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Guiding Light Transcript Tuesday 8/18/09


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Previously on ďGuiding light,Ē

Jonathan: In the last few years I've been hiding her from a madman, I'm not using her as bait for Edmund.

Jeffrey: But we're not actually going to use Sarah.

Olivia: I thought we were pretty good. What did you have to figure out?

Natalia: I'm pregnant.

Lizzie: Article about the family. Keep. Letter from the governor when Bill was married to Ava. Throw it away. Hey there, baby girl. Wow, you are not a baby anymore. You're a big girl. You're probably ready for school. Hey, Reva, it's Lizzie.

Reva: Hey, Lizzie, how's everything going?

Lizzie: Everything's okay.

Reva: Good. So I'm thinking there's a reason why you are calling.

Lizzie: I'm going through a box of old stuff and I just came across a picture of Sarah when she was one. Just made me miss her.

Reva: I miss her, too, sweetie.

Lizzie: Do you know where they are? Do you know where Jonathan has my daughter?

Reva: Lizzie, honestly, I have no idea where they are.

Lizzie: Okay.

Reva: I do know what it's like to miss somebody.

Lizzie: I know you do. I hope you are okay.

Reva: I'm learning to deal.

Lizzie: Okay, well, let me know if there's anything that I can do, okay. And I hope you'll come to the house soon?

Reva: I'll try, sweetie, thanks for calling. Bye-bye. That day. Nothing could ruin that day for us, could it? Not ants, not bad potato salad, not even the deers eating all of our cupcakes. Nothing could hurt us because we were so much in love that day. In the morning, you and Josh getting in that fight, in the mud. You were covered. And the sun shining through the trees the way they did. And Buzz teaching everybody some Greek dance. It was the perfect, perfect, perfect day.

Daisy: Hey, have you talked to Reva lately?

Josh: Yes, I saw her this morning. She locked her keys in her car and I helped her get them out.

Daisy: That was nice of you.

Josh: Yes, it was. She's going through a tough time right now.

Daisy: Yeah, well, that's understandable.

Josh: Yeah, you weren't at Jeffreyís memorial service, were you? Yeah, she kind of fell apart there I don't think she's back on track yet.

Daisy: She will be.

Josh: Yeah.

Daisy: Phone's buzzing.

Josh: Voicemail.

Reva: Josh, it's me, again.

I know that I said I didn't

need your help for anything.

But this sprayer thing in the

sink is busted again.

And... you were supposed to

have fixed it, but you didnít.

So I tried two plumbers already

and I need to you come over

here and see if you can fix

this again,



Thank you.

Josh: Daisy, never mind, I have to... excuse me.

Jeffrey: How many times have I told you, don't walk in the middle of the street?

Jonathan: We're two blocks from my house, I haven't seen Edmundís pig face yet.

Jeffrey: Just because we haven't seen him doesn't mean he isn't watching.

Jonathan: Okay, he's watching. I thought the point was he is supposed to see me coming and going.

Jeffrey: He is, he is supposed to be seeing you coming and going into your house, not into this van.

Jonathan: Fine. What's next?

Jeffrey: Next we bring Sarah in.

Jonathan: You promised me she wasn't going to be involved.

Jeffrey: She isn't going to be involved. That's why even I don't know where she is right now. But we need a Sarah. Or something that can be a Sarah.

Jonathan: Okay. I know where we can go. Go up to the second stop sign, make a right.

Olivia: You're having a baby.

Natalia: And I found out just before the barbecue. I was sick, throwing up, had no idea why. It finally occurred to me, and I took a test. And...

Olivia: Why didn't you tell me?

Natalia: If I told you, it would be real and I really... I wasn't ready to face that at all. I mean, I couldn't figure anything out. And that is why I had to go away and really think.

Olivia: You left me. You didn't say anything.

Natalia: I know. I'm so sorry. I never meant to...

Olivia: You left me.

Josh: Yeah, I'm sorry, I didn't get your message until just now. I'll go make sure the water's shut off.

Reva: No, it's okay. Really. The plumber showed up. He did. He showed up. He's my new best friend. He fixed it.

Josh: Oh, good, great, that's terrific. I'm glad you're okay. Here, why don't you let me do that for you, and that way you can go inside and spent some time with Colin.

Reva: Actually Colin just want down for a nap. I thought I would come out here and enjoy the outside a little bit.

