OLTL Transcript Tuesday 8/17/98

One Life to Live Transcript Tuesday 8/17/98

Provided By and Proofread by Suzanne

(We only have about 20 minutes of this one so far...also, it still needs extensive proofreading)

ddle of surgery on this little boy. He was, like, 8 stupid is getting yourself to very tgehh back at the8e hd_re angry

wive: Right. I-I forgot --it's about you. Onli nq qhff to chh e fe sa s boy ondid liit again.

nqvikii: I guess I dodot Disappointed life the aggrveve party he Ow on you stay out all night.

Jessica: Well, so did you. So what?

Viki: Sweetheart, I washd % my brother..

wrong life t

sam: wel, I'm afraid the judge won't agree with you there, jessica. The fact is this could go on both your records. Jessica could lose her license. Why don't you think before you act?

Will: I guess maybe I had lousy role models. Gee, I wonder what's worse -- a no-show dad or a sleep-around mom.

Sam: Don't pull that liviv victim stuff with me, pal. It's not going to work. It's not going to work with the cops, either, or the court.

You are responsible for your actions. Pck , one t and fingerprint.

Will: Dad, come on. You're a lawyer. You can't stop this farce?

Drew: Excuse me. Come on.

Kevin: Well -- boy, this has got to be strange for you. I mean, because you're right -- todd and I really hate each other.

Todd: Well, pete hates you and you hate pete, but I don't blame you for that because he's awful.

Kevin: Hd pe te? E fe

todd: Yeah.

Kevin: I should really tell you that I went to chicago and --

todd: E my kind of town

kevin: I did a little background check on --

todd: Chicago

kevin: All three of you.

Todd: Well, what'd you find out?

Kevin: Well, I found out that tom -- that's you, right?

Todd: Yeah.

Kevin: Well, tom had a girlfriend named michele.

Todd: Oh, michele. She was so nice. She was so pretty, kevin, it hurt to look at her.

Kevin: Tom, why don't you go ahead and tell me exactly what happened to you when you were 14.

Todd: Well, ok, first of all, you don't need to keep the "tom" thing going, ok, because I know that you don't believe in him. So if you want to call me todd, go ahead. I'm used to it. You sure you don't want any juice?

Kevin: No, I don't want any juice.

Todd: Ok.

Kevin: Ok, todd, I did a background check on you, and I found out that your grades started slipping and you got into all kinds of serious trouble when you were a kid, 14.

Todd: I guess.

Kevin: What do you mean, you guess? You know. You tried to incorporate it all into your plan, didn't you?

Todd: That's a big word. You're so smart, you know. 8I thought you were smart from the minute I saw you. O kevin: Get off it. You despise me.

Todd: No, that was pete. Pete despised you. But I always thought you were kind of cool, you know. I mean, you were on top of the world. You had it all together. You had this great family. You were the president of the fraternity. I wanted to be just like you. But you know, pete, I guess he resented you.Cbg@[Onc*lio hd nq e I thininhe was just jealous.

Kevin: Is that why he made me stand trial for a rape that he committed?

Todd: Oh, I felt really bad about that, and I wanted to say something to you, but I -- I just couldn't talk. I still can't really talk very good. I'm just getting used to it. It's been a long time.

Kevin: That's such a crock.

Todd: Ok, I can see why you would think it would be a crock. I would think it was a crock if it weren't really happening to me.

Kevin: You researched D.I.D. When you found out that my mother had it.

Todd: Oh, viki. I love viki.

Kevin: And that's how you got to where you are now.

Todd: I love her whole family.

Kevin: Yeah, I know. You know, our family can feel your love, todd, just warming us all up.

Todd: That was pete. Kevin, I never had a brother. I never really even had a friend. And I've always kind of hoped that maybe you could be both of those things for me.

Kevin: Ok. You're good. You're good. And you know what? All these characters that you've come up with -- they're going to come in really handy for you because they'll be able to keep you company when you spend 350 years behind bars. m: Look , oni lilik it'swkhh@[W c%caqhe I fe ltlto guillifebout nqthe dirce *or something hdt I' ve cut w wa felotnq oflack.Fe how do I g through to him?

Viki: You got to ge etli hihiatteteion first.Fe e ]Knq@[Qabf ab and thth's a littl to ffveul8t%

ri*ght now libeuse you're obviously preoccupied with todd.

