One Life to Live Transcript Friday 9/28/01


One Life to Live Transcript Friday 9/28/01

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Melanie: I can't believe Bo wants to set a date! He seemed so -- I don't know. Oh, but it doesn't matter now because we're getting married!

Hank: Bo didn't tell you.

Melanie: No, not yet.

Hank: Me and my big mouth.

Melanie: No! Bless your big mouth, Hank! You made the woman alive.

Hank: Yeah, but this is Bo's business.

Melanie: Oh, I know, but come on, he was going to tell me sooner or later.

Hank: his decision.

Melanie: It was decision. I mean, it's not like he's going to change it or anything. Right?

Bo: What do you mean you and Melanie don't have an Aunt Louise?

Lindsay: Melanie must have meant Aunt Reyna.

Bo: Reyna?

Lindsay: You probably heard her wrong.

Bo: No, I saw the gift card.

Lindsay: Well, then you read it wrong.

Bo: No, it didn't say “Reyna." I would remember Reyna.

Lindsay: Well, she is getting old. Maybe her handwriting's starting to go.

Bo: You and Melanie have different mothers.

Lindsay: That's right.

Bo: Ok, so maybe it's an aunt from her mother's side.

Lindsay: No, I -- I got to know everybody on that side of the family, I rather liked her mother.

Bo: No Aunt Louise?

Lindsay: Uh -- you know, Bo, how people have honorary aunts? Maybe it's something like that. I don't worry about it because, really, I'm sure that she has some logical explanation.

Troy: Claire, not now.

Claire: Oh, come on. I am not going to let you be all work and no play. That would ruin everything. drop it, ok?

Claire: What's wrong?

Troy: I got some bad news.

Claire: Patient?

Troy: Yeah, but more than just that.

Claire: Well, how much more? Who is it?

Troy: Someone I never wanted to hurt like this.

Nora: I don't -- I can't --

Keri: Believe it! I finally found you.

R.J.: Come on, Keith. Keith. Damn it, I don't pay to walk around with your huff where are you? What the hell were you -- what are you doing? Have you gotten rid of Cristian?

Keith: Adios Amigo.

Jen: Hey.

Nora: Keri. Keri Reynolds. I haven't seen you since -- since Chicago.

Keri: "Can Rachel come out and play"

Nora: Oh. Not if you're going to be building mud forts.

Keri: It was just that one time.

Nora: I know, I know. It was all her idea.

Keri: She was like a big sister to me.

Nora: Oh, she loved having someone to boss around, not to mention it got her off my back for having that little brother or sister she was dying for.

Keri: Well, you know, it worked out well for me, too, because I got all her hand-me-downs.

Nora: I just can't believe this. I was just talking about you to Rachel the other day and I just -- oh, wow. You are so beautiful.

Keri: You look pretty good yourself.

Nora: You always did know how to sweet-talk me.

Keri: Well, it's the truth.

Nora: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. I've heard that. Come in, come in. Hey, have you had breakfast -- uh, lunch?

Keri: Actually, I brought my own.

Nora: Oh.

Keri: Do you still like double cheeseburgers?

Nora: I don't even believe you remember.

Keri: Are you kidding? Rachel was the only kid in school who got cold pizza in her lunch box.

Nora: Well, it does have the four food groups.

Keri: Every kid in school ed Mrs. On to be their mom.

Nora: Mrs. Gannon -- I haven't heard that in a long time.

Keri: So you got married again?

Nora: Yes, I did.

Keri: So now you're Mrs. --

Nora: Nora. Just plain Nora.

Claire: So you're involved with a patient?

Troy: I'm involved with all of my patients.

Claire: You know what I mean.

Troy: This one's different.

Claire: A woman?

Troy: No. A little boy. And I owe his mother a lot because of what my brother did.

Claire: Should you be treating him, then? If you're personally involved, it could make it difficult to have good judgment.

Troy: You mean like that of a hospital administrator who plays peek-a-boo in the hall?

Claire: You're right. Look, I know you're completely professional. I guess I was just wondering if I needed to worry, if I had competition.

Troy: Look, Claire, I need to deal with this, ok?

Claire: Ok. Sorry.

