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Guiding Light Transcript Wednesday 9/16/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Alan: So, when are you going to be leaving?

Rafe: Today, actually.

Alan: Well, I want you to know you're a braver man than I.

Lizzie: You guys are staying?

Jonathan: She needs her mom.

Phillip: I'll never be able to repay you, Dad. You've given me happiness. Come on, let's go back to the party. Dad? Dad?

The Lord has made us pay for what we did and we sat all night in the cold letting the...

Frank: Papa! You did it. You did it. (Cheers and applause) (cell phone rings)

Rick: Hey, pal. Oh, my God. I'll be right there.

Frank: Another big surprise for the Cooper family.

Ashlee: A good surprise, right?

Frank: Yeah.

Beth: A very good surprise.

Josh: And my big brother finally got what he's wanted for a very long time.

Alex: Gives one some hope, doesn't it?

Josh: Yeah, now we can all go home happy. How good is that?

Frank: Speaking of which, I can give you ladies a ride to Company because I need to go over to the apartment and make sure Rafe is packed, okay?

Beth: Shall we go, Alex? Bruno's waiting for us in the car.

Alex: I came with Alan. I really have to...

Beth: Alan is with Phillip. Phillip needed to talk to him about something.

Alex: Oh, okay.

Beth: So...

Alex: Oh.

Beth: Let's go.

Lizzie: Hey, where's Sarah?

Jonathan: Mel and that Cyrus guy are building sand castles with her on the beach.

Lizzie: We just wanted to say bye to her before we left.

Jonathan: Lizzie, why don't you... why don't you take Sarah home with you guys and I'll just come pick her up later?

Lizzie: Really?

Jonathan: Yeah.

Lizzie: Okay, I'd love that.

Reva: We'll go find Mel and get her car keys, and we'll get Sarahís stuff out of the car.

Lizzie: Great.

Bill: Thanks, Jonathan. It means a lot to Lizzie.

Jonathan: Yeah. You know, I trust you guys, but I'm still not sure about Alan.

Bill: Hey, I hear you. I hear you. But don't worry, Sarahís going to be protected. All right.

Rick: Are you sure?

It's crumbling it's crumbling...

Rick: Sorry. I'm so sorry.

Phillip: I feel like I should have gone with him.

Rick: You're going to need to talk to your family. Let me drive you back to the house.

Phillip: No. You have to get down to Cedars and take care of everything down there. I'll... I'll take care of it.

Rick: All right, look, I'm going to go back and I'm going to finish the paperwork and then...

Phillip: Thanks, man.

Rick: I'm sorry.

If I make no sense but you see it through

because you have just waited somewhere

Olivia: I know you're going to miss him.

Natalia: I just got him back.

Olivia: He's going to be okay.

Natalia: How do you know that?

Olivia: I have faith. Oh, wait. I have something. Wait, wait, wait.

Natalia: I want a picture. I love this.

Olivia: I'll make you a copy.

Natalia: Okay.

Olivia: All right.

Frank: Okay, did you check off everything on this list here?

Rafe: Frank, I checked everything. I double-checked everything. I'm fine. I got all this.

Frank: Okay, okay, I just... I want to make sure that you got your meds and your tester, and that you're all right.

Rafe: Frank, meds? I haven't used meds in a while. I'm all diet control now. That's why they even let me in the service, remember?

Frank: So you're all set.

Rafe: I'm ready to go.

Frank: I'm proud of you.

Rafe: Are we getting emotional now? Okay, all right, come on, give me a hug. All right. Frank, I want to thank you, man, all right? For everything that you've done for me. For everything that you've done for my mother. Itís.. it's more than I could have asked for, you know?

Frank: You're a good boy. I stand corrected. You're a good man.

Rafe: (Laughs) I knew you were going to say that.

Frank: Are you ready to go?

Rafe: I'm ready, I guess. Yeah.

Frank: Here allow me.

Rafe: Excuse me, go ahead.

Frank: Come on.

To hear you call my name... (cabinet slams)

Reva: Don't slam my counters.

Jonathan: There's no coffee left.

Reva: I'll make you some more.

Jonathan: There's no food in the fridge.

Reva: I'm making sandwiches right here. I'll be happy to give you one.

Jonathan: I'm not hungry.

Reva: There's beer, plenty of beer in there.

Jonathan: I don't want beer.

Reva: Listen to me, Sarah will be fine. She's with her mother.

Jonathan: Yes.

Reva: You haven't spent a lot of time away from her, have you?

Jonathan: No, I've never been away from her.

Reva: I know that. Come here my big brave son?

Jonathan: Are you messing with me?

Reva: A little bit.

Jonathan: (Laughs)

Reva: It's all going to be fine. It's going to be fine.

Lizzie: I have a huge box of dolls upstairs. We can play dress-up.