Sam: Yeah. I don't know. I got to pin him down somehow. I got to make him realize that this is not a rehearsal. This is real life.

Drew: We should be able to get the paperwork moving now.

Sam: Where's will? E o @ li8

drew: He's back there giving ofc. Blilock a hard time, Of course.

Sam: Oh, just great.

Drew: He'll be out shortly. Ananan could just ge u totoign here, I'I' release_ jelissico into your cuody.

Viki: Thank you, drew.O

drew: Will's 18. He's on his own.Fe tli _ sam: Ok....feve viki, %u migh t as_eltalikefe tclnq jeabichome vehd jeaba: Flitglife to @pfof ab. To ve8il hh@[. @Pffeyoo _%*hh@[Onlifeo li8 % sam: Ye ah, I thinwiwi's c

going toqh be a onle while, jessica.Veqhc hd_e e e @[Ab%

t viki: What abo tod*d? Feo abcsa% *wh_boonodo hey spsity hd_

ki: Yeah, but will is_ Lifeyoo ur p py.

Sam: I know. I can handle both of them.

Viki: Really?

Sam: Really.C xlhh vi* e rifet.Vec % hdif* neeond e a fe tjuli@[R , feliabhh ve

m: Than k you.Con

viki: Jessica. Thanks, drew.

Drew: Yeah. On to look, seriously thth _ g go make* bigon8deal about thihi the bottle wasn't t en openene tli abc% sam: Llll's t whalit vemf afraid of, younderstand? Hey.

Ofc. Block: Your kid's got some mouth on him.

Sam: Yes, I'm well aware of that.

Will: So, what now? Grounded till I leave to columbia?

Sam: No. Now you try to make your own bail.

Will: That's a joke, right?

Sam: No joke. See you.

Will: Dad? Dad?

Jessica: This whole thing was so incredibly stupid. All I did was try to help will.

Viki: I know. I know, ok? I know. Sam told me about what you and will overheard. But, sweetheart, that's no excuse for a whiskey bottle.

Jessica: The bottle wasn't even open. It was just a statement.

Viki: Oh, come on, jessica.

Jessica: Oh, don't tell me that proves how immature I am.

Viki: No, I won't because you're not.

Jessica: I'm not?

Viki: No, you're not. You know, sweetheart, it's very difficult for a parent, a mother, to pinpoint exactly the moment when her child grows up. O lif ab _ o o o o o o nq@c e fe thd _ buve realized d at you arere indeed, a woman with a woman's feelings, and I have to start treating you as such.

Jessica: Where's this comingone o o om?_% # Fe 7

tnohd_ab nqnq@[4one fe tli qhno, at hpetancE. And ititter not happenengain. No, I've just begun to see that I have to start treating you as an adult and not as a child and I have to be more honest with you.

Jessica: Like about dad's marriage?

Viki: Yeah, that's a pretty good place to start, yeah. I tried to put a good face on it for you, all right, to protect you. I didn't want you to know that it bothered me. But the truth is it upsets me terribly. I mean, I want your father to be happy, but --

jessica: But you don't trust lindsay, do you? Come on, honesty, trust, maturity.

Viki: No, no, I do not trust lindsay.Hhe 8 abcf*

jessica: This isn't the way to llanfair.

Viki: No, we just have to make a stop first. Then we can go home and talk all night if you'd like to.Li t

jessica: Where are we stoppin

viki: I have to take some clothes to todd at his home.

Jessica: Todd's out of the hospital? How? Why?

Viki: Well, it's very,

very complicated, and it is one the things I need to talk to you about.

Jessica: You know, I don't think I feel like an all-nighter

tafter all. Why don't you just drop me off at grandpa'S.

Viki: At grandpa's? Wait a minute. You want to go to grandpa's because I want to stop at todd's house?

Jessica: I don'care about uncle to !O %nquf and I'd rather spend the night where I'm a high priority, ananay.Feve8 abc nq @pqh onlifeli8 chdnqfeo 8 ab@pf li ton _ hh@[Onli

viki: You know, jessie,@[L what you%e ininnow o erab% _foolisonh, sing that you're e tve a high priority in my life. You know that's not true. Life is not perfect, sweetheart.Lifc% _ * one liat thelies8 it'@[Es of compromises. You have to know t tt.E ve @p jessica: Ye. I I ow that. *8 hd but we're into honesty now, right?On% qh well, honestly, I'd rather spend my night with my dad..

viki: All right, jessie, if that's what you want.

