OLTL Transcript Thursday10/25/01



One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 10/25/01

By Suzanne 
Proofread by Kathy


Todd: Come on, I'll take you home. 

Blair: No, Todd. I'm not going anywhere without my baby. 

David: Today's your lucky day because I'm going to take that baby off your hands for you. 

Asa: My thanks to you for your part in destroying Max. 

Gabrielle: Oh, I wish there was another way. 

Natalie: I don't have to leave this house ever again, and I can prove it. 


Todd: Look, Blair, I know you're upset, but we really do need to get out of here. And I don't know why you want to hang around here with all these bad memories here, anyway. 

Blair: I mean it, Todd. I'm not going anywhere without my baby. 

Todd: Blair, you do remember, don't you? You do know that your baby is dead? 

Blair: Yeah, I know. 

Todd: Well -- 

Blair: But I -- I can't accept that, Todd. I can't. I can't let it go. I never got to hold him. I never got to see him, to look at his little face, to watch him breathe, to hear his little cries. 

Todd: No, I know. 

Blair: I mean, Paloma, she -- she told me that they cremated him by mistake. 

Todd: Yeah, well, that was stupid. 

Blair: No, it was horrible is what it was. 

Todd: That's what I'm saying. 

Blair: And I can't -- I can't let it go, Todd. If I were to walk away, it would be like just leaving him alone. 

Todd: He's already gone, Blair. It's not like you abandoned him. 

Blair: I know. I know that here. But here -- he's still there here. I can feel him. He's -- it's like he's out there somewhere, and he needs me. 


David: Today is just one of those incredible days. You know what I mean, Sisters? A man walks up, he hands you a baby, he disappears. You have no idea what in the world you're going to do, and then all of a sudden, another man shows up and solves your problem -- miracle of miracles. So if you don't mind, I'll just take that little bebe off -- 

nun: Uh-uh-uh-uh. Your name, Senor. 

David: Oh, I'm sorry. Hey, I apologize. That was terribly rude of me, but I thought you knew. You see, I'm the brother of the man who left his baby here. 

Nun: We will need -- 
como se dice "prueba"? 

Second nun: "Proof." 

First nun: Proof. 

Second nun: Si. 

First nun: We will need proof! 


Al: That was fast. 

Max: Ohh. Uh, yeah, fast. 

Al: So what happened? With the baby and Blair? 

Max: The baby died. 

Al: Dad, I'm sorry. 

Max: Do you really mean that? 


Gabrielle: Oh, Asa, darling. I am so sorry. I've actually become rather fond of you. Hello, darling. 

Asa: Oh! Gabrielle. I was just looking for you. 

Gabrielle: Really? What's the matter? You all right? You look a little under the weather. 

Asa: You must be joking. I have never felt better in my whole life. As a matter of fact, what do you say we saddle up and go for a ride? I'll have them set up jezebel for you. 

Gabrielle: Oh. Oh, I'd love to, but I couldn't possibly today. I've got reams of paperwork to do, but you -- darling, you enjoy yourself. 

Asa: Oh, I intend to. While I'm riding, I'm going to be daydreaming about that slime, Holden, and framing him for my murder. I can't wait till that piece of scum comes home. 

Gabrielle: It won't be long now, will it? 

Asa: You got that right. Well, excuse me. 

Gabrielle: Sugar. Right. Well, Asa, you won't be getting any of your heart medication today. 


[Knock on door] 

Ben: Hey. 

Jessica: Hey. 

Ben: One glass of water, as requested. 

Jessica: Thank you. 

Ben: So, can I get you anything else? 

Jessica: No. I'm fine. Really, I'm fine. 

Ben: I can offer a shoulder or an ear. Or I could just disappear. 

Jessica: Uh -- yeah. That would be good. Thanks. Um -- I just -- I need some time, you know, to think. 

[Jessica sighs] 

Jessica: Now that Natalie's proven that she's my mom's real daughter, it's just there are some things I need to figure out. 

Ben: What's that? 

Jessica: Like, who am I? 


Natalie: Who do you think you are? I come here to see my mother and you get the police to get a restraining order against me? 

Bo: I did that myself, Ms. Balsom. 

Natalie: The name's Buchanan, Uncle Bo. 

Bo: I'm going to escort you off this property. Now, if you invade Llanfair again, then I will have you arrested. 

Natalie: If I invade my own home? 

