GL Transcript Thursday 9/10/09

Guiding Light Transcript Thursday 9/10/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

James: My dad wants him to do this.

Rick: He and your grandfather have come to an understand about it, and that is going to allow us to move forward.

Natalia: Move into the farmhouse today.

Olivia: No. No.

Natalia: Say yes.

Olivia: Yes.

Lizzie: We have a lot to wish for.

Bill: Finishing the house...

Lizzie: Yeah, and I want Sarah back.

Ashlee: Mom, everything is fine.

Doris: I'm a lesbian.

Alex: Well, shouldn’t we be hearing something by now.

Lillian: It hasn't been that long just feels like it's that long. It will be out in a minute.

Lizzie: They both have to make it because I can't imagine a world without them in it.

Bill: They're tough guys. Nothing's killed him yet.

Beth: I feel like I can't breathe until this is over.

Rick: Okay. The procedure is over. And is went very well. But we're not out of the woods yet. We have to see how Phillip’s body accepts the new tissue and we have monitor Alan to see how he recovers from all of this.

Alexandra: Then it is not over.

Rick: They are both with us still. My dad is going to come out and talk to you shortly.

Beth: Thank you, Rick. Thank you. And thank Ed for us.

Rick: I will.

Bill: That sounds good, right.

Lillian: Really good. I mean it's obviously not 100 percent. If they could get through this recovery period their chances are just--.

James: Hello.

Daisy: Hi. How is your dad, how is your grandpa?

James: I don't know. I couldn't wait in there any longer. I'm sure they'll tell me if something happens.

Daisy: Here.

James: Thank you.

Daisy: It was a pretty great thing what your grandpa did, volunteering to have surgery.

James: My dad shouldn't have let him do it.

Daisy: But it will save your dad's life.

James: I could have done it.

Daisy: What?

James: We were a match. I told my dad I would do it, but he wouldn't let me. My granddad could die. He's an old man. He wouldn't be able to take it. I would have been fine.

Daisy: Well, I'm glad you didn't do it. I don't want you to die.

Reva: You are staying.

Jonathon: Well, I still have a few things to work out. I haven't even told Lizzie yet.

Reva: Well, no time like the present, right? Oh, come on. Lizzie, hi, it's Reva. Where are you and what are you doing right now?

Lizzie: Hey, Reva, I am at Cedars waiting for my dad and granddad to get out of surgery.

Reva: Oh my God.

Lizzie: No, no, no, no. It's good. My granddad volunteered to do this procedure so hopefully he can save my father's life.

Reva: Alan volunteered for that?

Lizzie: Yeah, yeah. And it was a huge risk. They're out of surgery now so we're all just waiting to see what happens.

Doris: I have been looking all over for you.

Olivia: Is everything okay?

Doris: Well, I told Ashlee the truth about me.

Olivia: Oh my. How did it go?

Doris: Good, I guess, I don't know. I mean-- it went okay, but she didn't say much. And then she just walked away and I haven't heard from her since and that was like more than a day ago. What do I do?

Olivia: You know, give her time. Give her time, time.

Doris: Yeah. I was going to go to my office and wait.

Olivia: Okay.

Doris: Yeah.

Rafe: You know I'm leaving in like a week.

Ashlee: No.

Rafe: You know are you in trouble, right?

Ashlee: Why is that?

Rafe: Because you have to find another member for your club.

Ashlee: What club?

Rafe: The my-mom-is-gay-and-I-just-found-out-about-it club.

Ashlee: I guess I'm going to have to teach Natalia’s new baby a secret handshake.

Rafe: Imagine it.

Ashlee: You know, we really-- we really should set up our moms.

Rafe: My mom already has somebody she likes. Olivia.

Ashlee: Olivia.

Rafe: Olivia.

Ashlee: Wow, does Olivia like her back?

Rafe: Oh yeah.

Ashlee: Hmmmm, Olivia. I mean that works. They seem like they would be a great couple.

Rafe: Oh, shut up. No.

Frank: Okay. So we're up to the D's now.

Blake: Okay, we got Desi. Doris. Dennis.

Frank: You know, these names are beginning to sound the same.

Olivia: Great, okay, thank you. Okay. I got a truck for this afternoon unless you think that is too soon.

Natalia: The sooner the better.

Blake: For what?

Natalia: Olivia and Emma are moving back into the farmhouse.

Blake: Oh that is wonderful, you two.

Natalia: Thank you. We think so.

Blake: Oh my gosh, have you even packed?

