GL Transcript Thursday 8/27/09

Guiding Light Transcript Thursday 8/27/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Frank: Cyrus conned you, Dad. He's probably there right now digging up the treasure. I told you he would do this, and he did.

Mallet: I applied for a job with the agency, and I got one. So I have to leave tonight.

Buzz: I'm not going let that guy go over there and take what's mine. It's not even mine, it's Coop's.

Mallet: They have something overseas in Germany. And if I want it then I can have it. But I would have to leave tonight.

Christina: Working hard?

Lizzie: Uh-huh. No work crew. No Bill for the moment. And no guilt about not wanting to move a muscle. Please, take a seat, join in the nothingness.

Christina: I've been doing nothing all day long. Remy's off on some secret mission with the S.P.D. Where did you send Bill off to?

Lizzie: He is picking up the tile.

Christina: Alone?

Lizzie: I am not completely insane. I sent Matt with him with an explicit list of no-noís. Secret mission, huh?

Christina: Yeah.

Lizzie: Are you curious?

Christina: Very, but I'm trying not to be. So I came here to distract myself by working on the house.

Lizzie: Oh, good. Guilt is back. Okay, fine. Let's go caulk something.

Christina: I thought you'd never ask.

Remy: You always wear that?

Cyrus: What, this? Yeah, it's the only thing I got from my mum.

Remy: So where is that page from Jennaís journal?

Cyrus: Oh, it's right here.

Remy: Is this near here?

Cyrus: It's the edge of town. So, let's go find some treasure, eh? See if we can solve Buzz's money problems.

Remy: I didn't come here to eat vegemite and see kangaroos. Let's go.

Cyrus: Okay, then.

Frank: Okay, there you go. Oh, hey, ladies, listen, have you seen Marina?

Blake: No, and actually I don't think she should come in, do you? Mallet only left town yesterday. I...

Marina: Hey. Hey, guys.

Frank: Hey, hey, hey.

Marina: Sorry I'm late. I overslept through my alarm, but Daisy had Henry, so I didn't have to wake him.

Blake: You know what? It's fine. It's fine, Marina. We're good. We're set. We have everything. Actually, I think you should just sit down and have some tea.

Marina: Okay.

Frank: Yeah. Good idea.

Ashlee: Oh, Marina, I told them to just leave the mail there, right behind you, near the register.

Marina: Yes, thank you.

Ashlee: Yeah. I am really, really glad that we got Coop's book out before anyone found out.

Blake: Yeah, and to that publisher, no doubt. We're going to make a lot of money for the Cooperís.

Marina: Dad.

Frank: Excuse me, one second. Yes, what's up?

Marina: It's a letter from the bank about the second mortgage. They're not going to waive the penalties. We owe them a lot more than we thought we did.

Josh: Hey. What's up?

Shayne: Need a favor.

Josh: Okay.

Shayne: I've been a mess. I acknowledge it. I've been a mess for a while. I've been a mess since Lara, then Dinah.

Josh: Well, son, that's understandable.

Shayne: Maybe for a while. But not for as long as has been going on with me. I've been using it as an excuse to stay a mess. And no more. I need to do something. And I'm here because I need a job. Please.

Josh: You want a job here?

Shayne: Yeah, if I could, yeah.

Josh: Fine, you're hired.

Shayne: That's it?

Josh: Yeah.

Shayne: Okay. Okay. Thank you, Dad. I won't let you down.

Josh: I know you wonít.

Shayne: I won't let you down on this one. I promise you, all right?

Josh: You want to go celebrate, have lunch or something like that?

Shayne: I canít. I have a list that... I'm checking things off of a list. So let me finish the list and I'll be back. We'll celebrate another time, though. Okay?

Josh: Okay, all right.

Shayne: Thank you.

Josh: You're welcome.

Shayne: All right. See you.

Reva: We just don't have a lot of food in the house right now. But I will go out. I'll go out and I'll get some more, okay? I will. Just that I'm not going to go out just yet. I mean, Jonathanís here and I want to be able to spend as much time with him as I possibly can. But I'm not using that as an excuse. Just... I hope he likes peanut butter. You know what would be really good? Marshmallow, marshmallow fluff on these. I don't have any. I'll just put that on the list, too. But I have grape jelly, your favorite. Right here. There it is.

Jonathan: You need a hand, Mom?