Bill: Dress-up? Will someone please tell me what is dress-up?

Lizzie: What is dress-up? Well, we take the dolls and we brush their hair, and we change their clothes and sometimes we put ribbons in their hair.

Bill: Sounds fun. Sounds fun. But you know what kind of games I like. I like games with action, games like, hide and seek, games like tag. How you like tag? You like it?

Sarah: No, I like Ariel.

Bill: That's good, too. That's good, too. You know what I like, though?

Sarah: Uh-huh.

Bill: Tag.

Sarah: I like Ariel tag, too.

Lizzie: You like Ariel tag. Well, I...

Sarah: I'll show you how to do it.

Bill: (Laughs) That's pretty good. Now you know what I'm going to do. If you run that way, I'm going to catch you and tag you. And I'm going to get you and I'm going to show you how to play. Ready? And... go.

Lizzie: Run. Run, Sarah, run.

Bill: I'm going to get you. I'm going to get you. I'm going to get you.

Lizzie: Run, run, run. I'm holding him down. I got him. Keep going.

Bill: Hold me down. Hold me down. Hold me down.

Daisy: I just got a text. I have to go to Company, just for a little while.

James: Now?

Daisy: Yeah, because Rafe is leaving for the army today and they just decided to throw a surprise good-bye party for him.

James: What time do you have to go?

Daisy: Like five minutes.

James: Well, we better get going.

Daisy: Yeah. Oh, wait, are you going to go?

James: If it's okay. I mean, he's my cousin.

Daisy: Yeah, I'd like you to be there.

Alex: Hello, darling, you want some coffee?

Phillip: No.

Alex: Well, that reminds me I got to tell Hilda to make a lot of decaf because Alan is not supposed to have one single drop of caffeine. You know how he... what's up?

Phillip: Dad's not coming home.

Alex: You two... what, again? What do you mean?

Phillip: We lost him, Aunt Alex. He's gone. I went to find him, and he was sitting on a bench looking out over the lake. I thought he was sleeping. He was so peaceful. Rick came, and he checked him. Heís... heís... he's gone.

Alex: Well, where is he?

Phillip: Aunt Alex?

Alex: What? No. No. No, no, no, no, no.

Phillip: It's okay. It's okay.

Alexandra: It will be. Uh-huh. It's all right. It's all right. Have you told the rest of the family?

Phillip: No, I came straight here.

Alex: There will be a lot of calls to make.

Phillip: I'll take care of it.

Beth: Oh, my God. Peyton, my little girl. How do I tell her?

Phillip: You tell Peyton that her father loved her. You want me to come with you?

Beth: No. No, I have to do this on my own.

Phillip: Okay. I'll tell the kids.

Alex: (Sighs)

Phillip: Aunt Alex, I would really like to tell James and Lizzie in person, but if you need me to stay with you I can do that.

Alex: No, of course not. You go ahead. I will start making the calls.

Phillip: You sure?

Alex: I'm positive.

Phillip: Okay. Okay.

Alex: Uh-huh.

I have wondered in memory meeting you inside we're not very much younger than you are...

Beth: Sweetie? Sweetie, come on, come here. I want you to sit on Mama's lap for a minute, okay? Oh, you're getting to be so big. Hey, you know how much your mommy loves you, right? And you know how much daddy loves you too, right? Sweetie, Mommy has to tell you something.

Bill: Now you're it. (Laughter)

Lizzie: Hey, hey, Sarah. Sarah, why don't you go tag Grandpa? Go get him. Isn't she wonderful?

Phillip: A beautiful little girl.

Bill: Sarah, come one, let's go run this way. Ready? Let's go.

Lizzie: She is the greatest thing that has ever happened to my life.

Phillip: Sweetie, you want to take a walk with me?

Lizzie: Yeah, come on. (Music playing)

Rafe: Wait, aren't you two supposed to be, like, on a honeymoon or something?

Buzz: No, we didn't know we were getting married. Honeymoon? Get off me, boy.

Frank: You know what? You don't have to worry about them. They're good.

Blake: They're always on a honeymoon. (Phone rings)

Lillian: I'll get that. Company. Hi, sweetie. Uh...

Olivia: Hello?

Daisy: Hey, sorry we're late, we just...

Olivia: Oh, God. I can tell everybody here. Do you need anything? Okay. Alan died.

(Phone rings)

Jonathan: Hello? Yeah. Right, okay, she's fine? No, yeah, of course, I'm on my way.

Reva: What, Sarah?

Jonathan: Yeah, she's fine. That was Bill. They want me to go pick her up.

Reva: Already?

Jonathan: They have to go to the Spaulding house. Alan died.

Reva: What?

Jonathan: Alan died. It was a heart attack, they think. I have to... I have to go get Sarah.