Jessica: Yep, that's what I want.

Todd: 350 years. That's a long time. Todd's going to die in there, isn't he?

Kevin: Well, that's a pretty good bet.

Todd: Hmm. Yeah, but I think prison's going to be a lot easier for todd now that pete's not in control. And you know, kevin, I really -- I have you to thank for that.

Kevin: Oh, yeah? And why is that?

Todd: Oh, because you pushed him really hard, you know, with the headlines, and then when you held the gun to his head at the lodge and everything. I mean, if you hadn't done that, then maybe pete would still be in control and I'd be, like, stuck inside of todd watching through those eyes, watching pete be mean to everybody. But you, you pushed him. You pushed him so hard, and he just went, "whoo!" And he kind of, like, ran away. I want to thank you for that, kevin. I mean it.

Kevin: You're going to thank me for sending you to prison?

Todd: Oh, no, you don't understand at all. I've been locked up for a long time while pete was running things. And now -- now, you know, I get to talk. I get to make some decisions. I mean, kevin, I'm going to be grateful to you for the rest of --

[Glass breaks]

Kevin: Shut up!

bo: The only thing I can't imagine is a future without you. So if you want to go to that clinic, you go ahead. See if the baby's an option.

Nora: "Option."Fo there you go again.O

bo: And I promise you, while you're gone, I'll work qh on mhdy _ag n, sliee if I can't put a kid in our future.@P

nora: Not a kid, bo.

Our kid -- ours.

Bo: Our kid. Ours, yes. I love you, red. I just -- I don't want you to get --8ju

nora: My hopes u I know.Li

lindsay: Well, I don't think my little dinner party went exactly as planned.

Renee: Well, the best-laid plans --

clint: Oh, jessica. What's going on?

Jessica: Oh, nothing. Will and I just got arrested.

Renee: What? Darling, I don't believe it.

Clint: What happened?

Viki: Clint, jessica was n at fault.

Clint: Oh, I'm sure of that, but -- what'd he get you into this time?

Renenenei'd belitt gabfi asa.O he had an international call.

Lindsay: Where's my son? What's sam done with him?

Viki: Will was giving the police kind of a hard time, ok? I'm not sure, but I think it's possible that sam decided to let him spend the night in jail.

Will: All right, you know what, man? I'm going to sue you for false arrest, and I'm going to have my dad arrested for child abuse.

Drew: Hey, look, if you hadn't mouthed off to us and your dad, you might not be in here.

Will: Yeah, well, he thinks just because he's some big, famous mouthpiece that he can get awayayayith this.

Sam:Hd hey, heyhehehehe, hey. come on, I can hear you all the way down the hall there. Ll: Yeah, right, right. You can hear me, but as usual, you don't listen.

Sam: Would you excuse us for a mo*ment here, pleas look, will, the truth is is I can spring you from this place. I can get you out of here. But I want yououational firsrs I want to make sure that we can cocounicatat

will: Forget it, all right? You know what? I'll use the lawyers that the court gets me.

Sam: Oh, come on. Don't you see what you're doing? This is so self-destructive. I mean, you make a big mistake and then you try to cover it by making a bigger mistake.

Will: Me? You leave your own son locked up in jail while you spend all your free time and effort springing a real crimimil?L? You knkn what? Why don't you just forget about me and stick to the son you really care about -- good old boomer.

Kevin: I want to know how smart you think I am.

Todd: Oh, please, I'm sorry.

Kevin: I nt to know hliowyvyv@[ Ab% y y admire me, toto.

Todd: I'I'sorry, I'm sorry.F I won't t lk anymore.

Kevin: You think I'm smart enough to buy your riculous performance, do you?

Todd: Don't yell at t .

Kevin: I want to know!

Todd: Please don't'tell at me anymore. Please, kevin. I'm sorry.

Cristian: How many times to I have to explain that roseanne is nothing but a a od nd?

Jessica: She wants you.

Ndndy:Y:Y:I'm going to get you out of here in no time and home with me.

Todd: Can you keep a secret?

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