OLTL Transcript Wednesday 10/24/01



One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 10/24/01

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy 

>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Jen: Hello?

Shawna: You're a free agent these days, aren't you?

Antonio: I guess you could say that.

Paloma: Señor Todd, he make me take baby away.

Blair: Away where?

David: Is it Todd Manning and child? What have we here?

Natalie: Hi, Mom. I'm home. What's for lunch?


Shawna: Now, this is more fun than handing me money, isn't it?

Antonio: Hmm. Shawna, what are you doing?

Shawna: Well, you said you wanted to repay me for helping you with Jen.

Antonio: Shawna --

Shawna: It's been a pleasure doing business with you.

Antonio: Not that I don't appreciate it, but really, I'm not interested.

Shawna: Why not?

Antonio: Because.

Shawna: Then don't tell me you're in love like your brother, because I know that there's no one else who wants you like I do.


Jen: Hello? Cristian, is that you? Please say something. I'm not mad at you, I promise. Just say something. Please?


[Doorbell rings]

Viki: Oh, Bo, thank you.

Bo: Hi, Viki. Got here as quick as I could. What's going on?

Viki: You haven't heard anything, have you?

Bo: About what?

Viki: Ok. Something's happened, and I didn't want to call the police because I'm afraid it would leak to the media and I just couldn't deal with that right now, ok?

Bo: All right. Nobody is going to know, ok? You have my word on that.

Viki: Listen, I have to thank you again. I'm sorry to trade on our friendship like this.

Bo: It's ok, Viki. I'm here, however you need me, all right? Just tell me, what happened?

Viki: Well, basically, there's an intruder in this house.

Bo: Where?

Natalie: Hey, Uncle Bo. I was wondering when you were going to stop by.


Blair: How could they have cremated him?

Paloma: No sé.

Blair: How could they have cremated my little boy?

Paloma: No sé.  Fue un error.

Blair: I just wanted -- I just wanted to hold him once. I just wanted to hold him, Paloma.

Paloma: Lo siento. I'm sorry.

Blair: I wanted to tell him that I loved him.

Paloma: Sí.

Blair: Yeah. I used to talk to him all the time when he was -- when he was still here in my belly. I used to tell him that I loved him. I don't know if he heard me.

Paloma: He hear you.

Blair: I just wanted to see him, count his little fingers and his little toes, talk at his -- his sweet little face, see if he looked like his daddy.

Paloma: Come. Paloma show you baby.


David: Fancy seeing you here.

Todd: Go away, Vickers.

David: Todd Manning -- the man who ruined my life.

Todd: Oh, like you had a life to ruin.

David: Well, I admit Dorian and I -- well, she and I had a pretty good thing going together until you and that little whore of a wife stepped in.

Todd: Are you calling Blair a whore?

David: No. She just married you for your money.

Todd: Which is really all you were after. Does that make you a whore?

David: Little did I know I could have just waited a few more months. You had to be a hero with that Irish guy. What was his name? You croak and, hey, your money's up for grabs.

Todd: Well, now I'm back.

David: Yeah, I heard about that, too.

Todd: You know, as much as I'm enjoying this little walk down memory lane, I'm -- you have to get the hell out of my way.

David: Why, you got to go take care of that baby? I assume it is yours, right?

Todd: What?

David: Well, if Blair's the mother, I assume it's a question.

Todd: Ok, I have to go catch a flight.

David: Oh, no problem. I guess I'll just -- I'll send a gift to Blair. How about that? Is she still at the same address?


Antonio: You know I'm not in love like my brother.

Shawna: Then what's the problem?

Antonio: I don't do one-night stands.

Shawna: It doesn't have to be just one night.

Antonio: You sure about that?

Shawna: What do you mean?

Antonio: Oh, I don't know. Just a little hunch. Cop's instinct. See, I get a feeling you don't like being with just one guy, Shawna.

Shawna: Busted. And you're looking for something serious?

