One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 9/19/01


One Life to Live Transcript Wednesday 9/19/01

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R.J.: Interesting.

Lindsay: "Interesting"?

R.J.: Hmm.

Lindsay: I just told you that Cristian is working for the police, and that's all you can call it, is interesting?

R.J.: Mm-hmm -- interesting and a little annoying. I mean, how do these rumors get started?

Lindsay: It's not a rumor, R.J.

R.J.: You have your Vegas crossed. Antonio, his brother -- that's the one that works for the cops. I mean, I can understand how someone could get it confused.

Lindsay: I'm -- I'm just telling you what I know to be the truth.

R.J.: No. No, Lindsay. You're telling me what you want to be the truth. See, I understand you don't want him anywhere near your daughter, so you're willing to believe the worst, and that's ok. See, I'm going to let it pass. I'm going to overlook this colossal waste of my time this time.

Lindsay: Listen to me, R.J. I know for a fact that Cristian is on the police payroll, and before you leave, you will know it, too.

Jen: I don't understand, Dad. You knew that Cristian and I were going away for the weekend, right?

Sam: Yes.

Jen: So is there something you don't understand, like why we're going away this weekend?

Cristian: Oh, I think I have the general idea.

Jen: Well, what's the problem?

Sam: Well, maybe there isn't one. But maybe there is.

Rae: You said you have news?

John: Yes, I have amazing news.

Rae: How amazing?

John: Well -- very.

Rae: I'm not sure I like the sound of this.

[John laughs]

John: Well, it's -- I don't know. What's wrong with "amazing"?

Rae: Oh, I don't know. I think Hurricane Andrew was amazing. I think I would have preferred "good" news.

John: Well, this is -- this is good news, and I was amazed to be given the offer.

Rae: Offer?

John: Yeah, yeah. It was a job offer in -- in San Francisco.

Rae: Oh. San Francisco.

John: Yeah.

Rae: So, are you -- are you moving to San Francisco?

John: I'll be back.

Rae: When?

John: Um -- this is the hard part. I'll be gone for at least a year.

Rae: Well, I -- that's -- that's not really so bad.

John: No? I thought that maybe --

Rae: no, I mean, what, you thought I would be upset?

John: Well, I was --

Rae: No, I'm not upset. I'll -- I'll come with you, John.

Gabrielle: Oh! Ah! He is the last person I wanted to see us like that! And now he has. He walked in just as we were about to -- no warning, no preparation. Good Lord, if he'd walked in a few minutes later -- are you going to sit there and say absolutely nothing? You, the man who's made my entire life a lie? First, you've turned your son against you, now you're turning him against me as well? Max, I've lost him.

Sam: Ok, relax, you two. I am not here to play -- let's sit down, please, relax. I'm not here to play the love police. I'm just -- I trust you both too much for that.

Jen: So you're cool with what we're doing?

Sam: Well, as cool as a parent can be about this sort of thing.

Jen: It's not like we're rushing into anything.

Sam: Hardly. I mean, entire marriages have come and gone in the time you two have known each other. Still, it's a big step you're about to take, no matter how prepared you are.

Jen: We know that.

Sam: You do? You know, the first romantic night may not be as much of a benchmark as moving in or getting married. But still, it's an act of commitment.

Cristian: Sir, I committed to Jen a long time ago.

Sam: I know that, Cristian. With all that's been going on in Jen's life, any young man who wasn't truly and deeply committed to her happiness would have made a discreet exit a long time ago.

Jen: That's why I feel about Cris the same way that he feels about me.

Sam: The man of your dreams, huh?

Jen: My dreams were never this good.

Sam: That's fine, fine. But, you know, one of my prerogatives for being the patriarch of this family is the right to make wise-sounding, long-winded speeches about my past experience with life and love, so, here goes. I just want you both to know how happy I am for you.

Lindsay: Cristian is working for the police. I am not just passing along some rumor.

R.J.: So, no more hiring computer geeks and good-time girls for your dirty work? Now you're going to reach for the big artillery -- reaching for me, huh?

