One Life to Live Transcript Friday 9/21/01


One Life to Live Transcript Friday 9/21/01

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Rae: What? She even has a new friend, somebody she likes and she trusts.

Ben: Ok, that's not why you decided she's ready to leave.

Rae: No, no.

Ben: No.

Rae: Ben, come on. She is ready.

Ben: Ok, so we're all just supposed to sign off on that, huh?

Rae: You know, Viki has forgiven her. I don't know why you can't.

Ben: Well, maybe Viki's a nicer person than I am, especially when it comes to Allison Perkins.

Hank: Hey. Excuse me.

Rae: Hank.

Hank: Rae, I'm going to be late for John's party, but tell him I will be there.

Rae: My God, look what time it is.

Hank: Yeah, I'm stuck here trying to get a competency hearing scheduled for a suspect they just checked in.

Rae: Well, if I don't leave right now, I'm going to really be late, so I'll see you there.

Ben: Ok, wait -- just, Rae, please, do you have any idea where Allison went?

Rae: No. And you know what? Even if I did, I wouldn't tell you.

Ben: Thanks a lot.

Rae: She has the right to her own privacy, Ben. And soon she will have earned the right to her own freedom.

Ben: Freedom? Freedom to do what, Rae?

Allison: You're white as a sheet. You must know all about me, what I did to you.

Jessica: My mom told me. You kidnapped me when I was a baby.

Allison: Your mom and dad were out of their minds with worry. Everybody was.

Jessica: Right. You dressed up to look like one of my mom's alters, Niki Smith.

Allison: Yes, so that everyone would think Viki was guilty, and they did. It was terrible for her. But now, I'm going to be free.

Jessica: No, don't -- oh -- don't come any closer.

Allison: No, no, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. You have nothing to fear, ok? I wouldn't hurt a fly. I've been rehabilitated. Hope it didn't break.

Jessica: It's no problem. So I thought that you were confined to St. Ann's. My mom said --

Allison: I've been in many hospitals for many years, but I finally earned a day pass because I'm so much better.

Jessica: Oh, that's good.

Allison: It's wonderful to be free.

Jessica: Even if it's just for a day, right?

Allison: Well, I've got a lot of time to make up for. And so much to do.

Seth: She wound up going to a graveyard.

Natalie: Why?

Seth: To visit her baby's grave.

Natalie: Jessica had a kid?

Seth: She and Will had a baby girl a little while ago, a few years ago. She didn't live long.

Natalie: Well, what's this got to do with whether or not she's a wimp? A lot of women lose babies.

Seth: But she went through a lot when it died.

Natalie: What is with you today? I mean, do you just want to talk about all the bad stuff that happens to good people? I mean, while Jessica was out there getting herself knocked up in her limo, you were in reform school, and you didn't have a rich, little daddy to bail you out. Remember that?

Seth: Take it easy. All I've been trying to say --

Natalie: No, I will take it easy when we have gotten what we've come here to get, and we are gone -- rich. We had a rough life, too, Seth, you know. We deserve a better future. You know, we deserve a terrific future. And the only way we are going to get that is if we stick to the plan. Clear?

Seth: Yeah. Sure.

Natalie: So what's Jessica to you?

Seth: What -- she's -- I don't know. A girl.

Natalie: Wrong. She's a nobody. Nothing. She's a means to an end. That's it. Don't forget it.

Allison: When no one answered, I came around the patio. The door was ajar. I called in, and I swear I heard somebody answer. And I came in, and that's when you found me. I hope you don't think I would break in. I just came to see Viki. When will she be back?

Jessica: Not for a while.

Allison: Oh, that's too bad. I am so grateful to her. The fact that she was willing to meet with me is the reason I'm getting well you know.

Jessica: Really?

Allison: Oh, yeah. Gosh. It's -- it's so strange to see you all grown up and realize what I did to hurt you.

Jessica: You didn't hurt me. The person you hurt was my mother.

Allison: But I was always worried that maybe when you grew up you might be scarred somehow.

Jessica: Well, no. No. I had a great family, so -- so, ok, you don't want to waste your one free day, so -- give me a message, and I'll tell my mother next time --

Allison: Message?

Jessica: Yeah. Why you came.

Allison: Oh. I wanted to tell her I'll be getting out soon for good. Free as a bird, as they say. And I have plans.