Alex: The press is going to have this news very soon and when they start calling, there will be a lot of calls. I want you to refer all of the press calls to Mr. Locker at Spaulding Enterprises PR Department. If family calls, you refer them to me. Or to Phillip. Any other calls you just take a message.

Hilda: Yes, ma'am.

Bruno: Yes, ma'am.

Hilda: Do you know when the funeral will be?

Alex: We just got the news, so no, we haven't made those plans.

Hilda: Are you all right, Mrs. Alex?

Alex: I will be, Hilda. I will be.

Bruno: Is there anything else we can do?

Alex: Just do your job. Bruno, Hilda! I just want you both to know that in his own way my brother loved you both.

Bruno: Thank you, ma'am.

Hilda: We loved him, too.

Alex: I know you did. I know.

I love you so...

Daisy: I should go... James.

Frank: You know, Daisy, maybe you should just give him a little time alone with his family, you know?

Blake: You can call him later. He'll need that. He'll need you.

Ashlee: I can't believe this. I mean, I talked to him at the wedding. He was just fine.

Frank: Yeah, he seemed fine to me too, actually. Pop, what's the deal? Did you talk to Lillian? I mean, were there complications after the surgery, what? I mean...

Blake: I don't believe this because he... he made such a huge sacrifice. He seemed so happy. And he seemed so good.

Olivia: Emma. I have to go tell Emma.

Natalia: Do you want me to just... I'll call Mel and I'll ask her if she can just keep her a little longer.

Olivia: You know what? I want her to hear it from me and not someone else.

Rafe: I don't understand. This is crazy. I just talked to him. He said... he told me how proud he is that I am doing this. That I'm the first Spaulding to serve my country. I don't know. With all that's happened right now, maybe I shouldn't go right now.

Frank: You know, Rafe, you're allowed to postpone for a death in the family. You know that, right?

Rafe: Then I'll do that, yeah. Maybe I should just stay.

Buzz: No, you should go. That's what your grandfather would have wanted you to do. Really. You should do it for him. You should go. Go.

Jonathan: Hey, hey, little piglet.

Sarah: Now you know...

Jonathan: You don't say hi to your daddy? Where's Lizzie?

Bill: She's inside.

Jonathan: Okay. Hey, look, Sarah, see those bushes over there? Why don't you go pick some flowers and we can share them with Grandma Reva, okay? Go pick some flowers. Good girl. Does Sarah know what's going on?

Bill: No, no, we didnít... we didn't say anything in front of her. In fact, that's why Lizzieís inside. She didn't want Sarah to see her crying.

Jonathan: Thanks. How is Lizzie doing?

Bill: Still pretty much in shock.

Lizzie: Hey, thanks for coming.

Jonathan: Of course. So thank you for keeping this from Sarah.

Lizzie: Oh, of course, of course. Can you watch her, just... I want to see her when we get back.

Jonathan: Sure.

Bill: Thanks.

Reva: It's just too much. Too much loss.

Frank: Wow, really makes you think, doesn't it? Here's Alan, the "Wizard of Oz", the man behind the curtain. You don't think anything can ever bring him down. Poof, one second, he's gone.

Blake: Certainly reminds you that you have to live for today, doesn't it?

Beth: Thank you.

Phillip: Did you talk to Peyton?

Beth: Yeah.

Phillip: She doing all right?

Beth: I don't think she understands.

Phillip: I don't understand. You all right?

Beth: Yeah. I had such a complicated relationship with your father. Half the time I wished that he was dead. And the other half, he was the person protecting me from the world. I just can't imagine the world without him, though. I got to take a walk. I got to take a walk.

You see dear it's easy surrendering

now the tables are turning the world that they move in

standing still can't give in to the...

Emma: My granddad died.

Rafe: I know, baby. He's my granddad, too.

Emma: Are you sad?

Rafe: I am, yeah. Are you?

Emma: Yes.

Rafe: Come here. I tell you what, I have two... and you're lucky, okay? I have two magical quarters, okay? And I am going to give you one, and I am going to keep one, okay? And I want you to remember that whenever you get sad, or you get lonely, I want you to think of me because I'm going to be thinking of you, all right?

Emma: Okay.

Rafe: Okay. So keep that.

Emma: Thank you. Do you have to go?

Olivia: You know, I told you Rafe joined the army, so he could go be a soldier. It's very brave. And he has to go.

Emma: I'll miss you.

Rafe: I'll miss you too, okay? Come here.

Frank: You know, guys, we really should get going. The bus is going to be here in about 25 minutes.

Rafe: All right.

Daisy: Can I go with you guys to the station?

Rafe: No, definitely not.

Ashlee: Me, too.

Rafe: Yeah, yes.

Frank: You know what guys? Hold on one second. Why don't we all go?

Buzz: I got to wait here for Lillian.

