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Guiding Light Transcript Thursday 9/3/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Natalia: I know I hurt you and it's going to take me a lot of hard work from me to remind you how good what we have is.

Phillip: I'm so glad you're here. I'm not sure I could go through this without you.

Beth: I want to be with you every step of the way.

James: One question, Dr. Bauer. I see that you found a cure for my dad. Why do you want him to die?

Daisy: Wait, this whole Shayne is Henry's father.

Blake: I'm still trying to wrap my head around this.

Daisy: Is that why Mallet left?

Blake: Oh, are you two getting married?

Ashlee: Hi, guys. Actually, the man of the hour. He got so overexcited, he fell asleep.

Marina: Oh. Let's go find a quiet corner to put him in.

Shayne: Okay.

Banker: Buzz Cooper?

Buzz: Yeah. That's me.

Banker: These are for you.

Buzz: What is this? Marina! This is bank stuff.

Marina: Oh, no.

Banker: We're calling due your second and first mortgage in 30 days.

Blake: Oh, you wouldn't.

Daisy: What?

Frank: What, foreclosure now?

Banker: Your fiscal reports for the last two quarters are below our loan schedule minimums.

Ashlee: Is that legal?

Blake: It's underhanded.

Banker: This restaurant's going under. I'm sorry. We have to foreclose before you declare bankruptcy.

Olivia: Oh, great. They did it again.

Natalia: Hey.

Olivia: Hi.

Natalia: I just... I didn't mean to disturb you while you're working.

Olivia: It's okay.

Natalia: I just wanted to let you know that tomorrow's my sonogram. And I know you're going to want to come with because we're going to find out if we're having boy or a girl.

Lizzie: I still can't believe it.

Bill: I know.

Lizzie: I just can't believe that this is happening.

Alan: It's been happening for quite a while, Elizabeth.

Lizzie: Did you know about this?

Alan: No, I just recently found out about it myself, but Phillip has known about it for a long time. And he's kept it from us so he can control the situation.

Bill: Okay. Lizzie, Lizzie, come here for a second.

Lizzie: No, no, I can't. I just...

Alan: Look, this is when we need to pull together, okay?

Lizzie: I don't want this to be a fight. I just need a minute.

Lillian: Look, it's just for overnight.

Phillip: No.

Lillian: We want to observe you. You can get out in the morning.

Phillip: No.

Beth: Nobody wants to see you stuck here, but you have to take care of yourself. Fight.

Lillian: Yes.

Phillip: Fight for what?

Beth: For life, to stay with us as long as possible.

Phillip: Yes, okay, but not in a hospital bed.

Beth: Rick, tell him that he has to stay.

Rick: Beth, he's heard all the options. There's no treatment for this, and you know him, there's no use trying to force him to do anything.

Beth: Phillip, please.

Phillip: No! Beth, I'm not going down that road. I would rather die at home than die in a hospital.

Ed: James, put the file down. That's confidential.

James: There's a cure?

Ed: No, there isn't.

James: It says right here that there's a procedure that will save my dad's life.

Ed: That's not what it says. Look, those are notes. It's not...

James: But why would you keep this from us?

Ed: I'm not keeping anything from you.

James: You could save my dad's life!

Ed: That is about a completely untested procedure that's incredibly risky.

James: It's not for you to decide. There's a cure.

Beth: What?

James: Dr. Bauer found a cure. He wasn't going to tell us.

Lizzie: What?

James: There is. Look

Beth: Oh, my God.

Phillip: Look, there is no cure.

Lillian: There really isn't, sweetie.

James: That's crap. I saw it in there, all right? Tell... tell the truth.

Ed: You didn't understand what you saw.

Beth: Then explain it to us.

Ed: This would be a completely experimental procedure that would require massive bone marrow transplant, blood transfusions, extreme immuno-suppression.

Lizzie: What does this mean?

Phillip: Honey, it means that it's so risky that nobody's even ever tried it before.

