GL Transcript Thursday 8/13/09

Guiding Light Transcript Thursday 8/13/09


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Previously on "Guiding Light."

Shayne: She told me what she did. I got angry. She left her wedding ring, and I really don't know what to do with it.

Cyrus: Hey, you never know when you're going to have to run from the cops.

Buzz: Let's not try to do that this trip. You know, I don't know many cops in New York.

Cyrus: Sure thing. No arrests. We're on a mission.

Lillian: Please, don't do this.

Phillip: Let me go and find somebody who can at least give me a little bit of hope because I am not ready to just lay down and die.

Ed: You know your son is dying, don't you? Look, I couldn't give Phillip a cure. So he's taken off to Mexico in search of some kind of a miracle. We need to get him back so I can make him comfortable, and just keep him alive as long as possible.

Alan: You've come to the wrong place, Ed. I can't help you.

Frank: Yes, hold on one second, I'll be right with you. Sorry, guys, there you go. Let me know what you want, two seconds. Hold one second. Okay, yes, two shakes and an order of fries. Yes, I got that. Thank you very much. Oh my gosh.

Daisy: All right, here you go. I got you plates. Can I go now?

Frank: No, no, you can't leave me alone. Are you kidding me? Lynn's at the dentist and Blake’s not going to be here for yet another half hour.

Daisy: Half hour? You'll be fine. You can handle it.

Frank: No, hey, listen, filling in for Dad has given me a new appreciation for how hard he works at this place, so... okay, I'm sorry. Let me know what you want.

Daisy: I just forgot to take out the garbage. So...

Frank: Okay. Okay, thanks for doing that. Oh, Daisy, check the recycling bin and see if those kegs were delivered, okay?

Daisy: Okay, yeah.

Frank: Great, okay. What I can get you?

Daisy: I only have, like, a few minutes because I told my Uncle Frank, that I was taking the garbage out.

James: Where is it?

Daisy: It's inside.

James: So what's going on?

Daisy: What, since I left your house at 2:00 A.M.? Not much.

James: Do you want to get some people together and do something tonight?

Daisy: Yeah, yeah, I would like to. I have to see if Frank will let me off work because he's been kind of frantic since my grandpa went to New York.

James: We could go swimming again.

Daisy: Yeah, all right. I'll see if Ashlee’s up to it.

James: Cool.

Blake: Yeah, Jim, I can have the first draft to you in about two weeks. Great. Can I expect an advance then? Fantastic. You'll have the pages on your desk 10, 12, 14 days. Bye. Okay. What page are we on?

Ashlee: 47. But I mean, that's just typing. I still have to edit it. I forgot about Coop's handwriting.

Blake: I forgot how talented Coop was.

Ashlee: Yeah, I know. I mean, this is really good. He absolutely loved the story about how Buzz and Jenna met. I'm really glad he got to learn about his mom that way.

Blake: Oh, well, Buzz and Jenna loved each other so much. That's why I get what Buzz is doing, I really do. Because when you have a love like that, you just want to hold on to it as long as you can.

Cyrus: Buzz, you've been reading the whole way. Why don't you get some sleep?

Buzz: No, I can't sleep. We're not that far away from New York.

Cyrus: Well, you need to sleep now so you can be well rested when we get there.

Buzz: But we still haven't found the page, or the tape, that tells us where she was living while she was there.

Cyrus: Here, take this. I'll keep looking. You get some sleep. I'm sure I'll find something before we get there. Go on.

Buzz: Okay. Okay. All right. Wake me when you see the skyline, okay?

Cyrus: I will. I will.

Shayne: What is this? What is it? You call that a stacking job? Guys, I don't know what crews you've worked on in the past, but we like to maintain a standard of quality and safety! If anybody has a problem with that, you all can go find work somewhere else!

Crew boss: Is there a problem, Mr. Lewis?

Shayne: You the crew boss? There is a problem. Look at this. Your guys are sloppy. Sloppy and lazy.