Josh: Great, why don't you just let me help you, at least?

Jonathan: Well, looks pretty good. ( Laughs )

Jeffrey: A little disturbing, but it will serve the purpose. Now listen, when we get to your house, okay, you're going to pretend like are you sneaking in to get your stuff out. You are going to stop...

Jonathan: Talk to Sarah, tell her to stay in the car. Daddy will be right back. Got it.

Jeffrey: It worked in Bosnia. We made Eddie boy believe Lara was still alive. He came out of hiding immediately. If he thinks Sarah is an easy target, he won't be able to resist the chance to grab her. That's when we grab him. Simple plan. Those are usually the best kind. Because there is less than can go wrong.

Jonathan: Well, let's put her in.

Jeffrey: Let's do it.

Jonathan: Okay.

Jeffrey: Yeah? Let's go. Let's do this.

Lizzie: Hey, Frank, so glad that you are here.

Frank: Hey, Lizzie, what's up?

Lizzie: If I wanted to look for someone, how would I go about doing that?

Frank: Depends on who you are looking for. Do you need a referral for a security team or an investigator?

Lizzie: No, no, nothing like that.

Frank: Okay. Well, Lizzie, who are you looking for?

Lizzie: Sarah and Jonathan.

Frank: I see.

Lizzie: Do you think the police would have any idea where they are?

Frank: Only if he is recently arrested.

Lizzie: Can you, I don't know, run a check or something like that?

Frank: Do you think Jonathanís done something wrong, Lizzie?

Lizzie: No, no I mean I don't think he has done anything to Sarah. Just...

Frank: Yes, we can definitely run a check but it will take a little while.

Lizzie: Okay. Glad I asked. Thank you.

Frank: Lizzie, would you like me to run a check?

Lizzie: Yes, yes, I want you to run a check. Thanks.

Natalia: Frank's baby, you know, the one time but...

Olivia: Congratulations.

Natalia: I'm actually very excited about it. I wasn't at first. I kind of looked like you look right now. But that's why I went away because I had to really think. I had to finally just figure out what I really want. And that's why I came back. Because I know what I want. I want to be with you.

Emma: Natalia, Natalia, you're back.

Natalia: Hi, sweetie! Hi, I missed you.

Emma: Are you okay?

Natalia: Yeah, I'm going to have a baby. You know, it's little right now but...

Emma: It doesn't look too big.

Natalia: Well, it's going to get bigger and then it will come out and you can see the baby and play with the baby.

Olivia: Honey, we have to go.

Emma: Can Natalia come?

Olivia: Nope, you and I have to go, okay?

Natalia: Olivia...

Olivia: I'll call you.

Emma: We should have brought Natalia. She loves chocolate sprinkles on her ice cream. Are chocolate sprinkles good for a baby?

Olivia: Some sprinkles are okay.

Daisy: All right. Can I get you guys anything else?

Emma: Pizza.

Daisy: Pizza. I like that, the ice cream comes first.

Olivia: We're having a very special day.

Daisy: Okay, one cheese pie.

Olivia: Yes, yeah! You know what, Em, I forgot I have to do something. Would you hang out with Daisy while I go check on Natalia? Okay?

Emma: I will eat all the pizza.

Olivia: Maybe Daisy will help you. Daisy, I have a favor to ask. Would you mind if Emma just hangs out with you for a little while, while I run out?

Daisy: Sure, she's no trouble.

Olivia: I will pay you and I have my cell phone if there is any problem, okay.

Daisy: We'll be fine.

Olivia: Thanks.

Matt: Their names are Bill and Hillary.

Natalia: Which one is which?

Matt: You got me. You're pregnant.

Natalia: Yes, I am.

Matt: Wow, that's great. How are you feeling? Feeling okay?

Natalia: Good, I feel good.

Matt: Good.

Natalia: It's Frank's, in case you were wondering.

Matt: No, no, I wasnít. Yeah, I guess... I guess I was wondering.

Natalia: I actually haven't told him yet. I mean, I just got back to town and I haven't seen him. Anyway, he doesn't know yet so I would like to be the one to tell him.

Matt: I never saw you.

Natalia: Thank you, Matt.

Matt: You bet. Good seeing you.

Natalia: You, too.

Reva: Thanks for doing that. You really, you didn't have to.

Josh: Not a problem, you know, I felt a little guilty because I didn't get your call, you know, until later.

