OLTL Transcript Thursday 6/4/98

One Life to Live Transcript Thursday 6/5/98

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(This still needs extensive proofreading because it is pretty messed up. Sorry, it's from an old tape so there is a lot of "noise".)

nora: I will not lie dc@ownd@7 d@while you let your son run roughshod over me to save his own skin. And if that's what you're deciding you're going to do, you can count me out.

Tea: Bo's guilty. You happy?

Todd: Yep.N@ when you coming home?

Kelly: I'm a better friend to him than you are.

Joey: I'm fine with fhthat.S@ t@ why do'n't you just' g o be a friend. But I don't want to watch. Yov@u made your choice. this?

todd: The evidence is in. Killer has confessed. Case is closed. Defense team has been dismissed. So you can come home now. And, hey, no hard feelings.

tea: Gee, thanks.

todd: Yeah. You're welcome. You know, when you were working for the enemy camp and the general, nora, said that you've got to move out and you asked "how far awafhy?" --  you don't have to worry about it now. You've been honorably discharged. Congratulations. You're back in my life.

Tea: Wrong. The defense is far from over, and I'm nowhere near back in your life. 


bo: Hey, buddy.

Hank: Hey. This is an official visit.

Bo: Of course it is.

Hank: Acting comm. Sykes and I are here to tell you that you'll be transferred to statesville immediately following the sentencing.

Bo: Ok. congratulations, john. Guess old congressman graham finally wins.

John: Bo, you know I didn't want the job this way.

Bo: I know.

Hank: Listen, sykes, there's a ton of paperwork to deal with before sentencing.

John: Yeah. You're a tough act to follow, buchanan.

Bo: Thanks.

bo: He's going to be a hell of a commissioner -- someday.  hank: Now, what is that

bo: I mean it's a tough job, you know.

hnk: Sounds m ore like you'reactufhally nottb too sur e abtboutub givi ng this up. Are you thinking about recanting your confession?

bo: Not a chance. No, I stick by it. Georgie phillips is dead. I'm responsible.

Hank: So why not leave it to me to prove it to the jury?fhfh

bo: Hank, I know how mucha hc cosfhts, 0all hcright?0icfh ic .fh I'm not going to stick the commonwealth with a bill  + mclike t+hat when I know I'm guilty.Fh hank: look, I'll sfhtop) by later. but in the meantime, there's just one thing I want to know -- why would you do this to nora? Guard? fh fh    ]C  c fh c  cc fhfhcfh cfh ac ac  bc fhnc  nora: Drew! ncocfh  pcfhfh pc fhqc rcfh  rcfh fh  fh vcvcfh3fh3 1fh fd1fh0fhfh//

nora: You have no idea how good a friendly pair of arms feels right now.

Sam: I was at will's high school graduation, and -- fhi heard about bo's confessio nld ld &fh ldon the car radio, so --fhnd fh nd nora: you flew ondut?Fh

sam: Twice.Pdfh pdI'm so sqdorryfh.Qdfh

nora: He didn't even do it.

Sam: Well, he confessed.

Nora: Oh, it was out of some misguided macho paternal guilt. 5aebe  sam: What are the facts, nora? De 2 nora: The fhcts are thfh drew fhaneed gefho gi1avingfhan affair.Ge  sam:Fh what?  .Nohera: .Yes.He that's right.- - fh je jether at the lodg ekeke that nig*ht that she wa s memurdfhered. Meme nefh(ne thneey made lo vene. ad' some sofhrt of fight. Phe hit her, and then he stormed out.fh$fh #and he s wears she wa" " a ive "wh ente he fhleft",ue ue an!D he i t hat he didtvefh fh know that she was pregnant

xe ye it?Fh [E fh al fhas, always will be.e ]E

sam: fhno ra , he's also bo's  sofhn.  fh

nora: Which makes it even more despicable. He and georgie were probably plotting this from the very beginning to get bo.

Sam: What motive could they possibly have?

Nora: My gue keke fhthe cash from blacfhkmail toke keep le le omefhfh methe picture of h and bo ou t ne oe of the press.Oe pe pe  but drew -- heqe got som ething even more important. Drew got revenge on his father for all the perceived slights and injustices.

Sam: But there was never a blackmail demand. Fh afnora: 3 3thinfhgs p3robablfhgot ouof han fh2cffh angeorgie cfwounupeacfd.2 dffh  0fh 0bufht drew?Ff/ fh ff .  fhhe turned on that poor lost, repentant child act, and bo took the rap for him, and that lying S.O.B. Goes free.

