GL Transcript Wednesday 9/9/09

Guiding Light Transcript Wednesday 9/9/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Jonathan: “The minute you come back to life, I start killing the kids.” Keep him busy long enough for me to get Sarah.

Jeffrey: Well, where are you going to take her?

Jonathan: Someplace safe.

Lillian: I hear you came back a match for Phillip.

Alan: How can I not do everything in my power, as a father, to want to save my son? Phillip, thank you, son.

Olivia: Hey, you.

Natalia: Hi. Look what I have.

Olivia: Oh, a name your baby book.

Natalia: Yes. Because now we know it's a little girl, so we have to start picking a name.

Olivia: Well, you know, there are a lot of crossover names.

Natalia: There are, I know, which is why I need your help. So I figured we could look through that, and then you can have a list, and I'll have a list and then Frank can have a list and whichever names are on all three lists, then we can narrow it down from there.

Olivia: I don't think that's a good idea.

Natalia: Well, I guess then we could just get together, all three of us, and make one big list.

Olivia: You want you, me and Frank to name the baby?

Natalia: Yep.

Olivia: I want to do this with you, but I need to move slowly.

Natalia: Since when do you move slowly? You don’t. You jump in with both feet.

Olivia: Last time I did that, you broke my heart.

Natalia: Last time you did that, we both ended up with something we've never had before.

Blake: Oh, look at that. A perfect little person.

Frank: Perfect little girl.

Blake: A lucky little girl to have you as a father.

Frank: Oh, Blake, I want to do the right thing for her. She really deserves a fair shot at life, you know? I want to do the right thing for my family; I just don't know what that is anymore.

Blake: Frank, you have the biggest heart in the world. You're going to be so wonderful. All you have to do is love them. That's all you can do.

Reva: Hello, hello, Grandpa Frank. Hi, Blake.

Frank: Hello, Grandma Reva.

Reva: We had so much fun at Henry’s birthday party the other day. Didn't we, Colin?

Frank: Well, good, good. I think Henry had a good time, too.

Reva: I don't want any of this to get weird or... I mean, I know Henry was just yours, and now he's going to be ours, too.

Frank: Well, we're just glad to know who Henry’s dad is.

Reva: Shayne's going to be a great dad. It's just going to be an adjustment for all of us.

Frank: Yeah. Yeah, it is. There's not going to be a fight here, Reva. I'm not going to have any problems because Henry will have two great families who will love and support him.

Reva: That's what I want to hear. Now let's get down to the nitty-gritty. Who's going to spoil him the most? (Laughter)

Frank: Well, I know I'm going to spoil my grandson, but I'm also going to spoil my new little baby girl.

Reva: Oh, a girl.

Frank: Yup, yup. I'm probably going to be the most broke detective in Springfield, but it's all good.

Reva: Tell me about it. I thought that when I finally was in the place to be having grandkids, I would be done having kids of my own.

Frank: Yeah, me too.

Reva: But I'm glad I'm not.

Josh: Hello. Who are you?

Sarah: I can't tell people my name.

Josh: Okay. So where is your mom and dad then?

Jonathan: Dad is right here. Come here, piglet. Up we go. Say hi to Grandpa Joshua. Say hi.

Josh: How are you doing, Sarah?

Sarah: Hi.

Josh: Hi.

Jonathan: Are you a little surprised to see us?

Josh: Yes. How long have you been here? Wait, I'm sorry, does Reva know you're here?

Jonathan: Not this time.

Josh: This time? So you were here...

Jonathan: A week ago. When I heard about everything with Jeffrey, I came to check on Mom.

Josh: I see. Well, she's doing better.

Jonathan: Sounds like a lot of things are doing better around here.

Josh: Yeah, some better, some worse.

Jonathan: Well, I want to ask you something. I figure you'll give me a straight answer. I'm thinking we want to live here in Springfield. Do you think it's safe?

Lizzie: Hi. Hi, I just received a phone call about my father, Phillip Spaulding.

Nurse: Do you know what room he's in?

Lizzie: No, no, no, I don't know anything.

Bill: We just got a call to come down here.

Lizzie: He's very ill. We need to find him.

Beth: Lizzie.

Lizzie: Mom, what is going on?

Beth: I don't know. We just got a call saying that Phillip was in the hospital.

Bill: The nurse didn't give us any information.

Alex: Well, let's call Lillian. She'll know what's going on.

Rick: Good, you're all here.

Beth: Rick, what's happening? Where's Phillip?

