OLTL Transcript Friday 10/19/01



One Life to Live Transcript Friday 10/19/01

By Suzanne 
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Melanie: I'll just pack my bags and go.

Bo: It's over, honey. Look, don't make this harder than it is.

Ben: Just cut to the chase. What did the tests say?

Viki: Larry, just tell me that Jessica is my daughter.

Blair: I heard my baby crying. I've got to find him --

Paloma: No.

Blair: I've got to find him.

Paloma: No, Señora.

Todd: You stay quiet for just a little while longer.


Viki: Larry, please. Just tell me Natalie is not my daughter.  Jessica is.

Larry:  Maybe we should talk about this privately.

Viki:  Oh my God.  Please, just tell me.


Melanie:  Bo, they're so beautiful. I've never seen anything like them.

Bo:  Do you like it?

Melanie:  Do I like it?  Thank you!  Oh, I love you.  Mmmmm

Bo: I didn't mean to break those. 

Melanie: I thought you were going to be at the station all day. I was hoping I'd be packed and out of here before you came home. The moving people are going to be here any minute. 

Bo: That's ok. It's -- it's no hurry. I'll leave. 

Melanie: No, no, no. No, it's your house. I -- I think I have all my things. 

Bo: It's ok if you don't. If you forget something, I'll just bring it by the hospital or bring it over to your -- your new place. 

Melanie: Oh, that might be a little difficult. I'm leaving Llanview. 


Blair: No, Paloma -- Paloma, please. I heard my baby. Tell me -- right? I did -- I did hear my baby? Todd said that -- that I was just imagining it when I told him, but -- but I did hear it. You said that I did. I mean, my baby -- do you understand? My little baby? My baby was crying. I heard him. Paloma -- 

Paloma: I afraid. Señor Todd. 

Blair: No, please, please -- listen to me, please. Just tell me. Tell me it was all a mistake. Tell me that I did -- I did hear my baby, that he's not dead -- that he's not dead, that my baby's alive. Please, tell me. Please, por favor. Please! 


[Knock on door] 

Max: Hola? Is anybody home? Blair, are you in there? 

Todd: Damn! That's your -- that's your father, ok, and he's an idiot. Trust me. You don't want anything to do with him.   [Knock] 

Max: Hey, what's going on? Open the door. 


Larry: I personally supervised the tests in the DNA lab. We ran the test once and then we ran it two more times. 

Viki: And the results were what? 

Larry: I'm sorry, Viki. Natalie is your daughter. 

Viki: No, Larry. You're wrong. You have to be wrong. Ok? This has got to be a mistake. Natalie's not my daughter. She can't be my daughter.  Jessica is my daughter. 

Ben: Could someone have tampered with the blood samples? 

Larry: Ben, I was there when the samples were taken. I was there all night. And, until I saw the final results, they were never out of my sight. 

Ben: Well, even so, something could have gone wrong. 

Larry: I ran the test a second and third time just to confirm the first. Viki's and Natalie's DNA is a -- is a perfect match for the mother-daughter model. I'm sorry, Viki. There's no mistake. 

Allison: Of course not. Do you think I would have come forward with something like this after all these years if I wasn't absolutely positive? 

Ben: I think you would have faked anything to hurt Viki. 

Allison: What good would fake proof do me? I knew you'd run your own tests. 

Natalie: The tests say that you have to accept me. 

Viki: Accept you? No. No, the tests don't say that. They say you're my daughter and that's all. 

Natalie: Exactly. So don't you have anything to say to me? 

Ben: You know what? This is a lot for Viki to handle all at once. 

Natalie: I don't think so. I think in your heart, you knew it all along. I mean, I think you recognized something right off the bat. That's why you've been so nice to me. 

Ben: Look, why don't you just back off and give her some time, all right? 

Natalie: I am your daughter. I was the one who was stolen all those years ago. I'm finally back. I think I deserve a welcome home. Don't you? 

Viki: Go away and leave me alone. 

Natalie: That's it? You were nicer to me when I was your employee. 