Olivia: Oh no, no, no. The packing, that's the easy part. First we have to tell Emma.

Billy: Good, I need some help.

Buzz: Don't we all.

Billy: No, look, I need some wedding vows.

Buzz: I'm fresh out of those.

Billy: I will make you a deal, I will load boxes if you will come up with a few words that will make Vanessa happy.

Buzz: Well, I would be happy to hear what you have to say but I'm not making any promises, okay.

Billy: Okay, it's a deal, it's a deal, good, good.

Alan: Promise me to never do that again, all right? Did you see the size of that needle?

Phillip: Just before I went out. I saw the doctor pick it up. The last thing I remember.

Alan: Well, we're alive.

Phillip: Pretty tough to kill, huh?

Rick: Hey. How are you feeling, buddy?

Phillip: Not feeling much of anything.

Rick: That's the drugs for you.

Phillip: Not bad.

Rick: Not bad. Well, tell you what. You're going to be sore for a little while. I will have to monitor you closely but I think it went very well.

Phillip: Does the family know.

Rick: Just told them. I wanted to it be first to tell you.

Phillip: Thanks.

Rick: Don't thank me. Thank your dad.

Jonathon: Hey, beautiful. Sorry, I would have been here sooner but, you know. I've got Sarah, you know how kids are. And then there's my mother. I don't know who needs more attention. It's been awhile. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I'm going to be around here a lot more often now because I'm going to move back here with Sarah, you know? I think it's the right thing for her. Maybe me, too. Who knows. Anyway, you keep an eye on us, okay? Because we're going to need it. Miss you.

Reva: Here we go. We got to beat him, we got to beat him.

Josh: Like there a chance of that. Guys, give you some advice right now, you will never, ever, ever, ever be able to understand or predict what a woman is thinking. You hear me?

Reva: You know what, it looks good on you.

Josh: What's that?

Reva: Grandparenthood.

Josh: Thank you.

Sarah: Oh, that is nice of you.

Josh: It is nice of you.

Reva: Have you thought of what you want everyone to call you?

Josh: What? What I want Henry to call me? No, no, I haven't had a chance to yet.

Reva: Well, you know, grandpa -- there's grand dad, there's grand pop. There is big pap, big daddy, grampstar, pypaw. There is g daddy, there is big daddy.

Josh: I think there are rappers, that could work out --

Reva: It is important because it sets the whole tone for your relationship.

Josh: Well, I will have to give it so serious thought then.

Reva: I think you have to do that, grampster.

Josh: What does Daisy call you?

Reva: Depends on her mood.

Josh: Good point.

Reva: You know, one day these three will be teenagers.

Reva: That's true.

Josh: No! (Laughter)

Reva: What do you think, Colin. What do you think about that? What do you think?

Sarah: Terrific.

Josh: Yeah.

Daisy: Hey, guys.

Ashlee: Hi.

Daisy: Am I interrupting something?

Ashlee: Oh no, no,. We were just talking about my mom. She's a lesbian.

Daisy: What?

Ashlee: Yeah. She just told me.

Rafe: No, seriously, my mom too.

Daisy: Oh, yeah, yeah, my mom too, no, no, no, no.

Rafe: We just found out a few days ago. It's a very, very serious.

Ashlee: Actually, I found out yesterday. I haven't really talked to her since.

Daisy: Sorry, wait, so you haven't talked to her since then?

Ashlee: No, well, she told me. And I didn't know what to say, so I just kind of ran off.

Daisy: Are you upset that she's gay?

Ashlee: No, no, no. I don't care about that. It's just that she's been keeping this big secret from me for all of these years.

Daisy: Okay. But you know she probably thinks that, because you haven't spoken to her, she probably feels pretty terrible right now.

Ashlee: I didn't even think of that.

Daisy: Yeah.

Ashlee: Okay, yeah, I guess I should talk to her.

Daisy: Yeah, you should probably go clear that up.

Ashlee: Okay. I'll go now. Finish my sandwich.

Rafe: No, take yours. It's fine. And don't ask me.

Emma: So what did you want to talk to me about?

Olivia: Well, we have some good news. At least we think it's good news. And I hope you like it.

Emma: So what is it?

Natalia: Well, I invited you and your mommy to come back to the farmhouse and live there.

Olivia: And I said yes so we're going to go back and live with Natalia.

Emma: Can I get my old bedroom back?

Natalia: Yes, of course you get your old bedroom back.

Olivia: That is good news.

Emma: Is there more?

Olivia: When we move back in, Natalia and I are going to be together because we love each other very much. She's going to be your mommy, too.