Viki: Oh, this is not your home. 

Bo: Come on. We're leaving right now. 

Natalie: Since you're the commissioner, Uncle Bo, I'm sure you know that you can't enforce a court order until it's been served and I haven't seen one piece of paper. 

Bo: Fine. Then we'll go with trespassing. You see, I can come up with any number of reasons to have you arrested. 

Viki: Don't tell me we are keeping you from something. 

[Doorbell rings] 

Natalie: Well, let's open the door and find out. 

Bo: Hank, what's going on? 

Hank: Hi, Bo. 

Allison: The district attorney is here to make sure Natalie's rights are protected. 

Bo: Her rights? 

Viki: Hank, come in, please. 

Hank: Thanks. Ms. Perkins went to court today and obtained an order enforcing the dwelling rights of Natalie Buchanan, also known as Natalie Balsom. 

Bo: The "dwelling" rights? 

Hank: Yeah. She has what's called "full right and privilege" to live at Llanfair for as long as she likes. 

Allison: Natalie, perhaps you could give me a tour of your new home. 


Gabrielle: I -- I really don't know where to begin except to say that I hope that we could keep this just between the two of us. 

Troy: Is this something about Al? 

Gabrielle: No, no, no. He's fine. It's about my husband, Asa. 

Troy: Ah. Well, Mrs. Buchanan, as I told you, I'm not your husband's doctor. 

Gabrielle: I'm well aware of that. It's really about his medication -- actually about the dosage of his medication. Since you're here -- 

Troy: Ok. How can I help? 

Gabrielle: Well, recently, my husband is becoming very forgetful, and I'm very concerned that he's not taking his heart medication on a regular basis. 

Troy: And if I recall correctly, he's sometimes misplacing it as well. 

Gabrielle: Yes, yes. As a matter of fact, today was a good example. I asked him, "Darling, are you taking your medicine?" He said, yes, he was, and as soon as he left, I counted the pills, and it was quite apparent that he hadn't. 

Troy: You're sure about this? 

Gabrielle: I've been very vigilant about this, and I'm terribly worried that, if he has missed his medication for today, that perhaps he could be very vulnerable to a -- 

Troy: To a heart attack? Well, Mrs. Buchanan, that -- that is a possibility. 

Gabrielle: Today? 

Troy: Well, no one can say when. 

Gabrielle: So if I make sure that he takes his medication every day from now on, nothing will happen, right? He'll be ok. Right? 


Al: I wouldn't have said sorry to you if I didn't mean it. 

Max: No, that's -- that's not what I meant. I was thinking of when you called me "Dad." Did you mean that? 

Al: Don't worry about that. You look really beat. It must've been pretty rough. 

Max: Long flight. 

Al: What about Blair? 

Max: She's ok. 

Al: I understand if you don't want to talk about it. I don't want to make it any worse. 

Max: No. No, no. Believe me, you couldn't make it any worse. Todd did that all by himself. You know, Blair's so terrified, she got out of Llanview and tried to get as far away as she could. Ended up in some godforsaken place, tried to give birth. No wonder he didn't survive. 

Al: "He"? It was -- it was a son? 

Max: Yeah, a son. 

Al: So it would have been my half brother? 

Blair: It wasn't yours, Max, and never was. 

Max: It really broke Blair up. 

Al: And you just -- you left her there? 

Max: She's got someone -- Todd, unfortunately. But that's the way she wanted it. And I figured, after all that went down, I -- I just didn't have the heart to argue with her. I don't have the heart for much of anything right now. 

Al: Dad, I -- I'm so sorry. 

Max: Thanks. 

Al: I know I've been rough on you the past couple of months. But when you gave me that blood after the accident, it got me thinking. 


Blair: You probably just think I'm acting crazy. 

Todd: Hmm. No, I -- I know that you're -- well, you're a mother, and mothers feel stuff. 

Blair: Todd, I just have so much -- so much love to give to him and I can't. 

Todd: Blair, he's gone. 

Blair: I don't know. I just wish I had something that I could -- that I could hold on to, you know? 

Todd: Well, maybe you do. 

Blair: What's that? 

Todd: This is your baby's ashes. 


Hank: Ms. Perkins was able to obtain this court order due to a clause in your father's will. Are you familiar with it? 

Viki: My father's will? No, I haven't even looked at it since Todd came to town. I'm not familiar with it. 