Sam: Says you. You don't have a confession.

Nora: Oh, I'm going to gettf! Tffh ! Him,fh sam.Ufm confess. Wffhfh  wf m: T hat what bo zf fh fh f fh

drew: Here we go. Take it easy. Take it easy.

Woman: It hurts.

Drew: I know.

Woman: It hurts.

Drew: Everything's going to be fine. When was your last contraction?

Woman: About two minutes ago.

Drew: let me get her down.  womafhn: I tried to get to the hospital. If fhI couldnfh't make it.Fhfh jf


Kellfhy: Yeah, fhlet me callfh lf

lfdrfhew: Yeahfh.mf  [ Mfoman whi kelly: Hi, yes, we need an ambulance right away. There's a woman here having a baby. we're up --

kelly and joey: Welcome to the buchanan lodge.

Woman: Thank you.Vf

drew: What's your name?

Woman: Camille peterson.

Drew: I was out in the woods. I hezfard her moanfing.Fhf fhshe pullfhed over in her car.@G camillbge: fhmy husband's2 on an oil rig in the gulf.Fh0dg I tried to wait.Egeg fg gg--  oh !fhfh 

drew: Kelly, get back on the phone. Tell them we're going to need a medevac helicopter. Joey, we're going to need some hot water, clean towels right away. Right away.

Joey: All right, all right.

Drew: I don't know if this baby's going to wait for anybody.Sg! Sgfhfh  ug ugfh wgfh[G

camille: Please, he p me. It's coming.

Kelly: It's ok, it's ok. Drew: Will this be your first child? Good for you.

Camille: Oh!

Drew: Just relax, camille. The medevac's on the way, ok? Just keep breathing and relax. I need a towel.

Joey: Here you go. Kelly: isn't th ere anfhythi ng sj elsjse can~ d o?Sjru no}t yetjt.  calle: }oh! || fhvjfh { vj joey, ould you support her head a le bit? fh yj  joey:X yeah, yeah zjyeah, yewah.Zjzjfhw

wdrewzjv ok.@kfh you got a name picked fhout? Ak just keep breathing and relax, and I need you to push, all fhright? there fkwe ggkfh) gkthatfh's good,gk that's )good.fhhk ( kelly: good. fhikikfhfh&fheverything's goi ? Tbe ok.

[Cfhamille moans] kk%  : Ev erything's g oilk toe great. Mk #good. Fhkelly: good girl.fh roser fhma.Ok pkpk qk qk like good rkna es to m E. fh  sk fh dr ew:Tk we got auk little problem ukhere. Ukfh

kelly: What? What's that?

Drew: The baby's foot's coming out first. Like a breech delive ry ?Zk

drew: Close [Kto it.[K k  k fh drew: it]K's going to be ok. Mille, he babfhetw an to come out fhfirst, but ifh don'tk want you tworry, o ? K kng's going to be ffhine.Ak @ak we're going to get through this, al l ckright?Ck al l righ . dk fh now, I nee d you tofh push, ok? pufhsh. Fkfh

kelly: That ahk girl. Everything's going to be ok. Push, camille.

Camille: Oh, please! Oh, god!

Drew: You're doing great. Come on, I need you to push one more come o N.Okfh ok  ke llpk fh yeqkah. qkfh qk drew: to be grea~T.  [Cfhami }le mskoansfh]skfhgood wk.|Fh ukfh fh

kell{y: Good g ir L.Fh  zwkwkfhyy fh yk ykfhw fhitw's not gfhoing to work, drew.zk zk fhcome on, come on. Push again. Come on. She's coming. it is a she, by the way.Fh + fh*

joey: Ro kefhlly: Goodfh. gl (glcome on, rose.(hl ' con.& ilpu&sh, camille.%% $kl klfh$klfh$ll llfh# ml ml "ml camillmle: Fhoh"!Nl! fh  fhkelly: Thfhat's it.fh ey:Pl thank god.Ql

camille: What -- why isn't she crying? What's going on?

Drew: Everything's fine, camille. Just relax. fhwher e the fhhell's that chopper? this kid's nfhot b re at fh  fh fh l  l fh 

todd: What do you mean, you're not coming ba ck?fh wh y noblt?

tea: A lot of reasons.

Todd: I did what you told me to do. I pulled that headline. I rolled over.T. I would --  fh fh

tea: You fhwere afraid of getting sfhued. todd: Yoplu think?fh

tea: I think for once in your life you finally made an intelligent choice, and I think you don't even realize what you did.