Emma: She already is like my mommy.

Natalia: That is how I feel about it. And I love being your mommy.

Emma: So if you are a mommy does that mean the baby in your belly is my sister?

Natalia: Yeah, that's exactly what that means. You want to listen. Because sometimes if you listen you can hear her when she's swimming around in there.

Olivia: We're moving.

Rafe: I know! We came to help you guys.

Natalia: You did?

Rafe: Yes, ma'am. I mean I couldn't let you wimpy girls carry this yourself.

Blake: Actually, I came to see if Olivia had any clothes she is giving away.

Natalia: No, if she is going to give away any clothes I'm going to get them.

Olivia: You are pregnant. Besides, even if you weren't, you would be swimming it in them. They're over there.

Frank: Oh. I noticed the moving truck so I figured that you ladies needed some help. So anyway, what can I --

Olivia: The boxes. That's great. Thank you, Rafe.

Rafe: You're welcome. You got it?

Olivia: With all this help we will be moved in no time.

Natalia: Still have a chance to change your mind.

Olivia: Never.

Natalia: I've always known this is what I wanted.

Olivia: No, you haven’t.

Natalia: I do now.

Doris: Such a cute little girl. Oh, I'm so sorry I'm such a bad mom. I know it's too late to apologize. I really am sorry that I didn't --

Ashlee: You aren't a bad mom, okay. You just put up this wall. You hid so much of yourself from me. And you got so angry at me, for stuff that was all about you. I'm not going to pretend that I'm not angry because I am. I'm very up set. But I'm not mad at you for being gay. You can be whatever you want to be. I'm the last person to judge anyone. But you didn't let me know you. I'm mad at you for that. I'm mad that you don't even know that I would be okay with this.

Doris: I should have seen it.

Ashlee: Yes, you should have. But you did now. So I was wondering if we could start here, start again. Get to know each other.

Doris: I would like that very much.

Ashlee: I love you, Mom.

Doris: I love you too, sweetie. You're a great girl.

Ashlee: Thanks, Mom.

Olivia: When did you get here? What are you doing here?

Jonathon: I'm getting a cup of coffee. What are you doing here?

Olivia: Stop it.

Jonathon: Ha, ha.

Olivia: Give me some love. Oh, when did you get back?

Jonathon: Well, when I heard that Jeffrey died, I came to check on Reva, but I decided to stop running. I'm going to stay.

Olivia: You're going to stay in Springfield, really?

Jonathan: Yeah, I'm going to cause some trouble in your sleepy little town.

Olivia: All right.

Jonathan: What are you up to?

Olivia: I'm getting some tape for some boxes. I'm moving in with my girlfriend Natalia. She bought the farmhouse.

Jonathan: Yeah, cool.

Olivia: Yeah, yeah. Well, I better go. The movers are waiting but you're going to call me, right?

Jonathan: Sure. Right? Yeah.

Buzz: Billy, Billy this doesn't even sound like you.

Billy: I know, I know. That's why I am here. I need you to sound --

Buzz: Be yourself, speak from your heart.

Billy: That is what I want to do but I get nervous.

Buzz: You have done this before.

Billy: I know, but that's just the point. I just want -- I want -- hey, what is the matter. You don't think I'm serious here.

Buzz: Alan and Phillip are at the hospital right now.

Billy: Yeah, I heard about that. He -- I'm surprised Alan stepped up. I'm proud of him.

Buzz: Yeah. Finally doing the right thing.

Billy: Yeah.

Buzz: Let's go.

Billy: All right.

Lizzie: Anything new?

Beth: No, nothing yet.

Lillian: As soon as the doctors know anything new they will be right out here to tell us.

Rick: Okay, everyone. The patients are fine. In fact, Alan is already causing trouble. They are out of danger here, and it will go up quickly. They are asking to see family members. So I came out here to see, does anybody really want to see these guys?

Alan: Surprise. I'm still alive. Oh boy. Yeah.

Alexandra: And it's a damn good thing you made it back and all the way through that.

Alan: Why?

Alexandra: Because if you had left me, I was going to throw one big huge gassly overdone funeral for you just to spite you.

Alan: And you would have done that to me, wouldn't you?

Alexandra: You bet I would. You did it.

Alan: Yeah.

Alexandra: Phillip's alive.

Alan: Yes, he is. Have you seen him yet?

Alexandra: No, I wanted to come see you first.

Alan: Thank you for watching out for me, sis.

Alexandra: Yeah. That's what big sisters are for.

