OLTL Transcript Monday 10/15/01



One Life to Live Transcript Monday 10/15/01

By Suzanne
Proofread by Kathy

>> Previously on "One Life to Live" --

Blair: Where's the baby? Will you bring him to me, please?

Jen: What is going on with us?

Cristian: Nothing. It's over between us.

Lindsay: You're going to have to restore your health and in a hurry after you become Mrs. Bo Buchanan.

Allison: What would you do if I told you I had irrefutable proof Natalie is your daughter?



Jen: Cristian, you're lying to me. I know what we have -- we have is real. I know it is.

Cristian: Jen -- look, you're not getting it, and I am trying to be honest with you. I don't love you.

Jen: You don't mean that.

Cristian: Yes, I do, ok? Everything else was just talk, stuff that you say when you're with someone, ok?

Jen: Like what? What exactly did you lie to me about?

Cristian: About everything. What, you need a list?

Jen: Yes.

Cristian: When I told you that I loved you. When I told you that you were the only one.

Jen: What?

Cristian: You're not the only girl in my life, Jen. You never were.


Viki: If you think for one second that I'm going buy into this ridiculous story --

Natalie: Hello? Since when is proof ridicul--

Viki: I don't want to hear another word out of your mouth!

Natalie: You can't ignore me! I'm your daughter and I have proof!

Viki: Well, you can keep your proof because you are not my daughter. And no amount of fabricated evidence is going to convince me otherwise.

Natalie: It's not fabricated.

Ben: That's bull.

Natalie: Why do you think that we were here so long without saying anything?

Viki: Probably because you knew we wouldn't believe you.

Natalie: Because I needed real evidence. I had to get close to you, Jessica, let you think that my boyfriend was actually interested in you. Do you know how hard that was for him? Because you are just so boring.

Jessica: I hate you.

Natalie: None of this was easy for me. I mean, I hated it, every second of it. But it was worth it.

Viki: Really? So you could cause more people more pain?

Natalie: No. Because I was finally able to get what I needed.

Ben: And what was that?

Natalie: Samples of Viki's DNA. And her ex-husband's DNA. I had them tested along with my own. Want to see the results?


Lindsay: Bo, how could you do this?

Bo: I wanted a second opinion on Melanie's condition. See, I've got questions. She won't tell me anything about what's going on. It's like she avoids it with me.

Lindsay: She's dying. What else do you need to know?

Bo: I need to know what type of leukemia, what kind of treatments are available, what kind of a time frame we're looking at.

Lindsay: Make her talk. You're a cop. That's what you do.

Bo: Oh, yeah, what do I do? Say, "Hey, honey, by the way, how much time do we really he left together?"

Lindsay: So you think it was better that you took a blood sample she gave you to get a wedding license and you took it to get tested for your personal crusade?

Bo: Stop being melodramatic, ok? I'm not proud of what I did, ok, but if Troy MacIver --

Lindsay: Troy MacIver? You went to see Troy?

Bo: If he can tell me anything about her condition, then to me it's worth it.

Lindsay: How did you convince Troy MacIver to test Lanie's blood?

Bo: I told him it was mine. I told that I'd been diagnosed with leukemia.

Lindsay: Bo --

Bo: He said that he would have something for me soon. Now, I have to know how to take care of her, Lindsay.


Lindsay: Oh, hey.

Melanie: Bo. Hi.

Bo: Hi, sweetheart.

Melanie: What's going on?


Troy: Wait a minute. How can this be? It's impossible. What are you up to, Bo Buchanan?


Blair: My baby can't be dead!

Todd: Blair, you need to calm down.

Blair: No, don't tell me to calm down, Todd! My baby can't be dead! Stop saying that to me! I want -- I want to see my baby!

Todd: You can't.

Blair: You're lying, Todd! I felt him. I felt him. Oh, my God, I felt him! He was fighting to be born! He -- he was alive! He was alive!

Todd: He was. For a little while, he was.

Blair: No, stop saying that, Todd! Oh, God.

Todd: Blair --

Blair: Oh, God. No, Todd, this can't happen to me -- not again, please.

Todd: Ok --

Blair: I wanted him so much, Todd. You! You! You took my baby! Where's my baby? Give me my baby! Where is he? Give him to me.


Natalie: Go on, take it. Read what it says. Then let's see what you believe.

Ben: How'd you get these DNA samples?

Natalie: Remember when you accused me of stealing Viki's bracelet? Well, I stole some of her hairs from her hairbrush, and then I took some of Clint's -- my father's hair from your locket.