Todd: No, you don't realize that we had a deal. Now, I lived up to my end of the bargain, and you -- you're bailing on yours.

Tea: Asking nora to fire mefh from bo's defense tefmam(  in exchange for your d&& the story nami ngim bo the fa therfh jm jm jm fh$of georgie's# baby was a criminal act.

Todd: So what? Well, look, it's not going to go to court because if it does, it's just her woumrd afhgainst mine. Fh vmand even ifhf it does, afhll I 'l o s I'lget fi e I'll get a slap on the wrist. Ym I' m a ymrich man. fh zm capa y t e fine.fh[Mfh anfhd my wrimstasee n slapped  fh so    count.fh m tea: Hello?Fh m m todd : Fh"hello"?

tea: When a publisher uses his paper to strong-arm others, that's called racketeering -- as in organized crime. It's a federal offense and comes with jail time. Is that wh at youfh want? Fhlm fhtodd: Ah, phooey. you know, they can't make you testify against me, and it's like I said -- it's her word against mine.

Tea: Do you honestly think anybody in this town would take your word over nora's? Even people who've never met you assume the worst.

Todd: Oh, to hell with them.Fhbn you know, fhyou're missing ) dnbofh's a killer,fh ok? (enfhfhen the case is closed. Now, you can quit your silly little lawyer games and come home now.

Tea: Have you heard anything I said?

Todd: Yeah, I heard everything you said -- racketeering and blackmailing and extortion, that's bad. Now, will you come home now?

Tea: What, for more of the same?

Todd: Asking for me.zn fh  I'm asking for starr .

Tea: Oh, don't play that game.

Todd: This is not a game. It's -- she misses you.

Tea: Well, I miss her, too. But maybe now that I've finally found the strength to move out I need to find the strength to stand up for myself and stay oufht. fhin and maybe that's the best thing I can do fornn starr.Fh

nora: No, bo told me to back away from drew, not to even bring up the possibility that drew killed georgie.

Sam: Well, if that's what bo wants, then that's what you haven to do.

Nora: And bowhile the re+al killer goes free?bofhbofh not a chance.Fhdo  I'(m going to do everything I can to nail dr&to help me.  I don't care what bo says.

Sam: Well, you have to care what bo says. I mean, he may be your husband, but you are his lawyer, so like it or not, you are bound ethically and morally to accede to hpois wishes.Fhro

nora: No. he's not being rational. m: I would not arvogue that vo point if I wer e woyou. wos mafhnipulating bo the same way georgie manipulated me. It doesn't really matter who swung the bat. According to bo, it's all his fault because his kid had to be raised in tennessee without his father. Fh

sam: Well, parents protect their children.Fh fh I mean, that's ifhnstinct.  ko koi mean , if racfh fh back into drugs, how far would you go?

Nora: Oh, no, no, no. That's not the same thing.

Sam: Yes, it is exactly the same thing. Hear me out. Now, will and I have our disagreements, butfh vvoundefhrneath, bottom line, he knows that I would protecfhtu  hixom with mty life. that's what parents dofh.Rfhrfhq fh @p

fhnora: Vf he comtted urdfh)fhcp( cpfhcp(fh( dpn't raepisefhepfhfh &epfp% fhfp the expee of the oneersogpn gpfhre you mos t lofhved# fh" in all of the world?fh!Fh kp fh I don'lpt think so, sam.Fh mp mp I fhdon't thnpink so. Np op fhfh@ qpqpfh qpfh rp" rp   drew's leffht his stufffh upfha my house. fh I wptuck ed away fhin the re somewhe re .Fh xpfh sa m: Nora --fh you are making a big mistake.

Nora: You know what? Bo is not doing anybody any favors by protecting drew. And once he comes to his senses,thpat I'm right. apfhcp   dpfh  fh fh gpfh ip jpfh # etcamifhlle: My joey: shfhh, shh.Ft

camille: My baby -- help her! 

gtjoeyfh: It  rose is going to bfhe just fitine.fh it fh drfh

kelly: Can you help her? fh lt

fh .drew: fhi ha ve to. hand me a cloth, hand me a cloth.

Joey: Shh, it's ok. It's ok.

Kelly: Ok. 30 seconds have already passed.