Reva: Nope. I was just thinking I have to get marshmallow fluff and put it on the list. You hungry? Huh? Here. Good.

Jonathan: Is this one yours? Because I don't want to eat your sandwich.

Reva: What are you doing? Well, you were talking to him. Thought maybe I should say hello.

Reva: Stop playing with your food.

Jonathan: I won't be gone too long.

Reva: You're going out?

Jonathan: I think I'm going to go lurk around town for a while.

Reva: You're so good at it. (Phone rings) Hello?

Shayne: Hey, Mom.

Reva: Shayne. How are you?

Shayne: I'm okay. You know, I'm going to be better after I apologize to you right now.

Reva: Oh, no, no. Honey, you donít... you don't have to do that. I understand.

Shayne: No, no, you're not the one who needed to understand anything, Mom. I am. And that's why I'm calling you. I want you to know that I get it now. We may not have the special connection that I was talking about, but that does not matter. I'm your kid. And I know that you love me. You're my mom, and I love you. And that's all that really matters. And the rest of it, you know, we'll deal with it as it comes. And I know that we're both doing the best we can.

Reva: I do love you.

Shayne: Good. Good, that's all I need to know. Listen, I got to go, okay?

Reva: You got to go?

Shayne: Well, yeah, that's it. I have a list I'm burning through. Get a job from Dad. Apologize to Mom. Check and check.

Reva: So I'm just part of your list?

Shayne: Yeah. Yeah, you are. But I love you. I'll call you later.

Reva: You know what? He's a good kid. Weird, but good.

Shayne: Hey, it's Shayne.

Marina: Hey, what's up?

Shayne: Just sitting here thinking about some things. Namely, Henry.

Marina: Well, he's with Daisy today.

Shayne: Okay, that's good. Because it actually gives us a chance to talk. Where are you at? Can we meet up?

Marina: Yeah, sure. I'm at Company.

Shayne: All right.

Lizzie: I am 99% sure that that is not how you do it.

Christina: I don't know what I did. It's not moving. Why is it not moving?

Lizzie: I have no idea. Why? Why? We had the chairs. Why couldn't we just stick to the original plan?

Christina: You should have put in your pool first because then we could go hop in that. It's hot out here.

Lizzie: It's true. It's true.

Christina: Now help me. Pick up a saw. (Laughter)

Lizzie: You think I can do it with this?

Christina: Maybe some tape.

Lizzie: Yeah, yeah, that will help.

Christina: We'll tape the house together. (Laughter)

Frank: Squeeze it. Squeeze it right there.

Marina: What are we doing about the bank?

Frank: We're not going to do anything about the bank. We're going to wait for your grandfather to come back and see what he wants to do about the bank.

Marina: Grandpa? Where is he now?

Frank: Oh, he's in Australia. Oh, yeah, he decided to try to stop that thug that he decided to trust, Cyrus, after screwing over this family, yet again. Jenna left some kind of treasure behind in Australia. And we think Cyrus went after it.

Blake: Without telling Buzz? That's interesting.

Frank: No, Blake, that's not interesting. That's expected. Why am I the only guy not blind to this guy?

Marina: I'm going to go ahead and choose to ignore that beautiful comment you just made. What is your point? Your point is that you don't know when Grandpa is going to be back.

Frank: No, how much more Cyrus is going to cost us.

Marina: Great.

Ashlee: What, what, what is it?

Blake: Call the publisher, okay? Tell them not to print anything.

Ashlee: Wait, what's wrong?

Blake: Oh, no, nothing's wrong. This story isn't over yet.

Ashlee: Okay.

Cyrus: This is it.

Remy: We'll have to work quick.

Cyrus: Well, I don't think anyone lives here. Is that your stomach? We just ate.

Remy: Well, it's lunch time back at home, man.

Cyrus: Yeah, lunch time yesterday.

Remy: Can we just scope out the house?

Cyrus: Fine, you go that way. I'll go around this way. We'll meet around the back before we make a move, all right?

Remy: Okay.

Buzz: Looking for something?

Josh: Look at you. What, is this working?

Lizzie: Yes.

Josh: You taking a little break here? Is that what's going on?

Christina: Well, just until the saw decides to cooperate.

Josh: Okay.

Lizzie: Yeah, we thought it would be best to give him a little space.

Josh: I see.