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, I guess I am.

Shawna: Let me know when you change your mind.


Woman: When will you ever learn?

Keri: What?

Woman: Sorry. I was talking to Don Juan over there.

Keri: Oh. Uh -- I've seen you before. You're --

Woman: Vanessa. Hi.

Keri: You partied that night with Antonio and that detective -- what was his name?

Vanessa: John Sykes --

Keri: Yeah, mm-hmm.

Keri: When he left the force.

Vanessa: It was a fun night. Antonio sure knows how to party.

Keri: Yeah, he's a charmer. At least he thinks he is.

Vanessa: Oh, he has a way with women, that's for sure. Some women, anyway.

Keri: Really?

Vanessa: Sophia, the cop, Roseanne, his brother's ex-wife. I love Antonio, but with women, he's trouble.

Antonio: Keri. Wait up.


Jen: Cristian, please say something. Tell me you're ok. Cristian, please. I just want to hear your voice. Please let me hear your voice.  Cristian? That was him. I know it. "Not available"? There has to be another way. New York. He went to New York, but where in New York? Where would he be?


Carlotta: Hey, Seth!

Seth: Hey, Mrs. Vega. Is Cristian here?

Carlotta: Didn't he tell you?

Seth: Tell me what?

Carlotta: Cristian had to leave.

Seth: Leave? Well, where'd he go?

Carlotta: I guess he just wanted to try something new.

Seth: Well, what about Jen? Did she go with him? He left her? I don't get it.

Carlotta: Seth, I don't get it either. And I really don't understand what happened between them. But what about you? You came here to see Cristian. Will I do?

Seth: I don't know. It's -- it's bad.


Bo: Who are you?

Natalie: You don't know me? It hurts.

Bo: Viki --

Natalie: She called you here, right? Because you're the commissioner. It helps to have friends in high places, doesn't it, Mom?

Bo: "Mom"?

Viki: All right, I have to explain this to you.

Natalie: Don't bother, I can do that. You're my uncle. My father is your brother.

Bo: What is she talking about?

Viki: This person is named Natalie Balsom. And it turned out that -- well, we had DNA tests run, and apparently she is Clint's and my biological daughter.

Bo: How is that possible?

Viki: Well, when Allison kidnapped Jessica, apparently she didn't take Jessica.

Bo: What?

Natalie: She took me and then brought Jessica back.

Bo: But Jessica is your daughter, yours and Clint's daughter.

Viki: Yes, she is, although apparently, not our biological daughter.

Natalie: And DNA doesn't lie.

Bo: Well, where's Jess?

Viki: She's up in her room with Ben. I didn't want to leave her alone because she is having a terrible time with this.

Bo: Can't blame her for that.

Natalie: Well, she better start getting used to it. I'm the real Buchanan.

Bo: Well, I'm the real cop, and one word from Viki, I will haul you downtown for harassment.

Natalie: I'm not harassing her. She's my mother.

Bo: I haven't seen any of this so-called DNA evidence. Until I do, you're an intruder.

Natalie: Well, if you'll excuse me, I have things to do.

Bo: Lucky us.

Natalie: But you better make a formal announcement pretty soon. Or else, you know, I can call Todd. I'm sure he'd put it in his paper.

Bo: Todd. Is Todd behind all this? Did he bring her here?

Viki: No. She doesn't even know Todd.

Bo: Viki, is this for real? I mean, is she really your daughter?

Viki: I don't know, Bo. I don't know, but she seems to be. In the meantime, I have to try to find out what I can do to get her out of my house!


Todd: This isn't Blair's baby.

David: Oh, nuts. You guys broke up? What happened?

Todd: Go away, Vickers!

David: Or what, you're going to hurt me? You're holding a baby, Manning.

Todd: I could drop the baby.

David: So that's not your baby either, huh?

Todd: Go away.

David: Let's see, if it's not Blair's baby and it's not your baby, what are you doing with it?

Todd: I'm babysitting.