Seth: Natalie, give it rest, ok? 

Natalie: I have a right to be happy. 

Seth: Yeah, well, other people aren't. 

Natalie: That's not my problem. I'm finally reunited with my family. I'd like to enjoy it. I mean, you heard that doctor. I really am Viki's long-lost kid. 

Jessica: Mom, it's true. I'm not your daughter. 

Viki: Oh, baby. 


Bo: You're leaving Llanview? 

Melanie: Yeah. It's for the best. 

Bo: Well, where are you going? 

Melanie: Well, I need some distance. I was thinking about Seattle. 

Bo: Seattle? Well, that qualifies as distant, so -- you know, when I -- I didn't mean for you to leave town. 

Melanie: I know. But I -- I want to. I need to. I left Cherryvale because of Colin, and I came to Llanview to be with you. I need to -- [Melanie sighs]   Go somewhere new. Start fresh. There's nothing left for me in Llanview. 

Lindsay: There's me. 

Melanie: Lindsay. 

Lindsay: I'm still here. 

Melanie: I'm sorry. 

Lindsay: My only sister is leaving town. That's all your fault. Are you happy? 


[Pounding on door] 

Max: Todd? I know it's you in there. Todd! You may as well open up. You can't keep me out here forever.    I called the police. They're on their way. 


Blair: Please, Paloma. Tell me, is my baby dead? Please. Is he alive? When I said that I heard him before, you said "Sí." Oh, Paloma, please. Tell me, is there anything else that you're trying to tell me? Please. 

Paloma: You heard baby cry, Señora.   Porque su bebe está vivo.  Su bebe -- he lives. 

Blair: Oh. Oh, Todd! 

Todd: What's going on here? 

Blair: Paloma -- Paloma says that our baby is not dead -- that our baby's alive! Todd, it was all a mistake. The baby's not dead. It's alive! 

Todd: How could you do that to her? How could you lie to Blair? Blair, the baby is not alive. 

Paloma: Sí.   Sí, el bebe está vivo. The baby, he lives. The baby está vivo en --  en el corazón de la señora. She heard baby cry porque --  porque está vive aquí y alli con Díos. 

Blair: My baby's not really alive? 

Paloma: No.  Señora, alive en su corazón, forever. 

Blair: I know it's alive in my heart. I don't need you to tell me that. 

Paloma: No se -- 

Blair: Get out of here now! 

Paloma: ¡Lo siento, Señora!   Lo siento. 

Todd: She shouldn't have done that. 

Blair: She's right. My baby is alive in my heart. He will always be. 

Max: The police are here now, Manning. Open the door or they break it down. 

Paloma: Quién está alli? 

Max: It's Max Holden. 

Paloma: Señor Max? 

Max: Yes, Señor Max. Look, open the damn door! 

Paloma: Un momento, un momento.  Señor Todd? 


Melanie: Nothing that happened here is Bo's fault. I am the one who made up the story about me dying. I am the one who lied. 

Lindsay: And he's the one who set it up so you felt like you had to. 

Bo: This is none of your business, Lindsay. 

Lindsay: Yes, it is. 

Bo: Why, because everything is your business? 

Lindsay: No, because you walked away from marrying her the same way you walked away from me and the same way you walked away from Nora -- for a lie. 

Melanie: Lindsay, please leave it -- just leave it alone, ok? 

Lindsay: Why, Bo, do you think it is that all the women who love you wind up feeling like eventually they have to lie to you? 

Bo: I don't know, Lindsay. Why don't you tell me. 

Lindsay: Because you set up such impossibly high standards. You expect us to be perfect. And when we're not, when we make one little mistake, you're ready to call it quits. Except the thing is, you see, we know that we're not perfect because nobody is and so we end up telling a little lie and then we've got to cover our tracks. Then the little lie becomes a bigger lie and then it becomes so big that we can't cover it up anymore. 

Melanie: Lindsay, enough is enough. 

Lindsay: We all make mistakes, Bo. Oh, except for you, of course. You're perfect, you know, but the rest of us are human beings. So why don't you just ease up and give us all a little break? 