Lizzie: Are those what I think they are?

Josh: Maybe. Plans for the world's greatest play room. Now since we're on this particular subject, is there something you'd like to, you know, share with your favorite uncle-in-law?

Lizzie: Bill and I are trying to have a baby.

Josh: That is exactly what I wanted to hear. It's about time we had another Lewis grandkid running around.

Lizzie: Oh, yeah?

Josh: Congratulations.

Lizzie: Thank you. Even if it's not technically yours?

Josh: Doesn't matter. Doesn't matter. Besides, I think it's going to be a while before there's going to be one that is technically mine. But don't worry, okay, because I promise you I will spoil this kid the same way I would spoil my own.

Lizzie: I hope so.

Josh: Congratulations.

Lizzie: Thank you.

Josh: I'll see you. Don't work too hard.

Lizzie: Okay. We'll try not to. We're sweating a little.

Marina: Okay. Well, you got me all the way out here. What do you want?

Shayne: How are you doing? All right, listen, okay, I know there's a lot going on with you right now. And I don't want to seem insensitive but I...

Marina: You want to talk about Henryís custody.

Shayne: I need to be part of his life, Marina. I want to be part of his life.

Marina: You're his father, Shayne. I expect you to be part of his life. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It just makes me feel like everything with Mallet is just so...

Shayne: Final?

Marina: I was going to say real.

Shayne: Sorry, yeah.

Marina: But you're his father, right? And that is real.

Shayne: Marina, you're his mother. And that's real, too.

Marina: Is it?

Shayne: Yes, it is. You're the only mother he's ever known, and it's going to stay that way. And I want us to do this together.

Marina: You want both of us to do this together?

Shayne: Yes, both of us. Yes. Yes, I do.

Marina: Okay, okay, okay.

Shayne: If that's okay.

Marina: Yeah. You're not going to take him away.

Shayne: No.

Marina: We'll call a lawyer then. We'll call the lawyer. Let's call the lawyer, and we'll fill out some papers.

Shayne: Yeah. Yes, let's do that.

Marina: Thank you.

Frank: Yes, I've been holding forever. No, never mind. I'll call back. What's this?

Blake: Eat. You didn't eat lunch.

Frank: I guess I didnít. Blake, I got too much on my mind.

Blake: May I offer my opinion?

Frank: Wow, when have you ever asked?

Blake: This is true. Well, here it goes. Marina's going to be fine. She's smart. She's strong. And she has this support system called her family.

Frank: Okay. So what advice do you have for my wonderful criminal-chasing father?

Blake: Oh, I think that's all going to turn out very well.

Frank: Says you.

Blake: You better believe it, mister. And I got to tell you something.

Frank: What?

Blake: You're not going to help Buzz or Marina by not taking care of yourself. So eat. Besides, I made it myself.

Frank: Okay, Blake. Here we go.

Blake: That's my Frank.

Frank: This is good.

Ashlee: Okay, I just got off the phone with the publishers, and they're going to hold off.

Blake: Oh, oh, that's so good.

Ashlee: Yeah.

Blake: Okay. I'm going to go to the Beacon and I'm going to pick up my laptop.

Ashlee: Okay. Okay, you do that. And I'll stay here and watch the phone and see if Buzz calls with an update.

Blake: Good, you do that. And as soon as they get back, we'll get that last chapter and then off to print.

Ashlee: Go, go, go, go.

Cyrus: Buzz, you got this all wrong.

Buzz: Really, tell me, tell me. What did you do? What did you do? You going to tell me you didn't hop the country as soon as you found out Jennaís secrets and that there was treasure buried here.

Cyrus: Yeah, I did but not for the reasons that you think.

Buzz: I bailed you out! And you double-cross me? Here I think I got a gift from heaven. My dead son's words, Jennaís stories. I... I shared those with you. I shared... you know, I should have listened to Frank. I should have listened to Frank.

Cyrus: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Remy: Buzz?

Buzz: What the hell are you doing here? Arrest him.

Remy: I canít. We're in Australia.

Buzz: Arrest him anyway! He's stealing from me. The treasure buried here, it's mine.

Remy: He's trying to find the treasure to solve your family's money problems.

Buzz: He was?

Remy: Yes. Yes, he wants to help.

Buzz: Then why didn't you tell me?

Cyrus: Because I didn't know if there was anything here, if it was real. And if it wasn't, I didn't want you to...