Hank: Bo's not going to change his mind about your wedding.

Melanie: I didn't think so.

Hank: Well, that's not the problem.

Melanie: There is no problem, Hank.

Hank: There is -- for me. I got involved in something that's between you and Bo.

Melanie: Bo told you that he wanted to set a date. He wanted you to know.

Hank: Melanie, Bo trusted me. I broke his confidence, and that matters to him.

Melanie: Ok. If it makes you feel better, I won't tell him that I know.

Hank: That's not going to fix it.

Melanie: No, it'll be fine. When he tells me, I'll just act completely surprised.

Hank: No. No, no. I'm not going to have you lying to Bo.

Melanie: I will not be lying. He thinks I'm surprised, he still trusts you, everybody's happy.

Hank: I don't mind him knowing that I told you.

Melanie: I do want to see the look on his face when he tells me. I bet he's got something really special planned.

Hank: Now, you listen to me. You have to tell Bo the truth always. If there's one thing he hates, it's dishonesty.

Melanie: Thank you, Hank. Thank you! See you later!

Bo: Yeah, yeah, you're right, Lindsay. I just -- I probably read the card wrong.

Lindsay: You know another thing? Our Aunt Reyna is so eccentric, she's probably calling herself Louise these days.

Bo: You're not making this up, aren’t you?

Lindsay: What?

Bo: Well, you've been known to drive some wedges in your time. You trying to drive a wedge between us? Make me think that Melanie's losing her mind?

Lindsay: By making up an aunt?

Bo: Why not? You never wanted us together anyway.

Lindsay: That's a really nice thing to say.

Bo: Yeah, but it's true, isn't it?

Lindsay: Ok. Yes, it was true at one time. In the beginning, I didn't want you together. But how could you blame me? You just left me at the altar.

Bo: And you know why.

Lindsay: Yes, I do. Which is part of the reason I've been able to move on.

Bo: Have you really moved on?

Lindsay: Yes, I really have. Because when my family started having all those troubles, when we thought Jen was responsible for killing Colin and Sam was facing prison, it gave me a chance to see what's really important in this life, and hating you and Lanie was not at the top of the list.

Bo: So there really is no Aunt Louise?

Lindsay: Bo, I think you know me well enough by now that if I really wanted to hurt you, I would have come up with someone better than this.

Bo: Yeah, you probably would.

Lindsay: Besides, you and Lanie have been the only people that have been civil to me lately.

[Knock on door]

Bo: ?

Officer: Mayor's on line one.

Bo: Ok, thanks. Lindsay --

Lindsay: Yeah, I know. A commissioner's work is never done. Know it very well. Listen, you tell Lanie I am really looking forward to that wedding. Who knows? Maybe Jen and I will have reconciled by then and the Rappaport can all sit at the same table.

Bo: Yeah, you probably will, but then you'll probably have to let Cristian Vega sit there with you.

Lindsay: Maybe.

Jen: You're not ready for class?

Cristian: Why don't we skip it.

Jen: I thought you promised Prof. Reynolds that you'd never miss again.

Cristian: Hey, some promises are made to be broken.

Jen: Well, we're going to have the whole weekend together.

Cristian: That's too far away.

Jen: It's only five days.

Cristian: I can't wait that long. I want to spend every minute with you. I never want to take my eyes off you.

Jen: If you don't, you'll never graduate.

Cristian: Who needs a degree?

Jen: You do. If we do everything we're supposed to do, then this weekend will be like a reward.

Cristian: How much of a reward?

Jen: I guess you'll just have to wait and see.

Antonio: Oh, good. I'm glad you're still here.

Cristian: Well, I wouldn't be if I could get Jen to skip with me.

Jen: We won't, though.

Antonio: Yeah, you will.

Cristian: What?

Antonio: Look, I want you to come down, take a look at a few mug shots. I've got a really bad feeling about this mugger.

Nora: All right, so what brought you to Llanview?

Keri: Well, I got a staff position at the University.

Nora: Oh, you're kidding. What are you teaching?

Keri: Sociology. I specialize in crime.

Nora: So do I.

Keri: I know. You played a major part in my career choice.

Nora: Me?

