OLTL Transcript Friday 10/26/01



One Life to Live Transcript Friday 10/26/01

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy 

>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Blair: Todd, I'm going home to live with Starr and you. I love you.

Nun: This your baby?

Gabrielle: He's setting you up.

Max: Excuse me?

Ben: She can never, ever replace you in your mother's heart.

Hank: She has what's called full right and privilege to live at Llanfair for as long as she likes.


Todd: Vickers?

David: David to my friends.

Todd: Vickers. What the hell are you doing here and with -- with --

David: With Junior?

Todd: Yeah.

David: Well, I got him from those sweet, little nuns at the airport, of course. The ones that you tried to give our baby to.

Todd: "Our baby"?

David: That's right, snookums. It's like I told the nuns -- you and I adopted him. Then we had a big fight, and you tried to give him away. But, luckily, I got him back.

Todd: Great. You know, only you would come up with a story like that.

David: Well, luckily, the story has a happy ending, and our family of three is back together again.

Blair: Todd, is somebody at the door?

David: Whoops. Guess I should make that four.


Max: You want to run that by me again, Gabrielle? Because, for just a second there, I could have sworn you said Asa's going to set me up for murder.

Gabrielle: That's exactly what I said, Max. And if he does it, you will be in a cell in Statesville till the day you die.

Max: I see. Who am I supposed to murder?

Gabrielle: Him!

Max: Asa?

Gabrielle: Yes!

Max: Oh. Thanks for the heads up.

Gabrielle: What do you mean, "Thanks for the heads up"? Aren't you listening to me?

Max: Every word.

Gabrielle: Get away from those doors. What part of "life sentence" do you not understand?

Max: Uh -- all of it.

Gabrielle: Max, don't you think I'm telling you the truth?

Max: It doesn't make any sense. Asa wants to have me convicted for murdering him? Would you believe that story if anyone told you?

Gabrielle: Well, if I didn't believe it, I would be as foolish about this as you're being right now. Look, surely the improbability of this story tells you that it's the truth.

Max: No, it tells me it's improbable.

Gabrielle: All right, improbable or not, this is the truth. Apparently this is the reason -- this is the plan he's had from the beginning. It's why he brought me to Llanview.

Max: It wasn't a love match?

Gabrielle: I foolishly thought that I was his trophy wife, ok?

Max: Mm-hmm.

Gabrielle: But you are the trophy that he wants.

Max: He's getting rid of the moose?

Gabrielle: Max, this is the truth! He planned this all along! He planned it to make it look like you wanted me so desperately that you would kill him to make it happen. He wants to destroy you, Max. And if we don't do something, he will.


Natalie: Alone at last.

Jessica: What are you doing in my room?

Natalie: You mean my room. I'm Viki's daughter.

Jessica: That's not what my mom thinks.

Natalie: You mean my mom. She just needs to be caught up to speed, and so do you. Why don't you sit down?

Jessica: Why don't you get out?

Natalie: I don't think so.

Jessica: Fine. Then I will.

Natalie: Oh. You're not going anywhere, Jessica. Not until you hear what I have to say.


Ben: So, where's your little disciple Natalie? Out causing more trouble?

Allison: Actually, I thought I just saw her arguing with Jessica.

Ben: What? Where?

Allison: Yeah, I saw the two of them through the window on the grounds outside, and it looked like it was getting a little physical. Good luck catching up with that wild goose, Dave. Now, how can I make someone else's day?


Viki: No. Oh, no. No. No.

Niki: Yeah. Real good to see you, too. So -- you got yourself in some big fix since our last meeting, didn't you? I'd say up a -- a certain creek without a paddle.

Viki: Go away, Niki.

Niki: Nah. I did that the last time. No, see, I was going to take care of Allison for you. You wouldn't let me. Oh, no. You got all wimpy. You forgave her. Well, see what happened? You lost your kid! Personally, I think you're a lot better off, except I know you're nuts about that Jessica.

Viki: Get out of here now!


Blair: Todd, what's going on? Is someone there?