Drew: I know, I know. Co

kelly: fhshe's still not fhbreathing. fh  drew: i knowvt.fh I've done everything. I've fli ck ed herfh fee t, I rubfhbed I don't know what else to do.

Kelly: 15 seconds. fh camille: My babfhy!t]T I want my baby! tfht se.Fh everfhything 's goifhng to be fine.  just relax, ok?Fhfh bt

drew: I don't know what else to do. Come on, rose. You got to breathe. ft your mom'sfh waiting forfh you .  fh ~fhitfh fh |ktktfhltfhlt fh mt to dd: I thy fh tea:Nt fhwhaty? fh ot todd : Wefhwyou ptloved me.Ptqtrt

tea: The sad part is that I do.

Todd: No. People who love someone don't go away. ttfhl& fh % au $$cufhcufh#fhfhcufh euthey don't heuurt fhthat pereusonfh on purpose.  iufh

tea: You do.

Todd: Oh.

Tea: I lovequ qufh fh  tu fhuufh fhand will always lovefhxu the man you could be.

Todd: But not the man I am.

Tea: And I've tried to love and nurture the crippled little boy in you who hurts people before they can hurt him.

Todd: No, no, wait, wait, whoa, whoa. No, don't you call me a cripple.

Tea: What your father did to you emotionally as worsefu than if he'dfu cut off yo r lefhgs. Gugu gu  todd: You know, I never should have -- I knew it. I should never have told you that, you know.

Tea: What?

Todd: You're just like everybody else. You're all the same.

Tea: Who?

Todd: You know, you tell somebody something and they use it against it -- everybody!

Tea: That is not true. I have tried to help you. At times, I even thought I was making a difference. But you know what?fhyuaffhter all the fhwaysl y ou'vezu threatenl me and mani puulatede that nothingk's%@v% fh%ch anged.$  I've been fooling myself, todd.fhcv fhtodd : Fhwe're having a l"ittle setback. Ev

teeva: uh-huh. Is t hat what you think this is, a little setback? You know, I could take your tantrums and your fearsfhmv t beovtweefhn us ,ov ovfh & fh outpv  qvat others and hurting thqvemfhqv as a w ay to trfhonfh to me.fhfhfh fh

todd: Fh yofhu co me on, cfhome back nowfh.Uv   tefha: to whafh wv  fh wv satisf fulfillment?]V]V peace?  what you're doing to me is a avversion of what your fatavherfhfh fhfh fhthat anymore. Cv todd: So ydvou will be tray me? Ev   fh  fv fhgv~gv fh~ hvhv} fhnoiv, don't kid yourself. Ivfh{ you're just as as I am.Kv

tea: I will not be used as a weapon to destroy innocent people's lives.S

todd: The only life that got qdestroyed here is bo buchanan's, vv ovvfh fhand care - nthwvis guy's a kxvillefhr.mxvxvfhmlfh zvzvw k k zv tea: V wi$th this man?$ @W$ @wfh fh# fh# todd: I'm not. I'm just a newspaperman, and I'm trying to get to the truth.  tea: Oh, don't hide beh fwfh this goes way beyond journalistic zeal, past fhrevenge, past anything rational.jw kw ght,lw lwrifhght?  lw I was right. th tea: Look, hi s conwnfession is  besifhde the pointfh. It's as if yfhou'r e afqwraid of hi M.Qwqwfhfh torwdd:Fh i'm not fhafra id --  that hypocrite -- are you kidding? Uwvw that mr. Successful pillar of the community? you know, you turn that pillar fhover, fhit's j ust like turning over any other rock. Ere's just a bunch of slime  fh  wfh fh ju st like yo ur fwher.Fht -- wwfh fhtodd: Ohfh, no, don't you analyze me. bw  cwtea:Fh  is that dwtrfhying t o dwpunifhsh here? dw to ddew: yo u leave my father out of this!Gwgwfh}gw | tea: Oh.

Todd: They finally got to y ou, didn'ty they, huh?

Tea: Who?

todd: Those buchanans. They found out.

Tea: What?Fhtpwfhtqw w earwkness.R rw thswey'rqsw you swagaifhnst me.twppofho

tea: You've done that all by yours elf.Mfhmm xwl fhyw

todd: They're trying to use how I feel about you as a weapon to destroy me.Fhfh fh fhjx jx sa m: Afternoon, bo.

Lx fh fhsam: Mxsomethin g likefh that,fh

bo: Are you back on the case? Because I need your hepxlp rfhightfh fhnow, sam. sam: Well, fine. Then I need one explanation from you. Why did you confess?Ux

bo: No, we don't have time for this.