Lindsay: I'm just telling you what's what. What you do about it is up to you. You decide.

R.J: No. No. You thought you'd aim good old R.J. at Cristian Vega and do some real damage.

Lindsay: I don't want to do any real damage to that boy.

R.J.: Lindsay, I run a serious business, and I play for keeps. Recently, I lost a small fortune because of Bo Buchanan. Now, if you're telling me Mr. Vega had something to do with that, well, then he owes me and I'm going to do something about him.

Lindsay: Like what?

R.J.: Oh, you -- you don't really think I'm going to tell you?

Lindsay: I think --

[R.J. Sighs]

Lindsay: I don't want -- I don't want you to hurt him, R.J.

R.J.: Well, what? What? Did you think I was going to cancel his dental plan?

Lindsay: I just don't want him around my daughter, that's all.

R.J.: Well, it's out of your hands now, Lindsay.

Lindsay: Well, then maybe you shouldn't do anything about it.

R.J.: Ok. I won't.

Lindsay: You won't?

R.J.: No. No, because I don't believe you, Lindsay - and your so-called information? It's not worth a damn.

Allison: Grab a seat, Dave. I have a connection with Viki Davidson.

Ben: You mean like a telephone?

Allison: No, a person -- her daughter, Jessica.

Ben: You know her?

Allison: No, not really. I haven't seen her since she was little, and I --

Ben: You what, Allison?

Allison: It's the main reason I'm in here, Dave. A bad man made me do a very bad, bad thing.

Ben: What?

Allison: I kidnapped Viki's child when she was still little.

Ben: You stole a little baby? But you're a nice person!

Allison: Well, I wasn't well then, and the bad man -- he brainwashed me.

Ben: Brain? How do you wash a brain?

Allison: Well -- no. What I mean is he put bad thoughts in my head and that's why I took Jessica. And Viki knows that, but that's why she's forgiven me. And now I'm going to be able to get out of here and start my whole life again.

Ben: Well, what happened to the bad man that did that to you?

Allison: He's dead.

Ben: Oh. Hey, Allison, isn't it going to be scary to be on your own after all this time in the hospital?

Allison: I'm not frightened at all. I got it all set. It's all set.

Gabrielle: How can you be so calm about all of this? Are you just going to sit there while I pound on you some more before you say anything?

Max: Well -- what can I say? There was always a chance he was going to find out about us. When we started, we knew --

Gabrielle: Oh, do shut up!

Max: I thought you wanted me to say something.

Gabrielle: I wanted you to say something -- useful. That's what I had in mind.

Max: Such as?

Gabrielle: How about "I'm sorry"?

Max: Consider it said.

Gabrielle: Oh, your regret is just bowling me over.

Max: Consider it unsaid.

Gabrielle: Oh, Max, you could say something like "Gabrielle, don't worry. He'll come back to you. And I'll do everything in my power to convince him that it was my fault."

Max: And how exactly am I going to do that after he saw what the two of us were doing, huh? You weren't exactly whipping out the can of pepper spray to stop me from doing it.

Gabrielle: You could tell him, try to convince him that you are the one that seduced me, that you erased my judgment, you tricked me into your arms -- I don't know!

Max: That language is a little high once for me, but, you know, it sounds pretty good coming from you. Why don't you give it a try, see if he buys it.

Gabrielle: No, he wouldn't because when I lie, I have to sell it to myself just a little. And my heart wouldn't be in this one.

Max: Hmm. Why not?

Gabrielle: Because I know I -- I got myself into this fix. I've lost everything because it's my own damn fault.

Max: That's true.

Gabrielle: Of course you had nothing to do with this! Of course not.

Max: With Al finding out about the two of us, yes. With his reaction, no. Al and I were very close when he left Llanview. Then he got years and years of anti-Max propaganda from you. And guess what -- it took, he hates me, and that's why you've got a gigantic problem right now.