Hank: You think that Allison Perkins may be about to commit a crime?

Ben: Well, who can say what a mental patient would do, especially when they've been locked away for 19 years.

Hank: Well, that doesn't give us very much to work with, Ben, not from a legal standpoint.

Ben: Ok, ok, just -- what if a criminal has been locked away for that long and they are finally released? What are the odds of them reverting back to their old patterns?

Hank: Well, nobody knows. I mean, some do, some don't. The people who fake insanity to avoid going to prison -- they're the ones to watch out for.

Ben: I just wish I had more to go on.

Hank: Look, if you hear anything that sounds suspicious, let the police know. Don't try to handle this yourself.

Ben: You got it.

Hank: All right. I'm going to go try to handle this scheduling here. I'll be around if you need me.

Ben: Ok, thanks.

[Phone rings]

Viki: Hello?

Ben: Hey, it's me.

Viki: Hi. I was just thinking about you.

Ben: Good thoughts, I hope.

Viki: Exquisite thoughts.

Ben: Well, I just wanted to hear your voice and make sure you're ok.

Viki: I'm absolutely fine. Why? Some reason I shouldn't be?

Jessica: You have plans?

Allison: Yes, and I want Viki to know them, to make sure she approves.

Jessica: Why do you have to have my mom's approval?

Allison: Well, I might be getting a job here in Llanview when I get out in a florist shop -- Divine Bouquets?

Jessica: That's -- that's right down the road.

Allison: Right, so I want to make sure that it was ok with Viki because we'd probably be running into each other from time to time.

Jessica: Ok, um -- ok, I'll tell her next time I see her. So that's it?

Allison: Of course. I should go. Actually, there's one more thing. I have something I wanted to give Viki, but I think probably you're the one who should get it.

Max: I wanted so much for you. I had such dreams. Somehow I just lost them. I --

Max: I was dying. I -- I didn't think I'd have anything to leave you, and I wanted -- I wanted you to have a name, a legacy. One day I'm scamming Asa into making me a Buchanan so I could make you one, and the next, it's -- it's about money. Just money. And then I found out I wasn't going to die, and I had -- had time. So much money.

Max: But I had no dreams.

Max: A man can't live without dreams. He's got nothing to hang on to.

Max: I turned around and I realized my whole family was gone.

Max: I love you, Al.

Max: And I kept trying to tell myself that I had plenty of time to prove it to you again. Someday we'd just lock ourselves in a room and have it out, get past all this -- well, all my broken promises. But now -- now I don't care if you hate me the rest of your life so long as you live that life.

Max: I want my dreams and I want us. But I would give it all up just if you don't leave me.

Troy: We've stopped the bleeding for now, but your son's condition is still very critical.

Gabrielle: But he is going to be fine, isn't he,Doctor? He's going to be fine.

Troy: Well, right now we're still very concerned that your son hasn't started to wake up. And of course if the bleeding resumes, then I'll have to return to the O.R.

[Pager beeps]

Gabrielle: Oh, no.

Troy: Excuse me. I have to take this.

Gabrielle: Oh. Oh. Oh! Do get out of my way!

Todd: Kid's sleeping, right? There's really nothing you can do right now. And, you know, we've got stuff to settle because, you know, Max and Blair, they're on their way. They're halfway down the aisle to the altar. Now, I want this plan put into operation right now.

Gabrielle: Would you please leave?

Todd: Think about it, ok? If you ever wanted to get your kid away from Max, now is the perfect time to do that.

Gabrielle: No, I can't do that.

Todd: What do you mean you -- so you're not going through with this?

Gabrielle: No. Yes. Uh -- yes, yes. Just not right now!

Todd: What does that mean -- not right now?

Gabrielle: Because Al needs Max. I can't take him away from his son right now.

Todd: Ok, Gabrielle, it sounds to me like you're trying to weasel out of our deal. Let me tell you something. If you betray me, I will destroy you.

Gabrielle: I cannot deal with you right now. I have to be with my son.

Todd: Ok, fine, but don't say I didn't warn you.

John: I'm going to miss you, too, which is why I got you a survival kit. Actually, I made you a survival --

Rae: A survival kit?

John: Yeah.

Rae: What?

John: Just a little something that I thought you might need.

Rae: It's a cell phone. I have a cell phone.

