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Guiding Light Transcript Friday 8/14/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light"...

Cyrus: Take a look at these numbers on the window sill. Combination to a lock?

Buzz: A lock at the train station.

Cyrus: Maybe.

Shayne: Mind getting out of my seat?

Man: You want this stool, big boy, you're going to have to come and take it.

Shayne: I was hoping that you would say that.

Marina: He thought that I killed that John Doe guy.

Christina: That's terrible. Why would he think that?

Blake: You step right up there for this family.

Frank: Yeah, we got to get this family to straighten out.

Lizzie: How long till you want to leave?

Bill: I don't want to go.

Lizzie: You have to go.

Bill: I think maybe I'll send flowers or a... you know, a plant.

Lizzie: No, no. That's stupid. You have to go. It's been a year.

Bill: I don't think I'm worthy, Lizzie. I just... Max was a beautiful, perfect little boy.

Lizzie: Yeah, he was.

Bill: I don't know... I don't know what I was thinking trying to be a father. I mean, he deserved so much better than someone like me.

Lizzie: You weren't responsible for him dying, okay?

Bill: It's not that I think that I was responsible for his death. I just think that brief moment that he was in my life, I wasn't a man he could be proud of.

Lizzie: You are now.

Bill: I don't want to go. I just don't have the right.

Buzz: You're sure this is the right place?

Cyrus: Yeah, this is it.

Buzz: There's a train station inside a television studio.

Cyrus: Well, I doubt it Buzz, but I think Katie Couric works here.

Buzz: Oh, great, Katie Couric works here. Excuse me...

Cyrus: Oh, excuse me, is this only CBS or is there a train station somewhere inside?

Woman: This is CBS.

Buzz: Trains... trains stop here?

Woman: I'm not sure, maybe. I actually work out of the California office, but they'll be able to help you at the front desk. Come on in.

Cyrus: Okay.

Buzz: What do we do?

Cyrus: We follow her. Let me do the talking.

Marina: Thank you. Well, hello, Mr. Lewis.

Josh: Hi, there.

Marina: How are you?

Josh: Good, thank you. How are you?

Marina: I'm good. How's Shayne doing?

Josh: Better, I think. He's doing some work over at Bill and Lizzie’s. I think it's good for him.

Marina: Well, that's good, good. He has had a lot to deal with lately.

Josh: Uh-huh.

Marina: Do you know if he has heard anything from Dinah?

Josh: He probably wouldn't tell me if he had. He knows I'm pretty angry about the whole thing.

Marina: Right.

Josh: Yeah.

Marina: You know, I think it's all kind of sad.

Marina: I think that Dinah really loved him a lot.

Josh: Well, sometimes love just isn't enough, even though we want it to be.

Marina: Yeah.

Josh: Yeah.

Marina: How's Reva taking everything?

Reva: She's upset for him. And it's a problem because she has her own stuff going on right now, and he doesn't want to burden her, but at the same time, he needs his mom.

Marina: Yeah. You think he wants to be around any friends right now?

Josh: Yes. I think that's exactly what he needs right now.

Marina: Well, good. Then I will call him.

Josh: Thank you.

Marina: Of course. See you around, sir.

Josh: Okay.

Mallet: You know, you can't blame all of Shayne’s anger on what happened to Dinah. He's always had an attitude.

Remy: This is different, Mallet. Yeah, he has a short fuse, a lot of us do. But he's looking for a fight, man. He's looking to punish himself or punish someone else.

Mallet: But what should I have done, Remy? What should I have done? I had to two choices. I could get Dinah out of town or I could let her rot in jail. What would you have done?

Remy: I would have helped her.

Mallet: Right, exactly, you would have helped her, right. So my concern at the moment was not Shayne or his feelings or his marriage, it was Dinah’s safety. Anyway, man, I mean, Dinah whacked somebody to protect Shayne’s kid. I mean, to protect my kid, Henry. I mean... Shayne knows that. So maybe he should just suck it up and learn to live with it.

Remy: I'm not saying he shouldn’t. But he's a ticking time bomb, man. He's going to explode. And you can pretend like it has nothing to do with you. But you are partly responsible.

(Phone rings)

Mallet: S.P.D., Detective Mallet. Yeah. Okay, all right. No, we'll send somebody over, thanks. Farley’s.