Sam: No, you make time, or I'm out of here.

Bo: Just a minute.  fh[Xfh ]X ]Xfh ]X

[Door closes]  x x x fhxfh x bo: All right. Whoever axreally killed georgie went to a lot of trouble to pin it on me. So I confess. He thinks he got away with it. If we're lucky, he's going to get sloppy.

Sam: Are you nuts? You're playing high stakes poker with your life.

Bo: We don't have a choice right now. The evidence ifhs building up. This still gives us a chance to nail this guy. At happens to be.Pp 

bo: Well, obviously I can'tofh do the lneg wouxrk on thnisux investigation. That's why I need you. You start in boston, all right, with a guy named simon carver. He's the ex-president of patte he's one of georgie's victims. Dy  fh fh fhthen wfhor of t he victims. fhfh see if you can find anybody with a biy motivate s muiyrder. jysam: ahjyem. look , from what nora has told ny me, drew could be a member of that club.

Bo: Drew's off-limits. Sam: Yeah, well,sy what if we need to incriminate him to get you off?

Bo: Drew is innocent, ok? Nobody gxy fhev idence againstxy drefhw.Yy  that's the dea 

sam: no[Y, wait. You can't tie my hands likey that . Fh ]Ythfhat's a lou bo: But that is the deal.

Sam: All right. I'll honor your wishes. But nora's another story. She's furious with you.

Bo: This gives you a chance to go after her.Fhfh

sam: No. No, no, no. No, I like a fair game. See, I'm going to get you set free, and I'm going to get you and nora back together again. And then when the playing field is nice and level, then I am going to win her away from you.Az fh dz  qzqz to start C.Po].R.Fh Fh  kelly: Wep]Ll, then do it. Fhm do it. She's notq] Breathing r] l drewfh: Lshe's breathing!k s] Ke ly: You s]Thinfhk she'sj breafhthew: Yeahi. Kelly: I think she's breathing. I think she's breathing.G aren't you, baby? Aren't you, baby? She is.

Drew: We did it. We did it.

Kelly: Yes.

Drew: Do you hear that, camille? Bfh  kell y: Shfhe's br eathing, cshe' breathing.d dshe's going to cry soon.fh e fh  comefh to mamaf.yeah.fh  fh :Fh there you go.  hey, s ay hi to mama. fhfh jn  fh l l say hi, baby r ose.Fh say hi, baby rose.


drew: No problem. I just wish the medevac would come.Fhfh fh fh 

[Helicopter approaches 

joey: Oh, now theyx show up .

Kelly: you know,fh

[thfh fhdrew : fhhey. H ey.FhFh I've got a special birthday present for baby rose -- a little ride in a helicopter, ok? Ok?

Camille: Thank you.

Drew: Everything's going to be fine.

Camille: You are so wonderful.

Drew: It's no problem. Just fht[R ose crfhies] kr

camille: Oh, there she nfhofh there she goes. Uhub fh afh fh  fhfhd d sam: Dhi.Fhe

nora: Hie. 

sam: It lu oofhks l ik e we afhing together again.Fhfh fh fhkfhfh  ufhl m nora: You spoke to bo? ooo o o he hired me back,and ed u fh   so, what a re you sitti ng there looking at, partner? yfhy

nora: Hmm. I found drew's address book in his duffle bag.

Sam: Illegal search and seizure?

Nora: In my own house? Hardly.Fh

sam: Well, I woulsixde of a duffle bagfh "plainw sight," exactly. f fh

nor : Well, I'm not the police, and I'm not planningfh on submitting it as evidence.

Sam: And you're not respecting bo's wishes either.

Nora: If I respect bo's wishes and I don't go after evidence against drew, then bo gets sentenced to statesville, probably for the rest of his life, and I lose my hus band. If I ignore his wishes and I go af ter evidence againfhst drew, then bo's released and he resents me for the rest of his life and I lose my husband. Either way -- lose, lose.

Sam: Well, that about sums it up. Unless, of course, bo's right  and drew did not commit the murder.

Nora: Hmm. If you believe that, I got you some swamp land I'd love to sell. I'll even toss in the bridge.

Sam: Thanks for the offer, but I can do without. Actually, I have to go. I got to get to boston, check out something that bo asked me to. I will keep you posted, and I will be talking to you.

Nora: Wait, wait just a minute. I'm coming with you.

Tea: Where did this paranoia about the buchanans come from?