Rick: Phillip is being prepped for surgery. We did find a donor and decided to go through with the procedure.

Bill: What happened, you got an accident victim?

Rick: No, this donor decided to volunteer.

Lizzie: Do they know the risks?

Alex: Who would do that? Who would take such a risk with their life?

Lillian: Alan. Alan is the one who volunteered to save Phillip.

Alan: You know, this kind of reminds me of our camping trip. The beds are about as comfortable, aren't they?

Phillip: (Laughs) It's just the two of us.

Alan: Yeah, just the two of us.

Phillip: Dad, it's not too late to change your mind. You can still back out if you want to.

Alan: I'm not backing out this time. I'm right where I want to be, son.

Phillip: Saying thanks just doesn't seem... I wish there was a way that I could tell you...

Alan: I know. I know how you feel. I love you too, son.

Rick: So when Alan found out he was a match, he came to talk to me about the procedure, the risks, and the chances of saving Phillip’s life.

Beth: And what are the chances that this will save Phillip’s life?

Rick: Right now they're 50/50. And I have to remind everybody this is the first time this procedure has been performed.

James: And my granddad seemed like the best guinea pig?

Rick: Your grandfather was given all the information, James, and I think he gave the decision a lot of thought.

James: My dad wants him to do this?

Rick: No, your father doesn't want anybody to do this, but he and your grandfather have come to an understanding about it, and that's going to allow us to move forward.

Lillian: Look, I just talked to Phillip and Alan, and they really want to see each and every one of you before surgery.

James: I want to talk to my dad right now.

Lillian: Sarah, can you take James back to see his father?

Alex: Lizzie, darling, I think you should go in there and see your grandfather first.

Lizzie: You don't want to go ahead of me?

Alex: I do, but tell him I'll be right along. Come on, they're going to get through this for us. They will.

Phillip: Hey. Come on in. I'm glad you're here.

James: I can't believe you're doing this.

Phillip: I know. Wasn't the plan. The chance came up.

James: With Alan. I'm glad for you, Dad. Glad you found a match, and I hope it works. But I mean, I don't understand. Why Alan and not me? I'm a match. I'm willing. I can do it. I want to do this.

Phillip: James, I know you do. And I love you for it, son. But there's no way that I could let you do that.

James: But you'll let Alan.

Phillip: It's not the same thing.

James: Okay, well, good luck.

Alan: Oh, Elizabeth.

Lizzie: Granddad, I cannot believe you are doing this.

Alan: Sweetheart, you cannot listen to what Ed said. Doctors are paid to tell you the worst. Now, I'm going to be just fine, okay?

Lizzie: Well, I'm going to be here waiting, okay?

Alan: And I will see you as soon as I wake up.

Lizzie: You're really brave. And I always knew that you could be a hero.

Josh: She is... she is really something. You did a nice job raising her, Dad.

Jonathan: Yeah, she is beautiful, right? Oh. We make a pretty good team.

Josh: Yeah.

Jonathan: There's just so much we can't do, you know-- family picnics, can't let her have play dates if we're running.

Josh: I can understand that.

Jonathan: And she needs girl...

Josh: Influence?

Jonathan: Yeah.

Josh: Yeah.

Jonathan: You know, I can learn how to do her hair and buy her a dress, but I feel like she needs her mom.

Josh: Well, good for you for realizing that.

Jonathan: And I figure if we're going to settle down somewhere, we should settle down where she can be with her mother, but I need to know that Alan isn't a threat.

Josh: You know, nothing is ever 100% with Alan. I will say this, though: He seems to have relaxed since Phillip came back. There haven't been any, you know, Alan incidents lately.

Jonathan: So you think it's safe? What, baby girl?

Josh: I think that there's a lot of people who will be happy that the two of you have come back to Springfield. And all of those people, including myself, will do everything we can to make sure that she has a safe, happy life. How's that?


Reva: Thank you.

Blake: Wow, Henry and Colin are going to grow up together. That's really nice.

Reva: Yep, they'll either be best friends or family rivals. It'll be interesting.

Blake: They'll be loved.

Reva: Yes, they will be loved, won't you? You'll be loved.

Blake: You seem really good. It's nice. I wasn't doing nearly as well as you after Ross died. I mean, not that I want to bring up sad stuff, but I'm impressed.

Reva: Well, you should have seen me before. I mean, I had pictures of Jeffrey taped up in the house everywhere.

Blake: Oh, I did that.