Keri: You were the one who got me interested in the criminal element in society, the people that everyone else turns their back on.

Nora: Well, I didn't just defend criminals. I defend people who are unjustly accused, as well.

Keri: Well, the point is you gave them legal representation, no questions asked.

Nora: Well, I asked a lot of questions.

Keri: You believe that everyone has a right to a fair defense, to have a shot at justice.

Nora: Well, more than a shot, I hope.

Keri: So do I. And I believe that the more we study about the causes of crime, understand the conditions that lead to it, the better we as a society can deal with those who commit it, to make sure everyone does get justice.

Nora: Wow. I'm very impressed.

Keri: Well, you did more than just inspire my interests. You showed me what I could be capable of. You were a fantastic role model for me.

Nora: Even though I sent my daughter off to school with cold, leftover pizza?

Keri: A single woman with an important career who was also a wonderful mother.

Nora: Thank you. Why is it that I haven't seen you in all these years?

Keri: It has been too long. And Rachel -- I have not seen her forever. How is she?

Nora: Oh, she's great. She really is. She's -- oh, she's living in Chicago, actually.

Keri: I cannot believe I didn't know that.

Nora: Yeah. Yeah, she's -- you know, she had a rough time in there, but she's fine now.

Keri: I'm so glad.

Nora: Yeah. I think I have a picture of her around here. What am I saying? I know I have a picture of her around here. Ah, here it is.

Keri: Oh. And who's this with her?

Nora: Oh, that's her father, Hank. He lives here in Llanview, too. You didn't know him, did you?

Troy: Yeah, this is Dr. MacIver. Can I get Nora Buchanan's phone number, please?

Hank: I heard Colin MacIver's twin brother was bothering Nora.

Troy: Is there anyone in this town who isn't protecting Ms. Buchanan?

Hank: Maybe, but I'm not one of them.

Troy: So, let me guess -- childhood friend? No? Prom date?

Hank: I'm her ex-husband.

Troy: You're kidding me. Another one? What did you get in the divorce, the right to keep every other man away from her?

Hank: No. But I am the D.A.

Troy: Why am I not surprised?

Hank: You know, I wish I had locked Colin up and thrown away the key when I had the chance.

Troy: But you didn't.

Hank: Not because I didn't want to. And after what he did to Nora --

Troy: Yeah, well, look, I'm not out to do anything to Nora, ok? I am calling Nora for medical reasons.

Hank: You telling me she's your patient?

Troy: No, I am telling you her son is my patient, and that is all I can say to you.

Hank: If you're not being straight with me --

Troy: Yeah, I know. I have to answer to you. I've heard it before, thank you.

Hank: Yeah, well, now you're hearing it from me. Believe it. Now, I'm giving a lecture at the University, then I'm checking up on Nora.

Troy: You do that. And then you go harass someone who's actually done something wrong. Have a nice day.

Bo: All right, I'll have it to you within a month. Ok. Thanks, Mr. Mayor.

Melanie: Aunt Louise wasn't going to be able to make it to the wedding, and I guess with everything that's been going on here, I -- I forgot to call her and tell her that -- that it was called off.

Melanie: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, thank you!

Bo: Thank me? For what?

Melanie: Hank told me. He told me that you wanted to set a date for the wedding.

Bo: He did?

Melanie: Oh, don't be upset with him. He thought I already knew.

Bo: Yeah, I meant to tell him not to say anything.

Melanie: Oh, it's -- it's ok, really. I mean, I wish I could have heard it from you, but all that matters is that we're getting married, right?

Bo: Right. Right.

Melanie: I'm sorry that you didn't get to tell me.

Bo: Yeah. So am I.

Melanie: Honey, are you ok?

Bo: Not really.

Melanie: What's wrong?

Bo: I'm a little confused.

Melanie: About what?

Bo: About Aunt Louise. Lindsay told me that you don't have one.

Lindsay: Jen? Jen, it's mom. Could you come to the door? I really need to talk to you. Cristian? Is Jen in there?

R.J.: Here. This might be of assistance.

Lindsay: What are those for?

R.J.: Well, staring at the door like that, I thought you might want to go in.