Crew boss: Billy handpicked the crew for this job.

Shayne: Did he? I'm sure that makes them all feel very special.

Crew boss: If you got a complaint about my men, tell me.

Shayne: If you have a complaint with the way I'm talking to you, tell me about it. We can figure that out right now.

Marina: What are you doing?

Mallet: I took two weeks off. We are going on a well-deserved family vacation.

Alan: I'm a busy man, Ed. If that's all you need to talk with me about, then I think we're through.

Ed: Phillip is dying.

Alan: Yes, I understand that.

Ed: Oh, would you stop with the tough man act. Look, I know you love your son. I'm a father, too. I would be destroyed if anything happened to Rick, so you don't have to pretend.

Alan: Who's pretending? Phillip was his usual selfish, arrogant self. I mean, his behavior concerning his illness just shows his lack of concern for anyone else but himself.

Ed: He's scared. For God's sake.

Alan: And he kept the truth from all of us so he could play the hero. Well, if he wants to die alone, Ed, let him.

Daisy: Okay. I should get back inside.

James: We haven't caught any fish yet.

Daisy: It's true. But we're not fishing.

James: We could.

Daisy: We could, yeah, but I should get back. I should get the trash before my Uncle Frank, realizes that I didn't get the trash.

James: I'll wait for you.

Daisy: No, I need to, like, hang around. My family needs me right now. We could lose the restaurant so... yeah, I got to go.

James: Wait, hold on. Thanks.

Daisy: You're welcome.

Ashlee: So how did Cyrus get this manuscript away from Buzz without him noticing.

Blake: We copied it, and we just put it in the box that they took with them to New York. It's okay. I mean, as long as we type it up, get it back in a couple days, he'll never notice.

Ashlee: Wow, wow. I'm just so happy we're going to get enough money from this to have the Cooper’s keep Company. I mean, how much money do you think we're going to get for this?

Blake: Enough. Enough. Coop would be very proud of you for helping like this. Oh, you know what? Speaking of which, I have to get back to Company. I'm going to call Cyrus, make sure he's taking notes, all right? Cyrus, Blake Marler here.

Cyrus: Hey, Blake. What's up?

Blake: How's the ride?

Cyrus: It's long. How's the book?

Blake: Incredible. So take notes, all right? The more we know, the better the addendum can be.

Cyrus: Got it.

Frank: Yes, it's on its way, it will be ready in about 45 minutes. Yes, I know it normally takes 20 minutes, but, you see, we're a little short-handed, so I appreciate your patience. Thank you very much.

Christina: Hi.

Frank: Hi.

Christina: When's Buzz getting back?

Frank: Who knows? He's hanging out with his new best friend, Cyrus, right now. Dad gets a little mentally irregular, you know, when he hangs out with that criminal, so...

Christina: Well, at least you got the roof flashing done.

Frank: Only in two rooms. Only in two rooms. The back room's now... the roof is leaking, so I went out and I got a tarp earlier this evening. So hopefully that's going to do a much better job.

Christina: Well, it's your lucky day because I am here to help.

Frank: Are you kidding me? Oh, God, Christina, thank you. Thank you so much for helping. You know what? I don't know where Mallet and Marina are. They're supposed to be here right now.

Christina: No worries.

Frank: (Sighs)

Marina: How big is this thing?

Mallet: It's like 8x huge.

Marina: It's enormous.

Mallet: It's enormous. But look, you know, we have us, we have Henry. We have all of Henry’s stuff. That kid's got a lot of stuff, and I want us to be able to travel in comfort and style.

Marina: Mallet, we can't afford this.

Mallet: We can't afford not to do this. We need a trip. Just the three of us.

Marina: When did you come up with this idea with?

Mallet: Wait until you see the inside. It's got a bedroom, a bathroom, a flat screen TV. It's even got a washer and dryer.