Reva: No, no, no, I mean everywhere. Microwave, blender, chandelier. Every room in the house was filled with pictures of Jeffrey taped up.

Blake: Oh, okay, I didn't have that.

Reva: And my wedding dress. I put on my wedding dress and I made a picnic for me and Jeffrey. Oh, yes. So, I am grateful for this day. Grateful that I am feeling better, that I am feeling a little more stable, even though I know that it could all fall apart just as quickly.

Blake: But you're getting through it. It's good. I know that I wore Ross' clothes for the first six months. I would come home and I immediately changed clothes. But you're doing it. You're getting through it.

Natalia: Lacy, Layla, Liberty. Let's see. Isabel? Isis.

Olivia: I don't know.

Natalia: Ivy. Ivy's pretty.

Olivia: I like it. I like Ivy.

Natalia: Ivy Olivia?

Olivia: Oh, that's a lot of vowels, a lot of E’s.

Natalia: Oh, wait. Feel. Did you feel that? Did you feel her kick?

Olivia: Yeah.

Natalia: Our little baby.

Olivia: Yeah. I love you. And me showing up at the sonogram, that was my way of saying I want back in. I want to be with you. I just... you are just so much further down the road than I am. I'm going to have to catch up.

Natalia: Okay. That's fine. I get that. But don't take too long because this baby's coming, and we can't stop her when she gets here. I want her to know that you're her mommy, too.

Phillip: Hey.

Bill: Hey. I don't want to take up a lot of time. You have a lot of family that wants to see you.

Phillip: I know, I know. I asked Lillian to send you back.

Bill: Sure, okay. What do you need?

Phillip: Bill, there's a fairly good chance that neither Alan or I are going to come out this.

Bill: And that is why you need to go into it with a positive attitude, okay?

Phillip: But I need to be realistic. And if the worst should happen, I need to know that there aren't going to be any loose ends. I need to know that everybody is going to be taken care of. I'm asking you to do that.

Bill: Phillip, I can promise you that I will always take care of Lizzie.

Phillip: I know that. That's why I'm asking you to look after the rest of them. It's an awful lot. I know. But I think you're the guy that can handle it.

Bill: Lizzie's family is my family.

Phillip: Thanks, Bill.

Bill: Okay. You got to make it now.

Phillip: Planning on it.

Alan: I'm awake.

James: When did you find out you were a match?

Alan: Oh, a few days ago. I have to admit to you, I didn't jump into this as quickly as you did. It took me a little while to decide I wanted to go through with this.

James: Are you scared?

Alan: Scared? If anyone tells you they're not scared, they're lying to you. I'm terrified.

James: The doctor says there is a good chance you're not going to make it.

Alan: Yeah, that's what he tells me, too.

James: You'll make it, Granddad. I'd miss you so much.

Alan: Well, you don't have to worry about that. You and I are starting a very good relationship. We'll make it. Don't count me out yet.

Olivia: Oh, sugar craving. I get those.

Alex: No, no. Actually, these are for Alan, when he comes out of surgery.

Olivia: What happened? Did he have another heart attack?

Alex: No, no, no. It turns out he's an exact match for Phillip. It's some new procedure that Ed's been working on for some time. It's a risk, but Alan’s determined.

Olivia: Wow. He's Alan, you know. He's going to come through this like a champ.

Alex: Absolutely, of course he will. They both will.

Olivia: Yeah. So, do you need anything? Can I do anything?

Alex: Oh, no, nothing, nothing at all. Just hope that they're both going to be fine.

Olivia: Yup, they will. You... just will you have someone call me because I want to tell Emma what's going on?

Alex: Of course. Someone will call you.

Olivia: That would be great.

Alex: Okay.

Reva: See, Mommy's not as crazy as everybody thought she was. No. Everybody does strange things when they're sad. Yes, they do. But you know what? We're going to get through this. Yes, we are. We're going to get through this. We're never going to stop missing your daddy. No, we're not going to stop missing your daddy, but he would want us to get through this, you know? He would want us to get through all of this. Don't you think? Don't you think he would want us to get through all this? Yes. Yeah. Oh, my baby. Oh, my sweet baby. Yes, you are. Oh.

Edmund: Check the surveillance video in Springfield. Make sure O’Neill hasn't gone anywhere near Reva. (Gunshots) Very good. Very good, Mr. O’Neill. I didn't think you'd catch up to me this time.

Jeffrey: I'm right here, Edmund.

