GL Transcript Monday 8/17/09

Guiding Light Transcript Monday 8/17/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light."

Doris: What flavor?

Olivia: Vanilla.

Doris: And why are you eating it looking so depressed?

Olivia: Because I'm not lovable.

Billy: Now I think maybe you need distraction.

Vanessa: What kind of distraction?

Billy: I was thinking of marrying you.

Reva: I feel safe here now. Now I feel like you're here with me.

Bill: Okay. I think I did it. I think that one was a baby maker.

Lizzie: Was it a boy or a girl?

Bill: I'm thinking that one was a boy.

Lizzie: Oh, really.

Bill: Yeah, I think it was a boy. I'm thinking that I'm going to teach him how to play ball.

Lizzie: Okay.

Bill: And I'll take him fishing. Teach him about the business. Yup. H.B. IV and I are going to be like this.

Lizzie: Okay.

Bill: But if it's a girl, I can take her to her recitals, teach her how to dance.

Lizzie: You don't know how to dance.

Bill: I can dance.

Lizzie: ( Groans )

Bill: All right, I'll learn to dance. What about you? What do you think? Boy or a girl?

Lizzie: I don't care. I just want a healthy baby.

Bill: Come on. That's a cop-out.

Lizzie: It is the truth.

Bill: All right. All right, well, you know what? I think if we are having trouble deciding on what we're going to have here, we are going to need one of each. That means I got to start doing this again, make us some twins.

Lizzie: ( Laughs )

Bill: Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

Vanessa: Hi.

Blake: Oh, Vanessa, hi. What can I get you?

Vanessa: Just a tea to go. I don't really have a lot time for breakfast.

Blake: Oh, busy day ahead, huh?

Vanessa: Yeah, I'm afraid so. You know, since Dinah left town I've been trying to get up to speed at WSPR. I figure if I stay on schedule for a couple more weeks, everything there be fine. I just don't really do very well with chaos.

Blake: If anybody can do it you can.

Vanessa: Oh, thank you. All right. So I just need to get... oh, I gave you the money. Just need to get my life under control. Bye.

Blake: Oh.

Vanessa: Thank you.

Blake: Bye.

Billy: Hey, Father Ray.

Father Ray: Hey.

Billy: Good, I caught you. Will you marry me?

Father Ray: Billy this is so sudden. Thanks for the offer, but I'm bound to a vow of celibacy.

Billy: I stepped into that one, didn't I? You're a funny guy.

Father Ray: That's great news. Who's the lucky girl?

Billy: Vanessa Reardon.

Father Ray: Vanessa? I'm glad you two are getting back together. When's the wedding?

Billy: This afternoon.

Father Ray: Today?

Billy: Yeah, yeah.

Father Ray: What time?

Billy: 1:00? Do you think you can do it?

Father Ray: 1:00? Yeah, sure, I'll be there.

Billy: Okay.

Father Ray: Where are you having the ceremony?

Billy: At Towers. I rented Towers for the whole afternoon.

Father Ray: Great, Towers, 1:00. I'll be there right before 1:00.

Billy: Good, thanks.

Father Ray: Sure.

Billy: All right, I'll see you there.

Father Ray: Give Vanessa my regards.

Billy: You'll be able to talk to her. She'll be there, too.

Father Ray: Great.

Reva: Okay, Colin, where's Mommy's keys, huh? Do you have Mommy's keys? I didn't give you Mommy's keys. Oh, damn! Colin, what are we going to do now?

Josh: Yours looks healthier than mine.

Olivia: Oh, deadly. Good, good, but deadly.

Josh: Like my women. So you seem to be in a better place than you were last time I saw you.

Olivia: I am in a better place. Part in thanks to my friend Josh Lewis.

Josh: Oh, yes.

Olivia: And also my daughter is coming home today.

Josh: Oh, how long has she been gone?