Hank: Well, clause eight, section a -- "any issue of my daughter, Victoria, shall have the right to reside at Llanfair and enjoy all prerogatives and privileges thereof." 

Allison: Natalie was your issue. You issued her over 19 years ago, but then you misplaced her. Oh, Natalie, I love this. It's exquisite! 

Viki: Put it down! 

Allison: By the way, here's a court order. Consider yourself served. This is a problem you can't do anything about. All your money, all your power -- nothing's going to get you out of it. 


Ben: You're the same terrific young woman you always were. 

Jessica: No, I -- I mean, who are my real parents? They must be out there somewhere. 

Ben: Possibly. 

Jessica: Do you think they're the same people who raised Natalie? 

Ben: Well, my guess is Natalie was raised by wolves, so I wouldn't even go there. 

Jessica: I just -- I feel so completely lost, you know? 

Ben: Believe me, I do know. You know, when I found out that Asa was my biological father, I lost it. It made me second-guess everything I ever knew, everything I ever felt. 

Jessica: So how did you finally deal with it? 

Ben: All right, let me put it this way -- Asa may be my biological father, but he's not my real dad. My real dad is the man who loved me and raised me, just like Sam is my real brother. 

Jessica: And my mom's my real mom. She always will be, no matter what. 

Ben: She loves you so much, Jess. Your real family is where you find love, not some DNA. Result. 

Jessica: Tell that to Natalie. She thinks that's all that matters. 

Ben: Well, Natalie's got a lot to learn. 

[Jessica sighs] 

Ben: But you know what? I've been watching the way Natalie works, and she's not out to take Viki away from you. 

Jessica: Then what is she doing? 

Ben: She wants money and every other perk that comes with being a Buchanan. She can never, ever replace you in your mother's heart -- not ever. 


Asa: What in the hell are you doing here, Holden? You are a damn thief! 

Max: Oh. 

Asa: You stole my jet, took her to Mexico without my permission! 

Max: Hello to you, too, Asa. 

Asa: What happened -- run out of cash, come back here, steal some more? 

Max: I'm in the middle of a discussion with my son. 

Asa: Really? He bothering you, boy? You just tell me, and I'll teach him why I still wear steel tips on my boots. 

Al: We were just talking. 

Max: Do you mind? 

Asa: You bet your lying tongue I mind. 

Max: He's still my son. 

Asa: Yeah? Don't let this snake sell you anything, Al. 

Al: We were just catching up. 

Asa: Oh, Al, a con man is an expert on working on people like you! That's what Holden does -- spins his lies about his families and his feelings. 

Max: Could we have a little privacy? 

Asa: It's a lot of bull, Al. Do you hear me? Every word out of his mouth's a damn lie. But you already know that, right? Hey, hold it a minute right now. He's not getting to you. You're not thinking about forgiving this piece of slime! 


Troy: Ok, so you want to know if it's possible for your husband to skip a dose. Is that right? 

Gabrielle: Mm-hmm. 

Troy: Well, I certainly wouldn't recommend it, but, yes, he probably could. You see, the type of medication your husband is on has a cumulative effect, which means there would still be a residual amount in his bloodstream after 24 hours. 

Gabrielle: So he won't die -- today? I can still -- oh, I'm so relieved! 

Troy: Wait, whoa, whoa -- 

Gabrielle: Thank you! 

Troy: Mrs. Buchanan, please. You need to understand that no one can say with absolute certainty. 

Gabrielle: Yes, of course. 

Troy: And your husband still needs to take his medication on a regular basis. Now, there are some patients that can go a relatively long period of time without taking it, but others can have a reaction to even the slightest reduction. I mean, this is a very serious game. 

Gabrielle: Some games are just too dangerous. 

Troy: Absolutely. 

Gabrielle: Hmm. 

Troy: Now you're going to make sure your husband gets his medicine on time and every time, right? 

Gabrielle: Yes, doctor. 

Troy: Ok. 

Gabrielle: I will do whatever it takes for Asa. 


