GL Transcript Friday 8/21/09

Guiding Light Transcript Friday 8/21/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Reva: (Screaming)

Jonathan: (Screaming)

Reva: (Screaming)

Jonathan: (Screaming)

Blake: Oh, wow, can you tell he's been to New York?

Buzz: What's your first clue?

Billy: Surprise. Welcome to your wedding!

Vanessa: Billy, stop.

Shayne: Edmund?

Shayne: Jonathan?

Jonathan: Yup.

Reva: Stop! Stop it! Are you okay?

Jonathan: Fine.

Reva: Are you okay?

Shayne: Fine

Reva: Shayne, Jonathan. Jonathan, Shayne. Okay?

Shayne: I thought somebody was here to hurt you. I see a man through the window.

Reva: You're brothers, okay? You're brothers.

Shayne: Sorry.

Jonathan: It's all right. Nice right.

Billy: Hey, there.

Vanessa: Hey.

Billy: I was just calling to make sure we're still on for tonight?

Vanessa: Well, yeah, we're still on.

Billy: What time?

Vanessa: I thought we said 7:00.

Billy: Oh, I was thinking more like 4:30.

Vanessa: Dinner at 4:30, Billy?

Billy: Yeah, I can't wait till 7:00.

Vanessa: How about 6:30?

Billy: How about 6:00? It's a nice round number.

Vanessa: Okay, 6:00. You got a deal.

Cyrus: Buzz, this belongs on this table. We said everything before the Armstrong heist goes on that table, right?

Buzz: No, we said everything before the Armstrong heist went on this table.

Cyrus: Let's try this again.

Buzz: Let's try this again.

Cyrus: This is ridiculous.

Mel: Hey, guys.

Frank: Oh, hey, Mel.

Mel: Hey.

Frank: Can I get you some coffee?

Buzz: Are you sure?

Cyrus: I'm pretty sure.

Mel: Yeah, get me iced coffee. Hi.

Buzz: Hi.

Cyrus: Hey, Mel, how are you?

Mel: Oh, I'm so lucky. (Laughter) I just have a couple papers for you to sign to close out your case.

Cyrus: Wow.

Mel: Yeah. If you could sign here and here.

Cyrus: Okay, with pleasure.

Mel: Yes.

Cyrus: There we go.

Mel: Okay, you are officially a free man.

Cyrus: All right. Free man. So that means I'm free to travel anywhere I want? I can leave the country without any problem?

Mel: Yeah, if that's what you want.

Frank: Oh, happy day.

Buzz: You are a goddess.

Mel: Oh, I'm just a lawyer doing my job.

Buzz: Yeah.

Mel: So I should probably go file these and...

Cyrus: Okay.

Mel: Let me just make sure, double-check I have everything, all your information. Oh, today... okay, you know what? I'm going to file these today.

Cyrus: Great, thank you.

Mel: Okay?

Cyrus: The sooner, the better.

Mel: Let me just pay for this coffee.

Cyrus: No, no, no, no, no. I got that. It's the very, very least I can do.

Mel: Oh, thank you, very much. All right, bye, take care.

Cyrus: Bye.

Buzz: Frank, Frank, I know you want me to dump the Jenna stuff, but I'm not going to do it so cheer up.

Frank: Pop, all the stuff that's going on with you right now isn't the only thing going on in my life right now. I got my own set of problems, okay?

Buzz: I know. Can I help?

Frank: I don't know, you know? I don't know what I'm going to do with Natalia and the baby and everything else. I want to do the right thing, buy how is this all going to work.

Buzz: It's simple, Frank. You're going to be the dad, she's going to be the mom.

Frank: How, Pop? She lives somewhere else with the baby. I'm going to be living somewhere else. What does that do to everyone? To me, to the baby.

Buzz: It happens all the time, Frank, nowadays. Parents don't always live together.

Frank: I don't know if...

Buzz: Hi.

Frank: Hi.

Natalia: Sorry.

Frank: No.

Buzz: Why?

Frank: Come on in, come on in. Hello.

Buzz: It's okay. Hello.

Natalia: Hi.

Buzz: Hi, Natalia. Bye, Frank.

Frank: Yeah, hi.