Marina: Mallet, we can’t.

Mallet: Yes, we can. Come on, check it out.

Jenna: Buzz.

Buzz: I was wondering when you'd get here.

Jenna: You know I would never pass up a good road trip.

Buzz: Is this going to be a good one?

Jenna: It's about me, isn't it?

Buzz: We had an amazing son, you know that? You should see all the information he gathered about you, the book he was writing.

Jenna: I know. I know. I know. You should try to get some sleep. It's not long before you'll be at frog and toe.

Shayne: This a joke, you guys. Send you back to construction 101. I think what it is, is your boss here. Needs to be a little bit more tough on you guys. You need to whip them into shape. Don't you, Mack.

Crew boss: My name is not Mack.

Shayne: It's not, Mack. I'm just trying to be friendly, Mack. What's your problem with that?

Crew boss: I don't know what your problem is.

Shayne: You know what my problem is right now? My problem is you, Mack. That's my...

Remy: Hey, Shayne. Hey, hey, hey. Hey, man, I was... I was wondering if you could take off for a while, go to the park, toss the football.

Shayne: Yeah. Yeah, I can go for a while. These guys aren't learning anything anyway. Hey, if you guys can figure it out, I'll be back to check on you in a little while.

Remy: Hey, Shayne, everything okay over there?

Shayne: Yeah, everything's fine over there, why? It's fine. It's just a couple new guys, you how it is. If you let them take advantage, they never stop.

Mallet: What do you think?

Marina: I think it's great. I... I think that it could be a lot of fun.

Mallet: Exactly, right? Just the three of us. No pressures, no family problems, no murder cases. Just you and me and Henry. Simple.

Marina: I think maybe you're trying too hard. I know that you want to make things up to me right now. I just don't know if now is the right time.

Mallet: I'm trying to figure out a way to make up for what I did to us. And I should have believed in you. Even when all the evidence pointed to you as the murderer. My family is really important to me, and I'm trying to figure out a way to hold on to that.

Marina: I understand that. And I want that, too. And I love you for trying. I just am not sure that now is the right time. You know, I think there's still a lot to process. And I've got a lot going on. I mean, my grandpa is still gone. And I've got the roof and the mortgage, and that stupid little stove that I bought for Company is just not keeping up.

Mallet: I'll take my vacation. I'll work at the restaurant.

Marina: I think maybe you should not take a vacation and still work at the restaurant. Look, maybe in a few weeks we can both take a vacation together.

Mallet: Yeah. Okay, deal.

Alan: Phillip, from the moment you came into my life, that moment I held you in my arms and looked into your eyes, I knew that you and I were going to work together. Father and son, conquering the world together. You were going to be the person who would redeem me, help me become a person I wanted to become. That's not how it worked out, is it, son? Instead I... I ruined you, didn't I, son? And you ruined us. A few years ago when I thought I'd lost you, it was unbearable. I was a wreck. I can't go through that pain again, son. The pain of losing you. And so that is why I am going to have to push you out of my heart, so that I won't bear any of that pain that I experienced in losing you. But I think that you will know deep down, son, that I loved you. I loved you more than anyone else.

James: Granddad? What are you... what are you doing up here?

Frank: Okay, so here's the tarp. Now you got to unfold this completely, okay? Then you hold it up against the ceiling, and then you're going to tape the crap out of it, okay?

Ashlee: Okay, where's the tape?

Christina: Christina's getting some more tape. But it's going to take at least three people to do this.

Ed: Hey, Frankie, how are you?

Frank: Hey, Ed, how are you? Good to see you, my friend.

Ed: Good to see you. You need a hand. Please say no.

Daisy: Yes, actually, that would be great.

Frank: Do you guys know each other? This is my niece. This is Daisy, and this is her friend Ashlee.

Ed: Nice to see you.

Frank: This is Dr. Ed Bauer, Rick’s dad.

Ed: So where's Buzz? What's going on?