Jessica: You had no right.

Natalie: Oh, I had every right to because those hairs and these papers make me a Buchanan and you a nobody.

Jessica: No.

Seth: Jess --

Jessica: What? What?

Seth: I'm sorry this is happening.

Natalie: I need to talk to you.

Natalie: Seth, you don't have to be nice to her anymore. You don't have to pretend like you care what happens to her.

Seth: Well, I do care.

Natalie: Why? Do you really think she's going to forgive you after what you've done?

Seth: You totally ambushed her in there.

Natalie: So what? She's had 19 great years. Let her have a bad day.

Seth: Natalie, she doesn't deserve this.

Natalie: You think I deserved grow up with nothing? Treated like dirt while little precious took my role in this family? She stole my life. Now you're going to take her side?

Seth: I'm not taking anybody's side, ok?

Natalie: What's the matter with you? You almost blew it in there by telling her about us. What is wrong with you?

Jessica: Seth didn't tell me anything. I found out on my own.


Lindsay: I forgot the something borrowed, something blue, and you can't get married without that, now, can you?

Melanie: Oh. Lindsay, it's ok, really.

Bo: I think we could probably dig up something around here that'll do the trick.

Lindsay: No, Bo, it won't be the same. I -- I have a keepsake from our childhood that I wanted to give Lanie once she walked down the aisle and I left it at the gallery.

Melanie: Oh, well, do we have time?

Lindsay: Uh -- I don't know.

Bo: Well, Andrew's running a little bit late, so sure.

Lindsay: Good. All right. Well, then I'm just going to run back and get it, and I won't be long. Do not get started without me.

Bo: So, are you going to let me see your dress?

Melanie: No.

Bo: Why not?

Melanie: Because it's bad luck. You know that.

Bo: What, you believe in that old superstition?

Melanie: Kind of.

Bo: Yeah? You know what I believe in?

Melanie: What?

Bo: I believe in us. I believe in our love and in our future. And we're going to have one. I don't care what those doctors say. I believe that. Just tell me you believe it, too, honey.

Melanie: I do. I believe it.

Bo: Ok. Plus, fair's fair, so --

Melanie: What?

Bo: Well, I mean, look at me. You've seen me in my same old tired tuxedo, so come on, what do you say?


Antonio: I wish there was a different way of doing this -- I really do -- but I can't have that little girl following him to New York. I promised Cris I would protect her. And that's what I have to be able to do even after Cris is gone.

Carlotta: We don't even know if he's going to be safe in New York. When is your brother going to be safe?

Antonio: After we smoke this guy out, and we will.

Carlotta: You're not sure, are you?


Jen: No, now I know you're lying.

Cristian: What, you don't think I could've cheated on you?

Jen: You wouldn't.

Cristian: Yeah, well, I have. And trust me, it happened more than once.

Jen: I would have known.

Cristian: Oh, come on, Jen, you don't think I could cover my tracks?

Jen: Why are you saying this?

Cristian: I figured that it would probably hurt more if it came from somebody else.

Jen: How could it hurt more than it does right now, hmm? I love you.

Cristian: Look, Jen, I'm sorry, ok, but I'm trying to let you down easy here. And you're making it impossible. Everything is always such a big deal with you, everything has to be special. I was just trying to have some fun, ok? You're backing me up into a corner here.

Jen: What are you talking about? You told me you loved me.

Cristian: Yeah, well, I lied, ok? Live with it.

Jen: I don't believe that. I don't believe you.

Cristian: That's your problem then.

Jen: Why are you doing this? I know you.

Cristian: Oh, you know me. You think you know me.

Jen: Stop laughing at me!

Cristian: You don't know anything, Jen. You only know what I wanted you to think. Ok, that you could trust me, that I cared about you, that I'd love you forever. Come on.

Jen: But all at was just what?

Cristian: An act. Face it, Jen, the Cristian you fell in love with -- that guy never existed.


Lindsay: I can't let you make that call.


Bo: You take my breath away.

Melanie: Well, I hope you get it back in time to say your vows.

Bo: Oh, just try and stop me.

Melanie: No way.

Bo: Honey, I mean, you're just -- you're so beautiful. Nobody would ever know that --

Melanie: I -- I don't want them to.

Bo: At some point, though, you're going to have to, uh --

Melanie: Bo, please. Not today. I just want to be beautiful for you.

Bo: You don't have to worry about me.

Melanie: It's too late.