Gabrielle: It doesn't matter whose fault it is. It doesn't matter. The only thing that's important is my son. And I'm going to try and explain to him about this, and then I'm going to beg for mercy for the rest of it, once I find him.

Jen: Oh, thank you, Daddy.

Sam: Thanks for what?

Jen: For being so great about this.

Sam: Well, thanks for the thanks, but I suspect I have very little say in the matter. And anyway, your mother has caused enough interference as it was, and so I wouldn't dream of adding to that. If anything, I'd like to apologize.

Cristian: Oh, it's ok. I mean, it's over. And it didn't come between Jen and me, so --

Jen: It came close.

Cristian: Yeah. I'm starting to realize that when Jen's mom sets her mind on doing something nothing and no one can stop her.

Sam: Well, then, you've learned the most important thing there is to know about Lindsay. But don't worry. From now on, I will keep her at a distance, I promise. What?

Jen: She was here earlier.

Sam: She was here?

Jen: No, it's ok. Nothing happened. She just asked for my forgiveness.

Sam: She asked?

Jen: Well, begged, pleaded.

Sam: In other words, a four-star performance?

Jen: Pretty much. But I know she's never going to change, so I didn't give in.

Sam: Good for you. But she'll probably try again and again, so it's up to us to remain vigilant until she realizes we'll never listen to her again; in the meantime, enjoy yourselves.

Cristian: Thanks.

Jen: Thanks.

Sam: But you know what? Before you go, I -- I want to have a private word with Cristian.

Lindsay: Do you think I would tell you that Cristian's working for the police if it weren't true?

R.J.: Sit down. You sit down, all right? This is your one chance to convince me. Don't snow me, don't spin me, and do not waste my time. Understand? So Cristian Vega is working for the cops?

Lindsay: Yes.

R.J.: Ok. How did you come by this remarkable bit of information?

Lindsay: I overheard it.

R.J.: You overheard it?

Lindsay: Yes.

R.J.: Where? When? From whom?

Lindsay: I overheard Jen talking to Cristian.

R.J.: And you just happened to be in tight place at the right time?

Lindsay: Yep.

R.J.: Yeah. So I'm to believe that in spite of the months I've spent around Cristian and never heard him say anything remotely like that, I'm to believe that you just blundered into the right place at the right time? Do you care to explain that to me?

Lindsay: No. No, I don't care to. Why would I bother? You don't believe me. Why -- why did I want to help you anyway? I mean, it is just, I suppose, a remarkable coincidence that Bo happened to figure out where that body was -- you know, remember Colin's dead body that was in the warehouse?

R.J.: Put it there, by the way.

Lindsay: No, no, no, no, no, no. It couldn't have had anything to do Cristian. Why, you couldn't -- you couldn't really possibly have made an error in your judgment of character about your -- your prized employee?

R.J.: Lindsay -- Lindsay, sit down. Now start again, from the top.

John: You'd go with me to San Francisco?

Rae: I love San Francisco. I lived there for several years, you know, and I did my -- my radio show --

John: Yeah, yeah --

Rae: Out of San Francisco.

John: I remember.

Rae: And I -- I mean, I have a lot of friends there. You'll love them, and wait till you see the private tour I give you of the vineyards --

John: Rae --

Rae: Of Napa Valley, and we could hire a car and we could go to the Muir woods.

John: Rae?

Rae: I could show you the Redwoods, John, and Monterey, Carmel.

John: Rae, you can't come with me.

Rae: Is -- is there something that you're not telling me, John?

John: I would love to have you out there with me.

Rae: But you can't.

John: But you just can't walk out on your patients.

Rae: Oh. Really? Well, that -- I -- I could find therapists for them.

John: Overnight?

Rae: Well, in time. But I -- I suppose there are some that it would be hard for them to switch therapists.

John: I thought so, yeah.

Rae: And I really hate to let people down.

John: And I wouldn't want you to do that.

Rae: No.

John: So you'll -- you'll come for a visit, hopefully for a long visit?