Beth: Is that true?

Ed: Yes. It's a theory. And even if it went completely according to plan, the chances of Phillip's survival are less than 50%.

James: But it's worth a try, though.

Phillip: No, it not worth a try because the chance of the donor surviving is less than 50% also.

Ed: What you all have to understand is the hospital can't, in good conscience, recommend this. I mean, no doctor, at is point, would do it.

Lizzie: Is there a point when you would recommend it?

Ed: No. I mean... if they brought in someone who had fatal injuries and happened to be a match.

Lillian: And he'd have be brain dead, and you'd have to get permission from his family.

Phillip: Right. Even if all of that happens, it's still a very slim chance that it would work.

Lizzie: Well, you're still here. We can still try. Maybe one of us is a match.

Phillip: No!

James: Why not?

Lizzie: Yeah.

Phillip: Listen! Now, look, I've been through all this with Ed already. I wouldn't let anybody take this chance. I'm sure as hell not going to let somebody in my family do it.

Olivia: I can't go to your sonogram. I don't understand why you won't leave this alone.

Natalia: Because we are meant to be together.

Olivia: That's not happening.

Natalia: You're really going to have to just get over this fear.

Olivia: Do I look frightened to you?

Natalia: You're worried.

Olivia: I'm busy.

Natalia: I don't want you to miss out on these really important family moments. Once they happen, I can't make them happen again. Please come.

Olivia: Thanks, but no.

Cyrus: There you are. Listen, we got to finish that book.

Ashlee: No, we... really, we can't. We're nowhere near close to finished.

Cyrus: Well, we'll just give them something rough.

Blake: No, we can't do it. They won't buy it.

Cyrus: They will buy it.

Blake: No. They really... they really won't buy it.

Ashlee: No, we haven't even started our final chapter.

Blake: You don't understand publishing. Even if we worked on it day and night, we wouldn't be able to get the money we need in time to pay off the mortgage.

Cyrus: Why not?

Blake: Because publishing... publishing works in quarters. We... in order to get the money we need today, right now, the advance, we'd have to hand in a finished manuscript by 6:00 P.M. tonight.

Ashlee: No, no, no way.

Blake: Ah, well, I'm with her.

Cyrus: Well, we have to try. Come on. Do it for Coop. Do it for Buzz. Do it for Jenna. I don't care. Listen, Buzz risked everything to rescue me, and I'm not going to stand-by and let this family go under. Come on. Let's save the Cooperís and save Company. What do you say?

Ashe: I'm in.

Cyrus: Blake?

Blake: Oh, boy. Well, you certainly can't do it without me, so... we're going to have to cut a lot of corners.

Cyrus: Brilliant, brilliant. Let's meet at the Beacon?

Ashlee: Yes! (Laughs) Go!

Cyrus: Form of a giant eagle!

Daisy: Anyone hungry?

Marina: No, thanks.

Shayne: No, guess not.

Natalia: Hi.

Buzz: Welcome to the morgue.

Natalia: I was just looking for Frank. Just wanted to remind you about the sonogram tomorrow.

Frank: Yeah, okay.

Natalia: It's at 10:00. And I asked Olivia to come, too.

Frank: Oh, good.

Natalia: All righty then. Bye.

Cyrus: (Sighs) So how many chapters did you say we still have to do?

Ashlee: Just one. But it needs to be all about Australia and your adventures there. So it's a little more difficult than just editing because we need to write from scratch.

Cyrus: Okay, how many pages is that, exactly?

Blake: 35.

Cyrus: Wow. How much time do we have?

Ashlee: uh... we have three hours and 45 minutes.

Cyrus: All righty then. Let's get this show on the road, shall we?

Blake: You know, we have to edit each page, too, as it goes.

Cyrus: No complaints, just solutions. And you won't have to write it all, Ashlee.

Ashlee: No, I won't?

Cyrus: No. I'll be standing here. I'll be earbashing you about Australia and the grift. You'll just tweak it into Coop's words.