Olivia: Since Jeffreyís funeral. Ava thought it would be a good idea if she visited for a while. I'm sure she had fun, but it's really hard on Mommy.

Josh: Yeah, yeah, I understand that. You know, I used to hate it when my kids just had sleepovers. You know, you like to have them in the house, know they're safe. ( Cell phone rings )

Olivia: Oh, that's your other friend Reva. Do you want me to take a message?

Josh: That's funny. Hey.

Reva: Hi, the locksmith isn't answering his phone.

Josh: I'm sorry?

Reva: I've locked myself out of the car.

Josh: Ah, yes.

Reva: And I thought maybe you might be able to come over here and meet me and do that thing you do with the hanger.

Josh: Reva, you know, I don't actually think that works on newer cars.

Reva: Well, maybe it will work on mine. I'm standing outside the car with Colin and groceries that need to go in the fridge.

Josh: Okay, well, give me a second to put my eggs and bacon on a bagel to go, wrap it up in a napkin, and I'll be right there with you.

Reva: Thank you.

Josh: Sure.

Olivia: It's okay. Try not to get it on your shirt.

Josh: Thank you, my friend, Olivia.

Olivia: You're welcome friend Josh.

Josh: Bye.

Olivia: Bye.

( laughter )

Bill: Baby, if I didn't make twins right there, then I don't know what will. ( Laughter )

Lizzie: What time is the crew getting here?

Bill: They should be here any minute.

Billy: Hey, Bill!

Lizzie: God, it's Billy.

Bill: Dad?

Billy: Yeah, hey. Oh, hey, don't, don't, I'm not embarrassed.

Lizzie: Oh, I am.

Billy: You'll get over it. Look, I came to invite you kids to a wedding.

Lizzie: Whose wedding?

Billy: Well, I'm getting married. I'm going to marry Bill's mom this afternoon.

Bill: Your... whoa, Dad, you are a fast mover. When did she say yes?

Billy: Well, she hasn't said yes, but you see, it's a surprise wedding.

Reva: Hi.

Josh: Hey.

Reva: All my frozen food's that thawing.

Josh: Well, first of all you're welcome.

Reva: Thanks.

Josh: How is it going, Colin?

Reva: He's good.

Josh: Good to see you.

Reva: He's good, just waiting to get in the car.

Josh: Great. It's locked.

Reva: Yeah.

Josh: Did you try all the doors?

Reva: What do you think?

Josh: Just checking.

Reva: Here, I went to the cleaners and got you a hanger.

Josh: Okay.

Reva: Okay. You might want to go in the side, instead of the top, the way you used to... it's just an idea.

Blake: Coffee?

Olivia: Yes, please. Is there any more milk because that one's out? I was rude. I was so rude and I'm sorry. I just... I... I wasn't thinking very clearly. I've been so hurt since Natalia left. But I'm... I'm better, but I was so awful. And I'm sorry for being a bitch.

Blake: You had a broken heart. I'm glad it's mended.

Father Ray: As I have loved you, so shall you love one another. And I shall call you friend.

Natalia: I would call you a friend, Father.

Father Ray: Natalia!

Natalia: Hi.

Father Ray: What a great surprise. You look great.

Natalia: Oh, actually I look like a big squash, but I feel amazing.

Father Ray: You look amazing. Welcome home.

Natalia: Thank you. And thank you for sending me to St. Ann's.

Father Ray: See, I knew you would like it there.

Natalia: It was perfect for me. The sisters were really lovely and supportive, and it was quiet and I was able to think and pray.

Father Ray: So, did you find out what God wants you to do?

Natalia: Better. I figured out what I want. And I think that's what God really wants for me, you know?

Father Ray: That's right.

Natalia: And I was able to really just contemplate and figure out if... if the decisions that we're making were right. And I prayed and asked God and confirmed that they were.

Father Ray: What are you going to do?

Natalia: I'm going to be happy.

Lizzie: Hey!