David: Gee, I never knew you had this selfless side to you, Todd. Learn something new every day. Are you staying with Uncle Todd? Huh? Did some completely deaf, dumb, and blind woman leave you with him?

Todd: Ok, stop it. You're scaring it.

David: Gee, Todd, I don't know, seeing this baby, it's bringing out all these warm, fuzzy parental feelings I have inside me.

Todd: Ok, what do I have to do to make you go away?

David: Why don't you just tell me what you're doing here and why you're so anxious for me to leave?


Bo: All right. Well, thanks, Murph, I appreciate it. All right, I've got somebody checking into all the legalities of all of this, so pretty soon we'll have a way for you to get rid of this Natalie.

Viki: And they don't need to know our names?

Bo: The only thing that they need to know is what I tell them they need to know.

Viki: Thank you. I can't tell you, this is such a nightmare.

Bo: You know, not long ago Ben told me that this Allison Perkins had popped up.

Viki: Oh, please. Yeah, she's at St. Ann's, begging me to forgive her. So I went to see her and I talked to her and told her, yes, I understood and how I wanted her to move on with her life and I forgave her, and they let her out because of me!

Bo: No, no, they let her out because she conned them into it. It wasn't because of you.

Viki: She still showed up here on my doorstep dragging that pathetic thing, that creature with her.

Bo: Does Clint know about this?

Viki: No. Not yet. Oh, Bo, I was going to call him and tell him, and Jessie begged me not to. She's afraid to tell him. So I have to wait for her, you know, until she wants to.

Bo: Viki, I will do anything I can to help you.

Viki: Yeah, I know. Thank you very, very much. Right now the first thing we have to do is figure out how to help Jessica.

Bo: This news must have really rocked her.

Viki: Do you believe that I'm the one that let this Natalie into this house? I'm the one that allowed that girl to destroy my life!

Bo: Viki, that girl is your daughter.

Viki: No, she's not. She can't be my daughter. You saw her. She's horrible! How can I ever accept her as my child?


Carlotta: I know Jessica very well. And I know you, too, Seth. And I can see how this is ripping you apart.

Seth: I just know Cristian used to date her. So I thought maybe he could help me make things better. If that's even possible.

Carlotta: Jen. What is it?

Seth: Hey. I heard about Cris. I'm sorry. Listen, thanks for listening.

Carlotta: Anytime. You stop by later, ok?

Seth: All right.

Carlotta: Bye-bye.

Jen: You have to tell me where Abuelita is.

Carlotta: What?

Jen: That's where Cristian went.

Carlotta: Jen, I have to respect his wishes.

Jen: Fine. Then I'll find him myself.

Carlotta: Oh, honey, honey, please, don't do that. He doesn't want to see you right now.

Jen: Yes, he does. He called me.

Carlotta: He did?

Jen: Yeah. I didn't really talk to him, but I know that he did.

Carlotta: Jen --

Jen: I knew it was him. He probably just thought I would yell at him or something, so he didn't say anything.

Carlotta: Well, why would he call you? He broke up with you.

Jen: Because he loves me, I know that, and I'm not going anywhere until you tell me where he is.


Keri: I have to go.

Antonio: I thought we were having coffee.

Keri: I'm late for a class.

Antonio: You don't have class now. Your schedule's posted on your office door.

Keri: And you memorized it.

Antonio: Is there a problem I don't know about?

Keri: No, there's no problem at all.

Antonio: Oh, ok, so then an hour ago, you wanted to meet me for coffee, but now -- you saw me with Shawna.

Keri: Who?

Antonio: That was nothing. It was professional.

Keri: That was professional?

Antonio: As a matter of fact, yes.

Keri: Right.

Antonio: Keri --

Keri: You know what? That's fine because it's just like our relationship -- professional.

Antonio: You know -- wait, wait, hold on here, ok?

Keri: I told you I have to go.

Antonio: Look, because of what you saw with Shawna? Because of that, suddenly we don't have anything going -- doing between us?