Natalia: Hi. How are you?

Frank: I'm okay. You look nice.

Natalia: Thanks. I just want to let you know I spoke to Lillian, and she recommended a really good doctor. So I have an appointment in a couple of days. I just wanted to let you know.

Frank: Well, thank you.

Natalia: And this is actually the name of the doctor and the time and the date and everything, you know, if you wanted to come with me. You don't have to. But I just wanted you to know that you're invited. You know, you're always going to be invited.

Frank: Well, I appreciate that, thank you. Thank you very much. Will Olivia be there?

Natalia: I don't know. I hope so. I'm going to ask her.

Frank: Okay. I'll let you know.

Natalia: Do you have a problem with Olivia being there?

Frank: I'm not sure. I'm not sure that I want you and Olivia to raise our baby.

Olivia: Kyra. Kyra, who sent the flowers? "I hope these flowers are as beautiful as you are. Love, Natalia."

Vanessa: Oh, my. Those are beautiful. Well, you have an admirer.

Olivia: Oh, I just don't really want them in my office. So I was trying to figure out the best place to put them.

Vanessa: Oh, they're so beautiful. If you don't want them, give them to somebody who needs cheering up.

Olivia: You don't need cheering up. You went out and took care of yourself, didn't you?

Vanessa: (Laughs) I went a little overboard, but it's just that I have a date. And I didn't know what to wear so...

Olivia: You've got a date?

Vanessa: With Billy. I mean, it's a little... I don't need to be nervous about a date with Billy, but I guess we all have somebody like that in our lives. Somebody who just makes us do crazy things, like go out and buy a whole bunch of dresses that we don't need.

Mel: Did you need the chocolate chips? It's the last one. I was going to make some cookies.

Natalia: Oh, me, too.

Mel: You were?

Natalia: Yeah. Actually, you know what? That's fine. You take the chocolate chips, I can use some peanut butter.

Mel: Oh, no, no, no, no. You're pregnant. You're pregnant.

Natalia: Yes, I am.

Mel: Congratulations.

Natalia: Thank you.

Mel: No, when I was pregnant, I craved pineapple upside down cake. So, luckily I bake. You take those.

Natalia: Oh, no, actually these are not for me. Are these for you?

Mel: No, they're not for me, they're for a friend.

Natalia: Oh, okay. Well, you know what we could do? We could make them together and use both the chocolate chips and the peanut butter.

Mel: Thatís a great idea. You get the butter and Iíll get the eggs.

Ashlee: Okay, done.

Blake: Done? With what, with the entire manuscript?

Ashlee: Yeah, all you have to do now is read it.

Blake: So you have nothing to do, right? Okay, here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to call Cyrus, and I'm going to get him out of Company, so you can go interview Buzz.

Ashlee: I donít... I don't know, really. I mean, Buzz doesn't even want this to be a book. I doubt he's going to want to answer questions about it.

Blake: Which is why you're going to be very, very careful about this. And so he's just thinking he's having a quite little conversation with Ashlee.

Ashlee: But...

Blake: Look, we want to save the restaurant, right? And selling this book will save the restaurant. Buzz wants to save the restaurant. It's fine. He'll thank us later.

Ashlee: Okay.

(Cell phone rings)

Cyrus: Hello?

Blake: Hi, Blake.

Cyrus: Hey, what's up?

Blake: I need to you scoot. Get out of Company, okay?

Cyrus: Why?

Blake: Because Ashlee is finished with her manuscript, and now she has some answers that she needs Buzz to answer for her. And the only way to interview him is to catch him off guard when he's alone. So you got to get out of there, quick, quick, quick, quick, quick, all right? I will be by around 5:00 to pick up notes. Okay, bye.

Reva: That could turn purple.

Jonathan: Oh, good, that's my favorite color.

Reva: You know, aside from the punching, it's nice that you two finally had the chance to meet each other. I mean, I've been waiting for this.

Shayne: It's been exciting for me so far.

Reva: Good.

Shayne: Hey, when did you get here?

Jonathan: Right before you did.

Shayne: Did you know he was coming?

Reva: No, I had no idea. I mean, we haven't actually talked in close to two years.

Shayne: Two years?