David: Hey, is that Blair? Do you mind if I just go say hello real --

Todd: No -- yeah -- no, I mind. Um -- nobody here! Well, there is somebody here, but it's just a little girl selling cookies!

David: How many boxes would you like?

Todd: Yes, I would like three boxes of thin mints! You need to go away.

David: Why don't you want Blair to know that I'm here? Wouldn't have anything to do with this little tax deduction, would it?

Todd: Give me the kid, will you?

David: Be good with him.

Blair: Todd? Todd? Todd? Huh.

David: Blair. Beautiful as ever, I see.

Blair: David Vickers? What are you doing here?

David: Well, I just happened to find myself in Mexico, thought I'd stop by and say hello to you. You know, I actually think I have something you might want.


Max: Tell me, Gabrielle, do you have anything to back up this crazy story of yours? I mean, any evidence that it could be true?

Max: Uh-huh. Just as I thought. The second I ask for a little proof that Asa wants to frame me for a murder -- his murder -- she turns tail and goes. Did you really think I was just going to take your word at it?

Gabrielle: You know -- of course I would never do that. Some men have faith, and then some men are like you.

Max: Oh. What's that?

Gabrielle: This is the proof that you wanted. And when you see it, you'll realize why I don't like to carry it around in my handbag.

Max: Well, unless it's Asa actually confessing --

Gabrielle: Oh, it might as well be. Perhaps you'd like to sit down for this.

Max: I think I'll stand.

Gabrielle: Oh, suit yourself.

Max: You -- you've taped you and me?

Gabrielle: No, I didn't. As you can see, I'm otherwise occupied. Asa did.

Max: Well -- how did you get your hands on it?

Gabrielle: I found it hidden in Asa's study.

Max: Well, then, you don't know for sure that Asa's the one running the camera.

Gabrielle: All right, Asa or somebody that he hired. I found it hidden in his study.

Max: Well, this just doesn't make any sense. I mean, if Asa knew we slept together, then why didn't he confront us or shoot us? I mean, that's more his style --

Gabrielle: Well, perhaps he had bigger things on his mind. He wants this tape so he can show it to the jury at your trial. It'll be the motive for murder.

Max: Or -- or maybe he just likes watching his young wife in action.

Gabrielle: You need more proof? Here. Here you go.

Max: Asa's heart medicine?

Gabrielle: No. No. That's the bottle. Inside, the pills are filled with poison, and he was planning on getting your fingerprints on the bottle.

Max: But why would he?

Gabrielle: So that when the police find it, they can put two and two together. You see, they'll think that you changed the pills, and that would be your motive and your means for murdering Asa. Now do you believe what I'm telling you?

Max: Well, if it's true, well, then that -- just another question.

Gabrielle: What?

Max: How do you know so much about Asa's plan?


Rae: Yeah.

Hank: Hi.

Rae: Hank, hi.

Hank: Listen, Rae, if you have a minute, I need to talk to you.

Rae: Yes, of course I do. Come on in.

Hank: Thanks.

Rae: You know, we can talk about anything you want, but first you have to tell me how Bo is doing.

Hank: Bo is being Bo. He's hanging in there. He's not complaining. You know, anybody who knows him knows it hit him pretty hard.

Rae: Of course it did. I know how it feels to be lied to by the one person that you trust more than anybody else in the world. I just -- I just wish I could help Bo right now. But, you know, some things, time is really the only cure.

Hank: And others, not even that.

Rae: Hey. Why are you here? Is it that case? You know, the one you're wrestling with?

Hank: Case?

Rae: Case. You know, the father who abandoned the child. Is it that?

Hank: Oh, that. No, no, no. I'm here for something else. I'm here about Allison Perkins and Viki.

Rae: Well, I mean, there's not a problem, is there? You know, I've tried to call Viki and Ben. I just -- I just felt like I should reassure them. You know, Ben was so upset the day that Allison was released.

Hank: Well, he's even more upset now.

Rae: Well, Allison -- she hasn't done anything? I mean, she's not bothering Viki, is she?