Rae: Several visits, maybe. You -- you really have to go, huh?

John: I'm afraid so.

Max: Don't.

Gabrielle: No! You're not going to stop me this time!

Max: No, I think I can convince you to stop yourself.

Gabrielle: Max, I can't just stand around and do nothing. The longer I wait, the worse it's going to get, the more he'll be thinking and imagining things.

Max: What are you going to say to him?

Gabrielle: I'll --

Max: hmm?

Gabrielle: I'll tell him we're not having an affair, that this was a one-time thing that I deeply regret.

Max: Do you -- regret it?

Gabrielle: More than anything I've ever done in my life. Or ever will.

Max: You're not going to get anywhere with Al right now.

Gabrielle: You don't know that.

Max: Yes, I do. He may hate me, but he's still my son. I know exactly how he thinks and I know how he's feeling. Right now, if you tried to run after him and force him to change his mind, he is going to just dig his heels in.

Gabrielle: So what do I do? Just wait?

Max: That's exactly what you do. You give him all the time he needs, and when he is ready, he'll come to you. Trust me on this one, ok? Last thing that boy needs right now is to have someone out there looking for him.

Gabrielle: I know Al, too. Right? He has a temper -- that's true.

Max: Oh, let me guess who he got that from.

Gabrielle: I've never seen him this angry and in this much pain. I've never seen that look in his eyes. He's probably back at the mansion packing up all of his belongings, going God knows where, as long as it's far enough away from me.

Max: I suppose that would raise all kinds of questions with Asa.

Gabrielle: I don't give a damn what Asa thinks. He's not important here. It's just my son.

Max: You really are worried about him, aren't you?

Gabrielle: Of course I'm worried about him. These past few years have been dreadfully cruel. But we've bonded tremendously. You know, when we were quite destitute, I got very sick. Very sick. And on top of school and two jobs, he just gave up everything and sat beside the bed. Didn't sleep. He didn't eat. We didn't have any money. He's all I've got.

Max: You're all he has, too. Remember that.

Gabrielle: I'm not so sure.

Gabrielle: He's the only one who's never let me down. And now I've let him down.

Max: He'll give you a chance to explain. He won't turn on you.

Rae: So, it must be a big deal, huh?

John: Yeah. I -- I'm going to be an investigator on a special crime commission in San Francisco. They want someone from out of town, someone who doesn't have local connections.

Rae: So, what, some sort of corruption case, huh?

John: Well -- I'm not really free to talk about it. Sorry.

Rae: Sure. Yeah.

John: Yeah.

Rae: Well, it will be a nice addition to your resume. Just wish it wasn't so far away, that's all.

John: Me, too.

Rae: But, you know, you're right, of course. I just can't walk out on my patients.

John: No.

Rae: You know, some of them I'm sure would be able to handle a new therapist fine, but there are others. I have new patient, Allison Perkins. She's -- she's been in institutions for the last several years.

John: Yeah. I think Bo told me about the case. She kidnapped Jessica when she was an infant.

Rae: Yeah. She might be released soon, and I have to make sure that she can function on her own. In fact, I was planning after our lunch, I would go to St. Ann's, see if I could get her a day pass. You know, it'll be her first ever.

John: Well, that's a big step.

Rae: Yeah. Could be her -- her chance to start a new life.

John: Do you think she's ready?

Rae: I hope so.

John: Good.

Rae: John.

Cristian: Sir, I don't mind telling you again how much I love your daughter.

Sam: And I don't mind hearing that. But love isn't always enough, Cristian. And if you don't know that already, you will when you have kids of your own. I want Jen to be loved, but my paramount concern is that she not be hurt, ever.

Cristian: Mr. Rappaport, I would never hurt Jen.

Sam: No, not intentionally, not deliberately. But things happen and people change. I can't ask for any guarantees here. But I want you to be very, very careful of her feelings and your own.

Cristian: I give you my word.

Sam: And coming from you, Cristian, I know I can trust it. Thank you.