Lizzie: I knew you were going to be okay. I just had a feeling all day today, he's going to be okay.

Phillip: Did I tell you how glad I am to see that beautiful little face.

Lizzie: Are you feeling okay?

Phillip: Actually, not that bad.

Lizzie: Can I get you water or a pillow or anything?

Phillip: How is everything out there?

Lizzie: Bill's been taking care of everything. And Nana has been keeping us up to date on all the information and Aunt Alex has been trying not to cry. Mom is…I'm glad you're going to be okay. Because I don't think she would do very well with that.

Jonathan: Hey.

Nurse: Hi.

Jonathan: How are you doing? A friend of mine is having surgery, Alan Spaulding. I was wondering how that going?

Nurse: I don't have any information for you on that.

James: How do you know my granddad?

Jonathon: Oh, you must be James.

James: Yeah, who are you?

Jonathon: Friend, just in town, heard that Alan was in the hospital. Just checking in.

James: He's doing okay. Surgery's over.

Jonathon: Great, thanks.

James: Do you want me to tell him you stopped by?

Jonathon: Not really.

Frank: All right, all right, all right.

Olivia: That's Emma’s room, first room on the left.

Emma: Be careful, those are my toys.

Frank: Okay.

Olivia: Oh, Natalia’s room. Living room. Great, thank you. Bathroom.

Doris: You have room for some extra hands?

Olivia: Sure. Actually there are a couple of boxes in the truck, Ashlee, if you want to grab them.

Ashlee: I will get them.

Olivia: Looks like you found her.

Doris: She found me. I think it's going to be okay. I think this whole telling the truth thing is probably the best thing that ever happened to me.

Olivia: Good for you.

Natalia: Okay. Lemonade break. Five minutes and then back to work.

Doris: Wow, I came at the right time.

Frank: Hi. Hey.

Josh: I got to stop eating this or I am not going to be able to fit into my suit for the wedding.

Reva: You still have some time before Billy and Vanessa tie the knot. You can work it off.

Josh: Okay. Then I will keep eating.

Jonathon: You girls staying out of trouble?

Reva: Yeah, that's why we brought g-daddy with us because he doesn't know how to get into trouble.

Jonathon: G-daddy. I just stopped by the hospital, Phillip and Alan are fine. I was thinking maybe we should stop by and see Lizzie before she hears that we're here from somebody else.

Reva: Well, then you better take Sarah and go.

Jonathan: I was kind of hoping that you might come with me.

Reva: You need backup?

Jonathan: Something like that. Just in case.

Josh: Go, no, I will keep an eye.

Reva: Oh, really?

Josh: Sure, that's fine. I will eat the rest of her ice cream.

Reva: You ready, sweet pea.

Josh: Bye. I got it. All righty. What are you looking at?

Olivia: Wow, is that all the boxes?

Blake: Yeah, I think so.

Ashlee: All right.

Frank: Well, yeah, I just put the last one in Emma’s room. And I didn't break anything.

Olivia: Thank you.

Emma: Yeah, we live here again.

Doris: So what now?

Natalia: I would really like to make you all dinner and thank you so much for helping out.

Blake: Well, that's sweet.

Daisy: It will probably take awhile. What are we going to do in the meantime, huh.

Rafe: I don't know if I have enough mitts but we could probably play a game.

Frank: I know where I can get some more mitts in about two seconds.

Doris: Hey, I was captain of my high school team.

Olivia: You were?

Rafe: All right, all right, Frank, you pick first.

Frank: Okay, I really want to win this game so this is kind of a no-brainer. I'm going go with Emma. (Cheers and applause)

Rafe: Due to the lack of heels, I pick Ashlee.

Blake: Wow, all right. I got to go with Blakey.

Blake: Oh, Frankie, my man.

Rafe: All right. Doris.

Doris: See, I can take them on.

Blake: You're dead.

Frank: Why's that? All right. My choice, right. I got to go with Ms. Golden glove herself, Daisy.

Daisy: Took you long enough.

Rafe: Sorry, Mama, Olivia, you are over here.

Frank: Wow.

Natalia: What about me?

Doris: You can't play. You're pregnant.

Natalia: We're playing softball, not tackle football.

Rafe: The teams aren't even. That's not cool.

Josh: Hey, guys. I hear you're moving in. I thought I would come over and help with that.

Rafe: I get Josh, that's it. Even. In your faces.

Frank: Robbed. Okay.

Alan: I told you not to count me out.

James: All right. I got some apps for you.