Hank: You don't know?

Rae: Oh, god, Hank. You're -- you're starting to scare me a little. I mean, I can't believe that -- that Allison would -- would actually hurt Viki.

Hank: Well, not physically she hasn't.

Rae: And otherwise?

Hank: Otherwise, Viki has definitely been hurt.


Viki: Just shut up and get out of my life once and for all, or I swear I will cut you out of my --

Allison: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt you and whoever you're talking to.

Viki: Who the hell do you think it was? It was you.

Allison: You weren't looking at me.

Viki: No. I was. I could see your reflection in the window.

Allison: But I wasn't saying anything, and you were yelling, "Shut up."

Viki: Yeah, for all the good it did me. I meant what I said, Allison. I want you out of my house and out of my life!

Allison: Or you'll cut me out of your what? I mean, that was a little weird. What did you mean by that?

Ben: What's going on? Are you ok?

Viki: Ben, I want this horrible, horrible woman out of my house, please.

Ben: My pleasure. You heard her. The lady of the house wants you gone.

Allison: Which lady of the house?

Ben: The only one that counts.


Natalie: I know we got started on the wrong foot.

Jessica: "The wrong foot"? You came here to destroy my life.

Natalie: I didn't come here to steal anybody's life away. I came here to find my own. I didn't know you were living it. I mean, I'm sorry that it all happened this way.

Jessica: Oh, right. I'm sure you are.

Natalie: I mean it, jess. I like you.

Jessica: Give me a break, Natalie.

Natalie: Why wouldn't I? You've been a real friend to me since I came to Llanview.

Jessica: No. Because you fooled me. You used me to get into my house.

Natalie: Well, I did what I had to do, what you would have done if you'd been in my shoes. Like I said, I am sorry for the way it happened.

Jessica: Right, I'm sure you are. That's why you laughed your way all the way to my closet.

Natalie: Jess --

Jessica: What? And it's "Jessica" to you, ok?

Natalie: Ok, "Jessica." Look, I know we're not going to be the best of friends right now, but can we at least try to get along? I mean, after all, I'm going to be living here now.

Jessica: What? Says who?

Natalie: Well, that's what I came by to tell you. I'm moving in -- by a court order.


Blair: You have something that I want?

David: I'd stake my life on it -- well, someone's anyway.

Blair: What is it?

David: It's a brand-spanking --

Blair: Now, wait a minute. How did you even know that I was here, huh?

Todd: Stay here. Take care of scary cow, all right?

David: It's a long story.

Blair: Hmm, see, I don't have anyplace else to go, so --

David: All right. Well, I was at the airport. I was waiting for a connecting flight to -- wherever, and I happened to see Todd Manning with --

Todd: Plane tickets.

Blair: Excuse me?

Todd: Vickers saw me there with the plane tickets.

Blair: Wait -- you ran into David Vickers down here in Mexico and you didn't even mention it to me, Todd?

Todd: Well, who cares about him? I haven't thought about him since -- since he left Llanview. Wouldn't want to. Guy tried to take me for $27.8 million.

David: Would have settled for the .8.

Blair: You said that you were in town, Todd. What were you doing at the airport?

Todd: I was picking up -- checking in with the boarding passes.

Blair: That is just so sweet and so thoughtful, Todd.

Todd: Yeah. Well, I wanted it to be a surprise.

David: Ok, well, I think that pretty much sums up old business. I move that we consider new business. Do I hear a second? Todd, I was just telling Blair that I have a sneaking suspicion I have something that she might want. Would you like to tell her what it is, or should I?


Gabrielle: I didn't know a thing about Asa's plans until recently, until I was looking for something in his study and I came across the tape.

Max: Kind of careless of Asa to leave that lying around, don't you think?

Gabrielle: It wasn't just lying around. It was in a locked drawer.

Max: Which only encouraged you to unlock it.