Reva: Yeah.

Shayne: Two years, and he just showed up out of the blue after two years. Wow.

Jonathan: Yeah, that's the way it has to be.

Shayne: Yeah, it must be rough. I just think it's great timing, you know? Two years, and after all the Edmund hysteria passes, you just happen to wander back into town.

Jonathan: Yeah.

Shayne: I was worried who's working with him.

Jonathan: (Laughs) So me, I'm working...

Shayne: It's funny.

Jonathan: I'm working with Edmund? Yeah, yeah. Me and Edmund, we're close like that, me and Eddie. We're close like that.

Shayne: Yeah, well, it's your Uncle Eddie, isn't it? Didn't he raise you?

Jonathan: Uh-huh.

Shayne: You grew up around him, right? Something like that?

Jonathan: Yeah, oh yeah, he raised me.

Shayne: You guys stay in touch? (Arguing)

Reva: You know what? Hey, you know, we somehow managed to get off on the wrong foot here, really.

Jonathan: Huh?

Reva: We got off on the wrong foot.

Jonathan: Oh, maybe it had something to do with him punching me in the face.

Shayne: Maybe it has something to do with you've been gone for two years.

Reva: Okay, now I...

Shayne: We don't know what you've been doing, where you've been doing it.

Reva: ...Am going to exercise my right as a mother! Stop it! Stop it right now! I mean it! First of all, there's no way Jonathan ever would have worked with Edmund. Because Edmund tried to drown Jonathan when he was a little boy, okay? And you, Edmund has terrorized everybody in this town, everybody. And everybody has tried to stop him. Dinah got caught in the middle of that. She killed someone trying to protect all of us. And this all came out on the day they got married. So then she takes off.

Jonathan: All right, that's a tough break.

Reva: Yeah, okay so, now that we have all that clear...

Shayne: You know what?

Reva: Stop it! Stop it, I mean it! Now that we have all that cleared up, Shayne, this is your little brother Jonathan. Jonathan, this is your big brother, Shayne, okay? Now this is nice. I'm glad that you two have had the chance to meet each other. Now what I would like is for all of us to have a big hug. A proper hello.

Shayne: What?

Reva: Yes. I mean it.

Jonathan: (Snorts)

Reva: Right now! Right now! Oh, your hands are cold. Awe, see, see, that's nice.

Shayne: It was good. It was good.

Reva: It's nice.

Jonathan: That was fun. We did that.

Reva: Yeah.

Jonathan: Yeah, we did.

Cyrus: Okay. We're all set.

Buzz: Yeah, we're all set. We're all set for what? No, I love listening to her tapes. I love listening to her voice. I love to see here journals and the pictures and everything, but what the hell do they want me to find?

Cyrus: Who?

Buzz: Jenna, Coop. Why did they... I mean, why did she leave this stuff? Why does he want me to find it? Why do I find it now? Why is it so damn important?

Cyrus: Because you loved her. You loved them both.

Buzz: I do, and I love them now. But I mean, I feel like Richard Dreyfuss in "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." I feel like I'm driven to some purpose, but I have no idea what the purpose is.

Cyrus: I never saw that movie.

Buzz: It's a great movie, you should see it sometime.

Cyrus: I'll try to check it out. Listen, Buzz, I have to get going, but I will take some of these papers with me, and I'll call you.

Buzz: Great. I'm going to go online and check all the ship's manifests, from Liverpool to New York during the 1970s.

Cyrus: That sounds fascinating.

Buzz: Fun, isn't it?

Frank: Hey, Pop?

Buzz: Frank, just a second. I'm trying to get something online.

Frank: Okay, not a problem. Take your time.

Buzz: E-loveless dating profile?

Frank: Close that. You don't need to be looking at that.

Buzz: Frank, it says here you're 42.

Frank: Oh, man.

Buzz: 42, Frank?

Frank: Rick, Matt and I signed up for online dating, okay?

Buzz: How old are they online?

Frank: They lied. We all lied. Listen, I have absolutely no interest in this whatsoever. Rick talked me into it.

Buzz: People do it, Frank, I hear.

Frank: Yeah, well, you know what? It's not for me.

Buzz: Frank.

