One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 9/27/01


One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 9/27/01

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Keith: How you feeling, Amigo? Having a bad day? Well, consider this the first of many bad days if you don't listen up.

Keri: Ok. "Last known phone number --" 0-1-7-4. "Last known address --" Dove Cottage Road. Ok. Tell me where you are.

Antonio: I'm right behind you.

Keri: Antonio --

Antonio: You were looking for someone else?

Melanie: Colin.

Colin: You just can't stop dreaming about me, can you? I'm -- mmm -- touched.

Melanie: Go away! Leave me alone!

Colin: Nope! I don't think so.

Melanie: You're dead!

Colin: You have such a firm grasp of the obvious, Lanie.

Melanie: What is that?

Colin: You don't recognize it?

Melanie: No.

Colin: Well, you should. It's your Aunt Louise's wedding gift to you and Bo. Now, how come Aunt Louise didn't send you and I a wedding present when we got married, Lanie? Hmm? Can you tell me that? No?

Melanie: Colin, stop it!

Colin: Well, maybe that's because she's not real! [Colin laughs]

Melanie: How did you get that?

Colin: Well, you returned it, remember? To the store where you bought it.

Melanie: Give me --

Colin: Ah-ah-ah--

Melanie: Give me that!

Colin: Ah-ah-ah-ah! Whoa -- here. Here. Here. Sending yourself a wedding present. How pathetic can you get?

Melanie: Shut up!

Colin: You're no closer to marrying Bo than you were before! Ah -- well, maybe that's because he's bored with you. I know I was by this point.

Melanie: Bo loves me. [Colin laughs]

Colin: Oh, you kill me. Lanie, you could invent a whole wedding party and you still couldn't drag your man to the church on time.

[Knock on door]

Nora: Hi.

Sam: Hi.

Nora: Um --

Sam: We left things kind of unresolved yesterday.

Nora: Yes, I know.

Sam: I'd like to resolve them.

Lindsay: Ah! That is not funny.

R.J.: Oh, Lindsay, I thought you liked your life all turned around and twisted.

Lindsay: Well, I don't.

R.J.: Oh. Hmm.

Lindsay: You're late.

R.J.: Well, do you want me to waste time apologizing?

Lindsay: No. I want you to tell me that Cristian Vega's been taken care of. Is he gone yet?

R.J.: Well, not yet.

Lindsay: When?

R.J.: Well, you could say even as we speak.

Keri: Actually, no, I wasn't looking for you.

Antonio: Ouch.

Keri: I was looking for someone I knew a long time ago.

Antonio: You lost touch?

Keri: Yeah.

Antonio: Well, if this is a bad time, I could always make an appointment with your office.

Keri: You need to talk to me?

Antonio: Yeah.

Keri: What about?

Antonio: Well, you're going to think this is a complete U-turn, but I -- after giving some thought to what you said about my paper, I realized you were right.

Keri: Really?

Antonio: Yeah. Yeah, so I decided I was going to write it again.

Keri: Well, I'm glad, but I thought that you --

Antonio: I know. I got to work on my temper.

Keri: Well, my critique of your work was not personal, despite what you seem to think.

Antonio: Well, that's the whole problem with my temper. I always end up eating my words. I know your critique wasn't personal.

Keri: That is a relief.

Antonio: Well, anyway, I worked up a proposal, and I was wondering if you would take a look.

Keri: I would be happy to. Ok.

Antonio: I -- I updated the statistics and quoted some more recent sources.

Keri: Yeah. I see that. Of course, I would like some more time to go over this, but at first glance it looks very promising.

Antonio: Yeah?

Keri: Yeah. It's obvious you put a lot of thought into this.

Antonio: Well, I started piecing it together last night, and once I started putting it down on paper, I couldn't stop. I worked all night on it.

Keri: That is very impressive and definitely the right attitude.

Antonio: Well, burning the midnight oil is worth it for those credits.

Woman: Antonio?

Antonio: Vanessa, hey.

Vanessa: It was great seeing you last night. Well, this morning, really. How late did you stay at that party anyway?

Bo: So, you're going to be ok if I'm gone that week?