Blake: And what do I do?

Cyrus: You edit each page as it comes out, all right? No drama. We'll just get to it.

Ashlee: Okay.

Buzz: See, and you thought the news about Shayne and Henry would be a big stir.

Marina: Yeah, it's hard to notice in all the Cooper craziness.

Shayne: You hear that, kiddo? Do you? Yeah, you're part of a nutty family.

Buzz: Welcome to the nuthouse.

Marina: Thanks.

Shayne: Hey, 's okay. Come on, now. My family makes yours look like the Camdenís from "Seventh Heaven."

Marina: Hardly.

Frank: Hey there.

Olivia: Hi.

Frank: So, I guess I'll see you at the sonogram tomorrow.

Olivia: No, I'm not... I'm not going.

Frank: You're not going?

Olivia: No, it's not my place.

Frank: You know what, Olivia? Who knows what anyone's place is anymore, you know? I mean, I really don't even know the difference between right and wrong anymore. I thought I did last week but... anyway, with Mallet and Marina splitting up and finding out that Shayne is Henry's dad, the restaurant's failing-- it's failing miserably right now and Cyrus... I mean, Cyrus is Jenna's son. Did you know that? (Sighs) I know Natalia loves you. And she's having my baby. So, you know, right now the whole world is just upside down. Who knows what's going on anymore? You know what? But in the big picture, the whole scheme of things, things aren't... things really aren't so bad. So... so don't just beat yourself up anymore, you know? Don't overthink things. Just... just do what you need to do. I'll see you later.

The world was not on my side

until I figured out how to get happy

James: So there's no law against it?

Ed: There's no law.

James: Then test me. Test me!

Phillip: No! No.

James: You can't stop me, damn it. I'm over 18.

Phillip: James...

Lizzie: Yeah, so am I.

Phillip: Look, listen to me listen to me. I love you both for your courage and your willingness to do this, but I am your father and I am telling you I am not going to follow it. There will be no tests on anybody in this family.

James: It's not your decision.

Phillip: Now, come on. Come on. I want to try and spend this time together being as happy and as positive as we can. This is the reason that I didn't tell you until now, because I didn't want everything to be just about this. All right? I have one more little girl that I have to tell.

Alan: Natalia?

Natalia: Hi.

Alan: What... what are you doing here?

Natalia: Oh, I'm just picking up my vitamins.

Alan: Oh, picking up your vitamins. Well, I'm... I'm here for a routine check-up. Tell me, how are you liking your job at Spaulding, huh?

Natalia: Oh, I love it.

Alan: Good.

Natalia: Really, really love it. Thank you so much.

Alan: I was here for my routine check-up and I got pulled into a very serious family meeting, some very sad news. Phillip announced to the family that he is dying. And I think that you should know that because Rafael is a member of our family, and he should know it, too.

Natalia: Alan, I'm... are you okay?

Alan: We're all fine.

Natalia: The family?

Alan: Yeah, yeah, we're fine. We're fine. It'll take us a little time, but we're ok. Speaking of Rafael, how is he?

Natalia: He enlisted.

Alan: Enlisted?

Natalia: The army. He's going to call you and tell you, of course. I mean, since we're talking right now...

Alan: He enlist in the army? Wow! What a brave young man he is. You must tell him to call me before he goes. Will you?

Natalia: Of course.

Alan: Good.

Nurse: Here you are, these should get you through. Come back in a month

Natalia: Thank you.

Cyrus: Buzz dug next to the tree as if his life depended on it.

Blake: Oh, that's very good, very compelling.

Doris: Hey, Blake. What are you guys working on so feverishly?

Ashlee: Oh, Coop wrote a book about Jenna, you know his mom and we have to finish it by 6:00, otherwise Buzz will lose his restaurant.

Doris: Oh. Wow. You should write a book about me sometime.

Ashlee: I can't. I mean, I don't know anything about you.

Blake: Okay, keep going, all right?