Cristian: You're welcome. And now that you've had your say, Mr. Rappaport, I have something I'd like to say to you.

Lindsay: You have to promise me first that anything you do to Cristian is not irreversible.

R.J.: I assure that if what you tell me checks out -- well, you won't have to worry about Cristian coming between you and your precious daughter anymore.

Lindsay: No, I mean it, R.J. If something terrible were to happen to him as a result of something I said, I would not be able to live with myself.

R.J.: Oh, sure, you could. And you're like me. You have a conscience, but you never let it forget who's the boss. Now talk. What do you know about Cristian and the cops?

Lindsay: I overheard Jen talking to Cristian about working undercover twice.

R.J.: And where does she get this information?

Lindsay: Well, I -- I'm not really sure about that, but I assume Cristian must have told her. You know, I think this happened around the time of the fake I.D. business.

R.J.: All right. All right, the one-handed painter's pet project.

Lindsay: When if I found out that he selling fake I.D.'s to minors, I went to the police to report it.

R.J.: Well, see? Always looking out for your pal R.J.

Lindsay: No, actually, I was looking out for my daughter. What do you suppose the police said when I went and said, "Hey, Cristian's selling fake I.D.'s to minors"?

Lindsay: Oh, they made you a junior g-man, right?

R.J.: But then you recanted. I was there, and you took back everything you said about Cristian.

Lindsay: Bo didn't believe me anyway -- even though Jen ended up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning. There was never any arrest. There wasn't even an investigation. Now, why do suppose that is?

Allison: Dave, what's the matter?

Ben: Nothing.

Allison: Are you sure? For or a second there you looked like something was worrying you.

Ben: I guess something is.

Allison: What?

Ben: You.

Allison: What about me?

Ben: Well, what are you going to do when you get out of here? You got a place to go? You got any money? You got any friends?

Allison: Oh, thank you for your concern, but I'll be fine.

Ben: Well, how can you be fine if there's no one to take care of you? Allison, didn't you tell me you used to live here?

Allison: Yes.

Ben: So, do you know people under here I mean, who are they like? Well, who are they?

Allison: I -- I don't know anybody. I have no friends.

Ben: It's not true, Allison. I'm your friend. You're so pretty. Bet you make friends easy.

Allison: I used to be pretty. But not now.

Ben: Prettier now, I bet, right? And I bet there's people that still know you. Hey, Allison, didn't you tell me you were going to go see someone when you got out of here?

Allison: Maybe I did. And maybe I will.

Lindsay: At first, I thought Antonio was pulling strings keep Cristian out of jail.

R.J.: Bo allows favoritism in the department?

Lindsay: No, I know, I know. I thought the same thing and then after I overheard Jen and Cristian all the pieces started falling into place, and I figured it out, I think. Bo keeps Cristian because he's been trying to bring you down.

R.J.: But I am done so, Cristian is still working for me. He's still living rent free in one of my lofts. If he was working undercover he would have gone home when the job was done.

Lindsay: What if the job isn't done? When the dust settles, have you been thinking about going back to your own -- your old line of business?

R.J.: Oh, you don't really think I'm going to answer that?

Lindsay: I think you already did. I think Cristian is there to keep an eye on you.

R.J.: Cris isnít a cop.

Lindsay: Ok. Maybe it's personal. Does he have any reason to have a grudge against you?

R.J.: You know, I've heard about that accident. How's the hand?

Cristian: You caused that accident.

Lindsay: Maybe Cristian just thought of this on his own and Bo just went along with it.

R.J.: Well, what about the split with his brother, hmm? Would he work with the L.P.D. after that?

Lindsay: Well, what if the split wasn't real? I mean, certainly, you should have seen or would have seen the signs, the warning signs that he was double-crossing you, R.J. I mean, did he ever ask you about your business? Did he ever offer to help you?

R.J.:I was planning to let you in on some of the business, give you a cut before Bo shut down operations.

Cristian: Well, you're not planning to stay shut down for long, are you?