Remy: A bar fight?

Mallet: No, the bartender said not yet, but they're squaring off with each other right now. You want to go with me?

Remy: No, no, sorry. I have somewhere I need to be. Think about it.

Mallet: All right. All right.

Lucky: Shayne, take it easy. There's a seat at the end of the bar.

Shayne: Hey, hear that. See, Lucky's got seats for you everywhere. Right down there at the end of the bar. Let me give you a hand.

Remy: I thought you had a pt client.

Christina: I rescheduled. I want to be with you today. I know what today is, Remy. It's been a year since you lost your baby, little Max.

Remy: Uh-huh.

Christina: Are you going to go to the cemetery?

Remy: I was planning on it.

Christina: Look, I understand if you don't want me to go with you. I wasn't with you back then. But... but I just want to let you know that I'm here if you need me. Wait. Don't forget your keys.

Remy: I need you.

Lizzie: You have to go.

Bill: Lizzie, if I go, then I have to remember what it felt like when he died. And I don't want to have to go through that again.

Lizzie: No one wants to go through that. But sometimes you have to remember.

Bill: Lizzie, you don't know what it was like. I mean, just to hold your little boy, and then he's taken away from you and then you never get to hold him again.

Lizzie: I do know what it's like. I held Sarah. She was my baby. I nursed her. And I don't have any idea where they are. And I don't get to hold her in my arms. I understand.

Bill: I'm sorry, baby. I didn't mean that you don't know.

Lizzie: No, it's okay.

Bill: I guess you and I have been through a lot of the same things, huh?

Lizzie: That's why we understand each other. We get each other. We get each other's losses and sadness, and you help me with mine every single day. And I am going to help you today with yours. Come on.

Buzz: So you're sure there's no train station here.

Cyrus: What happened to letting me do all the talking?

Buzz: Go ahead, talk.

Cyrus: Sorry. We were looking for a train...

Guard: "The Price is Right" tapes in California. I mean, if you want tickets you can call 1-800-852-8909.

Cyrus: We'll keep that in mind, thanks. But we were actually looking for a train...

Guard: "As the World Turns" tapes in Brooklyn.

Buzz: I missed the last few episodes. How's poor Carly doing?

Guard: It comes on at 2:00 today, right here in the lobby.

Cyrus: Buzz. Look, we were wondering if... we were given this address as the location of a train station. Right. Our mistake. I don't suppose we could just go on in.

Guard: Do you have an appointment with somebody here in the building?

Cyrus: Yeah, Richard Hart.

Guard: Are you expecting...

Cyrus: Cyrus Foley and Buzz Cooper.

Guard: Cyrus Foley and Buzz Cooper? Sorry, they've never heard of you.

Cyrus: Oh, that's weird.

Guard: Yeah.

Cyrus: All right, well, thanks for your help.

Guard: Sure.

Buzz: What do we do now?

Cyrus: I don't know.

Man: Had enough, punk.

Shayne: You know what, man?

Lucky: Shayne, Shayne, Shayne, sit down, take it easy. Take it easy.

Mallet: Oh, great.

Shayne: Howdy, Sheriff.

Mallet: Shayne's who's going to bail you out today, you big cowboy boy? What is it? Is it going to be your mommy or your daddy?

Shayne: (Laughs)

Mallet: Is anybody going to tell me what happened or am I going to have to haul everybody in.

Shayne: Well, it wasn't me.

Lucky: This one's on Shayne.

Shayne: Thanks, Lucky.

Mallet: Yeah, I didn't expect anything different. Well, Shayne, we're going to take a little ride in the police car. You're going to like it it's got a siren and a flashing blue light on top. Come on.

Remy: He was so small when he was born. He came early, you know. The second I saw him, I knew he was mine. He was so beautiful. So beautiful. He had these big brown eyes and would just look at you. And when I finally got to hold him, he made me want to be a better man. He was my baby. I was supposed to take care of him, but he was the one who fixed me. And he died before I got a chance to do anything for him. I love you so much. I miss you. Thank you.

Bill: It's okay.

Lizzie: It's okay. I'm here.