Cyrus: All right. By the time he hit metal, sweat was dripping from his brow.

Olivia: How long have you... how long have you known?

Phillip: A couple of months.

Olivia: Well, how long do you have?

Phillip: Not long.

Emma: Daddy, Daddy, I'm so glad to see you. I knew you'd come today.

Phillip: You did?

Emma: Mommy, you're crying. what's wrong?

Phillip: Hey, sweetie, why don't you and Daddy take a walk, okay?

It's hard to see where it all began

did I really disappear was a part of me

never really here but I'm going to find it

I'll make a wish take a stand

you know I'm trying hard to understand

I'll open my eyes breathe the air

I got these dreams and I'll take you there

James: You got to do this for me, man.

Rick: I can't.

James: Please.

Rick: Look, Phillip doesn't want to do it. He can't do it.

James: What is it with this hospital? What is it with this whole town? We just do whatever Phillip wants?

Rick: It's not that simple.

James: And now he wants to die? We're just going to let him do that, too?

Rick: He doesn't want to die, James, but he doesn't want to live at the expense of somebody else.

James: Just give me the that. How long does it take?

Rick: It doesn't... it takes 25 minutes. But it doesn't matter. I'm not going to do it because it's against hospital protocol.

James: I need to do this for my dad. Wouldn't you do this for your dad, for Ed? Wouldn't you take the test for him? I love my dad. I do. We just... I need him to know it, okay?

Lillian: Hey, don't forget your cardio test. The lab closes in an hour.

Alan: Lillian, maybe I'll just skip my test, huh?

Lillian: Maybe you shouldn't.

Alan: My son has just informed the family of his impending death.

Lillian: So you need to take care of yourself because your family's going to need you. They're going to need you to take care of them.

Alan: No one needs me anymore.

Doris: Natalia, hi.

Natalia: Hi, Doris.

Doris: Wow, you are showing.

Natalia: I am.

Doris: How are you feeling?

Natalia: Great, great. I can't wait for all this, to raise a family with Olivia.

Doris: I thought she was having a hard time with this, I thought she said no.

Natalia: Well, she did, but she means too much to me.

Doris: Wow. So you're just going to hang on like that, huh

Natalia: She's the love of my life.

In every direction my attention scatters and stalls

Emma: Is Daddy going to come back?

Olivia: No, baby, he won't.

Emma: Can we say goodbye to him again?

Olivia: Sure. You want to do that right now?

Emma: Uh-uh.

Olivia: Okay. Do you want to do something else, something that will make you feel better?

Emma: Can we go to Natalia's and bake cookies for Daddy? Maybe they will make him feel better.

Olivia: Don't even know that Natalia's available right now.

Emma: Can you call her?

Olivia: Yeah.

Natalia: Hi. Want some cookies? Coming in?

Cyrus: So where was I? Can you read that bit back to me?

Ashlee: So you threw things on the barbie and...

Cyrus: Right, right, right. Weren't we at Buzz hit metal? Buzz hit metal.

Ashe: Right, yes.

Cyrus: I'll get back to the barbie bit.

Everyone says it's your heart not your head

that brings you where you need to be

I know I've read about feeling misled

and I don't know how much I believe

because my head aches and my love takes me deep underground

the earth quakes...

Natalia: That one. Perfect. That one. Good job. You're beautiful. You're a mess. Mix. Good job.

Took the untakeable made the unremarkable

because my head aches

when your love takes me deep underground

the earth quakes and my heart awakes

because you got to go up to down

got to go up to go down I know you've been there

now tell me how it's gonna feel

I'm tongue tied and twisted I fell down and found out...

Ashlee: Okay, done.

Blake: Two minutes to six.

Cyrus: Get the publisher on the phone.

Blake: Hey, hi. Hi, Nafi, it's Blake again. Is he in? I know, I know, I know. Just... can I talk to him?

Ashlee: Are you hacking?

Cyrus: Well, a good criminal knows a little bit of everything.