Todd: I'm not paranoid. They're all out to get me.

Tea: No, they're not. They just want you, the publisher you, to back down --

todd: No.

Tea: To stop printing all those inflammatory articles about bo.

Todd: They're trying to shut me up. And they'l l haall do whatever it takes to accomplish that.

Tea: Including your sister?

Todd: Oh, viki? Oh, they bought viki off a long time ago. Now they're trying to buy you.

Tea: No one buys me.

Todd: I bought you. $5 million.

Tea: I don't have to listen to this.

Todd: They finally found the right price, huh? Give you a high-profile case, they keep you working for bo long enough so they can find some other sucker they can pin athis rapa on.@ about poor suckers being stuck with a bum rap?

Todd: So I guess all this compassion crap you keep spouting about has rubbed off on me. Look, they don't care about you. They don't even want you. They're just trying to hurt me.

Tea: Gee, thank you for the vote of confidence.

Todd: Tea, listen, forget about it. Just walk away from all of this now, while you still can. Cofhme hom e to mfhe.lfh fh naoa please?

Tea: How many times, todd? You threw me out naked in the snow, and I came back.ebfh  fbfb  you proposed on bended knee and then avoided me for weeks, and I stuck by you. I wanted a job, you lost your temper. You tried to blackmail -- you told me to leave, then you tried to blackmail me into returning. And now you want me to blindly trot home again? How can I? How can I yband keep a nyzb self-respect that I have? Look, it may ave tan me a while, but ifh think that I have finally succeeded in learning a lesson. The only person who could make me leave you, todd, is you. Congratulations, because you finally succeeded.

Todd: Well, I -- you don't get it. Tea, I don't want you to go. I love you.

Tea: I can't take any more of your kind of love. it hurts me. It's abusive. @ Todd: I never la iddc a hand on you.

Tea: Don't I know it. That's the worst kind of abuse. You won't touch me. You won' hold me. You won't make love to me. That makes me feel like a crazed, stupid dog looking for a crumb instead of a kick. Well, you did learn from a master -- your father.

Todd: Hey, I am nothing like my father!

Tea: I can't have this argument. I got to leave with whatever shreds of dignity I still have left, before I no longer have the strength to leave. For starr's sake, I hope that you learn something from this.

Todd: No, you are not walking out on me. You are not walking out on me. fh

tea: Oh, now the agabuse fhbeco s physic al, tfhhat it?Bgbgfhcg cgto ddcg:Men.Fh5? fh  fh gofhhead.Fh hggo ahead. Come on. Right here. Come on. Put it in my throat. Right here. Put it in my heart.Ogfhpg go ahe ad.qg   put memeut of my mtgisery. Tg tg fh fh put you out of my misery. } put evfherybody out of my mixgsefh. fh  {you wo{ul d do that for a dog, you do that for me. Come on, tea. Kill me! Go ahead, so that I can't manipulate you or hurt you ever again. Come on. Do it!Cg q fhhgfhfhig

tea: One e st manipulation. Is that it?

Todd: This is not a game, tea. I'm not letting you out that door. I will not let you walk out on me. I will make you kill me.

Tea: I don't do assisted suicide. If you hate yourself that mu, do it yourself!

todd: Oh, I will.Gfhgfh@hfh just for you, I'll do that. You'll never erase the memory from your -- head.fh

tea: Go ahead. Stick a knife in your heart. Put a gun to you head. Drive your sports car off the ravine.Ber --oh suicide i ohthe fhcowa rd 's way ou .Fh and if you do it, that's the way that I and your daughter and the whole world will remember you. Go ahead, todd, do it! Do it. Do it!  fh rahah

todd: Fhtea, fhdhfho you're n giving me any other choice.

Tea: Oh, yes, I am.

Todd: What? What choice? What choice are you giving me?

Tea: You were brave w hen you told me about your childhood,fhfhqh`fhsh when you shared your nightmares with me, when you proposed to me. Be brave again. Not for me. For yourself.

Hank: Thanks. All right, bo, how about it? How could you destroy nora this way? I mean, come on, you have to have some kind of reason.

Bo: Not one you want to hear.

Hank: You know, the paperwork on you is just about done.

Bo: Sykes is pretty efficient, isn't he?

Hank: Sentencing is in a few days, bo, and then you're off to statesville.

Bo: I know the drill, hank.

Hank: Of course, I could try to stall it. But I guess there's no point in that.

Bo: No, you got to do your job.