Billy: Hey.

Lizzie: Okay, we have no to time to lose. What do you need to us do?

Billy: Well, I'm not really a decorator. I figure you could do it. So just take all this stuff and make it look really pretty, so when Vanessa walks in she goes, "Yeah!"

Lizzie: Okay, all right. So, let's see... okay, this is... this is nice.

Billy: Got those this morning.

Bill: Did you?

Billy: Yeah.

Bill: All right, well, maybe you should walk me through the plan, Dad.

Billy: Okay, here is the plan. Father Ray's going to do the wedding.

Bill: All right.

Billy: I got a hold of Josh. I couldn't get a hold of Shayne. And you're going to go get your mom, make it like you are taking her out to lunch, and you bring her here, and the we yell surprise and we get married.

Bill: All right.

Lizzie: Okay, so, are we actually going yell surprise?

Billy: Well, yell, "Happy wedding," you know, whatever.

Lizzie: Okay.

Bill: So she has no idea that this is happening?

Billy: Well, I told her I was going to marry her. I just didn't tell her it was going to be it today. I kind of want to, you know, sweep her off her feet and surprise her.

Lizzie: When did you... when did you ask her to marry you?

Billy: Well, I didn't ask her yet, but you know, I know her. I know what she wants, okay?

Lizzie: Okay, okay. Well, did you plan a honeymoon?

Billy: Hey, two weeks in a bed, what do you need?

Bill: Oh, I did not need that image in my....

Billy: Look, I'm going to...

Lizzie: Where are you going to live after you married?

Billy: Well, I figure I'll let her choose where... I better run and find out where she is so you'll know where to go to invite her, okay?

Bill: All right, good idea. Good idea.

Lizzie: Yeah. Good idea? Nothing about this is a good idea. No girl wants to be surprised for a wedding.

Bill: I don't know, baby, I think my dad is right. I think my mom wants to marry him again.

Lizzie: This has disaster written all over it. Disaster.

Billy: Hey, how is the most beautiful girl in the world?

Vanessa: Well, the most beautiful gal in town is really exhausted, and I've got so much work I can't see straight. And then this morning Maureen tells me that there's a school project that I said I would do with her. I can't believe it, Billy. I'm never going to get out of here.

Billy: So you're going to be around WSPR all afternoon?

Vanessa: Oh, yeah, budget meetings and a couple of documentary films that should have been edited a long time ago. So I'll be here.

Billy: Well, then you're definitely not going anywhere else?

Vanessa: Me? No, I'll be here. Okay, thank you for calling, gotta go.

Billy: Okay.

Reva: You know, maybe if you don't push so hard...

Josh: Reva, if you could just not talk that would be...

Reva: It needs... oh. How did you do that? Oh, look at that. Wow. Thatís...

Josh: Wait, wait, wait. Apparently my remote opens up your door.

Reva: Well, that's not very safe.

Josh: No. So do you need anything else?

Reva: No, no, I donít. I donít.

Josh: Okay.

Reva: Thatís... that's great. Thank you.

Josh: You sure? You okay.

Reva: Thank you so much for meeting me here. You're a lifesaver.

Josh: Here, you can keep that.

Reva: Great, thank you.

Josh: Okay.

Reva: Appreciate it.

Josh: You're welcome.

Reva: Have a good day.

Josh: You, too.

Natalia: Hi, Blake? It's Natalia.

Blake: Hey, Natalia, how are you?

Natalia: Good, I'm home.

Blake: Oh, my gosh.

Natalia: Yeah, I was wondering if I could talk to you?

Blake: Sure. I'm right here at the restaurant.

Natalia: Okay, I actually haven't told anyone that I'm home yet. Could you come outside?

Blake: Sure, just give me a minute, okay?

Natalia: Okay. I'm across from the post office.

Blake: I'll be right there. Bye. Be right back.

Natalia: Hi.

Blake: It's so good to see you.