Hank: Well, yeah, I think I can survive. And where do you think you're going?

Bo: I think I'm going on my honeymoon.

Hank: What? You finally decided to set the date?

Bo: What do you mean, "finally"?

Hank: Nothing.

Bo: Hank, the best man gig is up in the air. Now, don't go blowing it now.

Hank: I just know that you wanted to take it slow.

Bo: Yeah, and we did.

Hank: Yeah. Amen.

Bo: Why? Think I overdid it?

Hank: Bo, you have been dating her for, what, a little more than a year now.

Bo: Well, yeah, and nothing happened last year, right?

Hank: Well, I guess it's fair to say that you had a few ups and downs.

Bo: Her ex-husband gets murdered.

Hank: I seem to remember that.

Bo: And then she lied to me about being at the scene of the crime.

Hank: Mm-hmm. And you're not good with lies.

Bo: No. Are you?

Hank: No, no. I just think that you've had time to decide whether that's typical of her or not.

Bo: It isn't.

Hank: I didn't think so. So?

Bo: So I don't know, Hank. There's just something inside kept telling me just to wait.

Hank: And now?

Bo: Well, and now -- it's simple enough. I love Melanie, Hank. I love her, and I don't think we should wait any longer.

Hank: I agree with you, Buddy. Hot dog. Congratulations.

Bo: Hey, thanks.

Hank: You are going to make Melanie a very happy woman.

Melanie: No, you're wrong. Bo loves me.

[Colin imitates buzzer]

Colin: Guess again. Should have used a lifeline.

Melanie: He wants to marry me.

Colin: Oh, yeah, sure he does. That's why you had to pull this stunt to drag him down the aisle. Too bad it failed.

Melanie: I didn't pull any stunt!

Colin: Oh, no? What do you call lying to the man you love to get what you want? And for what, Lanie? That engagement ring's looking awfully lonely. Hmm. The story of a good girl gone bad. [Colin laughs]

Melanie: No, it's not true. It's not true.

Colin: Wait a minute. You killed your father, and you lied to your fiancé. You make me look like an angel! Do you really think that's the kind of woman Bo wants to marry? I don't.

Melanie: No. Bo loves me. Bo wants to marry me. He loves me.

Troy: Doctor? You ok?

Melanie: No, Colin, get away from me!

Jen: Oh. What are you doing?

Cristian: I -- I heard some noises, and I thought, you know, after last night --

Jen: I'm sorry. I should have known. I just -- I wanted to surprise you.

Cristian: Trust me -- you did.

Jen: So, how are you feeling? How's your head?

Cristian: Still attached.

Jen: That's good.

Cristian: What's all this?

Jen: I brought you a care package.

Cristian: Care package?

Jen: Yeah, to help you feel better.

Cristian: Cool.

Jen: Can I come in and show you what I got?

Cristian: Please. I like it.

Jen: You're obviously feeling better. Maybe you don't need this after all.

Cristian: Or maybe I just need a little more than a care package.

Lindsay: What's taking so long?

R.J.: Patience, Lindsay. Patience.

Lindsay: I can't believe that you would give someone who's double-crossed you like this one more day.

R.J.: Just let me worry about the timetables, ok?

Lindsay: I just want you to tell me when.

R.J.: Lindsay, now is the time for you to get out of my face.

Lindsay: Fine.

R.J.: And while you're doing it, just stay away from me until all the dust settles, ok?

Lindsay: Well, just get him out of town already, will you?

Keith: Who was the blonde?

R.J.: Oh, don't worry about her. She's much too much for you to handle.

Keith: What's this?

R.J.: That's Mr. Vega's schedule. He has a class this morning at Llanview University, and he doesn't start his shift at Break Bar till 5:00 this evening.

Keith: Yeah, well, don't expect him to make it tonight.

R.J.: Tonight? I don't expect him to make it to class.

Sam: Who’s your friend?

Nora: What? Oh. Zapman, I think.

Sam: Zapman?

Nora: Yeah, well -- if I'm very, very good, Matthew lets me play with him, you know.

Sam: Oh.

Nora: I don't think that's right, though.

Sam: Probably not, no.