Frank: Oh, God, he's on a bus to New York with a con man.

Ed: (Laughs)

Frank: No, really, he is.

Jenna: Have you found what you're looking for?

Cyrus: Am I asleep?

Jenna: Does it really matter?

Cyrus: I guess not.

Jenna: So, have you found what you're looking for?

Cyrus: Well, I've... I've learned a lot of amazing things. You've had quite a life.

Jenna: Yes.

Cyrus: Well, we still don't know where were going. I mean, when we get to New York. It's a pretty big place to just wander around without any guidance.

Jenna: Why don't you listen to tape number nine?

Cyrus: Thanks.

Mallet: Thank you. Can we even use these in the restaurant?

Marina: Legally, no. But I have to do something quickly. I can't keep up with the rush. And if I don't do something, our patrons are going to start eating somewhere else.

Mallet: No, that's not going to happen. That's not going to happen. We just gave up our vacation to keep that restaurant in our family.

Marina: Thank you.

Mallet: I just want to be with you and Henry. I don't care where, you know that, right?

Marina: I know. Okay. Why don't you take these back over to the restaurant? I'm going to call the sitter and let her know we're going to be running late. Then I'm going to go talk to the soda distributor and see if can float me for another month or two, and then I'll meet you later.

Mallet: Okay.

Marina: Okay.

Mallet: Bye.

Marina: Bye.

Christina: He just gave up his vacation to work at the restaurant? That is so romantic.

Marina: Yeah, I guess.

Christina: You guess?

Marina: Well, I mean, he's only doing it because he thought I was a murderer, so...

Remy: So you are really doing okay?

Shayne: Did I say I was doing okay?

Remy: Dude, your wife left. I've only been married for a little while, but I'd feel pretty lousy if she wasn't here.

Shayne: Yeah, well, I think it would be a little different for you if your wife left you like Dinah left me.

Remy: I don’t... I don't think Dinah wanted to leave. I think she thought she had...

Shayne: Ball. Can we talk about something else?

Remy: I'm just trying to make sure..

Shayne: Ball.

Remy: I think if we talk about it now, then maybe it won't come up later.

Shayne: Is that right? Your shrink mom tell you that?

Remy: Shayne, I'm just trying to make sure you're good, man.

Shayne: I'm good, man. I'm good. We came out here to play catch. You throw the ball at me, I'll be really good.

Remy: Shayne, I'm just trying to hang out with you.

Shayne: Yeah, well, that's what I'm doing too, Remy. I'm out here hanging out, man. You think I'm doing something else. You think I'm starting something.

Remy: What the hell is wrong with you?

Shayne: There's nothing wrong with me, man! I came out here to hang out. I'm all good. Unless you're trying to say something else, and we can settle that right now. What's your problem, man?

Remy: Shayne, I'm not going to fight you, man.

Shayne: You're not going to fight me? Then why are you in my face about this.

Remy: You need to step down, man. Let's just throw the ball, all right? Head's up, man.

Shayne: I'm sorry, man. I'm really sorry.

Remy: Dude, I was thinking about catching a game this weekend.

Shayne: Yeah?

Remy: What are you doing?

Shayne: I'm... I don't know. I'll give you a call.

Remy: That's cool. That's cool. We can get a couple beers.

Shayne: I'll let you know.

Christina: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You cannot say something like that and then just walk away. Who did you kill?

Marina: I didn't actually kill anybody. I mean, he thought I did. I mean, he thought that I killed that John Doe guy.

Christina: That's terrible. Why would he think that?

Marina: I don't know. He's a cop, and he needs to follow his leads and his gut.

Christina: His gut told him you were a murderer.

Marina: Well, that and he had some evidence.

Christina: Still, he should have believed you.

Marina: Well, yeah, except that he had this mountain of evidence against me. You know, come on. I had the means. I had the motive. I had the opportunity. Besides the fact I told him like a million times that I would have done it had I been given the opportunity, and the murder weapon was my stroller.