Buzz: Be disappointed?

Cyrus: Yeah.

Buzz: Well, let's start digging. Over there by the tree.

Reva: Hi. I saw you coming. I was just coming out to have some lemonade. Do you want some?

Blake: Oh, sure.

Reva: Okay.

Blake: Thanks.

Reva: This way. Thank you for getting here so quickly.

Blake: Oh, no, that's fine. I mean, I was in the neighborhood. You know, I don't mind bringing these back into the house for you.

Reva: No, no. It's fine. I'll just take them in when you go. Let's just sit and chat.

Blake: Well, I'm glad you were able to call me, you know, if you needed anything. That's nice.

Reva: Well, it's not that I couldn't go out myself. I mean, I could. It's just that Colin just went down, so.

Blake: It's okay. It's not really easy to meet people. I mean, I get that. It takes a couple months after you lose your husband before you can face the world.

Reva: So you don't think I'm crazy? Shutting myself off?

Blake: I talked to a picture of Ross for two months.

Reva: Yeah?

Blake: Yeah. You know what? I wish I could stay with you. There is something I have to do. I really do have to run.

Reva: No, that's okay. It's okay. Really, thanks. Thanks again.

Blake: You sure.

Reva: Uh-huh.

Blake: Okay. All right, okay. Bye. Thanks for the lemonade.

Reva: You bet. See, I am not crazy. Blake talked to a picture of Ross, too. You know what? Can you do me a favor? If you see Ross up there, if you see him will you tell him I said hi.

Jonathan: Reva, this has got to stop. You've got to stop hiding.

Reva: What?

Jonathan: Why didn't you invite Blake inside the house?

Reva: Because I didn't want to have the chance that she might see you.

Jonathan: Right.

Reva: Well, what about you, huh? Who did you stop in and visit when you were out lurking around town?

Jonathan: That's different. It's different.

Reva: Why?

Jonathan: Because I'm not hiding. I'm protecting Sarah. You, you're running away.

Reva: I am so sick of people throwing that particular thing up in my face.

Jonathan: The truth hurts, Reva. The truth hurts. You run. Last time you're driving your car off a bridge. This time you're closing yourself into your house and talking to pictures of your dead husband. It's running just the same.

Remy: How can it possibly be this deep. Maybe we're in the wrong spot.

Cyrus: No, no, this is it.

Buzz: Let's go a little more. Wait.

Cyrus: You got something?

Remy: What's that matter? Is it empty?

Cyrus: Not quite.

Buzz: Can you open it?

Cyrus: Here, you want to do the honors? I'm going to see if there's anything else here.

Buzz: She was something else, wasn't she?

Remy: Buzz?

Buzz: It's a chain.

Cyrus: Yeah, well, necklaces can be harder to heist that you might think.

Buzz: I don't get it. I don't get it.

Remy: Well, what's on it?

Buzz: Numbers. 032055.

Cyrus: What?

Buzz: 032055, that's Jennaís birthday.

Cyrus: Wow.

Buzz: What?

Cyrus: Look, the same.

Buzz: Let me see that. It's exactly identical. Where did you get this?

Cyrus: All I know is it was with me when my mom gave me to the orphanage.

Buzz: And Grady had one just like it. He gave it to Daisy.

Cyrus: Yeah, that was fake. Look, I was put into the same foster home where Grady already was. He was a lot younger and he was having trouble, so I stepped in to look after him. He was the closest thing to family I've ever had. So I had a copy of this made so that people would believe we were brothers, and they wouldn't split us up. And we were moved from home to home. He still doesn't know that his isn't real.

Buzz: So Grady is not your brother?

Cyrus: Well, not blood, no. The only truth that I consistently told about all this, is that this is my mum's birthday?

(Cell phone rings)

Ashlee: Hello? Hello? Hello? Buzz? Hi. Hello, hello, hello?

Lizzie: Are you waiting for a call?

Ashlee: You know, as a matter of fact, I am. Buzz is meant to be calling me from Australia.

Lizzie: Oh, fancy.

Ashlee: I know.

Frank: Actually, there's nothing fancy about it. Dad went to Australia to track down Cyrus, who was going after some treasure that actually belonged to the love of my father's life.

Lizzie: I thought that that was my nana.

Ashlee: Yeah, well, I guess maybe you can have more than one love.