Edmund: I've no doubt that you are. This is fun, isn't it? This little game of cat and mouse we have going on? I stalk you, you stalk me.

Jeffrey: I'm not stalking you, Edmund. I'm hunting you. I plan on killing you.

Edmund: I'm sure you do. And that's what makes it so much fun. You haven't told Reva about our little arrangement, have you?

Jeffrey: No, I haven’t.

Edmund: Ah, Jeffrey, ain't that the truth. You see, I have set up rather an elaborate little system here in Springfield, just so I can keep my eye on everyone. You know, I think I know more about the people of that town than they do themselves. Tawdry little bunch. Well, time for me to skedaddle. Look forward to seeing you, Mr. O’Neill. As I'm sure you do, too. Say hello to Jonathan for me. (Elevator starts)

Reva: Someone's here. Back to normal already. I don't even have to hide the pictures. I wonder who it is. (Knock on the door)

Josh: Reva?

Reva: Oh, Josh, come on in. Hi.

Josh: Hi. I brought you something.

Reva: (Laughs)

Jonathan: Hey, Grandma. Sarah, you remember Grandma Reva?

Reva: Hi, baby. Oh, my... let me see you. Oh, let me see you. Look at your beautiful hair. (Laughter) Who made your hair look so pretty today?

Sarah: Daddy.

Reva: Daddy? Well, I think your daddy has a future as a hairdresser.

Jonathan: Grandma's a jokester, isn't she, Sarah?

Sarah: Uh-huh.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Reva: You know what? I have a bunch of toys. I have toys that I got for Colin, but he's still too little to play with them? Do you want to go find them? There's a big box in that room right around the corner there. There's a big teddy bear sitting on top of it. Go. Go see it.

Jonathan: It's okay, piglet. Go check it out. Go ahead.

Reva: Piglet?

Jonathan: (Laughs)

Reva: Piglet, really? This should be piglet.

Jonathan: I know he's a little... (pig sounds)

Reva: Oh, it's so wonderful... she is so, so beautiful.

Jonathan: Isn't she?

Reva: She really is. Thank you for bringing her to visit.

Jonathan: Well, how would you feel if it was more than a visit? You were right. I can't give her what she needs when we're on the run. And if we're going to stay in one place, we might as well stay here.

Reva: What do you think about that?

Olivia: Hi.

Josh: Hi.

Olivia: How are you?

Josh: I'm okay. How are you?

Olivia: Oh, just, it's been crazy, you know, with Phillip’s news.

Josh: Yeah, yeah, I heard. How's Emma holding up?

Olivia: She's sad, but she's holding out hope and she might be right because Phillip’s going in for this procedure that could save his life.

Josh: Oh, well, that's a good thing.

Olivia: It is a good thing.

Josh: Yeah.

Olivia: What's going on with you?

Josh: A couple things. Turns out I'm a grandfather.

Olivia: What? What?

Josh: Henry is Shayne’s son. Don't ask. It's a complicated story, but I am, indeed, the proud grandpa of a bouncing baby one-year-old boy.

Olivia: Congratulations, Grandpa.

Josh: Thank you. That's kind of sexy when you do it that way.

Olivia: Thank you.

Josh: Babies are amazing. They change everything.

Olivia: Natalia had her sonogram today. She's having a little girl.

Josh: Are you two getting back together?

Olivia: I don't know. Part of me wants to.

Josh: Do it. Just get back together. I mean, you love her. And she loves you. And you're both great moms. And there's no reason for you to not be together. Just do it.

Rick: They've just been sedated. So we can let a couple of people in, but it will still be another minute or so.

Bill: How long does the procedure take?

Rick: Two hours.

Bill: Two hours. Well, maybe I should go get food for everyone then.

Beth: That's a good idea. I'll help you.

Bill: No, Beth, you stay here, you haven't seen Phillip yet. Why don't you talk to him, and I'll take James. All right, James?

James: All right.

Rick: You only got a couple minutes. Would you like to see him?

Alex: I want to see my brother.

Rick: Of course.

Lillian: You have to go in and see Phillip.

Beth: Yeah.

Alan: Well, I was wondering where you were.

Alex: Well, I just wanted to make certain that James and Lizzie got in to see you first.

Alan: Before I die?

Alex: No, I thought they might need closure.

Alan: Well, what about you?

Alex: Oh, come on. You know, darling, if there's one thing in the world I do know, it's that you love me. And you know that I love you.

Alan: We've been together since the very start, haven't we, Alexandra?