Christina: Yeah, but he's your husband.

Marina: Yeah. I have to go talk to the soda distributor man. I will see you later.

Frank: Okay. There you go.

Mallet: All right, Frank.

Frank: What have you got there?

Frank: Propane fuel?

Mallet: Yeah, well, Marina thought we could use the camp stove, at least for the small stuff, gyros, omelets, whatever.

Frank: That's not a bad idea. You know, I just sent the girls over to heat up the moussaka and the meat loaf.

Mallet: So tell me what to do. Put me to work. I'm here.

Frank: You're kidding me? What, you got nothing better to do?

Mallet: Well, I was going to take some vacation time, but I decided against it. The station may call me later, but in the meantime, I'm here. Put me to work.

Frank: You're good, man. I'm so happy my daughter married you. Finally, a guy she can count on.

Mallet: Where should I put the fuel?

Frank: You can actually put that in the kitchen. The stove's in the basement.

Mallet: All right. Oh, hey. How's Buzz doing?

Frank: You know what? I don't know. I haven't heard a word.

Mallet: Well, no news is good news, right?

Frank: Yeah, well, I'm sure he's in New York City right now having a grand old time with his good buddy, Cyrus.

Cyrus: Here we are.

Buzz: Jenna wouldn't stay in a place like this.

Cyrus: Oh, believe me, you stay where you have to stay when you live that life. In good times, it's the Waldorf. And in bad times, here we are.

Buzz: You're sure about this.

Cyrus: That's what I got from tape number nine.

Buzz: You're lucky you found that tape.

Cyrus: Yeah, lucky. Anyway, we should see if we can get room 1009, see if there's anything in there.

Buzz: Now you're talking. (Cell phone rings) I'll see if I can get the room.

Cyrus: Yeah, I'll just get this. Hello?

Blake: Hey, it's me, Blake. What do you have for me?

Cyrus: We just got here, Blake.

Blake: Well, what did you find?

Cyrus: We just got here as in, we just got off the bus like ten minutes ago. We're still carrying our bags.

Blake: Okay. Call me when you find something spectacular, all right?

Cyrus: You'll be the first to know.

Ed: Well, look at this. You're back. I thought I was going to have to patch this entire roof by myself.

Blake: No, it's all about team work here.

Ed: Team work, excellent.

Blake: So, you know it was great seeing Danny and Michelle. Do you think that they might move back?

Ed: Oh, you're going to have to ask him yourself. So how's your mom? What's with her?

Blake: She's very busy. I don't talk to her a lot. She's traveling. Freelance writing.

Ed: So she's obviously not planning on coming back, huh?

Blake: She doesn't talk about it.

James: You all right, Granddad?

Alan: Yeah, James, I'm okay. I just need to know something from you. I need to know that you will never leave me.

James: I'm here, Granddad, what do you need?

Alan: I need you to reach your full potential. And I think that you could be a great man some day. You have much more potential than your father. You're smarter. And I could be the man to help you become great. You see, I've conquered the world, you know that. I know how it's done. I could guide you, teach you. So that some day you could carry on my legacy and have the kind of life you deserve. That's what I want.

James: I want to be a good man.

Alan: You are a good man. Are you going to be a great man? We're going to be okay, James. I think I'm going to be okay.

Cyrus: Nice, very nice.

Buzz: Well, this is it. This is where Jenna stayed when she was in New York.

Cyrus: Yeah. Looks like it's still the same mattress on the bed.

Buzz: She sat on this window sill, and she looked at that wall. Okay, let's get settled in so we can follow the journals. I got to wash my face. Where do I wash my face?

Cyrus: I think it's down the hall.

Buzz: Oh, wonderful.

Cyrus: It's a classy place.

Cyrus: Hey, Buzz. Buzz, come here.

Buzz: What?

Cyrus: Take a look at these numbers on the window sill. Look at that.