Bo: How long you been saving that up? 

Lindsay: I really thought that Lanie could be that perfect wife for you. That's why I supported her. I thought that she deserved a chance. 

Bo: Let's back up. What exactly did you just mean? That's why you supported her? Were you in on her telling me that she was dying? Were you? 


Viki: It's ok. It's ok, baby. It's ok. 

Larry: I'm sorry, Viki. 

Viki: Yes, yes, I know. Larry, look, I need a little time to sort this out, ok? 

Larry: Yeah. Look, if -- if you need to talk, if you need me at all, anytime. 

Viki: Thank you. 

Larry: I remember you when you were a sweet, kind woman who once dated my son. 

Allison: I am sweet and kind. Ask Natalie. 

Larry: How could you do this to these people? 

Allison: Oh, what does it matter to you? I didn't marry Dan, did I? He split. 

Larry: Yes, he did. Glad he got away from you. 

Viki: Come on. I'm taking you home. 

Natalie: Whoa, what about me? 

Viki: What about you? I couldn't care less. I'm taking my daughter home. Get out of my way. 

Seth: I'm so sorry. 

Ben: Keep away from her. 

Natalie: This isn't how it was supposed to be. It was supposed to be so much better. 

Ben: Well, what did you expect? That Viki's going to welcome you in open arms? That she's going to thank you for tearing her life apart? 

Natalie: I'm her daughter. I mean, the DNA test proved that. She can't ignore it. 

Ben: All the DNA tests in the world will never make you Viki's daughter. 

Natalie: Guess again. 

Ben: What are you sticking around for?  Now it's just the two of us. 

Allison: Am I supposed to be afraid? 

Ben: Oh, no. Because I know you don't have any feelings. So this won't hurt a bit. 


[Pounding on door] 

Max: Let me in, do you hear me?   Señor Max. 

Todd: Oh, look, Señor Max. Did you telefone Señor Max? Is that why he's aquí? Is it? You know what happens now, don't you? 

Paloma: No kill me, Señor.  Deseo vivir. 

Todd: Oh, you want to? You want to vivir? 

Paloma: Sí. 

Todd: Then you'll do exactly what I say. You take el bebe and you take it to the airport, ok? 

Paloma: Al aeropuerto? 

Todd: Sí. And you wait there by the big statue, el estatue grande. 

Paloma: La estatua grande al aeropuerto? 

Todd: Sí. What are you waiting for? 

Paloma: El bebe. He's going to leave? 

Todd: You know, if I were you, I would worry about yourself. How about you -- you want to live? 

Paloma: Sí. 

Todd: Then take that kid and get out of here. 

Max: Find my baby now. 

Todd: Wow. It's Mr. French and his federales. Welcome to our happy hacienda. 

[Baby fusses] 

Paloma: Silencio. 

[Baby cries] 

Paloma: Mi pequeño bebe.   Eres un buen bebe.   Eres un bebe dulce. 


Natalie: This isn't how it was supposed to be. I'm her daughter. She's supposed to love me. 

Seth: Ben was right. Just think about what we did, how we did it. 

Natalie: It was terrible, but it's not like we had a lot of choices. 

Seth: Maybe not, but you can't expect Mrs. Davidson to be happy about it. 

Natalie: Well, if she wants someone to be mad at, she should be mad at Allison Perkins. I mean, that's who switched the babies. And that's who told us how to get the proof. 

Seth: Yeah, but we're the ones who did it. 

Natalie: I just kept thinking how great it was all going to be -- big reunion, finally being somebody. 

Seth: You've always been somebody. 

Natalie: You know what I mean. I mean, even before Allison came to me, told me who I really am, I had always dreamt about being somebody special one day. You know? It was like inside, I always knew that I was something more than Natalie Balsom. Now I am. But it's just so -- 

Seth: Ugly? 

Natalie: Ugly. 

Seth: I knew you were special the day I met you. 

Natalie: Yeah, right. 

Seth: I did. But since Allison showed up, you've changed. 