Lindsay: Well, I don't. I just want to talk to Jen.

R.J.: Ok. And your plan is what, to, you know, walk through the door? Can you walk through walls? Because I don't think anyone inside is going to let you in.

Lindsay: They're probably out.

R.J.: So you're going to wait out here? Wouldn't you rather wait in there?

Lindsay: Have you completely lost your mind? After everything that's happened, how is it going to look if he comes back and I'm sitting in there?

R.J.: Well, what makes you think Cristian is going to come back?

Lindsay: Did you do it? Is he leaving town?

R.J.: Well, this time is supposed to be the charm.

Jen: Hey, I got you orange.

Cristian: Perfect, my favorite. Thank you.

Jen: Root beer? I didn't know what you liked.

Antonio: Thanks. Come on, let's go.

Cristian: Come on, Antonio. Look, I don't have time for this.

Antonio: You said you don't mind skipping class.

Cristian: But to go to a police station? Oh, yeah, that's a lot of fun.

Antonio: Cris, I'm not kidding.

Cristian: Neither am I.

Jen: Why do you have such a bad feeling about this mugger?

Antonio: It just doesn't add up.

Cristian: Look, he saw me carrying all this cash that I had for my trip with Jen.

Antonio: And you really think he saw that?

Cristian: I took my wallet out in the middle of the hospital like an idiot, yeah.

Antonio: Let's go make sure. Let's go take a look at some photos.

Cristian: For what? Antonio, the guy had a mask on.

Antonio: Look, if he saw you pull out your wallet, then maybe he was hanging out at the hospital, right?

Cristian: So?

Antonio: So then you probably saw him.

Cristian: Maybe.

Antonio: Come on.

Cristian: Look, Antonio, why are you so freaked out about this?

Antonio: Instinct.

Cristian: Look, I just got mugged. The guy tried to mug me, ok? It's not like it's a new concept or anything like that. Come on, Jen, let's get out of here.

Antonio: This is different.

Cristian: What? You think this guy is after me or something?

Jen: No. Someone else after you? That's just unfair.

Cristian: Come on, Antonio.


Keith: Who needs the gun? Now there's a cleaner way to do the job.

Antonio: Look, I don't know that anyone's out to get you.

Cristian: Then why are you being such a --

Antonio: Because I'd rather play it safe.

Cristian: By making me paranoid?

Antonio: If I'm wrong, at least this guy ends up off the streets.

Jen: He's right, Cristian.

Cristian: All right. Fine, man, I'll go down by the station and I'll look at the photos.

Antonio: Great.

Cristian: After class.

Antonio: Cristian --

Cristian: I already said I was going.

Antonio: Fine. You be there after class.

Cristian: I'll be there.

Cristian: All right, so I'll talk to you at the station, huh?

Antonio: You'll be seeing me right here.

Cristian: What do you mean?

Antonio: I'm not going anywhere.

Cristian: Look, Antonio, I already told you that I was going, ok?

Antonio: Yeah. Just to make sure, you'll be getting a police escort.

Cristian: Look, I got things to do, phone calls to make. You know, it's -- it's not a problem.

Antonio: It's not a problem for me, either. I'll just grab a bite to eat.

Cristian: I don't need a keeper, Antonio.

Antonio: Good. Because all you have is a brother. I'm going to call the police station, let them know when we're coming.

Jen: Why was he so worried about you?

Cristian: He thinks it's his job.

Jen: Cristian, he wanted to go with you to the police station.

Cristian: Don't tell me Will was never a little overprotective.

Jen: Yeah, I guess so.

Cristian: Nothing is going to happen to me, ok?

Jen: Hey, Amber.

Amber: Hey. Is it true Al was in an accident?

Jen: Yes.

Cristian: Yeah.

Amber: Is he ok?

Jen: He will be.

Cristian: Thanks to Jen.

Jen: I didn't do anything.

Cristian: Come on, you found him. You stayed with him until you got help.

Amber: I can't believe that. I faint whenever I see blood.

Cristian: All right. Well, I got to get to class, so --

Amber: Wait. It might be canceled.

Cristian: Why?

Amber: They closed the building. It's on the bulletin board.

Jen: We should check that out.