Lindsay: You know what? How you handle this is up to you. I just don't want any blood donors in mine.

R.J.: Oh, I'm not interested in a murder rap any more than you are. But if there's a problem, I take it.

Sam: Ok, Cristian, I'm listening.

Cristian: Well, Sir, you were talking before about love not always being keep a secret - I mean, most of the kids that I grew up with -- they came from broken homes. I was lucky. You knew my parents were crazy about each other from the night they met to the night my dad died. Immensely brought them closer and they didn't talk about love all that much. They just lived it, every day of it. Now, will I be that good for Jen? I sure hope so; but the one thing that I can guarantee you is that the people who raised me know how it's done.

Sam: More so than the people who raised Jen, that's for sure.

Sam: Well, between the positive example that you got  and the example that Jen got, the two of you have about as good a chance as anybody does. So, for whatever it's worth, you have my blessing.

Cristian: Thank you. That means a lot.

Sam: Well, you better goin'

Cristian: Right.

Jen: Ooh, hey

Cristian: Hey.

Jen: Where'd my dad go?

Cristian: He's gone.

Jen: So What'd he say?

Cristian: Well, that if I ever made you unhappy, he'd break both my legs.

Jen: Very funny. What really happened?

Cristian: Ah, it wasn't all that bad. He's happy for us.

Jen: I'm happy for us, too. This weekend we're going to have so many wonderful times together.

Cristian: Well, we better get going, huh? How you doing?

Jen: Well, I found a few things in the dryer I still need to pack. Is that ok?

Cristian: Hey, that's cool. No rush. I still to go by my place and pack anyway

Jen: You haven't started?

Cristian: No, It takes a few seconds. Toothbrush, razor, change of clothes -- I'm done.

Jen: Ok I'll be by and pick you up in a few.

Cristian: I'll be waiting for you.

Jen: Great.

Ben. Ye now, hermanito, let's see who you've been talking to lately.

Allison: You really don't, do you, Dave?

Ben: Sure, I do. I mean, you're nice. Some people aren't nice. Some people look at me when they don't think I'm seeing it. But not you.

Allison: Oh, I would never do that because you're sweet and gentle and a good person.

Ben: Are you just saying that to make me feel good?

Allison: No, but I hope it does make you feel good because I hardly -- I don't really trust anybody, Dave. But I feel like I could tell you.


Rae: Yes, Sister. I am here to see Allison Perkins.

Nun: Oh, she's right inside, talking to her friend.

Rae: Really?

Nun: One of the outpatients.

Rae: Ah. Good for her. Maybe you could introduce us.

Ben: You trust me?

Allison: Yes. In fact, you said you do.  You want to know one of mine?

Sam: You.

Lindsay: Sam?

Sam: I heard all about your visit earlier.

Lindsay: What did they tell you?

Sam: The truth.

Lindsay: Well, what's done is done. I get the rest of my things that I left here?

Sam: Strange how the more the you take out of here, the more things are left behind. I'd rather you not complicate Jen's life any further -- which is why you can't talk to Jen.

Lindsay: No, actually, I have few things I would like to say to her.

Sam: Well, call her or send her an e-mail, but don't come here or call and just in case you make another excuse to come here for some other reason, I've had all of your things moved.

Gabrielle: Oh. I wish I could share your optimism. But he's not the boy you once knew. He's learned how painful it is to love too much and trust too much. It takes a great deal to turn him against someone.

Max: Hey, you shouldn't be assuming that he's lost to you. He's much angrier at me, and I'm not assuming anything. I still hope to win Al back.

Gabrielle: And look what it's done you so far. You know, you haven't got through to him at all. He's not going to forgive you. And now I'm the enemy, too.

Max: No, you're not. You're his mother. He can never change that. Look, somehow things are going to work out; you'll see.

Gabrielle: They're not going to work out. This is not a part of the plan.

Max: "Plan"? What plan?

Gabrielle: Uh Ė

Jen: Oh, my God! Al!

[Phone rings] Commissioner Buchanan's office.

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