Frank: Pop, do you really think at this point in my life right now, that I should be dating? Because I'm about to have a baby.

Buzz: Some women find that sexy, Frank.

Natalia: You know, I make a ton of cookies all the time. There's that church community that I'm part of. Once a month we take all these cookies to nursing homes and hospitals. It's actually really fun. You should come sometime.

Mel: Sounds fun. Maybe I will. So is that why you're baking today?

Natalia: No, these are... I'm making these for a friend.

Mel: Oh, friend.

Natalia: Yes.

Mel: Uh-huh.

Natalia: Yes. That's why you're making cookies, right?

Mel: Yeah, yeah, I think so. I think he's my friend.

Natalia: You don't know if he's your friend?

Mel: Well, it depends on what your definition of friend is. Are you saying friend or friend.

Natalia: Which one do you want it to be?

Mel: I think I want him to be a friend.

Natalia: Yeah. So that's why you're making him cookies.

Mel: That is. And that's why you're making yours.

Natalia: Definitely.

Mel: Uh-huh.

Blake: You need a bigger table for those flowers. I mean, the flowers are beautiful, but that's the problem. It's just not showing them off very well.

Olivia: Yeah. Well, no, I appreciate the pointer. I've just been wondering about this. Did you know that Natalia was pregnant when she left?

Blake: You know, Nataliaís life, it's her business.

Olivia: That's kind of a convenient answer, Blake.

Blake: Natalia is my employee. She's also my friend. And if she confided something about her life to me, she asked me to keep it secret. And I just respected her wishes.

Olivia: I just don't understand. I don't get why she would come to you about something like this and not come to me.

Blake: Because her life choice affect you. Just like your life choices affect her. That's what happens when you really love someone.

Olivia: But isn't that all the more reason she should have come to me in the first place?

Blake: Well, sure, it should happen that way. But it doesn't always. I mean, sometimes the last person in the world you can go to with the big stuff is the person that you love. I wouldn't worry about it. You two are going to work this out.

Shayne: How long are you going to be around?

Jonathan: Not long. I have to go get my daughter.

Shayne: That must be tough, just the two of you.

Jonathan: We manage.

Reva: Jonathan's a great father. And Sarahís a really wonderful little girl.

Shayne: Where is she right now? Who's she with?

Jonathan: With a friend.

Shayne: I got to get going.

Reva: Oh, stay for lunch.

Shayne: No, it's all right. You've got company.

Reva: Shayne, I'm really glad that you guys got to meet each other.

Shayne: Yeah. Yeah, I guess I'll be seeing you before you go.

Jonathan: Sure.

Reva: Honey, nobody can know that Jonathanís here. Alan Spaulding finds out...

Shayne: He's not going to hear it from me.

Jonathan: Thank you.

Shayne: You bet.

Reva: Come here.

Shayne: I'll see you around. That's Shayne. It's Shayne.

Jonathan: What happened to him?

Reva: What do you mean?

Jonathan: He's wound like Joshua.

Reva: No, stop it.

Jonathan: I mean, I'm glad he's looking out for you.

Reva: He's been great. He is great. He's really been there for me. This must be tough on you, huh? To be here with a grieving mother and a brother who punches you in the face before he says nice to meet you? (Laughs)

Jonathan: I came to check up on you. The punches? That happens.

Reva: Yeah, to you more so than others.

Jonathan: That's because I'm trouble, just like my mommy.

Reva: Yes, you are. That's the thing. You are just like your mommy. And Shayne, Shayneís always been a good boy, you know? He's like his daddy.

Jonathan: How is good old Joshua?

Reva: He's fine. Heís... he's really fine. He's been trying to encourage me to get on my feet again.

Jonathan: What does he think of the Jeffrey museum?

Reva: Well, I haven't had a lot of visitors lately. So... they keep me company.

Jonathan: It's weird, Mom.

(Knock on the door)

Cyrus: Hey.

Mel: Hi. I'm sorry, were you expecting someone?

Cyrus: Oh, no, no. No, come in. There was some work stuff. It's not important.

Mel: Okay. Well, I made these for you.

Cyrus: Wow. Thank you.

Mel: Yes.