Olivia: Would you... could Emma stay here with you? Do you mind?

Buzz: Yeah, sure. You want to stay with me? Stay with me.

Olivia: Okay.

Buzz: Come here, you. Give me a hug. Give me a hug.

Rafe: All right.

Buzz: We're all proud of you, you know that? Your grandfather is proud of you. He will be with you all the time, like that quarter, you know? You be strong. You are strong.

Rafe: Yeah.

Buzz: Okay?

Rafe: Come here. I love you, okay.

Emma: Bye.

Buzz: I guess it's just me and you kid.

Reva: Thanks for coming.

Josh: Hey.

Reva: Hey, you. What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be on your honeymoon?

Josh: Actually, I called Billy. I feel like the family needs to rally around Bill and Lizzie right now.

Billy: Vanessa's going to be here, too, in a little bit.

Josh: Alan Spaulding gone. It's a big change for Lizzie.

Reva: Yeah, there have been a lot of big changes lately.

Rick: So the initial autopsy confirmed what I thought. Alan did die of a heart attack.

Lizzie: Did he have a heart attack because of the procedure?

Rick: We don't know that. I mean it certainly put his body in a more stressful situation. We... we certainly could do a more thorough autopsy, if you'd like.

Alex: No. No, that's not going to be necessary. Alan had a bad heart. The family knew that. We're just very grateful you could save Phillip, and Alan was grateful, too. Thank you for coming and talking to us, Rick.

Rick: We're all family. I am so sorry.

Lillian: No one blames you.

Rick: I'll be at the hospital in case you need me.

Beth: So what now?

Lizzie: We have to plan the funeral.

Bill: Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help with the arrangements.

Phillip: Thank you. There will be a lot of people to contact. The mortuary, press... everything from flowers to a guest list.

Alex: No, none of that's going to be necessary. I spoke to Alan right before the procedure. He said he wanted to be cremated, and that he didn't want us to make any big ordeal.

Beth: What does that mean?

Alex: It means he told me that there was a elaborate plan in his will to give one great ornate funeral, but he made me promise to disregard that entirely. He said he wanted to be just with the family, cremated. And he wanted us to know very, very much that he loved us all.

Blake: Oh, that's great.

Ashlee: Let me see.

Rafe: You.

Frank: I'm going to miss you, man.

Rafe: All right, I'll miss you too, man. Thanks, Frank.

Frank: You... you be smart and you be brave.

Rafe: Okay. I will. Hey, you.

Daisy: Hey, you.

Rafe: You know I'm always going to love you, right?

Daisy: I love you, too.

Rafe: Come here.

Natalia: I don't want you to go.

Rafe: Mom, I got to.

Natalia: I know.

Rafe: Olivia, do me a favor. Take care of my mom for me.

Olivia: I will.

Natalia: I love you.

Rafe: I love you, too. Okay. All right. Bye, everybody, and thank you for coming, all right? (Bus starts)

Olivia: It's going to be okay.

Reva: Strawberry short cake, cream on top!

All: Oh!

Reva: Okay, okay. It's my turn.

Jonathan: Give Grandma some flowers.

Reva: Let Grandma Reva show you how itís... oh, make it more difficult.

Jonathan: Nice, focus.

Reva: Okay, let's go, ready?

Josh: Ready?

Reva: Go! Strawberry... oh!

Reva: It's the flip-flops! It's the flip-flops!

Josh: Try it again. Here we go. Ready?

Reva: Ready, go! Strawberry short cake, cream on top... (screams and laughter)

Billy: Stretch it. Oh, no.

Josh: Hey, guys.

Billy: Hey.

Lizzie: Keep going. It looks fun.

Billy: You okay?

Lizzie: Yeah, okay.

Billy: Yeah, okay.

Lizzie: Hey, Sarah. How about you and me show them how this is really done?

Jonathan: Uh-oh.

Lizzie: Come here. All right.

Josh: Ready? Here we go.

Billy: One... dainty, dainty. One more.

Daisy: Do you want to talk?

Lillian: Oh, I am so glad I have you.

Buzz: I'm glad I have you.

Keeping all of your pain in why can't you come away oh it's strange sight how we all just take flight singing it every day I'll give you last look...

Alex: (Crying)

Then I'll take it all right back because everything I am you lack...

Phillip: You did it. You saved me, Dad. You saved all of us.

Coming up on "Guiding Light"...

Frank: I really got to move on and do something else.

Christina: Yeah, you do need to do something else. I think you need a lady.

Jeffrey: If I get on the building next door to him, I think I might have a shot.

Jonathan: Take the shot and come home.

Jeffrey: That's the plan.

Josh: You married the love of your life.

Billy: So you're saying?

Josh: She's my life. You know that, I know that.

Billy: Yeah, we know that, but does Reva know that?

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