Natalia: You, too.

Blake: Well, you look amazing. How do you feel?

Natalia: I feel really good.

Blake: Yeah?

Natalia: I've been to the doctor and he says everything's great and moving right along.

Blake: Do we know? Is it a boy, girl?

Natalia: Oh no, not yet. Not yet.

Blake: So you're back.

Natalia: Yes.

Blake: Is this for good?

Natalia: Oh, yeah, absolutely. My home is Springfield. I'm going to make my life here.

Father Ray: Oh, terrific.

Olivia: Looks good.

Father Ray: Hi, Olivia.

Olivia: Hi, how are you?

Father Ray: I'm good, I'm good.

Olivia: Good. I'm kind of excited. Emma's coming home today.

Father Ray: That's wonderful. Emma's a good girl.

Olivia: She's the best.

Father Ray: Have you heard from Natalia?

Olivia: No. No, and I'm actually in a pretty good mood, so I don't want to really talk about that right now.

Father Ray: I'm sorry, I just...

Olivia: No, she made her choices. And now I've made mine. It was difficult at first, but it's going to be okay.

Father Ray: It's good. It's good to make your own choices.

Olivia: I'm putting my life back together. And I'm not saying that I am over her because I probably never will be, but I couldn't let it take control of my life. So I took a deep breath, and I'm moving on.

Josh: Hey, looks like they're having a wedding or something here. I mean, are we supposed to be here right now?

Billy: Yeah, they are having a wedding. It's mine.

Josh: What?

Billy: Yeah, Vanessa and I are getting married.

Josh: Well, that was fast.

Billy: Yeah, hey.

Josh: Wow.

Billy: Well, you know, when you know what you want, you kind of move fast.

Josh: So where is she? Where's the bride?

Billy: The plan is she is over at WSPR. And Bill's over there, and he's going to invite her to lunch. She comes here, we jump out, we yell surprise, and the we get on with the marrying.

Josh: Surprise?

Billy: Well, you know, she has had so much stress with Dinah leaving, I figured I'd take away the stress of planning the wedding and do it myself.

Josh: Wait a minute, wait a minute, now. Vanessa knows nothing about this?

Billy: Well, brother, she knows she loves me. What else do you need to know? Look, I got to get on with my life here, okay? Now, you will be the best man. And Bill will walk her down the aisle, and Lizzie will be the bridesmaid.

Josh: Okay, sounds like you've thought of everything.

Billy: That's my job.

Josh: Okay.

Bill: Hey, Mom, how about taking a lunch break?

Vanessa: Rain check, rain check, rain check.

Bill: Ma, you look a little swamped here. I think it is the perfect excuse to leave, refresh your mind and come back a new woman. What do you say?

Vanessa: Honey, I don't have time to refresh my mind or be a, what, a new woman, no.

Bill: You don't have time for the son who loves you with all his heart and soul, to sit down and have a little meal?

Vanessa: Next week. Next week, I promise.

Bill: Mom, come on.

Vanessa: What?

Bill: I'm counting on you here.

Vanessa: Honey, you have a new bride. You have a house that you said you wanted to renovate. What's the trouble?

Bill: You know what happened? I woke up this morning and said, "Bill Lewis, you don't spend enough quality time with the woman who gave you life," and that's what it is. Letís... let's go get some lunch.

Vanessa: This is all the quality time I have.

Bill: Okay. Mom this is really embarrassing. I didn't want to have to talk about it. But since Lizzie and I got married there have been some compatibility issues in the bedroom, sex things.

Vanessa: Really?

Bill: Yes.

Vanessa: Don't worry about it. It will be fine.

Bill: Okay. I love you, Ma.

Vanessa: ( Sighs ) What in the world?

Father Ray: Take care, Olivia. Great seeing you.

Olivia: Thanks, Father, you too.

Father Ray: Off to do a wedding.

Olivia: Have fun.