Cyrus: I'm the one who should be doing nice things for you. You've helped me so much. I have no idea how I'm going to repay you.

Mel: No, that's completely different. This is happy birthday. It is your birthday, right? I mean, I saw it on the papers.

Cyrus: Yeah, yeah, yeah, it is. I just... I hadn't thought about it.

Mel: Okay, good. Well, happy birthday. (Laughter)

Cyrus: Thanks. Smell good.

Mel: I probably should have brought you some candles, so you can make a wish.

Cyrus: This is... this is more than anyone's done for my birthday in a long time. And I'm the one who owes you. You jumped in as my attorney...

Mel: Oh, God, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Oh, my God. Whooo. I... I came over here to give you some cookies. I... I... I just wanted to do that for so long, and... I'm sorry. I should go. Happy birthday.

Cyrus: Hey, hey, hey. Thank you. This is the best birthday I've had for a very long time.

(Knock on the door)

Vanessa: Oh, dear. Decisions, decisions.

Billy: Hi. Oh, um, I don't want you to blame me for trying to marry you because I was just afraid somebody else might cut ahead of me in line.

Blake: Oh, that's so cute. Okay, my suggestion, though. You should just get all yellow because you don't know if it's a boy or girl, right?

Frank: Or maybe I shouldn't get any at all. Because, Blake, where do I fit in with this family, huh?

Blake: You're the dad.

Frank: Yeah.

Blake: Actually, Frank, I do... I do understand. See, you're afraid that Olivia is going to move in with Natalia and help to raise that baby. And you're going to feel like the outsider.

Frank: Blake, what am I going to do? If they're going to be a couple, where do I fit in?

Blake: Frank, that's the same question that all divorced parents, and unmarried parents, ask every single day. What happens if you get married, and the baby comes to live with you. Then Natalia might feel like she's the outsider. You two are just going to have to figure it out. And you can. Frank, you're a good dad. You're the best man I know. If anybody can figure out how to be a father in this situation, it's you.

Natalia: May I come in?

Olivia: You're in.

Natalia: I just baked these for you.

Olivia: I got your flowers.

Natalia: I see.

Olivia: You shouldn't have.

Natalia: I wanted to. I want... I want you to know how I feel. I don't want a minute to go by without you knowing how much I love you, and how important you are to me.

Olivia: Look, I want to believe that. You have no idea how much I want to believe that, but I don't think I'll believe anything you say anymore.

Natalia: That's not fair.

Olivia: Maybe not. But, unfortunately, it's how I feel. So I need you to just take your cookies and go home.

Billy: I think that guy offered me, yeah, he offered me three camels and a goat for you.

Vanessa: He did?

Billy: Yeah.

Vanessa: I'm surprised you didn't take him up on his offer.

Billy: I was holding out for maybe a few more goats and maybe a tent. ( Laughter)

Vanessa: Those business trips were fun, weren't they?

Billy: Yeah, yeah.

Vanessa: Especially when we were on the same side.

Billy: You know, it was kind of when we were on opposite sides, too. We had some really good brawls.

Vanessa: I won most of them.

Billy: Did it ever occur to you that I let you win? Okay, okay. You know, you are absolutely right. This... this dating is really fun.

Mel: Ah! Oh, my God!

Cyrus: Wow. I'm sorry about that. I didn't know that was going to happen.

Mel: Okay. You know what? Let's just have some cookies. Let's just do cookies... cookies and milk. How about that? Okay, there's no milk.

Cyrus: No, I only got beer.

Mel: Only beer, that's good. You know what then, let's just have a cookie. You want a cookie?

Cyrus: You're really cute when you're nervous.

Mel: I am?

Cyrus: Uh-huh.

Mel: I am. I am nervous. I am. But I'm... I'm cute?

Cyrus: Very cute.

Mel: Oh, okay. Okay, you know what? I'm going to have a cookie.

Cyrus: Okay.

Mel: And I want you to talk about yourself. Tell me something about yourself.

Cyrus: Oh, what do you want to know?

Mel: Well, why do you wear that dog tag?

Cyrus: This?

Mel: Uh-huh.

Cyrus: Well, these numbers, they're my mom's birthday, and it's pretty much all I have from her, so...