Nora: He's upstairs coloring. Would you like me to get him for you?

Sam: Well, actually, Nora --

Nora: Yeah?

Sam: I do want to see Matthew.

Nora: Ok.

Sam: But first I -- I want to apologize to you for yesterday.

Nora: I'm sorry, too.

Sam: Well, you know, I was way out of line, going off about troy the way I did.

Nora: Well, I mean, you -- it was understandable. It really was. You knew that he treated Matthew, and you just reacted, and I wasn't very sensitive to your feelings. I'm sorry.

Sam: Well, I mean, I should have known that you would never let anyone hurt our son.

Nora: No. Just a swing set.

Sam: Boys and their toys.

Nora: Yeah, tell me about it, you know?

Sam: So, how is he today?

Nora: Oh, he's fine. He thought it was really cool that he dislocated his shoulder. He actually woke up this morning looking for scars.

Sam: Scars?

Nora: Yeah.

Sam: Oh. Wow. That's ok. I mean, I have a few scars.

Nora: Yeah. He didn't find any scars, so he was a little disappointed, but he's fine now.

Sam: Oh. Good.

Nora: Troy ran a whole bunch of tests. I think he was just being cautious.

Sam: Well, good. That's good.

Nora: Thank you for my beautiful flower and my welcome home banner.

Sam: Did you get the card, too?

Nora: Yes. It was right where you said it would be.

Sam: Funny thing.

Nora: I wish I'd, you know, gotten it before I saw Troy.

Sam: Yeah. Me, too.

Nora: You could've called me in Chicago and told me.

Sam: Mm-hmm. I didn't want to ruin your trip. I thought my note would be heads up enough.

Nora: Yeah. Well, I mean, how were you to know that I was going to come back a day early and go right straight to the park, you know?

Sam: Yeah. You could have told me?

Nora: I didn't want to ruin my trip.

Sam: Cute.

Nora: Yeah. So what? So Troy's staying. You know? Big deal. It doesn't make any difference to me what Troy MacIver does.

Sam: Nora?

Nora: Yeah?

Sam: Why can't you just tell me that you're bothered by Troy's decision to stay here in Llanview?

Troy: It's ok. It's ok. It was just a dream.

Melanie: What?

Troy: I'm not Colin. I'm Troy. Colin's dead. He can't hurt you.

Melanie: I know. I am so sorry.

Troy: It's ok. Wow, Colin still gets to you, doesn't he? Even in your dreams.

Melanie: No. It has nothing to do with Colin. I just pulled an all-nighter. I'm overtired.

Troy: Yeah. Yeah, sure. Look, why don't you go home and get some rest. I can cover your rounds.

Melanie: No, you don't need to do that.

Troy: Are you sure? Because it's not a problem.

Lindsay: Ah -- well, isn't this interesting -- and creepy on so many levels.

Melanie: Lindsay --

Troy: We were just discussing Dr. MacIver's schedule.

Lindsay: Oh. Looking for an opening, are we?

Troy: You're very funny. You let me know if I can be of help, ok?

Melanie: Thank you.

Lindsay: Bye, Troy. Rude, just like his brother.

Melanie: I don't want to hear it.

Lindsay: You must be desperate to be turning to Troy MacIver for help.

Melanie: Speaking of desperate, how could you do that to Cristian? A porn site, Lindsay?

Lindsay: Porn? How'd you hear about that, anyway? What, were you logging on in the E.R.?

Melanie: It resulted in a police investigation. What, you think that Bo wouldn't have told me about it? You're lucky that you weren't arrested.

Lindsay: Oh, I know what I did was wrong, and I am so sorry. But he was fooling around with another woman.

Melanie: And that -- you think that justifies what you did?

Lindsay: I would do anything to protect my daughter from somebody like Cristian. You know what? You are so lucky to have a decent man in your life like Bo.

Melanie: Yeah, I'm very lucky.

Lindsay: How's it going anyway? Did you set another wedding date? Oh, no. Don't tell me there's not going to be a wedding. Did he change his mind?

Melanie: No, he didn't. I mean, I don't think he did. I mean, he just keeps continually putting off setting a date.