Bo: I just want this day to be absolutely perfect for you.

Melanie: It already is.

Bo: No, I want it to be everything that you've always dreamed of. So before we get started, I'd like to know that you forgive me.

Melanie: For what?

Bo: Just for being so bullheaded about everything, you know? Want to go slow, want to get to know each other better.

Melanie: Well, no --

Bo: I always knew in my heart that you were the one, and I don't know why I wasted so much time.

Melanie: Oh, Bo, you just -- you didn't. You were just being cautious. I understand.

Bo: Well, I wish I did.

Melanie: No, I mean, we were both burned before and it's totally natural to have reservations.

Bo: But you didn't have any.

Melanie: Well, maybe because I knew what you didn't. It's too late now.

Bo: Melanie, why didn't you tell me? That's something I just -- I don't get.

Melanie: I --

Bo: You know, we made a deal we were -- we were going to always be straight with each other, you know, and then you get this awful news and you don't tell me. You tried to cover it up. It's like I -- I didn't even know what's going on.

Melanie: I don't know what to say.

Bo: Just tell me why you kept it from me.


Seth: Jess, I'm sorry.

Natalie: What's with you?

Seth: Natalie and I have been going out for a long time. But I never meant to hurt you.

Natalie: Stop apologizing. You don't have anything to be sorry about. Neither do I.

Jessica: How can you say that?

Natalie: Because it's true. I only did what I had to do.

Jessica: You lied.

Natalie: Yeah, I lied. Do you think I could've just showed up to this house and told everybody who I was and I would've been welcomed into the family? I don't think so. Viki's a little more overprotective of her so-called daughter.

Jessica: I am her daughter and I want you and your boyfriend out of my house now.

Natalie: You sound just like my mother. Look around, Jessie. This is mine now, not yours. You were just a nobody keeping my seat warm, living the life that I should've had, but not anymore.

Jessica: You're deluded. Do you know that? You are so jealous. I've done nothing but try and help you since the day we met.

Natalie: Well, that's because I was a novelty to you, having someone poor as a friend.

Jessica: What? I confided in you. I -- I trusted you. I even gave you a place to live when you didn't have anywhere else to go. But that's not the case, is it? You two were living together the entire time. It was one big lie.

Seth: Jess --

Jessica: Oh, my God.

Seth: Jess --

Jessica: What? Don't. I don't want to talk to you ever again.  Mom?

Allison: Now do you believe me, Viki? I finally brought your baby home to you.

Viki: Ben? Is this even possible medically?


Jen: Why would you lie to me like this? I thought you loved me.

Cristian: Look, Jen, I gave it a shot, it didn't work. What more do you want?

Jen: I want to know why. Why would you say things that weren't true? What's the point?

Cristian: Isn't it obvious? I did it to get you into bed.

Jen: No, you wouldn't do that to me. Cristian, I trusted you.

Cristian: Look, Jen --

Jen: Take it back!

Cristian: What's with you?

Jen: Take back what --

Cristian: What's with you, huh? Didn't you see those pictures of me and Shawna? Those weren't computer-generated. They were real, just like that kiss you saw at Break Bar. That was real.

Jen: But you said --

Cristian: I lied.

Jen: You slept with Shawna?

Cristian: And Leah, the girl that made the reservations for Cape May. And a couple of others.

Jen: I don't understand why.

Cristian: Because I could, Jen. Because they wanted me and I wanted them. Because thanks to that little web site that your mom set up, every girl on campus knew who I was. You know, I mean, I tried to hold back, but it was hard.

Jen: What about me? Did you ever really want me?

Cristian: Yeah, well, I mean, for a while there I thought that maybe you could be the one, you know? That's why I waited. That's why I held off sleeping with you. I wanted you to be different.

Jen: What we had was special. You know that.

Cristian: Every girl thinks their first time is special, but it's their first time. What would they know?

Jen: So what are you saying, it wasn't?

Cristian: It was ok.

Jen: It was ok?

Cristian: I was disappointed, all right? I wanted to make myself feel something for you, but I didn't, ok? Now it's time to move on.

Jen: But why? I don't understand why.

Cristian: Jen, I need to be excited. You don't do that for me.

Jen: Did I ever?

Cristian: You know what the funny thing is? Your mom knew what I was about. She had me pegged all along.


Todd: Stop it. Calm down right now.

Blair: Where is he? Where is he!

Todd: She doesn't even understand you.

Blair: Then help me. Please help me. Help me. Help me.

Todd: Uh, que pasa?