John: Yeah, I know.

Rae: This is my cell phone.

John: Yeah. I know it's your cell phone. I borrowed it and I programmed in my new number on your speed dial.

Rae: John. What else? Oh. Envelopes.

John: Mm-hmm.

Rae: With your new address on them?

John: Mm-hmm. To remind you to write. And this.

Rae: A plane ticket?

John: Mm-hmm. It's open-ended, so hopefully, you'll use it sooner than later.

Keri: I can't have coffee with you because it's against University policy to socialize with a student.

Antonio: But I told you the school thing's off. I'm not a student.

Keri: I think you should be.

Antonio: Excuse me?

Keri: Why give up on those credits so easily? I mean, just because I'm not a pushover doesn't mean you couldn't earn them.

Antonio: Oh, wait a second. You think you're the only reason why I changed my mind?

Keri: There's another reason?

Antonio: You're pretty full of yourself.

Keri: Aren't you the one who was so sure of his success? Be honest with me. You thought you were going to get by on your good looks and your charm. And I'm sorry, that's just not the way it works, not with me.

Antonio: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Time out. Ok? Why start arguing again? Why don't we back up to the good-looking part?

Keri: You have your party over there. And I have to grade these papers, so unless you have an essay for me, I'm going to have to say excuse me.

Antonio: Excuse -- ok. Ahem.

[Antonio sighs]

[Antonio whistles]

Antonio: Crash and burn.

Bo: I take it she's the bump in the road?

Antonio: That's the teacher who kicked my paper, who -- so I couldn't get those credits in her course.

Bo: You're not going to rewrite it? Too proud.

Antonio: Well, no. No, I just --

Bo: Or maybe it's just that you don't like the fact that a woman is in control and she's telling you that you're not cutting it?

Antonio: No, no. Look, Commissioner --

Bo: Oh, come on, Antonio. I've seen you go toe to toe with junkyard dogs, you know, like R.J. Gannon. Now, you're going to stand there, you're going to tell me that that little lady over there is too tough for you?

Viki: Actually, the tour is going really, really well indeed. I'm just about to leave for a reception.

Ben: Ok, well, I won't keep you. I just wanted to call you and let you know how much I missed you.

Viki: I miss you, too.

Ben: Ok, I'll tell you what -- I'll call you when I get home, ok?

Viki: Oh, sure. That's funny -- I thought that's where you were. Where are you?

Ben: Oh, I'm at Crossroads, just checking things out. I'll talk to you later.

Viki: Ok. I love you.

Ben: Love you, too.

Ben: At least Allison's not anywhere near her.

Sister Katharine: Dave? Is that you, Dave?

Ben: Hi, sister. I was looking for my friend Allison. She got outside today.

Sister Katherine: Yes, I heard.

Ben: Do you know where she went?

Sister Katherine: No. I'm afraid I don't.

Ben: It's busy. Jessica. She's alone at home.

Allison: This was yours.

Jessica: Excuse me?

Allison: Well, you hardly cried when you were little. But when you got a little anxious, this would make you so happy and you'd just hold it and go right to sleep.

Jessica: You've kept it all these years?

Allison: Oh, no, no, no, no. It's not like that. It was in one of the boxes that got put away in storage. They let me go through them last week.

Jessica: Oh. And you want me to have it?

Allison: Or your mother. But I thought you probably might like to look at it. After all, it did make you feel safe and secure way back then. And who knows? Maybe it'll make you feel safe again now.

Jessica: Excuse me, why would I need to feel safe now?

Seth: Jessica?

Jessica: Seth, I'm in here.

Allison: Oh.

Jessica: This is Allison Perkins, Seth. She was just on her way out.

Allison: Of course.

Jessica: Thank you.

Allison: Young man, if she's a friend of yours, just know she was a very special baby, and she's a very special person today.

Seth: I couldn't agree more.

Allison: Take good care of her.

Seth: Who was that? One of your old babysitters?

Jessica: Man, am I glad to see you. Everybody loves fried foodó

Antonio: You're right, Bo. I'm not going to let her stand in my way.

Bo: So you are going to try to get the credits?

Antonio: I'm not going to try; I'm going to do it, even if I have to spend all night in the library. I'm going to write the best damned paper she's ever seen.

Hank: Excuse me. Hey, buddy.