Lindsay: Why?

Melanie: I don't know why. I mean, I keep dropping hints, but it just doesn't seem to do any good.

Lindsay: Well, I'm sorry. I can see how much this is upsetting you.

Melanie: Come on, Lindsay. You know how horrendous my marriage was to Colin. I just thought Bo would be the one to erase all those bad memories.

Lindsay: Well, I wouldn't count on that.

Melanie: What does that mean?

Lindsay: Well, I know what I went through to get Bo to the altar, only to have Nora walk in and ruin the whole thing. I just -- well, I just wouldn't be surprised, and that's all.

Melanie: No, that is two totally separate situations.

Lindsay: With one common denominator -- Bo. Maybe after so many failed relationships he doesn't feel the need to get married again.

Melanie: What is it I have to do to get Bo to commit to me?

Lindsay: Lanie.

Melanie: What would you do? No, no. Sorry. Don't even answer that. I can solve my own problems. Or just let them continue on as they already have.

Lindsay: Oh, no, you won't because you're smart, you're beautiful, and, gosh darn it, people like you. No, you are not going to be put on hold by Bo Buchanan or anybody else. You don't deserve that.

Melanie: Thank you.

Lindsay: I mean it. Let me see here. Maybe -- maybe I can think of something to help move this along, something that will benefit us both.

Cristian: I'm in my underwear.

Jen: Yeah, I noticed.

Cristian: Maybe I should get dressed, huh?

Jen: That's probably a good idea.

Cristian: Yeah.

[Jen giggles]

Cristian: What's so funny?

Jen: At the quarry, you seemed to have no problem taking them off.

Cristian: Well, that's because I was inspired then.

Jen: I see.

Cristian: That's for laughing at me.

Jen: I'll have to laugh at you more often.

Cristian: Please don't. So, what's in the bag?

Jen: Well, an ice pack --

Cristian: Ice pack?

Jen: Yeah, you did hurt your head, remember?

Cristian: Cool. Fits?

Jen: And you need to keep your energy up, so I brought you breakfast.

Cristian: All right. Sweet rolls from the diner. Very good.

Jen: Oh, and I brought you a book, too, in case you didn't feel like getting out of bed.

Cristian: Well, wait a minute. How'd you know?

Jen: How did I know what?

Cristian: That I started to get into architecture. I even signed up for a seminar on it.

Jen: I'm psychic. I saw your name on the sign-in sheet.

Cristian: The book's great. I love it.

Jen: I love you.

Cristian: So -- how long until we need to be in class?

Jen: Not nearly long enough.

Cristian: Then I guess we're going to have to cut because I don't see myself letting you go anytime soon.

Keith: I'll handle Vega. Don't worry.

R.J.: Look, I just want him on a bus out of town. I don't care where. I just don't want to have to see him anymore.

Keith: And I told you I've got it covered.

R.J.: Uh, yeah. Give me a full report when you're done, and do not skimp on the details.

Keith: When I'm done with him, no one will see him until the funeral.

Man: Thank you, Professor Reynolds.

Keri: No problem.

Antonio: Look, it -- it's not what you think.

Keri: Really?

Antonio: Yeah. You were there. It was a simple, little going away party for a friend.

Keri: And so you were working on your proposal between toasts?

Antonio: No, I was working on it after I went home.

Keri: Which, according to your friend, was sometime this morning.

Antonio: Ok, so I exaggerated a little.

Keri: There's a difference between the truth and exaggeration. As a police officer, I would think you would know that.

Antonio: Ok. I'm sorry. But I worked really hard on that proposal. And you said it was impressive, right?

Keri: Well, what I said was that I would need a little more time to look over it.

Antonio: Well, that proposal -- solid.

Cristian: Professor Reynolds --

Keri: I never said it wasn't.

Cristian: He giving you a hard time again?

Keri: It's nothing I can't handle. [Phone rings]

Antonio: Excuse me. [Ring]

Antonio: Sorry.

Cristian: We were wondering if -- well, if you had any more slots open in that sociology experiment you're running.

Keri: Oh, you guys are volunteering to be my guinea pigs?

