielle: Questions? What questions?

Antonio: Just before your husband collapsed, what happened?

Gabrielle: Listen to me. He has been very forgetful lately. He's supposed to be taking his heart medicine on a regular basis, but he hasn't been. I talked to a doctor about it. The doctor said if he misses a pill that this -- this could happen. And I watched him like a hawk, but obviously, I wasn't watchful enough.

Antonio: And where are those pills now?

Gabrielle: He had them with him earlier. It's just such a blur. I'm sorry, I don't know.

Antonio: Excuse me just a moment.

Hank: Mrs. Buchanan, were you here when this happened?

Gabrielle: Yes, yes, of course I was.

Hank: Were you alone?

Gabrielle: No, no. I was in the library with Max, and we heard Asa groan, and then there was a crash and a thud, and we came in here, and he was on the floor and -- we haven't moved him.

Hank: Where's Max now?


Antonio: Looking for something?

Max: Antonio. You shouldn't sneak up on people like that.

Antonio: You -- you seem quite involved.

Max: Just looking for Asa's address book. A lot of people need to be notified.

Antonio: Ah. Well, I'm sure his family can take care of that. After all, you're not a relative anymore, are you?

Max: No, I'm not. I was just looking to help.

Antonio: Yeah. So, this is Asa Buchanan's bedroom.

Max: Yep.

Antonio: Mind if I took a look around?

Max: Be my guest.


Lindsay: Al? Hi. It's nice to see you. How's your family?

Al: Fine.

Lindsay: Good. I hear you and Jen are in a few classes together. How's that going?

Al: Fine, I guess. Ms. Rappaport, I don't think now is a good time to see her. She wants to be alone for a while.

Lindsay: Well, I'm not just anyone. I'm her mother.

Al: I don't think she really wants to see anybody.

Lindsay: It's ok. She's expecting me.

Lindsay: "Jen, something beautiful to bring the light back into your eyes. Here's a clue -- soon everyone will know how incredible you are. Your friend, Al. P.S. -- Congrats on winning the modeling contest." Hey.

Jen: What are you doing here?

Lindsay: The door was open.

Jen: So you just walked in?

Lindsay: Well, actually, I'm here straight from the hospital because I have some good news. The treatment worked and Matthew's going to be fine.

Jen: That's great. Dad and Nora must be really happy.

Lindsay: Yeah. How are you doing? I see you got some beautiful flowers.

Jen: I don't want to talk about it.

Lindsay: Well, honey, you know, maybe you don't want to talk about it, but maybe you need to.

Jen: That's why you came here, isn't it? It's not even about Matthew. You're just using him to try to worm your way back into my life.

Lindsay: No, I'm not.

Jen: I don't want you here, Mother. I meant what I said. You're dead to me.


Gabrielle: What are you doing? Have you no respect?

Hank: Mrs. Buchanan, the doctor has a job to do. The sooner we let him do it, the sooner this will be over.

Gabrielle: Is he going to cut him open right there?

Hank: Mrs. Buchanan, this is a preliminary exam. Now, if it upsets you to watch, don't.

Gabrielle: This is surreal. This is absolutely surreal. It's the worst day of my life, and I have absolutely no privacy. There are people roaming around my house I've never seen before. Why? Why won't you leave us alone?

Hank: When someone dies of what's called an untimely death --

Gabrielle: Untime-- he had a bad heart!

Hank: We still have to investigate for evidence of foul play.

Gabrielle: Foul play? Are you accusing me of harming my husband? I adored my husband.

Hank: I'm not accusing you of anything. This is strictly by the book. And unless we find something unusual, this will go very quickly. So just try to relax.

Gabrielle: Relax? This is a bloody nightmare.

Hank: I understand, and I'm sorry, but it can't be avoided. Now, I have something that I've got to do. I'll keep trying to reach Bo.

Gabrielle: Bo, yes.

Hank: Yeah. If you need anything, you'll let me know.

Gabrielle: Thank you.

Hank: Excuse me.

Max: What's going on? Do they suspect anything?


Lindsay: Jen, you don't mean that.

Jen: Yes, I do me it. You're not my mother anymore, not after all the horrible things you did to me and Cristian.

Lindsay: I only did the things I did to protect you from him.

Jen: I don't need you to protect me!

Lindsay: Well, I think you do.

Jen: Get out!

Lindsay: I warned you that if you slept with Cristian that something like this might happen. You slept with him and he left you, and I'd like to know how that's my fault.


Sam: Upsy-daisy!

Matthew: Bye, Dr. MacIver.

Troy: Bye, Matthew. You did a good job. You know that?

Matthew: You, too.

Troy: Yes.

Nora: He's right. He's right. Thank you again.

Troy: Well, you're welcome, but we're going to have to get him in here next week just to do some followup blood work, but I'm pretty sure we got this virus and it won't be back.

Sam: Thanks again, Troy. Ok, I'm going to sign the release papers and get you guys home where you belong.

Nora: Ok, I'll be right there.

Sam: Ok.

Nora: I have to ask you, when I came in here, was Lindsay making another attempt on your life when I --

Troy: No. Actually, now Lindsay wants to be friends.

Nora: Oh, be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

Troy: Yeah, that was my first instinct.

Nora: Hey. What's wrong? This is a happy day.

Troy: Lindsay was the one that destroyed your memories, wasn't she?

Nora: I'm not going to go there. Nope. I'm not going to go there. We got too much to celebrate. As a matter of fact, I am going to declare this day a free-free day. So, I'll be -- I got to go catch up to them. Bye.


Gabrielle: I don't know what they suspect. There are police all over this house, a coroner --

Max: This isn't good.

Gabrielle: And there's Asa lying there like he's --

Max: Dead?

Al: Why's there an ambulance outside? The police didn't want to let me in.

Gabrielle: Oh, Al. Oh, sweetheart. I'm sorry I didn't call you. It's Asa.

Al: What did you do?


David: Hello. Hello. Say hello. Say hello to the nice lady.


Blair: Am I doing the right thing by not telling Todd the truth?


Todd: Starr, what is it that your mother's not telling me?

Starr: I don't think I should say.

Todd: We don't keep secrets from each other.

Starr: Dad, we keep them all the time.

Todd: I guess you're right. How much is it worth to you?

Starr: What are you offering?

Todd: 10 grand.

Starr: You must really not want to know.

Todd: Ok, 12 grand. 12 1/2 grand, but that's it.

Starr: Seal.

Todd: No, really spit.

Starr: Good.

Todd: So, what is it?

Starr: It's about the baby.


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