Keri: We don't have anything doing between us.

Antonio: Oh, oh, ok. You know what? Fine. I don't have to deal with this. I don't want to deal with this. You know what? I told you what was going on between me and Shawna and I told you it was strictly professional. But if you can't deal with that, then you know what? That's your problem.

Keri: But you don't want to deal with this?

Antonio: No. And I'm not.

Keri: This morning you had a major hissy fit because you heard me on the phone with my father, who you thought was my boyfriend --

Antonio: Excuse me, a "hissy fit?"

Keri: And I don't want to hear what you can and can't deal with.


Blair: You did all this?

Paloma: Sí.

Blair: For my baby?

Paloma: Sí.

Blair: Was he here?

Paloma: Sí.

Blair: For how long?

Paloma: Por poco tiempo.

Blair: Was he -- was he in here?

Paloma: Sí.

Blair: I knew it. Oh, I knew it. Oh. I could almost feel him.


Todd: What are you doing here anyway?

David: What, you don't love sunny Mexico? Actually, you know, it's a fascinating story, what I'm doing here.

Todd: Oh. Ok, if I let you tell me your fascinating story, then will you go away?

David: After I tell you my story, you're not going to want me to go away. I am looking for investors for a land development deal down here.

Todd: In Mexico.

David: Oh, yeah. The real estate market is booming in Verguenza.

Todd: Oh, yeah, sure. Verguenza.

David: Yeah, it's a small little town, not too far from here. This big American company is about to break ground on a factory they're going to build down there.

Todd: You don't say. And you need some money.

David: Give me a month. Triple your investment.

Todd: I don't need for you to triple my investment.

David: You do if you want to get rid of me.

Todd: Oh. Ok, I get it. How much do you need?

[Phone rings]

Todd: Is that you?

David: No, I don't have a phone.

Todd: Hey. You speak English?

Woman: Yeah. Why?

Todd: Catch.

Woman: What?


Todd: Ok.

Blair: Todd.

Todd: Blair, this -- this really isn't a good time.

Blair: She brought me here, to the baby's room.

Todd: Who?

Blair: Paloma.

Todd: I'll kill her.

Blair: What?

Todd: Never mind. Look, you need to get out of there.

Blair: I can feel him, Todd.

Todd: What?

Blair: It's -- it's like somebody just took him out for a long walk and he's going to come back.

Todd: Blair -- you need to get out of there and you need to stop thinking about this baby because he's not coming back.

[Baby cries]

Blair: What -- what is that? Is that a baby?

[Baby cries]

[Baby cries]

Todd: Uh -- yeah, yes. It is a -- it's a baby.

Blair: Well, is it -- is it my baby?

Todd: No! I'm in town. I'm in Verguenza.

Woman: Listen, I really --

Todd: Ok, you need to be quiet now because I'm incredibly busy. It's just, you know, there's a lot of babies around here.

Blair: It's just when I -- I walked into the room, it just made him so real, like he really did exist. I don't know. It just felt like he's alive.

Todd: He isn't, Blair.

Blair: I know.

Todd: You need to get out of that room, ok?

Blair: I don't want to.

Todd: You got to get out of that room because everything there's going to remind you. So just get out, ok?

Blair: Ok.

Todd: And pack, and then you'll go home, and there will be a lot of people there who speak English, and that'll make you feel better, right?

Blair: Ok.

Todd: Ok.

David: So who's that?

Todd: Uh -- a wrong number.

David: So it wasn't Blair.

Todd: Oh, look. I'm buying my very own factory in Mexico. If that isn't every boy's dream. D-a-v- -- right? -- I-d?

David: And you and Blair aren't actually still together, huh?

Todd: No.  Hasta la vista.

David: Don't you want me to triple a little bit more than this?

Todd: No.

David: Did I hear you mention something about a baby to that wrong number?

Todd: Did you hear me mention to airport security that you're a male prostitute?