Blake: Hi. Hi, Cal, Blake again. I know, I know. How's Barbara Jean?

Cyrus: There.

Blake: Hamptons, I haven't been there in ages. How's the house? Is it still there? Yeah, well, we'll get to that. Manuscript is great. We submitted at 5:58 actually. I know how you are about time and everything, and I wanted to make sure I got it under the wire. Do you see it, great, excellent. Wonderful. So... that advance that we talked about, would you be able to push that through tonight. I gave all the bank information to Nafi. Oh, you're the best. Give my love to Barbara. Okay, okay. Bye.

(Cheers and screams)

Ashlee: Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Cyrus: Oh! Yeah. (Laughs)

Blake: High five.

Cyrus: Yeah.

Ashlee: Hands.

Cyrus: Oh, wow!

Ed: Hey, what you got?

Lillian: The lab is doing what you suggested.

Ed: The nurses?

Lillian: Same thing.

Ed: The chances of finding a match are so remote. What's that?

Lillian: This is the lab's first pass.

Ed: Thank you.

Lillian: What was already in the lab.

Rick: James. You're a match.

James: So I can save my dad?

Rick: Might is the operative word.

James: Okay, so I might be able to save my dad. So... so what do we do? Like, what's the procedure? What will happen?

Phillip: Nothing will happen.

James: Dad, everything is going to be okay. Everything's going to be great. The two of us, we're going to beat the odds.

Phillip: What the hell is going on?

Rick: He's a match, Phillip. 100% -- he's a match.

Phillip: You tested my son?

James: Dad, we all want you to live.

Phillip: How dare you get tested? How dare you put my son's life at risk?

James: He didn't do anything. It was my decision. I want to take the risk.

Phillip: It is not going to happen! You understand me? I am not going to put my son's life...

James: Dad, please understand.

Phillip: James, what can't you listen?

James: I need to tell you... I need to tell you...

Phillip: Why can't you ever hear what I am saying to you?

Ashlee: Iím not even tired anymore.

Cyrus: Me neither.

Blake: Yoo-hoo.

Cyrus: Is this still a restaurant? Can we get some food or something?

Blake: A little service please.

Buzz: Where have you three been?

Cyrus: We've been busy.

Ashlee: Very busy.

Blake: We have some news.

Buzz: Good news?

Blake: Think you're going to like it.

Frank: Like what news?

Blake: Coop wrote a book.

Cyrus: A book about Jenna.

Buzz: Oh, yeah, the notes and stuff.

Blake: No, I mean a finished book.

Ashlee: Yeah, it's really good.

Buzz: Well, whenever I find out where I'm going to live and work, I'll read it. Maybe we can get it published.

Blake: Oh, well, it a little late for that.

Cyrus: You can actually read it right now.

Buzz: Now? What is that thing?

Blake: Your new corporation.

Marina: What did you guys do?

Blake: Well, Cyrus set it up. Ashlee finished the manuscript, and we sent it to my publisher about, oh, two minutes ago. The money for the advance for your corporation is being sent to us as we speak.

Buzz: My corporation?

Blake: You're the C.E.O.

Buzz: (Whistles)

Frank: Let me see that. How much of an advance?

Cyrus: Enough.

Shayne: Enough to pay the mortgage?

Ashlee: Yeah.

Shayne: Oh, wow.

Marina: Enough pay both mortgages?

Cyrus: Yeah, in full.

Daisy: Or a new stove?

Frank: That too.

Blake: And a roof and new equipment, everything. Everything.

Buzz: Enough to send her to school?

Ashlee: Yeah.

Cyrus: Yeah.

Frank: How did you do this?

Blake: Coop has a very good reputation.

Ashlee: Yeah, and Blake is a real salesperson. And Cyrus is shady. (Laughter)

Blake: I sent them the leads, but Jenna has a very amazing story.

Marina: So Coop and Jenna saved the day.