Reva: Oh, no, it's fine. I mean, I'm kind of glad that the plumber fixed it anyway because now I know it's really fixed.

Josh: ( Laughs )

Reva: And I don't mean that you didn't fix it before but it actually needed replacement parts, the whole deal, you know.

Josh: It's okay, it's all right, it's fine. Is there anything else I can do for you? I mean, I don't want to leave and then miss another call, so...

Reva: I'm fine.

Josh: Maybe I should go inside and make sure he did, you know, the work that needed to be done.

Reva: No, no, no, you don't want to go in there. I just... Colinís sleeping right now and I really, I don't want to wake him.

Josh: Okay. I'll go then.

Reva: Thanks.

Josh: No problem. See you.

Reva: Okay. Okay. Now it's just you and me. Let's get this party started.

Jonathan: You okay, little peanut? Yeah, you stay here. Daddy's going to go inside. I'll be right back out, okay?

Jeffrey: Edmund, don't move, you're under arrest. ( Gunshots )

Jonathan: Hey!

Olivia: It's me.

Natalia: Hi.

Olivia: Where are you?

Natalia: I'm still at the park. I can come meet you.

Olivia: No, no, you stay. I'll come to you.

Jonathan: We almost had him.

Jeffrey: Yeah, but now he knows. Now he knows I'm alive, and now he knows we're both working together. Those were the only things we had going for us.

Jonathan: What now? We should get you to a hospital.

Jeffrey: No, no, I'm dead, remember?

Jonathan: Then what?

Jeffrey: I don't know. But we better figure something out fast otherwise Edmundís going to kill us all.

Reva: Hey, there's my favorite granddaughter.

Daisy: Hi. How are you? I've been thinking about you.

Reva: You have, I'm good but I have a huge favor to ask. Do you think maybe you could watch Colin?

Daisy: Now?

Reva: Yes.

Daisy: Oh, I have Emma.

Reva: Oh, well, you know, Emma can help. She can help. I mean, girls love babies, right? It's just... it would mean a lot to me. And Lillian is going to be over here to pick him up in an hour, right after her shift is done.

Daisy: Yeah, an hour. I can handle an hour. That would be fine, yeah.

Reva: It means so much to me, it really does, you have no idea. I love you, Colin. I love you sweetheart. You be good for Daisy. Thanks again, sweetie. You're a lifesaver. Diapers, bottles in the bag.

Daisy: Great. Daisy's day care.

Josh: Listen, I'm really sorry about that round of golf we were supposed to play the other day.

Matt: That's all right. I actually did something kind of funny.

Josh: Good for you. I didnít.

Matt: Got signed up for on-line dating with Rick and Frank.

Josh: Really?

Matt: Those two guys are ridiculous. Frank said he was 42, I think. Rick, 37.

Josh: What did you say?

Matt: Something like that. 39.

Josh: ( Laughs )

Matt: What, I'm 39.

Josh: That's good, 39. 39 years young.

Frank: Fore!

Josh: What's up, Frankie?

Frank: What's up, fellas? What's up?

Josh: Hey, buddy.

Frank: Hey, Josh, thanks for calling me. I appreciate it. I needed to get out. This is huge.

Matt: What are you doing here? I didn't expect to see you. What's going on? Anything... new?

Frank: No, man, no. In fact, this is the most excitement I have had in a while so I'm looking forward to.

Josh: More exciting than registering for on-line dating, Frank?

Frank: Is nothing sacred with you?

Matt: He wants to get signed up, too.

Josh: That's right. You know, I used to think it was just for, you know, really creepy, weird men. But hey, you know, maybe it would be a good thing for me to meet somebody I don't have history with or baggage with. That might be nice, find a woman like that.

Matt: Well, we're work on your profile after we get finished here. I'm thinking what, 47?

Josh: You know, Matt, I've never actually liked you. ( Laughter )

Frank: Hey, listen, Matt...

Matt: Oh, that's no good.

Frank: ...Speaking of which, man, listen, I really don't know if I'm into this on-line dating thing to be quite honest with you, because you know, if romance is going to happen, it's going to happen.

Matt: Romance? Who is talking about romance? I'm talking about having a little fun. I'm talking about meeting somebody who I can go bike riding with.

Josh: Yeah, finding somebody who doesn't know the right buttons to push to break your heart.