Bill: It's not that. You know, I think about who I was back then, you know? I used Ava. I pushed everyone aside. I hurt you. And it's really tough to wrap my head around. What was I thinking? Why would I want to bring a baby into that kind of mess, you know?

Lizzie: Bill, you didn’t...

Bill: I had no right to be a father back then, Lizzie, but I mean, who does that? Who would want to bring a child into the type of life that I had manufactured? I mean, who was I?

Lizzie: Stop. Okay, stop, stop. Did you love Max?

Bill: Of course I did.

Lizzie: Well, he knew that. And he knows that... that now. And that is what a baby needs. Love. And you gave that to him. You did.

Bill: It's still not enough. The man I was just wouldn't have been enough for Max.

Lizzie: Well, you know, maybe... maybe you show him the man you are now. The man that you've become. The man that was changed because of him. Come on.  

Cyrus: Look, Buzz, we were more than lucky to find those numbers on the window sill, but we don't even know it was Jenna that actually carved them.

Buzz: We got to stay here. There's something... I'm telling you, I feel something from Jenna an Coop. Coop did the research, but there's something... there's something here.

Cyrus: All right, all right. Well, we'll go back to the hotel and we'll ask them if they have any files from the '70s.

Man: I heard you guys were looking for a train station?

Cyrus: Yeah. But we must have the wrong address because this obviously isn't it.

Man: This building used to be a dairy.

Cyrus: Oh, great.

Man: And a train station. The trains still run through.

Buzz: I told you. Jenna was right. It was a train station.

Cyrus: It's not a train station now, Buzz. Do trains stop here? So anything that belonged to the train station is long gone.

Buzz: You give up too easily. When they turned this into a TV studio, where did the train station move to? Well, we go... let's go to city hall. They got to have records there. They got to have someplace where all the stuff from the train station ended up. You know what I mean?

Man: Most of that stuff ended up in our basement.

Cyrus: You mean like benches, lockers, stuff like that?

Man: We used to use some as sets, now it just sits.

Buzz: Can we get in?

Mallet: Okay, so you know the drill. I'll take your statement and then I'll process you.

Shayne: Can't wait.

Mallet: And you can take a seat.

Shayne: I think I'm going to stand.

Mallet: Why don't you make this as easy as possible on both of us, Shayne?

Shayne: Is there some rule that I have to sit down?

Mallet: Okay, stand. Okay, so you went in to Farley's. You were upset about Dinah.

Shayne: How do you know what I'm upset about, Mallet?

Mallet: I figured you were upset about Dinah. It's been a couple days. I figured you were upset.

Shayne: You figured wrong, Marshal.

Mallet: I thought I was Sheriff.

Shayne: Well, I'm thinking this. I'm thinking it's jackass.

Mallet: I got it. I got it. I got it, man. You've got to figure out a better way to deal with be all this, man, okay? I know you're hurting, all right. I know you got dealt a rotten hand, but your anger is making all the decisions for you.

Shayne: I loved her, Mallet. Why did she do this to me?

Mallet: I don't know, Shayne. She was protecting the kids.

Shayne: I can understand that. Why didn't she tell me about it? Why didn't she... why did she let my mom go to jail? Why didn't she say good-bye to me?

Mallet: I don't know. I don't know. But I know she loved you, and I'm sure she misses you.

Shayne: I don't know what to do. What do I do?

Mallet: Maybe... maybe start by being grateful to her. I mean, she protected your son.

Whatever the inspiration,

bring it home...

Mallet: Hey. Can you come down to the station?

Marina: Yeah, sure. It's totally dead, here. Why, do you need something?

Mallet: You know what? I'll tell you when you get here. Bye.

Cyrus: Where did he go?

Buzz: Can't see him.

Cyrus: Great, so, what now?

Buzz: Give him a few minutes. There he is.

Man: I got you passes.

Buzz: Yeah.

Man: You're in.

Buzz: Okay.

Marina: Hey, what's up?

Mallet: Hey.

Marina: It sounded serious.

Mallet: Yeah, I got a call a little while ago to go down to Farley’s. There was a bar fight. Yeah, Shayne.

Marina: No, he didn’t.

Mallet: Yes, he did. And he started it, definitely, no question about it. Remy warned me about him. He said he was looking for a fight. Remy tried to play football with him earlier, and he tried to pick a fight with him, too.