Natalie: Allison was like my fairy godmother. She just waved her magic wand and turned me into a Buchanan. 

Seth: I guess. But it's going to be a long time before the Buchanans accept you. 

Natalie: But you still do, right? Or are you so worried about Jessica that you don't want to share all of this with me anymore? 


Viki: Jessie, wait! 

Jessica: Mom, stop! Please. I can't listen to it. I listened to it the whole way home. I can't hear any more how I'll always be your daughter because I'm -- I'm not. I'm not your daughter and I never will be -- not now or not ever, ok, so -- 

Viki: Don't. It's not true, all right? Ok, maybe the test was right -- 

Jessica: Maybe? Mom, there's no "maybe" about it. Uncle Larry ran the test three times. 

Viki: Fine, then Allison brought me back a different baby. It doesn't matter. I think that God had a plan and I think he meant for you to be my daughter. 

Jessica: Yeah, but, mom, it's not the same. You're not going to love me the same way anymore. It's different. 

Viki: Are you insane? Are you insane? Do you think your father loves Kevin and Joey any the less because he's not their biological father? 

Jessica: Yeah, but that's not the same thing, Mommy. He adopted them. I'm not adopted. I'm not your daughter. I'm -- I'm nothing. 

Viki: Don't say that. Don't say that. You are my daughter and you have been from the second you were brought back into this house safe and sound. 

Jessica: Yeah, under false pretenses, mother. 

Viki: That doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because you're the child that I loved. You're the child that I held and I cried over. You are the child that I cherished. I held you right here by my heart so that you would hear it. And I swore to myself nobody would ever take you away from me again and I won't let them. Believe me, I won't let them. I was meant to be your mother and you were meant to be my daughter. And I am and you are. Forever. 


Bo: You know what? It doesn't matter if you were in on it or not because I couldn't think any less of you than I already do. 

Lindsay: And Lanie? How do you feel about her? 

Bo: I’ve got to change. 

Lindsay: I wish you could've backed me up there. 

Melanie: You don't think two barrels were enough to hit him with? 

Lindsay: No, I'm just talking about when he asked if I was in on the lying about this. I mean, I just wish that you could've helped me out. Hey, if he decides that I really was in on this, I mean, he's going to be talking to people in town and maybe Jen could hear about this. 

Melanie: Well, it's not like she thinks you're a saint or anything. 

Lindsay: Well, I know, but Cristian just broke up with her and Will's gone and Sam is busy with Nora and she needs me. 

Melanie: That's debatable. 

Lindsay: No, she doesn't know it yet, but she needs me now, and I need her because I'm not going to have you around anymore. 

Melanie: Lindsay, then why don't you just go to her and tell her the truth yourself? 

Lindsay: I can't, I can't. I can't risk it. Please. Please don't tell Bo that I knew that you were lying about your illness. Please, I -- I need another chance with my daughter. 

Melanie: Can't do that, Lindsay. I am not going to lie to Bo or anyone else ever again. 


Todd: You know, as usual, Max, you went overboard. We don't really need the cops here. 

Max: The lady who called said the devil was here. She was right. 

Todd: Mm-hmm -- you're here now. You know, with your new Backstreet Max haircut, I can almost see those horns. 

Max: Blair said she was afraid that you might try to take our baby the same way you took Starr. 

Todd: Why would I want your kid? 

Max: Then why are you here? 

Todd: Boning up on my Spanish. 

Max: I think Blair had every right to be scared. 

Blair: I was, Max. But not because of Todd. 

Max: Are you ok? 

Blair: Tell the cops to leave. All right? Don't make it worse than it already is. 

Todd: See, Max? She doesn't want the cops here, either. 

Max: Where is the baby? Blair, where is our son? 

Todd: See? No, not "Sí" like you guys means "Sí." I mean, "See," like recuerda, sí?  La bebe no mas aquí.   La bebe es muerto, es muy, muy triste. 


Lindsay: Well, what are you talking about, Lanie? Of course you're going to lie again. I mean, we all lie. At least this would be a cause -- you'd be helping me. 