Alex: Oh, yes, we have.

Alan: And I want you to know something. I think you know this. But you have been a wonderful sister.

Alex: And you, little brother, have been a wonderful father. And what you're doing right now, Alan, is truly heroic.

Alan: I just hope it works.

Alex: Oh, so do I.

Alan: I hope... I hope I can save him.

Alex: I hope so, darling. I... I should let you rest.

Alan: No, I want to ask you a favor.

Alex: Anything, of course.

Alan: Now, when I go, in my will, it talks about this funeral, this grand finale of Alan Spaulding, but I don't want that. I want the family to just be together quietly. That's all.

Alex: Are you sure, Alan?

Alan: Yes, yes. I want... I want you to take my ashes and scatter them. Go down memory lane and talk about me and...

Alex: Sure.

Alan: Tell the family that... tell them all that I love them very much.

Alex: If you're sure it's what you want.

Alan: It's what I want. Now, you promise me.

Alex: Okay, I will promise you.

Alan: Good.

Alex: You're a hard man.

Beth: Do you have time for one more visitor?

Phillip: I think I can squeeze you in.

Beth: I hope this works.

Phillip: I hope it doesn't kill my father.

Beth: Nothing has so far. You, either, for that matter. I'd say the two of you have a pretty good shot at pulling through this.

Phillip: Yeah. Dad and I have certainly beat the odds a few times, haven't we? Hey, it's okay. I'm going to tell you something. When I kissed you at Lizzie’s wedding, I knew then. I knew that I was dying. But for a moment, when I looked into your eyes, I didn't feel like there was anything that could separate us. I know I've made a lot of mistakes, way too many to try to apologize for now. But I'm telling you, if I can make it through this, I want to be with you. And I hope we can find a way back to each other.

Beth: Phillip, I...

Rick: Hey, buddy. We're ready to take you in.

Beth: I just need...

Rick: We really have to go, Beth.

Phillip: Okay. I love you.

Bill: We got sandwiches if anyone... you want one?

Alex: Not now, darling, thank you.

Bill: Well, we got them if you want them.

Rick: You know, I'll take one of those. It's going to be a long day.

Lillian: So, how was he?

Beth: He was Phillip. More concerned about taking care of me than he was about what he's about to go through. I am so angry at you right now.

Lillian: At me? Why?

Beth: I had the right to know that Phillip was sick.

Lillian: Beth, I was treating Phillip in my medical profession.

Beth: Don't tell me that. I had the right to know. I was so confused when Phillip and I got close and then he pulled away. And I spent weeks being angry at him, weeks that I could have spent taking care of him.

Lillian: Beth, he made me promise. He didn't want anyone to know. He was so sorry I had to know. I was so sorry I had to know. When I looked into those little green eyes of yours, and I had to lie to you, it was the hardest thing I have ever, ever, ever done.

Beth: I should have known. You should have let me make that decision.

Lillian: Sweetie, I begged him and begged him to tell you. But he talked about you all the time. He was so proud of you. He was so proud of the strong woman you've become. He was so proud of the fact that you were going to be a lawyer. He just didn't want to take away your life from you. He wanted everything to be as normal as it could be.

Beth: I just wanted the chance to take care of him.

Lillian: Oh, sweetie.

James: Split it?

Lizzie: Did you have them make that for me?

James: I thought it might make you feel better.

Lizzie: How are you feeling?

James: I'm pissed off. Dad's putting Granddad through something he doesn't have to go through. I could be the donor.

Lizzie: That was never going to happen. I mean, he doesn't even want Granddad doing it.

James: But he is doing it.

Lizzie: Okay, well, you know, you only get to save one family member's life, and you've already used up that card. Stop wasting your energy trying to figure out why things happen the way that they do, okay? Because right now, you and I are going to need to stick together and help Mom and Aunt Alex, okay? I'll have the other half.

Jeffrey: Where are you?

Jonathan: Hey, Aubrey.

Reva: Aubrey? Oh, tell her I said hi.

Jonathan: Aubrey, my mom says hi.

Jeffrey: You're with Reva.

Jonathan: Yeah, just hanging out with mom and my little brother. He's cute, almost as cute as me.

Jeffrey: I got close to Edmund today, but he did one of those famous last minute slips of his. Jonathan, he's having everyone watched in Springfield. Be careful.

Jonathan: Will do. How is everything?

Jeffrey: Yeah, just keep an eye on Reva for me, okay?

Jonathan: You know I will. You be good, Aubrey.