Frank: I'm not sure I'm looking at all.

Matt: Wow, are you saying you are willing to go through the rest of your life alone, Frank?

Frank: What I'm saying is, I am not sure I want to spend the rest of my life with someone I don't love at all. That's what I'm saying.

Olivia: Natalia.

Natalia: Hey.

Olivia: Donít. How did you do it? I mean, how... how can you just leave me like that? Not tell me where you are going, what is happening with you, letting me think that are you out there hurt, or worse, you know? Break my heart, and then you walk back into my life and you expect everything to be the same?

Natalia: Olivia, I...

Olivia: And Emma, I mean really. Emma... she has had so many people go in and out of her life. That's my fault, you know. But you can't bake cookies with her or make dresses for her and be a mother to her and then just disappear on her like that. Because you get a little scared. Or you are unsure about something. She needs stability and reassurance. She needs to know that your love is constant, it isn't just going to disappear on her.

Natalia: Emma seemed happy to see me.

Olivia: She's happy to see you. Of course she is. I am so happy to see you. But you should have called me. I sent her away to stay with Ava for a few days, because I was falling apart. And I just got her back today, because I realized that I needed to pull myself together. Rebuild my life, and then you show up and you expect everything to revolve around you. But it doesnít. And it canít. And I swear I won't let it happen.

Natalia: Olivia, I didnít... I didn't come back here because I want everything to be about me. I came back because I want everything to be about us. I want to be with you. I want to be with you for the rest of my life.

Lizzie: Hey.

Reva: What do you need?

Lizzie: I just can't get Sarah off my mind. I know you don't know where they are, but I wanted to talk to someone who understands. I made a copy of that picture for you.

Reva: Oh, oh, Lizzie, thank you so much.

Lizzie: Isn't she sweet?

Reva: Yeah.

Lizzie: She must be so big by now.

Reva: I'm sorry you're having such a hard time with all this. I have got groceries I need to...

Lizzie: Yeah.

Reva: I'm sorry.

Lizzie: It's okay. Okay, but if you hear from Jonathan...

Reva: Yeah, yeah, you will be the first one...

Jeffrey: Hey.

Jonathan: Huh?

Jeffrey: I think you got hit.

Jonathan: Yeah, just a nick though. Doesn't really hurt that bad.

Jeffrey: I hope you got another shirt.

Jonathan: ( Laughs )

Jeffrey: That isn't yours, is it?

Jonathan: No.


Nice to see you today, Jeffrey. Unfortunately, you're up and walking around. What a resilient fellow you are. Something we have in common. Something I hope we'll share for years to come. I think I could enjoy the game we started today. A simple beginning, but I thought you both executed it well. I, of course, came out on top, but that shouldn't keep you from trying again. You'll have to try again if you want to protect your family, especially your beloved Reva. I hate her, you know. She has cost me over and over again. Taken away everything near and dear to me. So I have made it my life's goal to take everything away that is near and dear to her. I want her to understand my pain. Now her first loss was you, Jeffrey. But I know you are still alive. And you may know it, too, but if Reva were to find out, some of her suffering would be relieved and I can't have that. So you keep playing dead. If I ever have a notion that Reva knows you're alive, I will take Colin. I'll take Henry. I'll take Sarah. And I'll raise them as my own. So here's the deal. You let Reva believe you're dead while you and I continue our little dance. Whichever one of us comes out on top will get the prize. But if you cheat and let Reva know, I'll make the suffering that she's going through now feel like a walk in the suburban park. All righty then! This should be fun! T.T.F.N.

Jeffrey: Do me a favor.

Jonathan: Smash it? T.T.F.N.!

Matt: You want to split another bucket?

Josh: Hang on. No, I got to go.

Frank: What?

Josh: I'm sorry. I got a proposal I have to write, you know, some things... but thank you. It was fun.

Frank: Yeah, no worries.

Josh: I enjoyed it. Take care.

Frank: Thank you. Hey, we'll do this next time and...

Josh: Take care man.

Frank: Come to my apartment, play some cards, eat some pizza.

Josh: Sounds good, Frank.

Frank: Okay, take care, Josh.

Josh: Bye-bye.

Matt: Did you check your profile?

Frank: Oh, God, what is with this? No, I did not check my profile. Matt. I'm not into this online dating thing. It's just not going to happen.

Matt: You know, Frank, you never know when true love might just reach out and grab a hold of you. It could happen.