Marina: Oh, Josh thought he was doing better.

Mallet: I don't think so.

Marina: I should have told somebody.

Mallet: Should have told somebody what.

Marina: I found him right after Dinah left. He was on the rooftop of Towers. Mallet, he wasn't good. And I'm not saying that he was going to jump or anything, I don't know. I just know that I haven't seen him that broken since he was in a wheelchair. And this past time, Dinah saved him. The time before that...

Mallet: You saved him.

Marina: I don't know.

Mallet: Yeah, you do.

Marina: I don't know.

Mallet: Well, you were best friends. And I think he needs that now. I think he needs a friend he can talk to. You want to go back and talk to him?

Marina: Yeah, I guess. Just give me a minute. I need to figure out what I'm going to say.

Shayne: There he is. My one phone call.

Josh: Should I be setting aside a special fund for bail?

Shayne: No, I'm good. I don't need your money. I put it on my credit card, which they were more than happy to take because I don't think they want me here anymore.

Josh: What happened?

Shayne: Nothing, Dad. I went looking for a fight, and I found one.

Josh: Yeah, I can see that.

Shayne: Listen, I'm good. I don't need to your help. I just wanted to call you guys. Let you and Mom know from my mouth, before you heard it from someone else.

Josh: Well, thanks for thinking of us, son. But you know you got to start thinking about yourself. How are you going to get on with your life? I'm not asking you get over Dinah today or anything like that. But you're going to have to figure out a better way to deal with it. You want me to stick around, give you a ride someplace?

Shayne: No. No, I'm good. I'm going to be out of here soon. I'll take a walk. Go pick my car up at Farley’s.

Josh: A walk will probably do you good.

Shayne: Thank you, Dad.

Josh: You're welcome. You call me if you need anything, okay?

Shayne: Yeah.

Josh: I love you, son.

Shayne: I love you, too.

Lizzie: Well...

Christina: Do you think the boys will be okay?

Lizzie: I don't think they're going to punch each other out. Maybe a year ago, but a lot has changed.

Christina: I just... I can't imagine losing a baby.

Lizzie: It's the most horrifying experience. I think about my daughter every day.

Christina: You had a little girl?

Lizzie: I have a little girl. She... she's somewhere with her father.

Christina: You have a daughter and you don't know where she is?

Lizzie: Yeah. When Sarah was born-- this is probably hard for to you imagine-- but my grandfather was even crazier then he is now. And he threatened to take her away and raise her as his own. Obviously, I didn't want that for her, so I let her father take her.

Christina: I'm sorry, that's horrible.

Lizzie: Yeah. It's the hardest thing I've ever done and will ever do in my whole life.

Christina: I mean, now that Alan’s calmed down a little bit, why can't she come home?

Lizzie: We don't know where they are. I don't think I'm ever going to see her again.

Remy: Christina brought that.

Bill: She's a nice girl.

Remy: I'm a lucky guy.

Bill: I guess we both are.

Remy: I'm going to get going.

Bill: Wait... I'm sorry about Max.

Remy: You lost him, too.

Bill: No, I'm sorry about the whole thing. The way I acted. Just trying... just trying to control everything, you know? I wanted everything. The house, power, all that, and I just... I screwed it up for everyone.

Remy: You thought he was yours, Bill.

Bill: But when I realized he wasn't, I should have been able to let go. I couldn’t. I fell in love with this child. I thought it was something that could actually help save me. I'm just... I'm sorry I acted like such a jerk. And if I could go back in time and change things, I would.

Remy: But you can’t.

Bill: Hey, buddy. Look at all the flowers you got here. Teddy bear. I almost didn't make it today because... I felt I wasn't worthy. But Lizzie got me here, remember Lizzie? She’s... she's an amazing woman. And she has a child that is not with her now, so she knows how tough it is. And she did it. I don't know what to say. (Crying) If you were here, I would still want to be such a part of your life. But you're not. They say things happen for a reason. I don't know what the reason is. But maybe you we're here to help me become a better... a better man. Well... I hope it's working because I think it is. I love you.

Marina: So, are you going to make this a habit?

Shayne: No. Food sucks.