David: No, but where are they? Because I should probably point out that that's not your baby that you're not kidnapping. You double this, you'll never see me again.

Todd: I'll never see you again anyway. I don't live in Mexico.

David: Neither do I, and now I've got enough money to buy a plane ticket to anywhere I want to go -- say, oh, Llanview, Pennsylvania?

David: Well, thank you. I guess I'd better get going. I have to build my own factory in --

Todd: Verguenza.

David: Right.

Todd: Give me.

Woman: Oh --

Todd: Great. Now you can go back to the 1960s. What are you looking at? No. What are you looking at?


Antonio: Ok, you're right. I'm sorry. All right, I shouldn't have gotten so upset about that phone call.

Keri: Thank you.

Antonio: But you wouldn't have told me what was going on if I hadn't.

Keri: I shouldn't have to.

Antonio: Really? Then why should I have to tell you what's going on between me and Shawna?

[Phone rings]

Antonio: Yeah. Excuse me. Vega.

Carlotta: Tonio, I need your help.

Antonio: What is it?

Carlotta: Jen is here and she's asking me where Cristian is.

Antonio: Well, you can't tell her.

Carlotta: She says she won't leave until I do. Can't I just tell her that Cristian left because he's trying to protect her?

Antonio: No. No. Look, you do whatever you have to do, but you can't let her find out the truth.

Antonio: I have to go.

Keri: Yeah, I'm not surprised.

Antonio: It's work.

Keri: Don't you mean "professional"?

Antonio: Believe what you got to believe.

Keri: I guess I'll have to because I know you have a lot of work to do.


Viki: Well, that sounds really awful, a mother rejecting her child. But you don't know what that girl has done. She has allied herself with Allison all along. They've been together in this, and she's done nothing but lie to me since day one.

Bo: Why?

Viki: There's a question. I don't know. I really am not entirely sure. You know something? When the DNA test result came back, I thought, ok, she's my daughter. Maybe I can feel something for her. Maybe I could even care about her.

Bo: But you didn't.

Viki: I can't. I can't!

Bo: Viki, you barely even know her.

Viki: No, that's the problem. I do know her, and I know every evil, awful thing she's done to my daughter, Jessica. I haven't even told you everything.

Bo: Well, what happened?

Viki: Ok. This -- this child comes to town. First thing she does is she finds Jessica and she befriends her. And she lies to her. She plays on her sympathy and she tells her, "Oh, my God, I'm going to have to leave school if I don't get a job," and then went so far as to tell her she was homeless. So what did Jessie do? Well, she came to me and said, "Mom, please, give her a job." So I gave her a job as my assistant here. And then she begged me to let her stay in the carriage house, which I did.

Bo: Well, that sounds like Jess all right.

Viki: Yeah. And all the time this was going on, all the time that Jessica thought Natalie was her friend, Natalie was pumping her for information and finding things out, things that she could then use to get everything that Jessie has.

Bo: That's low.

Viki: Yes, it is very low, and that's not all. This person, this Natalie, has a boyfriend, Seth, who then pretended to be very interested in Jessica and did it right at the time when Jessie split up with Will, and then Will left town, so of course, Jessie was vulnerable and she was lonely. And these two horrible, horrible people took advantage of Jessie.

Bo: I can't imagine anybody doing that to someone that is as sweet and as good as Jess.

Viki: You know something? Jessica is my daughter. I don't care what happens. And if anybody tries to hurt her deliberately -- you know what? I cannot accept this -- this Natalie as my biological child. I can't look at her like a mother. I can barely look at her at all.

Natalie: That's not a very nice thing to say about your daughter.

Viki: Well, you are not my daughter!

Natalie: Not exactly mother of the year, is she?

Bo: Maybe you should have thought of a better way to handle the situation --

Natalie: Me?

Bo: Instead of trying to destroy her family.

Natalie: It's all her fault.

Viki: My fault?