Cristian: Yeah.

Melanie: Of course I have an Aunt Louise.

Bo: She's the one that sent us the wedding gift.

Melanie: Yes. You saw the card.

Bo: But Lindsay thought that --

Melanie: But Lindsay doesn't know all of my aunts on my mother's side. I don't even think she's met any of them.

Bo: Lindsay told me that she met your mother's whole family when your mother and father got married.

Melanie: Well, she couldn't have met my Aunt Louise. Bo, come on. I mean, you know what Lindsay's trying to do. She's trying to hurt us. I mean, she's just trying to make you doubt me. She never wanted us to get married in the first place.

Bo: I know.

Melanie: I can't believe that she would do that to us now.

Bo: Yeah. It's too bad.

Melanie: Maybe I should talk to her.

Bo: You think your Aunt Louise would be able to be at the wedding this time?

Melanie: Bo -- remember what she wrote in the card? That she was sorry that she couldn't make it to the wedding and all she wanted to see were some pictures?

Bo: What's going on, honey? Something's wrong, and I think we have to talk about it.

Melanie: No, nothing's wrong.

Bo: Something has to be. Otherwise, you wouldn't be doing this.

Melanie: I'm not doing anything.

Bo: Just, please, tell me the truth, ok? I don't want to have to go down to Logan's and ask them who sent the gift.

Melanie: Please don't do that.

Bo: I don't want to do that. I want to know the truth, and I'd like to hear it from you. So if you love me, tell me the truth.

Melanie: There is no Aunt Louise. I made her up.

Keri: No, I didn't know Mr. Gannon.

Nora: I didn't think you did.

Keri: She looks a lot like her father.

Nora: Yeah, she does.

Keri: And like you, too. She's gorgeous.

Nora: Oh, would you tell that to Rachel? I can get her on the phone right now.

Keri: I miss her so much.

Nora: Oh, I know. Me, too. I'm sorry that your paths didn't cross when you were in Chicago.

Keri: I know. I was hoping she would be here so I wouldn't have to make all new friends.

Nora: You moved out here all by yourself? You leave someone special in Chicago?

Keri: Are you kidding me? I have had my nose buried in books for so long, I would not know what to do if a guy looked at me.

Nora: Well, you better figure it out because I got a feeling they'll be looking.

Keri: Yeah. Only the wrong ones. Only the ones who think they're God's gift to women and they'll just show me some charm and I'll just melt.

Nora: Sounds like you found yourself a real prize.

Keri: I can handle him.

Nora: Oh, I bet you can.

Keri: Oh, and I better get going.

Nora: Oh, already? Oh.

Keri: I forgot to mention, I do have a date -- with the exterminator.

Nora: Oh, poison -- that's a great way to handle a man.

Keri: No.

Nora: Very impressive.

Keri: Actually, I have some other pests I'm dealing with, a bit of a cockroach problem.

Nora: Varick Hall.

Keri: How did you know that?

Nora: Oh, that's where Rachel lived. I saw it then. They're making the professors live there?

Keri: It's only temporary, just until I find a new place.

Nora: You found one. You can live here.

Keri: What?

Nora: Oh, no, really. I've got an extra bedroom with its own bath. You'll never even know Matthew and I are here.

Keri: Matthew?

Nora: Oh, Rachel finally got that baby brother she wanted.

Keri: You're kidding me! Oh, my gosh, he must be an angel.

Nora: Well, angel, devil -- it depends on your perspective. You can decide when you meet him.

Keri: I will when I come by to baby-sit.

Nora: Oh. No, see -- no, no. I don't allow people to baby-sit unless they get room and board for free in exchange. It's a little pet peeve I have. Come on, please? You'd be doing me a favor. Really.

Keri: Really?

Nora: Really. Go. Go say buh-bye to Varick Hall.

Keri: Ok, but only if you let me cook you dinner.

Nora: You cook? Oh, you cook. You're fabulous. Oh, I'm going to take full advantage of this before some man finds you and swoops you up.

Antonio: Forget something?

Cristian: Class got canceled.

Antonio: Great. Let's go.

Cristian: Well, let me take Jen home first.