Buzz: 5-11-01.

Cyrus: What does that look like you to?

Buzz: I don't know. November 5th, 2001.

Cyrus: Or?

Buzz: Or.

Cyrus: Or? A combination to a lock?

Buzz: A lock at the train station.

Cyrus: Maybe.

Buzz: Well, let's go.

Cyrus: Yeah, let’s. Grab a map.

Frank: Hey, Ed. Thank you so much. I really appreciate all your help.

Ed: Yeah. I hope Buzz gets back soon.

Frank: Yeah, you and me both. You know, I got to tell you, the way things are with him right now, I could easily see him stowing away on some cruise ship in New York City. Unbelievable. Oh, finally. Good, good, good. We got the big guns.

Christina: All right, all right. Give Remy five minutes to get a bite to eat, and then we'll be ready to go.

Frank: Well, you know what? I made some sandwiches there, so have at it. Thanks for showing up, you guys.

Christina: Yeah, of course. So Shayne really tried to fight you.

Remy: Yeah. But I don't think he wanted to. I think he was looking for trouble. I feel sorry for who he runs into next.

Christina: Look at those two. They're so cute. Did you know he thought she was a murderer?

Remy: Yeah, he mentioned it.

Christina: You knew?

Remy: Yes, I knew. I'm a cop. You know, we talk. He needed someone to go over the evidence.

Christina: He should have believed her.

Remy: Christina, everything pointed to Marina. He's a cop. He's trained to think that way.

Christina: Yeah, you're a cop. Do you think that way? I mean, if all the evidence was pointed at me, would you think I was a murderer?

Remy: Well, it would depend on the evidence. I love you in handcuffs.

Christina: Cops.

Alan: Yes, I know I could have sent you. But I want to make sure my grandson gets the best. After all, he may be showing up at the office tomorrow and I want to get him started off on the right foot. Well, thank you. Okay. Bye-bye.

Blake: Oh, Alan, you're not going to do it to James, too, are you?

Alan: Do what, Blake?

Blake: Try to turn him into you, and then be miserably upset when he fails to meet your expectations.

Alan: I don't want him to be me, but I do want him to be the best he can be.

Blake: Oh, Alan, you're exhausting.

Alan: I'm trying to get by here.

Shayne: Well, who's stopping you?

Alan: Look, don't try your bad attitude on me, cowboy. It won't work.

Shayne: You know, I feel sorry for you, Alan.

Alan: You feel sorry for me? Well, I feel sorry for you. You're the one who married Dinah and found out, after the fact, that she was a murderer. You know, maybe if you had a talk with me first, I could have told you what a loser she was.

Ashlee: It's perfect.

Daisy: No, it's not. It needs ketchup.

Ashlee: Oh, yeah.

Daisy: Lots of ketchup. (Knock on the door) Hi.

James: Can I talk to you for a second?

Ashlee: Yeah. I'm going to go outside.

Daisy: Oh, okay. So what time are we going to meet up at your pool?

James: I can't go.

Daisy: Oh. Was your grandpa mad because you left all the floats in the pool?

James: No.

Daisy: Okay. Well, let's go somewhere else, then. Let's just go... we can go to the bowling alley. There's a new bowling alley opened up.

James: I can't go, I... my granddad needs me.

Daisy: To do what?

James: I don't know. He needs me.

Daisy: Okay, I don't think that's it. I think it's that your grandpa found out that we were spending time together, and he doesn't want us to hang out.

James: I don't think so, Daisy, he... he was crying.

Daisy: Alan doesn't cry. Alan's eyes can't produce tears. James, you can't believe him. He's manipulating you. He does this to everyone.

James: I have to make sure he's okay.

Daisy: James this isn't real.

James: I have to.

Ashlee: Okay. So what time are we going over to James'?

Daisy: We're not. James is going to be spending the evening with Alan.

Ashlee: That's really funny. But what are we really doing?