Gabrielle: All right. There are over 1,001 illegal reasons how to use a bobby pin and, yes, I know all of them from being in prison. But, you know, that's not the point. When I saw the tape, I thought exactly what you thought -- why isn't he going into one of his patented rages? Why is he being nicer than he's ever been? And that's when I started listening in on his phone calls.

Max: And you overheard him talking about framing me for murder?

Gabrielle: Yes.

Max: With whom?

Gabrielle: I don't know. A henchman, somebody hired. I didn't recognize the voices.

Max: Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh. How could Asa be so sure he'd get a chance to make that tape? How did he know we would sleep together?

Gabrielle: Oh, come on, Max. Isn't it obvious? He was counting on our attraction for one another, the feeling that we've had from the day we met. And that's why he had us all under the same roof.

Max: Gee, I thought it was because I knew something about a certain shooting at Ben and Viki's wedding.

Gabrielle: And I thought that Asa wanted to just rub your nose in his relationship with Al, but I guess we were both wrong. It was something much more insidious.

Max: You swear you knew nothing about this?

Gabrielle: If I did, why would I be telling you now? Wouldn't I just be incriminating myself?

Max: True, but -- how can I be sure this whole story is true?

Gabrielle: My word is not good enough?

Max: How do I know who really ran that camera? How do I know that there's really poison in this bottle? Come with me -- now.


Rae: Allison actually switched the babies? I -- my God, that's so monstrous.

Hank: Not to mention criminal.

Rae: Well, has she been arrested?

Hank: There's a statute of limitations on a crime like this, and the clock ran out years ago.

Rae: What are you saying, that there's nothing you can do about it?

Hank: Well, now, that's actually why I'm here. I was hoping that maybe you could tell me something that Allison's done in the present, perhaps something she did to help get herself released from St. Ann's -- something that hopefully my office can use to charge her with.

Rae: Hank, I can't think of anything. I mean, her release was approved by the board. It was done by the book. And, unfortunately, it is unconditional.

Hank: Then I guess we'll just have to keep our eyes on her.

Rae: Viki. Viki -- oh, this must be so hard on Viki and Jessica, that poor kid.

Hank: Yeah. It's bad.

Rae: "Bad"? "Bad," Hank? I mean, Jessica's whole world has -- everything she's ever believed in has been turned upside down. She doesn't even know who brought her into this world. What? What? What is it? Is it something I just said to you?


Ben: Well, at least Allison is gone. Hey. She got to you, huh?

Viki: Who?

Ben: Allison. Right?

Viki: No, not her.

Ben: Then what is it?

Viki: Ben, it -- it's Jessica. I'm so worried about her. She's having such a terrible time with this, and she hasn't even heard the latest thing. With everything that's going on, I haven't even had a chance to tell her that --

Jessica: What? Natalie is moving in? She just told me, Mom, but please tell me that it is not true.

Ben: Yeah, tell both of us.

Natalie: Yeah, Mom. Why don't you tell her? And Daddy, too, while you're at it.

Viki: She went and got a court order, honey.

Ben: A court order? We'll see about that. I'll call Sam. He'll fight it.

Viki: Darling, apparently -- apparently, there's nothing we can do about it right now.

Jessica: So she's really moving in?

Viki: Unfortunately, for the moment, I'm afraid so.

Ben: Yeah, but not for long.

Jessica: Then I'm moving out.


David: Blair, what is it that every woman wants?

David: That's right -- security. I have an extraordinary investment opportunity, and I can get you in on the ground level.

Blair: Thank you, David, but I'm not -- I'm not in the mood.

Todd: Yeah, and I've invested just about every penny that I'm going to invest, so looks like you're finished here, David.

David: No, I'm not. And I think you should listen to me also, Todd, for your own security. Blair, if you're not willing to do it for your own future, you should consider Starr's future -- or the future of any little baby brother that you may or may not have in your plans. Oh, I'm sorry. Something I said?

Todd: No, it's something you didn't say. You didn't say "good-bye."

Blair: Look, I -- I -- I just had a baby.

David: You did? Well, where is the little nipper?

Blair: He -- he died.