Mel: How old were you when she died?

Cyrus: You know, I haven't tasted your cookies yet.

Mel: Okay, you know what? I'm going to leave.

Cyrus: You don't have to go.

Mel: I'm going to go. Yeah, I do. I really have to go. Yeah.

Cyrus: Well, I hope you come by next year.

Mel: I'll see if I can come back a little sooner.

Cyrus: Okay.

Mel: Okay. Bye.

Blake: So, what are we doing?

Buzz: Getting ready for the dinner rush. Trying to make Frank happy.

Ashlee: Buzz and I were just chatting about true love.

Blake: Oh, I have a feeling Buzz is an expert at that.

Buzz: Not an expert. I'm lucky. I'm lucky. With Jenna, lucky now.

Blake: You know, that doesn't happen often. Most people can't do that.

Buzz: Do what?

Blake: Find real love, true love at different points in their life. I mean, I had true love, but I lost it. It's not going to happen again.

Buzz: No it wonít.

Ashlee: Buzz.

Buzz: Well, no it wonít. You'll find something different, something wonderful. But you have to look for it, you know, live in the moment.

Blake: Live in the moment, huh?

Buzz: That's all I got.

Blake: Pretty good.

Natalia: Don't worry, baby. Olivia's stubborn, but she'll... she'll come around.

Frank: Hi.

Natalia: Hi.

Frank: I would like to let you know that I would love to go to the doctor's appointment with you.

Natalia: Good. That's great.

Frank: Good. All right. Will Olivia be there?

Natalia: No, I don't think Olivia wants to be there.

Frank: Oh. Well, sorry about that. I just want you to know that whatever happens between you and Olivia, I would just like you to know that we can work things out.

Natalia: I'm so glad to hear that, Frank.

Frank: I've been thinking-- in the best interests of the baby and for all of us-- that-- I can't believe I'm going to say something like this because this is just so out of my realm-- that I think we should talk about, just to let you know, drawing up legal papers. I mean, just for custody, for vacations, weekends, you know, that type of thing.

Natalia: Okay. No, of course.

Frank: I just want you to be happy. I really want you to be happy. And I have to just protect that I'm going to be happy, too. Do you understand?

Natalia: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Frank: Okay.

Natalia: And, you know, together we'll make our baby happy.

Frank: Yeah. Yeah, we will. Okay. Well, I'll see you at the appointment then?

Natalia: Yeah. Want a cookie?

Frank: Sure. It's one of yours, I'm sure.

Natalia: Yeah.

Frank: I'll see you. You call me if you need anything, okay?

Natalia: Yes.

Jonathan: This is just cheating. I clearly won.

Reva: Oh, you know what? Oh, I...I'll go get rid of whoever it is.

Jonathan: Do you want me to go in the other room?

Reva: No, no, no. I don't want any company.

Jonathan: Gotcha.

Reva: Hi, wow.

Olivia: Hi. You hanging in there?

Reva: Yeah, I'm... well, no, actually, I'm not hanging in. Itís... you know, it's just difficult when you find someone to love, and then they aren't there anymore.

Olivia: Yeah. Well, somebody gave me these. I can't keep them. And I thought maybe they could cheer you up.

Reva: Well, they're beautiful. Sure, yeah.

Olivia: They're a little heavy.

Reva: Oh, my goodness. Great. I'd ask you in, but the place is really a mess.

Olivia: No, it is really all right. I have to go anyway. But enjoy. Enjoy the flowers.

Reva: Thank you. Thanks.

(Cell phone rings)

Jonathan: Hey, what's up?

Jeffrey: I'm leaving the cabin. I thought I'd give you a heads up.

Jonathan: Where are you going?

Jeffrey: Do you really think I'm going to answer that question?

Jonathan: When will I hear from you?

Jeffrey: When it's necessary. Are you sure that Reva has no idea that I sent you.

Jonathan: Yeah, no one knows I'm talking to you. I mean, you said your cell phone is untraceable, so even if they got ahold of my cell phone, what could they do, right?

Jeffrey: I'm going to let you know what the next step is.

Jonathan: Okay.

Shayne: So how's Edmund?

Jonathan: You definitely are Josh's son. Looking to make trouble where none exists.