Reva: How is she?

Jonathan: She's good. She's good. Just checking in.

Reva: Are you going to make me one of those?

Jonathan: You want a sammy jammmy?

Blake: Oh, I like romantic names.

Frank: Of course, you do.

Blake: Yeah.

Natalia: You know what? When we see it, we'll just know it's the right one.

Frank: Okay, how about this for a little idea? How about she's born and then we kind of see what her little personality is, and then try to match names to her personality.

Natalia: No, you can't do that. You have to give them a name or else they have a complex. You know what I mean?

Blake: She's right. She's right. The baby's name has to be settled before the baby's born.

Natalia: Yes.

Blake: That's just all there is to it.

Frank: Okay.

Natalia: You know what I was doing? I was kind of just hopping around before, but I'm thinking maybe we should just start from the beginning and go alphabetically. We will start a "A" and from there we'll just circle the ones we like.

Frank: Okay. Well, there's like over a thousand names in that book.

Natalia: I know, so we better get started. What about Abbey or Ada or Addie? Adelaide?

Frank: How about Adessa? Adessa. That's like a nice Greek name.

Natalia: Yes. Well, let's just keep looking.

Olivia: Hi. What letter are we up to?

Frank: Well, actually Natalia wanted to kind of start from the top, so we're in the "A's right now.

Olivia: Great, didn't miss anything. Good.

Natalia: Yeah. Okay.

Frank: Are you here to help?

Olivia: Well, I can't let you name our baby without me.

Reva: Come on in. Look at you, Grandpa.

Josh: Yeah, well I didn't want Henry to feel left out.

Reva: Well, we don't want him to feel left out either. We're having a cousins party.

Josh: Wait a minute, isn't Colin their uncle?

Reva: Oh, don't even go there, really, too complicated. We're going to let them figure that out later.

Josh: Okay. Well, Jonathan, I'd like you to meet Shayne’s son Henry.

Jonathan: I didn't know Shayne had a kid.

Reva: Well, he didn't know it either until a few weeks ago.

Jonathan: Wow. Things change quick here.

Josh: (Laughs)

Reva: But there's no yellow brick road to lead you out. So once you're here, you're stuck. You know that, right?

Jonathan: I know. I wouldn't be here if I didn't want to be with you guys. So what do we do now? I say we throw a blanket on the floor, put the kids on it and throw a cookie in the middle, and let them fight it out.

Reva: Oh, that's terrible. You have to be fair. You have to throw three cookies in the middle of the floor.

Jonathan: Okay.

Reva: Okay.

Jonathan: You're going to win, right? (Laughter)

Reva: I think she'll win.

Natalia: Bess. Bethany.

Frank: Anybody need coffee?

Natalia: Bettina?

Olivia: Nothing is ringing my bell. (Cell phone ringing) Oh.

Frank: Sorry, ladies, it's the station. I got to take this.

Natalia: I knew you would understand that this is the right thing to do.

Olivia: Look, I'm going to still need a little time and space.

Natalia: Oh, my God. Screw time and space.

Olivia: Oh.

Natalia: Really, just move into the farmhouse today. You and Emma move into the farmhouse before the baby is born. You'll just be there already. Just move in.

Olivia: I can't do that.

Natalia: Yes, you can.

Olivia: No.

Natalia: Say yes. Say you're moving in today. Say yes.

Olivia: No, no.

Natalia: Say yes.

Olivia: Yes.

Natalia: Really? That's a real yes?

Olivia: That's a real yes.

Frank: Okay. You're not going to believe this one but Chief Wolfe just quit.

Natalia: Congratulations, Frank.

Olivia: Did you hear that, sweet little baby. Your daddy is going to be the chief of police.

Natalia: Great.

Olivia: That's great.

It's getting harder and harder to believe in anything

because there's nothing holding the stars up in the sky

no reason or rhyme to this life

nothing keeping us together you and I

you and I I think how hard this world to make of it

it's not love if it doesn't hurt a bit

if we just hold on tight we'll get through this

you and I I still believe in you and I

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Alex: Shouldn't we be hearing something by now?

Lillian: It hasn't been that long. It just feels like it's that long.

Lizzie: They both to have make it because I can't imagine the world without them in it.

Reva: I can't believe you're staying.

Jonathan: I haven't even told Lizzie yet.

Reva: Well, no time like the present, right?

Doris: I told Ashlee the truth, and I haven't heard from her since. And that was, like, more than a day ago. What do I do?

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