Natalie: You didn't even recognize your own daughter. Allison brought you back the wrong baby, and you just took her. You didn't even care.

Viki: Yes, I cared.

Natalie: You just wanted to get on with your own life. It didn't matter to you whether or not you knew me. But you know me now, don't you?


Antonio: Don't go far. She'll be right out.

Casey: She's been asking about Cristian.

Antonio: Yeah. I know. Did you say anything?

Carlotta: No.

Antonio: Good. You did the right thing.

Carlotta: I just wish there was some other way to handle this other than hurting that poor girl and leading her to believe that Cristian doesn't love her.

Antonio: Look, Mami, it could be a lot worse.

Carlotta: Tonio --

Antonio: Mami, she could die, ok? The minute we make a mistake, that's it.

Carlotta: I just hate being forced to lie. I just wish there was some other way out of this.

Jen: Unless you're telling me where Abuelita lives, I don't want to talk to you.

Antonio: Is -- is that where you think Cris is, Abuelita's?

Jen: Yeah, I know it is.

Antonio: He's not there, Jen.

Jen: Then where is he?

Antonio: I think you should stop doing this to yourself.

Jen: I'm not doing anything to myself. Cristian did it. He called me.

Antonio: What?

Jen: See? He still loves me.

Antonio: Oh. Is that what he said?

Jen: No. He didn't actually say anything.

Antonio: What do you mean?

Jen: Well, I answered the phone, and then there was just this silence.

Antonio: Jen --

Jen: But I know it was him. You have to tell me where he is.

Antonio: Jen, he's gone.

Jen: No. No.

Antonio: Jen, listen to me. Cristian is gone. You got to let him go.

Jen: I can't. I know he was trying to say something to me. I know it.

Antonio: No, Jen, you don't know anything. The truth is he's gone and he's not coming back. The sooner you realize that, the better off you'll be.

Jen: I just thought that if he called me that everything would be ok.

Antonio: You should just go home.


[Phone rings]

Bo: Excuse me. Buchanan.

Viki: Natalie, I know that you must be hurting.

Natalie: Right, because you know all about me.

Viki: Well, I know that you're upset because you didn't get all the things that you feel you were entitled to -- the house and the parties and the clothes and the horses and whatever else.

Natalie: I am entitled to them.

Viki: And you blame me for that?

Natalie: Yeah, I do.

Viki: Jessica doesn't deserve any blame.

Natalie: What did I do to her? She's still here, isn't she? She still has --

Viki: You've turned her entire world upside down.

Natalie: Then she should have thought of that before.

Viki: Thought of what before what? I mean, what did she do? She didn't do anything.

Natalie: Of course she did.

Viki: What? What did she do?

Natalie: She must have done something. Was she quiet? Did she sleep all through the night, or did she smile when you said her name?

Viki: What in God's name are you talking about?

Natalie: You liked her better than me. I mean, you must have because otherwise you would have said something. You would have at least tried to bring me back.

Viki: I loved my baby very much, and I would have done anything under the sun to get her back. When Jessica was brought back to me, it never occurred to me that she wasn't my child.

Natalie: Because she was perfect.

Viki: No. Because she was my baby and she was exactly the same in every way. Natalie, I know you don't want to believe that this is true. But it is, ok? I've gone over this a thousand times in my mind. When Allison Perkins brought Jessica back to me, I went over every inch of her, and she was exactly the same. Even now, knowing what I do now, I would still swear on my life that she is the baby I gave birth to.

Natalie: But she wasn't.

Viki: Maybe not. But she is still every inch my daughter, and, therefore, I will not allow you to hurt her anymore.

Natalie: So what do you want me to do? Pretend that I don't exist?

Viki: I want you to go away. I know you only came here to get money, so, fine, I will give you money. But I want you to go away now, right now.

Bo: Viki, it's ok. You don't have to try to make a deal with her.

Natalie: Why not?

Bo: Because I just got a judge to issue a restraining order. That means now I can take you to jail.