Frank: You're not hitting on me, are you?

Matt: Only for a ride home.

Frank: Okay.

Matt: Okay.

Frank: But first let's hit another bucket, all right.

Matt: Nice, I like the way you think. You buying?

Frank: Yes.

Matt: Good.

Natalia: Okay. I know this whole thing is hard for you. It was hard for me, too. So let me just... let me start from the beginning, okay? First of all, I love you. And I didn't know that I was pregnant until right before the barbecue.

Olivia: How you could not know?

Natalia: I never had regular periods. I wasn't keeping track and I wasn't even considering it. I wasn't thinking about me and Frank. You. I was thinking about me and you. And when I found out, I was mortified. I was ashamed. I was so ashamed. And I thought God was punishing me for feelings I had for you or what happened with Frank-- a sign that I should have married Frank. I was really confused. But most of all, I was really scared about what this would do to me and you.

Olivia: Why didn't you just tell me?

Natalia: I couldnít. I had to go think. Then I realized that this is a baby and this is not a curse and this is not some sign. This is a gift. It's a way to experience the kind of love that God has for us, you know. I want to share that with you. I want to raise this baby with you.

Olivia: Don't you think Frank is going to have something to say about that?

Natalia: Of course he is. It's his baby. And when I tell him...

Olivia: You haven't told Frank.

Natalia: I wanted to tell you first. So, I am going to tell Frank that this is his baby. And that he can see this child as much as he wants to and be a father, but that I want to be with you and I want this baby to live with us.

Olivia: You want us to live together as a family and raise Frank's baby?

Natalia: Yes. You're a good mother. And I'm a good mother. You're doing a great job with Emma and this wouldn't be any different.

Olivia: This is completely different.

Natalia: Why?

Olivia: Because you left me.

Natalia: Olivia...

Olivia: No, you left me! There is a problem that came up and you took off. You didn't believe in us. Okay. So you tell me how I am supposed to trust the next time something happens, something that scares you comes up you're not going to take off on me.

Natalia: I won't because I love you.

Olivia: God, I love you. You left me. You broke my heart. And I can't let it happen again. You understand? I don't trust you!

Natalia: Hi, Frank, it's Natalia.

Frank: Hello, Natalia. Welcome home. Sure, absolutely. I can meet you at my place. Yeah. I'll leave now. I'll see you there. Hey, Matt.

Matt: You go ahead, I think I'm going to... I'm going to walk home.

Frank: Are you sure, man, it's no worries. I can give you a ride home.

Matt: No, no, I'm good. I got a few more to hit. And then I'll go. You go on. I'll see you.

Frank: All right. Good seeing you, bro.

Matt: Okay, man.

Frank: All right.

Jonathan: What are you doing?

Jeffrey: I'm packing your stuff, you're going to Springfield.

Jonathan: No, I'm not.

Jeffrey: I can't go. I've got to stay on the hunt for Edmund. And I've got to stay dead. I need someone to check on Reva and my son and alert them, somehow, without letting them know what's really going on.

Jonathan: Okay. Someone's not me though. I have been hiding from Alan for the last two and a half years.

Jeffrey: You said Sarah was safe.

Jonathan: Sarah is somewhere safe until someone sees me and tells Alan.

Jeffrey: Don't let anyone see you.

Jonathan: Don't let anyone see me? Alan has people everywhere.

Jeffrey: So does Edmund. Jonathan, your mother's life depends on this.

Jonathan: I'll be back in less than a week.

Jeffrey: Hopefully, I'll have Edmund by then.

Jonathan: Stay safe, little woman.

Little sister, please don't touch the ground...

Frank: Whoa! Little speed demon, you beat me.

Natalia: Yeah. I'm pregnant.

Frank: Are you okay? Do you need to sit down, I mean...

Natalia: I'm fine.

Frank: You're pregnant.

( Knock on door )

Olivia: You, me-- sex. Now.

Tiny fingers making time standstill

in your eyes in your smile

fears may linger throughout your nights...

Reva: Happy anniversary, Jeffrey.

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Frank: Are you happy about it?

Natalia: Yeah, are you happy?

Olivia: Sex, now, to help me forget Natalia.

Reva: Can you believe it's been a year? I love your voice. I think I'm having a really good time. What the hell. Who wants to dance? Oh my God. What am I supposed to do now!

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