David: Can you see the family resemblance? Huh? Yeah? Look at his nose. Am I this baby's uncle, or am I this baby's uncle? Look how much he loves me.  El tio, huh? All right. Something official proves it even better. Look at this.  Me llamo David Vickers, ok? The man who just left the baby here? El llama Todd Vickers, my brother. Mi hermano. Right? Now, I'm going to tell you something about my brother, Todd, and I don't want you to tell anyone else, all right? He's crazy. That's right.   Es muy loco, not right in the head. I've been following my brother around for quite some time now because, well, I was afraid something like this was going to happen. You see, Todd -- you never know what he's going to give away next -- his money, his car, his underwear. Today, he gave away his own son, but luckily, tio David, Uncle David was here to make sure that nothing happened to his little nephew. Now, the main thing for you to know is this child is not an orphan. So if you don't mind, I'm just going to take him -- 

nun: Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh! 

Second nun: Policia! 

First nun: Policia! Robando bebe! Policia! 

David: All right, all right! Shh, shh! If you're going to be like that, I'm going to have to tell you the truth. But I warn you, you are not going to like it. 


Blair: How did you manage to get these, Todd? 

Todd: Well, I called a hospital administrator and, you know, I threatened him with the mother of all lawsuits for cremating the wrong baby, and it took him, like, 10 seconds, but he, you know, fell over himself just apologizing. 

Blair: And they still had the ashes? 

Todd: Yeah, well, they said they didn't, but, you know, I -- I threatened him and told him, you know, what kind of lawyer I was going to hire to, well -- yeah, he, you know, he came clean. 

Blair: Thank you. I'll treasure it. I'll treasure it always. 

Todd: So are you feeling better? Because we really -- we should get out of here. 

Blair: You know, Todd, this baby -- he never had a funeral or anything, no words to -- to wish him godspeed. 

Todd: Oh. Well, that's -- yeah, a great idea. Sure. Just -- nothing formal, right? 

Blair: I bet he's looking -- he's looking down on us right now. Come here and hold my hand. Come on. 

Todd: Yeah, sure. No -- no problem. 

Blair: Ok. Dear God, my sweet little baby was only here for a short time. He never had a chance to dream or to feel my love. I know you're holding him right now. Would you tell him how special he was? And to please have all your angels up there in heaven to look after him forever and ever, Amen. Ok, Todd. 

Todd: "Ok, Todd" what? 

Blair: It's -- it's your turn. 

Todd: Yeah. Um -- Blair, you know, praying -- 

Blair: No, you don't have to -- you don't have to pray. You just -- you just say whatever's in your heart, ok? Here. 

Todd: You were born, and then -- and then you died, and you -- you only lived for such a short time. I -- I mean, I feel funny, you know? I don't know what to -- I mean, did you -- did you have a name picked out? 

Blair: I was going to name him after you, Todd. 

Todd: After me? What the hell would you name a baby after me for? 


Bo: Thanks for coming, Hank. I'll take it from here. 

Hank: Yeah, sure. Viki, if you need me for anything, you call me. 

Viki: Thank you very, very much, Hank. 

Hank: Yeah. 

Viki: Thanks. 


Allison: Natalie can stay here as long as she likes, and there's nothing you can do about it. 

Viki: Just get away from me. 

Allison: Don't you just love that feeling of helplessness? It's sort of like being locked up in an asylum with no way out. 

Viki: Oh, I am far from being helpless, and actually very soon I'm going to feel so much better. 

Allison: You are? 

Viki: Yes. Because I'm going to have you arrested for kidnapping, and then I will feel wonderful. 

Allison: Hate to disappoint you, Viki, but the statute of limitations on that crime ran out over 10 years ago. You can't touch me. How does that feel? Hmm? 

Natalie: Still planning on arresting me, Uncle Bo? 

Bo: I can't understand why you would want to live in a place that you're not wanted. 

Natalie: Because it's my home, and if my mother hates my guts, well, then, she can just leave. 

Bo: Hmm. Well, this Perkins woman has no rights here. 

Natalie: Why are you being so mean? You don't even know me. 

Bo: I don't have to know you. From what I've seen, I've been able to come up with one hell of a negative opinion about you. Now, the way that you've behaved, I wouldn't count on a single person in this family lifting a finger to help you. 

Natalie: The way that I've behaved? What about Mother Iceberg in there? She hasn't even shown one ounce of love or caring since she found out who I was. 

Bo: Is that a fact? 

Natalie: All she's shown me is all this anger and resentment. 

Bo: Then maybe you ought to step back and take a look at how you've handled this entire situation. You deliberately made an enemy out of that woman. And I want to tell you something that I've learned -- you don't want Viki for an enemy because it always turns out the same -- you lose. 