Max: I can't believe it. There actually is poison in this bottle?

Gabrielle: That pharmacist seemed pretty reputable. He seemed quite certain, yes.

Max: This is crazy. This is just -- just nuts.

Gabrielle: Well, we could go to another pharmacist to get a second opinion --

Max: No, no, no, it's not -- the pharmacist is not the problem. It's -- the problem is me. I just -- I just can't bring myself to face the facts. He really means to do it. He -- he wants to send me away for his murder. Oh, man.

Gabrielle: You're so upset. I -- I really thought you'd just be angry.

Max: Well, actually, I'm just blown away. Really, I knew the guy hated me for playing his son, but -- but -- well, isn't taking my own son away from me enough revenge?

Gabrielle: Apparently not.

Max: And in spite of his efforts to keep me and Al apart, I was getting through to Al.

Gabrielle: Yes, you were.

Max: And then he walked in in the middle of it, and just ruined it. God, that -- that S.O.B. -- That S.O.B. steals my son, and then he's going to try to get me sent to prison for the rest of my life? He's not going to get away with it. Wanted me angry? Well, I am angry now. Because now I know where I stand and now I know what I have to do.

Gabrielle: What are you going to do?

Max: Whatever it takes -- whatever it takes to bring down Asa Buchanan.


Viki: No, you can't leave.

Jessica: I can't stay. Not if I have to live with her.

Natalie: Well, why not? We had fun in the carriage house, didn't we? Almost like sisters.

Jessica: You are not my family.

Natalie: No. But you always have a place here, and I know Mom feels the same way.

Jessica: Shut up.

Natalie: Maybe you're right. Maybe you moving out would be the best thing. Anyway, I've got some ideas for your room.

Viki: I have never in my entire life met anyone as truly horrible and cruel as you are.

Natalie: Why? I thought I was being nice. I was willing to take Jessica in. I mean, I've been homeless and alone myself once, and, believe me, it's not fun. But, hey, that's what you want.

Ben: Ok. That's enough.

Natalie: Yeah, I think I'm going to go take a walk around the grounds.

Ben: Yeah, you do that.

Natalie: Oh, but don't worry, Mom. I'll be back in time for dinner.

Ben: You know what? There's -- there's something I got to take care of. I'll be back.

Viki: Jessie, baby, I need you to do me a big favor.

Jessica: Of course. Of course, anything. Too bad I can barely do anything for myself, but what can I do for you, Mom?

Viki: Honey, no matter how difficult this is for you, I need you to stay.


David: How sad. Bringing a little baby into this world only to have it taken away.

Blair: Look, it's ok for you to say "died." I'm -- I'm trying to face it.

David: You are so brave. It must've been so difficult to see that little body in that tiny casket.

Todd: Not as difficult as hearing you talk about it now.

Blair: Actually, I -- I never even got to see him. He was dead and cremated before I got a chance to hold him.

David: So it was a boy?

Todd: Ok --

Blair: Yeah.

Todd: You know what, Blair? You don't need to talk to David now if it's not a good time.

Blair: No, Todd, it's -- I'm ok, all right?

David: Actually, Blair, telling me everything about it may help you get through this horrible tragedy. And, believe me, I do not mind hearing it.

Todd: No kidding.

Blair: It's just really strange, David. I -- I just feel that he's out there somewhere, alive, you know?

David: He is, Blair.

Todd: Ok, that's enough.

David: And he always will be, as long as you keep him alive in your heart.

Blair: What a sweet thing to say.

Todd: Ok. I think Blair needs a little time by herself now.

David: You know, I was thinking the very same thing, and I was wondering if I could have a word with you.

Todd: Not now. Maybe later. Pencil me in for "never."

David: It won't take but a minute, or I could just say it right now.

Todd: Blair, you know what? Why don't you go make sure that, you know, we packed everything, all right, and then I'll -- I'll see David out.

Blair: All right.

David: Blair, I am so, so sorry for your loss.

Blair: Thank you, David.

David: You're welcome.

Todd: Blair! Um -- your bedroom's this way.