Antonio: Cristian --

Cristian: Antonio, she's been there enough already, ok?

Jen: No, it's ok, really.

Cristian: No. No, I'm not going to have you sitting around the police station, having all those memories come back to you and stuff, no.

Jen: I don't care. I just want to be with you.

Cristian: Ok. How about this? I take you to my place, and then when I'm done, we can have the rest of the afternoon together.

Jen: Ok.

Cristian: That ok with you?

Antonio: If you're not there in 20 minutes --

Cristian: What? You'll arrest me? I'll be there, man.

Antonio: Just be careful.

Cristian: I will be. Don't worry.

Jen: Do you want this?

Cristian: Yeah. Thanks.

Claire: I just came from the lab. I am very sorry about Mrs. Buchanan's son.

Troy: Yeah. Me, too.

Claire: Here.

Troy: What's this?

Claire: Her phone number. I got it from her records.

Troy: Thank you.

Claire: Listen, no rush on that coffee, but I'm still looking forward to it. Whenever you're ready.

Troy: Thank you, Claire.

Marianne: We're home!

Nora: Oh, I see. Welcome home. Welcome home. Hi there, my love. Did you have a -- how's your shoulder?

Matthew: It's good.

Nora: You sure? Feels like no major damage was done. Did you have a good day with Daddy?

Matthew: This is from me and Daddy.

Nora: It is? For me?

Marianne: And Matthew picked them out all by himself.

Nora: He did? You did? Thank you, Sweetie. Thank you very much. I have a great idea. How about we save these for later? Because a really good friend of Mommy's and a good friend of your sister Rachel's is going to come over here to live with us, and we can share them with her. How about that?

Matthew: Ok, but can you wait?

Nora: Matthew Aaron Hannon Rappaport, you know me too well. I don't know if I can wait! I don't know!

Man: Thanks for coming by today.

Hank: Yeah. It's my pleasure. It'll be nice to speak for once without being interrupted by a judge.

Man: You know, we've got a little time. You might want to grab a cup of coffee or something.

Hank: That sounds good. Can I get you something?

Man: Oh, no, I'm on my umpteenth cup.

Hank: All right.

Man: See you in class.

Hank: I'll be right there.

Keri: Oh!

Hank: Oh. I'm sorry. Let me help you with this.

Bo: So you went to Logan's and you bought us a wedding present. And you wrote out a note that was supposed to have come from your Aunt Louise.

Melanie: Yes.

Bo: Then you sent the present to our house and when you open it up, you burst into tears because Aunt Louise didn't know that the wedding had been postponed.

Melanie: Yes.

Bo: Even though there is no Aunt Louise.

Melanie: Yes.

Bo: What were you thinking?

Melanie: I don't know.

Bo: You don't know?

Melanie: I just didn't think it was such a big deal.

Bo: You didn't?

Melanie: No. I mean, I guess it could have been, but I -- it just seemed like just a small thing.

Bo: Pretending that we got a wedding gift from someone that doesn't even exist?

Melanie: I just wanted the china, that's all. I went to Logan's, and I was standing there looking at the china that we picked out, not realizing at the time that you hated it. And, yeah, I just thought it was so beautiful, I -- I didn't want to wait for it. I just -- I wanted to have it.

Bo: Why didn't you just buy it?

Melanie: I was going to buy it. And then when I went to the counter, this sales clerk asked me if -- if I wanted it gift wrapped, and I couldn't resist, Bo. I mean, you know how much I love opening presents.

Bo: So you made up Aunt Louise.

Melanie: Yeah. Well, it was -- come on, it was such a dumb idea. Really. I mean -- I mean, is it such a big deal that I just wanted to send myself a present? I mean, no one was hurt.

Bo: You lied to me.

Melanie: But -- no. I mean, not about anything important. I mean, Bo, come on. I mean, I love you, and that's the truth. That's all that matters, right?

[Knock on door]

Bo: Come in.

Officer: The other commissioners are here for the eastern P.A. Regional meeting.

Bo: All right. Thanks. I -- I got to go to work.

Melanie: Wait! Bo, Bo, what about us?

Lindsay: If you're right and Cristian really is on his way out of town --

R.J.: He is.