Paloma: Señor

Todd: Donde es la niño?

Paloma: I take el niño  al medico.  Demasiado tarde.  El niño a muerto.

Blair: What -- what's she saying?

Todd: She said she took the baby to the hospital but it was too late.

Blair: What?

Todd: Was too late.

Blair: No. No. My baby is not dead. I would -- I would know, Todd. Oh, my God, I would feel it. No, the doctors -- they'll revive him.

Todd: No, no, no, no.

Blair: I got to go to the baby.

Todd: Stop it, stop it. You're not going anywhere.

Blair: I need to be with the baby.

Todd: Go get the -- the tranquilo.

Blair: I need to be with the baby, Todd.

Todd: You can't. Look, you're not going anywhere. You're in shock right now.

Blair: No, I need him.

Todd: No, you need to lie down.

Blair: No, Todd.

Todd: Blair, stop fighting with me.

Blair: Please, Todd, please let me see him.

Todd: Just lie down.

Blair: No.

Paloma: Señor?

Blair: You get out of here! Get out of here! Just get out of here!

Todd: Blair, drink this. You got to drink this. Come on.

Blair: No.

Todd: It'll help. Come on.

Blair: Nothing's going to help.

Todd: You got to work with me now. Just drink it. Go on. Go, go, go. There you go.

Blair: Why my baby? Why my baby? 


Natalie: What was that about?

Seth: What?

Natalie: You and Miss Priss.

Seth: She was upset. I felt bad.

Natalie: What are you trying to do, hedge your bets?

Seth: What are you talking about?

Natalie: Were you trying to make sure the princess doesn't hate you in case she doesn't have to give up her crown? Well, I got some news for you, Seth -- I'm the Buchanan now.

Seth: Natalie, what the hell is the matter with you? Ok, you had a tough time growing up, but Jessica never did anything to you.

Natalie: She stole my family! I'm not going to let her steal my boyfriend, too. I love you.

Seth: You know, I used to think you had a heart. Guess that's just another thing that Jessica stole from you.

Ben: According to this report, the DNA samples that Natalie brought them were a match.

Viki: It doesn't mean a thing, all right, because these test results could've been forged, the lab technicians could've been in on the take. Anything could have been done.

Allison: This is totally legitimate, Viki.

Jessica: May I see it, please?

Viki: Honey, I want you to remember this piece of paper says only what they want it to say, ok?

Allison: Are you sure about that?

Viki: Absolutely.

Allison: Well, then maybe you should know that we had yours and Mr. Buchanan's DNA tested at an independent laboratory.

Viki: I couldn't care less where you had it tested.

Allison: There is no way to fix those results.

Viki: There is no way that that pathetic, sad, little creature is my child. So if this is your warped sense of revenge, you failed, Allison. Sorry.

Allison: I didn't fail, and that report proves everything that I'm telling you, so you might as well learn to accept it. This sad, pathetic, little creature is your daughter.

Viki: This is getting so old so fast.

Allison: It wasn't easy tracking her down after my coma. It took a long time and it had been quite a while, and I recognized her right away. Unlike her mother.

Jessica: Mom --

Viki: Never mind, honey. Never mind. This is all going to be just fine.

Allison: Oh, talk about denial.

Ben: Shut up.

Viki: Would you like to know what I think about your proof? What I think about your tests?

Viki: That's what I think.


Bo: See, I should've been there for you and I wasn't.

Melanie: Bo, don't.

Bo: Did you think that you couldn't tell me that you were sick, that I wouldn't care?

Melanie: No, of course I knew you would care. I thought you would care too much. That's why I didn't say anything. I just wanted to be sure of your feelings.

Bo: I love you.

Melanie: I didn't want you to marry me out of pity.

Bo: Oh, Melanie.

Melanie: But now I'm sure -- I am so sure that you love me. I am.

Bo: Well, you couldn't be sure before, and that's all my fault. See, I made you feel insecure about our relationship.

Melanie: No, but I should have more faith.

Bo: But how could you? I mean, first the wedding's on, then it's off, then I start stalling. You know, it's no wonder you couldn't trust me.

Melanie: Bo, I have always trusted you.

Bo: I'm just so mad at myself for wasting so much time. And now I wish I had that time back, but I just -- there's no way I can make up for what we've lost now.

Melanie: No. No, no, no. No, we haven't lost anything, Bo. We have time. We have time. We -- we could -- we have time to do whatever we want together.