Shayne: Don't talk about my father. Listen, Jonathan, I don't like you. It's not any sibling rivalry bs, I just really don't like you.

Jonathan: Well, I don't need you to.

Shayne: I know you donít. But our mom needs us to. So we're going to have to pretend. Okay? But I don't trust you. I'm going to watch every move you make.

Jonathan: Knock yourself out. I'm a very fascinating guy.

Reva: Jonathan?

Shayne: Let's do this.

Reva: Oh, hey.

Shayne: Hey, Mom.

Reva: Hi, sweetie.

Shayne: I left my cell phone. Jon here helped me find it, didn't you, bro?

Jonathan: Knew just where to look.

Shayne: Yep. Well, I've got to get going, but I'll be back bright and early in the morning. I'll see you then.

Reva: Okay, honey, have a good night.

Shayne: See you then.

Reva: Look at that. You two are getting to know each other already.

Vanessa: Thanks for my beautiful flower. Thanks for my beautiful dinner.

Billy: I think you're beautiful.

Vanessa: Oh. Well, this is kind of a nice idea of mine, isn't it? This sort of dating. I mean, I say something nice. And you say something nice. And then the anticipation builds.

Billy: Especially when the anticipation, it's leading somewhere.

Vanessa: This is just our first date, Billy.

Billy: Are you serious? (Laughter)

Vanessa: I don't want you to think that I'm easy.

Billy: You are many wonderful things, Vanessa, but easy is not one of them.

Vanessa: True. (Door beeps) Good night, Billy.

Billy: Good night, darling.

Vanessa: Thank you.

Billy: You're welcome.

Cyrus: "So many things changed. I changed. And while I was in that house, I was behind something very important, buried treasure..." yeah. Hello? Yeah, I'm here. What? No flights to Australia today at all? Well, do you have anything leaving tomorrow? Great. Yeah, yeah, book that. All right, thanks.

Buzz: Frank.

Frank: Wow, this is really starting to look like a restaurant again. So where's your good pal Cyrus, stealing cookies from girl scouts.

Buzz: Oh, Frank, come on. Let up on him, he's a good guy.

Frank: No, he's not a good guy.

Buzz: He is a good guy, Frank. Listen, I know you think I'm crazy about all this Jenna stuff, but he is there for me. He stands by me. He's there, okay?

Frank: Well, that's nice. Why don't you get matching t-shirts?

Buzz: Okay, it doesn't make any sense to you, but we're just looking for answers, looking for what happens next. There's nothing wrong with searching, Frank.

Frank: Dad...

Buzz: Well, look here. Your dating site.

Frank: What?

Buzz: Somebody wants to talk to you.

Frank: Dad.

Buzz: Nothing wrong with searching, Frank. You know, you might find some answers.

Blake: Me either. Huh? "I'm usually pretty good at saying what I feel. This is hard."

Frank: "Good. Yeah, well, this is really kind of awkward for me. I feel very silly doing this."

Blake: "I feel silly, too."

Olivia: Look, whatever it is, rice krispy treats, cake, tamale pie, it's not going to help.

Natalia: I didn't bring any food this time.

Olivia: What do you want?

Natalia: I know what you need. You need for me to prove to you that I love you. And I will. I will prove it.

Olivia: Chocolate chip cookies aren't going to make me trust you again.

Natalia: What will?

Olivia: I don't know, Natalia. I don't know that anything ever will.

Natalia: Oh, see, you're wrong. Something will. There is something. And I don't know what it is yet, but I will figure it out. What we have is good. This is really good. And things are going to work out. Because I think things are already starting to work out. And you may not be able to see that yet, but I can. And I am going to keep coming back here until you do, too.

Next week on "Guiding Light"...

Lillian: I just want to say that I don't want you to waste any more time.

Mallet: I can't do this any more.

Marina: Can't do what?

Mallet: Be a part of this family.

Shayne: You ever going to stop running?

Jonathan: Well, if running and hiding is what it takes to protect my little girl, then no. No way. Of course not.

Cyrus: This is it.

Remy: We'll have to work quick.

Cyrus: I'll go around this way. We'll meet around the back before we make a move.

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