Cristian: Yeah.

Jen: If we qualify, yeah.

Keri: You guys think you can handle it?

Cristian: Definitely. You can't hurt us much, right?

Hank: You know, I got to tell you, Bo, anyone who can put a foolish grin like that on your face is okey-dokey in my book.

Bo: "Foolish grin"?

Hank: Hey, Melanie -- she's terrific. I mean, that's all I'm saying. I know you wanted to wait until you were sure. Now you're ready to take that dive, so go for it.

Bo: It feels right.

Hank: The important thing is you love her.

Bo: Yes, I do.

Hank: And things are good between you?

Bo: Never better.

Hank: Then ignore that inner voice.

Bo: Yeah?

Hank: Yeah. Hey, no man relinquishes his freedom without a little self-doubt.

Bo: I don't see this as relinquishing my freedom.

Hank: Ah, self-delusions. That's a wonderful thing.

Bo: Ah, you watch it.

Hank: Hey, no, seriously. Come on, Bo. You've been burned before. I mean, it's natural to be cautious. But things are going to be different between you and Melanie. I can feel it.

Bo: I know they are. And plus I think if we set a date now it's going to take some of the pressure off of her that she's been getting from her family.

Hank: Yeah? Pressure from Lindsay?

Bo: No, no, not Lindsay. Hell no. I'm talking about her aunt. Her aunt sent us a wedding present, and that's because Melanie forgot to tell her that we'd postponed it.

Hank: Ouch. Not good.

Bo: It was pretty awkward for her.

Hank: I can imagine.

Bo: Anyway, we're talking about the wedding.

Hank: Whoa, whoa -- stop right there. I do not sing at weddings anymore.

Bo: Oh, thank God for that. No, what I'm talking about is the best man gig.

Hank: Buddy, it would be my honor.

Bo: Well, that was easy enough, huh?

Hank: Well, don't jump the gun now. Are you sure about this? Because you know how good I look in a tuxedo. You might not want me standing next to you.

Bo: Aye -- you know what? I'm going to take my chances.

Hank: All right. You've been warned, huh? Listen -- I'm really happy for you. That's terrific news. But I'm running late for a doctor's appointment. I got to get out of here.

Bo: Ok -- go, go, go.

Hank: Look, Bo, I'm really, really happy for both of you.

Bo: Hey, thanks.

Hank: All right. Take care.

Bo: Hank -- she doesn't know anything about this. Hank! Yeah, he's not going to say anything.

Melanie: How could you help me with Bo?

Lindsay: I don't know. Maybe a few well-chosen words?

Melanie: Oh, no, no, no, no. Forget it, forget it.

Lindsay: As much as it bothers you, Lanie, Bo and I were close at one time, and I do know which buttons of his to push.

Melanie: If you think that Bo is simply buttons to push, you don't even know him at all.

Lindsay: Well, you might be surprised.

Melanie: Anyway, what would you want in return?

Lindsay: Don't say it like that.

Melanie: Come on, Lindsay. What do you want?

Lindsay: Well, nothing terrible. Something I think you might even is supportive of.

Melanie: And that would be?

Lindsay: I'd like you to help me to mend fences with Sam.

Melanie: You were married to him, Lindsay. You're telling me that you can push Bo's buttons but you can't Sam's?

Lindsay: Ah, different relationships. I don't expect you to understand, but I do need your help.

Melanie: What am I supposed to do?

Lindsay: I'm feeling very cut off from everyone -- will, Jen, Sam, even you. Yeah, I think if we could get Sam to forgive me, then the kids would follow his lead and eventually they'd forgive me, too.

Melanie: I don't know about that. If I were Jen --

Lindsay: Oh, please. Will you stop?

Melanie: You're the one that has to stop -- meddling, that is.

Lindsay: Are you going to help me put my family back together or not? Please?

Melanie: I can't -- I can't make you any promises, Lindsay.

Lindsay: Will you at least try?

Melanie: Well, they do say that weddings bring people together. I'll talk to Sam.

Lindsay: Thank you. You will not be sorry.

Keri: These are all the details I have right now. Hope you guys are really serious about this.