Bo: Yeah, and we will, too. I'm going to take a leave of absence and we're going to travel anywhere you want, ok? Mediterranean, the tropics. You just let me know, I'll get it done. Anything you want.

Melanie: Really?

Bo: Yeah. We'll even schedule it around your treatments if we have to.

Melanie: My treatments?

Bo: Yeah. When do they start?


Troy: What do you think you're doing?

Lindsay: You were going to call Bo, weren't you?

Troy: Why do you ask?

Lindsay: That's Bo's name and that's Bo's number, and also because he told me that he gave you a blood sample.

Troy: Oh, well, I'm not going to discuss a patient's condition with you, so if you don't mind, you can let go now. Thank you.

Lindsay: Happy?

Troy: Oh, I'm getting there.

Lindsay: Still can't call Bo.

Troy: Oh, yeah? Why's that?

Lindsay: Because it's his wedding day. And those results, whatever they are, are just going to have to wait.

Troy: Well, unfortunately, Lindsay, that's not for you to decide.

Lindsay: I think I know Bo well enough to know he wouldn't want his ceremony interrupted, even if it's good news.

Troy: And you're assuming it's good news because?

Lindsay: Isn't it?

Troy: Like I said, I'm not going to discuss a patient's condition with you.

Lindsay: Well, look at this, would you?

Troy: What are you doing?

Lindsay: "Blood sample normal."

Troy: Hey --

Lindsay: That means there's no sign of leukemia and that is good news.

Troy: And yet you don't seem surprised at all.


Todd: Go away.

Paloma: Si.

Todd: Don't you go far.

Paloma: Si, señor.

Todd: You're going to be ok, Blair. You are. You're going to get past this. You're a fighter. You -- we both are. We'll both do whatever it is that we got to do in order to get the job done and then we don't look back, and you just -- you forgot that for a minute. You forgot that. You thought that maybe you could be with Max. You thought for a second that you might be able to live with Max's baby. You just forgot for a minute that you and I belong together. But I fixed everything, Blair, I did. I mean, even Starr could see that you and I, we couldn't be together with Max's baby in the picture, so -- that baby was the only thing that was coming between you and me. And all I did -- all I did was move him out of the way, and now we can be a family, Blair. You and me and Starr. It'll be perfect. It'll be a perfect family. Finally things will be perfect. I promise.


Cristian: Come on, I'm doing you a favor here.

Jen: How?

Cristian: You can't change people, Jen, ok? I am who I am. You can't make me what you want me to be. I don't want to.

Cristian: Ok. I guess this is, um, good-bye. Yeah.

Antonio: Cris --

Cristian: Take care of her, man. Make sure she's ok.

Antonio: I will. Look at me. I got your back.

Carlotta: Cristian.  Te amo.  Te amo mucho. We love you.


Melanie: Bo, I don't want to talk about my treatments today.

Bo: Look, I want to be involved every step of the way with you. You're not alone in this.

Melanie: Well, I've talked to a few doctors, debating which course of treatments would be best, and --

Bo: You're not putting this off, are you?

Melanie: No. No, I haven't. It's just that the few procedures that I've -- that I've tried really -- they haven't worked.

Bo: Why not?

Melanie: Well, I mean, it's just things aren't that easy. I mean, there's -- there's a lot of trial and error to go through to decide the amount of dosage to take and -- but they know that we have limited time to find which works best.

Bo: Melanie --

Melanie: Bo, I don't want you to be upset today, ok? I just -- you make me so happy.

Bo: I'm going to do it again, too. You're going to have to forgive me for the lack of proper gift-wrap, though.

Melanie: Oh, well, that's ok. I'll give you that.

Bo: You couldn't get married without this.

Melanie: Oh, Bo.


Troy: Would you give me that lab report.

Lindsay: You don't have to get grabby.

Troy: This is a confidential document. You have no business reading it.

Lindsay: My sister is marrying the man. I think that I have a right to know.

Troy: And now that you do know?

Lindsay: Well, I'm thrilled for both of them. It's wonderful news.

Troy: Yes, it is.

Lindsay: And that's why I'm asking you to let me be the one to tell Bo.

Troy: Excuse me?

Lindsay: It'll be my wedding gift to them.

Troy: Well, maybe you should buy a toaster oven because you're really reaching on this one.

Lindsay: Please?

Troy: No.

Lindsay: Why not?

Troy: Well, for starters, because it's unprofessional, unethical, and, given what I know about you, that would be extremely stupid on my part.

Lindsay: Oh, so you don't trust me.