Daisy: James really isn't hanging out with us. He toll me that Alan needs him.

Ashlee: Wait, he hates his grandfather. Why would he believe him for one second?

Daisy: Alan is just very good at convincing a lot of people of a lot of things.

Ashlee: Well not you or me. I mean, come on, we... we shot him.

Daisy: Well, I missed.

Ashlee: Well, at least you tried.

Cyrus: We can just ask someone, Buzz.

Buzz: I can read a map. It's on 57th Street between 10th and 11th Avenue.

Cyrus: Well, I don't think that's far from here. We can walk.

Buzz: It is 13 blocks.

Cyrus: We just spent 22 hours on a bus.

Buzz: I'm 61 years old.

Cyrus: (Laughs)

Buzz: What if the train station isn't open?

Cyrus: It will be. Come on.

Buzz: Why do all the talented people have lousy handwriting?

Frank: Hey, Blakie, do you have that box cutter that I asked you to get? Ah, thank you. Hey.

Blake: Oh.

Frank: Thanks... thanks for all your help. And I appreciate you getting this.

Blake: Oh, you're welcome, welcome. So do you want to cut these boxes up and recycle them?

Frank: No, that's all right. I can do this. But you know what we can do? Check on the chili, please. That would be great. You want to know something? Your chili is awesome. As a matter of fact, I think it may even be better than Dad’s.

Blake: Shut up!

Frank: No, seriously.

Blake: No, no, Frank. You know, I'm not known for my cooking. Really?

Frank: Uh-huh.

Blake: That's nice. You know, Frank, you are a great guy. I got to tell you. You're... step right up there for your family.

Frank: Oh, Blake, we really... we got to get this family to straighten out. I really hope we can do it because you know with my dad going on this search of his, whatever, and the restaurant, and Marina with the restaurant, and you know, now she has Henry. I don't know. My wedding falling part and murder case and all that. That poor thing, you know, she just has not had a break.

Forever no good-byes

no not ever I want to be here

forever no good-byes.

Mallet: What's up, man, they call you in too?

Remy: No. No, I have somewhere I need to be, but I want to talk to you first.

Mallet: Yeah, what's going on, shoot.

Remy: Shayne's being an ass.

Mallet: Shayne is an ass.

Mallet: Look, dude, whatever your... I was worried about him, right? So I go get him to play some football, and when I saw him he was in some guy's face at the construction site. I didn't think anything of it until he tried to fight me.

Mallet: What do you want me to do about it?

Remy: I don't know. I thought you'd want to know since it's kind of your fault.

Mallet: What's my fault?

Remy: You snuck Dinah out of town, man.

Mallet: Yeah, I had to.

Remy: Yeah, I get that. But she's Shayne’s wife. You made a decision about Shayne’s life and his marriage without talking to him first. Now your little plan with Dinah, Shayne’s paying for it.

Mallet: He's a big boy.

Remy: I'm just saying, he's in trouble.

Shayne: Excuse me. Mind getting out of my seat?

Man: Don't think so.

Shayne: You don't think so.

Man: I'm sitting here.

Shayne: I think so. You sitting there? Well, I think it's time for to you move on. It's my seat. Funny?

Man: Piss off.

Shayne: Piss off? Look, did you hear that, piss off? You know this is my seat. I sit here every time I come in here. It's my stool. I want you out of my stool.

Man: Yeah?

Shayne: Yeah.

Man: I'm not getting up. You want this stool, big boy, you're going to have to come and take it.

Shayne: Take it? I was hoping that you would say that.

Next week on "Guiding Light."

Buzz: We got to stay here. There's something. I feel something from Jenna and Coop.

Mallet: I thought I was sheriff.

Shayne: I think it was jack ass.

Bill: Max was a beautiful, perfect little boy. I don't want to go. Just don't have the right.

Remy: He's the one who fixed me. And he died before I got a chance to do anything for him.

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