Cristian: Oh, we are.

Jen: Yeah.

Keri: Good.

Antonio: We need to talk.

Cristian: Antonio --

Antonio: Now.

Keri: It's ok. We can talk later.

Cristian: Look, I know you have problems with Professor Reynolds --

Antonio: She's not my problem right now. You are.

Cristian: Me? What did I do?

Antonio: That call was from the station. Why didn't you tell me you got jumped yesterday?

Keri: I'll see you later, Jen.

Jen: See you.

Keri: Ok. Here goes nothing.

Cristian: Look; I didn't say anything because he was wearing a mask. I couldn't even see his face. What's the big deal?

Jen: It is a big deal, Cris.

Cristian: Jen --

Jen: He has a lump the size of an egg on the back of his head.

Antonio: Oh, man. You have any idea why this guy picked you?

Cristian: Well, I took my wallet out in the hospital. I had a bunch of cash in it.

Jen: For our trip.

Cristian: He must've seen it. And then he followed me. That's the only explanation I can come up with.

Nora: I think we should drop the subject of Troy MacIver. How about that?

Sam: Nora, Nora, and Nora --

Nora: No. Sam, Troy hasn't done anything to indicate that he's like Colin in any way.

Sam: Yet.

Nora: Sam --

Sam: Nora, he worries me.

Nora: We have to get over Colin, all right? Which means we got to get over Troy, like it or not.

Sam: That's a big turnaround for you.

Nora: Yes, it is, but I've learned that that's the only way we can get back to our normal lives.

Sam: Not for nothing, but before you left, you were having a very difficult time because of Troy.

Nora: Well, it's true.

Sam: So, what's different now?

Nora: Me. Me. I'm different now. Colin had control of my life for so long, I forgot what it was like to be me and not his victim, you know? And I -- I've really missed me.

Sam: I missed you, too.

Nora: Well, in order for us to move forward with our lives, we have to stop dwelling on the past.

Sam: Guess that means you want me to do the same, huh?

Nora: Yes, it does.

Sam: Well -- to move forward with our lives in this way, why don't we have dinner tonight?

Nora: Well, I think Matthew would love that.

Sam: Actually, I was thinking about just you and me.

Nora: Mr. Rappaport, are you asking me out on a date?

Sam: I am. You know, someplace quiet; romantic even.

Nora: Romantic even?

Sam: Yeah.

Nora: Ok. Sounds good.

Bo: This about that incident with Cristian Vega?

Lindsay: Well, I hardly think that qualifies as an incident.

Bo: No, it doesn't, especially since you could be facing criminal charges.

Lindsay: Criminal charges? He wouldn't do that. I mean, Jen would never allow -- is Cristian pressing criminal charges against me?

Bo: No. No, actually, he isn't, but -- besides, I think that being shut out of your daughter's life right now is probably tougher punishment than anything that the commonwealth could come up with.

Lindsay: Well, it's not just Jen. I mean, Sam won't talk to me, and will left, and -- hey, I may end up alone just like everybody said I would.

Bo: Hmm. That's terrible. Plus that thing with the web site that somebody set up in your honor.

Lindsay: What web site?

Bo: Well, you know, the Internet is like a double-edged sword. There are a lot of people who were really ticked off about that whole hottie whatever web site of yours, so they decided to create a web site entirely devoted to you.

Lindsay: Devoted to me?

Bo: Yeah, yeah. I think it's got, like -- I don't know -- pictures, sightings, personal history. I think there's even a timeline in there, and its got one of your yearbook photos in it.

Lindsay: Yearbook photo?

Bo: Blond hair, glasses.

Lindsay: I did not authorize this. Who are these people?

Bo: Lindsay --

Lindsay: Well, this is criminal, Bo.

Bo: I'm kidding.

Lindsay: What?

Bo: There's no web site. I was just having a little fun with you.

Lindsay: Well, it's not nice to hit somebody when they're down.

Bo: I'm sorry, but you should be careful because you know what? It could happen.

Lindsay: Hmm. To think I came here thinking you would give me good news.

Bo: Such as?

Lindsay: Such as -- I don't know -- maybe a wedding?