Jessica: Everything just feels so strange. 

Ben: Ok, let me ask you this -- after everything you now know, have your feelings towards your mother changed? 

Jessica: No. No, of course not. I don't blame her. I mean, it's not her fault that I was switched, right? I love my mother. I always will. 

Ben: She feels the same way about you, Jess. My guess is, she's downstairs right now, trying to figure out a way to protect you because you have been her main concern through this whole thing. 

Jessica: And here I am worrying about poor me. You're right. You're right. I've got to go downstairs. Oh. But not looking like this. She's going to worry about me even more. 


Nun: Be honest. Or policia. 

David: No, no. No want policia. Todd -- the other guy -- he's not my brother. 

Nun: Ah, no? No hermano? 

David: Si. Uh, no. No. 

Nun: He's father of baby? 

David: We are both father of baby. You see, the thing is -- Todd is my life partner. 

Nun: Life partner? 

David: That is right. 

Nun: And the bebe? 

David: We adopted the little squirt, and believe me, we sure love him. 

Nun: So you and this Todd are -- 

David: Are a couple. That's right. With a baby. And we just happened to have a little spat. An argument. Never mind. You'll see. Todd will be back. Todd come back.  Mi amigo return-o. No more fight. 

Nun: No more fight? 

David: No more fight. But, you see, if you take the baby and you go away, then we're going to have to track you down. We're going to have to go through all that red tape. 

Nun: Que? Red tape? 

David: Explain-o to policia. 

Nun: Ah.  Policia. 

Second nun: Policia. 

David: No, no, no, no. Listen to me. Listen to me. I want you to give me the baby now, so we don't have to cause anyone else any more problems. 

Nun: This your baby? 

David: Yes.  Si. Comprendez. It's incredible, isn't it? And you wouldn't want me to have to explain to your Bishop that you kidnapped the son of two gay gringos. Now, would you? 


Todd: Answer me. Why would you name the baby after me? 

Blair: I wasn't going to name him after Max. 

Todd: Why not? Max is the father! 

Blair: You brought this baby into the world, Todd. I mean, wouldn't you have wanted him to have your name? 

Todd: No. Every time I heard the name, I would remember. 

Blair: What? 

Todd: That you didn't get to take him home. And that's my fault. 

Blair: Todd, you're not the reason that the baby died. You -- please don't blame yourself. 

Todd: Max blames me. 

Blair: Well, that's because Max hates you. 

Todd: Yeah, well, I hate Max. 

Blair: Well, you know what? You could turn the blame on him. If he had married me like he said he was supposed to in the first place, then I never would have left Llanview. Then -- then maybe the baby would still be alive. 

Todd: So you don't blame me for going home without this baby? 

Blair: The baby's gone. 

Todd: Yeah. Well, we should get home. I mean, Starr misses you. All I ever hear is, you know, "When's Mom coming home? Sure miss Mom." 

Blair: I miss Starr so much. 

Todd: Well, you should go see her. Come on. Let's get cracking. 

Blair: Todd -- there's something about the baby, something important you should know.

Blair: If Todd knew that I had lied to him about having his baby, and then to let his baby die -- 

Max: No, don't say that. You did everything you could for this baby. You loved it. 

Blair: But Todd would have loved this baby just as much, and he'd be hurt so badly. 

Max: You're wrong there. 

Blair: No, I'm not, Max! Todd would leave! He would disappear. He would take everything that I loved with him, Max, and I'd be left with absolutely nothing! Please! 

Max: Well, then let's figure a way to protect you and Starr. 

Todd: Blair? You said that there was something important that I need to know? 

Blair: Yeah. It's -- it's important to me that you came down here for me. So, let's go home. 


Al: Me and Max -- we were just talking about what happened in Mexico, that's all. 

Asa: Well, I'm going to tell you to be careful. Con artists like this are very slippery. 

Al: It's just Max just had some bad news, that's all. 

Asa: This lowlife, Al, is nothing but bad news. Now, why don't you get the hell out of my house and tell your lies to somebody else. 

Max: Get out of my face, Asa, or one day I'm going to shut up that mouth for good. 

Troy: Ahem, excuse me for the interruption. 

Asa: Oh, hello there, Doctor. You come here to peddle your pills? Check with my wife. She herds that deal. 