Buzz: Well... I... I... a toast to Coop and Jenna. Milkshakes on everyone. (Laughter) Booze too, if you want.

Cyrus: That's what I'm talking about. Yeah.

Buzz: Booze in the milkshakes. Forget the milkshake and just have the booze. To Coop and Jenna.

Blake: To Coop and Jenna. (Laughter)

Natalia: All right, we got about ten minutes still.

Emma: Natalia, is your baby going to be a boy or a girl?

Natalia: Well, I don't know yet, but we're going to find out tomorrow.

Emma: Can I feel?

Natalia: Yeah, sure.

Emma: I don't feel anything.

Natalia: Yeah, I know. The baby's been a little quiet this afternoon. Oh, you feel that?

Emma: Uh-huh. She kicks hard.

Natalia: Yeah.

Emma: It's an Emily.

Natalia: Oh, it is? All right, well, what if it's boy baby?

Emma: Nope, it's a girl.

Doris: Olivia, hey.

Olivia: Hey, hi.

Doris: Hi. I just saw Natalia. She looks beautiful, wow. Lots of new life.

Olivia: Yeah new life begins, old life ends.

Doris: Yeah, I heard about Phillip. I'm so sorry.

Olivia: Thank you. I guess life is full of choices and what happens after you make them.

Doris: What choice do you mean?

Olivia: I don't know. I guess I mean choosing between what you want and what's realistic.

Doris: Oh, I've had to make that one more than once.

Olivia: I mean, Phillip didn't choose to get sick. I get that. But I'm worried about Emma. I mean, she's going to grow up without her father.

Doris: And, you know, Ashlee, she's grown up without knowing who her mother truly is, so... you know, I really wish I made more risks in my life.

Olivia: Risks? Risks, well, I've taken a few of those. I haven't always liked the way it's turned out.

Doris: Yeah. Well, I haven't taken many risks. But maybe now it's... maybe now it's the time to risk everything, to reach out for what's really important.

Daisy: Okay, so everything is good again. We just found out that we have money. And so now I can go to college, and my grandpa, he can fix up the restaurant. It's all just because they sold Coop's book. So... you okay? What's wrong? Do you want to sit down?

James: Can we go for a walk?

Daisy: Yeah.

Phillip: You're my friend!

Rick: He's your son.

Phillip: Why did you go against my wishes?

Rick: I knew that you would never agree to the procedure, Phillip.

Phillip: Well, then why would you let him get his hopes up?

Rick: I'm trying to talk to your son realistically.

Phillip: Oh for God's sake, Rick, he's a boy! Why would you do that to him?

Rick: Why would I do that to him, what are you doing to him? He's not a boy, Phillip! He's your son. Heís a boy trying to become a man. He put his life on the line for you, and you're just walking all over him. Again.

Phillip: I'm his father, Rick. I need to protect him.

Rick: It's not about what you need. It about what James needed. Just because you're dying doesn't mean you can control what everybody feels. Your son just wants to be a son, Phillip. Let him be your son. You never got that.

Phillip: Nope. I never did. I'm glad you did.

Rick: Let's go pick up the pieces.

Phillip: How did you get to be such a good father?

Rick: Because I got a good father.

Ed: So we've been running preliminary screenings, just on the off chance.

Alan: You found someone?

Ed: Yes, we did.

Alan: Oh.

Ed: Amazingly, even though you are not Phillip's biological father, you're a potential match.

Alan: I am?

Ed: Yes we're going to have to run more tests to make certain, but you could possibly save Phillip's life. The procedure itself is still a huge long shot. The risks are immense. I just thought that you'd want to know. You can use the office to think.

Coming up on "Guiding Light" --

Rafe: I have enlisted in the Army.

Alan: I think your father would be very proud of you right now, son.

Doris: I told you that we had to talk first.

Ashlee: That would be the day that you told me about sex.

Doris: That actually wasn't the conversation I was planning on having with you that day.

Ed: You could save Phillip's life. The risk to you is extremely high.

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