Melanie: You heard Bo. He already figured it out that you were in on it and he didn't care. He's not going to tell Jen or anyone else. Lindsay, I mean, this is my breakup, not yours. 

Lindsay: Well, it might be your breakup, but your breakup is depriving me of my only sister. Maybe I should move to Seattle with you. 

Melanie: I don't think that's a very good idea. 

Lindsay: What's the matter? You don't think Seattle's ready for the two of us? 

Melanie: Frankly, no. 

Lindsay: You know, it has been kind of nice having somebody around that loves me and -- understands me. Supports me for the most part, anyway. 

Melanie: I'll only be a phone call away. 

Lindsay: Someone who, it turns out, is a lot like me. 

Melanie: I hate to admit how true that really is. 

Lindsay: I meant that as a compliment. 

Melanie: I know that one day, you will get everything that you want. 

Lindsay: Or die trying. 

Melanie: Oh. I'll miss you. 

Lindsay: I'll miss you, too.   Ok, look, when the eagle lands, you have to make sure you let me know where you're going to be living and a phone number so I can call you. 

Melanie: You have my cell phone. 

Lindsay: I love you. 

Melanie: I love you, too. And I'll call. I'm serious when I said this is my breakup. 

Bo: Is that true? 

Melanie: About Lindsay being in on my made-up leukemia? 

Bo: No. About me forcing you to try to be perfect. 


Ben: Why didn't you just walk Natalie to the front door of Llanfair and tell Viki what you did? 

Allison: Because I told you she'd never believe us. She'd slam that front door right in my face. 

Ben: Well, then, you don't know Viki. 

Allison: Yes, I do. We needed proof, and the only way to get that was to have Natalie befriend Jessica, for her to get into that house and get those hair samples. But even after we got those DNA results, even then, you and Viki didn't believe us. You still had to run your own tests. 

Ben: Well, do you blame us? 

Allison: That's why this didn't have a happy ending. 

Ben: You never intended for this to have a happy ending. You intended to stick it to Viki. The question is why. 

Allison: I wasn't trying to stick it to Viki. I was trying to tell the truth. I wanted to come clean about switching the babies -- 

Ben: You still -- 

Allison: To reunite her with her real daughter. 

Ben: You still can't tell the truth. 

Allison: Oh, and you're a fine one to talk. You tried to seduce me by pretending you're some great guy named Dave. 

Ben: Come on, I didn't try to seduce you. 

Allison: Liar! I did what I did to set things straight. 

Ben: You did what you did to hurt Viki. You wanted to see how much of her you could destroy, and I'm still waiting to hear why! 

Allison: Because I tried to do the right thing 19 years ago and it nearly killed me. 


Natalie: Jessica does not need you, Seth. 

Seth: Yeah. You know, I got to go. I got to do some stuff before work. 

Natalie: You don't have to be a waiter or a bartender anymore. You can quit those jobs. We're going to be rich. 

Seth: Sure. I'll see you later. 

Natalie: Seth. Look -- I feel sorry for Jessica, too. But no matter how bad I feel for her, I know that she's never going to forgive me. Or you. 


Viki: I love you. I love you with all my heart and soul. And there's no test on this earth that will ever change that. Daddy and I will always, always love you. 

Jessica: But he's not my dad. 

Viki: Yes, he is. Yes, he is and he's not going to love you any the less when he finds out about this, either. We can call him right now if you want to. 

Jessica: No. Um -- no. Can we wait, please? 

Viki: Sure. Whatever you want. 

Jessica: Promise? 

Viki: Yes, I promise. 

Jessica: It's ridiculous. I'm being so selfish. Come on, you're trying to protect me and you're just as upset about this as I am. 

Viki: Hey, you know what? Mothers protect their children. That's what they do. That's why I'm protecting you, and I always will. 

Jessica: Mom, I mean, no matter how much we pretend or -- or no matter who we don't tell -- and no matter how much I love you, it just -- it doesn't change the truth. I mean, the truth is Natalie is your real biological daughter. 