David: Poor Blair, losing her baby like that. Hey, what do you say we just give her the one you've got stashed in the other room?

Todd: You need to keep your voice down.

David: Why? So I won't wake up the baby?

Todd: I'm warning you.

David: Yes, you are. Don't like that very much. You ought to be working really hard to keep me happy right now, don't you think? You know, Todd, there are plenty of men on the planet who don't like to change diapers, but telling Blair that the kid's dead and then trying to hand him off to a couple of nuns -- I call that a little over the top.

Todd: It's none of your business.

David: You know, what's so strange is I'd always heard that you had such a soft spot in your heart for kids. You ought to be wild about this one. He's yours, after all. You -- oh, boy. Oh, boy. That's it. This isn't your kid, is it? And here I just thought you had poor parenting skills.

Todd: Think what you like.

David: So Blair had a child with another man. Oh. That's got to be a real boost to the ego, huh? You didn't want to spend the rest of your life looking at that kid and knowing where he really came from, so --

Todd: I did what I had to do.

David: Yes. Yes, you did. And now so will I.


Hank: I'm fine. I'm just worried about Viki, the whole family.

Rae: I feel more than worry. I -- I feel -- I feel guilt.

Hank: Why?

Rae: I pushed for Allison's release. I pushed harder than anybody else. I really believed that she was sorry for what she did to Viki. My God. How could I be so wrong about that?

Hank: Look, don't beat yourself up about this. Look, Allison -- she fooled a lot of people. She had years to work on her act.

Rae: Hank, come on. I should have seen through that, and maybe none of this would have happened, then.

Hank: It wouldn't have changed the facts about Jessica.

Rae: But maybe it would have stayed buried.

Hank: It would have come out eventually.

Rae: How do you know that? Why can't I shake the feeling that all of this is my fault, Hank?

Ben: Because it is your fault.

Rae: Ben. Ben --

Ben: You know, I just came from a terrified young woman and a mother who can't do a thing about it thanks to you. I told you Allison was up to no good, but you wouldn't listen.

Rae: Don't you think that if I could undo this, I would?

Ben: Yeah, well, that's why I'm here. I want you to have Allison Perkins recommitted now.

Rae: Ben, if it was in my power, don't you think I would do that? Allison Perkins has an unconditional release. Ben -- I -- I am so sorry.

Ben: Yeah, well, a lot of good that does Viki and Jessica.

Rae: Could you try to forgive me?

Hank: Whoa, whoa, wait a minute here. You don't owe him an apology. This is not your fault. And I'm sure Ben would realize that if he wasn't so worried about his wife and his stepdaughter. This is all because of a very sick woman named Allison Perkins. Now, we don't like it, but there's nothing we can do to change it.


Jessica: I'm sorry, but I cannot stay at Llanfair if Natalie is here.

Viki: I understand.

Jessica: Do you, really?

Viki: Absolutely. Believe me, I don't want to stay at Llanfair if Natalie is here. It's about the last thing on this earth I would ever want to do. I don't care how many DNA tests she waves under my nose. So, if you're going to leave --

Jessica: I am going to leave, Mom.

Viki: Then I'll leave, too.

Jessica: No. No. I can't ask you to do that.

Viki: You're not asking me, darling. I want to do it.

Jessica: What about Ben?

Viki: Ben will come with us. That's all.

Jessica: No, this is your home, Mom.

Viki: No, Jessica, this is our home.

Jessica: No, it is not because I am not your daughter.

Viki: You are my daughter. You are my daughter! Much more to the point, you are the only daughter that I care about. I have a lifetime of memories to prove it, and that means so much more to me than a couple of marks on a piece of paper.

Jessica: I hate that Natalie is driving us away from here, though, Mom.

Viki: Well, great. I don't much care for it myself. But you're going through a crisis here, and if this is how you want to handle it, then that's just fine by me. We will go someplace else, and we will make a whole new batch of new memories.

Jessica: But you love your house, Mom. You love this house.