Blair: Is this what he -- what he smelled like? Is this how it was when you held him?  Oh. Isn't he beautiful? Oh, you want to see him? Look at him.

Paloma: No.

Blair: Here, I'll show you. No.  No. I just want to hold my baby!

Paloma: Señora, please --

Blair: I just want to hold my little boy! I just want to hold my baby!


Todd: I'm going to put you in the cargo hold, huh? Hey, I could bring you down to baggage claim. You could ride the conveyor belt.

David: Hey, Todd, I'll send you a post card from Cabo San Lucas.

Todd: I thought you were going to Verguenza.

David: Right. After Verguenza.

Todd: Just so long as you go away.

Nun: Por favor, Señor.  Por los niños.

David: Oh, thank you very much. Here you go, Todd. Here's your first share.

Nun: Señor, el dinero --

Todd: No, no, no.  Para los niños, right?

Nun: Sí, por los niños pobres sin padres.

Todd: Sín padres, like parents, right?

Nun: Sí.

Todd: What do you know? This baby's seen no padres.

Nun: O, pobre bebe.

Todd: Sí, it's a big damn shame. You know what? Could you take him?

Nun: Qué?

Todd: You know, do me a favor, huh? You know, I used to be a nun.

Nun: Qué?

Todd: So don't worry about it because I'll give you lots of cash to take care of the baby with.

Nun: Gracias! Gracias!

Todd: No, no, no, no. Thank you.

Nun: Señor?  Señor!  Señor!


Cristian: Antonio, it's me.

Antonio: What the hell were you thinking?

Cristian: What are you talking about?

Antonio: You can't call Jen. What if Keith heard, hmm?

Cristian: I know. I know, I know. I'm sorry. I just needed to hear her voice again, man.

Antonio: Look, Cris, you can't do that anymore, all right? You got to let her get over you.

Cristian: Yeah, but --

Antonio: What?

Cristian: How do I get over her?

Antonio: I don't know.

Cristian: Never mind. It just -- it doesn't matter. Bye.


Shawna: Prof. Reynolds?

Keri: Yes. What can I do for you?

Shawna: This is none of my business, especially since you're a professor.

Keri: What is it?

Shawna: I saw you talking before to that cop, Antonio Vega.

Keri: You don't have to worry.

Shawna: What?

Keri: There's nothing going on between us.

Shawna: Really? But you two were together before, right?

Keri: No, we weren't, and we never will be.

Shawna: Oh, that's too bad. I mean, he seems like a pretty great guy.

Keri: No, he's not. Believe me.


Natalie: You'd arrest your own niece?

Bo: Why not? I've had to arrest my own father any number of times. Let's go.

Natalie: No.

Viki: Bo, do you have to arrest her?

Bo: If you want her out of here.

Natalie: I'm not leaving.

Bo: You don't have a choice.

Natalie: Oh, no, no.  You don't have a choice, and neither do you.

Viki: Oh, Lord. What are you talking about now?

Natalie: I don't have to leave this house ever again, and I can prove it.


Todd: You ok, Blair?

Blair: I never got to hold him, Todd.

Todd: Oh, I know, I know.

Blair: I never got to see him. I just wanted to see him just once.

Todd: I'll tell you what -- why don't we go home and you can see Starr?

Blair: My baby.

Todd: No, Starr's your baby, too, you know, and -- come on; I'll take you home.

Blair: No, Todd. No. I'm not going anywhere without my baby.


Nun: Pero donde esté el?

Second Nun: Qué sabe el bebe?

David: Is there a problem here, ladies?

Nun: El gringo give us the baby.

David: Yes, I can see that. But today's your lucky day because I'm going to take that baby off your hands for you.


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Jessica: Who am I?

Allison: The district attorney is here to make sure Natalie's rights are protected.

Troy: You're going to make sure your husband gets his medicine on time and every time, right?

Blair: There's something about the baby, something important you should know.