Troy: Mr. Buchanan, Mr. Holden. No, actually, I'm here to see Al. 

Al: Hey, Dr. MacIver. 

Troy: How are you? How you feeling? Anything unusual since you left the hospital? 

Al: No, not really. 

Troy: Look, maybe we can -- maybe we can talk about this someplace else. 

Al: Yeah. Yeah, follow me. 

Troy: Gentlemen. 


Max: You -- you scum. My son tries to talk to me, and you stomp all over him for it. 

Asa: Oh, I'm scum, huh? I just wanted the damn boy to know the score. 

Max: You're going to pay for this. 

Asa: Oh, you think so? I'm going to tell you something, Holden -- you're going to get Al back over my dead body. 


Asa: Damn that Holden! 

Asa: He was in my house 10 minutes. I can't stand the sight of him. 

Gabrielle: Well, Max is back? I thought he was still in Mexico. 

Asa: I want him out of here! You've got the poison pills with the prints, right? 

Gabrielle: Uh-huh. 

Asa: Then why the hell don't we do it today? What are we waiting for? 

Gabrielle: Oh, well, we couldn't possibly do it today, Asa. 

Asa: Oh, no? Why not? 

Gabrielle: Well, because he just got back from a long trip, and Max and I need to re-establish our relationship so that this affair could look legitimate for the reason that he wants you dead. 

Asa: Don't give me that bull! You want one more night in the sack with that piece of scum before he goes to prison! Forget it! 

Gabrielle: No. No, Asa, come off it, please! 

Asa: I've got the two of you on tape, bouncing around on that bed! That's all we need! 

Gabrielle: Asa -- 

Asa: I want it done! And I want it done now! 


Allison: You better read all of your father's will, Viki, especially the parts about Natalie getting all of her trust funds and the big, fat yearly allowance and her part of the estate -- 

Viki: I will look into it. Now, get out. 

Allison: Oh, you'll do more than look into it. I'm going to make sure you come across with every single dime. 

Viki: Let me tell you something, Allison. Natalie is going to get exactly what this piece of paper entitles her to and not one red cent more, and I will hire as many lawyers as it takes to make sure you don't get your grubby hands on it. 

Allison: How about your husband? I'd bet you'd like me to keep my grubby hands off of him. 

Viki: Oh, give me a break. Get out. 

Allison: Why not? I can always come back later as Natalie's guest. 


Ben: Don't bother getting your hands dirty. I'll get rid of Allison. 

Bo: Let me know if there's anything else I can do. 

Ben: I will. Thanks. 

Allison: Hello, Dave. 

Ben: The game's over. 

Allison: For good? Are you sure? 

Ben: Oh, absolutely. Where's Natalie? 

Allison: Where's Jessica? 

Niki: Hey! What'd I tell you, huh? Ding-dong! I told you not to forgive Allison Perkins. See where it got you? 


Gabrielle: Max, I'm so glad you're back. 

Max: What is it? What's wrong? 

Gabrielle: It's Asa. 

Max: Oh, please, please. Not any more of that "Asa must die" baloney, ok? Because I know damn well you're not serious. 

Gabrielle: No, no, please, you've got to listen to me. 

Max: Oh, what? You have another fight? Spare me the details, all right? I'm sick of you telling me how horrible this guy is, and then every 10 minutes you turn around and go back to him. 

Gabrielle: No, this is different. 

Max: How? 

Gabrielle: Well, I -- you see, I knew something was afoot, but I didn't know exactly what it was, but this -- 

Max: This -- 

Gabrielle: This -- 

Max: This -- what? This what? You know, you drive me nuts, ok? This what? 

Gabrielle: He is setting you up! 

Max: Excuse me? 

Gabrielle: He's setting you up for murder. 


Todd: Glad you -- well, I'm glad you decided to come home. 

Blair: Me, too. 

Todd: It's not -- I mean, it's not just because of Starr, is it? 

Blair: Todd, I'm going home to live with Starr and you. I love you, and you're the man that I want to spend the rest of my life with. 

Todd: Ok, let's not get goopy. Let's just get going. 

Blair: I'm going to double-check the bathroom. 


David: Darling, we're home. 


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Gabrielle: Max, don't you think I'm telling you the truth? 

Max: It doesn't make any sense. 

Natalie: You're not going anywhere, Jessica. Not until you hear what I have to say. 

Viki: Get out of here now!