Melanie: Hank?

Hank: Hey.

Melanie: Hey, what brings you to my neck of the woods?

Hank: Hey, how you doing? I had an appointment with Larry. Listen, I can't make this out. Can you?

Melanie: 20 milligrams twice a day.

Hank: That says 20?

Melanie: Mm-hmm. Something wrong?

Hank: No, no. I just -- I thought he increased my dosage. But I guess not. You should be on cloud nine.

Melanie: Why? Because I can read some doctor's scrawl?

Hank: No, no. I heard the news this morning from Bo, and it's about time if you ask me. I'm very happy for both of you.

Nora: Oh, great, Marianne. Thank you very much. So I'll see you tonight. I appreciate it very much. Thank you. [Doorbell rings]

Nora: Who could that be? Oh, Zapman. They forgot Zapman. Oh, my word. It's you.

Nurse: Dr. MacIver?

Troy: Yeah?

Nurse: Here are the test results on Matthew Rappaport you were waiting for.

Troy: Oh, great. Thank you.

Nurse: Ok.

Troy: Damn.

Melanie: Whoa, wait. What good news about me and Bo?

Hank: That you two finally decided to set the date. Hey, he told me this morning. Now, just think -- you're about to become Mrs. Bo Buchanan. You know, I think you two are going to be very, very happy.

Melanie: Bo told you that we set a date?

Hank: Uh-oh. I hope it's not supposed to be a secret. Is it?

Melanie: I guess it was, but not anymore.

Bo: What wedding are you talking about?

Lindsay: Bo.

Bo: What?

Lindsay: I just ran into my sister, and she was very sad.

Bo: Really? Did she say why?

Lindsay: I didn't have to ask her why. She's my sister. I know what's wrong. She's upset because you haven't set a new wedding date.

Bo: Oh.

Lindsay: Well, living with a man without being married is really not who she is.

Bo: Really? I had no idea.

Lindsay: We had a very strict upbringing, and you know how much she worshipped our father, and he was very big on marriage.

Bo: I never knew that about him.

Lindsay: Anyway, I think she might feel like she's letting him down by not being married. She loves you so much. That's all she can talk about.

Bo: Lindsay --

Lindsay: She needs you, Bo.

Bo: She has me, Lindsay.

Lindsay: What?

Bo: I've decided that we should go ahead with the wedding soon. Ok, that's if your sister's all right about it.

Lindsay: If she's all right about it? Are you kidding me? She's going to be doing back flips in the O.R.

Bo: Yeah? Well, it's just -- you know, it's too bad that we had to send back your Aunt Louise's wedding present.

Lindsay: Who?

Bo: Your Aunt Louise.

Lindsay: Aunt Louise?

Bo: Is there an echo in here?

Lindsay: Are you sure you don't mean Aunt Reyna?

Bo: No, Louise. It's nowhere near like Reyna. I mean, I could remember a name like Reyna.

Lindsay: But, Bo, Lanie and I don't have an Aunt Louise.

Antonio: No. No, no. No, I can't let this go, Cris. This guy could have attacked somebody else. I'm going to go down to the station. I'm going to see if anybody else has reported any muggings.

Cristian: Ok. Fine. But, remember, if R.J. finds out --

Antonio: Don't worry about it.

Cristian: Antonio, we got to keep him thinking that we're on the outs.

Antonio: He won't hear a thing.

Sam: Hi, Antonio.

Antonio: Hey, buddy.

Sam: How are you?

Jen: Dad.

Sam: Hi.

Jen: Hey, Matthew, what's up? What are you doing here, starting college?

Sam: You left in such a hurry this morning, you forgot your --

Jen: Oh, thank you. You're a lifesaver.

Matthew: I fell off the swings.

Jen and Cristian: What?

Sam: He not only fell off. He dislocated his shoulder.

Cristian: Wow. Must have hurt, huh?

Matthew: Yeah. I got a new backpack. You want to see it?

Jen: Yes, definitely.

Sam: It's in the car. Take a walk, and we'll show it to you.

Jen: Ok.

Sam: Come on.

Jen: I'll be back.

Cristian: I'll be here.

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