Marina: You got to straighten yourself out, dude. You have a kid.

Shayne: Not my kid.

Marina: He may not live with you, Shayne, but he is still your son. Don't you want to be someone that he can be proud of?

Shayne: He's never going to know who I am.

Marina: That's not true. Some day he will. Some day he is going to be old enough to ask who his biological parents are. And I am going to tell him. And when he comes to talk to you, do you want to be some drunk sitting in a jail cell?

Shayne: I'm not drunk, Marina.

Marina: No, not today, Shayne. Look, I know you've had some hard knocks in your life. And I'm not going to sit here and pretend that I could possibly understand how they've hurt you. But I'm going to tell you that you need to straighten your life out, and you need to do it now, for your son.

Buzz: So what do we do now?

Cyrus: I don't know. Your guess is as good as mine.

Buzz: Well, I don't know. You go 50 steps that way, I go 50 steps this way.

Cyrus: 50 steps?

Buzz: Yeah, if you see anything, call.

Cyrus: Okay.

Buzz: Okay.

Buzz: Do you see anything?

Cyrus: Old tape equipment and some boxes, you?

Buzz: Just some rock walls. I'm going to keep going. Okay. 23 more steps. Coop, there are a lot of passageways. If you got some light up there, a flashlight, shine it down here.

Bill: Thank you for today.

Lizzie: I didn't do anything.

Bill: Yeah, you did. Yeah, you did. You knew exactly what I needed, and you made sure I did it. You listened when I needed to talk. And you kicked my butt when it needed to be kicked.

Lizzie: Well, I am your wife. It's in the job description.

Bill: It is. It is. I guess we make a pretty good team, huh?

Lizzie: Yeah, we do. You know something? We are lucky. We are. We are lucky people. We have everything.

Bill: Almost everything.

Lizzie: Almost everything?

Bill: I want to have a baby with you.

Lizzie: A baby?

Bill: Yeah. Yeah. I want to make a family with you.

Lizzie: Really?

Bill: Uh-huh. Let's get cracking. I thought we were going to go and make a baby.

Lizzie: Yeah, yeah, look at this house.

Bill: Yeah.

Lizzie: This beautiful house that is almost falling down.

Bill: Uh-huh.

Lizzie: We can't bring a baby here.

Bill: This house is going to be done by the time the baby gets here.

Lizzie: Not if we don't work on it.

Bill: What are you saying?

Lizzie: I am saying, work now, make baby tonight.

Bill: Tonight?

Lizzie: If you put four or five solid hours, we can make a baby all night.

Bill: I'm going to get my tool belt.

Lizzie: You do that.

Buzz: Oh, it couldn't be this easy.

Cyrus: Wow. It wasn't that easy, Buzz. And we still have to get out of here.

Buzz: And we still have to find locker what, 471?

Cyrus: Yup. Ah!

Buzz: What? Oh, okay. We'll try the combination.

Cyrus: Yup.

Buzz: Is it working?

Cyrus: I don't know. Let's see. Ready?

Buzz: Yeah.

Cyrus: I don't believe this.

Buzz: Wow.

Cyrus: Wow. Here, let me. There you go.

Buzz: Show off. Oh, my... wow. She started this when she was 14.

Cyrus: This is unbelievable. All right, should we see if we can get the hell out of here?

Buzz: Yeah.

Bill: No, that’s... that's fine, Uncle Josh, thanks. Yeah, I'll talk to you later. Well, the crew got called in on an emergency. They're not going to be there until tomorrow, so I guess it's just you and me.

Lizzie: Awesome.

Remy: Hey. You guys are fixing up the house. Think you might need a hand?

Bill: I got lots of work.

Remy: There's two of us, but we'd like to help.

Bill: Glad to have you.

Remy: Glad to be here, man.

Mallet: So how did that go?

Marina: I don't know. I did the best I could. I just don't know where his head's at right now.

Shayne: Well, I'm out of here.

Mallet: Good. Well, you're all set. No charges are being pressed.

Shayne: Thank you. I heard what you said. I am going to do my best.

Marina: That's all I can ask.

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Olivia: You, me, sex, now.

Vanessa: I'm not marrying you.

Reva: You have to help me. I need you.

Natalia: Olivia.

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