Lindsay: Jen's going to need me more than ever.

R.J.: Have you tried looking where she lives?

Lindsay: I can't. Sam's banned me from the house. And I figured she'll come here sooner or later looking for Cristian, and when she does, she'll -- she'll realize that she has a mother who loves her.

R.J.: Hmm. So much, she ran her boyfriend out of town.

Lindsay: He is not good enough for her. She's going to thank me for this someday.

R.J.: Or you hope maybe she'll cry on your shoulder.

Cristian: What are you doing here?

Jen: I thought this was one place you wouldn't have the nerve to show up.

R.J.: Well, I was just asking her to leave.

Lindsay: I was leaving you a note.

Jen: I don't want your note, mom.

Lindsay: All it said was that if you need me, I'm here for you.

Jen: I will never need you.

Cristian: Come on.

Jen: I never want to see you again.

Lindsay: Don't say that, Jen.

Cristian: Leave her alone.

Lindsay: I thought you said that he was leaving town.

R.J.: He was.

Jen: Thanks for getting me away from her.

Cristian: No problem.

Jen: I can't believe she was waiting outside your door.

Cristian: Just forget about her.

Jen: That's easy for you to say.

Cristian: Then I'll help.

Jen: You have to go to the police and look at those photos.

Cristian: Later.

[Phone rings]

R.J.: Well, what the hell is this? I thought I hired a professional, and Cristian is still here.

Keith: Hey, relax. It's just a matter of time now.

R.J.: Until what?  

Keith: Until Cristian is long gone.

Cristian: You're still mad about your mom, huh?

Jen: This is helping, though. Really.

Cristian: Not enough.

Jen: No, it is. I'm just -- I don't know. I need to sit down.

Cristian: You ok?

Jen: Seeing her just freaked me out.

Cristian: Can I get you anything?

Jen: Maybe something to drink.

Hank: Do I know you?

Keri: I don't think so.

Hank: You look familiar.

Keri: No, I just moved here, so --

Hank: Yeah, and some welcome I give you, huh? Oh, I'm sorry. Here, let me help you with this.

Keri: No. I mean -- no, thank you.

Hank: Are you sure.

Keri: I've been bumped into a lot lately. I'm getting used to it. I'm fine, really.

Hank: Ok. Bye.

Keri: Bye.

Nora: Try that one. No. No, that's not it. That's not it. Oh. Hmm? Nope. That's not, either. Oh. Oh. Oh, we have a winner. Oh. That's my favorite kind.

Matthew: I know.

Nora: You know what else is my favorite kind?

Matthew: What?

Nora: You! You're my favorite kind! That's right.

[Phone rings]

Nora: Oh, you are so saved by the bell. You know that? All right. Don't eat any more. Hello?

Troy: Nora.

Nora: Dr. MacIver?

Troy: Yeah, hi. I'm glad you're in.

Nora: Is everything all right?

Troy: We need to talk.

Bo: Us. I don't know. Right now we're going to have to talk about this.

Melanie: Bo? Bo? We're ok, right? Sorry. Go. Go. I'll be fine.

Melanie: Oh!

[Phone rings]

Lindsay: Hello?

Melanie: You told Bo there was no Aunt Louise?

Lindsay: Hey --

Melanie: How could you do that?

Lindsay: Well, because there is no Aunt Louise, is there?

Melanie: No, but Bo doesn't know that.

Lindsay: You mean you just made her up?

Melanie: Yes, I made her up.

Lindsay: Well, Lanie, you have to tell me these things.

Melanie: You are going to pay, Lindsay. Do you hear me? You are going to pay!

R.J.: Who was that?

Lindsay: It was just someone who hasn't learned to do what it takes to get what she wants.

R.J.: Well, I don't know about you, but I'm going to get what I want, and Cristian is going to get exactly what he deserves.

Cristian: I barely touched this. You want it?

Jen: Sure. Thanks.

Cristian: Is it cold enough?

Jen: Yeah, it's fine. You always know how to take care of me.

Cristian: I try. I love you.

Jen: I love you, too. More than anything else in this world. 

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Todd: He canceled the wedding.

Gabrielle: He did what?

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