Father Ray: Yeah.

Reva: I need to make a list.

Olivia: Reva? Hi.

Reva: Oh, hi, Olivia.

Olivia: Did you get your car unlocked? I was having breakfast with Josh when you called.

Reva: Oh, yeah, the door just opened.

Olivia: Good.

Reva: All set. You must really like ho-ho's, huh?

Olivia: I do. They're for Emma. I'm picking her up from the airport today. I'm so excited she's coming home.

Reva: Yeah, it's important to surround yourself with the people you love.

Olivia: It is.

Reva: Tell Emma I said, hi.

Olivia: I will.

Reva: Okay.

Olivia: Bye.

Reva: Bye.

Billy: I think we're almost all set.

Lizzie: Billy?

Billy: Yes.

Lizzie: I just want to mention, as the only girl here, that you know, a wedding is a very important day to a woman. It's a day that she'll remember for the rest of her life.

Billy: Well, I sure hope so.

Lizzie: I... I know that you know Vanessa better than I do. But she just strikes me as the type of woman that likes things just so, you know? She likes to be in control.

Billy: You said it. I mean, that's one of the reason I really like her. She is a lion of a woman. But let me tell you, sometimes she likes somebody else to take control just so she can kind of be in the moment.

Lizzie: An instant bride?

Billy: It's been a long time coming.

Lizzie: Okay, I hope you guys are happy.

Billy: Oh, hey, you were supposed to call before you came. What's going on? Where's Vanessa? Did you leave her downstairs?

Bill: I couldnít... she wouldnít. Look, she's not coming. I'm sorry.

Josh: Hey. I'm back. Where's Vanessa?

Bill: She's not coming.

Josh: Why not?

Bill: I tried everything. I tried the guilt, the charm. I even told her that Lizzie and I were having trouble in bed, which we're not by the way. Definitely not.

Josh: Okay, so what's next?

Billy: Plan B, follow me.

Blake: I'm just really glad that you're home. I really am. And you seem so calm.

Natalia: Yeah.

Blake: It must be really wonderful to be able to see everyone again.

Natalia: Yeah, so far, I've just seen you, and I went to see Father Ray at the church, just to let him know I'm okay.

Blake: So you haven't seen anyone. Not Rafe?

Natalia: No.

Blake: Frank, or even Olivia.

Natalia: I am going to go find them right now, you know.

Blake: Do you have a plan?

Natalia: Of course, yeah. That's exactly why I went away, you know, so I could figure out what I want, think about what was best for everyone.

Blake: And you figured that out?

Natalia: Yup.

Blake: And?

Natalia: I think it's important that I talk to Olivia first. You know, I have to make her understand before I can talk to anyone else. And I do have to go, but I really wanted to tell you how grateful I am. And thank you so much, and I really owe you big time.

Blake: It's my pleasure. I'm glad you are okay. I really am.

Natalia: I am. I really am.

Blake: All right.

Natalia: Okay.

Blake: All right. I'll see you.

Natalia: See you.

Olivia: You know what? Come here, I want one more hug. Come here!

Emma: Wow, you're really happy to see me.

Olivia: I am so happy to see you. Are you happy to see me?

Emma: Yes, I bring you presents. Ava packed them in my bag.

Olivia: Presents! I love presents, but you're my favorite present of all. I'm happy to have you home, Em, sweet girl. Tell you what, why don't we get rid of your bag and go have some fun, just the two of us. Thataway. Go, go, go, go.

Natalia: Olivia? Hi.

Sheryl: Hi.

Natalia: How are you, Sheryl?

Sheryl: Oh, good.

Natalia: Have you seen Olivia?

Sheryl: No, not today. You haven't been around for a while.

Natalia: Yeah, I took a break.

Sheryl: Well, it's good to have you back.

Natalia: Thanks.

Olivia: Okay, what do you want to do?

Emma: You don't have to work today?