Alan: Apps, what is that?

James: Applications. So this one shows you the stock market. This one will show you the weather. This one will take you to Youtube. You might be too old for that one. And I put a couple games on there for you.

Alan: Well, thanks a lot for this.

James: You doing okay?

Alan: Better than the all alternative.

James: Yeah, me too. I was afraid you weren't going to make it.

Alan: Well, I was worried there for a while, to be honest with you. But I made it. Besides, I got to get well so we can play frisbee again.

James: I'll teach you how to throw it through your legs.

Alan: Well, not any time soon. How do you do this, you just...

James: You probably...

Billy: All right, so Alan and Phillip pulled through.

Lillian: Yeah, they are in recovery. It's such wonderful news. Buzz asked me to come by and tell him.

Frank: Well, tell him. He'll be right back.

Lillian: No, no, I have to get back. You tell him.

Frank: I just came back to get some tools. I'm headed back to the farmhouse.

Billy: I will tell him. He's just inside getting me a couple of verses to help me with my wedding vows.

Lillian: No, you don't need help, just speak from the heart.

Billy: No, I can’t.

Lillian: I have to get back. Beth needs me.

Billy: Thanks.

Frank: Lillian, are you okay?

Lillian: I was just thinking that we're just all so lucky to have each other, all of us.

Billy: Yeah.

Frank: Oh, Billy, my father's a very lucky man. So are you, my friend.

Billy: Yeah, sure I am. Yeah, I think at the end of the day we're all real lucky. Frankie, to us.

Frank: To us, my friend.

Phillip: Hope you didn't take out any extra insurance on me because it looks like I may be here for a while.

Beth: Darn, there goes that house in Hawaii. You look okay.

Phillip: You look okay.

Beth: Thank God, thank God. And Alan.

Phillip: And Ed, he delivered on something that wasn't supposed to be possible.

Beth: Yeah, well, Rick is out there recounting every moment of the surgery as if he performed it himself.

Phillip: His first successful procedure.

Beth: Oh, he's laughing. I was so afraid I would never hear you laugh again.

Phillip: I was afraid I wasn't going to get to look in your eyes again.

Beth: You're stuck with me.

Phillip: Who are you again? (Laughter)

Lizzie: I feel guilty being home with Dad and Granddad.

Bill: Guilty, we're on the night shift, baby.

Lizzie: Hey, Reva’s here. Hey, Reva.

Reva: Hey. You up for some visitors?

Lizzie: Of course, come on.

Bill: Of course, come on.

Jonathan: Okay, you ready to go meet your mommy.

Lizzie: Oh my God. Oh my God, it's Sarah.

Jonathan: Sarah, this is your mommy. Lizzie this is Sarah.

Lizzie: Hi, Sarah. You are so beautiful. Do you know how happy I am to see you. I think about you every single day. Can I take her for a walk. I will stay where you can see her.

Jonathan: Yeah, you can take her.

Lizzie: You know, that we have a barn and a stream up this way, but you can't go there without a grown-up. Come on. You want to come with me?

Bill: Wow. When did you get to town?

Jonathan: Yesterday. I would have come sooner but I wanted to wait until Alan and Phillip were out of surgery.

Bill: Yeah. So how long are you going to stay for.

Jonathan: Depends.

Bill: Can't just show up and then leave.

Jonathan: I agree.

Bill: Good. Good, then what's the plan?

Jonathan: Still working on it. But I'm hoping that all of us can come up with something that works.

Bill: Then that's what we're going to do.

Phillip: Well, fancy meeting you here.

Alan: Uh-huh.

Phillip: How are you feeling?

Alan: Well, I'm pretty much awake now.

Phillip: Me too, getting there.

Alan: Good, good.

Phillip: We didn't die, did we.

Alan: No, we didn’t.

Phillip: Thank you.

Alan: You're welcome.

Frank: Come on, come on.

Josh: Oh, oh!

Frank: Do over!

Daisy: What happened?

James: They made it. They're going to be okay.

Josh: James, how did it go?

James: They're good. They made it.

Emma: Daddy?

Olivia: He's going to be okay.

Rafe: Wait, how is Alan, is he okay?

James: He was good when I saw him.

Natalia: James, why don't you go and play. I can't play, I'm worthless.

James: I'll play.

Frank: All right, we got James.

Doris: Well, you're still going down.

Olivia: You did it. You made us a family.

Natalia: We did it.

Rafe: Hey, Olivia.

Natalia: Come on, I know you can do it.

Olivia: Oakey doke.

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