Christina: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Cyrus is in Australia trying to find a treasure?

Frank: That's what he said.

Christina: But Remy told me that he was going somewhere with Cyrus on police business.

Frank: That would be a lie.

Christina: Oh, he's a dead man.

Lizzie: Who do I ask to get a sandwich around here? Okay. I'm going to go.

Blake: Hey.

Josh: Hey. How are you?

Blake: I'm good.

Josh: I was just heading over to Company, but if my favorite waitress isn't going to be there, what's the point?

Blake: Well, I'm on my way back there if that makes any difference.

Josh: Good, well, then I'll see you there, all right.

Blake: You know what? I just ran into Reva.

Josh: Better you than me.

Blake: Oh, come on, Josh. You know how it is, it's hard. It's hard for a widow. She's going to have ups and downs, but eventually she's going to level off.

Josh: Yeah, well, just keep in mind that level for Reva is like some crazy stock market chart from hell.

Jonathan: This isn't hiding, Reva? I think that's exactly what it is. As a matter of fact, I think it's pretty damn creepy.

Reva: Stop it. Stop it!

Jonathan: No! You can't accuse me of hiding. You're sitting here surrounded by your dead husband.

Reva: It makes me feel better being able to see him, Jonathan.

Jonathan: You're losing your mind. You have full on conversations with a dead guy, while other people like me are standing there watching.

Reva: People grieve in different ways. Didn't you see Tammy after she died?

Jonathan: This isn't about Tammy, Reva. This is about Jeffrey. You know it's screwy because you can't let people in the house.

Reva: You can't judge me. Most of all, you. Don't, stop it! Listen to me. You won't let Sarah be with her real mother because you think it's dangerous. You say this isn't about Tammy. That this has nothing to do with Tammy. Well, it does and you know it because you will never forget Tammy, and I will never forget Jeffrey.

Jonathan: I'm not telling you to forget. I'm just saying your behavior is insane.

Reva: Grieving is normal.

Jonathan: This isn't normal! Normal is you cry when you see something sentimental that reminds you of the person.

Reva: No.

Jonathan: Normal is you keep a picture or two on your bed stand, or in your wallet to remind you of them. Normal is you let the annoying neighbors in the house to give you food because they think it makes you feel better. This isn't normal. Does any of that ring a bell? Hey, when is the last time you did something normal?

Reva: Right now. Right now. Watch your little brother.

Lizzie: Hey, Reva. Stocking up for Colin? Oh, wait, they have these baby bottles here that have monkeys all over them.

Reva: Hi, Lizzie.

Lizzie: They're so cute. I've been meaning to stop by.

Reva: Oh, donít. I... because Colin has sniffles.

Lizzie: Oh.

Reva: And I just don't want a lot of people walking in and out of the place, you know?

Lizzie: Okay.

Reva: I'm sure you're busy, though, getting your new place put together.

Lizzie: Yeah, we are. We are putting in a play room. Bill wants to have kids. Oh, not that I'm going to have more kids and forget about Sarah because I do think about her every single, solitary day. But I think Bill should have a chance to be a father.

Reva: Lizzie, I know you love Sarah. But you don't have to put your whole life on hold to prove that.

Lizzie: I wonder how big she is. Like, I don't know, what she's learning. While we're planning this play room, I just imagine her in the play room with the new little brother or sister or something. I know I shouldn't ask you again, but you haven't heard from Jonathan at all?

Reva: You know, Sarah would be lucky to know you as her mother. But then so will any other little Lewis-Spaulding creature you guys make. I promise you that.

Lizzie: Thanks for saying that.

Reva: So where are the bottles with the monkeys?

Lizzie: Come here, over here.

(Knock on the door)

Shayne: Hey, hey. Mom here?

Jonathan: She went out.

Shayne: What you are doing, you leaving?

Jonathan: Is that a problem?

Shayne: I know that you definitely... mom likes having you here.

Jonathan: Yeah, well, I don't know if I make things better or worse for her. Plus, I got my own kid I have to look after.

Shayne: Well, for what it is worth, I know you definitely don't make things worse for her.

Jonathan: Thanks. You want to hug again?

Shayne: Living your life for your kid, huh? Doing what's best for your daughter. It's important. That makes you a good dad.