Bo: How you doing?

John: Hey! Finally made it.

Hank: Hey, how you doing? Yeah, sorry about that. What'd I miss?

Rae: Only my meltdown, but I'm better now, thanks to a certain someone. Renee?

Renee: Yep, I'm here, darling.

Rae: Honey, I think we should have a toast.

John: Good idea.

Renee: Great idea.

Rae: Ok? To John Sykes, a man of courage.

All: Hear, hear.

Rae: A man of integrity.

All: Hear, hear.

Rae: A man of incredible -- well, you know.


All: Hear, hear.

Renee: I'll drink to that.

Rae: And a man that I am proud to call the best friend I ever had.

All: For he's a jolly good fellow for he's a jolly good fellow for he's a jolly good fellow which nobody can deny which nobody can deny which nobody can deny for he's a jolly good fellow for he's a jolly good fellow for he's a jolly good fellow which nobody can deny!


Natalie: Someday I'll have a car like that, Jessica. And I'll travel, too. I'll make your little trips to Europe seem like cheap thrills on a Saturday night. Iíll have all the money in the world and servants and all the houses. All the clothes to die for. I will have everything you have. Except I'll have something you'll never have -- Seth.

Seth: She kidnapped you?

Jessica: Yep.

Seth: No way.

Jessica: No, I'm serious. I mean, I was just a baby, so --

Ben: Jessie? Jessie!

Jessica: I'm right here. Hey.

Ben: Thank God.

Jessica: So what's the matter?

Ben: Look, I don't want to worry you, and everything's going to be ok, all right? But Allison Perkins has been allowed out of the hospital for the day.

Jessica: I know. She was just here.

Ben: What?

Jessica: She left a little while ago.

Ben: What did she want?

Jessica: Well, she wanted to see Mom. She wanted to make sure it was ok if she took a job nearby.

Ben: A job? That was it?

Jessica: No. Actually, she gave me this. She found it in her things. She said I had it when she kidnapped me. It's creepy, huh?

Ben: Yeah, very. So how did she act? Did she threaten you?

Jessica: No, she didn't. I mean, she was actually kind of nice.

Seth: Yeah, I came in just as she was leaving. She didn't seem threatening at all.

Jessica: No, I mean, I think it was exactly what she said it was -- a courtesy call to make sure it was ok with mom if she took a job nearby.

Ben: She already has a job lined up. Wow. So you weren't on the phone.

Jessica: No.

Ben: It was just off the hook.

Jessica: Why, did you try and call?

Ben: Yeah, yeah. But it's not a problem. I just -- Jessie, did Allison see this picture?

Jessica: I have no idea. Why?

Ben: Oh, it's -- no -- no reason. Nothing.

Sister Katherine: Oh, hello, Allison, dear.

Allison: Hi, sister. You haven't seen my friend Dave, have you?

Sister Katherine: He was asking for you just a little while ago.

Allison: Really?

Sister Katherine: Yes. Why? Is there something going on between you two?

Allison: There might be, Sister. There just might be.

Gabrielle: Max? The doctor told me that you were in with him and now you're out. What is it?

Max: I was. They wanted to take some tests.

Troy: Tell the lab to put a rush on that.

Nurse: Yes, Dctor.

Troy: Thank you. Well, I'm not going to promise any miracle recoveries, but his condition is clearly stabilized. I think the worst is behind him.

Gabrielle: Oh, thank Gd. Max, if you hadn't been here, he would have died.

Max: Oh, come on, I just -- just gave him a little blood. I can't thank you enough, Dr. MacIver.

Gabrielle: Yes.

Troy: It was my pleasure.

Gabrielle: Thank you so much. Can we go in and see him now?

Troy: Yeah. Just one at a time for now, though.

Gabrielle: Ok.

Max: Why don't you go on. I just came out of there.

Gabrielle: Thanks.

Gabrielle: Oh, my sweetheart. Oh, Al, my darling.

Todd: Good news, eh?

Max: Yeah.

Todd: Looks like I'm not going to get what I want this time. So I'm just going to make sure that nobody else gets what they want, either.

Max: What the hell are you doing here, Manning? Listen, nobody wants to hear what you have to say, so just get lost.

Todd: Ok, I will, just as soon as I do you a big favor, Max. I'm going to tell you the whole truth.

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