Olivia: Nope, nope, I'm not working on the day my beautiful daughter comes home, so what are we doing?

Emma: Let's go to the park.

Olivia: Okay. You want to push me on the swings?

Emma: You have to push me.

Olivia: I push you? Okay. Come on, come on.

Natalia: Olivia? Olivia, it's me, Natalia.

Reva: Okay. You know what? I am going to put all the groceries in the fridge while I still can, the milk and the O.J. and then I am going to get a drink of water, and then I'm going to rock you to sleep my little baby boy. Yes, I am. Okay. Oh, oh! You have got to be kidding me! Not this again! Josh, you were supposed to fix this! Oh, no, no, no, no, no, not again and again. Okay. I'm not calling Josh. I'm not calling Josh. I'm not calling Josh. I'm going to call a plumber. That's what anybody else would do. They would call a plumber. Okay. You're out on an emergency? Well, I have an emergency here, too. This is Reva OíNeill calling. I live at 32 Round Rock Road. I'm having a plumbing emergency. Don't call me back. Just show up, please. Thank you. Who else? Buzz. Oh, please be there. Please be there. Hey, it's Reva OíNeill.

Blake: Hey, honey, how are you?

Reva: Blake, actually I'm not good. I... the sprayer thing in my sink is busted again, and there's water going all over the place, and I thought Josh had fixed it.

Blake: I've got a great plumber.

Reva: You do? Can you give me his number?

Blake: Okay, 555-7771.

Reva: Okay. Great, thanks, Blake. Okay. See? I can take care of this. Okay, no problem. Water's not going to hurt anything. No, it's not. Another machine? Don't you people have secretaries? Hello, my name is Reva OíNeill, and I'm having a plumbing emergency. I live at 32 Round Rock Road, and I would really love it if you could get over here as soon as possible, please. Thank you. Now what? Now what? Another message machine. Yeah, Josh, it's me again. I know that I said I didn't need your help for anything. But the sprayer thing in the sink is busted again, and you were supposed to have fixed it, but you didnít. So I have tried two plumbers already, and I need to you come over here and see if you can fix this again, please, quickly, thank you. Okay.

Olivia: I'm going to catch you. Where did you get so fast?

Natalia: Olivia, where are you?

Father Ray: Wow. Hey.

Lizzie: Hey.

Father Ray: Where's the happy couple?

Lizzie: Well, they're... they're not here yet, but they might be on their way.

Father Ray: This place looks great. Did you do the decorating?

Lizzie: Kind of. Billy is really the mastermind behind this.

Father Ray: Bill must be so happy his parents are getting remarried.

Lizzie: He sure is.

Father Ray: Weddings are such happy occasions.

Lizzie: We can only hope.

Father Ray: What?

Lizzie: They give us such hope.

Father Ray: Yeah.

Vanessa: Ralphie, make sure that Jib gets over to Studio 45.

Bill: Hey, Mom.

Vanessa: Hi, honey. It's gotten worse. My day's gotten worse.

Bill: Your day's gotten worse? Oh, that's not good.

Vanessa: No, it's not. The series we were filming on Springfield gardens, Ashlee did the voice-over, she's gone to Canada on a road trip. I may have to do the segment of the voice over.

Bill: Oh, well, you may not have time.

Vanessa: I don't have time.

Bill: No, I...

Olivia: Okay, I'll count to three, ready? One... I'm giving you three. Two... oh, you're taunting me, aren't you?

Emma: Yes, I'm taunting. You're trying to trick me, aren't you? Oh, no.

Olivia: Trick you.

Emma: No.

Natalia: Olivia!

Olivia: Okay.

Natalia: Olivia!

Reva: That's great. This has happened like three times already.

Plumber: Should be okay for a while now.

Reva: Good. What do I owe you?

Plumber: $200. Cash or check.

Reva: Check's okay, right?

Plumber: Uh-huh.