Jonathan: I left her a note, but if you see Reva, tell her I said good-bye. And can you drop Colin off at the babysitter's?

Shayne: Yeah, you bet.

Jonathan: All right.

Shayne: Good luck.

Blake: Hey.

Marina: Hey.

Blake: You okay? You know, it's okay not to be. All right?

Marina: I know. I just want to be strong.

Blake: Why? Why do you need to be strong? Really, your whole life has been turned upside down. You have a baby boy. Mallet just up and walked out on the blink of an eye.

Marina: It's not... that's not exactly what happened.

Blake: Well, he has a son, you know? He dropped responsibility, Marina. He ran away.

Marina: It's not what he was trying to do. He just wanted to do what was right for Henry. He's always done everything to make sure that he would be okay. I can't really explain it. Because I don't think I really understand it myself yet. He was trying to do the right thing. I know he was trying to do the right thing. I just miss him.

Blake: You're going to miss him for a long time.

Marina: Well, don't tiptoe around my feelings or anything.

Remy: Check this out.

Cyrus: Well, open it.

Buzz: It's Jennaís. "I was sent to Australia to live with my uncle after my parents learned I was pregnant. It was a hair too much for them to handle. At 16, maybe for me as well. As much as it broke my heart, I had to give my beautiful baby boy to the orphanage. He's my greatest treasure. Inside here, you, whoever you are, have found a dog tag. The numbers are my birthday. I left the matching tag with my son. I hope some day I'll come back here and dig up this tag. I'll use mine to find him and prove to him that I'm his mother."

Buzz: Well, this is weird.

Remy: Yeah.

Buzz: So you're Jennaís son. You are Jennaís son.

Cyrus: I guess I'm Jennaís son.

Buzz: And you're Coop's brother. I mean, look at you. Of course, you are. I guess this is what she wanted us to find. I guess this was all about you.

Shayne: There he is. Hi, big guy. Here you go.

Marina: You know, this is his favorite toy. He won't even let go of it.

Shayne: Is that so, huh? Yeah? Won't let go of it, huh? Want to grab me now? Want to grab me? He's a tough one, isn't he? He's got a good grip on him. Yeah, you're a tough one. You're tough, just like your mama over here. Yeah.

Marina: Like his father.

Shayne: Oh, going back to this way.

Marina: Hey, you know who this is? You know who this is over here, huh? This is your daddy.

Shayne: That's right, kiddo. Yeah, it's true. That's your mommy right there that you got a hold of. I'm your daddy. I'm going to make sure that you... I'm going to make sure that you have a great, great, great life together. All three of us. Yeah, buddy.

Cyrus: It explains a hell of a lot, don't you think?

Buzz: You mean the reason that you and the Cooperís have been forever entangled since you entered Springfield? Yeah, sure, I... sure, yeah.

Remy: It explains your tendency for thievery.

Cyrus: Wow, the great Jenna Bradshaw. What an honor.

Buzz: (Laughs) Wait until the rest of the family hears about this.

Cyrus: Yeah, let's not rush into that. Maybe we should keep it under wraps.

Buzz: Oh, hogwash! Jenna worked long and hard for this moment. She'd want me treating any son of hers like he was a son of mine. Face it, you're a Cooper.

Cyrus: Yeah, Frank's going to love that.

Frank: Sometimes it's exhausting trying to keep your family safe and happy. But they're worth it.

Blake: The hardest part is remembering to take care of yourself during the process.

Frank: Funny. Someone reminded me of that same thing earlier today.

Blake: Clearly that person is very wise.

Frank: Clearly.

Josh: Frank.

Frank: Jiminy Christmas.

Josh: Oh.

Frank: You scared me to death.

Josh: Making the most of the on-line profile, I see. Listen, are you too busy to get your buddy a burger or... I know you're caught up in the land of virtual love.

Frank: Shh-shh. Listen, I don't want anybody else knowing I'm doing this okay?

Josh: Okay. I understand, you know. You're worried about the influx of interesting women that will be crowding your inbox.

Frank: If I get you a burger right now, can you keep your mouth shut a little bit, huh?

Josh: Maybe. Are you going to do something gross and juvenile to it?

Frank: Absolutely.

Reva: "I had to get back to my girl. See ya." Can you believe it? That's all I get. See ya. I miss you. Jonathan's right. I can't keep doing this.

All I ever wanted was to make that man proud

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