Hank: Damn it, bo. Why didn't you come to me first, huh? If you were going to plead guilty, you could ha come to me, we could try to work out some kind of a deal -- I mean, a lesser charge, something.

Bo: Hank, you can't plea-bargain in a case like fh this.fh fh djdjfh the public's riled uejp right now because of todd manning and fh the next thing you know, they'd be coming after you. Fh hank: Well, fhyou should hfhave  lj let me worry about that.

Bo: Look, I'm tired of my family, my friends, pjfh fhpeople that I love beingfh hur t fh by this thing. fh~~tj

hank: And this ifhs supposedfh feel better?vj  z bo: I screwed up. Wjzfh it doesn't matter what happens to me, but izj think my family has a right to move on.

Hank: Oh, come on, bo.  we've been friends way too long for you to pull this kind of crap on me. Now, if you think I'm just going to stand by and do nothing, you are dead wrong.lkfh fh jfhj fhj

fhkjfhf kj to thifhs guy at pattersfonkjf college, not you.

Nora: He's not shutting me out anymore.

Sam: This is not a two-person deal.

Nora: I'm going to boston with you.

Sam: I am going to boston myself -- alone.

Nora: And what about georgie phillips' parents?

Sam: Wjwhat about georgie phillips' parents?

Nora: Well, they're v their address is in drew's fhaddress book. And guess where they live. Boston. So while you're running around following on bo's wild-goose chase, I'm going to go have a little chat with georgie's parents.

Sam: About what?

Nora: The joys of child-rearing. I'm going to find out if georgie left any evidence up there that'll prove that she and drew were planning this to bring bo down from the very beginning.

Sam: Wait a minute. The one promise I made bo is that I wouldn't do anything to incriminate drew. Now, if you do that, you'll be putting your marriag e on the line. Are you really willing to kiss bo good-bye?  

nora: Khaven't we just been through this?J lost my marriagiE.h fhg fh hatfh kkI wasn't a bad judge of clkharacterd and I didn't give my heart, my soul, and my love b to a murderer. u did. fh^ rk nora: Ll never forgive him ]For th\is.Tk fh tkfhukuk[ Ukfh zvk fhy wkfhwkfh

sam: Xkfh now, what if he's doing all this to get himself out of the mess he's in?

Nora: So he says.

Sam: Well, if he asks you to trust him, then do it, because I guarantee you if you pursue this conspiracy theory against drew, you might as well draw uphl di voilrce papers at the sa me tilime. fh klfhfh  ol fhs]Uovofh kelly: How does it feel to be a hero?

Drew: I just did what cops do, you know.

Kelly: "What cops do." Did you hear what the paramedics said? y ou weren't heredp to deliver thafht baby, rose wou ld fh have died. wu  gpfhgp 

joey: Lufhy you ngfh at the acadfhemy, drew.  jp drjpew: Ye lp kelplly: an d mpin afh fun~ny kind~ rosenp's life.Op you helped me, too.

Drew: How?fhfhv

kelly: Vpyou knowu, I wasfh rewpspon sible for brendatn's xpdeath.Sfhyprypfh zpbu t no w  a small way, fhhelpedfh

[Psa? A b aby and bring a li inr the world.Fhn]P mmfh lfh and I know that god doesn't keep balance sheets, but I think imaybe this justifies his faith in me, you know?Fh

 fh of faith justified around herefhfh lately.Fh@hpfhhpc you're ab totallyfh different womana than I kfhnew a year afhgo.kplp

kelly: Thank you.

Drew: Ye.+/Fh npfhnpfhfhlly: Thopank you \so mppuch.Fh[fhz upvxpxp fhfh xpfh hank: Don't lie to me, bo.R

bo: Ayut of th is.fh pppnk:Fh look@q, I understo@qodfh  yo u aqturnfhing to you alfhl he ll started tru br eak fhose. fh bo: An d you wish that I'd fh eq eqfh hank: i don't give a damn whofh yogqgq  gqbo: Well, then b ack off. fh hq hank: It's just that you and nora have somethingfh sojq special.Fh could you throw all that away?

Bo: You know, I've heard all this.Fh

hank: Look, bo, if you're qu onoq some kind of sefhlf-des tructfh ne, but don't take nora and rachel dow with you. rqfhx sqsqwsq fh : You know, one minu tqvtqwJ. Her away," and then the nextfhvq fhmi nute yfh'rte saying,fhs wq"don't take her down with yo U.", Whfhat do you wafhnt?