Reva: All right. Oh, wow, look at the date. It's almost my anniversary.

Plumber: Congratulations.

Reva: Thank you.

Plumber: That's why you have all the pictures out.

Reva: Yeah, yeah. Yup. Okay, whoops. It's a little damp, sorry. I'm sure you are used to that.

Plumber: Yeah.

Reva: Bye.

Plumber: Good-bye, darling. Have a good day.

Reva: Thank you.

Plumber: You're welcome.

Reva: You, too. It's almost our wedding anniversary. We've been together for a year.

Vanessa: Billy, you better have a good explanation for this, because if you donít...

Billy: Here we go.

Vanessa: I swear I am going to...

All: Surprise!

Josh: Surprise! Surprise.

Billy: Welcome to your wedding!

Vanessa: My what?

Billy: Yeah, well, you know I told you I was going to marry you. So, hey, I figured I'd just get it all set up so all you had to do is show up. I mean, look, Father Ray, cake, champagne, best man, somebody to walk you down...

Vanessa: Stop! Billy, stop! I'm not marrying you.

Billy: You... you... you're not... but I told you I wanted to be with you.

Vanessa: No, we're not getting married.

Billy: Are you saying we're not getting married?

Vanessa: Not for sure.

Billy: Well, I thought for sure you felt the same way that I. I can't believe that we're not ever going to be together. That's why... I can't believe that we're not ever going to be together.

Vanessa: I did not say that we are never going to be together. I'm saying I'm not getting married today, like this.

Billy: I showed up this time. I wanted to surprise you, sweep you off your feet.

Vanessa: I don't want to be surprised. I don't want to be swept off my feet. I want you to come to me and propose to me the way normal people do. I want us to talk about it. I want us to plan the wedding and be happy about our plan. I want to have some input. And Mr. Lewis, you have some courting to do.

Billy: So you're not saying no?

Vanessa: When was the last time you took me out to dinner?

Billy: You're not saying no.

Vanessa: I'm not saying no.

Billy: I think you're beautiful. Would you like to go to dinner?

Vanessa: I can't make it.

Billy: How about tomorrow?

Vanessa: I can make it.

Billy: 7:00?

Vanessa: 7:00 will be just fine. And you, you and you are in such big trouble, big trouble.

Billy: Lizzie and I don't have trouble with sex, so thatís... did you get that?

Josh: No. Are you okay?

Billy: Oh, boy, am I okay. I'm getting the love of my life.

Josh: Ah.

Billy: So when are you going to get yours?

Josh: I don't think that's going to happen. This need I have, this incredible need to help Reva, it's overwhelming for both of us. And I have to stop.

Olivia: Be right back, okay? Stay.

Natalia: Hi. I just got back. I went by the Beacon. I was looking for you.

Olivia: I was picking up Emma. She was visiting Ava in San Francisco.

Natalia: Oh. Did she have a good time?

Olivia: I think she did.

Natalia: I know that you've been wondering where I've been.

Olivia: Yeah, I was wondering at first. Father Ray said that you went on a retreat. I tried finding you, but I...

Natalia: I'm... I'm so sorry that I worried you. I thought about you every minute.

Olivia: I thought about you, too.

Natalia: You look beautiful.

Olivia: Why... why did you leave?

Natalia: I had a lot that I needed to think about, and I needed to really decide what I want. And figure out what I felt was best for everyone.

Olivia: I thought we were pretty good. What did you have to figure out?

Natalia: I'm pregnant.

Coming up on "Guiding Light."

Lizzie: Do you know where they are? Do you know where Jonathan has my daughter?

Jonathan: You promised me she wasn't going to be involved.

Jeffrey: Just because we haven't seen him doesn't mean he isn't watching.

Olivia: You left me. And you didn't say anything.

Natalia: I never meant to...

Olivia: You left me.

Jeffrey: Don't move, you're under arrest! (Gunshots)

Jonathan: (Screaming)

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