Paloma: Eres un buen bebe. 


Max: Where is our baby, Blair? Where is he?   [Officer sighs]   Did you find the baby? 

Officer: We found nothing, Señor. There is no baby, nada. 

Blair: Max, please, just tell the police to leave. There's been no crime committed here. The baby isn't here. 

Officer: Do you want us to question the other Americano? 

Blair: Please, tell them to leave. I need to talk to you alone. 

Max: Uh -- uh, no, that won't be necessary. Here -- listen, thank you for all your help, amigos. 

Officer: No, no, no, no, no. We were just doing our job, Señor. 

Max: Gracias.  All right. I'm listening. Blair, what happened here? 


Melanie: Lindsay was wrong. You never asked me to be perfect. That was my own doing and my own need. 

Bo: Are you sure? Because if it was me -- 

Melanie: Lindsay's little tirade had as little to do with you or me and everything to do with her. 

Bo: I guess some things never change. 

Melanie: Exactly. Why she lied to you or lies to you is none of my business. But why I lied to you -- 

Bo: Go on. 

Melanie: During my marriage to Colin, my self-esteem was battered right out of me. 

Bo: But you're a beautiful, intelligent, loving woman. 

Melanie: Who never believed that I was good enough to be loved for who I am. 

Bo: But you are. 

Melanie: Thank you. But until I believe that for myself, I will never be able to have an honest relationship. 

Bo: But you don't have to go to Seattle to do that. 

Melanie: Yes, I do. I need to go and be alone and learn how to believe in myself. I did once upon a time. 

Bo: And you will again. 

Melanie: I hope so. 

Bo: I know so. 

Melanie: Thank you, Bo. Thank you for forcing me to look in the mirror and telling me that I was acting just like Lindsay. 

Bo: No, don't -- don't thank me for that because that was a horrible thing to say. And I was angry. 

Melanie: No, Bo, but it was so true. I love my sister, but I don't want my life to end up anywhere like hers. Thank you. Thank you for the wake-up -- for the wake-up call. 

Bo: Thank you for -- for bringing so much happiness to me at a time that I desperately needed it. 

Melanie: Bo, I wish you happiness all the rest of your life. 


Ben: Viki told me about the day you got hit by that car. 

Allison: I was on my way to meet her. I was going to tell her the truth about how I'd switched the babies. 

Ben: Who'd you switch the babies with? Who are Jessie's biological parents? Why didn't you tell Rae or Larry? You met Viki at St. Ann's. Rae set it up. Why didn't you tell the truth then? 

Allison: Because she wouldn't have believed me. It took all my convincing to get her to believe that I was sorry. 

Ben: Because you weren't! 

Allison: You know, you could learn a thing or two from Dave. I liked him. He was nice and kind and he took away the loneliness. 

Ben: There is no Dave. 

Allison: Yeah, exactly. It was just you trying to hurt me. 

Ben: Because you were hell-bent on hurting Viki! 

Natalie: So if Viki's my mom, I guess that makes you my stepdad. 

Ben: No daughter of Viki's would ever have hurt her the way you did. 

Allison: If he thinks Viki's hurting now, wait till he sees what we do next. 


Viki: I don't want to think about Natalie right now and I don't want you, too, either. 

Jessica: How can we stop? 

Viki: Natalie will never, ever come between us. 

Jessica: Mom, she already has. She is your daughter. I am not your daughter. I'm -- I'm -- I'm -- who am I? 


Blair: I'm so sorry, Max. But -- 

Blair: But -- 

max: But what? 

Blair: Our -- our baby -- our son -- 

max: What about him? 

Blair: He -- he didn't make it. He died. 


Todd: Paloma? Where the hell are you, Paloma? Where the hell did you take Max's brat? 


Max: Our son is dead? 

Blair: I'm so sorry. 


Paloma: So beautiful.   Sí? Sí? Oh, yes. 


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Nora: Let's just get this over with. I want to get this over with. 

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Allison: The big payoff is just around the corner.