Hank: I want the truth, bo.pzq p

bo: Don't press it, pl ease.nnfh

hank: Come on, look, for weeks you've been crying "innocent," and all that time, I defended you to rachel and to anybody else who got in my face about it. So what's the deal?cqfhfhfhffhf eweeqre yfh fqd arfhe you lying fhnow?gqgq c bofh: fhb fhbal ways try to talk peoplae out aoffh theiriqonfessioans ? fhfh

hank: If they're as cle as you are, yes.Fh\ nq bo: Hank, maybe you're too close to this.

Hank: Bo bu hanan,y you did not kill georgiesqvvfhtq phillips.Fh t

hank: Comes o n, manfh.s ve me a word, a hint ttw fh r pyou're I nnyqocent, aqnd I will tuqrn town up sizqde dfhown to fzqind zqfhthe preal kilfhfhoqfho o  @r 

fhbo: All right, no can do, fhhank. I'm sorry, buddy.hrfhhr  fh fh fhfh fh~krfh~

no ra: Fhi'm going to bostonfh with you . Ll telfhl you what --nrnrfhnr@fh or f yo d dopr what bo saysfh yanfhd you goqr andfh talk toqr tha resident of patterson rr fhcollrrege and we agree thavt fhyou fofhund somesrthing that can help bo, then I'll passur on seeing georgie's parents.M: Zrmmfh-hmmo. Zr zrfh but if we don't, then you'lln g e ph illipses?lfhl fhrk kkjrfhj r  fh we'llfh go see them h--ar h h fhbrfhgcr- and yofu' re goingf dr drfhe  drtofh help me find all the evidener drefhw.

sam: Can't do that. I promised bo I wouldn't do that.+rfh lr nora: You know, years ago in cfhhifh that a lawyer should tfhrust fhor fhth eir gufht.orfhpr qrfhfhrrfh fh  vfhv trfhururfhurfhfhvrsvr wr my gut is screaming that drew and georgie plotted this from the very beginning to bring fhrn as bs

sam: Even if you're rig h , fh asking of me? gsfhfhhs hsi wouldn'ths jusfht be breing I would be partly responsible for the breakup of your marriage to bo.Ms

nora: Sam, if bo's right and we find something, this wholefh wsfhqwsfhxsxsp conversation I s moot.t --

nora: What's your problem, rappaport? Hmm? Do we have a deal?fh isor do isi go see the phillipses js json my own?fh \ls\lsfh  fh[ [ Nsfhz fhzfh

sam: We have a deal. ct

tea: Todd, fh can'gtt you see why you're so miserable? You're tight as a fist. You shut up all your good deep inside you.Ptwfh fh

utodd: Youu know, just trystgfh to get tsthroufhgh the day.

Tea: You're so busy qprotecting yourself from the world you won't open yourself up to it.

Todd: It's an ugly, ugly world.

Tea: It doesn't have to be.

Todd: It doesn'tb? afhfh tell t hat tofh georgie phillips.

Tea: This is not about georgie phillips or about bo or whether or not he killed her. It's about you and your refusal to let go of the hatred and anger you feel inside.

Todd: No -- psychobabble.

Tea: You've been hurt, todd. fhyou'vezt been hurt very badly. there's a huge emotional gash in you, and I can't heal it.

Todd: Maybe you could if you wanted to.lufhz z ymumu x fh tea: I do want to,pubut I can'T. no. You got to do that yourself -- unless you want to live your whole life a bitter, lonely man I capable of love.Uj]Ufhi fh  i  I loved yo U.Ufh gfhgfhg@ufh fhu fhaue fheaufhefh bu then it's your insanecu mce orcu youfhr fear of how much you need mbe that'sfha eufhfu`fufh` fufh fh chasing me awa_  ^

todd: I'm not chasing you away.

Tea: You cafhn eitherlu lovfhe mezfhz fhor ymuou can be almuone.Nufhfh fh pufh pu  fhu quurut rutru rutrufhtsu s tufh tur it's your fhchoice, uutoddfhuufhq vupvufhpfh o fhfhonxufhmm cv cvfhcvdv fh  gvfh >> Stay tuned for scenes from the next "one life to live."  cassie: Kevin and I just gotxy engaged. dori anyy: Enga ged. zyzyfh  kevin: I brought you here because I need you. I really need you.Fh

max: He may be your ex-husband and your current boss, but he als o aymay have killed georgie phillips.

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