Viki: Yeah. Yeah. I do love this house. I really do love this house because this -- this place is my little piece of earth. But, Jessie, I have seriously thought about leaving here before.

Jessica: Really?

Viki: Really. When I learned something that almost poisoned this place for me forever.

Jessica: Grandfather Lord.

Viki: Yes. My father. When I realized what my father did to me here in this house, I really didn't think that I could continue living here.

Jessica: So, what made you change your mind?

Viki: I decided if I left that I was letting Victor Lord win, that I was allowing him to rob me of yet something else, allowing him to take away yet another part of who I am. Honey, do you really want to let Natalie do that to you?


Max: Asa thinks he's going to send me away to prison for life? Where does he get off? He owes me. I may have played his son, but I ended up being the best son he ever had.

Gabrielle: Yes, you certainly have stayed with him long after he pushed everybody else away.

Max: Just who does he think kept everything going? He was too sick or too obsessed with Ben Davidson to take care of Buchanan enterprises. This is the thanks I get? I'll tell you, if there were any justice in this world, Asa would die just for what he's doing to me.

Gabrielle: What if he did?

Max: Did what?

Gabrielle: Died for real.


Ben: Hank's right. I'm not mad at you. I'm mad at Allison Perkins. I'm mad at this whole damn situation.

Rae: I know. It's not fair.

Ben: No, it's not. It's also not fair for me to barge in here and start yelling at you, and I am sorry.

Rae: No, Ben. I can just imagine how hard this is on you, the whole family. Would you tell Viki that I'm thinking about her and Jessica?

Ben: Yeah, I will. I'll -- I'll keep you posted.

Rae: Thanks for standing up for me.

Hank: I was just stating the facts.

Rae: Spoken like a true DA.

Hank: Well, it's a lot easier to talk like a DA than it is to act like one right now. Only wish there was something I could do to help Viki.


Jessica: If I move out of Llanfair, then that's letting Natalie win. And maybe she's -- maybe she's going to win eventually, but not without a fight, right, so -- so, yeah. Yeah, of course I'm -- I'm going to stay.

Viki: There. See, now, that proves it.

Jessica: Proves what?

Viki: DNA be damned. You are my daughter.


Natalie: Could you make a little noise? You scared me half to death.

Allison: Sorry, I'm just light on my feet.

Natalie: Yeah, no kidding.

Allison: So, why the long face, kiddo?

Natalie: Hmm. No reason. It's supposed to rain today. I can't do anything with my hair. And my so-called mother hates my guts.

Allison: Really?

Natalie: Yeah. Not like I care, though. I have Jessica's money and I have her house now. I don't need her mother.

Allison: No, you don't. In fact, you might be better off without her.

Natalie: What's that supposed to mean?

Allison: Something's not right with Viki.

Natalie: What?

Allison: I don't know.


Max: Are you suggesting what I think you're suggesting?

Gabrielle: I'm not suggesting anything. You're the one who said if there was any justice in this world, then Asa would die for what he's done for you.

Max: Meaning if anything were to happen accidentally or otherwise --

Gabrielle: That's not exactly what I said.

Max: Yes, it is. More than once. Only before I thought you were just saying it in the heat of the moment.

Gabrielle: So did I.


Asa: Nigel, order two more cases of bourbon. I've only got one left.


Max: Go.

Gabrielle: What? What are you going to do?


Max: Just go, just go. Out.

Asa: Have you seen that wife of mine?

Max: I know exactly what you're up to, Asa, and it ends now.


Todd: What is that supposed to mean? What are you going to do?

David: Todd, it's obvious. I'm going to tell Blair what you've done and that her bouncing baby boy is still alive and bouncing.

Todd: If you do that, I'll kill you.

David: That's the wrong answer. Oh, Blair? Blair.

Blair: Yes, David. What do you want?


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Max: You understand me? Your plot has failed.

Matthew: Is this stuff really going to make me better?

Lindsay: You are not going to get away with what you've done.

David: You should listen to my good news. It could change a lot of things for you.

Jen: Cristian?