Troy: You tried to kill me. What's not to trust?

Lindsay: You're just not going to let that one go, are you?

Troy: No.

Lindsay: You know, you really are very different from your brother.

Troy: Oh, yeah? How's that?

Lindsay: Well, for one thing, you're compassionate and strong and handsome.

Troy: We were identical twins, remember?

Lindsay: Well, there you have it. No wonder. There's something about you. Still, it's just something --

Troy: Uh-huh.

Lindsay: I'll bet it must be hard because you're new and it must be kind of lonely.

Troy: I get by.

Lindsay: Yeah, I'm sure you do, but I'm sure you could use a friend, just someone to spend time with.

Troy: Are you saying that you could be that friend?

Lindsay: If we do things my way.


Todd: I feel bad that you, you know, feel bad. But, you know, I don't feel bad for what I did. Because all I did was make everything better for us. You'll see. You stay and get some rest, sleep. When you wake up, I'll take care of you.

Paloma: Como está ella?

Todd: You don't need to worry about her. I'll take care of her.

Paloma: Si.

Todd: Si. So did you do what I tell you to do, huh? Did you get rid of that kid?


Antonio: Jen --

Jen: Leave me alone.

Antonio: It's going to be --

Jen: Go away.

Antonio: Ok.

Carlotta: Sweetheart --

Jen: Everything he said, everything we shared, it was all a lie. He never loved me. He never loved me.


Cristian: I lost everything I cared about because of you, R.J.

R.J.: What the hell is wrong with you?

Cristian: You know what you've done. Now it's time to settle the score.


Troy: And are you telling me that if we don't do things your way that you and I won't be able to spend time together?

Lindsay: I didn't say that.

Troy: Good to know.

Lindsay: The truth is that Bo didn't tell Lanie about this. I don't think he wanted to worry her.

Troy: I can respect that.

Lindsay: And if you call now, you'll just be raising suspicion.

Troy: Is that so?

Lindsay: Then he's going to have to explain to her why he kept this from her and, well, that's just not a very good way to start a marriage, I don't think. Do you?

Troy: You know, your concern for their happiness is very interesting to me.

Lindsay: Well, my concern for them and their happiness is very genuine. Please let me be the one to tell Bo. I will find a way to be discreet about it.

Troy: I don't know about this.

Lindsay: You won't be sorry. Do we have an understanding?

Troy: Oh, yeah. Yeah, I think we have an understanding.

Lindsay: Good. Thank you. Really, thank you very much. You know, you're not half as bad as I thought you were.

Troy: Nope, I'm 10 times better. 


Melanie: Bo, they're so beautiful. I've never seen anything like that.

Bo: You like it?

Melanie: Do I like it? Yes! Thank you! Oh, I love you. I love you.

[Phone rings]

Melanie: Oh, don't answer that, don't answer that.

Bo: Well, you know what? Could be Andrew, though.


Bo: Hello?

Troy: Bo, hi. It's Dr. MacIver.

Bo: Oh, hi.

Troy: I have the results of your blood work.

Bo: You know, maybe I ought to just -- I ought to come down there, ok? Then we can talk about it in person.

Troy: No need.

Bo: Sorry?

Troy: Well, there's no need because there's nothing to talk about. There isn't any trace of leukemia in the blood sample you gave me. It's perfectly healthy blood.


Allison: Call me crazy, but I'm not stupid. You think that's the last copy of that report we have?

Ben: Ok, you guys are out of here now.

Seth: Hey.

Ben: "Hey" what? You got a problem?

Natalie: You're going to let them take me away from you and from this house again?

Viki: Oh, please. You know what? If you're so sure of yourselves, then I'm sure you won't object to another DNA test -- one that we can all witness.

Natalie: I thought you'd never ask, Mom.


Todd: Look, I asked you a question, ok? I gave you money, real currency, and I expect results. Now, did you get rid of the kid?

Paloma: What you want is wrong. God will punish you.

Todd: Yeah, ok, I'll take my chances with that.

Paloma: The little baby was healthy, his little legs in the air.

Todd: I don't care if he was playing the maracas with his toes. Did you get rid of him? Is the baby gone?

Paloma: Yes. Si, he's gone. The baby is gone.


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Jen: This doesn't make any sense. Why would he do this to me? Why?

Cristian: You're going to see to it that someone I love is never hurt again.

Nora: I don't want you to come with me when the tests are taken.

Troy: You can tell whoever it is that if they were any healthier, they would live forever.